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Friday 18/9/10

Omni along with Amutha , Chithappu and chef Vadai - outside their house, kneading their hands and waiting for AK to arrive. AK arrives, promptly asks for darling daughter and is told "rathiri Amutha kooda thaan paduthu iruntha, dhideernu Kakka Oosh ...kaanum !!" Vadai is entrusted with the monumental responsibility of taking care of Chithappu and Amutha at home. Omni and AK decide to go jalan-jalan (athu ennavO, serials le mattum yaaranum kaaname pOna jalan-jalan
searching !!!! No professional help..nothing....)
AK and Omni  - "Operation Net Search Anjali" is on.

Namma Anjali is in a brothel house. The "Honest" inspector ( AC?) rounds up every one and decides to present them to the judge. The "madam" of those girls reluctantly agrees to pay the fine. Anjalai stands there and cries. The other girls look for some kind of 'reference" but fail do so - Intha pOnnai namba "thozhil" le paarthathu illai " . Anjali tries to impress that she is not " that kind " of a girl but the inspector threatens her. " Mariyadhai ya I am a professional nnu accept pannikko...otherwise...." To cut a long story short, Anjali accepts as directed and the madam pays the fine - "unakku yaaru panam kattuva??? ohh, sari , I will pay" - The whole jing bang is released. Anjali borrows madam's cell phone and calls daddy.
(maccham thaan - enna , jalan- jalan search comes to an end) Daddy comes along with the appendage, collects daughter and rushes back home - no, no not HIS home - Omni's home.

Chithappu, Chef and Amutha are measuring the portico - oru 10 by 10 irukkuma?? or more?? - Omni arrives - Roja is fed up of this drama - so in a nut shell, Anjali narrates "karthik called... some one gave me an anesthetic..." The other tickets are agape - Roja had the urge to send an elephant - with the BGM of "baby elephant walk " ...


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Smile Monday 20.09.10  - Archive Copy


At home, anjali keep crying..CM asked why go out at night alone?Why didn't bring her together?  ANjali say that Karthik asked her to come alone as he need to speak something( Oh God why u trust that spineless man again?) she updates, that she only speaks few words then someone came and gave anesthetic. Everything is listened by AK and CM.  She say she don't know what happened after that as she still unconscious. Everyone shocked. She say when wake up she found herself at room and  a guy was siting there. Then the sub insp came and talk very bad about her. Sub ins call her as prostitute. Then he hit her and force to get in police jeep. Anjali continue her story .. I cried tell him and tell im not like that. But the siub insp say now days rich girl also do this job for getting extera pocket money.

Then at court the sub insp warn her he will release the photo to press if she say something at court. At coutt when I didn't speak up the judge give judgement .He asked to pay rs2000 or jail 2 mths. Everyone get sad hearing her story and anjali keep crying. Say he scarded this photo also leeks  to press. Then One of that lady pay fine for me.

At outside that lady asked whether im new to job? And asked me to follow her.  She cries and everyone else at home almost cry. Everyone gets very emontial. Vadai polam about this and say the insp who should be good turned to bad and that bad woman seems good. ( last u got u line today..before anyone else)Everything is listened by AK. ( I will say AK has more scope to show his acting  talent in this serial compare to others..)

Cm asked Ak r u get scare because what has happened to anjali? AK say we don't know who is our enemy...

After a discussion, AK asked CM to drop the matter. Everyone shocked to hear AK raised his voice. After he leave, Cm asked Anjali what to do? Continue the 'war' or stop it. Anjali asked her to continue. After getting knows which  police station, CM makes move.

3rd Vidoe

I put this scene every short coz hate to write what the rapist and the family members discuss about Anjali and her family. The whole gang is sick guys. They happy coz now they can use this evidence against Anjali. The photo and she paid fine at court. The police officer happily say AK or CM cant do anything now.  They must be in fear , because the photo. One that parents say AK family mind suicide this evening. Later all that the parents advice the rapist  not do to this thing again. Or do it without been caught. The rapist are happy as they can move out again.


At the police station , sub insp having happy hour. Asked const. to join him. But the const refused say they on duty and the higher office will scold them. The sub insp say the rules for others and not for them..

CM give entry 'and say very well... Everyone shocked. Sub insp like sits on fire and barks to CM.Asked want what? She asked is this police station or pub?

