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Monday 13th Sept Update 


Cm on auto, spotted fainted girl on roadside. Asked auto driver to stop. He say no need as it can be any 'KUDIMAGAN'. She say its its my niece. ( daisy don't how she  how she spoted ratna , may  be CM  has some power like batman, catwoman..etc..). CM asked people around to get some water. She tell the people its okay to make moves as she there. She told them Ratna is her niece.

CM asked Ratna why fainted, she say she didn't eat . Then Ratna complaint that her mom make idli for breakfast and she gave idli for lunch too. She say he need some variety in food. Then CM take ratna to hotel. She bought food and bring her to garments. She serves food to Ratna. Ratna was happy to see CM's  garments. Ratna asked can she spend the whole day with her. CM said cant, then she continue that  she wished to take ratna to home and cooked for her but now cant. Then Ratna complaint she has stay at grandfathers house. She has no one now. No chittappa's. No one buy anything for her, then she complaint abt beach, always come home late. Not bother her anymore. Cm asked ratna to visit her if she need anything. Ratna said she want CM to be with her forever.

 Later CM  send ratna to home by  auto .Pearl saw them and be angry. She  slaped ratna. CM come to rescues her. But that poor girl get more adi from her mom. Then visalam came ansd asked what happened? Pearl update that Ratna is with CM .CM say she found ratna fainted at roadside. Pearl asked why u bother? Let someone else help her. Her mum said that she tried to join the family back. After small fight between them CM leave .Paerl take Ratna inside the house and give some more adi. She keep asking  why eat food that given by CM. Then pearl said she going to give 'Soodu'  to Ratna., Ratna appeal  and  cries , while pearl and her Mum goes to kitchen.

Vasu back home. His mum was happy waiting for him. She asked wheter he talks to Amutha ?  He say yes. Her mum was happy ..she asked what amutha said? The mum said Amutha  must agreed .She went to her dream land..hoping to have grandchildren within 1 year. Vasu put full stop to his mum's dream by telling Amutha said he will get better bride. Her mum asked why? Why she don't like u? Vasu said he don't know  what was store in amutha s heart . His mum be very angry and say Amutha wont get any better groom in her life. Some more she is divorce, where she can get better groom? She said if Amutha marry Vasu then she can be happy. Vasu asked his  mum why talk nonsense like this ? her mum say she liked amutha every much. That's why she hate her now. Vasu say amutha is good person and forget everything

 Amutha and anjali in grocery shop. One of rapist entered that shop and asked for wine.Anjali and amutha busy shopping, . she was near that guy but didn't see him yet At last she saw him. Then he saw he too. Anjali rushed to him. He tries o run, but she holds his shirt. Anjali  said he was one of 4 rapist. Amutha and anjali tries to stop him. Anjali snap photo by  handphone. But he manages run from there.  Anjali said lets go garments  and tell CM . CM  and AK  in chamber . Anjali and enter the room, CM  asked why looked so worried. She said she saw one of them,'


Update done by Eclat
Courtesy : techsatish
Tuesday - 14th September 2010
Episode - Raadhikavukkuthaan veLichcham..
Continues from yesterday.. Amudha and Anjali tell that they saw one of the rapists   (che.. idhenna title aa)   at the shopping mall, they tried to catch him but he escaped.  Anjali is angry that no one came to help but were only watching the drama .  AK asks for the photo  she snapped on her handphone.   Says now that they have a clue can go to the DCP.. Anjali is not bothered if the DCP would believe her, she just wants her mother to understand her   (ungamma unna purinju..hmmm)  Anjali wants to go to the DCP rightaway to show the photo, so that he can imprison those 4 fellows   (nenapputhaan pozhappa keduththuchchaam !) CM tells now that they have the photo, AK and she would go to the police, Anjali can get back home.  AK wants Anjali to come too.. CM being CM vetoes... later tells AK that it is a great thing that she didnt get epilepsy on seeing one of the four (ippadi ezhudhumpOdhu quarter nu sollaNumpOla irukku)  dont know what the DCP would talk and how Anjali would react.. AK nods and follows  CM..   
oru aaLillaa road - the other 3 are waiting.. the 4th fellow (photographed guy) comes on the bike   (biker - dont know his name)  and updates of all that happened in the mall, tells the other three that he had a great escape.  All the three of them pounce on biker for not having grabbed that handphone... the biker  gets agitated and tells if he gets caught so will they.. the three of them ask..kaattikuduppiyaa.. pinna evvaLavu adithaan vaagardhu justifies the biker.  They get mad and ostricize him.. ask him to go and complain to the police.  After he leaves the DCP's brother tells Murali to talk to his father (politician's son?) and that he would talk to his brother... will sit and talk it out...
AK & CM visit the DCP,  updates him of Anjali's triad at the mall.  DCP thinks back on warning his brother not to venture out.. waits for CM to show the photo.. she is busy searching the folders.. finally gets it and shows it to the DCP.  He has a look at..Thank God thambi illa.. sigh.. tells AK to take his daugther to a good psychiatrist, says oorla irukkira paiyana ellaam photo eduthuttu vandhaa how to take action... he has the culprits behind bars already..CM & AK get  annoyed..  how dare he call Anjali "mad" (mad-am naangathaanga paithiyam..paarthuttu pagirndhukkurOm paarunga..) now it is very clear that he does not want to find out the truth.. takes the phone and storm out of the room...
AK & CM come to CM's house.  Vadai and Chithappu welcome them... calls for Anjali.. Vadai wants to know the police's COA.. CM tells nothing is going to be done.. Chithappu says dont under estimate the police, avanga manasu vechchaanganaa, the culprits will be found in no time.. CM says manasu vechchaathaanE... Anjali is disappointed.. wonders why the police are not showing interest in finding out the real Rs...AK says iam a big shot in this place...enakkae indha nilamai means what will happen to sadarana makkal?...CM says we should try try and try till we get justice...(aamatha...try ty and try thesame time...enga nilamaiya konjam yosikka try ungooo)....AK leaves the place ...Anjali sogama standing...CM comesnear her and  looks at her....

