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Wishful Thinking -2 Upd - 01/27 pg 80

-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2010 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Maaneet Scene - Wishful Thinking - 2 Links to all the updates

Shattered Dreams- pg 1

Boulevard of Broken Dreams page 4

The Key To Your Heart page 12

Everything I Do I Do It For You - Part 1 - page 16

Everything I Do I Do It For You  - Part 2 page 16

The Moments... - Verse...Random thoughts pg 19

Nothing Else Matters page 25

Room Service page 32

Baby Baby...HaanKiNaa page 39

You've Lost That Loving Feeling pg 44

 Love Lost and Found  pg 47

Burning the MIdnight Oil pag 52

In Ruins page 57

I Need You page 61

Midnight Summer's Dream ON the main GHSP thread... link also on page 65

Khoosurat Khataa page 66

Candle of Love - on 3 idiotz thread date 27th october 2010

I Love The Way You Love Me page 71

I Feel the Earth Move!! page 76

Sugar Me! page 80

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Other Work by Vrushali

Maaneet Scenes M&B Style - where the journey began for me

Short Story - Falling In Love - Maan and Abs

Story of Vicky and Nargis - Take My Breath Away - Has Faz (maybe_just), Nupur (sann) and Abs (hot_indo chilly)

Maaneet Scene - Hole Hearted based on precap of 7/20

Gardenhood of the Travelling Rose - based on the episode of 9th August 2010

Short Story - Vinu Ki Nihu - Nautanki Ka Raaz - story dedicated to Vinu and Nihu!!

Short Story - Idiotz Phamily Saga - Vinu Ka Raaz - dedicated to idiotz phamily

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Maaneet Scenes - Wishful Thinking - 1 ( part of the post made by Nargis, Geet to do something for Maan, page 4 - page 1 of Maaneet Scene - Wishful thinking 1

Tangled Tango page 4

Run to You... page 6

Fatal Attraction

The Slow Death

Is This Love...

Wicked Game

Pari Hoon Main

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me!

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Journey to the Beginning

Journey to the Truth

The Truth - Two Sides of a Coin

The Truth - Two Sides of a Coin - part 2

The Truth - Two Sides of a Coin - part 3

The Truth - Two Sides of a Coin - part 4


Healing Wounds?

Le Vie En Rose

Circle in the sand

Circle in the sand part 2

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Heaven is a Place on Earth - part 2

When you say nothing at all

Note :- this the link to the VM lody see everyone.. on the song when you say nothing at all - thanks lody..

From Tomb to Womb

Open Your Heart

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Shattered Dreams

Maan did not hear anything except for the pieces of his heart breaking and his world shattering around him. He thought he knew despair but this was beyond it. He thought he knew a gnawing gulf opening beneath him but this was the deepest, unfathomable ocean opening up to entomb him. He had lost everything in space of few seconds. He was expecting the high of elation, joy and he had fallen to the pits of darkness. It was a roller coaster ride that was the most unpredictable; it took you up hundreds of feet making you think you are safe and then plunges you down at a speed that leaves you disoriented.

He thought he heard her call his name but it was a haze, he was numb unable to respond. He thought he saw her hand outstretched to touch him but he could not feel anything. His head only had her words churning inside. She had said three words but not what he thought she would say. Had he been wrong again? Had he not seen her eyes and read what they told him? Had he not see her response when he had held her? He had seen hesitation but that had been her shyness, not unwanted touch.

Oh what had made him declare his intent so blatantly? How had he let his heart on his sleeve and now he was paying for trusting his instincts? Once again his feelings had been trampled upon. Once again he had been duped by innocent eyes. He wanted to smash something and he almost banged his fist on the door to the church but he saw Dev standing there.

What was he doing here? Maan wondered still deep in his mire but some senses were on automatic reaction.

He frowned as Dev walked up to him and was in deeper confusion when he heard what Dev said next, "Bro, I want to talk about your secretary."

Why would Dev want to talk about Geet, first Naintara and now Dev. But he did not want to hear anything about his engagement now. His fake engagement. He shrugged and said, "There is nothing I want to hear, Dev," before he motioned his intention to leave.

Dev tried to stop his brother for he wanted to transfer this burden from his shoulder and leave him free to pursue Naintara and bring her back. But Maan seemed unstoppable and he knew when not to come in his brother's way. He was going to tell everything about Geet so that he was absolved of what he did. He had too much at stake. He had just insinuated himself back in Maan's good books, he was not going to jeopardize his claim, his position on Khurana money that easily. Not because of a girl he had fancied for a bit. She had been a business deal, but she was too close now to the family to tell the truth would be the best strategy to keep a step ahead of the game.

He had thought Naintara had played a bluff but she seemed to have really gone back to Canada, left the battle ground but he was not going to. He was too entrenched in this to let it go easily. He needed the money to support his lifestyle and Khurana money was also rightfully his. So what if he was a step son, so what if Maan, his step brother was the heir apparent. He knew Maan valued family more than money and he had that ace to use ultimately. He just had to play his cards right and he knew they would win. Naintara had frightened unnecessarily. She should have trusted him better. But he had wondered why her attitude had changed after their departure to Canada. Something had happened. He knew she was hiding something but what?

