Thendral Wednesday Sept 22 Written update

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Posted: 22 September 2010 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
Hi guys so now that hero, herione and a number of villis/villians have surfaced its time for some masala ............
Epi begins with sudha dad asking mom why she did this? how come u came to such a decision? u should have asked me. Mom says dont support him and talk to me, he will get anyone and u expect me to accept her? dad says what TA did is wrong and even I would do this .ShockedShocked why r u punishing Lav?ShockedShocked why ru marrying her to such a family? mother is all OuchOuch sud dad continues just coz her marraige stopped why r u hurring her to marry her to anyone? why looking for a different mappalai? mom is like who is this different mapallai?ShockedShocked dad asks even if u want to get her married why dont u see a good one? mom says we are not looking at anyone. dad says then why were my relatives asking abt lav? Sudh is all AngryAngry
Mom is all OuchOuch Dad explains that my relative was asking abt Lav and that ur marrying her to her son. Puvi comes in and mom asks him about this alliance. puvi said yes sudha's periappa son. sud dad is like wont u inquire abt the groom before marrying ur sis?ClapClap he killed his first wife over dowry in the first month. both mom and Lav are ShockedShocked puvi looks at sudh. she seems Confused on her plan being flopped. Puvi says sudh told me they are a good family. Dad shouts on sudh for recommending them. sudh tries to save her face by telling that the gal was not killed but she commited suicide. but dad is not convinced. she says they are rich and will take care of lav.
Dad says so what if they are rich? they are killersClapClap sudh says I didnt know that. Dad says then u dont make decisions if u dont know anythingClapClap sudh says we have to marry her to someone, cannot keep her in the house like this. Lav is hurt and she goes inside CryCry dad asks sudh not to talk rudely. sudh says what I am saying wrong? who will marry her now? her marriage is called off, she roamed with that guy, who will marry her after knowing all this? dad says so what u will marry her to a murderer? sudh says dont accuse them like that, if they did a mistake once they will not be like that always. if we marry her to a man like that, they will not look at our mistakes. dad gets very angry and asks her not to interfere in this. she says u can look for a good groom for her, but by then she will be an old women. mom is all CryCry Dad apologizes on her, and tells mom to look for a good boy and that he will help. he advises them to marry her only if the guy is good or let her studyClapClap(finally somebody gave a good advise)
He leaves and mom and daughter CryCry Lav feels bad on suds actions, she tells her mom to come with her and they will live alone. but mom says they need some man's help so they will wait till she gets married
Here thools is getting ready for coll and waiting for TA.  Padma tries to comment and hurt thools, but thools ignores it and asks patti not to react to it,Thumbs Up
TA comes there and sees mohan cleaning the bike. he makes fun of him and mohan is likeSleepy and asks  why r u here? TA is like we are mama -machi LOLLOL mohan gets angry and calls him mom. TA asks ur still a kid calling for u mom LOLLOL while mom is coming out, a ganja packet falls from mohan and TA is ShockedShocked he asks whats this? pads comes and intervenes but TA keeps asking mohan whats this? Thools. patti and pav come out. Ta says this is ganja and looks like ur son has this habit. pad is ShockedShocked and mohan is all WackoWacko Mohan tries to defend himself, but TA says I will call police. pads is all OuchOuchOuch and tries to save mohan by asking how u know its ganja? u have a habit is it? Ta is all ShockedShocked pads blames TA for planting it in mohan's pocket and blaming him falsely and threatening him.
TA tells pads not to support her son and he is on wrong line. but pads shifts the entire blame and says ur doing all the wrong things and blaming my son? Thools gets angry and tells TA mind ur business why u care what mohan does? TA tries to make her understand but she pulls him away and asks him to drop her at school. patti tells TA whoever did this will be punished. why u care, u mind ur work. thools and TA leave. patti says ppl will pour water on burning house and others will cry after its burnt. god knows what she will do and goes in. pads asks pav to leave and asks mohan abt the ganja , he tries to lie abt TA framing him but pads does not buy it.  he lies that its not ganja but something else. its not mine but my frnds. pads believes him and asks him if he is not addicted to all this? he says no and she believes him and he seems happyBig smileBig smile
Here TA tries to tell thools we have to bring him in the right track. Thools asks why r u interfering in this? TA says he is ur bro, my machan. thools says he doesnt think like that. TA says very soon I will change things and all probs in my family and ur family will be solved and we all will live happily as one family(yeah and that will be the last epi of thendralLOLLOL) thools is Tongue to hear this. epi ends with a new BGM(I kinda like this tune too)
My kostin, where is VEL??????????????????

