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MN FF To Love or Not to Love Ch 8 Page 13 (Page 7)

Alisha2887 Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 4:12pm | IP Logged
Just read all the parts. Interesting concept and beautifully written Clap
Looking forward to reading the next part. Continue soon and please send me a pm.

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Anish85 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Alisha-MJHT

Just read all the parts. Interesting concept and beautifully written Clap
Looking forward to reading the next part. Continue soon and please send me a pm.
thanks hun
Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 September 2010 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
hi ansih
brilliant update
it was damn interesting
so mayur loved each other
then what happened b/w them

i m eagerly waiitng to know bat mayurs past story.......

plzzzzzzzzz update soon

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2010 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
Anish plzzzzzz update sooonnnnnnnnnn

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mangalorian Groupbie

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Posted: 01 October 2010 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

restless 2 knw wat happens next...n plz get dem 2gether

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 3:48am | IP Logged
very nice update
do continue soon
plz add me in ur pm list

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Anish85 Groupbie

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 11:33am | IP Logged
I'm really sorry for the late update got busy wih my exams i hope you understand and if you want me to PM you then plz send me a Buddy request.

Chapter 5

Back at the hospital, Mayank piled his pillows up and reached for his briefcase, the one that Nupur gave him for his 23rd birthday. He kept it as a momentum for their relationship, he never told Sheena since she was the jealous type; he opened it up and took out a folder and pen.

Mayank- Lets see, if I can pin point. He stopped, something was bothering since he saw Nupur again and he just couldn't concentrate. Although, the pain of losing her was still there, it was much lesser now than six years ago. He still could not understand why she broke up with him, they were getting married next month and had their future plans all set up. He once loved her so dearly; this feeling was still there, but only dimmer.

Mayank thinking to himself- Now, I have Sheena, maybe we weren't meant to be. He sighed and remembered the little girl who had bump into him. Such a cute and smart little thing, I wonder when she got married.

Samrat walked in with a bag of fruit and placed it on the table, So how are you feeling today?

Mayank touched by arm and chest- Just a little pain and numbness.

Samrat- You're still at it. Sheena was so worried last night.

Mayank-I know, I know. Oh, guess whom I saw? Nupur and her little daughter.

Samrat studied his friends face, remembering the pain when he ever mentions her name before, but today, he was different.

Mayank- Did you hear me? She still looks as beautiful as before, even as a mother.

Samrat- Really, I haven't seen her for so long. He tried to place an image in his mind; he remembered her from high school and she was one of his classmates. He had introduced Mayank to her and wondered what went wrong between them.

Mayank- So, did you find any new evidence?

Samrat- Mayank you need rest.

Mayank-I know,but…

Samrat-Nothing I am going you take rest.

Nupur had calmed down since yesterday, she was sitting behind the black executive desk in the study, she was jotting down some notes on what she was going to do during the first week of work.

Nupur thinking- Hmm pick up Arti at 2:00pm do grocery shopping on Thursday at 3:30 take car for tune-up on Friday get Arti a birthday present on Friday. She placed the pen on the desk and lean back on the leather chair, I cannot believe my little sweetie will turn six this Sunday. She could remember the day, she found out that she had conceived her and No, I cannot bring up memories. She got up, went into the living room where Aunt Ratna was watching TV.

Aunt Ratna- Are you okay?

Nupur nodded- Yes, don't worry about me. She went over to the sofa and sat next to her aunt.

Aunt Ratna - You look so much like your mother. Does Arti know about her father?

Nupur- No, I never told her and dad hasn't want her to know either.

Aunt Ratna- Well, maybe when she's older, she has to know one of these days even if her grandfather disapproves, but why?

Nupur shrugged and the telephone next to her rang, she picked it up.

Nupur- Hi dad, you are, do you want me to pick you up?

Shashi Bushan- Yes honey, meet me at the airport on Sunday. Bring my little precious along, how is she?

Nupur- She is fine, having a lot of fun, and loves the house.

Shashi Bushan- Wonderful, say hello to your aunt for me. See you on Sunday.

He placed the phone down and looked at his watch. It was 9:00pm, Hmm Mumbai. A place that he loved so much since it gave him money and power, from a nothing to a gentleman; he laughed at the thought of his younger image and his days as a waiter.

Sashi Bushan pressed the button on the intercom- Miss Smith, did you buy the present for my granddaughter?

Miss Smith- Yes, sir. I will bring it in on. She walked into his office with the present; it was decorated with a purplish wrapping and a white bow.

At the airport, Nupur and Arti waited patiently

Arti- Mommy, when will grandpa come out?

Nupur- Here he is. Dad, over here.

Arti- Grandpa, grandpa!

Shashi Bushan picked up Arti- Aw, you are getting too big for me to carry. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. Happy Birthday, precious! He also gave a hug to Nupur, Its wonderful to see both of you, I was getting lonely in San Franciso.

