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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
Hi guys'.as many of u know me n many not so let me introduce u myself I'm anumeha,n I'm really a big fan of DMG n of KaSh n now ArSh.

Well I have written this OS but in 2 parts as im not liking the whole current situation of the show, that Armaan again going after Ridhimaa whereas she is not knowing what she wants from her life. So, it's just a small attempt from my side n I really hope u guys like it. I didn't get tym to read it again so for any grammatical or any other mistake sorry for that.

So let's start:

Armaan is after Ridhimaa n asking her wat she wants from her life, she still wants to stick to her marriage with Sid or she wants to come back to him..n guys here in my OS , Shilpa is not Ridhimaa's sister she is just a simple intern.

Armaan and Ridhimaa in Sanjeevani..

Armaan is running after Ridhimaa in the corridor n she is running away from him as she is still confused abt her feelings for both Armaan n Sid.

Armaan: Ridhimaa meri baat tu suno , kahan ja rahe ho Ridhimaa batao mujhe mere sawal ka jawab do wat do u want from ur life.Ridhimaa listen.
But she didn't stop n finally when they were near fire escape Armaan pulled her in there but lil did he know that someone saw him doing this.

"Armaan with tears in his eyes n pain that can be seen by anyone"
Armaan: bolo Ridhimaa kya chahti ho tum apni zindagi se,kya tum Sid ke saath khush ho,kyat um mujhe bhool kar agey bhar gaye ho, kya tumhari zindagi mein meri koi jagah hai,kya tumne saach mein kabhi mujhse pyaar kiya tha ya woh sab bas ek dikawa tha.

Ridhimaa: dekho Armaan meri shaddi Sid ke saath hui hai pati hai who mera aur mein ab sirf use pyaar karti hoon mein apni life mein agey bhar chuki hoon Armaan aur acha yehi hoga kea b tum mera peecha chor do "though she was confused of her feelings she said it all wid immense confidence in her voice"

Armaan: aur mein Ridhimaa , mein tumhari life mein kuch mahine nahin rakhta " completely hurt wid her words"

Ridhimaa: nahin ab tum meri zindagi mein kuch mahine nahin rakhte tum mera kal tha ek aisa kal jise mein bhool jana chahti hoon aur apne se bohat door kar dena chahti hoon,itna ke uska sayaa bhi mujh tak na pohanch pae.tum mera kal thae Armaan aur Sid mera aaj.Tumne kabhi mujhe apni pershaani mein shamil nahin kiya uska hisa nahin banaya jab ke Sid ne humesha mujhe apni problem batai share kiya.Sid is more than good wat u r Armaan tum kabhi Sid nahin ban sakte uski mere dil mein ek khaas jagah hai jo ab koi nahin badal sakta I want to live my whole life wid Sid Armaan u r now nothing to me.kuch nahin ho tum mere liye kuch bhi nahin.

She said all this wid confidence n finality in her voice wid tears running from both of their eyes.her words pierced Armaan hearts "he is nothing for her now,she want Sid her husband"

Armaan: thnx a lot for ur words Mrs.Ridhimaa Modi im not gonna forget these words of urs, aj tum ne mera dil thora both takleef pohanchai hai n im telling u ek din aisa ayega jab har koi apni life mein busy hoga aur tum khud ko akela pao gi us din tumhein ehsaas hoga ke mujh par kya beeti hai. I HATE U RIDHIMAA..I HATE U''
with giving her one last look the look which can kill a man seeing so much pain n loneliness in them he moved out from the fire escape completely shattered. Whereas Ridhimaa slide down against the wall n cry out loud.

This whole thing was scene by someone n he/she left after Armaan.

Sanjeevani Basketball court

Armaan was having tears in his eyes n it was raining n the climate was chill but he was least bothered abt it , he was continuously dribbling the ball n playing n tears were running down his cheeks he was continuously remembering the words which ridhimaa said n which broke his heart in pieces. He threw the ball in anger n slides down against the wall n moves his fingers through his hairs n is completely frustrated from the events of his life from the tym he came back after the shoot out.

