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Job well done CVs...(if you are CV read this, plz)

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 9:38am | IP Logged
All welcome to read, comment, cry, agree, disagree...frankly i dont care....
Job well done CVs....NOT!  You have proved once and for all why fiction is not reality.  Why we even need a category called fiction, and no this is not meant to be complimentary.  If there is even the slightest truth behind what is being reported then I must say I am glad I am not a part of this reality.  It fathoms me to believe that in the real world a happily married woman would suddenly realize that she not only married the wrong guy once, but TWICE.  Oh yeah and that guy she married twice.  It's absurd to believe this plot and I think it's even more absurd for them to believe the audience will believe it and follow along blindly.  It's an insult to their audience.  As for the plot itself where to begin.  The CVs have an opportunity to portray something real and strong they have the power to send a message to the youth of today that marriage is not a joke, that when you are married that that relationship is the most important and sacred relationship and it needs to be put above all else.  This is one the strongest moral holdings that the Indian culture has held and you know what no it's not a restricting or stupid moral.  In fact, it's the reason we have been able to survive the past that we have been dealt, it is the reason why our religion, faith and family values hold strong not just in the country of India but all over the world. 
And I know, I know many like to claim that love is the strongest of them all, but love is a feeling, it is not concrete and it's certainly not built to withstand, but a foundations such as respect, understanding and mutual concern are the things that carry us through our hardest moments.  It is the thing we fall back on.  You see love is beautiful initially, it is sunshine that brightens your day, but most times it's not enough to get you through life's largest storms.  Is love enough when you lose a child?  Is love enough when the divorce rate in the US is 55%?  Tell me the US is known for it's freedom people there marry whomever they "love" and then leave those very same people a few years (if even) later because they "fell out of love" or because they love someone else more.  CVs I ask you this, is this what you want the youth of today to believe in?  Do you want them to leave everything that is not just good for them but that is (right) for love?  Do you want them to break marriages, families, promises because their long lost love has returned?  Is it so easy to turn your back on the person that has stood by you when everyone else had turned their backs on you?  Who had fought the world on your behalf when you yourself didn't even want it?  If you believe so CVs then I say you need to get out of your brainstorming room and live a little in the real world, you need to experience what reality is like, what life is like.
 I will say this CVs, you taught me a very important lesson and that is that TV shows in India are all really reality shows.  That you are wiling to compromise your scripts, storylines, actors and most of all you characters for the cheap thrill of a few more votes.  You know I ask you don't' you think your audience would value you more, and your storyline and show if you stuck to what you had originally visioned instead of altering entire plots based on the phone calls of a few??  Is the audience's voice worth greater than the story you are trying to tell?? If so, then this is where you went wrong.  This is what led you to getting shut down in a few months time.  You see you have shot yourself in the foot over and over again.  You first send Armaan away to go crazy and Rids comes back. Then what you develop is a beautiful story of two people who would never have even glanced at each other, running into each other literally.  Then fate intervenes over and over and they can't let the other go no matter how much they hate the other, and this was reality.  You see everyone has a first love, but only a few have a first love that is their only love.  Instead life and fate barge in and first loves become wonderful memories, they become a part of our hearts and they are the ones that dictate how we will come t see love in the future whether it is in a positive light or a negative light.  But it is rare for first loves to become the love's of our lives, you see life's too long and it tests too much and often we are too young when we first fall in love to even understand what lasting love should be.  But as I said before you threw all of this away for a few cheap thrills by bringing armaan back and then having the torturous love triangle. 
And you know what, as unrealistic as it was to believe a terminally ill brain loss patient to not just come back, but to come back as a rock star, the idea that first love coming back into your life is not so far fetched.  And I even understand the confusion between all three parties involved.  And you know what you had the chance then to have Ridz let go of Sid and go to Armaan, she didn't yet know she loved Sid and Sid hadn't told her he loved her, and armaan was innocent to it all, but no you put them through the test of their lifetimes and out of the storm comes Ridz and Sid standing strong and united and armaan coming to the realization that his ridz no longer exists and in her place is mrs. riddhima siddhant modi.  and it is at this point that you make me happy and proud to be a part of such a wonderful show, that my viewing as an audience member is valued and that you are trying to get a real important message across, first loves are beautiful, but real love is love that stands by you when you try to push it away. 
Then we get the shilpa story and this is perfectly fine and you know its just what's needed for Armaan, he needs to see (just as ridz did) that life does go on, and that as I said before first loves aren't always meant to last forever, that new love can be found.  Oh it will be different but it doesn't mean it won't mean as much, heck mite even mean more.  So you developed this and it was going fine and then what do you do? You shoot yourselves again, you bring up a confused ridz which makes no sense.  SHE HAS MOVED ON and has told armaan and the audience at nauseam that she has done so.  So then why do you write her as confused? Why is she obsessed with armaan finding love??? Doesn't she know from personal experience that he needs to figure it out for himself?? And then your final shot you have Riddhima jump on the idea that her and Sid need to remarry, that she wants to be with him.  See it was ridz's idea not Sid's then why in the world would she all of the sudden whether in a day or a few months come to the realization that she made not just one mistake but 3982059830958230958023985 mistakes (cause that's how many chances she had to leave Sid he had given it to her himself, but every one of those she chose Sid over Armaan). 
Seriously you guys seem to forget what your past plot was, you seem to forget that THERE IS A PAST and that DECISIONS WERE MADE OVER IT ALREADY.  You see by trying to use the voting results of each day to dictate what you shoot/write for the next you compromise the long term potential of a story.  If instead you used monthly or even better biannual numbers which would be averages you would get a much better idea of what your audience is really feeling about your show and current storyline, by changing it on a day to day basis you not only confuse the audience but you compromise the very essence of each character and if the characters no longer resemble what they were meant to be, then you have nothing upon which to write and I think you guys know that best with the way Ridz, armaan and now sid have all been butchered.  Congrats guys.
As for the fans that seem to be die hard fans of first loves=forever.  I truly hope for your sake and your future or current husband's sake that you only marry your first love.  Because if you have already lost your first love and believe in riddhima going back to armaan because they are "forever" then don't waste your time or someone else's by stringing them along, for you are saying that if your first love comes back then you will leave whatever kind of relationship you are in now (be it boyfriend, husband, family, etc) for that first love, because after all first love is the real love...it is forever.  And if you have lost your first love, run back to him and tell him that to your first love is the only love that exists.  I truly do mean this with the best of intentions because I would hate to see you go through what Ridz is going through and putting a great guy like Sid through the stuff she has or will be.  If you are believer in second chances and that real love is more than infatuation and sweet moments then I hope you are fortunate enough to find those Siddhant's out there and to embrace them wholeheartedly and to give him the love and devotion that he deserves.
In case you haven't figured it out, this is probably going to be my last post on the episodes of DMG as I can no longer handle the way the CVs themselves are butchering what they have so preciously creative.  It's like watching an artist take a sledgehammer to his sculpture and make a crumbled mess out of it.  If the show some how gets a miraculous makeover and touches base with reality then I may start posting my views again, but frankly if it is headed in the direction that is being implied then there is no logic and without logic there is no need for my analysis.  For as I said before this show has lost touch with reality, and it's quite sad.  They are causing their own demise and it's very unfortunate.  So I am going to enjoy what I was given which was Siddhima and breath of fresh air that came out of nowhere (a lot like real life), a relationship that probably wouldn't have formed if it weren't for fate and life's turmoil's, but one that created a bond so strong it withstood all of life's test.  A bond that matured two people to become the people they were meant to be, to show that love isn't always fireworks and bright lights, but that it can grow slowly that it can mature and evolve as two people do, that it can come...softly
I would like to say I have made some wonderful friends and have found a reason to display my creativity because of you guys, I promise I do not intend to fall off the face of IF, but that I will no longer be trying to put reason into the episodes until I find reason to believe that the CVs will not torture me with "forever-ness".  Hence no more epi analysis's  I will most likely continue to enjoy my own kind of fiction (yes that means for now the FF is safe) and will love whatever you all have created...  
Thanks all for the numerous comments, words of encouragement, and most of all for simply reading my thoughts ,you all know who have become friends and for you all you know that words cannot describe what it means to have shared this wonderful journey with you all.  Don't worry we will laugh, cry and enjoy but it may have to be about something other than DMG...but I have no worries because we can find positivity in almost anything...