Sub insp: who are u?

CM: Chellamah

Sub insp: Chellamah? Who ? R u District Officer?

CM: im here regarding Anjali case

Sub INsp: ohhh..that brothel case?

Cm asked is he trying to show police power? Will he do the same thing if found his wife at the place? Sub ins gets angry. She shuts him by advise how police should be. He say that he only doing his duty..CM say he didn't check about ANjali case and be mean by hitting her and not let her call AK. He say no one teach him and he was doing his duty. He asked CM to mind her words  as woman. He add more by  saying  he will book cm in brothel case too.CM gave her trademark to him'She slaped him'(Good job,CM..i m waiting the day u will slap the higher  police officer)


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Tuesday September 21 2010 Episode Update

Chellamma andSub-Inspector panjayat going on....SI shouts...iam a police man,u remember that?i can do anything....CM shouts back....policeman means?u can do whatever comes in ur mind aa? For me..u r not a Police...U r a porukki...(Police illai i got it....Indha beer la face wash pannuvangalae...andha group la sendavara irupar pola irukku...)......SI says "yei....rombha pesina i'll arrest u under prostitution case...."....Hearing this CM gets angryand she slaps SI...(Idhellam nadakara kariyama?Common man slapping a police inspector??But Radhika serial la everything possible...Dead).....all the ppl in police station stunned at thisbrave act by CM...She shouts....U thought iam a vaayilla poochi like anjali aa?(Adhuva vaayilla poochi...nalla varudhu vaayilaAngryAngry)....CM goes on miratting SI....tells all his fraud thanams...SI thiru thiru...CM advices him to be a good police man..(Angry advice dhaanLOL)....abbadawhew!...CM leaves the place like laila cyclone......
Lady singam (Anushka nahi...Chellamma)kaiyala adivangina SI calls that inspector and updates chellamma's veriyattam.... Inspector says...How dare she?But u didn't arrest her?Why?Duty time la water beating aa? SI says yes...And asks sorry...Inspecto saysok leaveit...SI polambing...What sir...i did this for u only..oru lady kaiyila adiyellam vangirukken .....enna sir neenga?...... Inspector samadana paduthing SI by saying that he will transfer him to a station where he can get more maamool vasool collection....SI kku VMSS ellam Kathoda parandhu pochu...Lady kayila adi vaanginadhum marandhu pochu....SI kku sandosham...Collar verathooki vittukarau...(Enna kodumai saravanan idhu??Confused)...
Adhisayam aanal Unmai...MR.Vadai in angry mood.....polambing abt CM ..says Yaaru pechum ketka maatengara...enna venumo panra...Sithappu stops him...shut up maappu...CM is right...(Yov sithappu...ennaikko oru naal pesudhu vada....adhukku why u putting Tada?).....Amutha too supporting sithappu...There comes laila puyal ie our lady singam CM...Says POlice kku nalla adi kuduthuttu vandhen...vadai becomes nail bitingnail bitingShouts WHATTTT?.....Lady singam says ...yes,i slapped that water beater inspector....Iam not like u and AK sir...he said he will arrest me under false case...adhaan i slapped him.....
Vadai continue his polambal...aiyo CM ...why did u do thisCM...Sithappu stops him again...Anjali says leave karthik...CM shocked...asks anjali the reason...Anjali says he is not a thappanavan...But he is kozhai....he is a liar... we should leave him....But i will not leave that 4 members who spoiled my life...nnu sollipittu loosu maadhiri kathudhu....I don't want to seeI don't want to seeyemmadi bayama irukku indha scene parkaadhukku...
One of the four boy's house...His brother tells him to leave the place immediately and to be safe somewhere else...Annan drops orange boy in thebus stop..Someone follows him in an auto...Face not shown...That invisible man takes a knife in his hands (Khakka Khakka music vera pogudu BGM la..Angry).......Auto ottinavan gets down and follows orange boy...he comes near and he takes orange boy's bag and starts running...At one time orange boy stops running...Invisibleman comes near him orange boy shocked...Invisible man and stabs him with the boy kku sangu oodhiyachu....Kolaikaran runs away from the place...
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22nd Sep 2010

