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Welcome to the

Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo

-||- Episode Discussion Thread -||-

Hey Everyone!

In this thread you can all discuss the daily episode happens of BAVD - from the different story lines to the characters or the future possibilities of how you'd like the track to progress. Basically, ANYTHING related to the daily developments in the show can be discussed here.

Please keep the following rules in mind while discussing:

  • ONLY episode & serial discussion is allowed here.
  • NO chatting here - Please keep all personal conversation/chit-chat to a minimum.
  • NO bashing - Do not bash the actors of this show.  However, bashing either the show or characters - any characters - is allowed, or else, it would be really pointless if people were forced to clam up whenever the show stinks!
Happy discussing! Big smile


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what time does this show air in india?
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 I'll briefly summarize the story of BAVD from its start till now (20th Sep, 2010 to 29th Nov, 2010). Sorry if I miss some important points in the middle coz what i'm doing is very time consuming especially now when many episodes have finished. this won't be a detailed updat so plz forgive me if anything goes wrong. You guyz can correct me or add some points if I've missed them. We can then start discussing the happenings of the daily episodes. I hope this topic is interactive. So here I go now'

  •  The story starts by showing a rich businessman named Rupesh Chauhan & his manager Bhushan.
  • Rupesh & Bhushan are desperately shown making arrangements for the people who are coming to see Bharati for marriage.
  •  Rupesh shows them a lot of gifts & talks about his entire property & business that would go to the guy who marries Bharati. He tries his level best to delay the process of his daughter coming in front of them.
  •  The people who have come to see Bharati gets their shock of their life when they see a girl of short height comes downstairs. Bharati the lead actress of this show is introduced.
  • Rupesh begs them to accept his daughter & starts showing her certificates & tries his level best by going on & on about his daughter' to the extent that he doesn't even stop to say that bharati has the capability to become a mother.
  •  The people get irritated by Rupesh's behavior & finally Sita(the DIL of that family) insults Rupesh saying that he was showing the free sample first to sell a defective piece(referring to bharati). She complains to bhushan that he hid the fact that bharati was a dwarf. When rupesh still doesn't stop begging them then Sita takes the puja-thaali & tells bharati to do the tilak of the guy who came to see her. Due to her height she is not able to reach him & finally drops the thaali. Then Sita says this is the reality of bharati & tells rupesh to forget the dream of getting his daughter married.
  • Rupesh gets depressed & bharati says that she can't see her father in this state so she tells him to stop this groom hunt but rupesh promises her that he'll find the best guy in this world for her.
  • Dhara (bharati's mother) tells rupesh not to hurry up as it's not been a long time that bharati has got rejected. Then rupesh tells her that he doesn't have more than 3-4 months time ' so he has to hurry up.
  • Bharati's best friend neelam is getting married so, bharati along with her parent's go to neelam's place.
  • The people who play the band-baja in the wedding are introduced.
  • At neelam's place, neelam tells bharati not to get upset as she would find her dream-boy very soon who would love her a lot. Murli ' the lead actor is introduced.
  •  The friends of neelam's groom are drunk. On reaching neelam's home they start creating a scene by demanding to dance with neelam's friend. One of the friend sees bharati, then someone from the crowd says that bharati is neelam's best friend. Thus bharati is forced inside the friend circle & is made to dance unwillingly. The guyz start throwing bharati in the air. Nobody dares to speak a single word as they are from the groom's side. Murli who is a member of the band-baja goes to rescue bharati. He pushes the groom's friends on the ground & catches her in his arms.
  •  There's a tussle between murli & the groom's friends, but nobody supports murli.
  •  Bansari lal ' murli's father, who is also the main member of the band-baja is paid less due to what happened.
  •  At murli's home, gaushala ' murli's bhabhi is angry that they got paid less. She tells them what was the need to show heroism by murli when nobody dared to speak up. Murli requests her not to spoil his career as he's in his final year & he wants to become an engineer.
  • Mridang ' murli's elder brother doesn't like the idea of joining his family profession of playing band-baja in weddings, thus, he's a bus conductor. Bansari lal's economic condition is in a very bad condition as he's very poor. His father was the main member of Laal Band Party ' name of the band-baja group. But the group got divided after his father's death, so bansari lal wants to re-establish laal band party once again to fulfill his father's dream.
