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patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2010 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Liked The Epi???
Jot and I decided Video and Written Updates are gonna be on one thread.
So They'll Be Here!
So. I decided Imma be Superrr Creative and Save Space......
The Episode Discussion Thread [Remember Last Weeks?]  Will be here as well.
Let me know if this idea works.
For Now. Since the forum's member pool is so small I think it makes sense. In the future, it probably will not work. But for now. I think its a good Idea

Written Update By Angel.Jot [aka Jot]
Video Update By Jaan730 [aka Me]

Video Update:
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Written Update:

The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 2: Brave New World

The episode starts with Caroline waking up gasping as if she had just had a bad dream. Confused and feeling disorientated, Caroline walks out of her hospital room and asks the nurse a few questions like "where is my mom and can i get something to eat?". The nurse tells Care to go back to sleep. Just when Care's about to walk back to her room she smells something. Caroline waits for the nurse to leave the main hall.
After the nurse leaves, Care walks toward the smell and looks at the IV bag of blood. 
The nurse returns and tells Care to go back to bed once again and this time, Caroline obliges. After the nurse leaves closing Care's door, she takes out the blood packet. She looks at it for a while before sucking through the straw. Disgusted, she throws the packet down on the floor and then unable to resist the urge, starts drinking again.
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The scene switches to The Mystic Falls High School Carnival. Elena and Bonnie are chatting and Bonnie tells Elena that Katherine looked exactly like her and it was freaky. Elena tells Bonnie that she didn't want to talk about Damon, Katherine or anything vampire related.
Stefan tells Jeremy about vervain and how it was toxic to vampires. Stefan tells Jeremy to forget about Damon and just move on when Jeremy tells Stefan that Damon deserves to be killed.
Elena walks over to the guys and Jeremy tells Elena he knows to do and leaves. Stefan and Elena chat and Elena tells Stefan that she wanted to be the boring normal high school teenager once again.
Next, Carol and Damon are shown sitting at the Lockwood mansion having tea. As they talk. Mason and Tyler walk in through the door laughing. Carol tells Damon that Mason has nothing to do with the council and there was no reason for them to bring him in now either.
Damon automatically concentrates on the conversation Tyler and Mason were having. Mason is asking Tyler what exactly happens when Tyler gets mad. Tyler tells him he blacks out and he is full of rage then. Damon is startled when Carol asks him if he wanted more tea.
Caroline is sitting on her hospital bed. She sees a ray of sunshine and puts her hand where the ray was. She pulls it back wincing as she realized how much it burned her. Matt opens the door to her room with a tray of food. He tells her that she should eat but she replies back saying the food was gross. Matt leans in for a kiss but Care stays back due to the ray of sunshine between them.
Matt informs her that she'll be discharged tomorrow morning. Care freaks out and insists she should be discharged tonight.
Matt opens the blinds telling her it was too dark but Caroline jumps out of the bed and leans against the wall away from the light. She tells Matt to close the curtains and when he doesn't listen the first time. she demands he closes the curtains and Matt does so.
Damon and Stefan chat casually and Damon teases Stefan about his animal diet. Stefan asks Damon if he had heard from Katherine. Damon changes the subject right away telling Stefan his theory about the Lockwoods not being humans. Stefan tells Damon that they haven't heard the last from Katherine so surely she was up to something. Damon tells him that since Katherine had come back to profess her undying love for him, it was up to him what to do.
Caroline is putting on her jewelry and when she starts to put on the necklace Elena had given her, she is surprised when it burns her so she throws it to the floor. She takes out a another blood packet and drinks from it. Slowly veins and fangs pop out and she stares in the mirror horrified. She chokes out horrified sounds and the nurse comes running in worried. Care pins the nurse to the wall and unknowingly using her "convincing" power tells the nurse to not tell anyone about what she saw. Caroline lunges for the nurses throat.
Elena and Bonnie are teasing each other and talking casually. A guy named Carter flirts with Bonnie and the two walk off so Bonnie could "show him what was wrong with the karaoke speakers".
Mason is searching for something in Richard's office when Tyler walks in. Mason tells Tyler that he was looking for a moonstone, old, ugly, size of a hockey puck. Tyler tells Mason to ask his mom about it.
Damon walks over to Jeremy and cracks a lame joke about his age. Jeremy warns Damon that he could tell everyone what Damon was anytime he wanted. Damon gets upset and grabs Jeremy by the neck and takes him over to a dark corner. He grabs Jeremy and tells him that if he wanted to tell everyone he could but he would kill him and pushes Jeremy away. Damon says something rude and throws the ring at Jeremy.
Caroline packs her stuff and tells the nurse to forget what happened.
Tyler is shown arm wrestling with this dude and Tyler wins. Then Mason comes and does an arm wrestling match with Tyler and Mason wins. Damon volunteers Stefan and Stefan goes to arm wrestle with Mason.
It takes a while but Mason ends up winning. Damon tells Stefan that he hadn't even tried when he comes back but Stefan tells him that he did. The two look at each other as they realize something was fishy.