Anjali acts mysterious
Amutha wakes up in the morning to find Anjali missing in the bed again. She looks here and there and goes to her 'anni' (the saviour of all) in the kitchen.
Anni and Amutha go searching the whole house and finally find her standing in the terrace. When asked, Anj says that she could not sleep and so came to the terrace without disturbing anyone. They come down.
The family gathers together and Amutha looks at the morning newspaper. On the front page, she is shocked to find a news item, saying 'marmamana muraiyil valibar kolai - with Vinoth (one of the rapists)'s photo at the bottom. Since she had seen this guy at the shopping complex along with Anjali, she could recognize him. Everybody is shocked - but Anjali does not show any shock or remorse. She says - that guy deserved to die. They all look at her puzzled. Vadai even says - yesterday Anjali screamed that she wanted to kill all 4 of them and today we hear this 'kolai' news. What is happening? CM also looks worried.
AK's house - he also looks at the paper and recognizes the murdered boy as one of the 4. He is shocked. His son and wife read the news item. The son asks him how he knows the guy. AK explains the whole story and how the police did not believe them when they showed Vinoth's picture on the cell phone that Anj captured. To which Madhu says her usual dialogue that she also does not believe what Anj said - she made a mistake of loving Karthik and paying for it - blah blah - she has disowned her daughter etc.
After she goes, son and father discuss the murder. AK. says it is unfortunate that this guy was murdered. The 4 guys did wrong but murdering them is not the right way to punish them.
AK comes to CM's house. They discuss the murder and who could have done the murder. CM says that there is still some dharmam left in the world and people who have done wrong will get their punishment in some way or other. AK says that the court and law should take care of that. CM says that when wrong-doing people know ways to dodge the law - dharmam will play its role. To which Anjali screams that she does not believe in all this court, law or dharmam. If there is dharmam in this world, all the other 3 should have also died, not only this Vinoth guy. Everybody looks at her, wondering why she is suddenly talking and behaving aggressively.      

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Thursday 23 sept written update

Everytime I watch this serial I wonder where its going?Sleepy I dont what happened to the original story line with CM and her family? It only AK family now and with every epi CM's lectures have become increasingly boringSleepySleepy
- Epi begins with anjali saying all this law and order is uselessThumbs Up 4 ppl raped me and one got killed and why r u guys happy? other 3 should also get killed. there is nothing as dharmam and all. I dont belive in all thisClapClap AK asks if she believes in him? she says yes!! he says then listen others should and will not be killed. we will bring them to court and give u justice. she says they will find some loophole and escape punishment. Our great Professor CM gives a lecture on how to wait for justice to be servedSleepySleepy(I dont have any mood to write that lecture, those really interested can check epiWink)
-everyone leaves and anju cuts the article in paper abt the killing. she cuts the guys photo and sticks it in her scrapbook.ShockedOuchshe writes something below it (I am Tamil illeterate LOLLOL if someone can help me read what she wrote it would be great!!!)
-All police officers having round table confo on the killing. Insp says I suspect AK as he showed this guys photo. I thought he is lying as we have the culprit. but looks like  they took law in their hand and killed this guy. so it could be anju, AK or suresh. (Hmm so the list of suspects is increasing, my guess its anju and her bf karthik who are on a killing spree, what saySmile)
-One insp says u have asked us to think outside the box, insp is like OuchOuch insp says maybe right and that guy maybe one and other three are there. other insp agrees and says other three may have killed him as he would show the others. as expected the insp disagrees and says we have caught the culprit and anju, ak or suresh are the killer. he calls them for inquiry.
-Insp reaches AK house to get them. Ak and suresh shocked to hear this. madu is there and she is ShockedShocked(madhu didnt look like sudha chandran, has she been replaced or have I gone blind?LOLLOL) AK taunts them for handling the case like this and accusing them of murder. Insp tells them to come for inquiry and speaks very rudely. Ak and suresh say we will talk to Insp. Insp says we need anju too. AK says no need we two will come dont disturb her, she will be traumatized by all this. Insp says she took photo so we have to inquire her. AK agrees to get anju and the entire gumbal leaves for CM mansion.LOLLOL
-CM who spots the gumbal, she is ShockedShocked the whole CM family is surprised to see them. CM asks them the reason and Insp calls for anju. CM asks why r u asking for her? anju comes there and AK tells abt the visaranai. CM as usual gets in the defensive mode and questions this visaranai. AK tells we three are suspects. CM starts her oppari as to why they should be suspected. she challenges the Insp that if u inquire like this all criminals will go scot free LOLLOL Insp shouts at her for suspecting their inquiry. she says yeah I can see it from the 4 ppl u have caughtClapClap Insp tells her u forgot ur talking to a Insp(hey Insp if she can slap the other Insp u better behave urself she may slap u too LOLLOL) CM says if Ur Insp why should we be scared? we have not done anything wrong. I will not get scared. Full CM family is scared nowLOLLOL Cm continues more speech on abuse of power by Insp. He says I dont have time to talk to u LOLLOL send anju. Cm says wait anju never leaves anywhere alone, we always go with her, she was at home the whole day and I know that then how come she could have committed this murder w/o our knowledge? INsp says she could have done the murder with ur knowledge in that case and everyone is ShockedShocked Epi ends on their ShockedShocked face