  • At bharati's place, rupesh is shown having flashbacks of how murli saved bharati & tells his wife that after a long time he saw someone fighting for his daughter & thinks murli would be the most suitable var(groom) for his daughter.
  • The next day rupesh goes to murli's home with a lot of gifts & invites them for dinner at his place. bansari refuses to accept the gifts & the invitation offer but gaushala shamelessly accepts the gifts & the dinner invitation on which nobody is able to say anything. Rupesh happily returns home.
  • Unwillingly murli along with his family go for dinner. Bharati takes murli, damroo (murli's elder brother) & veena (murli's sister) to show the house. There's a short conversation between bharli.
  • Rupesh starts talking about his business, his entire property & tells them that this all belongs to bharati & to whom she marries. Then rupesh puts the proposal of bharati's wedding & requests bansari to accept bharati for murli.
  • Murli gets angry on hearing this & leaves the place & is followed by the other members of his family.
  • Murli is angry that he was being auctioned in a sale as if he was saleable & moreover bharati is a midget & he can't even imagine spending his entire life with such a girl plus he first wants to complete his education & doesn't even want to think about marriage until he finishes his engineering.
  • At bharati's place, rupesh is shocked on seeing murli leaving like that & thinks that won't he be able to find a groom for his daughter. Bharati expresses her desire to continue her studies & do her masters instead of thinking about marriage.
  • Gaushala starts filling up mridang's mind that how their economic condition could improve if murli marries bharati. Gaushala starts complaining that murli has not done anything for the family uptil now & now that he's got an opportunity he's not using it. There's a heated discussion between murli & gaushala. Gaushala burns all the instruments in the house including their band-baja uniform. Mridala (mridang & gaushala) start packing their bags & start leaving the house.
  • Murli's mother begs bansari to stop them & tell them what had happened 20 years ago & why have they always been partial towars murli all the time. Then she realizes that she shouldn't have said that.
  • Murli demands to know the truth. The truth is revealed that murli is not their biological son. His biological father's name is Murari ' who was also a member of the Laal Band Party. The group had got divided bcoz of murari's behavior. Murli's parents never loved him & always thought as he was a bad omen so they left him. It was bansari & his wife who adopted murli as their son.
  • Murli can't digest this truth & in an emotional trauma, he runs away from the house. He starts getting flashbacks of how he was always pampered & loved than his other brothers & sister. Murli's family except for mridala starts worrying for murli. He returns back home & says that he's their son & will never leave his family. 
  • Mridang gets angry & tells gaushala that he will kick murli out of his home. Guashala stops him & tells him that murli is the only one who can make them rich & both make a plan to persuade him to marry bharati. They call prakash ' friend of mridang to visit their place to see veena along with actors who pretend to be his parents. They demand a lot of dowry.
  • Murli wants to find a job to support veena's wedding but his friends tell him that he has only completed his bachelors so he won't get a good job & even if he gets a job, it will take him years to earn money for veena's wedding. Murli decides to take loan but retunrs empty-handed.
  • Mridala start their act by saying that will veena ever get married. Murli feels bad & then finally makes up his mind to marry bharati. He tells the whole family that he will marry bharati & nobody shall stop him.
  • Bhushan gives rupesh the news of the marriage proposal of bharli being accepted.
  • The engagement takes place. bharati notices murli not being happy at the engagement.
  • Murli gets a call from neelam who doesn't disclose her identity & calls him to meet her the next morning. Murli goes there & neelam introduces herself as bharati's friend & apologizes him for calling him like this. Neelam leaves the place so bharli can have a private talk
  • Bharati asks murli whether he's not happy with this relation & if he's not then he can break the engagement. Murli lies saying he has no problems marrying her & assures her to be a good husband.
  • Murli sees his friends coming there so takes his leave. Murli's friends tease bharati & clicks pictures of her with their mobile & call her a joker.
  • Murli doesn't like what he's seeing but is unable to save bharati fearing that his friends would know that he's marrying a midget. Murli gets disgusted with himself & starts questioning himself that why didn't he save bharati today? What happened to his feelings of humanity?
