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Shweta Tiwari FC..The Heartthrob Actress of Tv (Page 2)

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Posted: 11 September 2010 at 4:07pm | IP Logged
Shweta VM's Gallery..
Shweta (Prerna) Vm's with Anurag (Cezannae, Hiten) nd Bajaj (Ronit)

Anurag Prerna Vm on Tere liye..

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Churake Dil Mera Goriya chali..

anurag/prerna - pehli nazar mein

Anurag Prerna Love Kabhi Shaam Dhale Toh mere Dil Main Aajana

Anurag-Prerna-Bajaj ~ Romantic Song Sequence

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Hamesha Tumko Chaha

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Dekha Hai Pehli Baar

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Tum Bin

Anurag Prerna mix on da song Pee loon

Anurag Prerna mix on tum say milna

Anurag Prerna pm on da song subha say laykar shaam tak..



Aapke pyaar mei on Anurag Prerna..

Anurag Prerna pics slideshow on da song Pyar hogaya lagda way 4rm da movie Apni Boli Apna Des made by me..

Anurag (Hiten) and Prerna ~~ Najaane Mere Dilko

Anurag (Hiten) & Prerna ~~ Hal Dilka Tune Full Song (Sajan Ghar Jana Hai)

Anurag (Hiten) and Prerna ~~ Bole Chudiyan

Hiten Shweta on Tu hi haqeeqat..

Anurag prerna mix Hiten Shweta Tum mile song

Anurag (hiten) Prena Teri Ore song..

Shweta Hiten mix on Bakhuda tumhi ho..


prerna and bajaj- piya ka ghar


prb-humein tumse

The most heart touching nd my fav Vm by Farzana..Prerna and Bajaj.. Kal ho na ho..

Anurag (hiten) prerna mix ''Tera hone laga hoo'' and '' Bheegi Si Bhaagi '' Si

Hiten Shweta mix Tuje Dekha to hai song

Hiten Shweta mix on Is Pal song..

prb-dil tera mera dil


prb-kuch kuch

prb-thoda sa pyar


prb-tere liye

Anurag and Prerna VM ~~ Jiye To Jiye Kaise

Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega ~~ Anurag and Prerna VM

Anurag and Prerna - Mubarak Ho Tumko

Anurag and Prerna - Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

Anurag and Prerna - Lal Duppata

Anurag and Prerna - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Anurag and Prerna-Kabhi Na Sakoon Aya

Anurag and Prerna - Salaam Aya

Anurag and Prerna - Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam

Anurag and Prerna - Ek Dujhe Ke Vaaste

Anurag and Prerna - Surili Akiyon Wale

Anurag and Prerna VM ~ ~ Hey Shona

Anurag and Prerna VM - Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se

Anurag and Prerna VM ~~ Hum Hain Iss Pal Yaha

Prerna ~ Anurag ~~ Dont Say Alvida VM

Anurag and Prerna ~ Jadu Teri Nazar VM

Anurag and Prerna VM ~~ Kya Tumhe Yaad Hai

Anurag and Prerna VM ~~ Bahon Ke Darmiyan (Most romantic Vm)

Anurag and Prerna VM ~~ Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aye

Ladki Badi Anjani Hai ~~ Anurag and Prerna VM

Anurag and Prerna * Rock N Roll Soniye

* Anurag and Prerna * Dil Mein Sanam Ki Surat

Anurag and Prerna * Humko Deewana Kar Gaye

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Prerna-Anurag-Sam ~~ Gharwali Baharwali

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Tauba Tumhare Ye Ishaare

Anurag and Prerna ~ Mohabbat Ho Na Jaye

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Biwi No.1

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Apke Pyaar Mein

Anurag (Hiten) and Prerna ~~ Suraj Hua Mattham

Anurag and Prerna ~~ Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dilse

Anurag-Prerna Vm on 'Bin Tere' By Aurna..

Anurag-Prerna~\\\''Tere Yaade''///~[Song frm Love Story of Sab Tv] By Aurna..

Anurag-Prerna~\\\\ Sohniye ////~ By Aurna..

Anu-Prerna mix~~~song[yaadein] by Aurna..


For dese Vm's Credit goes to mariam, shakila, farzana nd their respective Vm makers..

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Shweta latest Pics...(Credit goes to Zeeshan, Me nd Zari)

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Faraan92 IF-Stunnerz

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Shweta latest siggies..(Credit goes to hina, mehwish, natasha, aurna, farzana, saba, ragini nd da respective siggie makers..)

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Latest pics 4rm Sangini dance performance...(Credit goes to Zee me nd Zari)

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Shweta tiwari Blogs...

                                  Welcome To The Colors Of My Life....
Posted on: 15 June 2009 at 7:00pm

A big hi to all my fans! I am extremely sorry for the delay in penning down my blog. I should have started it much earlier but I guess it's never too late Smile

Through my blog, I hope to keep you all updated & informed with my regular doings & lots of more trivia and ofcourse, sharing with you all my thoughts and aspirations. I am looking forward to building a strong, interactive connection with you and please do not hesitate in giving feedback.

