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(Siddhima) Tere Mast Do Nain

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2010 at 9:44pm | IP Logged

Pro Siddhima


I still can't get over today's episode.  The entire time I was grinning like a fool.  It took me back to those episodes in March where love was blooming and I am so glad that that pyaar ka mausam is back.  I have been tolerating DMG for the longest time it seems of recent, putting up with the wishy washiness of Riddhima (although I personally never really believed she was straying from the path destiny had chosen for her) but lately Ridz has been opening up and letting her thoughts be known.  And today, today was all about Riddhima.  She was the show stealer for me. 


Yes yes, Siddhant was his sweet self, where once again he proved why everyone deserves a husband like him, and any girl lucky enough to get him should hang on tight.  Like when he says, "Everything needs to be perfect, the perfect wedding for the perfect girl."  Hai, if Ridz heard that she would have melted into a puddle right there, and she would have probably been like screw the re-marriage lets go to the honeymoon straight, wink wink.  As I have said before Sid gets Ridz, he knows that although she may not say it, or show it enough, she loves him and she wants him and he's content with whatever she is willing to give.  Sid will always feel blessed for being given Riddhima (I know makes you wonder if he shook something loose in his head during one of those fatak's he received from Ridz in the airport lol) and he will always cherish her like she deserves to be. (sometimes more than she deserves)


But as I've said before this episode to me was all about Riddhima, and how she has grown not only as a woman but as a wife.  She is finally confident not only in what her husband feels for her, but what she has been feeling for her husband as well.  You know I was so overwhelmed by today's episode and had so much to say, but didn't know how to contruct a post around it.  It was simply too good for me to analyze and thus it took me so long to get something typed out.  But as I was driving to school today I had my CD playing and "Tere mast do nain" came on a song that as become a very big obsession in the SR fan club played.  Now I have always felt that this song suited Siddhima, but today the words just fit so perfectly for the episode, and especially for Ridz.


So the female part begins "Tujhse shuru huyi, tujhpe hi khatham ho. Duniya meri duniya duniya meri."  Man this is so what has happened for Riddhima.  She was a part of the living world, but not living.  She was letting the world pass her by without cherishing it all because she had been abandoned by the one man she had ever loved.  See Riddhima's duniya didn't begin until Sid came into her life.  At least not her new life, not the life she had to relearn to live after Armaan left her.  And now her life not only begins with Sid, but it ends with him as well.  Sid has become her whole world, he is the one that taught her to breathe again, he is the one that showed her that life goes on, and he is certainly the one that now occupies her every thought.  And once again Ridz told us how Sid is the one that is her world, today when she busted Sid with Bobby and bachelor party balloons she admitted to him that she wasn't mad at him for having the party (what an understanding biwi), but rather she was upset that he lied to her.  That the one thing she cherished about him was his honesty.  And the next line was key my friends, "Armaan never bothered to tell me anything."  The way she says it it's almost as though it just occurred to her how different Sid and Armaan are.  As though all the worries and doubts she had gone through with her relationship with Armaan never came up with the one she had with Sid.  And then she almost desperately begs Sid to "never change"  With these few lines Ridz admitted to Sid that he was the better one for her, he was the one that she trusted completely, he was the one that understood her best.  See all her life Ridz has been lied to "for her own good" and yet this is the one thing that she hates.  But Sid was the one person to never lie to her, instead he told her the truth whether she wanted to hear it or not and made her face it.  She loves Sid for this, and today in her subtle way she admitted to Sid that he was the man for her.


Next lines are, "Yeh baat dil mein thi, nainon ne bol di, main hoon teri, main hoon main hoon teri."  If these words don't describe Riddhima then I don't know what else can.  As I said earlier Sid was the one that saved her in more ways then the literal and he is the one that her world revolves around, when Armaan came back the choice was never between Armaan or Sid, but rather Sid or no Sid if he didn't want her.  But once Sid said it aloud that he wanted her, he was all she's ever wanted.  You see Ridz loves Sid and although she hasn't said the words out loud, her eyes always speak volumes.  As the song line says, "The words that were in my heart were spoken by my eyes...I am yours, I am yours."  And today, as she watched Sid getting the wedding decorations set up and looking at his list and making sure everything its perfect, she admitted to herself that this wedding was just as important to Sid.  And as she saw Sid and thought to herself what he had come to mean to her she got tears in her eyes.  See that one little tear said it all, "I am yours...I am yours."  Once again when she and Sid were standing by the piano after he had retied the strings to her dress he told her, "I Love you."  And her eyes once again started to tear up, she was once again saying, "I am yours...I am yours."  And then when Sid says he will always tell her those words, that he will make sure they will have the perfect marriage. She says she doesn't want or need anything more than for him to say that he will never leave her, that he loves her.  And when he asks her if she's sure she should ask for something she once again asks him to repeat the words and when he does her eyes tell him, tell us all, "I am yours...I am yours."  And you know what, Ridz has been saying that to Sid for quite some time, if you go back to those episodes where it seemed as though she was being wishy washy you look at her eyes, look for whom she searches, for whom she sheds tears, for whom her eyes smile and you will see every times its for Sid, and she's saying "I am yours."


