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17/09: Against each other...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 11:48am | IP Logged

Hola guys! Haven't written a post in a while, and how we meet again.....*sighs*.
With the current track in mind, I believe anything I write will pretty much upset atleast one person before they have even read the first sentence of this post. If you have managed to refrain yourself from such feelings so far... a big jhappi for you.
Honestly though, and with all seriousness, I request all to read with an open mind. This post is written strictly with the author's own opinion as an underlying basis yet not deliberately in any one character's favour. That said, I don't expect anyone to agree but try not to shower too much hate if you intend to reply. Everyone is right in their own opinion but put it across politely to me and of course, I will further be understanding :) Thanks.

Phew like the programme itself, I was also compelled to write my own personal disclaimer.

So today's episode starts with a shaken up Riddhima, although the programme asserts it is 'fictitious' and for 'entertainment purposes only', I find myself always trying to relate to the character in order to comprehend the situation they may find themselves in at the time. Basically, it's the only way I ever make sense of what I'm watching. Sid consoles Riddhima, whilst she lies quivering in bed, tightening her hold on the duvet wrapped around her. For Riddhima, she's going through shock, an emotion which every person experiences when something unexpected happens. Riddhima expected Sid to have been the person reciprocating feelings for her at their planned date, instead she found Armaan, what followed, everyone saw. Yet, that isn't important, it's the consequences of our actions which become most significant, and what others fear most. Likewise, Riddhima holds this secret in her heart, she has gone to Sid to find solace for what she did. A wise man has said, it is only in a human's nature to make mistakes. I won't involve myself in the huge debate of love vs ethics and morals, but simply from what has been implied, Riddhima regrets what she did, she values her marriage and has always done which is why she vehemently chose Sid over Armaan. Nonetheless, she is fond of Armaan and those feelings are still there in her heart somewhere and that's why she was unable to stop herself in their confrontation but when reality struck, a wake up call followed. Riddhima considers it a betrayal, she knows in her mind that she/they went too far, because she is married.

We see Sid on the other hand, standing confused. And it's justified. The last time he saw Riddhima, he had whispered lovingly of the surprise he had in store for her and she had smiled sweetly at him in response. Then, he finds her scared, her expression terrified, repeatedly asking him to hold her in his arms. It just doesn't add up. He watches Riddhima falling asleep and leaves.


Switch to…Armaan showering. Personal note: Has KSG had a haircut? The scenes with Jenny would have been shot pre-KKK3 if that were the case. I had presumed that the 'current track' was a bit abrupt yet now I feel it was premeditated. A ploy to increase TRP ratings was always a priority… That's what the 6th sense tells me anyway…

Getting back to 'reality', Armaan recalls his moments with Riddhima. He clarifies, "jo maine kiya, wo ghalat tha" I should have stopped myself and my feelings. Then a new thought comes to mind, " Riddhima didn't stop me either…why?" We know where it's heading, Armaan is desperate to be united with his first love. Nontheless, he prioritises her happiness over his, his love for her is selfless.  A little nudge from Riddhima and Armaan would literally do anything, for example, it's the reason why he helped to unite her and Sid when they were having problems cause he wanted to see her smiling. Yet, when they both lost themselves in yesterday's episode, Armaan wants to believe that there is still a chance they can be together, the fact that Riddhima didn't move away proves to him that she still wants him. Riddhima wants to have a happy marriage and Armaan wants to see Riddhima happy, but he cares for Riddhima more than the idea of 'holy matrimony'. Therefore, in his eyes, Riddhima could be mistaken, she could have a happy marriage, but with Armaan, with the right guy, the guy whom she loved first. That is Armaan's bearings on the situation.

His next thought supports the theory, he can't believe how so much can change in a year. A year ago, he was getting engaged to Riddhima, and now he remembers how she called him to inform him of her second wedding to Sid. Can a year change how strongly we felt for one another so drastically? Again, he decides to ask her again, whether she really has moved on..


The next day…

Riddhima is disturbed whilst she dreams of her moments with Armaan, as they play over and over again in her mind. She wakes up suddenly, looking around the room, she acknowledges where she is and calms herself, inhaling slowly. Then, she notices Armaan sitting next to her, her expression, aghast. She sits up and looks at Armaan, querying his presence. Removing the duvet, she gets out of bed and immediately calls out for Sid urgently. She doesn't trust Armaan, or rather she doesn't trust herself with Armaan, they both mean the same thing. She calls Sid because she needs Sid there, for Armaan's sake, for her own sake. Armaan calms her, interrupting her when he says, "Relax, I sent Sid outside".

Riddhima braces herself as she imagines the worst when she turns to Armaan and asks him, "Tum Sid se mile?" Armaan's response in the affirmative, she questions, what did you say to him? Again, natural response. Riddhima has especially gone through a stage recently, where she blames herself for hurting Sid the most, he was her saviour, yet she has only ever given him pain. She has told Sid the same too on numerous occasions. Consequently, if Armaan had mentioned anything, Riddhima probably fears Sid's pain the most, again the consequence of her action. If a typical reaction is expected, say if Sid isn't the 'understanding' husband, he would be annoyed and angry, true, but even then most significant feeling would be of hurt and angst.

Armaan tells Riddhima that for the time being, he wants to talk to her alone. Riddhima isn't in the right state of mind and she dismisses him. Armaan retorts, "If you don't want to talk to me, then why do you always think about me?"

