Thendral Written Wed Sept 15th- showdown time

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ConfusedHey guys sorry for the late update, I kind of forget today is wednesdayLOLLOLso here is my update. going to short and brief today except the end when it got to showdown timeWink

- Epi begins with charu calling athai and TA mom all CryCry sudha wonders why she is calling? charu consoles a CryCry athai. her athai keeps blaming TA and asks for forgiveness. TA mom keeps cursing her son and charu tells he did watever he liked, he loved and married, I should have known whats in his mind. mom says I can think only of u as marmagal. not anybody else.OuchOuch even if he is married ur my marmagal. sudha thinks okay ur son has on gal as wife and u have another gal as marmagal. superbThumbs Up like 2 pondati kadhai LOLLOL
-Charu is all quiet hearing this. mom asks why? did I say something wrong? charu is all emotional and says relatiions are not formed by marriage, if ur my aunt we would be athai-marmagal LOLLOL mom asks her to get married to a good guy. she says dont say these things, did u eat food? mom says not in a state to eat. but charu tells sternly to eat and mom says okay. sud is angry that mom didnt listen to her but charu AngryAngry
-Parents of charu are hearing the convo. they ask her why she is doing it? she says even she is in shock and thats why I talked to her. mom says she is a kaasu pisas AngryAngry and wanted to marry u for the money. dad says she always told lie and all she wants is money. charu asks in that case why did she get TA married to someone else? if all she wanted was money she should have married me to TAClapClap why did she throw TA out of house? she does not know of the wedding. dad says no thats was all a act to fool us. charu says no she has pasam for me thats why she is doing all this. parents do not believe her. mother says today they are away and tomorrow they will be together what abt u?ConfusedConfused
-Charu aunt comes in and starts crying on how ppl are talking bad abt charu. dad asks what are they saying? charu comes there and aunt is quiet. charu says dont think I will feel bad, My frnds have already called and ridiculed me and said things to me ShockedShocked aunt tells the entire convo she had and how the lady said different names for charuShockedShocked aunt asks he will spoil charu;s name and he will stay happy? dad says I will teach him a lesson. mom says yeah ur talking like this only at home? aunt says coz this wedding stopped everyone thinks that there is some prob with charu. mom says he has taken away our peace and he is living happily ? dad gets very angry and says see what I do? mom says dont make a scene with him. dad says w/o saying his face I will teach him a lesson. see what I do OuchOuch
Here Lav gets a call for personal loan and remembers all the time spent with nitish. sudh sees her all ConfusedConfused and asks her the reason. lav says everyone fixed our wedding and I fell in love and  now I cannot stay without him. sud blames TA for all the problems. mom is listening to all this. enter TA. thulsi and dad. sudh wonders why he has come?
Tamil asks thools to come in, mom comes out and is ShockedShocked to see MM and thools and TA. she says where r u going? I will break ur legs if u come in LOLLOL Ta apologizes for his mistake and says u give watever punishment u want but plz allow me in and forgive me. mom says how can I forgive a dead body ShockedShocked acc to me my 2nd son is dead.ConfusedConfused TA says I am sorry u have forgiven all my mistakes forgive this one too. mom says u ran after the gal so u go with her, dont come hereConfusedConfused thuls, TA are all CryCry mom says our relations are all broken, even if we die we will not look at each others faces. MM says samandhi, TA's mom closes her ears ShockedShocked MM tries to handle the situation. But mom says how dare u call me samandhi? arent u ashamed to come to my house? MM says u can say watever u want, but forgive these kids. mom asks who r u to say these things? u r a useless person. thools is all ShockedShocked to hear this. and ur supporting my useless son. I came to know now why ur wife ran away with someone else. she thought u will sell her ( again my tamil not good., someone correct me if I am wrongTongue) and so she went with someone else. MM is shocked and epi ends.
The big showdown - part 2 is tomorrow when Tamil or thools is going to give this lady a befitting replyThumbs Up
On the whole this epi was a big waste of time except the end when it got to showdown but as usual we have to wait for tomorrow to see what happens Day Dreaming

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Thanks gudgal for the wonderful update Smile.

Aiyoo....indha Charu-TA's mummy paasam nesam thaanga mudila...this so called mother considers her son to be dead Shocked but still wants Charu as her is that possible.....sutha loosu woman a iruppaanga pola. Ithukku mela andha Charu....Athai....saapdeengala....thoongineengala....
kulicheengalannu kettukittu.... Angry....Charu...if you only get to know what a drama this lady puts and how bad she behaved to a girl in the college and on would want to run away from her.....but today i have that doubt....are you really too good or are you acting?? Confused....coz innikku you were namba mudiyadha azhavukku nice. If you are really a good person i want you to support T&T so that this evil creature gets an aappu from her beloved and still wanted DIL. Charu...apdiye take this lady with you to bangalore....this would spare everyone alot in this serial and the viewers would be thankful to you too.

Charu's daddy is going to cancel the bail....good decision pannunga....appothaan TA serious aavaaru and would dare to make some steps to solve his problem.....inge kooda Charu chumma thaan ninnaanga....avanga appavai thadukkalai... Confused

I hope TA is going to speak up stronly for the first time for his wife and MM. This lady does not deserve any of her sons. say directly to her son that he is dead Angry Angry.....and MM gave good expressions when she spoke about his wife. Indha lady should know what she is talking....MM sambhandhi nu koopitathukku ears ai pothikkiraanga antha is the viewer....who moodified his ears when you were speaking....stupid woman. Lavanya....maybe now you could feel the pain T&T went through when you asked Thulasi to leave your brother Ouch....but andha nalla paiyan Nitheesh thaan paavom!