  • The wedding preparations takes place. murli goes to invite his friends for his wedding but sees them looking at bharati's photos they had clicked & are laughing. Murli hides the cards in his pocket & doesn't invite them. He tells his family that he doesn't want to invite anyone for the wedding. It's going to be a small & private ceremony on which bansari agrees.
  • On the wedding day, murli arrives at bharati's place along with his family. People start commenting on how murli accepted to marry a midget just for money.
  • Murli starts getting flashbacks of those comments & throws his garland & pagdi on the groung & leaves the wedding hall in anger. Damroo follows his & tries to stop him. Veena sees murli & asks him where he's going? On seeing veena, murli remembers the reason why he's getting married so he returns back.
  • Unfortunately, murli's friends arrive at the party just to eat & have fun thinking nobody would ask them their identity. They're caught by one of the servants of bharati's home but gaushala arrives there & says they're the groom's friends. She takes them to where murli's sitting & murli & his friends are shocked to see each other. They get even more shocked to see him getting married to the midget whom they were teasing.
  • During the wedding rituals, when the garland is exchanged, bharati is unable to reach murli so she can't put the garland around his neck. Murli goes down on his knees so that bharati can put the garland around his neck. While he does that many people make fun of him. This makes murli even more angry.
  • The wedding finishes. At murli's place, murli leaves the house & his friends see him & follow him. They ask him why he married that midget whom they used to make fun of. Murli replies that he had no other choice. His friends ask him that he didn't have the guts to call his friends to his marriage bcoz he was marrying a midget so how will he be able to spend the rest of his life with her? Murli has no answer'
  • Murli doesn't return home the whole night. Bharati is waiting for murli to come so that she would give him a gift ' a flute which she had bought for him to gift him on the wedding night. Bharati keeps the gift under the pillow & falls asleep on the sofa.
  • Murli returns home in the morning & sees the gift under his pillow he unwraps it & sees the flute. He sees a statue of lord Krishna on his table which bharati had kept.
  • Bharati after taking a bath wants to comb her hair but she can't reach upto the mirror as it is hanged up on the wall. She tries to reach the mirror all in vain. Murli sees this & takes the mirror & shows it to her so bharati can comb her hair. She gives him the sindoor & unwillingly murli puts it on her.
  • Bharli are called for the morning aarati. Bharati sings the aarati of om jai jagadish hare. Murli hears her voice & then joins the prayer.
  • Bharati as being the new daughter-in-law is told to cook something sweet for the family. She makes khir in which veena helps her. She brings khir in a tray & trips on her saari & falls down spilling the khir on the floor. Damroo gets angry while gaushala calls it a bad sign. Murli's mother eats the leftover khir in the pot & starts praising bharati for making very tasty khir.
  • Rupesh arrives there & sees what's happening there & gets satisfied that bharati has ended up in a very nice sasural. he invites them to a house which is very huge like a palace & says that this is their new home. Bansari & murli are not happy seeing this but gaushala says that they love their new house. Bansari is unable to speak in front of gaushala.
  • All of them start packing & arrive at the new house.
  • Gaushala is not happy seeing the kitchen being designed as per bharati's height & makes a rude comment on it. There's a heated discussion in the house. Murli in a fit of rage says he's not going to stay in this house anymore.
  • Bharati is sad. Damroo tries to cheer up bharati with his funny acts. Unfortunately he picks up the wire of the iron & gets an electric shock. Bharati is unable to reach the switch as it is too high. Everybody gets worried, finally damroo gets conscious.
  • Murli yells at bharati for being so irresponsible by shouting out for help instead of switching the main line off. Gaushala says bharati won't be able to switch it off as it's too high & she's short. Murli says he'll go crazy & leaves the house in anger.
  • Bharati says that she'll go & find murli. She goes to murli's old house & murli comes there. On seeing him, she runs to him with her arms open but murli looks at the opposite direction. Bharati gets shocked.
  • Murli lets go of his frustration that he had suppressed inside him for a long time. He tells her that he married her just for the sake of his family. He prepared himself for this marriage & thought he would be able to carry it on but now he's realized that he can't take it anymore. He's not being able to be a good husband & by doing so he's insulting the institution of marriage. Therefore, he wishes to put an end to this marriage. He tells her that he had lied to her & can't spend his life with her.
