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 Monday 6th Sept Update

Anjali sleeping in the room..dreaming about that r**e scene.  Bad dream,..(Why must show  this scene again? )She start to shout.. amutha  who was sleeping next to her, wake up and asking what happened? Try to wake up her. Amutha , get scarded and run to get help from CM'Amutha switch on all the light and look for her dearest anni.

While Poor girl anjali get fits . Her hand keep hitting the wall and start bleeding. Amutha shouts for anni'At last CM opens the door.  Amutha updates about Anjali's condition.  Vadai and CM rushed to Anjali's room.CM  got shocked and run towards her and hold her hand. Asked vadai and amutha to hold her legs.( wrong way to give treatment, don't ever try this to anyone'.) asked vadai to get key for her. Chittappa comes in. everyone try to calm Anjali by holding  her hands and leg. CM hold Anjali's hand and make her to hold the key. Then CM hold her head'(aiyyoo wrong way treatment')

Anjali poor soul..has to face so many problems..

Slowly anjali becomes normal. CM asked amiutha to get bandage for anjali. CM turn to  doctor and give treatment to anjali. Finaly she wrapper the bandage on her hand, and asked everyone to gather in hall.

Chiittu say pity, has she had fits. Vadai  give suggest to send anjali back to her home. CM say no need, as she is here and she comes happy and forget the past. Vadai say if anything happened to her, then they have to see another face of madhu.(U r right' but CM already make decision and no one can change it)  CM say can not  as they have to help AK sir for what he has done to them. He helped them to start the garment business..and so many help. Vadai say cm didn't understand, they save her now because amutha was around, what will happened if no one around.

Cm say this is only help  been asked by AK after what he has done to them. They cant be selfish reject Anjali by saying risk.(For CM risk just like eating rusk) CM asked them to accept Anjali as they family member and don't think to send her to her house. Amutha also support CM. vadai and chittupiu think 'think'.(  BGM  by ..frog and crickets they start they orchestra and thanked daisy for giving chance)Amutha say if anyone stay with anjali, then there is no problem. CM say we have to  get treatment for anjali and make sure she wont gets epilepsy  anymore. Vadai agreed to CM , say will get treatment for Anjali.

Chittu adjourned the  meeting by asking eeveryone to sleep and talk more tomorrow. CM asked Amutha to watch anjali. Everyone goes different direction, while CM sits and think.

At pearl house. Beach is asking for coffee. MIL asked him to go and she will send the coffee. FIL and Thatha sitting in the hall and have coffee. Beach asked where is ratna? Pearl asked why bother abt her? As for him  is drinking habit more important. (Daisy don't know when he start drinking')Everyone advice him. Beach asked not to cross question him.MIL take pearl inside. Then MIL advice him At last Grandappa  suggest to him ,to buy 1 full and drink together in mottai madi. He say no one knows that he also drinking. ( every good family)Beach polam alone.. cant understand this family'wheter them asked to stop drinking or to  drink more.

Anjali wake up and saw bandage in  her hand. Best scene.. vadai and CM in kitchen. She giving onion to vadai then clean French bean. Vadai sitting in chair, while CM standing.Anjali asked what happened y'day.? Chittupa asked CM to tell the truth. CM say he hit her hand at wall yesterday '..that;s why she had bandage. Anjali didn't buy the story..she say she in the pain.

AK came visit Anjali..asked what happened. CM at last split the truth.say anjali had fits y'day night. Amutha comes and tell explain what happened. AK asked why didn't call him? Chittupa say anjali comes normal after gave key and she hurt the hand because she hit the window. Chittappa asked did u have any bad dream? Anjali remembers and say she dream about the culprits'she tries to run from there ..then she cant remember anything after that. AK becomes emotional and hugs Anjali and cries. VAdai tries to console him. CM say that;s why she don't tell him. AK say if at home, she will sleeping alone'and no one can save her when she had fits. AK thanks them to save her. CM advice AK to get treatment from Good doctor. AK be so emotional  and cries. Chittappa asked him to be strong and don't get emotional. AK sits in oojal..and thinks. ( really good acting by AK)

