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(31st Aug. '10 - 3rd Sept. '10)

Salaam, Namaste, Hello & Hii to all My Lovely YRKKH-ians & all our Rishtedaars.
We take immense pleasure in presentin' the 8th Edition of the "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" Weekly Newsletter. So Happy Reading & Enjoy
Don't Forget to leave in your feedbacks, Comments of appreciation & criticisms.
All are heartily welcome. Big smile

Credit :: Sia(Summary of the Week...)

The week started with scenes at the restaurant, naitik denying akshara permission to meet sneha, and they both have a mis-understanding over it.Akshara is very sad about the issue.Bhola continues to follow Naitik.

Akshara realises what to do and prepares naitik's fav food, decorates their room, waits for him patiently.naitik bought a saree for akshara but comes to know Bhola is following him.He mis-understands Akshara and accuses her of spying on him by sending Bhola.Akshara is shattered.

She later comes to know its her mother rajshri who has done it.She feels terrible about this news. On the other hand, mohit's mother has started torturing Nandini.Sneha is still in notion that naitik likes her and comes to his office to speak to him.

Akshara does try to patch up with Naitik but in vain, their mis-understading is getting worse.Rajshri asks for forgiveness from akshara, but akshara is highly disturbed and avoids talking to rajshri.
Gayatri senses that there is something wrong between Naitik-Akshara.
Coming week, Naitik going to Ahmedabad.So stay tuned for more twists amd tuns coming up.Smile

Credit :: Manasi(The Best Scene of the Week)

This week we saw a dhamaakedaar scene where-in Akshara arrives at the Maheshwaris' with a very upset mood when she gets to know that Bhola has been spying on Naitik, and even more worse-Naitik blaming her for all this...!!She confronts Bhola, asking him the reason as to why did he keep a watch on Naitik.Rajashri confesses to Akshara that she was the one responsible for all this coz she had told Bhola to spy on him so that she'll be relieved that Naitik isn't meeting any girl with wrong intentions.Rajashri tries her best to explain it to Akshara that she was very scared and worried for her daughter that's why she did, but Akshara is very hurt by this and gets tensed as to what will she answer Naitik...
The complete sequence was well presented, kudos to the two fab actresses Lata Sabarwal seth aka Rajashri and Hina Khan aka Akshara, with their amazing expressions and dialogue delivery!

Credit :: Manasi(Best Dialogue of the Week)

Meri wajah se baat kuch jarurat se jyaada hi bigadti jaa rahi hai..Isliliye main soch raha hu ki ye silsila main yahi katm kar du..Unhe phone karke indirectly yeh keh deta hu ki unka kaam sirf ek project ke liye hi tha..

Naitik explains everything to Mohit about how Akshara is upset with him coz he didnt let her meet Sneha at the restaurant..He says that all is getting messe up coz of him..So now he has taken up a decision that he'll call up Sneha and will indirectly tell her that her work with him was limited for one project only..

Credit :: Sia(The Character that stood out from the Rest)
G a y a t r i   S i n g h a n i a
Being a worried mother or a concerned Mother-in-law, gayatri stood out this week with this protrayal.She was worried for Naitik as he was very sad this week(thanks to the mis-understandings between him and aksharaOuch), and she sensed there was something wrong between Akshara and naitik as they were behaving indifferently.Gayatri being a wonderfull mother-in-law was corcerned about Akshara, as she wasnt speaking to her mother.Throughout, we could see that she was very caring about her son and as well as her Daughter-in-law.Smile

Credit :: Manasi(The Actor/Actress that outshines all for his/her Acting Skills)

H i n a   K h a n

It's again Hina Khan who is the Star this week...The variety of expressions she gives with respect to each scene is commendable!She played different shades of being a DIL, a wife who is waiting for her husband but gets disheartened after he gets upset with her, a caring wife as well who is worried for her husband and goes against her mother for his self-respect, a daughter who is unwillingly compelled to get upset with her own mother for her husband and requests her mothe rto let her handle her own life in her way..So many roles to essay..And all done brilliantly by this amazing actress!Her acting skills and looks will definately be taking her to great heights...

Credit :: Sia(Best Dressed Character)

A k s h a r a   S i n g h a n i a

This week again, we have Akshara as the Style Icon.She looked very pretty this week with beautiful sarees and open hair.Big smile
 She totally proves one doesnt need heavy make up or any other attachment to look prettyClap.With simple make up,no heavy jewellery, she managed to look beautiful, especially in the pink saree.So its Akshara this week.Wink
Credit :: Vanshika (Best Jodi for their Chemistry)


Thzz week v hav something different in our jodi of da week... n jodi of da week goes to non other than rajshree n vishamber ..LOL Thzz week thr jodi was good as vish supported rajshree n assured her that everything will be fine.  This showed da true love between them..Tongue Rajshree n Vishamber u rawk n ur chemistry was superb Thumbs Up

Credit :: Sia(Best Song played of the Week)

There were no songs played this week.One background music which made the difference was the one played in the 3th september epi, where in bhabhima is crying Crylooking at nandini's wedding pictures.The scene was very sad, the music played was the sad, like thatWink).It was very sad to see her crying like that and background music said it all.