  • Bharati becomes sad. She tells him that they should pretend that everything is fine between them until veena gets married & doing so she will also be able to retain her father's happiness for some more time. She tells him to tolerate this relationship for some more times for the sake of their families. They return home.
  • Gaushalal says she's arranged honeymoon tickets for them at Shimla.  Murli is angry in the room & throws the tickets. Bharati begs him to control himself until the right time comes to disclose the truth of their relationship status.
  • On the way, murli says it's not important to go to shimla but would stay at his friend's place & tells bharati to do the same but bharati once again pleads him to agree to pretend everything is fine between them.
  • They reach the hotel of shimla. The guards start laughing at the presence of bharati. Murli gets uncomfortable & goes inside. Bhartati follows him.
  • Two kids on seeing bharati want to take pics of her. Murli interferes & tells them they can't take her pics.
  • Murli is angry inside the room & says he can't bear this pain anymore & he'll go crazy. Bharati feels sorry for his state & can't see him like that. she leaves the room to give him some time alone.
  • Bharati is walking besides the pool, where the same two kids arrive & start troubling her. In the process of saving herself she falls inside the swimming pool.
  • People gather around & start shouting for someone to help her. Murli hears the people & looks out from the window, sees her drowning & shouts out her name & runs outside the room.
  • A guy saves her & pulls her out of the pool. Murli says that she's his wife then people start saying that there must have been a fight between the husband & wife that's why she tried to commit sucide. Some people also start passing remarks that murli married her but couldn't fulfill his responsibility that's why his wife is lying there like that.
  • Murli carries her into the room. After some time bharati gets conscious.
  • Murli then yells at her for trying to commit sucide. Bharati tries to explain that she didn't jump in the pool but the murli shows the letter she wrote  & walks out of the room in anger with a pillow, tells her not to talk to him & goes to sleep in the balcony.
  • In the morning, bharati requests him to listen to her at least once, then she says that she didn't jump in the pool but fell accidently bcoz those 2 kids were troubling her. Bharati tells murli to come down with her to have breakfast.
  • People obviously start passing snide remarks about whether bharati is a woman or a small kid? something like child marriage. To worsen the situation, the 2 kids tell their father that they want to take pics of bharati, the father then tells them to stand behind her & takes his camera out. Murli gets angry but bharati tells him to calm down. The kids start making horns out of bharati's head with their hands, the murli stands up & breaks the camera.
  • There's a tussle between the two, while the security guards stop them murli says nobody has the rights to take photos of anyone without the person's permission, how can he take pics of his wife.
  • Murli angrily leaves the hall & enters the room starts throwing the clothes out of the cupboard. Bharati tells him to calm down & she would give him first aid as blood is coming out from his lips but murli shouts at her & says they're not going to stay her anymore. There's a ring at the door, murli opens it & sees the police outside.
  • The police drag bharli to the police station. The parents of those 2 kids accuse him of eloping with a kid.
  • Murli says he's married to her but the inspector doesn't listen to him & starts beating him. Bharati requests him to allow her to go to the hotel & bring her id which would prove she's not a minor.
  • Bharati arrives at the hotel but is unable to find her purse or id. She calls her father & tells him to send a copy of her passport.
  • Murli is proved innocent.
  • Bharli arrive at the hotel. Murli is very upset with what happened & says he going to reveal the whole truth once they go back home.
  • Bharati requests him not to say anything as she herself would talk. She tells him to leave her at the gate of her house.
  • Rupesh makes up his mind to search for a job in order to earn a living.
  • At murli's home, mridala phone rupesh & tell them they want to meet him. Rupesh tries to avoid saying he's at bhushan's home but they say they're coming & cut the phone.
  • Bharli arrive at bharati's home & leaves her at the gate. The guards stop bharati from entering the house & pull her outside. Murli looks back & sees this & tells the auto to go back. bharati gets shocked to see the name plate on which her uncle's name has been written as Parmeshwar Chauhan.
  • Murli tells bharati to call her dad & ask her where he is. Bharati calls him & asks him on which he replies he's at home & he cuts the phone.
  • At bhushan's place, mridala talk about starting their own transportation business & ask for loan of only 3 crores rupees at which rupesh, dhara & bhushan are shocked.

