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Update for Tumhari Disha - 9th Feb, 2005

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 12:11am | IP Logged

Brilliant episode…..excellent performances once again by the Principal Characters (especially in the last scene b/w DK & Disha)…..also it is confirmed now that Vedant & Gargi are known to each other previously.

The episode beings with a concerned but not overtly worried DK talking to Sanya in his Office and discussing how could Fazi commit suicide, he did not seem the types who would ever take such a drastic step. Sanya also wonders for a moment and then dismisses it off by saying that whatever the case, now by default DK is free from all charges and since the prime witness / accused himself is dead, there is no basis to the whole case and that DK can never be indicted for the same. Sanya very gleefully tells DK that he has been proved innocence in front of the whole world, DK gets a long-lost expression on his face, while he says to himself that though Fazi's death has proved beneficial for him, he has at the same time become a suspect for life in Disha's eyes and that how will he ever prove his innocence to Disha {See, he is so concerned about what she feels for him…..how much more cuter can DK get!)

In the next scene, Sukanya and Anil are sitting in their house and discussing the change of events in their lives all of a sudden. Sukanya taunts Anil by saying that he should never have placed so much trust on a stranger and that Vedant has also joined the enemy camp and now they are all alone. Anil shouts back on Sukanya by saying that now since things are not going the way they wanted to, she is putting all the blame on him, doesn't she remember that it was she who recommended Vedant so profusely to Anil and pressurized him to take Vedant into the Bhosale Industries. Sukanya is miffed with Anil's reply and tells him that she shouldn't have believed Gargi and it is because of her that they had trusted Vedant and given him the Power of Attorney and now he has joined Disha and Inder and is creating enormous trouble for them. Just then Vedant comes in (this guy is just getting adorable day by day) and Anil shouts on him as soon as he come in and Sukanya also starts off, at this point, Vedant in his endearing manner tells Sukanya that she looks really cute when her mouth is shut and that she should not interfere in the Business Matters. Anil gets very angry with Vedant and tells her that he has no right to speak to his wife in such a manner, for which Vedant replies that Anil better not teach him anything about manners. Vedant says that he has understood what Anil was upto and that he was just using Vedant as a pawn in his game of usurping the Bhosale Industries and trying to pitch Inder against him. Vedant says that he will always support what is ethical and what he feels is correct and that as long as he is there, no would ever be able to harm Disha or Inder or the Bhosale Industries for that matter. As he smiles at them sweetly and leaves, Sukanya and Anil are rooted to their spot and are stunned beyond belief. Meanwhile Suhas who has been overhearing the entire conversation (everyone on Tumhari Disha overhears each other's conversation, it seems) goes and meets up with Vedant while he is on the verge of going out of the Bhosale house. Suhas smiles at him in a motherly fashion and thanks him for extending his support to Inder and Disha and tells him that Disha needs his moral support (???) very much at this point in her life. Vedant smiles back at Suhas and tells her that Disha is just the Carbon copy of Suhas in terms of both physical beauty and also the mental makeup, both of them are always tense and never smile, but when they do, their smile spreads radiance everywhere. As Vedant hands over a rose to Suhas and leaves, Suhas is shown to be very happy, just then Sukanya comes in and taunts her that now she is joining hands with the enemies, she should better go and live with her darling daughter, Disha. Suhas being the iron lady that is, replies back rather tersely that the house where Sukanya and Anil are presently living is also given by Disha and if anyone is an intruder here, then it is them, and not Suhas.