Credit :: Manasi(Rishta of the Week)

Maa - Beti

This week we saw a beautiful Maa-Beti rishta between Bhabhimaa and Nandini..Bhabhimaa has visited a mandir and her car's engine gets sme prob when she is about to leave for home.The driver tells her it'll take some time for the prob to get fixed.Bhabhimaa thinks of calling another car from home, but then it clicks to her that Nandini lives nearby so she can visit her and wait there for sometime.She is in a dilemma whether she should go or not, but then she finally decides to go.But when she reaches there, she sees Mohit's mom making Nandini do alot of work.This disturbs her.Though she doesn't speak up about this with anyone, she is very hurt from within and also goes through Nandini's marriage pics when she is missing her alot that night.

Credit :: Manasi(Most Lovable Romantic Moment)

- n o n e -Cry

Credit :: Manasi(BlushyEmbarrassed Moment of the Week)

This week we had no Naitik-Akshara scene together...But there were precisely two scenes wherein Akshara blushes thinking of Naitik when she is in her room....First scene was where she is waiting for Naitik in their room..She is setting up the room.She goes to the cupboard and is deciding which saree should she wear.SmileThe other scene was where she looks at Naitik's picture in a photo frame in their room and blushes saying that she is waiting for him..Embarrassed..

Credit :: Nikki (Emotional Moment of the Week)

Naitik is angry with Akshara as he feels she has put Bhola behind him because she doesn't trust him.

Naitik tells Akshara about Bhola spying on him. Akshara is shocked to know that Bhola is following Naitik. But Naitik suspects Akshara and questions her y did she sent Bhola to spy on him..dun she trust her husband??..and leaves Akshara in tearsCryCry saying that she has broken his heart.Broken Heart

Credit :: Nikki (Funniest Moment of the Week)

Akshara in kitchen was cooking sumthing. Gulabo enters and asks wht is being cooked? Akshara replies that she has cooked all Naitik's favourite dishes. Hearing this Gulabo says"acha hai aaj Dada ki wajah se hume bhi acha khana khane ko milega."Tongue

Haan gulaboji kyun nahi.. ab tak tumhe rukha sukha hi khaane ko milta tha..LOLLOL

Credit :: Nikki
(Biggest Blooper of the Week)

- n o n e -


Credit :: Bhavya(Best Siggy of the Week)

The Wining Siggy for this week is by -Durgavnii-

Here's your Prize Siggy, Do Use itWink

 Credit :: Bhavya(Best Avi of the Week)

- n o n e -

Here's Your Prize Siggy, You can use this all this Week Wink

Credit :: Bhavya(Best Video-Mix of the Week)

- n o n e -

Here's the Prize Siggy, Use it to flaunt it...

Credit :: Sia(Best Writer for the Week)

This week, we have moonlight08 as the Writer Of The Week who walked away with praises for her FF Tum Dena Saath Mera (Part 9).Clap

Credit :: Sia(Most Active Member of the Week)

The most active YRKKHian is smart.akaisha aka Soni for actively participating in all the discussions, posts,GOTW.Clap

Here's your siggy, use it to Flaunt it...

Credit :: Sia(Most Active Thread of the Week)

This week,Naksh Love Castle #41 was rocking all the way with naksh-o-lics back to discussing about naksh and YRKKH .Wink

--^-- NaKsh :: Love Castle # 41 --^--

Credit :: Sia(New member of the Week @ YRKKH Forum)

Our Newest Rishtedaar is Deena with username (londongirl1987 )
So, lets Welcome this new member to the Forum..

Here's your Welcome Siggy Buddy, you can use it all this week...

Credit :: Manasi(Prediction for the Week)

The predictions this week are more or less similar to the events predicted last week..This week we saw Naitik-Akshara MU increasing with first Bhola's spying, and then later Akshara's mere visit to Naitik's office when she returns home without meeting him since he is busy in a meeting with Sneha.
..Naitik, being very upset with Akshara coz of these two issues, will decide to go for a business tour to Ahmedabad for the new project, so as to stay away from Akshara...Akshara will try to stop him, but being so upset with her, he'll juz not pay heed to her request and will prolly be leaving...This week we might get to see one of the most longingly awaited scenes--Sneha and her mom visiting the Singhanias' with Sneha's rishta for Naitik...It's being predicted that this can happen in Naitik's absence.However, we want this to happen in his presence..Hopefully Naitik-Akshara MU will be resolved soon after this happens...