Damon wonders what the Lockwoods are and Stefan jokes that they could be ninja turtles, zombies or werewolves. Damon believes neither of those things and calls Carter and tells him to pick a fight with Tyler and he was not to back down.
Damon is walking through the halls of the school but is surprised when Caroline shows up. She tells him that she remembers everything Damon had done with her and Damon is shocked. Caroline tells Damon that Katherine had left them a message ("game on"). Damon grabs Carolines arm when she's about leave but Care pushes him causing him to go flying and falling on his back.
Damon demands Elena come with him and Elena realizes it was something important so she follows him.
Tyler is walking in the parking lot when Carter bumps into him on purpose. Tyler tells him to watch where he was going. Carter pushes Tyler twice and then punches him when Tyler warns Carter to not hit him again. Stefan watches from behind a bush.
Tyler gets enraged and Mason comes running to stop them. Carter refuses to back down and punches Mason a few times. Mason loses his patience and leans into a attack position and his eyes turn a glowing yellow-ish orange. Stefan asks Carter if he was alright. Carter wonders why he did what he did.
Caroline approaches Matt. Matt asks her how she was and she quickly pecks him on the lips to reassure him. She hugs him and suddenly realizes that she was thirsting for blood starts to walk away and snaps at Matt surprising him.
Elena, Stefan and Damon are chatting in Alaric's classroom about what happened to Caroline. Elena wonders why Katherine would do this to Caroline and Damon calls her a manipulative little ****.
Damon tells them that they would have to kill Care but Elena objects. Stefan assures her that they would not kill her.
Matt tells Bonnie that Care seemed different but Bonnie tells him that it was probably the near death experience and she was going to be fine.
Damon while looking for Care sees a wooden stick so he picks it up and starts looking for her again.
Stefan gets angry and tells Elena that it was all his fault. Katherine was doing all this because of him.
Tyler demands to know what happened at the parking lot and Mason losing his patience tells him that he saw him get angry and that was that.
While Elena and Stefan are looking for Care, Stefan smells blood.
Damon finds Caroline first. She is sitting on a trash can with a dead body beside her with her mouth all bloody.
Caroline starts to cry as she tells Damon that she killed Carter. Damon hugs her and tells her he could help her by killing her. Just as he's about to stake her, Stefan grabs the stick from Damon's hand and pushes Damon away. Elena tries to go near Caroline but Care pushes her away yelling she had killed her. Elena explains that that was Katherine, not her. Damon tries to kill Care again but Elena gets in front of Care. Damon warns Elena that whatever happened, it was on her.
Bonnie comes to the scene just when Stefan and Caroline are about to go inside. Bonnie couldn't believe what she was seeing so she grabs Care's hand to confirm. Bonnie is upset as she realizes Care was now a vampire.
Stefan takes Caroline inside. He helps her clean up and she starts to cry hysterically. Stefan instructs her how to control her urge for the blood. He promises her that nothing would happen to her and hugs her.
Damon brings a shovel and tells Bonnie and Elena that they had to bury the body. Bonnie angry and upset does the "mind pain" thing on Damon. She then turns the tap on and lets the water run until it's surrounding Damon. Bonnie tells Damon that she told him what would happen if something else happened. Damon in pain, cries out that he didn't do this. Elena also tells Bonnie but Bonnie says that everything that happened was his fault.
She puts the water on fire and watches Damon burn. Elena runs up to Bonnie and shakes her. Bonnie loses her concentration and the fire stops. Elena hugs Bonnie and they walk away. Damon lies there in pain.
Elena and Stefan talk and Elena is upset about her life. She assures Stefan she's fine as she walks away with tears in her eyes.
Carol tells Mason that Tyler seemed better with Mason and she'd try and find the moonstone Mason was looking for. Mason sees Tyler standing behind him so he apologizes for the way he had acted. Tyler forgives him.
Tyler walks into Richard's office again and moves aside the carpet. He reaches for a loose floorboard where a safe was put. He unlocks it and moves away some cash and other items and takes out a moonstone.
Damon is about to take a sip of the alcohol when Jeremy stops him telling him he had injected it with vervain. Jeremy takes out a wooden stick explaining to Damon that he was going to stake him after the vervain was in Damon's body.
Jeremy threw the stick down and Damon picks it up.
Jeremy tells Damon that his father hated vampires and he thought it was only right if he also hated vampires but he wasn't going to get anything if he killed Damon.
Damon tells Jeremy that he didn't have milk and cookies to offer and he didn't do the big brother thing very well. Jeremy gets annoyed and is about to leave when Damon tells him that his father hated vampires too.
Caroline is laying in bed when someone opens her window. Matt creeps in the room and faces Care. He explains that he was worried about her and that maybe he was falling in love with her.
They kiss and hug. Care does what Stefan told her to when she feels the urge to feed on him.
Elena is asleep but Stefan wakes her up by pecking her on the cheek. He takes her to the carnival. There's no one there except for one guard and the two. Stefan and Elena sit down in the Ferris wheel and Stefan kisses her.
The episode ends with Elena asking Stefan that it wasn't going to get any easier, was it?.........
Sorry for the delay everyone!! Embarrassed