 Freeze on AK face and no CMSmile

Tuesday 7th Sep 2010  

CM, Anjali and her dad meet the doc. The doctor asks if she usually gets fits, to which AK says that it is the first time. The doc then asks to speak to AK alone and tries to find out if any incident happened that upset her. Because it is very rare that one gets fits suddenly - fits happen usually from birth - AK hesitates and then talks about Anjali's unfortunate incident. The doctor is shocked and says this incident has caused a deep psychological disturbance in her - they have to take care of her very carefully - as even if she sees a rape scene on TV, she will get disturbed.  Also, he recommends a psychiatrist to AK, since she needs counseling to get over her trauma. 
AK, CM and Anjali come back home. While Anjali goes in to get her dad a glass of water, CM is updated on the conversation with the doc. While they are discussing this, Anjali overhears their conversation and is upset. She starts crying that it is all her fault etc. CM consoles her and takes the day off from office to take care of her. Clap
Vasu's house - he makes kanji for his sick mother. His mother laments that he should get married so that there will be somebody to take care of both of them, etc etc. Then she takes the topic of Amutha and says that ever since she saw Amutha, she wants her as her daughter in law. Vasu is angry with her for starting the marriage topic and says that Amutha's family is higher than them in status. His mom says that since he has nalla gunam, Amutha will not say no. Because only gunam is imp. Tongue
Vasu gets a call from Amutha from garments office who needs his help with accounting the items. His mother again asks him to talk to Amutha and speak about his asai for her.  Vasu agrees and starts for office.
Anjali takes bath and CM dries her wet hair. Anjali takes breakfast and CM feeds her - seeing this Anjali is again upset Cry- saying that her mom never took care of her like CM is doing.

Update for Wednesday 8th Sept 2010

Hello friends – I noticed that Wednesday's update is still not up – so am posting it as I watched it.  Hope that is ok.

CM serving Anjali food at the table – Vadai at the table too reading a paper I think – CM being as usual very considerate asking Anjali to eat well – Anjali eats a few bites and gets emotional starting to cry.  CM and Vadai surprised and CM asks Anjali as to why she is crying.  Anjali says that my mother never took care of me like this – CM and Vadai look sad for her.  CM consoles Anjali.  Vadai asks CM to eat – CM says that she has to go to garments.  Vadai asks her to wait and comes back with a carrier for CM saying that he knows his wife, you work all the time and then forget to eat so I had already packed this carrier for you.  He says make sure you eat I will call Amudha to check if you have eaten.   CM happily carries her carrier and leaves.

Vadai is leaving for the market with a basket – Anjali says she wants to come too – Vadai says she should rest but Anjali says that she is bored and would like to come.  Vadai asks her to finish eating and then they would go together. 

Vadai and Anjali at the market – Anjali says that this is the first time she is coming to buy vegetables so this is a different experience for her.  Some more precious time is wasted on screen with Vadai teaching Anjali on how to choose the right veggies – he gives a lesson on how to buy the freshest vendakkai, kathirikkai etc... Anjali listens very attentively!

Enter our evil duo – Sivasu and Shiva – They watch Anjali with Vadai and whisper how they have to pottu kudu to Nattusarakku.  As usual they go to Nattusarakku's place and tell them how they had seen Anjali and Vadai at the market and plant the seed in her pea brain that Anjali and Vadai are now urusuttufying together.  They ask NT to bring her back before this becomes a huge issue.  Namma NT kekannamma?  Breathing fire she declares that she is going right away to CM's home and dragging her daughter back.  All this is watched by AK's son who comes down and yells at the evil duo saying that they are unnecessarily creating issues for his family.  The two slink away with their tail between their legs...

NT is now at CM's place.  Anjali is sitting at the table with Vadai sorting veggies .  Anjali is insisting on helping Vadai in cutting the veggies while Vadai keeps saying no – they have a tug-of-war over the knife and NT watching this,  visibily her BP shoots up – She comes into the house yells at Anjali and asks her what she was doing in the market with Vadai.  Anjali asks how do you know about this – and don't shout this is not your house.  NT spouts some more nonsense – Vadai looking at her quietly with flashbacks of how he slapped her a while back.  Ultimately NT makes her point that Anjali is now roaming around town with Vadai – Screen freezes on NT's and Vadai's shocked faces..


Thursday and Friday updates:
 Hi guys I will be your new updater for fridays. My updates will be brief unless its a thrilling epi
Wink then will give detailed updates. But  current story line seems too Sleepy. Didnt see an update up for thursday so combining both as nothing much happenedConfusedConfused
Thursday Update:

-- Showdown b/w MM and daughter anju(anjali) continue. MM says she is insulted to see her daughter buy veggies with househusbandBig smile(vadai). anju says he is my gaurdian(hmm gaurdian angel aa, I can see Heart) MM says this thinking got u raped ShockedShocked anju is so ShockedShocked that she get those fits again.  gaurdrian angel who has now become expert in first aid Big smileBig smile gives her keys and tries to help her. Then specialist doc CMBig smileBig smile comes there and starts her treatment and anju who had fainted with fits is able to walk and sit on the couch ( voww CM close the garments and starts a hospital, u will make lot of money, househusband can be ur wardboy and of course anju ur 1st patientLOLLOL) MM all OuchOuch seeing this.

