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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 09/02/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2004
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Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:19am | IP Logged

Friends, I can't wait to tell you what an absolutely beautiful episode that was.......even the stoniest of hearts will melt...and the driest of eyes will cry.........it was that beautiful.



Aryan questions Jassi on the ownership of Kohinoor. She says it belongs to her boyfriend Nandan Verma. Armaan and Raj look very very nervous. Aryan says that according to his kind information, the owner of Kohinoor is some Ms.Jasmeet Walia. Jassi looks down, and Armaan looks freaked out. Jassi however maintains her composure & boldly asks Aryan what makes him sound so sure. He says that he has the proof: The certificate from the Chamber of Commerce's, and its photocopies. Mallika smiles bitterly; Raj goes and positions himself near Armaan. Aryan goes and hands the copies to all, one by one. Raj takes his copy and Armaan tries to look like he doesn't know anything, but is compelled to look at it. Puru looks at his copy and looks sternly at Jassi. Aryan then gives a victorious look to Jassi and asks her what she has to say. Jassi admits that Kohinoor is hers. Armaan looks shocked and Aryan smiles all the more. Mallika then asks Jassi why did she fake that the company belonged to Nandan Verma. Jassi says that she has never gone around telling everybody that Kohinoor belongs to her boyfriend, that job was Pari's she says. She continues that Kohinoor does belong to Nandan Verma; but he decided to put the shares on her name as she has good relations with the banks and can manage the finances better. She says that they can say that Kohinoor was a gift to her from Nandan Verma. Armaan looks at her with a surprised look, gradually the tension fading from his face. Aryan laughs mockingly and asks of which kingdom is Nandan Verma the Czar that he could gift his girlfriend a company. Jassi says that for him, this is no big deal. Aryan then continues that then surely for Jassi, the job at Gulmohur might seem very petty. She counters that it isn't, and that she works for Kohinoor at home. Armaan looks like a tire in which air is being slowly refilled...Jassi continues that she can present the proofs if they want. Puru says that there is no need for any of this as he feels that things have become pretty clear now. He dismisses the matter much for Jassi and Armaan's relief. Aryan says that fine, let the matter close for now, but he warns Jassi that he swears he'll find out the truth. He then tells Jassi that she may go.


Jassi rushes to her cabin & calls Nandu. She tells him that Aryan has found out the truth of Kohinoor's ownership. Nandu asks her why she is scared. He says that the ones who need to be scared are the thieves Armaan & Raj. Jassi tells him that she is worried because all of Aryan's aspersions and suspicions are targeted at her. She hangs up.


Only Mallika, Armaan and Raj are left in the Boardroom. Mallika tells Armaan bitterly that he has given too much freedom to that "Chasmis Chuhiya..." he trusts her so much, but look at her ..she concealed the truth about Kohinoor from him. Armaan angrily retorts that Jassi has a right to her private life and that shouldn't affect them. Raj just looks at them, worried. Mallika shouts back that this doesn't mean that Jassi has a right to slap him in front of his employees. Armaan yells that YES!! Jassi did slap him, she very much did, but by slapping him, she did him a favor..he had gone out of his limits and senses and if she hadn't stopped him, he does not know what he would have done. This irritates Mallika further who says that how much Jassi has changed Armaan...or is it someone else who has changed him? Armaan looks at her squarely in the eyes and says that yes, he has changed..the man standing before her is the new Armaan Suri, he says. It is now up to her to decide whether she wants to marry this changed Armaan or not. Mallika looks at him in disbelief. She asks him if he wants to cancel the wedding. Armaan looks away. He says that he is not the one; she is the one who's to decide. He tells her that for him, she is the same Mallika who he has known and liked from childhood. She looks at him painfully and says that yes, she is the Mallika whom he has known, but not the one whom he loves now. Armaan tries to avoid her eyes. She says that however, the man standing in front of her is the man whom she loves and wants to marry. Armaan looks at her...there was a certain sadness and guilt in his eyes...Mallika says that she'll see him at the fashion show and leaves.

Raj comes up to Armaan and tells him that everybody has started suspecting now....(what?) He tells Armaan that tomorrow at the meeting, everybody will look at their balance sheets with microscopes..he says that the false bal sheets need to be perfect...just perfect.


Pari comes chirping to Mallika. Mallika, obviously in a rotten mood snaps at her. Pari begs that she need a favor from her. She says that she needs to borrow some cash, which she promises to return the next month. Mallika looks irritated and asks her for what. Pari says that she's inviting someone for dinner at her place. Mallika says that obviously it must be her best friend, that is she Mallika herself. Pari pouts and says it is not..actually it is Nandan Verma. She says that she doesn't want him to feel that she is only after her money. Mallika tells her that she'll be happy to know then that he is not the owner of Kohinoor. Pari looks shocked. She asks who is the owner and Mallika tells her it's Jassi. (Sab kiye karaye oar pani phir gaya Pari!!)

Meanwhile, Nandini calls Jassi and asks her if her decision to accompany Nandini is firm, as she needs to confirm the reservations. Jassi says that she has decided to leave with her.