Anjali is kidnapped

15th Sep 2010
Goodness, just could not watch the episode tonight - it was so disgusting Angry
The DCP, the politician and his henchmen and the rapists gather to discuss what should be done now that Anjali has got the proof of one of the rapist's pics in her cell. After some karasaramana words are exchanged, the DCP comes up with an idea - to kidnap Anjali. Others look at him puzzled, but he says his plan is to bring a greater shame to Anjali and AK than they are undergoing now. Yuck!Angry (don't know how the serial makers came up with this)  
Anjali and Amudha are sleeping when Anj is disturbed by her cell ringing constantly. She see it is her former BF Karthik. At first she switches off, but then later she picks up and asks him angrily why he is calling her. Karthik says that he is terribly sorry of all that happened, he asks her to come outside so that he can talk to her in person. Anj says she will come with CM, but he says - pls come alone.
The foolish Anj goes out and shouts at him angrily. While they are talking the rowdy gumbal comes upto them, puts chloroform to make her unconscious and carry her in the car. Karthik feebly tries to protest, but they push him away. They only wanted Karthik to call Anjali to make her come outside. And the foolish girl did.  (why could not they show Anjali acting intelligently here and running away inside the house or something- at least it will make up for her past!)
They take the poor girl to a lodge and place her on the bed in one of the rooms. A man sits there watching her. The henchmen call the DCP informing him of success of their plan and go away from the scene.  
Friday 18/9/10

Omni along with Amutha , Chithappu and chef Vadai - outside their house, kneading their hands and waiting for AK to arrive. AK arrives, promptly asks for darling daughter and is told "rathiri Amutha kooda thaan paduthu iruntha, dhideernu Kakka Oosh ...kaanum !!" Vadai is entrusted with the monumental responsibility of taking care of Chithappu and Amutha at home. Omni and AK decide to go jalan-jalan (athu ennavO, serials le mattum yaaranum kaaname pOna jalan-jalan
searching !!!! No professional help..nothing....)
AK and Omni  - "Operation Net Search Anjali" is on.

Namma Anjali is in a brothel house. The "Honest" inspector ( AC?) rounds up every one and decides to present them to the judge. The "madam" of those girls reluctantly agrees to pay the fine. Anjalai stands there and cries. The other girls look for some kind of 'reference" but fail do so - Intha pOnnai namba "thozhil" le paarthathu illai " . Anjali tries to impress that she is not " that kind " of a girl but the inspector threatens her. " Mariyadhai ya I am a professional nnu accept pannikko...otherwise...." To cut a long story short, Anjali accepts as directed and the madam pays the fine - "unakku yaaru panam kattuva??? ohh, sari , I will pay" - The whole jing bang is released. Anjali borrows madam's cell phone and calls daddy.
(maccham thaan - enna , jalan- jalan search comes to an end) Daddy comes along with the appendage, collects daughter and rushes back home - no, no not HIS home - Omni's home.

Chithappu, Chef and Amutha are measuring the portico - oru 10 by 10 irukkuma?? or more?? - Omni arrives - Roja is fed up of this drama - so in a nut shell, Anjali narrates "karthik called... some one gave me an anesthetic..." The other tickets are agape - Roja had the urge to send an elephant - with the BGM of "baby elephant walk " ...


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Yaruppa Thursday???
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Thanks daa Honey for the update Hug
am yet to catch up on the story.
Hi friends, please join us in wishing Coolbie Shreenithi (CM updater on tuesdays) on her new home:
thank you

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Pearl was mean. she failed to see goodness in other people. I think she will put soodu to Ratna. And Ratna will be very sick... all because Beach's fake promise. CM will solve anjali's case. I think vasu might marry anjali.

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Thanks HD
I wish they put a stop on the rape story.  It is getting to my nerves. Angry

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thanks daisy
I agree with Caryn, I wish they wouldn't dwell on the rape storyline. Even reading it is irritating.

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Thanks Daisy=)
Muthu deserve to be punished but not the poor little..hate it when kids has to pay for parents sins=(
Btw..this weeks promo looks "thrilling" for Anj.  Poor girl is been kidnapped and I think police arrest her for brothel...its all that cops dirty work to save his brother I much need this girl to sufferConfused

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Thanks Honey.
Special thanks to eclat for tuesday update...
Anjali track is so boring....
illainna mattum Chellamma interesting aa pogumo nnu neenga kekaradhu enakku ketkudhu.....edhavadhu comment ezhadhunumaennu ezhudhinen...thats all....

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