NOTE: The Earliest the Video/Written Updates will be up is 5am EST[ Eastern  Standard Time]
Please Bear With Us.
Thank You.

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ROBlicious. IF-Sizzlerz

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Great Idea Jaan!

Well For one I think that episode contained the most interesting 'killings' and drama. I loved C and I think she was a awesome Vampire other then the fact she killed someone but her acting was superb!!

Again Bonnie Hurting Damon worst part for me Csz I hate seeing that beautiful face in pain not my thing. Sorry to any fans but UGH i wanted to kill someone when she was hurting Damon like that.

Also Stefan&Elena were adorable in the end too gotta admit, he is such a cute BF!! And love the way he cares for her!!

J&D's talk was amazing, just like the first season soo sweet and brotherly moment!! J is growing on me more and more each day. Just loving him.

Also Tyler just got interesting so gonna keep my eye on him LOL..

Finally the 'I love you' for Caroline!! I loved how she handled  her thirst!!

Over all Damon&Stefan&Jeremy were amazing!! But I think for this week the best acting was done by Caroline!!

P.S. Yes I did feel sorry for Bonnie&Elena!! Don't want you to think I only watch it for Damon Peesssh how stupid. LOLWinkROFL

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friends_rock IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2010 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
The episode was okay

I felt so bad for Caroline..she dint deserve this.i am so glad she dint try to bite matt..i love them...hate kat for doing this to Caro
Even i hated bonnie for hurting damon.he does deserve for some of his past deeds but not "everything" is damon's fault.
Elena and Stefan are adorable. hate to admit it but they were so cute in the end.UGH why stefan is so nice? LOL
Damon- what can i say...i loved him,love him and will always do.i liked his conservation with Jermey
and hey jermey got a haircut..looks cute.
i missed Katherine..i really did..she has this mystrious thing arround which i loved in the first episode...even though i hate and she is a B*t*h but i missed her...
and also i love mayson lockerwood...i am loving this new werewollfs thing :D

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thats prob a good idea...will definitely comment here once ive watched the epi :P
patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 4:14am | IP Logged
Updated. More Links to come later.
Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 9:07am | IP Logged
not going to sticky this yet....Jaan, when its fully updated, then PM me and ill sticky it
AppleBlossom Senior Member