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Here comes another beautiful last post from SR fan !! proud of you !! WOnderfully Displayed ARpu !!

Love this post and you have said it all...that i want to say !! thanks dear putting very brightly in your post !!

DMG horror end !!

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MagicalKash IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 July 2007
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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Wonderful post!
*Reserved* have got lots to say but no time ryt now..

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StarshineHues IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 May 2009
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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Arp, if you were in front of me, I'd have hugged/kissed you.

You know what ? I'm not even hurt. The stuff they're showing is so unreal, that it doesn't even connect with me. And what I don't connect with, doesn't hurt me or anger me. For me Siddhima walked off into the sunset last week, and thats that. They can keep running the circus according to phonecalls, SMSes or homework, whatever. I don't care.

DMG is over for me, coz what they're showing is so WRONG on so many levels. I know that doesn't bother a lot of people, but it bothers me. It bothers me because not only is it morally wrong, but they're destroying every single character on the show.

They're destroying Armaan-what happened to the responsible young doctor who was an inspiration to everybody in that hospital ? Is love the only thing which matters in life-not your career, your patients, your friends, your family ? A doctor is a healer-and he turns to self-destruction and violence ? What about all his values, his positivity, his strength ?
A man who doesn't care about the dignity of a married woman....its unimaginable that they'd actually show this.