Armaan shares his thoughts with Riddhima, how funny it is that a year ago this time, "humari sagai hui thi" Riddhima finishes the sentence. Armaan's elated that Riddhima remembers and how she hasn't forgotten anything, he confronts her. Riddhima awkwardly looks away, the past has come knocking. In order to "leave your past behind", that's literally what you need to do, "leave it behind". The characters Armaan and Riddhima can never fully move on until they move away from one another, Riddhima had managed after her marriage with Sid, then Armaan came back and so we were back at square one. And this is the one card the CVs have repeatedly played within the storyline, when Riddhima moves on Armaan is unhappy, when Armaan tries to move on, they show Riddhima is troubled. Again, Riddhima wants to avoid speaking of their past, yet Armaan is persistent. She moves to call Sid yet Armaan follows her, taking her phone from her, he holds her, "Wake up Riddhima". Tense, she releases his hold. Armaan continues, telling her that she still remembers their past and loses herself in it, then who is she trying to fool? He hold her face in his hands, "Maan lo Riddhima, tum ab bhi meri-" but Riddhima pushes him away, telling him, "Nahi, main Sid ki patni hoon, Sid aur mein ab bhi ek hain", yet she struggles when she says, "whatever happened a year ago, doesn't make a difference to me". It isn't that easy to forget your first love, even remembering an old friend can bring tears to your eyes and seconds, minutes or even hours of reminiscing. When do feelings ever regard morals, ethics and values? When has our heart ever been able to judge right from wrong? Isn't that what we have brains for?

Armaan's frustrated, he mocks her, "is it that easy for you to forget me?" Riddhima replies, "Aisa kuch samjho". Armaan questions her, "so last night didn't make a difference to you?", he edges closer, when I come close to you, when I touch you…it doesn't make a difference to you? Her silence irritates him. She looks at him in empathy, then turns away, wiping away the tears that soak her face.

Armaan isn't finished though, he faces her again, "is bar tum chup nahi reh sakti", you have to accept that you love me, and you haven't moved on. Riddhima's denial doesn't convince him, "look me in the eyes and tell me then, Riddhima". Armaan urges Riddhima to make the right decision, don't listen to your head over your heart, cause you'll just ending up hurting, if anyone, then Sid the most. A flashback of Sid confessing his love for her, and Riddhima is torn.

Armaan encourages Riddhima to tell Sid the truth.

"Kya nahi pata mujhe?" echoes in the room, Sid stands at the door, arms folded. I love how serious he can look, even whilst he adorns a bright blue 'smurfs' t-shirt.


Cominggg up: Armaan tells Sid, "Before I leave, there is something you should know". Riddhima's shocked.

Ok so stating the obvious, will the truth be told? What's next for Riddhima and Sid? Can we expect another hath-a-pai between SidMaan?


After the break- the precap from yesterday. Sid looks pretty confident, "Tumhe kya lagta hai, mujhe kuch nahi pata?". I know everything…Armaan and Riddhima stare at one another. As Riddhima tries to speak, Sid stops her, please, there's nothing else to say… "Naashta karo". He points to a breakfast trolley with various snacks. Typical, again Sid is oblivious. From what I expected when I saw the scene yesterday, it has disappointed, this would have been the perfect reason why the TRPs would have have increased. Having said that though, will Armaan confess on Monday?

Riddhima is relieved, judging by the small smile she gives Armaan, albeit through those tears. Riddhima pointedly asks, "Tum breakfast ki baat kar rahe the?" and Sid explains, what? You didn't think I knew your choice? It's shown as 'ironic' when Riddhima blushes since Armaan glances at her.

Sid invites Armaan but he declines saying he has work to do, before he leaves, Sid stops him, thanking him, "tune Riddhima ka dhyaan rakha". Armaan closes his eyes, he address Sid, the precap scene, "there's something you should know".


Comingg up: Sid asks Riddhima what the matter is, she's pressured by Armaan's cold stare. She hesitates, "Baatein baad mein bhi ho sakti hain", lets have breakfast first. Armaan intervenes, "Riddhima, do you really think you'll hide this from Sid his whole life?" Sid stares at Armaan in confusion.  


The precap scene repeated. Episodo Finito.


I won't do the usual 'Applause' and 'Rotten tomatoes', but I do want to applaud the ACTORS of DMG, the KaranS and Jenny for their amazing performance. The show must indeed go on….no matter what. And yes, I am missing Shilpa too and eagerly await her return.


That's all folks!

Over and out!


Refrain from bashing of any kind whatsoever please.


Love and luck forever and eeever xXx

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tulip_i008 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
definarely they r the best u concluded very nice

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solembaum Senior Member

Joined: 03 October 2009
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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Nish, welcome back... Hope you had a good break... and I wish the story wasn't the mess it is right now... but thanks a lot for a balanced take on this unlike a lot of us on the forum!!

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Nims- Goldie

Joined: 22 June 2009
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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Luved reading dis post...Amazingly written Clap

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QueenbeePallavi Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
yes indeed the very best actors..specially jenny

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romiosugar1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update senorita Thumbs Up
Is it written update?!
Whatever it is, but you did an awesome job sweetie.

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samicute IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
well done

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luvarti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 3:03pm | IP Logged

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