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patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2010 at 4:49am | IP Logged
*Sorry For The Lateness I'm Sick*
Liked The Epi???
Jot and I decided Video and Written Updates are gonna be on one thread.
So They'll Be Here!
So. I decided Imma be Superrr Creative and Save Space......
The Episode Discussion Thread [Remember Last Weeks?]  Will be here as well.
Let me know if this idea works.
For Now. Since the forum's member pool is so small I think it makes sense. In the future, it probably will not work. But for now. I think its a good Idea

Written Update By Angel.Jot [aka Jot]
Video Update By Jaan730 [aka Me]

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Written Update:

The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 3: Bad Moon Rising

Alaric, Stefan, Damon and Elena are sitting in the Salvatore house talking about the Lockwoods. Elena asks if Isobel found anything about the Lockwoods. Damon tells them that Isobel also researched lychins as in werewolves other than vampires.
Damon doesn't believe it and thinks it's all a lie.
Mason is running through the forest and comes upon a set of stairs. Tyler follows him quietly without Mason knowing.
Alaric tells them that Isobel's office is still in Duke and she's "technically" still missing.
Tyler walks into a cave-like sort of thing and sees a celler where a bunch of chains lay. Tyler takes a picture of the place and sees a print of a claw in the wall.
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Matt is knocking on Caroline's door but Care can't open it because of the sunlight. She sits down and Matt tries to call her but she doesn't pick up so he leaves a message.
Stefan tells Elena that he would never want her to miss out an oppurtunity to find out how exactly she is related to Katherine.
Jenna and Alaric are talking and Jenna tells him that he should do what he has to.
Damon tells Stefan that he's sorry he can't come and Elena purposly kisses Stefan right in front of Damon.
Tyler asks Carol about the old Lockwood property and she tells him that they'd still be living in it if it weren't for the place burning down. Mason enters and asks them what they were talking about. Tyler tells them he was planning to invite a few friends for a pool party at the property.
Stefan convinces Bonnie to make a day walking ring for Caroline. He tells her that she can trust him if not Caroline.
Damon tells Elena that he knew that Jeremy was wearing the ring.
Caroline makes a big deal about wearing a ring she doesn't like for the rest of her life. Bonnie does the spell and it works. Bonnie warns Caroline that if she hurts anyone, she will get rid of the spell and undo it.
Vanessa lets Alaric, Elena and Damon in Isobel office. She tells them that Isobel was her professor.
While the three are looking around Vanessa tells them she'll go turn the light on.
When she returned, she had a bow in her hand. Damon got in front of her and it hit him in the back. Alaric pushes her to the wall and holds her there.
Elena pulls the arrow out of Damon's back and tells Damon that he will not kill Vanessa.
Vanessa tells Alaric that she freaked because she thought Elena was Katherine.
Elena explains that she's not Katherine but Isobel's daughter and tells Vanessa to help them.
Caroline goes on a full blown rant about how Matt finally told her he loves her, and everyones at the pool party having fun and Stefan wants her to eat bunnies.
Stefan tells Care that when you're a vampire, your human personality amplifies.
Elena gives Vanessa some vervain and Vanessa wonders if it actually works. Damon sarcastically tells her no it doesn't work. Vanessa asks Elena if he can hear them. Damon once again replies, in a whisper saying "No, that would be creepy.".  Vanessa then asks if he can read minds. Damon tells her that if she wanted to see him naked, she just had to ask. Elena tells Vanessa that Damon cannot read minds but he was very good at being a jack***.
Tyler and Matt are chatting and Tyler asks if everything was alright between him and Care. Tyler walks over to Mason when he came. Mason tells Tyler to get everyone out of there before dark.
Caroline and Stefan get out of the car and go where everyone else is and Care sees Matt talking to a girl who clearly had a crush on him.
Jealous, Care storms over to her and using her compelling powers tells her to go find someone single to flirt with.
Matt tells Caroline that she was being rude and she had no reason to be the jealous girlfriend.
Once Matt left, Stefan walked over to Care and told her not to compell something like that. Care tells him that her personality was annoying her and Stefan laughs.
Elena is looking through things and Damon tells her that it's too bad they're not friends, because he had some very valuable information on Katherine for her.
Vanessa explains one of the Aztec legends of how the werewolves could only transform on a full moon.
Mason enters the cell of the old property and starts to tie himself up with the chains. Vanessa tells them that they didn't have a choice and it was a curse. A werewolves bite kills a vampire which was the reason why vampires hunted them down until extinction but there are some stlll remaining.
Elena calls Stefan and explains the werewolf thing to him. Once he hangs up he looks around for Care who's just disappeared.
Mason hears Tyler and a girl just outside the cell so he stops what he's doing.
Tyler opens the cell door and finds no one there. While they're kissing, Ami stops and tells him that she liked Matt and not him.
She leaves and Tyler just looks around the cell.
Mason runs to his car and ties himself to a tree which doesn't help. He yells out in pain.  He runs into his car and screams. A moment later, a growling of a wolf is heard from inside the car.
Stefan looks around looking for Care and stops when he sees Mason's car. He sees something move and looks in the car. Suddenly a big dog thing jumps out of the back window of the car and runs off into the woods.
Vanessa and Alaric talk and Alaric tells V that Isobel was now a vampire.
Damon hands Elena book that says Petrova on it. Damon explains that Katherine's real name was Katerina Petrova and that she orginally came from Europe. Damon asks if he's lost Elena forever because it would suck if the friendship they shared was gone. Elena thanks him for the book and Damon gets the message.
Matt and Care are kissing the woods when her thirst gets worser. Matt cuts his hand on the bark of a tree and Caroline bites him. Before she could really kill him, Stefan pulls her away. He tells her that they had to run because the "thing" (wolf) was going to follow them so they had to run.
Stefan and Care stop near the old property of the Lockwoods and Stefan tells Care that the thing was a werewolf and it was trying to kill them and it could do that.
Tyler comes toward them and asks them what they were doing. Stefan asks him what he was doing. Suddenly the wolf jumps and out and lunges on Caroline. Care screams and cries for Stefan. Stefan runs and pushes the wolf off.  Just as the wolf is about to go for Stefan, Tyler yells no and the wolf turns to look at him for  a moment before running off in to the woods.
Care compells Matt and makes him believe that an animal attacked him and it wasn't her. Stefan tells Care that it wasn't going to get any easier.
Tyler stops near Mason's car and sees the back window broken. Just then Mason walks out from the woods with dirt on him and wearing nothing. Tyler hands him some shorts and Mason puts them on. Tyler asks if the wolf was him and Mason just nods.
Matt is sitting in the Bar&Grill and Ami comes upto him to ask how he was. Jealous once again, forgetting her promise of no drama tells Ami to leave. Matt gets annoyed and walks off saying "forget it."  Caroline asks if he was breaking up with her. Matt says yes leaving a hurt Care behind.
Alaric enters the Gilbert house surprising Jenna. He kisses her and tells her that he should have done that in the morning.
Elena asks him if he really knew that Jeremy was wearing or not. Damon tells her that he didn't know. Elena nods and thanks him for being honest. Elena tells him that he had lost her forever.
Damon is hurt and tells her that she basically used him to which Elena replies saying that Damon knew information on Katherine and she needed it.
Damon leaves saying that Elena and Katherine had more in common than just the looks.
Caroline wakes up to find Katherine standing at the foot of her bed. At first Caroline thinks of Elena but Katherine asks her to try again and Caroline realizes it's Katherine.
Katherine sits down on the bed and Care flinches away. Kat tells her not be afraid and that they were going to have a lot of fun together.
..Hope you all liked this chap!