 -- Dr CM  asks her wardboy husband what happened? he tells everything. MM is all AngryAngry she demands anju to come home with her. anju as expected refuses. MM keeps shouting others are imp? anju says I want to stay with ppl who love me (yes one is gaurdian angelWink and another doc Cool then why would she go with that rakshasi?Evil Smile)

-- MM pulls her and Dr CM becomes all rowdy Cool and they have a fight. Cm says AK sir has left her here. MM says I have equal right on her. Now goes CM in preacher modeGeek having rights is not enough u should know to take care of her, ur  always bringing out her faults blah blah. karthik, rape blah blahSleepy
-- MM and CM another arguement and MM concludes ur taking my daughter away from me and using her to get work done from AKShockedShocked finally gives shabam and leaves Vadai worried about shabam, but CM has full confidence nothing will happen
-- anju calls dad and CryCry AK all ConfusedConfused hearing the incident. CM now in peacemaker mode Tongue and talks to AK and handle situation. and says they will look after anju

 --Ak all AngryAngry reaches home and shouts for MM. son says sivasu and siva root cause of everything, AK all AngryAngry son says I called u frm morning but not reachable(hmm how did anju call him then D'oh) son leaves MM comes home. AK asks for an explanation and she in usual style blames CM. They have another showdown, AK trying to make understand and MM talking usual rubbish. he explains anju getting fits and not to make her life more worse and asks her not to meet her again. Epi ends

Friday Update:
-- ratna asks muthu for menu, muthu says idliLOLLOL ratna is bored of this food and wants variety as earlier. muthu says earlier u had hotel now u have to eat wat everyone is eating. ratna saysSleepy to this food and says I will remain hungry and leaves. muthu is ConfusedConfused
-- CM, anju and AK go to see a psychologist(psychologist looks like charu periappa frm thendral, am not sure). psychologist gives some gyaanam on forgetting the past and not thinking of othersSleepySleepyDr CM has to prove herself LOLLOL, so she gives example of oprah winfrey(aiyooo D'ohtoo much gyaanam) psychologist is Big smileBig smile to hear Dr CM's example. he says ur doc w/o degree ROFLROFL AK sir says she is a role model, very self reliant and how she built her garment factory(gudgal is yawningPinch hearing this convo) CM praises AK, AK praises CM (too much I am falling asleep here OuchOuch) doc says okay, gives some medicines and they leave.
--Amu is eating lunch, asks vasu to join her, he says didnt get lunch as mom is not well. amu advises him to get married. he says my mom has seen a gal. amu is all Big smileBig smile asks about the gal, vasu says she is from here. amu ask who is the gal? vasu hesitates OuchOuch and amu forces him to tell and he says ITS UShockedShocked
-- AMU all ShockedShocked She gets all angry. vasu explains that the day u got divorced I told my mom everything and she asked me to marry u, but I refused. when my mom saw u the other day she loveed u, but now she is not well and its her wish I marry u. I dont know how to tell u, u asked so I am saying. Amu is all quiet. vasu asks her to speak. amu says its ur mom's wish, what abt u? he says I like u, if u like me we can get married. amu says no its not possible. vasu asks u dont like mr? she says no ur a good person but I am not fit to be anyone's wife. vasu says mani doesnt recognize ur qualities and left u, but I know it.Embarrassed amu tries disuading him by saying I am unlucky. but vasu believes in her and says take ur time to make a decision. amu says my decision is not going to change and asks him to marry someone else and not talk about this. she asks vasu to share lunch.
CM is going somewhere is auto and sees ratna has fainted on the road(CM has amazing visionCool first she spots beach with sneha from an auto and now ratna, I wonder what the secret for this telescopic vision LOLLOL)CM reaches to ratna and epi ends.
Okay guys have a wonderful weekend and hope u liked my updateTongueTongue

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Anyone watched the promo for this week? If not here is the link for this week's promo....

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The promo shows Vasu perhaps proposing to Amutha. not sure but will have to wait and see what is up with that whole storyline.
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Thanks HD & KC for the updates.
Chellamah purnam has started again. Dead
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Thanx for the updates Critic and honey...........

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Thanks for the update daisy & keen.
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Thanks for the wonderful updates Daisy and keen kriticClap

Poor Anjali...not enough her life has been destroyed but now fitz tooOuch

I got a feeling Amudha wont marry Vasu and turn down his proposal. CM will try to get Anjali married off to Vasu, who else want to marry her and Amudha may marry that drunkard brother of Anjali,,more awkward scenes between Amuda and VasuLOL

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thanks for updates... Anjali really pity.  i agreed with aahaana, anjali will marry vasu. AK will say someone like vasu, who noble will make Anjali happy. he will take care her and love her not for money. Amutha not sure will marry suresh or someone else. hope she wont remarry thar useless Bell.

AK acting is really good. andi hope CM will give chance to Vadai in office...not only in kitchen. everyone has duty in office ... but our Vadai's place only in kitchen.

sorry i cant click LIKE button,

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