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THENDRAL 7.9.2010

pictures by Aishu
credits to
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Scene opens with the altercation between Charu's dad & accusing brother for supporting TA...periappa is upset ...charu's dad feels guilty for the rash statement , apologizes to brother.Periappa gives sane & sound advice. This is the only part I liked in this whole episode.Periappa says aathirak karanukku budhi mattu ,haste decisions are bound to cause more woes , crying will not solve problems , think calmly & decide about future course of action , TAvai eppadi azha vaik kalam enbadhai vida Charuvai eppadi vaazha vaikkalamnu yosi.
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TA's to skip the first part or press the mute button. TA mom simultaneously opens her glycerine tank & gutter mouth...moochu vidama vasai paading  T & T . sema stamina indha ammaku. Lav & Sudha try in vain to put an end to her nonstop  nonsense.

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Anand with manasellam mathapoo happily arrives at TA's house. Poor fellow ,unaware that the fire ignited by him is going to backfire at him , cheerfully enters the house. Sema aapu awaits him. Ta's mom takes out her anger on him...adichu thuvaichu kaayap podadha kurai. Anand is baffled at this welcome. Then comes to know about T&T fly dancing on his face. He is thrown out of the house...pethom pizhaichomnu aiya angirundhu joooooooot.
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MM  house. Wedding party in full swing. Deepa/ Kalyani/ Pavi serving snacks. ELLumkoLLum spluttering on Padma's face. One student further irritate & taunt her by calling her chitti , chuthi. Finally the students take leave.

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One girl teases Tulasi not to forget them all after wedding. TA retorts Tulasi will attend college even after wedding , he will make her study as much as she wants. Hmm velai vetti illai aana veeN jambathukku mattum kuraichal illai.
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Today's episode was super hilarious!!! Big smileWink Anand getting semma adi from TA's mum, on behalf of TA.. sooooooper!!!ROFLClap Even Anand knows that TA's mum is a bazaari.. ivane certificate kuduthutaan!!! LOLLOL Lavanya, you are just pure selfish!! You'll see where this attitude will take you soon... AngryAngry and for once Sudha got along with TA's mum for a few seconds instead of provoking her... Clap

Scene at MM's hse was engeyoooooo... the coll guys were killing mee... The guy in red shirt addressing Padma as Chitthi and Chutthi and irritating her... LOLLOLLOL and Thulasi pothaathunu TA vera vekka padraan.... WinkTongue but it was awesome when he said "en Thulasi evlo aasapaduraalo avlo thooram naa padikka veppen.. yaarum marandhudadheenga, en wife oru engineer"!! Tongue Awwwww that was just chooooooooooo chweeeeeet..ClapClap but TA, I hope you understand that actions speak louder than words and soo, DO what you said... Big smile and MM saying Thuuu at Padma... Damn I just couldn't stop laughing!!!!ROFL LOLLOL Well done everyone!!! ClapClapClap

and yes Periyappa is very sane and rational.. really admire his character!! Clap Charu appa maadhiri oru aathirakaaranukku intha maadhiri oru calm and composed person theva thaan.. Pity Nitheesh though.. Will he still marry Lavs?? D'oh

andd Thanks Srima for the quick update!! Smile

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Thanks for the update srima Smile.

It was a nice episode..was quite funny with the college students irritating Padma and the guy in red tshirt calling chitti chutti was really very funny to watch LOL.

And Aanadh getting hit by TA's mom was funny, vaayilaye podu podunu potanga..he deserves this.
Argg..this Lavanya Angry, this lady is so selfish. How can she talk as nothing happened between TT before.You were the reason for TT and now you speak as you don't know Thulasi.What happened to your "Thulasi Anni"? Lavanya knew very well that her brother has not any interest in Charu but she too like her gutless brother kept quiet and her mom gave that poor girl more and more hopes by lying. That poor Charu family Ouch. Nitheesh deserves more than this Lavanya and his whole family does not deserve TA's family. Sudha surprised me today.She was keeping quiet for her character.

I liked TA's dialogues about making study his wife, we have to wait and watch how he is gonna succeed in it Smile.

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I was expecting cute romantic scenes between T and TA ....but bushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
dir sir please show romantic scenes......
waiting for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how many days azhugachiya mattum kattuveenga............