I am grateful for all the love, support & blessings you have showered me with, right from my early days of "Kasauti.." till date. It was all your good wishes that kept me going & never let me down, no matter how hard times seemed. You'll have given me so much love unconditionally & in abundance. Through my blog I hope to give back as much as I can.

The concept of my blog is based on 'colors'. My life has had different shades of various colors and so I thought, what better theme than colors itself. Like Painting The Town Red is for Style Tips & Nostalgic Greens of Life will elaborate on my Journey So Far. I hope you like it and will help me make this journey of my life with you a colorful one as well.

Do let me know which color you like best Wink



A Look Into My Life So Far.....
Posted on: 15 June 2009 at 12:00am

Coming from a regular, middle-class family, nothing was ever smooth or easy for me. I was brought up to believe in working hard to chase my dreams and reaching my goals with utmost motivation. Only if the journey to reach where I am today had been a cakewalk but, on the contrary, the journey had its ups and downs where some times I was on top, at the crest of the wave, and at other times, I was trying to keep afloat.

As a very naughty and mischievous girl, I used to have a calendar that would be marked with pages of punishment notes! Never interested in textbooks, I was always more passionate about extra curricular activities. The stage was my best friend! I used to love dancing, delivering speeches, performing, acting etc as these activities would liven me up and bring out the best in me. Early on in school days itself I found myself inclined towards the stage and after seeing me perform, my peers and seniors would often suggest me for parts in plays and dramas. Ever since then, this inclination has only strengthened!

In college as well, I was not seriously academically inclined. I would bunk often Smile I guess you can say that I was never an A-star student and was quite satisfied in getting passing marks. With my passion for the stage and arts, making a career out of acting was quite obvious though I had not planned to become an actress. I won't say 'it just happened' but yes, I did do the needful to get there.

In my college days, I actively participated in dramas and plays. In fact it was around that time when a director who had come to watch one of my dramas approached me. Arun Katle sent me to try out for 'Khubsoorat Bahu' and I went for it . Smile Then I tried theatre and soon after I did 'Rishtey' with Hussain. At that time, a young girl was needed for a role in 'Aane Wala Pal' and so I decided to go for the audition and luckily was selected for the role.   Ekta Kapoor saw the promos of this show and she decided to offer some of her serials to me, starting with Kal Hi Re.

Then one day, she called me into her office and pretended to be furious and started pointing out all the times I had reached late on the sets! I fell for her prank and began defending myself, profusely apologizing, only to be told that I had bagged the role of Prerna in her forthcoming soap, 'Kasauti..Zindagi Kay' I was relieved and excited at the opportunity. And life was about to take a major turn for the better ofcourse Smile

I have been lucky ever since! I like to say that a middle class girl met a fairy God Mother who turned her life into a dream...that is exactly what happened with me! Before entering the television industry, my relatives, neighbors and those around me would hardly notice me.. But once Fate welcomed me with open arms, so did society! Entering this industry was like stepping into a new world, which I did not know, existed. It felt alien-like but I became a part of it soon!

In the midst of progressing from stage acting to television, I fell in love. I was only 19-20 years old when I met Raja and we started liking each other. He told me he wished to marry me and I shyly reciprocated my wish too. So he got his parents to meet mine, but because Raja was unemployed at that point, my family refused. Like a girl madly in love, I went against them and got married to him. But soon after 2 years of marriage, differences started surfacing and cracks developed in our marriage. The fighter that I am, I tried to keep the relationship intact but after 7-8 years, it felt pointless and a waste so we ended it and parted ways. It was ugly and very public unfortunately, but now I'm in a much happier, independent and relaxed place, with my daughter-Palak. I am very very proud of Palak, especially because she is so understanding and responsible. When considering my divorce, I was in two minds whether to go ahead/not, because I didn't want it affecting my daughter. She was only 6 years old at the time! She cried the day I broke the news to her. Like any other child, she wondered how she would face her friends in school who would be dropped-picked by both their parents. She worried at the thought of losing her father, as she loved him a lot. But she was so understood at that young age, that not once did she tell me to go back to Raja. She had seen the fights and arguments we would get into and maybe that is what made her want to prioritize her mother's needs over hers. Palak often fell ill during my marriage but after the separation, she has been healthy mentally and physically, both.

Initially I would wonder how the world would react to my divorce. I was extremely nervous! I had anyway gone against my parents, and now my marriage was breaking, so I was all the more under pressure. But after I was legally divorced, to my surprise, I had everyone by my side as my support. They all were there for me. Not to sympathize with me, but to tell me that what I did was right and that I should have done it long ago. Of them all, my daughter was the most special to me. She is my strength and my weakness. I am much happier single. I don't need a partner to rely on/be with me. My daughter is everything for me and I am very happy with her Smile

Matching With Your Personality
Posted on: 15 June 2009 at 12:00am

                                                      Style Tips
Honestly I don't have many tips to share because I, myself, don't have any! I wear whatever I like & catches my eye. If it suits my personality and I think I can carry it off with confidence, I go for it. I don't really follow fashion or what is in and what is out. If some outfit looks good on someone else, I don't copy either expecting to look as good/better. It has to suit me, and only then will I wear it. This is the only suggestion I can give to you all - go for what suits you and your personality!