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 11:10am | IP Logged
I loved this episode. There was bit of filler but overall, it was amazing.
Okay, I have to say, Stefan Salvatore is OFFICIALLY my favorite Salvatore. He pawns Damon for me. He was always wonderful but he is so much more awesome this season. The scene where he helped out Caroline and the Ferris wheel scene at the end(I did LOL a bit at him flying up) made my heart melt.
I felt so sorry for Matt. He is such a good guy, if something happens to him, I am going to strangle somebody. Matt/ Caroline are so cute, I hope writers find a way to retain them.
Poor Caroline but I have a feeling Vamp!Caroline is going to be awesome.
Coming to Bonnie, I don't want to pinpoint at anybody but So. Sick. Of. The. Bonnie. Hate. I don't even understand it.
So, Damon pointlessly kills innocent people but that's okay because he is ~~so dreamy but Bonnie gets hated on for not being a Damon apologist. Damon has issues and everybody understands them but with Bonnie, it's like 'how dare she touch Damon!!'Silly Honestly, at this point, I am so glad that Bonnie is giving Damon some shit, since everyone kisses his ass. I love him but he needs to face some repercussions for being a psycho killer.
The werewolf story is super interesting. Damn, that uncle Lockwood. Is there any unattractive person on this show?!
Oh, and how unlucky was that poor Carnival guy.


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-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2010 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
OK so G-love (above me) just summed up about half of my feelings with this episode so read that post because I'm too lazy to type all that here - you stated it flawlessly *hi5s*
So this was Caroline's episode and I effin loved that. CA owns my heart as Caro. She played her so well. I was literally pouting when they moved the camera off Caro. I love love love to the infinty power this SL. I wasn't a fan of her turning when I first saw the promo to this epi but as the week went on it started growing on and watching the epi confirmed that. She literally made me cry when Matt and her kissed - that made the epi for me - that was a brillant scene. I think that was the best scene any couple has had so far. I felt so many emotions in me move. There were two other scenes where she almost had me cry. And I'll go onto that later one. Back to star of the epi: So from how the promo was made it made it look like she was a crazy vampire. She's not and I love that. She apologizes for feeding. She - gah there are no words. She is my FAVE character and vampire at the moment - and I don't want that changed. CARO/CANDICE  RULES MY WORLD. Oh and one more thing - Damon has been getting owned in both epis - today by Caro, hellyeah he so deserved it after all the shit he's put her through - you knock him up girl!
Stefan was the runner up. Y'kno he's not perfect, he's not this boring guy, you wanna know why people have a hard time clicking with him? Because HE IS COMPLEX. Yes - he is. And I honestly have no idea why it took me this long to realize. Everyone says Damon is complex. Everyone knows he's this outer bad boy who's really hurt inside. But you know what? That's not complexity. He's easy to understand - so people feel for him easily. But Stefan - unless you comprehend underneath the superficial level you won't truly understand him. He understand EVERYONE. He sees right through everything and understand everyone on a deeper level. He's always after the good in someone and willing to prove at whatever cost that the person is good. He's understand and wants happiness in everyone's lives: Damon, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, and now Caroline. His scene with Caroline was one of the scenes that had me almost crying - they way he cares, geez.
And oh my gosh that scene at the end with Elena whoa. They took the book!Stelena to a new level here - I am soooooo happy with this two episodes as a shipper. They are finally doing some justice to this ship - we finally saw that they'll always been each other haven - safety, warmth, and just everything. It may be a boring relationship to some but I have no problem with this - in fact this is the type I yearn for in my life. No matter what life bring at them he'll always be the hand she holds and the heart that understands hers. What more could a girl ask for?
WOW this is my FAVE episode aired so far. It may have been a filler to some but to me it was everything I craved so much. Jerk as he has been to Jeremy - it was suprising to see how softly he was handling Care before he was about to kill her. I noticed that when he turned Vicki - he always speaks so soft, hugs them, comforts them and wham - killed. I sorta love/hate it- eh.
And my last note will contain the most epic part of VD - the sisterhood. It broke my heart seeing BC like that -Care, Bonnie doesn't hate you, oh god what they do?! I was on the verge of tears her OMG! Nooooo. Bonnie is not going to hate Caro I'm willing to risk my life on that - we'll see that - we better see that. Because I'll cry to death if they do something wrong with BC. Now we an finally see Caro accepting Bonnie as a witch and Bonnie accepting Caro as vamp and they better get closer than ever - or I'mma have to drain some writers. And  hollymoney - this is the moment I've wated for so long! Elena reaching out to Bonnie saying this isn't how they should be - reaching out and finally hugging Bonnie first. Wow. Fix this sisterhood - my trio is the most important thing!

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