Precap for tomorrow: rupesh is taking off his watch, ring, dhara's chain & is pulling off her mangalsutra. Bharli are watching this outside from the window & are shocked.

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Here's a short update for today's epi - 30th Nov, 2010'

The scene starts with mridala still discussing about the loan they need for starting the new businessDeadRupesh says that he's sold everything & the legal formalities have still not finished yet so he doesn't have the money right nowShocked But gaushala says that there's no hurry, he can give them the money after 2 daysAngryMridang says that murli is busy with his studies so he won't work right now & bharati is busy looking after her in-laws so it's their responsibility to look after the family & he wants to give bharati a proper life just like she was raised before marriageAngry Rupesh is shocked to hear that & doesn't know what to doOuch Bhushan sits up & tells them that rupesh will definitely help themShocked Mridala leave...

gaushala is happy that mridang used his brains properly & made rupesh say yes otherwise rupesh was not willing to say yes. Mridang says that he knew rupesh would say yes only if he targeted bharati & that's what he didAngry He tells gaushala that he'll take her to have dinner in a 5 star hotel & both sit in the car & leave...

The car & the auto are shown coming from opposite directions. When they cross, murli sees mridala & tells the auto to stop. He comes out & shouts out bhaiyya but the car doesn't stop. Bharati too comes out & says that her parents aren't in any of their houses, all the houses have the name plates as Parmeshwar ChauhanConfused & besides bhushan's voice she also heard gaushala's voice on the phoneConfused Both look behind & bhushan's home is shown

Inside bhushan's home, rupesh is worried that how will he arrange the moneyOuch & asks bhushan why he promised that he would be able to lend them the moneyOuch Bhushan says that he'll arrange the money by selling the land in his village. Rupesh says he won't allow bhushan to do that & it's not possible to get 3 crores in return by selling the land.  Dhara tells him to calm down as there must be a way to come out of this problem. Rupesh tells her that now god won't be able to help them, he himself will have to do something. He says he's worried that if he's not able to give them the money then bharati will have to suffer.

Bharli outside the house hear the voicesShocked & rush inside to see what's happening. Rupesh says he won't let that happen & for that he's ready to sell himself. He says he'll sell everything he has & takes out his family's belongings-jewellery, his watch, his chain & starts taking off dhara's chain tooCry Then he also starts pulling off dhara's mangalsutra. Dhara tells rupesh to calm down. Bharli are watching this from outsideCry Dhara says that how can he tell her to take this mangalsutra off. She says when they had lost the case even she had lost all her senses but it was he who supported her & showed her the bright side & says today she'll show him the bright side. She says though they've lost their entire property, business' the've got happiness on the other hand. What they've lost is smaller in front of what they got. They've got murli who's a very decent guy for their daughter as a life partner. Murli is broken to hear thatBroken Heart so is bharati. Rupesh says that he's been cheating his own daughter & lying in front of the worldBroken Heart

Bharati can't take it anymore Broken Heart & starts going inside & is about to say baba while murli follows her puts his hand on her mouth so that she can't speak. He catches her hand & pulls her outside. Bharati tries to go inside but murli stops her & tells her not to go. He tells her that "whatever ur father did was only for u & ur happinessClap if u knew this from before then u would break down & that's why he hid this from u. if u go inside then ur parents will die. I can understand that u want to go inside & support them but if u do so then it would be punishing them. They can handle each other but they won't be able to handle the truth that u know everything.They think u don't know anything but if they see u then they'll come to know that u already know everything. They won't be able to tolerate this plus ur happiness is the last & most important thing for them. They'll also come to know that our relationship has broken. If they know this then they'll die so plz don't go in front of ur parents."Thumbs Up The epi ends on bharli