In the next scene, at DK's house, Sanya is getting very hyper with DK and demanding from him why is he not throwing Disha out of his house. Sanya is very agitated and tells DK that in spite of being so shrewd and sharp in his business acumen, why is DK being so blind in the case of Disha. Sanya says that she had to beg in front of Disha to help DK out, meanwhile Disha did not do a single thing to help DK out instead she tried her level best to frame him for a crime he had not even committed. Sanya tells DK that he has to realize the fact that Disha hates him from the core of her heart and that she will try her level best to destroy him completely, whenever she gets the opportunity to do so. DK meanwhile is listening to Sanya's tirade with a blank expression on his face and does not react to all that she says. But when Sanya holds him and asks him why is he not throwing Disha out of his house, in what I would call a marvelous piece of acting, DK turns his back towards Sanya, gets an expression of a soft mellowness in his eyes and his voice echoes as he says, ''Kyonki Disha meri Biwi hai.'' Sanya is so stunned that she just keeps staring at DK with a ''I cannot believe that I just heard'' type of an expression and then as she recovers from the initial shock, she goes infront of DK and asks him, ''Toh Phir main kaun hoon, DK? Mera rishta kya hai tumhare saat?'' DK just closes his eyes in frustration and again turns from Sanya and tells her that she is getting unnecessarily hyper. Sanya is furious now, and gets tears in her eyes, then yells at DK by saying that, things have now gone about her head and that he has to take a decision here and then, whether he will marry her or not. As soon as Sanya says this, DK is taken aback and asks her what the hell made her think that he will ever marry her. Did he ever commit such a thing to her, has he ever promised that he will marry her. And anyway he does not believe in marriage, so there is no question of marrying Sanya or anyone else. Sanya is now completely outraged and confronts DK by declaring that she loves him so much and that is why she wants to spend her life with him and that if he does not believe in marriage, then why is it hurting him so much to divorce Disha, who has absolutely no feelings for him except hatred. DK is shown to be torn between his feelings for Disha and his empathy for Sanya and tells her in a matter-of-fact, but not a rude manner that he has never, ever told her that he loves her and that she was the one who always came to him, he had never promised of a life with her and is it truly his fault if she imagined him every marrying her. And to the question of divorcing Disha, what he shares with Disha is purely a legal relationship  which has no emotional baggage and he does not have to explain to her when or whether he will divorce Disha (Liar, Liar!) Sanya is completely mortified and breaks down and says that there is nothing left between DK and Sanya now and that she is convinced she has no future with him and that he should never try to contact her, nor will she and that she is leaving him forever now. As Sanya stamps out, DK gets a curious mix of expression on his face, if I were to describe it, I would say he has both grief (at Sanya leaving in such a manner) and relief (now that he is truly alone with Disha in the house, with Gargi & Sanya both gone) on his face.

In the next scene, Disha is shown visiting  Bunnygirl at her house, who is tying hard to stuff her ''Jhatka Matka'' clothes in a suitcase and getting ready for her :ahem: honeymoon with Bamboo stick! Disha (who btw looks very pretty in a lovely  burgundy and gold netted sari) helps Ranu pack her stuff and just then blondie drops in (wearing a believe it or not, embroidered shirt!) and then all the three pick up a conversation, where Ranu (I hated her for this) tells Disha that she should divorce DK immediately and start her life again with someone who deserves her. Ranu says that Disha is so beautiful and talented and such a wonderful human being (well, so is DK, if you ask me!) and that she has no dearth of suitors for her, then why is she continuing staying with a man like DK who is no match for Disha at all. Ranu then tells Inder to explain it to Disha. Disha (loved her for this) is shown to be feeling very awkward while Ranu speaks against DK and she fidgets around not knowing how to react. Just then Ranu goes to fetch some Coffee, while Inder and Disha are shown to get very awkward (Disha was more uncomfortable) Disha in order to ease the situation tells Inder very cheerfully that she is really happy that he is taking her sister for a honeymoon to which Inder (hopeless creature, this Blondie is!) says that he had wanted to go on a honey moon with someone else. Disha gets a ''Oh No, not once again'' type of a look, and then Inder tells her that he fully agrees with Ranu that she should leave DK immediately and come back to the Bhosale house, Disha is shown to get very upset when Inder says this, but she does not react. But as soon as Ranu comes with the Coffee, Disha (who know looks angry) says that DK is at home and that she has to go back. Before Inder or Ranu can say anything, she leaves them. (I was like yeah Disha, way to go…..show Inder that you prefer DK to him any day!)