Armaan: koi nahin mere saath koi bhi nahin kisi ko bhi mera saath nahin dena sab ne chor diya mujhe akela reh gaya mein bas akela "and fresh tears run down his cheeks he was just looking towards the sky when he heard someone's voice. " ARMAAN"
When he saw it was Shilpa there looking towards him wid hurtful eyes, yes it was Shilpa who heard the convo b/w AR n she came after Armaan but seeing him in this condition pierce his heart as someone has stabbed knife deep inside her heart she didn't let anyone knows abt her feelings towards Armaan n she knows he loves Ridhimaa then too she can't see him hurt it hurts her seeing him in this miserable condition. She move towards him

" Armaan tum teekh tu ho na kya hua Armaan'Armaan r u alrite" asked Shilpa

Armaan saw her coming towards him but he got pissed off her questions n shout on her

Armaan: kyun ayo ho tum yahan chali jao yahan se,koi nahin chahiye mujhe jaise sab ne akela chor diya tum bhi chor do jao yahan se.
"He grabbed her from her shoulders n shakes her badly"
Suna nahin tumne kya kaha mein ne chali jao yahan se koi nahin chahiye mujhe mein ab akela hoon is duniya mein koi nahin hai mera koi nahin mera saath den eke liye

"N he broke down in front of her n slides down on his knees n hugged her from her waist n she can feel his tears wetting her shirt"

Armaan: kyun sab ne mera saath chor diya koi bhi nahin hai mere dost jinke liye mein humesha unki zaroorat ke waqt hota tha jab mujhe unki zaroorat hai tu kyun koi nahin aya mujhe sambhalne mera saath dene,jab mein uss shoot out ke baad yahan se chala gaya tu mujhe laga ke shahyd mere dost meri talaash mein ayein magr nahin koi nahin aya , sab ne mujhe bhula diya. Shilpa tum nahin jante mere ateet ke bare mein, mein ne Ridhimaa se apni jaan se bhi zyada pyar kiya uske liye khud ko badal diya har pal yehi sochta ke wohi karon jise Ridhimaa ko khushi ho,itni mushkil se apni aur Ridhimaa ki shaadi ke liye Shashank Sir ko manaya magr Ridhimaa ne kya kiya usne mera intezar nahin kiya usne Sid se shaddi kar li, kya usey mere pyar par itna bhi yakeen nahin tha ke mein un photos ko undekha kar is pori duniya ki parwa kiye bina uska haath tham leta , lekin aj mera who bharam bhi tooth gaya she doesn't need me im nothing in her life who mujhe apni zindagi se bohat door karna chahti hai nahin chahti ke mein uske kareeb tak aaon, kyun ho raha hai mere saath aisa jise apni jaan se zyada chaha uske liye mein aj kuch bhi nahin.kuch bhi---
N he started crying badly Shilpa who by now was sitting quietly listening to him hug him tightly n hold him in her arms n trying to calm him down.

Shilpa: Armaan mein tumhare past ke bare mein sab jante hoon " he looks towards her confused" but she continue
Haan Armaan mein ne tumhari diary jis mein tumne Ridhimaa ke bare mein likha tha ke tum use kitna
Pyaar karte ho parhi thi u love her a lot Armaan , magr shahyd tumhare life partner Ridhimaa nahin hai,shayd tumhari zindagi mein koi aisa aye jo tumhare liye hi bana ho, ur perfect life partner,Armaan bhagwan ne sab ko jodiyon mein behja hai bas insaan ko apna Jodi daar khud dhoondna hota hai , kai baar hum us insaan ko apna jodidaar samajh lete hain jo k shayad hai nahin, kya pata Ridhimaa tumhari life mein sirf ek attraction ek infatuation thi.May be u were not meant to be together.

He cut her in b/w " magar mein use both pyaar karta hoon Shilpa kitni baar apni jaan khatre mein daali uske liye har kadam per uska saath diya magr usne kya kiya mujhe chor kisi aur ka haath thaam liya aaj bhi usne mujhe nahin apni shaadi ko chuna"

Shilpa: who isliye Armaan kyunki ab who married hai pati hai Sid uska who use nahin choor sakti chaeh kar bhi nahi n I guess she also moved on in her life she is happy wid her husband so I guess Armaan its ur tym to move wid someone by ur side. "she said it's more like pleading to him"

He sighed n said in sad tone

Armaan: lekin mere saath tu koi nahin koi dost nahin sab ne mera saath choor diya ab mein akela kya karoon no one is beside me to support me to hold me no one "n fresh tears run down his cheeks"

Shilpa cleared his tears raised his face by pacing her index finger under his chin n intertwined his fingers wid her own

Shilpa: I'll be by ur side Armaan will always hold u support u I'll help u Armaan will be there as ur Best Friend n u can share everything wid me whatever u want just like u did.Armaan don't end up ur life here coz u didn't got ur love,life is meant to be lived to its fullest so live ur life again Armaan become the same Armaan who use to prank around,love everyone,jo har taraf khushiyaan hi khushiyaan bhar deta tha,be that Armaan again,kisi ke liye nahin tu khud ke liye apni zindagi jiyo,live ur life armaan live ur life,n I'll be there for u whenever u needed.