Credit :: Sia(Best YRKKH Segment for the Week)

A segment in SBS/SBB where they show Naitik is leaving somewhere, out of station.He is still angry on AKshara regarding the spying issue.Akshara is sad for that.OuchShe gives aarti to naitik, he takes the aarti but leaves without saying anything.Then they showed Naitik's interview, he said he is angry with akshara for spying on him.This segment definitely indicates that the MU's will not get solved that easily.Unhappy

Credit :: Shama (the most entertaining episode of the week)

The episode of the week is the Maha episode aired on 1st September .
It was a really dhamakedaar epi..wer akshara confess bhola n rajshri...all knews the truth of naitik's jasusi....

Credit :: Shikha(Quiz Contest for the Week)

- n o n e -

Participation Siggy...Clap

 Prize Siggy

Its again our dear Friend Ami... for managing the Forum so well !!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Written & Video Updaters, honeey_16, manasi_31, sonyfan, Nipun97
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope you all had a great time & enjoyed reading this NL. Thanks To all my NL Team Members
Nikki, Maheen, Sia, Vanshika, Bhavya & Evryone. Hope I'm not missing out anyone's name. Sorry if I am. Hugz to alll Hug

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nikki18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Gud job Manu Clap

Gr8 job NL n Dt team!!Thumbs Up

Congo to all the winners.. PartyDurgavnii, moonlight08 n Soni

welcum DeenaHug



cuming to NL

TG akshara cums to knw that Bhola and Rajshri did all this..

When Naitik told mohit dat he wud clr put everything thn y didn't he do it??Angry..after all he only started all this..y don't he admits it first instead of blaming Akshi.Ouch

 Gayatri deserves to b character of the's nyc to know she is concerned about Akshi and Naksh' relationship!!Big smile Keep it up Gayatri jee..dun shock us agn by ur sudden behaviour!LOL

 Well done Hina..she has improved  a lot..!!Clap

 Jodi of the week ..Rajshri-Vishambhar, to see Vishambhar making understand  Rajshri ..d mistake she did n how to improve it!Smile

Sad romantic moment this weeCryk..hope MUs ends soon!

Naitik relly hurted Akshi  a lotBroken Heart..she did all those preparations with so much love ..decorated room..made all his favourite dishesEmbarrassed..and Naitik without knowing the complete truth blamed AkshiOuch..dats not at all fair of him..he really need to throw his so called "ego" n get to know the realityAngry...y don't he confess everything first.

I really wish dis week Sneha n her mom makes  a visit to Singahnais so dat everything is revealed..MU gets cleared n this track cums to an end.

Edited by nikki18 - 06 September 2010 at 1:24pm

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pree4ru IF-Sizzlerz

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firstly abt NL
its really wow perfectly done the NL team great job ryt frm summary of the week till the DT everything is in its place the explanation abt evrything tats the style icons nd all really very well explained hats offf
next winners
Congratzzzz guys mindblowing job really wow the siggy makers writters nd all reaaly gud job
nw my POV for furthur track
as last whole week ws full of MU btw naksh nw we cant oly blame rajshrii wat she did ws fr her daughter the mistake she did ws she never talked abt seeing sneha nd naitik togehter to akshi instead strted spying nd nw as per today's precap akshi is fed up of trying to convence as she cant tell her mom ws spying neither cn she take the blame nw lets see wt happens

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-.Shriya.- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
nyc post manu.. agn a gr8 job thanx..Smile
n congo to aall d winers.. Big smileBig smile
NL team gr88 superb done.. Clap
n meri jaan rishtedar of d week.. m soo happyy..Tongue
n nw discusion..Wink
ummm i gues is hafte koi naksh ka jyada romantic scene nai tha..Tongue
par i lyk d epis in visch they show by small jhagada btwn themm..LOL bt nw its an serious prob..Angry
hina agn started to wear short blaus.Wink i lyk dat also.. n her hairstyl also changed..Big smile she luk fab in dat...
guyzz awsom work.. thanx to all...Clap

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_Divya_ IF-Stunnerz

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Hey Manasi

Very nice NL yaar

n this time I will make a long comment

@ Sia: very nice summary buddy

@ Manasi: scene of d week is too good?.akshi confront Bhola in a very good manner?.abs yaar hth scene was so well presented