Veronika Decides To Die By Paulo Coelho
Posted on: 16 June 2009 at 12:00am

Two of my all time favorite books are 'The Alchemist' & 'Veronika decides to die', both by the famous Paulo Coelho.
'Veronika decides to die' has been a very inspiring book for me. Veronika a Beautiful, young, and loved girl decides that life is not worth living. Everyday routine in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, was too normal for her so she decides to take an overdose of sleeping pills in order to stop that endless routine and take her own life. Days later, after waking up in a psychiatric hospital she is informed that although she did not die at that time, death was still around the corner. This book tells her story after she struggles to live her last few remaining days appreciating every second of her life. It really helped me see life from a different perspective & live each day, like it were your last. Live life, to the fullest! Smile

Hey guys, I'm back!
Posted on: 11 August 2009 at 12:00am

Hey guys,
I am extremely sorry for not updating the blog post my 1st entry, but you'll very well know the reason. I had to leave for the jungles of Malaysia to be a part of Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao! Lots have been asked and talked about my exit from the show. So what better platform to clear the air than my own blog? After all, I am answerable to those who matter and they're all here!

To start with, I did not participate in the show to show my 'glamorous' side. It was all entered in a fun, adventurous spirit & not for any other reasons. Also, the rumors doing the rounds, that my exit was pre-planned etc are all false. In fact, I had made sure I had no assignments taken up for the next 2 months, because I would be on the show.

Also a lot has been spoken about me wearing a two piece or a bikini suit on the show during the bathing sessions. Before we started the show, we were given the choice of wearing full/some garments/a costume, depending solely on us. We were told cameras would be all around to capture the footage & our every step and word. Just before my shower, I had completed a task where frogs leaped & jumped about all over & around me! I was covered in their slimy liquid & their urine!!! So to get myself off all that & spick & span, I wore a two-piece, which allowed me to cover myself the most I could. I was feeling very dirty after the task, & a full body shower was required! Even otherwise, I see nothing wrong in what I did/wore. I am an actress & dancer, so also if my profession would demand it & as long as it goes with my job, I would definitely wear a bikini.

So why did I say "Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao"!? I was disgusted & put off by Aakashdeep Saigal to an extent that I could no longer bear. We had a bad argument that was not telecasted. Aakashdeep & my argument took place inside the resort, sans the cameras. He is a very rude person & proved it when talking to Fiza. I mean, he is a celebrity & should act like a civilized human being. But he looks down upon women & lacks respect for them. I would not be able to tolerate any man/any other being for that matter, to talk to me at least in a discourteous & offensive tone. So to not get myself into a situation like that with an uncouth man like Aakashdeep, I thought it was sensible to quit the show. I was shaken up by his attitude & would rather live with animals than him.

Once I walked out of the show, it took me a while to get out of it. I had a tough time coping up with the whole scenario. It was taking a toll on me. Even the press conference I was to have the next morning after I was back, I got it cancelled. I wanted to be in my own shell, by myself & not come out to answer the media's questions/accuse anybody.

Do I repent anything? No I don't repent the experience. I was happy to participate in it & also while in it, it was fun. But I am glad I took a stand & got out of it while it was all fresh & raw. Thank God I opted out in the early stage of the show itself! That way I at least had my share of a good enough jungle experience! And some more too ;)

Anyways, coming back to India, lately I have been busy thanks our country tour to promote my forthcoming Punjabi film named "Apni Boli Apna Desh". I went to Punjab, Chandigarh, Jalandhar & Delhi to support & spread the word about it. Again this Sunday I will be leaving on another tour. But I promise guys, now that I"m back, I"ll keep posting regularly. Till then please keep posting!



I'm really looking forward to Teen Ka Tadka!
Posted on: 26 September 2009 at 12:00am

Hey guys,

Well, by now I'm sure all you guys must be aware about my next project. Yes guys, I will be joining the 'Teen Ka Tadka' team for Sony Entertainment Television.

Teem Ka Tadka is the new title of the next season for the very humorous 'Comedy Circus'. Unfortunately I've not been doing much lately as my daughter Palak is very ill. She is down with bronchitis. So I'm trying to stay home as much as possible to look after her...But I'm looking forward to 'Teen Ka Tadka' where I'll be sharing the stage with the very entertaining comedian Rehmaan, and every week we will be inviting a celebrity to complete the Three's company! So the audience will see a new star guest every episode! The shooting is due in October and can be viewed mid October.

Besides this, I have my plate full with one more Punjabi film that I'm waiting to get started on! The talks, terms etc on the deal have all been done. Only inking the deal is pending. Else all other formalities have been completed. It's a big project but I can't disclose anything as of now. Once I do the signature, we will get the dice rolling :)

So far so good :) And yes guys, I have something special for you'll in my next blog entry. Hope you'll like it!