In the next scene, which was extremely emotional and heart-tugging, and DK once again proved his tremendous acting prowess in this scene. DK is shown to be in the Hospital in Sumitra's room and has an awesome expression on his face (It was both powerful and vulnerable at the same time…..wonder how he manages to convey so much without even uttering a single line!) and he keeps staring at the listless visage of Sumitra lying on the bed and then he turns and looks out of the window with a steel cold expression in his eyes, which are at the same time moist also and he asks the Doctor in a deep, cold and authoritative voice, who all have been coming to meet with Sumitra besides him. The Doctor gets a little awkward and tells DK that since the day Mrs. Disha Sehgal came to visit Sumitra, her condition has been deteorating and from that day the Medical file has also been missing. DK gets a ''No, No, Please, don't say that its Disha'' type of a look in his eyes but does not react in any which way and just keeps silent.

In the next scene, Disha and Suhas are shown to be talking to each other in the Bhosale house where Suhas says the same thing that Ranu and Inder had told her and tells Disha that she should now leave DK if she is so unhappy there and think of starting her life again, Disha feels very awkward and does not reply to Suhas. But then Suhas says that even though the doors of her house are always open for Disha, she won't be in a better situation by coming back here, since living with Anil and Sukanya would be worse than living with DK. (This woman should get her priorities right, earlier she was convincing Disha to forgive DK and begin a new life with him, and now that Disha is undergoing change of emotions, she is telling her to divorce him and marry someone else) Just then Disha's cell-phone rings and its Gargi on the other end. Disha is very rude to Gargi (about time) and tells her that she does not want to speak to her at all and that she better not call her up. Gargi gets into her honey-coated, victimized mode and begs Disha to just meet her once and that she has to tell her something very important. Disha refuses again and says that DK would not like it and even she does not want to meet Gargi (I was like yeah, finally Disha agrees with DK on something!). But Gargi manages to convince Disha to meet her and then they meet up somewhere. Gargi tells Disha that Fazi has committed suicide, but she is not too sure if it was not a well planned murder and that she suspects DK's hands in it. Disha is unmoved and tells Gargi why should she believe in her to which Gargi says that if she does not believe in her, then in a few days she will see that the next victim of DK's vengeance is either Gargi or Disha herself. Disha does not react to Gargi's allegation and just drives away.

In the next scene, which was simply superb and showcased the tremendous chemistry between DK and Disha so beautifully, DK is shown to be in his lost, thoughtful mode and is sitting in the Couch and drinking (there we go again, DK is back to his drinking spree!).

At the same time, Disha is shown to enter the house looking very confused and lost in her thoughts and she thinks to herself that she is in such a dilemma, that she does not know whom to trust.

Disha to herself – Kya main Chhoti Ma ape bharosa karoon jo mujhe apni beti ki tarah maanti hain. Ya phir DK par. (Gets a ''Oh God why is this happening to me'' type of a look on her face) DK ko samajhna itna mushkil kyon hain. DK aakhir hain kaun. Who massom (hey she calls him innocent, how cute!) insaan joh bacchon ki tarah mere saamne phoot phoot kar ro raha tha ya phir who jo jail se nikalte hi apni harkaton par utar aaya, Inspector ka transfer kara diya, Chotti Maa ko ghar se nikaal diya…….Bappa mujhe sahi rasta dikhayi. Main kisi galat insaan par bharosa kar ke apni aur auro ki zindagi ko barbad nahin karma chahati. Please mujhe bataiye ki main DK par bharosa kar sakti hoon ya nahin?

Translation – Should I believe in Chooti Maa, who treats me like her own daughter. Or on DK. Why is he so difficult to understand, Who is DK in reality. Is he the innocent man who broke down like a child in front of me, while recounting his past or is it the conniving man who got to his wicked ways as soon as he got out of the jail. Oh God, help me find the right path, I should not put my trust on a wrong person and jeopardize mine and others life. Can I trust DK for once.