Now, the best scene of the day:

Jassi is sitting in her cabin. Armaan appears at the door (his hair is all ruffled and he looks more boyish than ever.) He enters and asks her how the balance sheets are going. There is a certain defeated tone in his voice...and he looks tired. She looks away. He asks her why she does not answer. She says that everyone has started suspecting them..and to top it all, these forged balance sheets; she says that she is scared they may find out the truth.
Armaan goes and stands close to her. He looks at her with helpless eyes and says softly, "Jassi, you know something? At this moment, my career, my future, my honor, my entire life is in your hands. If in your heart, you have even a tiny bit of love remaining for me...if you value my love even a little...then please help me...please help me.....He holds her hand. He moves his hand slowly up her wrist, her arm, to her shoulder and pulls her closer. He catches her face in his hands and asks her painfully, "Do you want to see me destroyed ?" She looks at him..The tears in his eyes melt her and tears trickle down her face..."No!" she whispers. He looks at her through his soft brown eyes..he holds her cheeks and says that he loves her...he loves her very much, he repeats. He asks her painfully if she loves him back...Jassi is crying....They come closer and their heads touch against each other...Armaan is almost crying too...(Atleast I saw the water under his eye)...It was a tender moment...and seemed infinite...when Mallika calls. (All the damns in the world to her!!!!)
Armaan pulls himself away and he answers her. Mallika is at the fashion show, all decked up and tells him that his parents are waiting for him. He looks irritated and hangs up.
He turns to Jassi. Jassi tells him firmly to go...she will do the balance sheets. Armaan goes to her. He lifts her face by her chin, smiles lovingly at her and says, " Tomorrow, after the board meeting I will fulfill my promise. Tomorrow, Mallika will be completely out of my life and this Armaan will be only yours....only yours Jassi..", he holds her face one last time and leaves.


Maddy and Nandini are discussing the arrangements. Mallika arrives and Maddy tells her that she's looking divine. He tells her that with Nandini looking after the arrangements, everything has to be perfect. Mallika goes to Nandini and thanks her for everything. She looks quite upset and lost and Nandini looks at her with a worried and puzzled look.


Jassi sits down, defeated. She looks at Armaan's photo in her drawer and says that she does want to hurt him, but she cannot destroy him, because by doing this, she will only hurt herself more. She says that she knows that doctoring the balance sheets is wrong, but " I'll do it for you Armaan Sir" she says. She starts working.


Puru, Ila and Mallika are waiting for Armaan. Puru asks what's taking him so long and wonders if the balance sheets are done. Ila then says that they need not worry as Armaan has come. Armaan comes, looking fresh and sweet in a red shirt and white suit. He says he was late as there was some work in the office. Puru again asks him if the bal sheets are fine and he smiles that they are. Mallika excuses herself. Puru and Ila look worried. Ila says that perhaps Mallika is upset. She scolds Armaan that he should go and cheer her up..tomorrow is the Mehendi and also Valentines Day, she says. She tells her son that such small happiness are very special, and more so for a woman. Armaan scratches his head & says that he is sorry.

He moves away from them. The thought of Valentines Day makes him smile his cute smile. (yes, we were waiting for it too, Armaan ).

He starts talking to himself, " Jassi, My Valentine! You were the one who helped me always Jassi..who stood by me in all my trials and tribulations and helped me out of them...."
He is standing where a lovely white, round lamp is hanging and it keeps swinging, hiding and showing his sweet face...like the moon playing hide and seek behind the clouds...
All that is yours is mine now Jassi...and all that is mine is yours....you whom I love...whom I love....."
he closes his eyes and smiles.Heart


Meanwhile, Jassi is working fast and Nandu calls. He asks her what she's doing so late. She tells him that she is changing the balance sheets .

Armaan continues to himself, Heart" Tomorrow, after the board meeting, everything will change Jassi, everything will change...and I will make my promise come true..." Heart


Jassi is telling Nandu that she ahs promised Armaan. He scolds her that she is a fool to come into his trap again. She tells him that she cannot see him break more...by hurting him, she is hurting herself more. Just then a boy with a lovely bouquet of roses gets into the elevator.

Armaan continues to himself, " HeartTomorrow ,Valentine's Day will see a new start of our life..a new start of our love Jassi..."Heart


Jassi tells Nandu that tomorrow, she'll hand everything, the papers, the car and Kohinoor to Armaan and then leave GM for good.. Nandu is shocked. Just then the boy arrives with the roses and Jassi keeps looking at them.


             It was a brilliant, well directed episode. Many thanks to Tony and Deeya!!

rain Groupbie

Joined: 17 August 2004
Posts: 104

Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:23am | IP Logged
umm absolutely ...beautiful episode thanks so much for updating
Rumi Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2005
Posts: 1704

Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:28am | IP Logged
it was a brilliant update as well Daisy! i just cannot forget armaan's face, his teary eyes and his weepy voice!!!!!!
loveneha_r Goldie

Joined: 19 August 2004
Posts: 1552

Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:34am | IP Logged
thanks for the awesome update!!!! I cant wait to see this episode!!!
rouble Senior Member

Joined: 16 August 2004
Posts: 870

Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:34am | IP Logged
wow what a wonderful episode. thanks a lot daisy!
sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
Posts: 3658

Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:37am | IP Logged
oh wow.thanks daisy.. great episode. I wonder who that boy is.. or who sent those roses...could it be PURAB? Embarrassed
jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
Posts: 6974

Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:40am | IP Logged
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!! If I wasn't at
work, I would have squealed!!!!   Big smile   I am so excited!!!!!
stpra Groupbie

Joined: 28 September 2004
Posts: 196

Posted: 09 February 2005 at 11:42am | IP Logged


Thanks for the update. I don't see anything unusual in this episode. Same old crap, not sure its worth watching it.

Understandbly, you being Armaan fan , you are going gaga over the episode.

Quiet a few times u had recommended us to watch some episodes, painstakingly I took time off and watched couple of episodes, I could only concurr, you are a beautiful writer,  who is very apt in giving colors and make things look bright around u.  However, the episodes were just ordinary, not worth watching.

I wud rather be happy reading ur updates.


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