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CVs advice post no. 3

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:01pm | IP Logged

I know you're reading these posts CVs.  You can pretend you aren't but you just answer all the questions arise in the next episodes.  Kya baat.  I mean I'm not sure if its cause you guys love to hear my thoughts on your crackheaded-ness or if I am simply a mindreader?  Well whichever it is I am going to say that although this episode was no where near as good as others I have seen, at least today's episode is headed sort of in the right direction.  I understand you made a big blunder in the middle of the week with the disclaimer scene taping it's hard to climb out of the six foot ditch you dug, and that it will take a ladder to get you out and thus some time to build that ladder.  Hence today's episode, I know many were upset with the way you showed Sid and Ridz today, and as for the bhooth I don't really need to address that right now I'm sure everyone was annoyed with that.  But don't worry I see you gave your writers something better to do today and let them edit instead of your usually editor, thank god I didn't need my anti seizure meds from the bad editing.  Although I guess there wasn't a whole lot of editing necessary.  But I'm telling you just pick a random (in fact I hear you stole a fellow SRians vada pau vala?  Well done CVs in just one day I saw improvement.  Vaise there are lots of vada pau stands we can visit I'm glad your first pick was such a success maybe this will encourage you to try to replace others on your team with randoms.


Back to the episode I know a lot of it was still kind of crappy but I will say someone on your writing team must have gotten an extra shot in their coffee because whether you wanted to or not you made a very clear comparison today.  Today you showed how truly different Sid and Armaan really are, and how much this past year and the loss of Ridz has truly destroyed any resemblance of the Armaan that we all once knew.  That Ridz once knew.  Today you showed once and for all that SID is the man that loves Ridz unconditionally that he is the one that deserves her love and that he is the one that she should want.  Now I'm sure reading this you yourselves are confused because often times I feel as though only two of your people really understand what is going on with the plot and the rest of you are there to play dhols and manjiras in the background. But I must say I loved how today showed us good vs bad. (Sorry those of you diehard armaan/ksg fans but he has truly turned dr. evil right now and there is no way to avoid calling it like it is)  See today when Ridz was breaking down in front of Sid she was trying to tell him that she's sorry for the "sins" she has committed, for letting a man that wasn't her husband "taint" her.  And for letting that tainting get so far as to the point that now she can't let her own husband have her the way he deserves to, the way she wants him to.    Instead, a very confused Sid with his giant marshmallow heart says, "don't worry Ridz I love you.  I married you because I love you I don't expect you to do anything that isn't in your heart and I certainly don't expect you to jump all over me.  But I will love you and I will cherish you and I will wait patiently.  Heck I've been waiting this long what's a little bit longer."  And it is very apparent that Ridz too is making this comparison as Sid says the words.  Today Sid is her husband, Sid has the right to make demands, the right to touch is wife, to kiss his wife, to love his wife.  And yet he doesn't ask for a single thing.  Instead he offers his love , his patience, his understanding, and you see that is why Sid is truly good.  And as Ridz comes to this conclusion she is also comparing the words Sid said to the words Armaan spoke, to the actions Armaan took. 


Armaan snuck up on Ridz in a tent that was set up and decorated by her husband.  And those of you saying he didn't know puh-lease he was bhooth-ing all over the place this past week, he knew what was supposed to be going down in that tent, cause after all he knew  to find her in that tent didn't he?  So what does this so called aashiq do?  He walks in unannounced and embraces a woman, he listens to words that are private, (sure they could have been meant for him BUT they could have also not been for him) and he should have remembered the words he had told himself when he first found out ridz was married, "I have no right to touch her."  But whatever so then he goes and plays his favorite card the guilty cry baby the past has been so unfair to me card. (Sorry I have no sympathy for this man, life's tough on everyone it's the way we react to the hardships life throws at us which determines our true character, and right now Armaan's character is as sound as the Tasmanian devil's path.)  Then he takes her and he seduces her to the point where he would have gone to bed with her if she hadn't come to her senses.  What kind of man does that?  Seriously, Armaan has no rights on ridz and certainly doesn't have the right to seduce her, he lost that right the first few times he left her and he lost it forever when she became a married woman.


As for Ridz I'm not sure how to take what went down, she was clearly shocked at her encounter with armaan and then she seemed to have fallen, but I'm not sure that is what was meant.  No I don't mean that she didn't seem "happy" but do remember that this sequence was shot before the CVs realized what a hit their promo would be and so they were forced to rewrite their "plot" (remember I don't really believe they know what plots are) and so maybe when they initially shot it they meant for ridz to enjoy b/c she was going to end up breaking her marriage and fly away with the bhooth on donkey kong island, but then with the superhitness of their promo the CVs had to make her not break her marriage and so they had to keep with the fact that she "made a mistake" and so the scenes looked as if she were happy but what came after clearly showed that was not the case.  Instead of flying away to Donkey Kong island she runs to sid, she asks him to hold her, to embrace her (like I said before maybe to remove the remains of the filthy feeling she felt from the person that had violated earlier?)  But today she fell down on he knees and cried tears of anguish she truly seemed to regret what went down and it was as if she was begging for forgiveness.  As others have pointed out she can live without Armaan, hell she's been doing that, but she can't live without Sid.  And the words she spoke about, "I cant say it, I cant tell you Sid." Maybe she cant tell him because she's afraid that she has committed the one thing that he will never be able to forgive her for and that is her biggest fear, losing Sid.