Just then, Disha and DK confront and Disha who is fresh from a meeting with the Grape-Fruit Gargi yells at DK and asks him who else is he planning to kill now after Dev and Fazi. ''Batao kya keemat lagayi hai tumne meri jaan ki, DK.'' Disha looks at DK with a betrayed kind of look and her voice echoes of both pain and hatred. DK who is  taken unawares shouts back on Disha by saying, ''Ilzaam, Illzaam, Illzaam, tum hamesha mujh par shaq kyon karti ho Disha.'' DK looks very hurt, confused and angry. While Disha replies back that, ''Yeh sab tumhari hi karni ka phal hai DK. Tumhare pap ka ghada aaj nahin toh kal zaroor bhar jayega. Tumhain kya lagta hai, tum ek, ek kar ke apni man marzi karte jaoge, aur tumhain rokne wala koi nahin hoga. Yaad rakhna, tumhai tumhare gunhoon ki sazza is janam mein milegi.'' As DK is about to sip his drink, Disha takes it away from him forcefully and looks at him with a ''answer me now'' type of a look (I felt she was being very wifely when she took the drink away from DK!), DK flares up like a wounded tiger and tells Disha that before she moralizes DK, she should see what she has been upto. DK's voice breaks up with emotion and his eyes get a hurt, agonized and fiercely protective look (for his mother) and tells Disha that she has played such a dirty game by using his helpless, mentally unstable and ill mother for her revenge against DK. As Disha looks on stunned and clueless, DK says that the Doctor has told him that since the day Disha met Sumitra, her condition has been worsening day by day. Then in a lovely, lovely scene, DK gets fire in his eyes and warns Disha with ice in his voice, ''Disha agar meri maa ko kuch bhi hua, toh yaad rakhna, main tumhain hi nahin, tumhare aas paas ek har insaan ko khatam kar doong…..aur khud bhi khatam ho jaoonga.'' {Beautiful dialogue delivery & indescribable expressions by both DK and Disha), while Disha gets a stunned, hurt and then thoughtful expression on her face (as if realizing that someone has been playing a double game with both DK and Disha and pitting them against each other, this is what I felt by her expression, though what she will say to DK will be known only today!)

{The interiors of the Kanaka House and of Bhosale House have changed and look much better now, especially DK's house, which finally resembles a tycoon's house and not some drama production set!}

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lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 4:50am | IP Logged
As usual great episode, one thing is for sure the serial seems to be moving fast with lot of filmi drama ( including murder's). Disha you opening statement stated that Vedant and Gargi are known to each other, however either I missed the line in between your updates, I did not get the impression from reading this episode.One think is for sure as you mentioned people seems to overhear conversation's easily in this episode. I have a feeling may be Sanya now will develop some romantic laison with Taj as you had thought previously. The scene between DK and lady Di seemed to rock. I guess we will be seeing lot of misunderstanding before the two unite as that will end the serial.I am glad that you mentioned the interior as changed, as I always thought that the home interior did not match DK'S billion's specially his bedroom , hopeless interior and Iron bed. Dev's room I thought was quiet of cute for servant's quarters. Again once more I fell like a ghisha pita record, your updates are matchless, your command is excellant after reading your updates , the other updates appear so meaningless ( though I appreciate the effort from people in writing episode). Disha we all really appreciate what you have done for the forum. I infact I feel you are like my younger sis which I always wanted and never had.And will always beleive what you write , you seem very honest and trustworthy. I am very upset with some cheapster who is set to spoil the forum with abusing Ashish (DK's) mail and understand your frustatation.
lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 5:16am | IP Logged
I am sorry for my statement that other episode updates are meaningless,everyone has there style, and I am thankfull to all who take there precious time and update us (they deserve more appreciation from us) I for one would never be able to write a update. I hope I have not hurt anybody by my thoughtless statement in the past and present.
dazzling Newbie

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Disha Hun (literally tears in my eyes and getting misty) I wonder why someone played that dirty trick on you. You are so sincere and so nice and so kind hearted. WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!
sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 9:31am | IP Logged
ClapClapClapthanks a lot for the update....WinkClap
niyati_patel Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
thanks for the updates
Safiyah Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
Thanx for the update.
ugababe Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 2:19pm | IP Logged

Wow!! Disha!

you have once again outdone your self with a heart warming update.

I think DK and Disha need to clear up the misunderstandings between each other.

That is the only way something magical can occur between the two.

Thanks a bunches


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