I'm sure your good wishes will continue proving lucky for me in all my projects and please wish my daughter a healthy, speedy recovery!

I'll be back soon :)

Love and luck,


My August 'Yatra' month!
Posted on: 06 September 2009 at 12:00am

Hey guys,

Really don't kill me for not updating the blog; this whole August month has been like a 'Yatra' month. I had gone for the semi finals for the 'Maha Yatra' show, to be aired soon on Star Plus in October. It's a reality show & I went as a celebrity guest. We went to Rudra Prayag & my mum accompanied me there. The entire region is blessed with immense natural beauty, places of religious importance, lakes and glaciers. It is the point of confluence of rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini. My mother wanted to go to Badrinath as well, so we went there too. It was a nice journey & we had a peaceful time. We headed to Hrishikesh & flew home the next day.

Soon I came back for the release of my Punjabi movie- 'Apni Boli, Apna Desh', that hit cinema halls on the 28th of August. The movie is doing very good & I'm grateful to the Almighty for its success. Our entire crew for this movie went to Amritsar, to visit the Golden Temple. I took a cleansing dip in its waters. I felt holy & purified, with a strange elevation. The Prasad they offered us was so tasty, that I took 2-3 bowls of it! Tongue I guess our little trip to seek blessings for this movie, is one of the reasons why it is thankfully doing well. In fact, it has even done better than the Bollywood flick Kissan. I had also gone to Delhi, Chandigarh, Jalandar & Ludhiana for the films promotion.

After getting back from Amritsar, I headed to Rajasthan. The 'Venus' club here, gives shelter to widowed women and I am trying my best to support them. As a charitable gesture, I gifted them sewing machines & hope it proves useful to them. I also visited 'Khatu Shyam' with my mum & because it was his birthday, she insisted we do darshan there. We were present for the aarti & it was very, very beautiful.

So basically, my month of August was like a long yaatra. It was really nice & I felt very blessed at the end of it. I had not planned it to be a long, sacred trip. I got an opportunity to combine my work & self-time together. It worked out fantastic & Im back with a stronger & more positive attitude Smile

I know I have only been updating you all with what I'm doing & upto. But I have read all your comments & apologize for not having replied to any. They are all wonderful & please don't stop with them. I will get back to them soon & hope we continue keeping in touch


My Birthday and Diwali - Undoubtedly one of the best!
Posted on: 22 October 2009 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

First of all, thank you so much for all your amazing wishes on my birthday! As you know it is hard for us artistes to even celebrate our birthday because of the hectic shooting schedule, I had not planned anything special for myself. I was under the impression my birthday will be like any other regular day!

Whole day i was shooting..I packed up by 10.30-11pm and then my friends suggested we do something since I got free after a while. Even I was very tempted and needed some relaxed fun time with them after a long days work and was up for it. So we took off towards town side and they took me out for dinner. We were just sitting for this grand bouffet when all of a sudden, out of the blue my mother, my father, my daughter, my brother...everyone comes in with excitement! Everybody entered in with big bouquets and a big cake! Even the hotel staff knew it was my birthday and played a part in this surprise Tongue

One of them even played the guitar for me specially! Even more overwhelming was what my friend Chinku did. He gave me a different gift every 1 hour..like a purse, jacket, shawl, dress...It was such a sweet gesture! The whole surprise was very well organized and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. I'm so thankful to each of them for having made me feel ultra special! I was truly touched Smile

My brother Mohan gave me a calendar with my birthday photographs...He had collected them all among other special moment ones and gave me a big photo frame. It was a beautiful collage of pictures!

Later we all went to Marine Drive and sat on the rocks. It was very relaxed. Next day we went for ice cream... It was a nice family get together. And then on 8th Oct I kept a party at Fun City Oberoi for all my daughters friends..she was very excited and they had a gala time!

Then 10th was my mothers birthday...! I asked her to go to her house that she used to stay in earlier, excusing myself saying I'm going outdoors for shooting! She went to her house only to find our entire family and myself there, with a big cake, chocolates, bouquets and gifts! My mother got emotional and had tears rolling down! She absolutely loved it and her birthday this year too was the best ever. Big smile

Even my Diwali was as rocking if not better! My other brother was not in town...Hes gone to the UK to study...So it was only my daughter and myself. We made a colorful rangoli, did laxmi puja, bursted crackers...On the day of Diwali, 3 of my friends bunked office & surprised us to give us company since they knew my diwali was going to be alone with Palak. We celebrated till 1am! My full building was down...We bursted many many crackers. The orchids and parachutes were a sight! It looked starry & pretty Smile

So that was my Birthday and Diwali celebration! Just recently we started with Comedy Circus...It was a good time we all had! We did a lot of nautanki..as usual I was bad with the singing Embarrassed

Im performing with Anoop Soni & Rehmaan. I request all my fans to watch it and give their feedback!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous, fun-filled Year ahead! May all your dreams come true.