Okay CVs back to you could you please get the printing press to print some cards for Ridz that say "I Have moved on and so should you."  That way everytime Armaan forgets his lithium pill she can just reach into her pocket and hand it to him for it seems so redundant for her to have to say over and over and over and over and over (you getting the point yet? No okay) over and over and over and over(now? Okay you as annoyed as I am with reading/watching the same crap on repeat? GOOD).  Like seriously he just up and sits on her bed and stalks her while she's sleeping?  For real? You guys think this normal for your "hero"??? Really have you been watching baazigar or darr?? You do realize that SRK became famous after DDLJ NOT those two films?? People don't like stalkers as heroes its CREEPY.  But since you have decided to make him as such it seemed only right for Ridz to wake up from a nightmare into a reality that is much worse.  Her creepy stalker ex bhooth is sitting in front of her as if they had shared a romantic evening before. *headdesk*  I would like to say I am glad that you showed how much of creepo Armaan is because even Ridz couldn't be hypnotized by the bhooths grey eyes and instead of falling into his spell like he wanted she threw back her covers and called for Sid and started looking for him.  (I will give Ridz some points her, let's face it she needs them, desperately)

 Then we get needy stalker talk where the bhooth asks Ridz if a year is really long enough for things to change? Ummmm yes it is.  Seriously has he been with peter pan in never never land? The world doesn't stand still for ANYONE.  And then he's like don't you remember? And she regurges his line from disclaimer scene, "We were engaged a year ago" and he's like all happy and shocked she remembered.  Seriously CVs why is he so surprised that she remembered?  HE was the one with amnesia not HER.  Oye Armaan she does remember and since she does remember it means that her moving on is all the more legit. Yes it's 2 legit 2 quit.  She moved on INSPITE of remembering her past.  No you can't blame amnesia on this one.  Oh and then how he's like have things really changed that much in a year?  Really CVs you couldn't get Ridz to say, "It's not strange that it all changed in a year, you psycho.  YOU left me.  TWICE.  YOU told me to MOVE ON.  I did.  NOW LEAVE ME ALONE." And you can emphasize the point with a parting gift of that card I told you to get printed that said, "I have moved on and you should too."  And as she kicks him out the door have her say, "This was YOUR doing not MINE.  I'm happy.  So leave."  Like guys come on that took me like 30 seconds to think up I'm sure if you asked the vada pua editor of yours he could have given you SOME lines to give Ridz instead of her acting mute and dumb again.  But I get it, she's a little slow so you need some time no worries I wont jump on you too fast.  But you did attempt. You had her flinch away from his touch and fling his arms off of her and you had her say, "Sid and I are one." I truly hope you stick to this, I hope you have Ridz fight for this because as annoying and retarded as she is she deserves to be happy.  And its kind of unfair that an angry spirit from her past wont let her.  Maybe we should get her a talisman to keep the spirit away?  Wasn't there a serial Shree in which she had Shiv bhagwan's murti that kept the evil spirit away?  Maybe I should get the fedex team to send her one, probably with instructions on how to use it cause face it she's slow and it will take her too long to figure it out herself.

Lets see what else did that crackhead bhooth say that made me laugh oh yeah, "Is it that easy for you to forget me?"  Really CVs? Really?  THIS is the line you thought of? You should have just eliminated it and cut to commercial break.  No you duffer it wasn't easy for her to forget you.  Hell I took her MONTHS to forget you and even then she chased after you like a woman possessed she ran into trains, buses, lakes, wells, fires, snowstorms, god knows what else.  Hell she was going to die for you.  NO it wasn't easy for her to move on and no it wasn't easy for her to forget you but she was fortunate enough to find a man that accepted her for the whacko she had become (thanks to you) and he taught her sanity, he taught her reality, he taught unconditional love.  So yeah she moved on, and no it wasn't easy, but it's done.  Now its' your turn (I'm sure she can give you a road map towards insanity and then redemption.)