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Thank for the update gudgal! Big smile and yes, when everyone gets together, it will be 4 years from now. Wink TA long term goals plan pannuraan! LOL
Hmm, felt a little sorry for Lavs today but enna panrathu, feeling pain is new to you, konjam anubavichal thaan stronga irupa. See how Thuls is, for 20yrs she suffered and only now she has a little happiness, ava romba stronga irukka. Atleast you have you mommy dear to cry on!
Again, Thuls has proven to be best porutham for TA. Why is he always mookunolungafying in others business, do you need another police case on your rap sheet? I understand you wanting to help family, but you are in no position to help when you are homeless and jobless yourself.
Imagine if Thuls had gone to Vaalparai with TA, the Murugasen case wouldn't have escalated to criminal case, I'm sure Thuls would've controlled him. LOL

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Posted: 22 September 2010 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Thanks alot Gudgal for the awesome update! Clap

Sudha's dad seems to be such a sensible and rational person, why then is Sudha like this? Perhaps, she was a sweet girl before her marriage to Puvi, and TA's mum should have been the sole reason for her changing like this! TA's mum ku ithuvum innumum venum! Angry I feel pitiful for Lavs, poor girl has to listen to such awful things.. Unhappy

I loved Thulz today cos of her indifferent attitude to Padma's gutter mouth.. Rendu kai thattina thaan satham varum.. Great policy to follow gal, Keep it up!! ClapClap It's better you follow this than break down for every single thing she utters! Thumbs Up and also loved the way she distracted TA from the Ganja scene, you're smart Thulz!! TA maadhiri oru mokka nozhachufying person kku unna maadhiri oru wife thevai thaan.. irukra problems e thaangala.. ithula avanaa poi problems ellam venum nu porukura maadhiri la irukku!! Why TA, why can't you just shut up and mind your own business??!! AngryAngry But i'm happy that the cat is out of the bag.. LOL Padma already has a tinge of suspicion on Mohan and his activities but she's just making a fool out of herself, trying to gain a lost reputation her son has.. LOL Better luck next time Padma... ROFL

Omg, finally the bike scene which we've been dying to watch for the past 5 months happened... Yayyyyyyyyyyy it was choooooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeeeet when Thuls hugged him with all her urimai (avanukku ejamaani nu prove pannitaa LOL) and both of them looked sooo happy together... You should be like this always! Big smileWink Also admired TA's confidence of rejoining the 2 families, though its futile at present.. Keep up the same confidence TA, time will heal all wounds and evil thoughts and intentions..! Smile

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Posted: 22 September 2010 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddddddd Finally. Habbadaaa, oru nice bike scene.
Nice lead from a hubby-wife convo to romance. When Thuls hugged him, TA's face apidiye TongueEmbarrassed
romba santhosham aaiyitu, ovoru secondum eeeeeee-nu serichu bikela odi poraan. Careful TA, keep your eye on the road, WinkLOL
Paavom pa nee, everytime you guys are happy, etho oru bomb vedikutheConfused

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Posted: 22 September 2010 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ranuja12

Thank for the update gudgal! Big smile and yes, when everyone gets together, it will be 4 years from now. Wink TA long term goals plan pannuraan! LOL 
Yep TA like govt of India has rolled out the Five year plan ROFLROFL