Riddhima-she's dead, for me. She isn't Siddhant's Riddhima anymore, which means she doesn't exist for me. She married that man not once but TWICE. The second time, she was the one who convinced him to get married. Not only are they making a joke out of a sacred institution like marriage, they're showing that women basically have no character whatsoever. She'll be betraying her marriage, she'll be betraying the man who's done nothing but love her.

And as for Sid, he'll be the only one who's untainted. But the message will be-don't love a girl who's loved before, she'll throw it back in your face. No guy will ever dare to put dreams back into the eyes of a girl who was in a relationship before. They can't just throw all his selfless love and goodness in his face-it'll be disgusting, degrading, and immoral. Nobody will believe in hope, love and second chances, ever.

Or maybe, in order to restore Armaan and Riddhima's characters, and in order to justify the unjustifiable, they'll show Sid as a raving lunatic axe murderer suddenly. Kyunki DMG ke world mein, kuchh bhi possible hai.

And you know what ? I don't want any part of this screwed up world. I'm fine as I am, thank you very much.

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Pragzie IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 March 2008
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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 9:51am | IP Logged
i agree arps di.good post
if it was SR or sid committing infidelity..my love for them would have ended right there..my ethics and moral values dont change for my favs..though my opinion for my favs may change ..i
i have respected AR and also loved them in the past..and have always defended riddhima and armaan..but by doing this cvs have just ruined that for me!have tainted AR's love for each other and past.and have also spoiled other relationships in the show!like SidMaan..they have ruined armaan and riddhima's character for me!
where have all the moral values gone?

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supercool3 IF-Veteran Member

Crazy Creatives Lead
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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Reevzz Hug
you have perfectly said everything...
I seriously can't believe this show ... it's too degrading..
they ruin everything just in an instant...
seriously.. if they wanted AR... they should've done it long ago.. but why now? it seriously doesnt look right...
and the way they may try to justify it can never justify it
like Aditi mentioned in her post, such acts make women look very weak too..
I mean I adored Ridz til this point.. but now I'm very disappointed...
if she wanted Armaan.. she should've done it long ago... but instead she convinced Sid for remarriage...
I know this show is fiction... but unfortunately people do tend to get influenced by TV and you can't deny that fact. As for a show like DMG, the age range for its audience varies from the younger viewers to the older viewers. Adultery is not a great thing to be promoted on television. And in this case, it's being done with Armaan... which doesn't look soo great

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-Mayu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 9:58am | IP Logged

arps... Hug Hug

amazing post Clap Clap

yet another post from a proud SR fan who wants to stop butchering siddhima relationship....... you have said it all....i have nothing to add....

i will give you a list of all SR fans who want amazing siddhima scenes.... we well send it together!!!!!!!!

i owe you an ovation!!!!!!!

proud to be a siddhimaholic!!!!!!!

loads of loveHeart Heart
mayuri Heart Heart

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 13 September 2010 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Take a bow my dear
U hav said it all

Shame on u CVS
Dis is disgusting to portray a married women like dis . If dis kind of women's exist in d world den being a woman I am ashamed of myself.
Dis shows name will b written wid BLACK ink in d history of television industry...
And all d people behind dis rubbish track (we all know who r dey ) don't even know dat hw many bad wishes dey r getting from people.
Abt d people who believe in chanting 'forever' & still want dis crap to happen
I can only say dat dey r lusty people
Dey used to call us lusty wen we were demanding a C-night night 4 a married couple & now I want an answer from all of dem .now what happened to dem where is their moral gone ??

If dis is what dey called LOVE den I am happy dat I am not in luv

Just 4 d sake of so called TRP's & some phone calls dey hav ruined their own beautiful creation.

And I hav no doubts dat instead of high TRP's dis rubbish track will bring d TRP's down Bcoz d true SR & Arsh fans hav already boycotted d show....

DMG has become a circus & d creatives r d puppets
Dey do everything just 4 TRP.
For TRP dey can change d whole track in 1 day, dey can destroy their own creation , dey can overlook d tradition their culture even their morals & values...

By showing dis stupidity dey r making fun of our values & tradition. Dey r trying to say dat those who do arrange marriages r fools & dey don't luv their partners.
Dey r making fun of marriage , d most beautiful relationship which 2 people share. They r making fun of those 7 vows which dey take during marriage. Dey want to teach us dat if ur 1st luv comes back u should leave dat person who was wid u wen everyone was against u.
U should leave dat person who has given u life & a reason to live
Dey r insulting those people who believes in 2nd chances. Dey want to tell everyone dat never ever fall in luv wid d person who has some past Bcoz he/she will cheat u...

If Dey want to give dis kind of msg den i am sorry I will not take it....
I will not take anything which is against my morals.

For me DMG is over wid SR's remarriage & I will always treasure d most beautiful luv story on earth

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