God Bless!



Palak along with Shweta - the mother!
Posted on: 09 October 2009 at 12:00am

Direct link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnxtcsfjzKM

Direct link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsLwlkTywKk

Birthday Pictures!
Posted on: 06 November 2009 at 12:00am

Hey guys,

You all have posted such lovely pictures of mine guys, thank you so much! So then I thought, why shouldn't I post some picture too? What say, not a bad idea right?! Well, these are some of the 'birthday' pictures which I wanted to share with you'll. Do let me know your views on them.
                                                That's my birthday cake!

                                 I'm sure you can see the happiness on my face! LOL

                               Getting teary eyed thanks to the whole surprise plan!

                                  Me with my two darlings ... my mother and my daughter

                                    Lavu (Palak) singing a birthday song for me!

                                                    Post - singing effect!Tongue

                                    This is my mother's birthday cake gifted by Lavu! Smile

                                                  That's Happy Birthday time!

                            Just one voice comes out from within when I see this picture, Awwww! Tongue

                                       Mom reading the birthday card given by us

                                 [IMG=http://i38.tinypic.com/2lswr2d.jpg]" />
                                My angel's innocent look when we wished her in the morningLOL


Pictures, questions, answers and lot more...!
Posted on: 05 December 2009 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

I was looking through the wonderful pictures of mine you have all collected and found. Some of them I do not even remember myself! Nice collection you all have, I must say! I was highly flattered viewing them. Thank you so much for the love and support. Smile

Some of you have gone an extra mile and made my photographs very special! With the customized and personalized look you have all put in, it gives the pictures a more warmer feel! Thank you so much for the lovely creations. They were truly touching and some of them very beautiful too!

Since you all have put in so much effort and the gesture is very sweet, I'm going to choose my favourite from the variety you have posted me back! They are all very nice but the best ones Ill pick soon...

The cherry on the top will be me answering questions from you. Ask me whatever you want and I'll reply back to the most interesting ones..funny, nostalgic, memorable..any and all are welcome Big smile

I'm going to continue looking through all the wonderful feedback you have all given me. Meanwhile you are free to post me back as many pictures, creations and question marks as you like and I will get back to you all sooooooooon!


Back with answers... Happy 2010!
Posted on: 15 January 2010 at 12:00am


Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and good wishes for 2010! How did you all bring in the new year?? I'm sorry for the dealy in responding to your questions and the flattery, praises, compliments and very creative pictures of mine! I was so surprised to even see some of them. I dont think I have even half as many as you all have posted here! Big smile But many thanks for each of them. I was very touched on seeing my snaps and the lovely comments on them. Only one request - please dont quarrel or start arguments here. It isnt very pleasant and i love all of you so there is no need to use these tactics to attract my attention. It only does the reverse so kindly keep it healthy and fun here. I have tried to answer most of the common questions. But as there were so manyyyy... the rest of the questions will be answered in the next entry along with the winners of the Picture Contest (Oh my, it's difficult to choose the best of the lot). Will be back to write to you all very soon!

luvkasu-How is ur off screen relation with hiten and hussain kuwajerwala?? are u freindly with them.. ;)!!

Shweta-My off-screen equation with both Hiten and Hussain is good. We say our hi's and hug but nothing beyond that. It‚„s friendly but not overly.

faranzafar-Hey Shweta one more Question.. Watz ur favourite dance number in which u performed?

Shweta-My first ever dance performance was on the song 'Woh Kisna hai..' where I wore a pink coloured lehenga. O God, I was so nervous‚!

faranzafar-Hey Shweta aap kya bachpan mei naughty thi like palak.. hehe.. plzzz do answer..

Shweta- LOL I just asked my mother and she said 'very‚ very naughty' so yes, I was as or even more mischievous than my daughter Palak.

Shwetaloveyou- wht is special scn in kzk u cant forget in ur life?

Shweta-Every scene from KZK will always be special for me. The show and everyone responsible for its success will always hold a special place in my heart.

faranzafarQ. Shweta wat waz da most funniest moment 4 u in kasauti?
Shweta-My most funniest moment from KZK is when Cezanne Khans dhoti catches fire! LOL

faranzafarHow waz ur experience working wid manoj bohra? Wat waz da mOst difficult dialogue 4 u in kasauti?

Shweta-My experience with Manoj Bohra was very nice. He played my son although he is older to me by age. However, he played the role very convincingly. There was no dialogue that I found difficult.

1. What's the model no. of ur handset ;)..
2. What's ur fav brand for clothes.. N ur fav place for shopping..
3. Except that red-black jeep u have, wht's ur fav car that u possess... Toyota? Mercedes or Laura ??
4. What do u love more :: Golgappe ya Ice-cream ? :P
5. Fav holiday spot..