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Friday 24/9/10

Omni is playing advocate - thinks that she is cross questioning the inspector who
has a ready answer - When Omni says that Anjali does not leave the house without
one of them in tow , Inspector rightly points out " appO neenga kooda pOi thaan
kOlai yaa??" To cut a long story short, Omni accompanies the jing bang to meet DC.
Chef Vadai nondhufies his vithi "enna maama, enna sonnalum kekka maattengara??"
(athu sari, pesame pOi kitchen velai yai gavani - periyavanga enna vena
seyvaanga !!)
DC is vexed to see Omni but continues his inquiry. DC says that one of
this jing bang must have murdered Vinodh. AK says that they still believe the police and judiciary - "that is precisely why we brought the cell phone to you!!! " DC turns the plate beautifully " exactly our sentiments. Naanga unga complaint ai refute panninathum, you took law in to your hands !!" Omni is fed up -yovvvv, ennagda..... naan oruthi inge irukkum bOthu neenga paattukku pesikitte pOringa.....naan thaan pesuven bakki ellarum kekkanum, gotcha?? - Tells the DC that Vinod is a rogue " we complained but there must be one whole load of affected parties. One of them could have done this !!" DC says that all the fingers point
only at them. To add fuel to the fire, Suresh says that he was pretty keen about dealing with the rapists.Finally Omni draws the line " find out all the affected parties and start your query
all over again.."

Intha segment ai paarthathume Roja kku pathindu varathu - kashtam da sammyyy.
So oru brief update thaan. Beach oda construction site - enna matter??? wages innum kudukkalai. Beach arrives and sees the workers kneading their hands - ably assisted by the snake. Beach is surprised " I gave you 5 lakhs !!" Snake says that it bought egg and milk for
all that money. Beach is stunned but calls some one for money - no money, of course !! -
Then asks the snake to peel off its skin..oops asks for her jewels. Athu odane neeli kanner
vadichu " antha nagai ellam enakku neenga muthal muthalle vaanginathu....athai kuduthaa....
neenga ennai vittu ttu pOra" Beach angrily asks her to shut her eyes -
"un nagai vendaam" Now that its skin is secure, snake suggests that Beach should ask Pearl
"last month you bought quite some for her.." Beach nondhufies his vithi, calls himself a mathalam and goes to ask pearl....Snake slithers....


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Archive Copy

Ak, anjali and cm having discussion at  outside the  house. Chittapa say Cm u r have done the right thing , now police wont disturb us. Vadai asked chittapa to be quite. He say it is bad to have fight  with police. He say police might make another false report on them. And they can do anything. CM say she knows what do . Ak support vadai. Vadai tell him about cm slapped police officer. Ak asked is this true? Vadai  say yes and tell how she slap the Police officer. Ak and anjali shocked. AK asked why meet police officer when he asked to drop the matter. She say this her duty to speak even the problem belongs to others. Ak asked cm not involved in big issue as so many big shot involved in this matter. Chittapa asked how he knows? Ak say that's why the culprits  can use the law and order as they wished. AK say we cant get justice for anjali case. CM say since police frame case on anjali u becomes frightened . Chittapa support ak. Chittapa say AK tired and sad  after he tried all the method to get justice to Anjali and not because he coward.

