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Our Fellow CIDians come up with their own funny scenes and stories involving the CID team members. This thread is for them and for the readers to have a good laugh.

PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE FULL STORY/SCENE POSTS. If you like the post, hit the LIKE button or if you really liked a specific part only quote that part. Avoid cluttering and duplication. Thank you.

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This was from the thread where we were discussing about Shivaji Satam sir's appearance in KBC. For original post visit.
Scene : KBC...Aditya Srivastav and Dayanand Shetty on hot seat.
Amit : Pehla sawaal. Aap ke liye Sony ne aasan sawaal diya hai. CID ke ACP Pradyuman ke bete ka naam kya hai - A . Rajiv B Abhijeet C Daya D Nakul

Aditya(whispers) : Daya, mujhe lagta hai Nakul hai...lock karen???

Daya : Nahin Aditya....IF mein maine dekha ki ek zamaane mein Rajiv bhi tha.

Aditya : ACP sir ke do bete hain??? Mujhe toh pata nahin tha.

Daya : Ek kaam karte hain...lifeline lete hain.

Aditya : Amit ji, hum lifeline lenge.

Amit : Bohot Achcha....kaunsa lifeline?

Daya : a friend.

Amit : Aap apne kaunse friend ko phone karna chahte hain?

Daya : Shivaji Satam ko.

Amit : Theek hai, computerji , Shivaji satam ko phone kiya jaaye.

(The usual ring etc etc)

Amit : Aapke 30 second Shuroo hote hain ...AB....

Tick tock tick tock.

Aditya : Sir...humara sawaal hai...ACP PRadyuman ke bete ka naam kya hai...A. Nakul ya D Rajiv

Shivaji: Aditya....tumne baaki ke options nahin bataaya.

Aditya : Chodiye sir un options ko...humein maloom hai ki woh correct nahin hai.
Shivaji : Ahchca phir se batao...
Aditya : A. Rajiv ya D. Nakul.
Shivaji : options nahin Aditya...sawaal kya hai....
(Meanwhile...there are only 10 seconds left)
Daya (in desperation) : Sir...aapke bete ka naam kya hai....
Shivaji : Oh..mere bete ka naam...Abhijeet hai.
(Call disconnected)
Amit : Toh...Dayanand. Aditya....Shivaji keh rahe hain ki answer B. Abhijeet hai...toh main lock kar doon?
Aditya : yeh toh utla ho gaya yaar...
Daya : Amit Sir...Sony aur fireworks cretives ne humein confuse kar diya hai ..hum quit karte hain.

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This was when a discussion on 'Murderous affair' episode took a funny turn and ended in a pastry eatiing competition between Daya and Abhijeet. Original content here.

Scene : Pastry eating competition between Daya and Abhijeet. Both of them stuffing large pastries into their mouths. Vivek replenishing the supplies from a local bakery at lighning speed.

As you all know ACP was away for 3 weeks, no one was expecting him, so they were having fun.

On one trip to the bakery Vivek sees ACP's Innova. He immediately calls Freddie....

Vivek : Freddie sir, ACP sir aa rahe hain.

Freddie : Kya....lekin yahan to competition chal rahi hai. Unhone dekh liya toh???

Vivek: Sir aap jaldi Abhijeet sir aur Daya sir ko bata dijiye aur, pastries ke boxes chupa dijiye.

Freddie for once wants to take revenge on Abhijeet for always phasaofying him. He quielty sends an sms to Daya (in the same room)

Daya opens his mobile and reads it.

Daya : Abhijeet....main aur nahin kha sakta....main haar maanta hoon.

Abhijeet : Yeh kya hua, hain...tumne itni jaldi haar maan li?

Daya : Haan boss....aur khaya nahin jaata.

Abhijeet: Theek hai, yeh baaki pastries main kha leta hoon.

Daya : Lekin tum jeet chuke ho Abhijeet...aur khane ki zaroorat nahin hai.

Abhijeet: Main competition ke liye nahin kha raha hoon...mujhe pastries pasand hai isliye kha raha hoon

And stuffs an extra large black forest pastry into his mouth. Exactly at that moment from behind.....

ACP : ABHIJEET!!!! Yeh kya ho raha hai???

Abhijeet - Stunned expression, Daya - boyish grin. Freddie - serious but inwardly laughing

Abhijeet: mmmm...uuu...mmmmm...(unable to say anything)

ACP : Abhijeet....tumne mujhe bataya ki tum pastries khaane ke baad jogging karke calories burn kar lete ho....