Shweta1. I own an I-phone
2. I don‚„t get time for shopping but when I do get time, I pick up whatever I like. I‚„m not picky. I buy clothes when abroad and from here as well but mostly get them made from my designer.
3. I had that jeep but now it‚„s with Raja. I‚„m quite surprised you know I possess exactly these cars! Big smile Well... I‚„ve sold my Toyota since 3 cars weren‚„t required, so I now use the Merc and Palak the Laura.
4. I can‚„t resist golgappe, nor ice cream!LOL I already have my taste buds craving for some right now Big smile
5. My favorite holiday spot would be... Goa and the Maldives! I also like Kerela, especially its house boats!    

mjht2dmg-If you were not an actor what else you would be?
Shweta-If I were not an actor, then I would have opted for becoming a dancer! I love dancing.

faranzafar-kya apnay jungle say nikal k woh clips dekhay jis mei us nay (palak) aapkay barey me fiza k sath bitching ki??? nd kya aapnay jungle say bahir nikal k us k against koi action lia??? Nd kya aap jungle k baad kbi apni friend anaida say mili?

Shweta-Haan, meine woh clips dekhi hai. Us par sabhi ne itna bol diya tha, ki mujhe koi safaii dene ki, ya baat karne ki zaroorat hi nahin thi. And no, I havent met Anaida after the show, but we are in touch with each other.

jinica-Where do you get your confidence from and the will to reach the highest peak? What has been the funniest and sweetest incident in your life? Which is one thing that you haven't done in your life yet, but really want to do it? And yes....we are hoping to see more and more of you!!!! :)....so Do you plan to do some major bollywood movie?

Shweta- Firstly, I dont plan anything in my life. I have never done that and don't intend to either. I like to go about things as and when they come across my way. Secondly, one's confidence and hard work are mutually existent. If you're a hard worker, you'll develop confidence and vice versa. It's within yourself to achieve your goal(s) and reach the peak. So work hardSmile My funniest and sweetest moments have been with my daughter. Everyday is memorable. Although my most embarrassing moment would have to be dancing to 'Kajra re..' with Ronit and Rohit Roy on stage!

Sammie_Ronit-When do we get to see you and Ronit in a new soap together?
Why did you and Ronit have such amazing chemistry onscreen?
Why do you two set the screen on fire whenever you are in the same frame?

Shweta-Ronit Roy and I are very professional actors where we get into the characters we are playing on-screen. Its the effort we take to make the reel story seem real that makes our chemistry. I'm glad you all loved and yet love it so much Smile

fanofprem-i want to ask if some one want to join media field what should have to do?

Shweta-Anyone interested in the media world is welcome but please come with an open mind, willing to take risks and experiment. The misleading notion of our world being glamorous, with make up and designer clothes and fame-name needs to be removed. Its all about hard work and talent with a lot of determination. Give your best shot at every opportunity. Thats the key to survival here.


Rest of the answers!
Posted on: 25 January 2010 at 12:00am

Hey guys,

Lets continue the Questions and Answers!

Hope I've been able to answer most of them..

faranzafar-Shweta wat iz da best thing dat u like in urself? Nd wat iz da worst thing dat u dont like abt urself?

Shweta - The best quality I like about myself is, that I'm frank and honest because of which nothing can bother me. The worst quality of mine will have to be my legendary failure at being punctual! Be it my own marriage or movie shows, I'm always late! Tongue

Neha_luvPRB-MAATE...why do I love u???

Shweta - LOL You love me because I love you you too darling!

mariaam-saw ur serial DOST on ary digital... so how was ur experience working with pakistani actors??

Shweta - My experience was wonderful. Pakistanis respect Indians a lot and its pretty much mutual, unlike how its made to sound!

urooj naqvi-hey Shweta di are u on facebook ?
Shweta - No. I want to make this very clear to all my fans that I'm NOT on Facebook. The accounts that have been opened on my name are all fake and certainly not by me so please don't get fooled.

faranzafar-Shweta i really want dat u do a negative role in a serial like komolika.. Agr apko koi aisay role ki offer aye to kya aap krogi.?????

Shweta - Thank you and I too would want to take up a negative role. I've actually done the role of a 'nagin' before so such roles are welcome. I find them challenging and interesting.

madhy-wen r we going to see u in bollywood?????/
Shweta - Big smile I'm waiting to join Bollywood!

leez199-Firstly, what do you to maintain your hair's thickness, considering you are exposed to pollution and sunlight it still looks great. Please advise. Take Care Leena

Shweta - Hi Leena. Thank you for the compliment. I don't do anything extra ordinary to my hair, except the old Grandma's secret of oiling my hair everytime before a hair wash. It nourishes your hair and retains its lust and softness.

rrst4eva-how many hrs a day u sleep.

Shweta - When I'm short on time, I either sleep 1-2 hours or none at all! But the few times that I do have time, I'm the Sleeping Beauty and only sleep! zZzZzZz..

bbyfarz -i want to ask did it feel weird doing the scene where u and ronit had to sleep togther for the first time ever on his birthday SHWETA-No not at all. We are actors. We know its our job and profession to act whatever we are required to, as per the script. So no, there was no uneasiness.