Precap: murli tells her to stay right there & not to go anywhere & he'll bring an auto. Murli comes in an auto & sees the suitcases there but doesn't see bharati'Shocked


previously it was bharati who was requesting murli not to reveal the truth & now it's murli's turn who's begging bharati not to reveal the truth.

in today's epi mridala deserve to be punished for showing such shameless behaviourThumbs DownAngry

murli deserves a round of applause for what he said to bharatiClapThumbs Up

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it airs at 930 on imagine
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update for 1st dec 2010
scene starts at bhushans house. bhushan is saying to rupesh ji that if he says he wont sell the zameen or mention it ever again but there has to be other way to raise the cash, rupesh ji replies that what can they do, i agree that money isnt the soloution every problem but today i have learnt the true value of money and today bharati's happiness is at stake because of money, dhara replies that there is a way, she explains that this has happened because we are here in this town and we will have to answer to bharti's sis in law, today we avoided the truth coming out but at some point it will come out so why dont we just leave this town that way no one can ask us for anything, the only prob is that we cant see bharati but if bharati's happiness lies in this then so be it and we can tell gaushalia that due to court case we cant do anything and we can sell some stuff and give them what we can raise. when bharli get back from honeymoon, we will see them for the last time and tell them that we are leaving we will give them our blessing and leave for banaras, rupesh ji agrees with dhara and he says they have no other choice or no other way and thats what they wil do, he tells dhara that bharati called and he made some excuse and told her he will call her which he does, bharati is shown standing and her phone is rining but she is not picking up.
murli goes down to bharati's level  and says to her that there relationship may not have worked but they still have a insanayth ka rishta and that bauji has done alot for them, he explains to bharati that whatever there decision is, now is not the time to tell them the truth, he tells her to come home with him and they will think of something, and that they have lived with this lie, now they will have to live it for a while longer, back at bhushans rupesh ji is worried that bharati is not picking up, dhara says she may have gone out and not taken her phone, she tells to call the hotel and tell them to get bharati to call us, back to bharali he tells bharti to sit down he wil go get an auto and they wil go home, bharati is having flashbacks of what she saw at bhushans house. murli is seen trying to track an auto down he gets one and goes to pick up bharati but she isnt there just her suitcases  he looks over at bhushans house thinking that bharati has gone to see her parents in the meantime bharati is shown walking down the street and murli gets a glimpse of her and starts calling out for her and running towards her but she gets lost in the crowd. he goes back to get the suitcase and the scene shifts to rupesh ji and he gets of the phone and tells dhara the hotel ppl said murli and bharati left 2 days ago, rupesh ji says she must have called when she got back, they start worying and think she may be in trouble, he calls bansilal. at bansilals house the phones ring and dhumroo tells his dad to pick up the phone and its rupesh ji, he asks them if bharli have returned home bansilal tells them they are still in shimla, rupesh ji replies he called the hotel and they said they left 2 days ago bansilal is shocked and asks where they could have gone.
murli is shown dragging the suitcases and running around looking for bharati whilst she keeps having flashbacks. bharti is walking in the middle of road and a car drives towards her and stops before hitting her, the guy opens his window and starts shouting at her  dhumroo starts calling veena and tells her that bharali are due home any min, he gets excited thinking of the presents hes going to be getting, murli is shown walking through the door with the suitcases, dhumroo goes and hugs him and asks if he bought everything he asked for, he then asks wheres bharati and is she in the car, dhumroo goes out to find bharati and veena comes with arti and asks where bharati is. dhumroo comes back in and says she isnt outside where is she?
precap. murlis parents are asking where bharati is, murli says where they got of at agra station he lost her.