Finally the lines, "Tujhko hi yaad kar ke, aahein baroon main, milke bhi mil na puan.  Aab kya karoon main, milke bhi mil na paun, ab kya karoon main." I will just focus on the part where Ridz is observing Sid from afar and watching him as he continues with the wedding setup (PS shouldn't the bride's side be doing the kaam???, oh well as ladki vala I guess I will enjoy this royalty treatment lol)  So she is watching Sid and remembering what their relationship was like before, and what they have come to become. As Rid said this wedding means as much to Sid.  But I think what's more important is the fact that Ridz is admitting that the wedding means as much to her as it does for Sid.  See Sid from the beginning was serious about this wedding, he was open to building a relationship with Ridz first as friends and then hopefully more when she was ready, no matter how long it took.  Of course she ruined it by the p-fiasco, but the real doubter for the marriage was Ridz.  And today we heard from Ridz herself in her usual round about way that this wedding, this marriage, means everything to her.  So as she admires her hubby from afar some random auntys come and block her view and immediately she starts to get antsy, and as the words of the song go, "Meeting you, and yet not meeting, I have filled my desire for you."  See even without meeting Sid, Ridz was filling her desire, getting her fill of love, from afar.  And when those auntys came and blocked her view of him she had to immediately find out where he was so she craned her neck this way and that, and then when the autnys finally moved away he was no longer there.  And immediately she began searching for him.  "What to do now?  Even by meeting you I have not met you  What do now?"  See for most seeing their significant other would be enough, and getting blocked by auntys would be annoying, but it wouldn't make you crane your neck (okay maybe if it was Sid we all would, but that's beside the point) and when they moved and you didn't find him right where he was before, you wouldn't panic and start searching every which way.  Because you would know he is nearby, and probably went off to take care of something.  But you see Riddhima is so in love with her husband, that sure she is okay if she doesn't actually meet him, but she needs to fill her desires from afar, she needs to know where Sid is at all times.  Of course, Sid being the sweety that he is realizes that his wife is in distress and comes to relieve her and in the process busts her for looking for him and then we get that beautiful untying of blouse and husband protecting his wife's "izaat".  


So I leave with this, I loved this episode.  All of it.  Not one second seemed like a waste, or a bore.  This was what I have always thought would come of Sid and Ridz's relationship and although it took longer than I had originally anticipated I am glad it has indeed come.  I will say I am glad that since this track is about the remarriage of Sid and Riddhima the focus of the episodes is indeed Sid and Riddhima.  I know in the next few episodes Riddhima will become even more focal about her feelings for Sid and how she is not just happy but ecstatic about her remarriage with Sid, and as she says in the precap, "God chooses the right person for you."


PS loved how Sid was like "Why are you staring? She's my wife, I can do as I wish"  Yes you can Mr. Modi yes you can.  And believe me your wife most certainly loves it as do we.


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Posted: 06 September 2010 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
What can I say! 
Absoltuely loved your post as much as SR today...
You are right, in the past few days we've been seeing Riddhima's love for Siddant...
RM is one lady that displays her feelings in action and not words(Somehow I feel we'll soon get to see her voicing her feelings for her hubby)... She is so so siddified..
Monsoon wedding and Siddhima romance.... After ages,  DMG is lovely ... No triangle crap nothing but a budding love between these two that were thrown together by destiny...Love it!

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.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Wonderful post Arp - your right the last few episodes have highlighted Ridz's love for her cut doc. - especially the tears she had seeing sid do all the preparations - it really emoted how her love for sid is much beyond words

Loved reading ur take - keep writing - its always a delight to read ur posts!

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desi chic
desi chic

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Tumhaari aakhon mein mujhe khud ka chehra nazar aata hai,
Har saans ke baad mujhe bas
          ... tera naam yaad aata hai.

The above lines are (c) by desi chic [Neetu]/india-forums.com DO NOT COPY/REPOST elsewhere.

Arpu, what you call bak-bak... is light on the porch for those wanderers of the dark. You are absolutely right about the episode and its significance. I've always loved Jenny, but in the last few episodes since this re-marriage track opened up, she seems to be really glowing - as if the magic is affecting her like a new bride. Today's episode indeed showed that Riddhima has indeed stepped beyond the past and now she sees nothing beyond her future with Siddhant. When he goes amiss for a moment before her eyes, panic shuffles from her feet upwards and you can notice the faint dissappointment cross her face like a shadow. And when he reappears, she is so overwhelmed that the tears flow through without notice. I've always believed Riddhima to be a very passionate person, and I'm sure that now that her heart has found a home, she will succumb to its owner like never before... the defenses are strewn and the Riddhima of today is fully Mrs. Riddhima Modi.


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I cant tell you arp how much I love your bak bak Hug

thnx Faru for making me watch the episodes Embarrassed loved every bit of it and yes it reminds me of March. I love how a tear signifies Riddhima's love, respect and guilt (for hurting her loving husband unconsciously) , and most of all how she opened herself first time in front of anyone and letting her feelings and thought flow, how she conveyed all that she needs from Sid. hope to see some really soothing and worth watching SR in coming episodes.

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lulu99arp04srocksdesi chic

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ya i agree

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beautiful analysis arpzClap

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