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patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

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Sui- I am not sure if you've read the rules/Season 2 annoucements, I do not believe that this is your update, if it is please don't take the effort as we already have an updater. If it is not, it belongs in the articles archieve. Do not disrespect the work of the updater.
: )

Megavideo will be updated later...

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Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Should have proof read the episode but didn't. LOL 

Alright umm......
My favourite part from this episode was when Mason transformed. It was so cool and it just started a whole new story. I loved every bit of it. It's kind of weird how Tyler seems so cool about all this and he's not freaking out or anything but he doesn't know that he's a werewolf yet so....*shrugs*
All in all..this episode was amazing.
The last Delena scene was really upsetting. What with, Damon being hurt because Elena used him and the line "You and Katherine have more in common than just looks." was quite sad.

Thanks for the video updates Jaan! 


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Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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trashed that post....will PM her in a  while...episode was awesome as seemed to me as if Caroline wanted Matt to break up with her which is why she did what she did.....cuz she was tlkin with stefan sayin she shudnt b with Matt....soo im jus thinkin tht she did it on purpose making matt split wid her......i dunno...this episode wasnt as good as the first two....but one thing im happy about...alaric's bak!!

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Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 24 September 2010 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
=o OMG! Rach....the makes so much sense. That is probably why she did it but she did seem upset/hurt when Matt broke up with her. And then we all know that Care is not the one to let go of things that she thinks belong to her. 
patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2010 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
I think that's the point. Shows how much she loves him...letting him  be free...I think she was appalled that she harmed him

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sourpuss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2010 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
The ending was so, so sad! I hated that Matt and Caro broke up ): And though I'm not a DE shipper, I did not like what Elena did to Damon. On the plus side, the whole werewolf thing was really, really cool.

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HalkatJawaniJay IF-Dazzler

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Agree with Rachu_1987, that's what I thought she purposefully acted jealous so that Matt will break up with her, poor her still trying to adjust to her vampire life. Last scene was so sad, Elena telling him that he had the information that she needed again he was used. Even though I can understand Elena p.o.v and can understand that why she didn't want anything to do with Damon, but I really like their unique friendship she brings out the good qualities of Damon. Hopefully Damon will be able to win over Elena pretty soon.

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