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thank u gudgal for the update...........
ha ha.........super showdown part 1..........part is on  the
gum2 spilling too much.......she has all rights to scold her son but this is not the way.......i agree that he shattered all her dreams and a life two girls......but still why cant she just think , if she had not gone and opened her mouth - gutter mouth at the college this would not have happened..........
TA and Thulz good expression...........Clap
i also feel Charu's dad would take immediate actions to cancel the bail and would be putting pressure to make the case strong to the manager.......lets see.......will TA land in jail.......Ouch
Like Niki i also have a light doubt on Charu's character..............she behaves too good giving loads of surprise.....if she was just quiet and looks upon her work it would have been understandable....but voluntarily calling TA amma and talking so nicely puts me in doubt..........ShockedShockedShocked
OMG........MM, Thulz and TA get ready for the second dose from GUM2............
HIGHLIGHT of yday........Sudha's mind voice......
Paiyan oru ponna kalyanam panni wiffe nu solran..........amma innoru ponna dil nu solra........2 wife story vida mosama iruke,,,,,,,,
oh Valarpu marumagal pola iruke..........when valarpu marumagala kootitu varaporangalo..........LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
mudiyala da sami........
Charu athuku mela......if u were my dad's sister then u r my athai and i m ur marumagal thaane............shebaa........thaangala..........
pasakara pillainga........

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mellisai IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the update, gudgal.Big smile


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Thank you for the detailed update gudgal Big smile.

Is this Charu-TA's mother part needed for the story. I feel both are doing too much. How comes that this mother disowns her sons according to her situations and then feel at their feet. Her anger on TA does not seem to be justified if she behaves so low. I think in today's episode TA is going to disown his mother. It was very shocking for him to see her mother talking that way, especially saying her son is dead moved TA almost to tears Ouch. I don't know what the punishment for this lady should be.

Charu,now you are going too over with your love for that woman. I really pitied you for your situation,but now your behaviour irritates and confuses me. It is really a big question if any girl in your situation would do that what you did how much nice and good she is Confused. You are hurting your parents by keeping in touch with the family who hurt your parents alot. How comes you talk against your family for a person who ditched you girl, strange. Why did not Charu stop her dad when he was saying he wants to take revenge on TA, if she still believes to love him deeply. It is not Charu's character to keep quiet if her father talks that way, she used to convince him and calm him down. Is she planning to take revenge on TA too on that way?!

Mr. Ezhilvaradhan, why are you giving such bad dialogues to women who are mothers of daughters themselves. It is disgusting and sad. In this serial the older people like TA's mother, Padma, Charu's dad, Deepa's mother or Patti are used to curse while the younger ones are more careful with their words even if they are angry on others like Lavanya or TA towards to Padma or Charu.

I hope today TA shuts his mother's mouth forever and moves on with his life and begins to be more responsoble for Thulasi's sake atleast.

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Thanks for the detailed update Gudgal,

Well said Nikhi Akka.yes it is we viewers who have to shut our ears in order save our ears from bleeding on hearing words from her gutter mouth.She was as usual atrocious Angry.She is replacing Velaayudham sir.Before it was Velaayudham who used to take this issue in his hands to disgrace MM now it is Tamizh's mom.Why everyone is talking about this issue so many times?Paavom MM sir Unhappy.

Birthday adhuvumaa Mr.Deepaka azhugaachiyaa paaka vendiyadhaa pochu Unhappy.But it was far better than day before yesterday's episode.Aiyayo Padma left and rightla vaanginaanga.

Charu didn't stop her dad so I think is her reaction for Tamizh's action.(sumaa rhymingaa irukenu ezhudhinen Tongue) She is right,she need not support Tamizh... yes but ava charactere puriyaliyeee konjam neram munaadi "avar sandhoshamaa irukatum"nu sonaa apram dad vegamaa revenge eduka pombodhu sumaa nikraa.Confused

I felt very bad for Charu when she said that her own friends were talking wrong her that too straight to her.Indha ponnu eppavume yelaarayum nambidum pola adaan yelaarum overaa poraanga.

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About Lavanya.........

Even if she is hurt with love feelings..........she will still not realise the pain of Thulz.........she will still strongly believe Thulz was the reason for all the problems bcos if Thulz had not married TA then no issues for any1.......Lavanya will never put herself in Thulz shoes bcos she gives first priority for her family and wanted her brother to have a happy life and ultimately her mother be happy and now everything has gone on a toss so undoubtedly she will blame T and T for these........she has totally forgetten the truth that it was she who started all these for her brother........
but one day she would be happy to see an engrr out of Thulz and would be really happy that it was she who was the reason for all these and would be really proud of her brother too.......(not in a selfish way but whole heartedly for T and T)
I dont think , even if TA calls Lav for help she would come forward......i will not be surprised even if she dares to bad mouth(grabbing TA from Charu and ultimately spoiling her life too) about Thulz..........lets see..............

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