Till now they both were drenched in rain n Armaan feels a hope in himself after listening her words

Armaan: Promise "said with a cute 5 year old kid face"

Shilpa smiled seeing his innocent face n hopeful eyes listening her words n gripped his hand more tight

Shilpa : Pakka Promise

Armaan: Shilpa please take me away from here mein yahan nahin rehna chahta mein apni life ko phir se jena chahta hoon.kisi ke liye nahin apne liye plzzz take me away plzzz

"he pleaded her n she could not denied his request n promised him that they'll leave Sanjeevani n Mumbai n will move somewhere else."
On the other hand Ridhimaa was also heartbroken saying all these things to Armaan she moves towards General ward n resume her duties but her mind was somewhere else thinking did she made the right decision. Sid tried to talk to her as she seemed disturbed but she manage to escape saying just tired due to work.

Next day all interns n senior doctors were waiting near nurse station for Dr.Keerti to assign them duties as usual Ridhimaa n Sid were standing together but ridhimaa was lost in her own world n Sid looking towards her thinking " something is disturbing her but y she is not telling me" JP n jiggy doing their own masti n talking while Armaan n Shilpa nowhere to be seen.
Dr.keerti came n assigned them their duties and also informed them that Armaan n Shilpa have taken transfer from Sanjeevani Mumbai to some other branch n ridhimaa insistently it coz of the decision she made n run from there.
All doctors,nurses,wardboys n even patients who were treated by Armaan were shocked listening this as they all love him a lot,but nothing can be done as he already left just a hope that he will be back.
All work n complete their duties n Sid n Ridhimaa move towards home upon reaching Ridhimaa just moved out widout saying a word n when Sid came inside he saw Ridhimaa sitting on the floor hugging her knees n tears flowing from her eyes,he move towards her.

Sid : Ridhimaa kya hua y r u crying? N side hugged her kya hua rids batao mujhe.

Ridhimaa: "while crying hysterically" he left coz of me, mein ne Armaan ko both dukh diya hai na Sid he left me Sid he just left n again started crying.
Sid tried to console her but she kept crying n hugged Sid tight suddenly,Sid was taken aback but hugged her back n kissed on her head to make her stop crying n keep pacifying her n after sometime she was only sobbing n slowly they also subsided he moved close towards her as this proximity was making her daze n he kissed her on her head again n then slowly move downwards n kissed her on her hear n then slowly moving down kissed her near jaw line n then down on her shoulder. Ridhimaa was also in daze she was thinking about Armaan all the tym n she saw the flashes Armaan touching her n kissing her she instantly pushed Sid back n adjusted her shirt which slide down her shoulder as Sid kissed her there.

Ridhimaa: im really sorry Sid im not ready for it yet im sorry.

Sid: it's ok Ridhimaa I understand u don't have to feel guilty n I'll never forced u n wid that she nodded her head n move towards her room n sid remain seated there thinking will their relationship will work will this marriage work or not n leaving everything on God left for his room.


Precap : After 3 years..


So guys i hope u like this concept another part n it will be end i was thinking to end it in this part only but thought of something so its part 1 n 2 will be posted soon.

please leave ur valuable comments n if u didnt like anything dont hesistate i would appreciate.

please all the readers do press the like button and silent reader u also do press the like button.


anumeha "anu"

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Iqbal Neha1


Iqbal Neha1

Joined: 01 February 2006

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
amazing part
i really liked the way u potrayed each charachters emotions and da way shilpa was their 4 armaan was amazingly described.cant wait 2 read da next part.

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
better be updating soon .....i loved it ..

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
great part! please continue the next part soon, dying to read it!

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Senior Member


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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
love it
it was awesome Heart  Party
totally love the ArSh part
Thumbs Up   Hug  Clap

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Joined: 16 December 2009

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Amazing yaar...
anumeha...this is FAB...

DO PM me..and cont soon..thnxx for PM today..

and hey...chnge the title..its FF..not OS..ok..

I am waiting for more...
wat happens aftr 3 years..???




more waiting..hehe..


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Senior Member


Joined: 24 April 2010

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 7:31pm | IP Logged


nice os....

bechara armaan.....CryCryCry

waiting for next part to see what will happen after 3 years....

cont. soon......

thnx for the pm....

Edited by ryka_27 - 25 September 2010 at 2:19am

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Joined: 23 April 2009

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Great OS! Plz pm me when u update:)

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