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 12:37am | IP Logged
thank u gudgal for th seems every wednesday seems to be your day.......Wink with some interesting T and T
Rightly said Sudha's dad........way to go/........Let Lavanya continue her studies that would be the best thing for her........
Now i somehow cud see Thulz face in Lavanya............the same sort of problems Thulz had faced all along.........
Worst treatment from people at sudha like padma........puvi like MM(ellathukum thala aatrathu)........TA amma like pati,,,,,,,,,forcing to marry a man who is not at all suitable for life(Some one replacing Vel).......
So I strongly believe now its Lavanya who would be the first person to understand TA and Thulz and would start to help TA to be back to his home and change her moms mind about Thulz..........still it will take a long time.........
Yeah finally some good moments for the couple.........too good to watch them together inspite of their present problem.....
OMG.......TA when are u going to start minding your own work.......
U re still the same..........Way to go him otherwise he will have a new case against him.....only God save him then...........
Hope he first solves his bank issue.........its higgggghhh time man.........then solve others problemmmmmmsssss......
when u have a knife hanging above your head you peep into other's problem.........i dont know what to tell........
VEL!!!!!! where is he?????? probably VEL will be shown today......
And Charu's dad notice for cheating would be added up.........

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Quelle-Belle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 12:41am | IP Logged
Thanks gudgal for the wonderful update. You have always a romantic scene to update Big smile.

Sudha's daddy is the villain for his daughter. He is another gentleman in this serial like Deepa's dad or Nitheesh's....good to see some good-hearted ppl in this serial Smile. Thanks God...Sudha was not arranging for ponnu paakkum padalam....athukulle her daddy stopped her plan Clap....paavom Lavanya....yes girl...follow your uncle's advice and study further or find a job and be independent....then there is no room for Sudha's nakkalz and kuthal pechus.

Yesssss...Mohan got caught by TA and the kanja matter is out to Padma and she even when she supported her dear son....she has slightly doubts on him. Padma...why can't you think that your son to be a good guy...un pullaikku un ketta budhi thhane varum. Hope TA does not get caught in this kanja case and becomes a thyagi and goes to jail to change Padma and Mohan Ouch.

Atleast Thulasi took him from there Clap...and yesss Ranu she is the perfect wife for a guy like TA abd he listens to her without arguing further....well done Thulasi and keep doing that. If not...your hubby would come everyday with a new problem LOL.

And finalllyyyyyyyy....a bike scene with T&T.Like the viewers TA and Thulasi were enjoying every second of that bike rideLOL....when he was with Charu....he was feeling so uneasy....but with Thulasi nerayyya teeths therinjichu....ahhhhhh.....they were looking so cute and TA was all surprised when she hugged him Embarrassed....irunthalum TA...i mean Deepak... dialogues vera pesikittu...expressions koduthukittu speed aave bike ottinnaaru LOL.

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Posted: 23 September 2010 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Thank you gudgal for the detailed update Big smile.

Kanja issue is becoming important now. I don't know for whom the aappu is, is it for Padma and Mohan or for Thamizh and Thulasi. If Mohan goes to that Vishwa and tells him that he was caught by TA with his kanja, might be that this Vishwa would plan something to get TA involved in this matter Confused. More and more police cases against him are going to put him in jail. Thulasi should correct him more to direct her hubby in the right way. Otherwise it is very difficult with him. I think she is the only who could convince him to stay away from problems.

Sudha's father needs an Clap for his concern about Lavanya and for the help he is willing to do. It is like that he somehow knew that Sudha would do this and that he has to solve that problem his daugther is causing for her husband's family..such a nice character he is.

That was a cute one-minute bike scene with TT. I think for Thulasi it was one of her happiest moments in her life. The way she was putting her head on his shoulder and was all happy makes them both to forget their problems and to enjoy that momen onlyt. TA was very happy and satisfied Embarrassed. I think someone is going to see them on bike together...might be Charu, Vel or his adiyal Jeyaraj. That is the way i think Vel would come to know that Thulasi is married and that too to TA. Or if it is Charu, she is going to be reminded of her going in bike with him and would make her steps to harm Thulasi and TA. That could be the reason for Thulasi's dialogue in the promo.

But happy that Vel is going to come back into the story. His entry is enough to make the serial more interesting. 

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