DOTW: tht dialogue sais by Naitik was so touchy "Meri wajah se baat kuch jarurat se jyaada hi bigadti jaa rahi hai..Isliliye main soch raha hu ki ye silsila main yahi katm kar du..Unhe phone karke indirectly yeh keh deta hu ki unka kaam sirf ek project ke liye hi tha"

It implies tht he really doesn't wanna hurt Akshi at all?..n he really loves her

Character of d week: G a y a t r i   S i n g h a n i a?..she has changed so much yaar?.she is worrying so much abt her MIL & son

Star of d week: H i n a   K h a n??she abs is d star of d week?..d way she confronts Bhola was awesome??n thn trying to clear things b/w her n her hubby?..n not tellin g3 abt anythng so tth she cant get tensed

Style icon of  d week: A k s h a r a   S i n g h a n i a?.she looks so stunning all d week
  n yup she looked so good in tht Pink saree?.i must say pink suits her so much

Jodi of d week: Rajashri Vishambhar: yup thr chemistry was superb??Vish samjhoing Rajshree tht she has done wrong without hurting her

Song of the week: nice humming?.so emotional

Rishta of the Week: Maa ? Beti??BM felt so bad for Nandu?..any mother would hv felt so

Romantic moment of d week: plz show us some romantic moments plz

Dhatt moment of d week: Akshara decorating d room 4 naitik n waiting 4 him n at d same tym?.naitik thinking abt akshara n buying a saree 4 her 

Emotional moment of d week: I realy felt bad 4 Naksh in this scene?both of thm wanna fix probs b/w thm by doing some thing 4 one another but tht Bhola ruined eevrything

Both were feeling bad n Akshi was crying so much

n whn akshi go to her mayka n in her absence Naitik was looking d whole room tht scene was so touchy

funniest moment of the week: "acha hai aaj Dada ki wajah se hume bhi acha khana khane ko milega."

very funny scene?.Singhanias k servants b foodie hai unke jiase

Blooper of the Week:  so good 2 knw tht thr is no blopper in YRKKH

Siggy of the Week: hey Durgavnii?CONGO?.very nyc siggie yar

plz guys make avis n VMs

Writer for the Week: very nice update  moonlight08

Most Active Member of the Week: hey soni?.lagey raho

Most Active Thread of the Week: Naksh Love Castle #41 chalo at last LC active toh hua
New member of the Week @ YRKKH Forum: welcome Deena to our forum

Prediction for the Week: nice prediction Manu??agar Sneeha n uski mummy naitik k peeche se aaye toh wapas aane per naitik ka kya hoga re  

Best YRKKH Segment for the Week: nice segment?but Naksh MU

The most entertaining episode of the week:

The episode of the week is the aired on 1st September . hey Shama thts not d maha epi yaar?..but tht epi was good

Edited by divi4u - 08 September 2010 at 1:18am

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momentsofme. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2010 at 12:10am | IP Logged
M jus loving dis stystem/layout mann!!! superbb yaar.. meanz afta a week .. sum awardz n all!! jus superbbb!!!!!
n CONGRATZ 2 all d membaz out dea!!!!Hug

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Serendipity.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2010 at 6:00am | IP Logged

Congo for the 8th "successfull" edition of the NLParty

Thanks manasi for posting it, fab jobClap

Congo all the winners, truly deserving.Star
My View :::
It was again., a disappointing week...The mis understandings just got worse and worse.I felt bad for akshara .Cry.But again, dont blame her.Because of rajshri and her detective bhola,Angry..Naksh had to have a MU.Ouch
I liked the way akshara managed that spying issue.I so wish Naitik trusted her...Cry...But akshara gave proper mdicine to her mother, which is totally needed at this point.If Naitik comes to know, he'll be heart-brokenOuch
It was nice to see Vishambar supporting rajshri....Smile...nandini's MIL...leass said about her, the much betterDead...poor nandu n BM ...
In amidst of all this, one hope i see is gayatri, who is really concerned about aksharaClap.Atleast hope to see her help Akshara in solving this MU between her n naitik.
The saddest part, we had no romantic momentsCry...Just wish Naksh's MU gets solved soon(which doesnt seem so)......
And coming to the performance, hina is just brilliant these days...she emotes really well...Clap.....
N she is looking really pretty...Embarrassed
The siggy makers, your all r doing a fab job...keep up the gud work...!!!!Clap
And lastly, all the winners...congo again...Star

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..Akaisha.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2010 at 2:15am | IP Logged itt meeeee.......????? can't believe...thank u sooooo muchhh...really m soo hapieee..yeyee...thanks a tonnn...nd mastt postt as usal...congoo to all winnerss...yeyeeyeyey part tymmm....wowowowo Party

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