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i must admit that episode by episode the show is getting more & more interesting. love the pace of the show... it's neither dragging nor it's running... going on smoothly. i hope the creatives carry on with the pace & bring in some more interesting twists & turns so that the current plot gets even more interesting...Day Dreaming

today's epi was simply gr8Thumbs Up murli did a gr8 job by exposing mridala in front of the familyClap they really needed this treatment badly. looks like tomorrow is also going to be another interesting epi where damroo will catch mridang's collar to save murli...Clap
btw i really like the character of damroo. he brings a smile on my face...luv his dialogue delivery, really cuteDay Dreaming

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2nd dec 2010 update
scene starts at bansilal's house and he is questioning murli of bharati's whereabouts. murlis mum asks him where bharti is and everyone is confused by murlis silence, he then speaks up and tells them he lost her at agra train station, veena drops the arti thali upon hearing this and bansilal says what do you mean you lost her are you not embarrased to say that you lost your own wife, how can you loose your own wife. mridang and gaushalia arrive. bansilal says to murli rthat you managed to look after your suitcases but managed to loose your wife, he says he doesnt beileve his own son can be so careless and asks him for the truth. bansilal doesnt beileve murli is telling the truth because murli cant even look his father in the eyes he tells murli that you are hiding something from, you leave for a week and come back in 2 days and then you come here and tell us that your wife someones daughter and our daughter in law is missing, he goes on to say that he maybe old but isnt blind i can see how you have changed after marriage i see how you treat her and how your always angry towards her and shouthing at her, bharati is not at fault here she married you, she didnt run away and come to you, nobody forced
you to marry her, so why are you so angrey at her. he asks murli if he has left bharati because he is not happy with her, murli responds that he wouldnt do that like i said i lost her at the station, gaushalia inturrupts by saying how can you loose her shes not a butterfly that just flew away.
bansilal is so angrey and tells gaushalia to shutup, he tells her to keep quiet and that because of her theres never any peace because of her. he tells her and mridang that even by being his child hes never been good to the family and that whatever has happened today is all there fault.
He tells murli that father gives his dauthers to hand to someone they trust and bharatis father trust you and today you have broken rupesh jis trust and bharati is there life if anything happens to her they wont live and to think of her mother who carried a child for 9 months how wil she cope, look at everything they have done for us and everything they have given us, they got there daughter married to band wala's son, we didnt even have enough money feed ourseleves and now thanks to them we have enough money to feed our next 7 generations, and this is what you do he tells murli that he is shown today that he has shown that he can look after tehre money but not there daughter.he tells murli that he is lying to himself inside you knew you knew you were doing this for the family, and i dont care beacuse she is now your wife, murlis mum says now is not the time for all this we have to think of bharati she could be anywhere and ruesh ji will be worried she gets inturuped by the phone rining bansi lal tells him that will be him and what will we say to him...gaushalia picks up and rupesh ji asks if bharali have arrived home and they are getting worried, gaushalia tells him that they are on honeymoon and are newelywed and have probably gone out she tells him not to worry when they hear anything she will let him know, before rupesh ji hangs up gaushlia ask if he thought abt the money  rupesh ji says they will after they hear abt bharali, everyone leaves murli standing and they all go and look for bharati
whilst they are looking for bharati, murlis mum says they should call the police and get them to help but murli stops her and tells her to understand if they do that the police will call rupesh ji and that we will have to carry on looking for murli then goes off. gaushalia starts going on with her ususal nonense, and mridang gives her bharatis picture and tells her to start looking as he is tired.
murli is runing around looking for, hes saying that he must find her at any cost in the meantime bharati is seen sitting somewhere and having flashbacks of her parents talking abt loosing everything, a guard is talking to another guard saying how she has been there all day,he goes over to her says to that she should go home and how her family would be worried abt her someone them come to her and gives her a tissue and it turns out to be murli.
Murli says to her that if crying solved problems then everyone would be crying then there would be no such thing has pain. bharati  takes the tissue off him and he kneels down to her level and tells her that he understands he is also a cause of her unhappiness and that he wants to appologise  and that i was angrey and shouted at i shouldnt have treated you like that, he tells her that hes not that bad and she may not beileve it but situation made him so angrey. he tells her hes been worried about her and he can understand her pain hes asking her to forgive him and to come home with him, she replies what home she has no home murli says that is her house and always will be, he then sits next to her and if she doesnt go then neither will he. he tells her everyone is worried abt her what will her parents and his parents go through when they find her here like this he again tells her to go home.

precap... everyone is sitting down and worried and then murli walks in alone

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