AD_UDkaFANwhat did you like the most... acting, dancing, judging, or hosting? what do you like to do in your free time?

Shweta - I like them all because Im very passionate about any form of performing, be it dancing, acting, hosting or even judging. I eat, sleep, breathe my work! Smile

In my free time I catch up on some movies or play with my daughter. Nothing over the top but just simple and..fun. At times I even like to read

harsimran95-there are so many rumours about you,
how do you deal with them considering you have such a yound daughter and some of them being really absurd like affairs, break ups, divorce, tantrums

Shweta - To be honest I don't care. The media write stories that are read today, forgotten tomorrow. And everyone knows that everything you read cannot be believed. As long as my family and loved ones know what the real and actual story is, I'm least bothered by baseless rumours.

faranzafar-How many episodes u hav watched of kasauti wen u got time? i know u r an actress nd dont hav time bt still how many episodez if u remember..

Shweta - Well not many episodes but of the 7 years that we all managed to keep the show going, I would come back home and watch the episodes I personally liked, off YouTube or download them.

aquariun26-aap bigg boss season 4 mainana chahen gi?
Shweta - Big smile I cannot live caged up for so long so have no intentions on being monitored and entering Big Bosses house!

luvkasu-how was ur working expirence with manoj bhora and karan singh grover????

Shweta - It was fun working with them and were good students. They always listened to whatever I said so I enjoyed working with them

tvdekhunga-As you got married really early,did u finish your study? If you did not then what would you suggest the young girls out there who out of family pressure or some other reasons get married early and donot complete their study?

Shweta - Yes I did finish my studies. I'm a graduate. Education is a must and very, very important. It can be continued even after marriage but dont ever give it up or drop out. Its an essential in life. It helps build your confidence and talk to people, deal with situations. Mannersisms come only with education so please complete whatever you are pursuing or wanting to. Goodluck! Smile

luvkasuhey shweta,
who is ur fav telly jodi? apart from urs offcourse..

Shweta - I don't get the time to watch the new shows so cannot quite comment on the jodis you have listed, but I have watched 'Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki' and used to like Om & Parvathis pair a lot

kasucrazy-ow was ur working equation with HITEN TEJWANI, MANOJ BHORA and KARAN SINGH GROVER???
n yeah u have worked quite often with hussain too??
is he ur good friend???

Shweta - My work equation with each of them - Hiten, Hussain and Karan has been quite pleasant. Each of them are fine actors and I wish them all the best

faranzafar-Hey shweta do u hav a facebuk account? coz i've seen ur many accounts on facebuk.. if u hav facebuk account den which1 is urz?
Shweta - No I'm not on Facebook and whichever accounts you all have come across on my name, theyre all fake. Although there is one account which is very well maintained and I'm thankful to whoever the real person is. He or she makes it a point to wish all my friends on their friend list on special occasions like Diwali and Holi. Even my pictures have been uploaded but I don't know how this person gets access to them, including my recent ones Tongue



Madhuri Dixit, my all-time favorite!

Posted on: 14 April 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends,

I am just like one of you who loves breathing, drinking and dreaming about stars and their charismatic persona! One of my favorites and I'm more than sure many of yours too, is the sensational and poised Madhuri Dixit!

The very mention of her name gets your minds racing with her dance numbers and graceful performances, not to forget that high voltage smile!Smile   From her 'Ek Do Teen' to 'Mera Piya Ghar Aaya' jumpy numbers, I have tried to copy her every step and bend to duplicate that effortless polish of hers but like the world knows-Madhuri Dixit is the one and only in our film industry. The charm and beauty she exudes is inexplicable and even a thousand words wouldn't do justice to her.

During my school and college days, my family would find me glued to the television when she would be on-screen. I would try to my best to dance half as brilliantly as her, get CDs of her latest movies not missing any (last being 'Aaja Nach Le'), imitate her style of dressing and hair and basically do everything a star fanatic does. She was and continues to be my idol and I don't aspire to be her but she does inspire me to be that lovely, refined Indian woman she is. I have a collection of files with over a thousand postcards and pictures of Madhuri Dixit collected through my school days!

I was lucky enough to bump into her once a long time ago at a clinic but very obviously it was a very limited, formal and courteous exchange of greetings. Yes, I did feel that rage of excitement and scream out loud on seeing my idol in front of me, in person, just centimeters distant from me! I can be fan crazy too Wink

There have been a few instances when during shoots or dance sequences and performances, I have been complimented to remind people of Madhuri Dixit. And that makes my day Big smile

So who are your idols and favorites??



My hobbies
Posted on: 22 April 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

I have many hobbies one of which is watching movies! I'm a big movie buff and watch everything from Bollywood, Hollywood movies to regional ones'. Language has never really been a barrier and I enjoy all genres and storylines. That also includes films that might have not done very well at the box office. Infact its not-doing-so-well only makes me want to watch it all the more as I'm curious to know what it was criticized for and what its downfalls were. It makes you learn as well to not make the same mistakes in your own projects.