Finally CVS I would like to thank you for the cool superhero music you gave Sid's entry.  Although I wish you could have completed the image by giving him the pregnant woman superman shirt and the red cape.  I know it sounds ridiculous but come on look at what you have been doing for the past few weeks is it really any more ridiculous than the things you have been showing us?  PS love how you had Armaan in black (villain like color anyone??)  I know it seemed to some that Sid was naive to the fact of the uncomfortableness of Ridz and lust in Armaan's eyes, but I'm not so sure.  Sid is a deep guy (CVs incase you have forgotten, he is) and he reads Ridz better than anyone else. I think he put her mental breakdown the night before and Armaan suddenly popping up together and knows that something went down.  Something that made Ridz act out of character (I'm sure he doesn't know that it's really You CVs behind it) and the look he gave when he asked Armaan what he's thinking, and then when he thanked armaan for "watching out for her" he's got something going on in his head, I think he either knows or suspects something but he doesn't come out and accuse.  I think the most important thing for him is to find out whether Ridz wants this or If she was "forced" into it.  Cuz he knows armaan is a psychotic bhooth (1920 movie anyone?) and that he wants Ridz, but sid isn't sure about Ridz.  And that is what I hope you are leaving for Monday CVs.  But plz don't drag it out too much okay.


Overall, I say CVs you are turning slowly towards the right direction, kind of like the titanic attempted when they realized they were heading towards a giant iceberg, I just hope you don't over rotate and end up getting a giant gash on the side of your ship, because although you have destroyed half of the beautiful sculpture you so carefully molded, there is still a strong foundation for you to rebuild upon. But only if you are much more cautious and if you actually use your BRAINS.


So for this sign off scene I say I hope Sid heard Armaan trying to force Ridz to "confess her undying love for him" for him to see how obsessive and possessive armaan as become towards Ridz.  I hope to come to see that the reason that Ridz doesn't say anything when armaan is playing Rapid fire round with her is because she is truly afraid of what armaan will do upon hearing the answers he doesn't believe exist.  Basically I want Sid to beat up Armaan for trying to seduce his wife, then I want Sid to tell Ridz that he can't forgive her for what she has done, right now.  That he needs time.  And then let her work for his forgiveness, but please not stupid magazines one time was one too many.


CVs favorite advice giver,




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Pragzie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Arps diHug
Great Post i agree with every single thing you have said
riddhima seemed really guilty about it and i am sorry but she did not come a cross as a lady who had a wonderful night the previous day..
she had nightmares about it not dreams.i was really creeped out and freaked out when i saw armaan sitting beside her...the armaan i loved and knew was not a stalker ...
and riddhima was too some what freake dout i loved the way she immediately got up and shouted sid's name..she did not shout out of farz but out of her love for him..she was really scared and all she wanted was sid..the whole time armaan was there he was sounding like an obsessed stalker and i for one was really upset bu the change in armaan's character...riddhima had this disbelief etched on every corner of her face..!
and obviously how can anyone can forget the memoirs of their roka with some one who they used to love?i wouldnt have been able to forget...!

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pavs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
we desperately need our superhero to rescue the damsel in distress from the evil clutches of DR Jeykll Mr Hydes....

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
Arpu my jaan.....yes bang on post love it dear !!

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-x-Reshu-x- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Great post...
Agree with every single word you said

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sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:33pm | IP Logged

Arpuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..............I just love love loveeeeeeeeeee ur posts..........and wow wat sarcasm u have used and wowwwwwwww wat an analysis................

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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
Awesome post.Clap
There's so much to write about that i can't think from where i should begin. Anyways i'll begin with Armaan today. What was he doing?? Firstly,he thinks about what he did with someone else's wife and feels slightly guilty.(well thats what i thought it was(guilt)but i guess NOT) I was ok with it as i thought that now he,at the least,won't stalk the woman all day and will finally go back to Sanjeevani or wherever he wants to go but the next day we find him staring at a sleeping Riddhima with a frightening-cum-creepy type of look. I tell you,it was a creepy look. You know,i slightly felt that Riddhima was scared of him today that if she gave an answer he didn't want,he might do something harmful to her.
Anyways he emotionally blackmailed her today. It was obvious even though i hate to admit it. Armaan was my fav character but from yesterday,he has disappointed me really badly.
Coming to Riddhima,she is a confused character and i don't think one can really blame her for that. She is slow and doesn't know how to make decisions. In other words,a very bad planner. As you said,she can survive without Armaan but now without Sid and i hope she continues to stay with Sid(i can say i am a hopeless SR fan). I really wanted her to show Armaan the door today and stay as far from him as possible but this is Riddhima we are talking about! She can't do something sensible. Well whatever happened today was Armaan's fault. That's all i can say.
As for Sid,i feel awful for him. Armaan,whom he considered as a brother,is betraying him and his trust. I think that maybe he heard AR's convo before entering by the look on his face. Oh and i loved him at the beginning of the episode. I don't think there can be a husband better than him but i guess Riddhima doesn't seem to understand that.
I really hope Riddhima confesses her mistake and its about time she told Armaan to back-off and to move on.

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ChristLover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
Great post and great analysis and from now on you are gonna write my philo papers arpuLOL

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