Abhijeet nods
ACP : Toh tumne aaj 20 pastries khaye hain...iske liye tumhe 20 km jogging karna hoga. Chalo shuru ho jaao.
Daya....tum Abhijeet ke peeche gaadi mein jaao...dekho ki woh koi cheating na  kare.
Daya : YES SIR!!! (And a grin)
Abhijeet : Confused
Next scene : Abhijeet wearing the famous old red track suit and running on the road. Daya following him in the qualis at a slow speed.......................

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This was a few months back when we were upset about Abhijeet excessively flirting with Tarika. Original content here...

B P Singh : Yeh toh Sony ka fault hai. Unhone hi kaha hai ki main aise episode banaaon.
Abhijeet : Aur mera kya hoga, hain??? Mere fans(esp Visrom) bohot gussa ho rahe hain mujhe is tarah flirt karte dekh kar. Yeh scene toh nikaal dijiye
B P Singh : Sony ne kaha hai  ki flirt karo...toh tumhe flirt karna hi hoga
Abhijeet : Yeh kya zabardasti hai, hain???? Singh saab, aap kum-se-kum ek acchi actress ko layiye..main uske saath flirt karta hoon.
Sony executive (interrupting) : Nahin....maine facebook dekha hai, IF dekha hai....Shraddha Musale ke bhi bohot saare fans hai. Tumhare fan Visrom ko pasand nahin aaya toh usse kaho ki TV off kar le....humara channel sirf Visrom ke viewership par nahin chal raha hai. 
Daya : Abhijeet....tumhe flirt karna hai toh flirt karo, boss...main aaj ke baad forensic lab mein aaonga hi nahi.

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This was when we were discussing Byomkesh Bakshi the old serial in DD and suddenly imagined our duo in dhoti. Original content here.

Scene : Bureau, ACP in cabin. Daya and Abhijeet walk in wearing dhoti-kurta.
ACP : Yeh kya ho gaya tum dono ko aaj? Kya pehen rakha hai?
Abhijeet : Sir humne India forums mein dekha toh pata chala ki humare fans ko Byomkesh Bakshi serial bohot pasand tha.
ACP : Toh????
Daya : Sir usme hero Byomkesh Bakshi aur uska dost Ajit dhoti-kurta pehehte the.
Abhijeet : Aur aaj-kal kisi ko bhi mera orange shirt aur coat pasand nahin aa raha hai...aur Daya ka woh blue shirt bhi bohot purana ho gaya hai.
Daya :...toh humne socha ki shaayad humare fans ko dhoti-kurta pasand aa jaaye....

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me:sure nitika will taken this in to consideration. Will find a sisters daughter too ...and a brother in law will appear to take the kid away at the end of episode.

There is a posibility for vivek turning an orphan too.
And Amar Akbar Anthony style...Daya and Abhijeet turn out to be brothers.

visrom: They were brought up in different orphanages. In Mamta Foundation, they used to provide kids with Complan to make kids taller stronger....whatever. In Kamla foundation, they were giving kids watery milk.LOL

Daya Abhijith twins/ the tintu pintu story


The two boys, Tintu and Pintu were brought up in a village in UP.
Their name was tintu and pintu. One day pintu heard the smell of pastry. He run behind it and lost. He says "oh mai gaaaaad"

Tintu chases him and found him.
But he also forget the way."oh no..." he says.

But suddenly mamtha foindations principal came there and kidnapped tintu. Pintu runs behind but the van was stopped in mangalore, karnataka. He named tintu as dayanand.


Tintu once had a fever , and they applied a medicine named cleptoswiftopetro directly in to his chest with a sharp needle and he lost his memory till then.
Pintu was running behind mamtha gadi, and he is lost again. A lady take care of him, named him abhijith and he become a cid officer. He lost his memory in between. Now working together in cid bureau.

One day cid team conducts a pastry eating competetion .
 And abhijith and daya in finas....
but soon daya realises that abhijith is unwinnable...

after eating one by one,and with that back ground smell the old memories arrives....
Abhijith also have a spark of memory....
Daya: pintu....
Abhijith: tintu....


After pastry eating competition memory arrives...
Abhi: tintu....
Daya: pintu....
Abhi: we have to find our family, in up.
Daya: but it was your ran after pastry smell, not me
Abhi: i chased the mamatha gadi, but i cant save you...