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Periyappa is such a good brotherBig smile! They have such a sweet family, what bad timing they had to be linked to TA's family. CryOuch 
Hehehe yes most of the episode was sema funny. Anandh's adi from TA's mom was the one thing she did right in the past few weeks. Hahahah, Anandh, for your "nalla" manasu you always get your aapu! Tongue
TA, like Priya said, you better do as you said and make sure Thuls studies...better not just be talk, you better do the walk too!!!!!!
Sudha, nee nejama oru nalla marumagal. How many days has your MIL verbally tortured and taunted you whenever the T&C weddings looked like they were going to happen, and when you see her all upset, you are not taking advantage to add fuel to the fire. ClapClapClapClapClap I have gained a lot of respect for you now. Star
I hate how Lavannya and TA's mom are acting like TA's a toy. TA has a lot  of flaws but he's not a bad person. But these two ladies push him to do what they want, and when he finally can't take it anymore and does something for himself, they easily hate on him.
When Lavs wanted Thuls as Anni, she pushed, pushed and pushed him to Thuls. Remember when TA said "I'm scared about amma, we should just forget Thuls" but Lavannya's like "Don't worry about amma, she'll be fine, don't give up Thuls." 
And now when she got a better Anni, she tried to push him to Charu. I know TA didn't tell but TA's mom and Lav are acting like they didn't hide anything from Charu's family either. Atleast out of concern for Charu, they could've asked TA before pushing through with the wedding.  TA kept quiet trying to spare these selfish peoples feelings???? Angry Should've just spit the truth to Charu and let her be in peace....

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Thanks Sri maa for the update and Aishu for the pictures daStar
I just looooooooooooooooooooooooooved todays episodeROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
I wanted to take up my slap o-meter and count the slaps and beatings Anand got from namma action queen, lady star VijaysanthyROFLROFLROFL He got vatti with mudhal...enjoy AnandEvil Smile
Lavanya seems to be selfish, i mean you all were selfish and didint count your brothers feelings but he is someone who doesnt care about family cause he married the girl he lovedConfused I tell ya..its called hypocrisy and pure selfishnessSleepy
Okay, over to the serious matter...i felt bad for Periyappa and Charus daddyOuch But loved Periyappas dialog..instead of make them cry..lets think of how to calm Charu and get better life for herClap He  also said decision made in anger will just create further more problemStar

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Thanks for the update srima and aishu akka for the pictures Smile!

Woww...this periyappa is such a nice and lovely character like Deepa's daddy. This Charu's family shows very well how a family who is ready for the marriage of their daughter/son would feel if the groom or the bride elope with someone else few days before the marriage. Nth new in our society, but it shown very well the pain the concerned guy or girl and everything the family would go through Ouch.

See...evlo nalla selfless person yaarai selfishnu sollraangannu.... Angry....pucca selfish Lavanya....feel really like slapping that girl...she was neither true to her Thulasi Anni or to her Charu Anni or neither to her brother.....yes...avanga love pannithaan mrge pannikittaanga....antha loveku neenga muzhu muthal kaaranamgratha maranthidatheenga madameAngry!
Then this TA's only now care about that poor Charu...appo anikku ava appa munnadi antha drama pottadhu enge maranthu pocha...athila ponnu manasile oru wedding kottai vera katti vechittu Angry....if these two selfish had thought even a bit abt that poor Charu that girl would not go through the hell now Ouch....and TA did the mistake to care about these selfish ppl and just should have ignored them and opened his mouth to Charu like you Ranu said...ahhh maan i am getting rude now towards this pple.

The college guys and Anandh getting dharma adi was funny...and Padma getting
Mr. TA...ithilayum only vaay pechu thaana or would you prove that what you said...getting irritated with your bla bla bla and then doing nothing...hope you will do it for your Thulasi!

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Ivanga chitti ella chutti was so niceClap
It is high time the serial moved. We have seen enough of crying and blushing.
Anand getting beaten up was fun but what gives TA's mother the right to beat anyone she feels like. Really she is a goonda.
Lavs is just that - why should Thuls fall for her brother when Lavs calls her anni and back out when Lavs tells her to do so. Ithu too much pa.
Pavithra is cute - the girl does her role really well.
When will TA go to his office.

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