 Anjali cried and say because her AK has to face so many problems and be comes sorrowAk console her..say she didn't do nothing..all because faith. CM say all because 4 culprits..not because faith. CM say she will meet Chief mister. Vadai remind her about pregnancy . Ak also asked her not be so emotional . And leave from there.

The culprit  family meeting. One of guy suggest the rowdy to be visit  cm garments and ransacked  everything and also do same thing at ak's college. Then 2 of them will tell the truth. The police officer say we cant do anything in rush. Another guy questioning him

' if anything happened to our childeren?' Police officer  say we cant do anthing to CM and AK careless. Say cm has hotel and now garments and ak has college. One  of parents asked to frame case on them, police officer  say its cant harm them anything as CM will question evertthing. At the end Police officer  asked them to watch cm and Ak to see their next moves.

Beach came  home( pearls house) , and pearl taking rest because headaches.. She asked why so early? He say he here because he need some money. He asked for 10 lakh. She say they never kept that much amout money in the home. Lastly he asked pearl to give her jewel to pawn. Pearl say they never done this before. Pearl say cant as doing this the mahalecthumy will leave the hours. He say he don't going to sell only to pawn it. He say nxt wk will get the money. So pearl  asked him to pay next wk when he got the money. Beach say by then their work wont goes on. Pearl asked to borrow from friend. He say all friend say no. pearl say she cant give and goes to sleep. Beachs tart to think..and see pearl in deep sleep.

Beach check pearl in deep sleep or not'.then try to  take key from  under her pillow. He walked tip top and goes to cupboard and take all the jewel'while pearl in slep. He put back the key under her pillow and keep jewelry   inside his bag. And goes out while she in sleep.


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Tuesday - 28th September 2010 ... subjute phor shreenithi..
Episode - B & R  jaaney... (B = Bhagwan ; R = Radhikaa)
Beach comes with Pearl's jewellery to Sneha's house   (neethaanya arivu kaLanjiyam     )... both father and daughter happy on seeing the jewels.  Snake Sneha wants to know if akka gave it away so easily.. Beach tells he had to explain his condition..first she refused and then gave in... laments that off late the cash flow is biting his hands.. Sneha asks if he is referring to the purchase of house and jewellery for her..  Beach goes on the defensive mode.. talks of the slump in the real estate scene.. Sneha too puts on an act of how much she loves him and all the trouble he is undergoing makes her heart ache.. (appadiye heart attack vandhuda pOgudhu) Thavasi does a jalra... says he did not know of the love his daughter had for Beach or Beach's understanding of Sneha, if he had an inkling earlier he would have got both of them married before, not bothering about the difference in age.. asks sorry to the maappillai.. Beach is shaking his head like a boom-boom maadu asks Snake to mortgage the jewels and pay the labourers..takes leave.. SS praises her father for his kadalaiyE karaya vaikkum talk.. both happy... SS tells now the jewels will be safe with them, Thavasi wants to know how to pay the workers, SS brings money from inside, says all suruttufied from Beach.. in a few days he will be penniless in the middle road   .. Tells Daddy to keep the jewels in the locker while she goes to the site to do the payment..
Amudha bumps onto Vasu's mother in the middle of the road.  Kusalam visaruchufies, mummy is not bothered to stop and answer.  Amudha comes running behind her and reminds mummy of her visit with Vasu, mummy buying tea and porai sorry vadai..Mummy is angry because Amudha did not accept her son's proposal., Amudha says it is a small thing, he voiced his thought and i reciprocated with mine.. Mummy is very angry because she was the one who put such thoughts into Vasu's head.  Wants to know the real reason.. Amudha says she is not emotionally out of the divorce saga, dont know how long it would take.. adhukulla innoru kalyanamna..when Vasu proposed she actually was angry, but controlled her temper and made him understand.  Mummy only doesnt seem to understand. Mummy tells her she would be a vazhavetti if.. talk is stopped by Amudha, says she will remain like this all her life bades goodbye and leaves.. Mummy poruming.. will see one hand later..
The 3rd Segment with   adiyaaL,    thadiyaaL and   kudiyaaL (Madhu & her 2 croonies) is showing error message.. will do the update when rectified ... or if any of you have watched can give the missing portion please..

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