At the same time in a village in UP....
Maa: wo zaroor aayega.....mera beta tintu or pintu....wo zaroor aayege
Takur: shut up you old lady....i was the bakery man who made pintu to lost...ha,ha, never find them again.

Abhijit/pintu on railway station in up....'i have to find maa'
His bell rings
Acp on phone says the name of a place and directs him to there. He says he have some telepathy now...!!!
Abhijit found her and she shows a child hood picture of tintu and pintu in her cell.
Maa: pintu beta, mera tintu beta kab aayega?
Abhi: maa, agar pintu aaya to tintu be zaroor aayega.please send me the pic via bluetooth
After morphing in lab, it is clarified that it is daya and abhijit.

Suddenly salunkhe: your mother is in danger...i got a telepathy
Everyone shocked!


Abhijit: how do you know that sir?
salu: i have no idea Abhijith, a telepathy

Tintu and Pintu reaches the village...and they saw takur and his complete family attacks maa....

abhijit: maa......aapke tintu ko lekar me aagayi maa....
maa: mere takur: dekha, mene kaha dhana, mera beta zaroor aayega....

takur attacks the duo by old buns and expired eggs.......
daya: lets take the mask...........

duo put sthe mask on, and an oxygen cylinder too.....they are unwinnable now!!!!!!!

takur was continue the shower of eggs and 3mnths old  belpuri, panipuri and parata.

daya and abhijit manages to escape from the dead or alive attack by using their forensic lab assets. they throw the dangerous weapons given by dr. salunkhe......

finally takur and the family under arrest!!!!!

while duo and maa were talking, they saw ACP , salunkhe and others reach there in qualis...

daya/tintu: sir, how you too getting telepathy? how you two help us?

acp salunkhe and maa stare at each other for a while....
the three have some old memories now.....the three were identical twins!!!!!

maa: i have a slight memory of what happened, we three bro were playing and suddenly a smell of aalu ka parata come there....and my two brothers were it could be you two..i have a tatoo on my right hand, it says I
acp: i have a tatoo too, it says C
salu: look at my tatoo :D

acp: CID!!!...we are brothers salunkhe...
they hug each other

daya/tintu: chacha....
salunkhe: tintu beta....
abhijit/ pintu: mama.....
acp: pintu beta....

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@Chinnu Give the background of your story like @Viz has so people who were not part of the discussion know why you came up with this thought. The formating is nice, easy on the eyes. You can use different colors for different parts..

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Now as a predecessor to Chinnu's story, just informing everyone as to why the whole story started.
We were discussing the Murderous Affair episode and I was appreciating some of the scenes. Now we know that there are some silent members here and didn't want to give them an idea that we like this orphan concept. This led  us to think what NK would do if she got an idea of making Abhijeet an orphan. Then came this story idea.

Originally posted by chinnu_manikyam

visrom...  Abhijith in orphanage....

I was actually imagining what NK would do with this concept.
Here goes.....
As usual a Kati Hui Laash found by a group of picnickers.  CID team arrives and checks the pieces of laash. Takes it to Salunkhe.
Salunkhe does DNA test and it turns out to match someone's on the computer. Guess whose - Abhijeet's.  Salunke does sculpture work and constructs the face of the woman. Abhijeet fails to recognise her.
ACP questions Abhijeet and he denies knowing memory loss you know. ACP asks Abhijeet and Daya to go to his village in UP and find out. So, they catch a train to UP...not Abhijeet and Daya, but Abhijeet and Sachin. (NK style)
Then they show the village in UP, suddenly Daya appears out of thin air and starts searching for clues about the woman. Everyone denies knowing anything. Then one old man recognises Daya. becuase he had seen Daya's photo along with Abhijeet's in Abhijeet's mother's house. He starts telling the story...that  Abhijeet's mother had told him the truth during her last few days, that Abhijeet was not her real son, but adopted son. And that's why he was not recognising her after the memory loss.
Daya gets the address of the orphanage and goes there. There they search all photos and find the photo of the lady. She is actually Abhijeet's sister.  They get the background of the lady...she was working in a call centre and had an affair with someone and he didn't want to marry her, so he killed her.
Abhijeet finds the guy, gives a hard slap for killing his so-called sister, ACP gives phaansi and the episode ends there.
(Please don't scold me, anyone. I wrote it for fun)

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