His feeling of unease where Geet was concerned was to cover the tracks, of not having his folly be splattered on his face like a thrown pie. He felt contrite to a certain extent of having ruined her life but that was collateral damage to achieve his goals. Sleeping with her had not been part of the plan but she had looked too inviting that night, the trusting fool and he could not resist himself. He gave a half smile as a reminder of his only deviation from the plan.

Maan was walking away as he stood there thinking of what to tell him to keep in interested enough to hear about his recklessness but he knew if he had to keep the chances of getting Khurana money, he had to be the first to tell Maan and keep him sweet. Going rebellion for the two months of which Geet was the by product was  not something he wanted to do again in any foreseeable future. He loved Naintara and her irrational, well not really, was something he could not afford anymore. She was capable of murder and he did not want to die.

"But Bro, Suniye to sahi," and joined Maan who seemed to be in a tearing hurry suddenly. Maan stopped and looked at him and said, "Not now, you go home, I will come and talk to you. I have to take care of something first." Maan advised him and turned back in the other direction. Dev decided that the mood Maan seemed to be now, would be unadvisable to ruffle his feathers. He will do it at first opportunity, he will do look for Naintara in the meantime.

Geet has felt bereft, a loss the minute he had let her hands go. She knew she should have said it differently. She knew she should have broken it to him gently but at the moment, it was the only way. He wanted to hear her admit her feelings but if she did that it would misleading and she did not want to mislead him. As such they had become this close without her even realizing for a long time if he really felt something for her or was it just his nature to be protective one minute and an ogre the next. She had seen mixed signals but she also remembered his words of there not being "Hum" between them. And then yesterday he had said in the office that they were friends, more than friends and that is why she had decided to tell her truth at the first opportunity.

She had tried but failed and when he had touched her, kissed her she had been lost. She had felt herself flow with the emotions he aroused. He had almost made it impossible for her to think coherently let alone act in any sane manner. She had trembled when he had kissed her hair, shivered with reverence as he had kissed her forehead. A jolt of desire had run through her when he had caressed her lips with the carnation. She had wanted in that moment his lips against hers. He had caressed her back, ran his hand up her arm all had deigned to only turn her into a mass of nerves that called out to him to take her in his arms and hold her so that there was not a breath left between them. His voice had seduced her senses; his touch had ignited a need that screamed for appeasement.

But she had held herself at the last moment, to not blurt out how much she craved him, how much she loved him and told him the truth that may be she should have told him a while back. The minute she had felt him wanting her, that night when he had put jhumkas in her ears she should have told him why he should stay away from her. But it was over now. She had seen the blankness come on his face, the bleakness enter his eyes.

The way he had left her, she knew she should go far away from him, but her feet were as if made of lead. She could not move. She stood as if turned to stone wondering if she was really alive or had Maan taking her breath with him along with her heart. She felt dead, like she was seeing someone else's body and she was floating somewhere above watching the whole scene.

Just when she felt her feet would not hold her anymore, she sank to the floor in an ungraceful heap all strength gone. She was alone, yet again. She had to pick up the pieces, once again. She had to live though for the baby, she had to go ahead despite there being no light at the end of the dark tunnel. For her, for her baby she had to forge ahead. However, now she had to let herself be, let her wallow in her pain, her loss for few minutes may be a lifetime.

Slowly she got up and summoned up courage to wipe her tears, square her shoulders and lift her chin. She mentally resolved to not become weak and do what was necessary to keep herself and her child safe. She decided she would go away, from here, far away from Maan, for surely now he would not want anything to do with her. She took a tentative step and then another and each one first seemed heavy and uncoordinated but gained strength as she forged ahead into the bleak evening that heralded what her life was going to be from now on.

Geet had finally alienated everyone; everyone she knew and was now completely alone, even the man who had helped her, saved her numerous times had finally turned away just like everyone else. She put a hand on her stomach and vowed, "Par hum hain na ek doosre ke liye, Mein tumhein kuch nahi hone doongi."

Geet went home and started packing her bags, determined to leave tonight itself, for she did not want to face Daadima. She removed the ring on her finger and put it in an envelope and went up to the main house and asked Nakul to take it to Maan.

She turned to leave when she heard a shattering noise. She stopped and turned to where the noise had come from and ran towards to the room behind Nakul who was running saying, "Maan sir ke room se aawaz aaye."

Shattered Dreams – Johnny Hates Jazz

So much for your promises
They died the day you let me go
Caught up in a web of lies
But it was just too late to know
I thought it was you
Who would stand by my side
And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams,
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart
You said you'd die for me
Woke up to reality
And found the future not so bright
I dreamt the impossible
That maybe things could work out right
I thought it was you
Who would do me no wrong
From this empty heart
I thought it was you who said you'd die for love
Oh no no no - you said you'd die for me
Oh oh, oh oh, die for me
So much for your promises

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You have captured both their pain very beautifully...I do not know how people can take sides between Maan and Geet...they are both hurting because of each other and I think they are both right in their own ways...

Again, very beautifully written Clap Clap Clap

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Shradhav appreciate..your kind words..

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its beautiful...superb...ClapClapClap
reading it once again.... u described there pov so nicely....
It's think u'll nvr b it's evn m0re painful to realize I knew it...
all the tym...

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mehreen. Senior Member

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This was so good, completely described both geet & maans pov.
You are really good at writing, depicting their emotions and inner turmoilsClap. Dev so sounded like dev Tongue...and the ending was so effective. Awesome piece of work.Smile

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