My other hobby is reading-I like reading books, although this is a recent hobby and not since childhood. I hardly even read the usual children's or teenagers' books like Mills and Boons. It was only during 'Kasauti..' where Taraana who played my on-screen daughter 'Vishakha', got me into it. She would often catch up on her reading during breaks between shoots and I started myself too by picking up whatever she was done with. Then onwards I have been into it and I'm glad it's a hobby now Smile

Reading has helped me in ways too many. Watching a performance in a skit or movie or any video, enables the character to convey their emotions and dialogues. The delivery there is good, with live action but through books, the reader is open to his or her imagination and the understanding of the story, the plot makes you go deeper into it! That is what I love about reading. It helps understand the story, performance, emotions, grip very well with the vivid and detailed descriptions.

One book that really got me captivated is 'The Alchemist'. And somehow in my everyday life, I've been reminded of its brief teachings. It amazes me how one book can have such an impact on your life! I have been able to relate my life to 'The Alchemist' in several ways. Books help you reflect on yourself, on others and your life better. Certain difficulties and loopholes that you were not able to solve earlier, are resolved soon after reading books which are insightful. They help you adopt the right approach towards life and its hurdles. 'Veronica Decides To Die' and 'Two States' are some of the books I really liked. I am a big fan of fiction books and have read back to back books of Sydney Sheldon and Daniel Steel.

Fortunately even Palak has grown accustomed to reading. She reads many Akbar and Birbal books, including bed time stories and the Hanna Montana books that she often reads to herself before falling asleep. She enjoys reading the children's section in newspapers too and I'm glad I did not have to force her into this habit. She has developed it herself and its great she is reading at this age so that once she is older, she will have enough and more knowledge than her mother Smile



Shweta's Last Blog till today.. i hope dat dere will be more nd he will update her blog.
Back to theatre...
Posted on: 30 April 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

I'm doing a Hindi play with Kiran Karmarkar called 'Shaadi ki Home Delivery'. Its based on marriage comprising the stereotypical quarrelsome couple. They cannot solve their differences that keep re-surfacing and eventually separate. Its only after splitting they realize that the problem wasn't with them together as much as individualistic. Over time they comprehend that the issues were never there and nor were the arguments but only created by themselves.

In this play I play many roles as a Punjabi, Gujarati, Maharashtran etc. When I was approached for this skit, the different shades in each of these characters excited me and I felt them challenging so I instantly accepted it, mainly since it has multiple roles.

Kiran is God gifted and a very versatile actor, I would say with a great sense of humour. During all our rehearsals, he would come up with funny lines and keep making additions or editing our lines. He always made us laugh! It was a very good experience sharing the stage with him.

I have always been into theatre and drama from the very start and love it! It gives you a refreshing feeling before, during and after the performance. Its more live and there are no second chances unlike on camera. When filming a show or movie, everything is done in numerous re-takes and in bits and pieces. You have the opportunity of trial and error. But in theatre, whatever gestures or emotions you play or lines you deliver, are your first and last shot. And that is what makes it all the more exciting. The feeling you get when just entering on stage and getting into the character's skin, with a live audience out there focusing on you and only you, is very thrilling! It feels special to be their source of entertainment for those few hoursSmile   It gets in a lot more life into the plot of the drama.

Friends, I have an earnest request to all of you, to not leave back any negative feedback against each other on my blog. Please don't cause any arguments or debates and keep it a happy, healthy discussion at the most without any rudeness.Big smile We are here to share out thoughts and view points. Not to fuel fire or be impolite and offensive.

So, don't fight! Big smile



I hope Shweta dat u will update ur blog.. We all fans r waiting 4 ur more nd more Blogs..Ouch

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Aurna_ST IF-Dazzler

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Congratulations Everyone!!!!!!!!!!Party

WoW.........Great......We have completed 4 fanclubs!!!!!DancingDancingDancingDancing

Faraan........Again Awesome job my dear friend!!!!!!Hug

I have edited a pic of ST in order to welcome u all to this new FC!!!!


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Originally posted by Aurna_ST

Congratulations Everyone!!!!!!!!!!Party

WoW.........Great......We have completed 4 fanclubs!!!!!Dancing

Faraan........Again Awesome job my dear friend!!!!!!Hug

I have edited a pic of ST in order to welcome u all to this new FC!!!!


OMG OMG OMG Aurna tuney to mjhe shock klr daala... Shocked.ROFL
Itni mindblowing siggie yaar..!!!
I'm totally drooling by seeing dis.. really cant get my eyes off 4rm dis siggie.. Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming
Can i use it in da starting aurna...??? Embarrassed

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Thank u Faraan 4or liking it!!!!! Hug

It's nt a siggie yaar....i hav just edited tht pic!!!!LOL

yeah.....obviously u can use itEmbarrassed ROFL

baad mein tashu se bolkar ek acchi siggie bana lena!!!!Wink

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