Nupur- Same here, dad. Come on, Mandy, lets get back before you miss your party.

Arti got down from her grandfather, took her mommy's right hand and her grandpa's left hand and led them to the car.

After two month of seeing Mayank at the hospital on and off, Nupur could say Hi and Bye to him. But what was kept inside was pain for her at night. Today at lunch, Benji and Gunjan had visited her to their favorite restaurant.

Gunjan- So how is Arti doing?

Nupur- She loves her new school and made some new friends.

Benji- That's good, haven't seen her since her birthday, has she grown?

Nupur- Probably, but its not noticeable. They sure grow up fast. An image of a small baby appeared in her mind. They laughed.

Benji- Did you hear that Mayank has a son now? Gunjan nudged him with her elbow.

Nupur- Its okay, Gunjan. Yes, I know I saw Sheena this morning, the baby is very cute and healthy.

Gunjan- Oh, I forgot you work in the department, but how are you feeling about it?

Nupur- I'm happy for him, she's a very nice and caring person. Anyway, work keeps me busy so I dont have time to think any more.

The waitress brought them their orders, placed it in front of them, and they began to eat.

At Bushans corporation, Shashi was in his office with a group of his most trusted him; he was on the phone with someone.

Shashi-  $500,000 that's my finally offer.

Voice- Fine, have a group of your men meet at my office.He hung up the phone.

Shashi instructed to his men on where and when to go.

Shashi- Better keep an eye on those cops, I don't want to lose anything, you hear me.

Men #1- Yes, sir. I'll make sure if one of them gets in there alive, he will never see daylight again.

Sashi – That's what you are here for. Now, all of you go. All of his men nodded and walked out of the room.

He laughed, This is going to make me even more power and richer than before. He was back in his niche again; he did not want to leave again.

Shashi- Oh, if only Nupur didn't ever meet that cop, I better have someone keep an eye on him too. I don't want her to see him with her ever again. He pressed on the white intercom button, Miss Smith, bring your notepad, I have something for you to do.

A few days after Nupur was on her way to her office when she bumped into Mayank. They both smiled and Nupur tried to walk away as quickly as possible, but Mayank stopped her.

Mayank- Can we sit down and talk?

Nupur hesitated- But I have a lot of work to do and…

Mayank- Just for ten minutes of your time. How about coffee?

Nupur- Okay, but for only ten minutes.

Mayank smiled and led her into the hospitals caf; he sat her down at a table and went to counter. Nupur's eyes followed where he was going, she had to focus on work and not on him.

Mayank placing a cup in front of her- Here you go, just the way you like.

Nupur- Thanks.

Mayank-So how have you been?

Nupur- Fine, but I have to work now. She tried to get up, but Mayank stopped her.

Mayank- Come on, cant old friends talk.

Nupur looked him, Old friends?

Mayank- So when did you got married?

Nupur looked at him tensed

Nupur- Mayank, I am sorry but I have to go.

And left.

Mayank-What happed to her?

Shashi was back home from a long day at work, he notice that Arti was watching her favorite cartoons and his sister,Ratna was in the kitchen.

Shashi walked over to her granddaughter- "So how my precious, where's mommy?"

Arti smiled at him- "I had lots of fun at school today and Uncle Mayank give me a ride to Mommy's office and...."

Shashi- "Uncle Mayank? Where's your mommy now?" Arti pointed to the stairs.

Nupur was in her room getting ready to go to Mayank's son party, she was hanging up some clothes back into her closet when she notice the picture. Her friends insisted that she shouldn't go, but she wanted to.

Nupur- "It's better to have you as a friend than losing you."

The door was open so Shashi could hear have everything, he stepped into the room and looked at his daughter.

Shashi- "Why are you torturing yourself? He's married now, you and him were never mention to be."

Nupur- "He's still a good friend...."

Shashi- "Why did he pick up Arti from school today?"

Nupur- "Arti.... Oh,he insisted since I was aiding someone in labor."

Shashi- "Then, why was he in the hospital...."

Nupur- "Dad, he's a cop, he brought her in."

Shashi- "No more, I don't want you or Arti seeing him...."

Nupur- "Dad, I'm going to the party. Bye."

Shashi- "Still as stubborn like her mother." Her picture came into him, the pain was losing her was still there, he went into his bedroom.

Shashi held a picture of Nupur's mother in front of him-"I loved you, but I had to."

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.SilentPrincess IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 11:46am | IP Logged


First one to comment... Big smile 
It was an awesomeupdate... Loved Mayank's & Nupur's encounter...
I can't belive mayank married sheena and a son?? Angry 
But im sure ArTi is Mayur's daugther...  Embarrassed can't wait for Mayank to find out more...
Whats up with nups dad... i have a feeling he was the culprit between MayUr Angry
anyways loved ur update do continue soon...

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