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Monday sep 6th 2010 Episode - 322 update

Starts with saamy pillai annan coming to jail to meet babu...
Babu  says whats the need for me to kidnap gowri SP anne...All this is becoz of my appa..I love her so muchDeadDeadAva odi ponadhukku what will i do?Pols karamma listens to this conversation between babu and SP...SP tells babu that gowri loves him(him here is babuLOLLOL)so much...Babu giving some expressionConfused...SP advices him to change and tells babu that he will go and talk to pols karamma...says babu didnt kidnap gowri..u can ask this to babu's father also...pols karamma says "Yov...unga aiya dhaan ivan mela complaint kudutharu..." Babu sad....
Pols karamma asking SP ...who r u man?Sp says he is Babu veettu vaelaikaran...Pols karamma says..."oho...vaelaikaran...very close relation...so neeyum ivanukku kootaliya?".....SP shocked... SP says no no...i'll come back with some big lawyer mam....Pols karamma says no use...I will release this babu only when gowri comes here and says this babu is not responsible for kadathal drama...Go ..go and search gowri...babu very very sad...SP leaves the place....
AZ house...Senthil tells everyone abt gowri's problem..Ellarum shocked...SP comes running...Comes in and says babu va police beating aiya...save him aiya....Senthil says naandhan complaint kuduthen....SP otting babu's childhood puranam....Gowri ponadhu is purely her decision...babu mela endha thappum illai.....AZ says they will go and get back the complaint...Mugs gets angry ...Senthil joins mugs and says we dont know any babu..pls leave here....Ranjani too joins them....Except AZ ellarum says that they will not come to police station....SP azhudhikktte leaves....
Ranjani in temple...praying for gowri....hands la camphor prayer!!Petition details:"Gowri ourkula vilakku....Gowri chinna ponnu...Nothing should happen to her...pls bring her back".....Senthil stops his wife from camphor aaradhanai....Crying .....Senthil tells her to come to hospital....Ranjani says no....She wants to meet paro amma...Senthil and Ranjani going to paro's house.....
Gowri in hospital....Sitting behind her is  oru kalathula gowri kku mamiyara vara vendirundha amma....says she saved her ...Gowri sitting silent....Andha amma tells gowri that she is pregnant(kinathula gudhichadhu kku appuramum still pregnant??ConfusedConfused)......Gowri super shocked.....

Tuesday,7th September Update - Episode - 323 update

Updates by Aahaana

Gowri wakes up and kind of shocked to see she is still alive. She is also shocked to learn she is pregnant. The lady gives real dose to her for attempting suicide. Why did she take a tragic decision like this ? Gowri tells her about her failed marriage, lady listen to it and give more dose. She says dying not a solution for anything, did she for once think about her family who loves her unconditionally? Girls who doesnt listen o their parents and find life partner on their own, faces problems like this but life doesnt stop her. If that marriage didnt work out, she can join any orphanage or do something to get mind peace. She has now her baby, she should only worry about her baby and its future from now on and start over again. She also mention how goof hearted her brother is and how much her mother loves her. She should return back to them and stay with them. Gowri seems to be thoughtful now.

Back at Krish's house, Senthil and Ranjani arrives. Ranjani hugs and cries with Paro. They are worried about Gowri, Ranjani says nothing will happens to her. Paro is like I will die if anything happens to Gowri, Ranjani console her. Paro noticed burn mark on Ranjanis palm and gets worried. Senthil explain, she did vendudal by burning it on her palm, Paro want him to take her to the hospital , but she refuse and want to search after Gowri. Gayu says they have done it, she is no where nearby.

Lady comes in, everyone is like stunned to see her there. Lady start to talk, they may be surprised to see her there when they all are worried but she is there to share good news with them. She has found Gowri when she went to attempt suicide. Everyone is worried and kind of relieved to know Gowri is fine. Gowri comes inside, she hesitate but goes and hugs her mother. Paro scold her and cries her heart out. Paro thanks the lady and apology for her harsh treatment earlier on. Lady explains she was mad cause her sons wedding got stopped but lately got to know, their pain was worse than hers and leaves. They get to know Gowri is pregnant. Senthil takes Ranjani to the hospital as Gowri is fine and safe. Krish want her to come with him to station to return the complaints. Everyone is against but Krish takes her.

At the station, inspector want to know whether Babu ill-treated her and forced her to do run away? Gowri stares at BabuFREEZE

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Wednesday 8th September Update - Episode 324

Updtae by atina:
At the police station Babu is behind bars while the lady police asks Gowri whether Babu ill treated her which induced her to run away from home...Gowri stares at Babu...who is putting up such a paavam face with tears in his eyes. Police again asks Gowri," sollumma...ivanai...nalla thaati we will handle him" Both Gowri and Krish request not to do that to Babu and Gowri tells that she does not want to press any charges against Babu.Police woman asks her to write that Babu did not harm her etc and then she can release him.
Gowri takes a paper and starts writing while Babu looks so pathetic and cries and he thanks Gowri with his koopiya kaigal. He comes out ..he can not even walk properly...his face is bleeding. He calls Gowri to stop and slowly goes to her and tells," Gowri...Gowree...why did you go away from me Gowri...you could have screamed at me...or even you could have hit me...but never leave me Gowri maa...I simply can not live without you"

Krish feels paavam for Babu.Babu continues," Gowri..I am changed for good..and this is true..hereafter every move I make and every word I utter will never hurt you Gowri..nowonly I have realised that how important you are in my life nu...inimel....entha thappum hadakkaathu...and I will never give any more kashtam Gowri...please ennai mannichu yethukko Gowree" Krish is stunned seeing this and Gowri and Krish exchange looks.

Now Babu turns to Krish and continues," machaan...I have given you and your sister I have given so much pain...not only that...I have tortured your family so much...please machaan forgive me...and come with me Gowree" Gowri is still doubtful about him and Krish tells her," ennamma...athuthaan avar sollaraar illeh...nee pomaa...avarodo" Now Babu again pleads," Gowri if you do not come with me then I will take the same mudivu as I you took....but there will be only one difference...in that...for you there were so many people looking for me...but for me...even if I die noone will look for me...."
At this point Krish comes near Gowri and insists that she should go with Babu. Babu once again thanks Krish," Machaan...romba thanks...machaan...Just forget all that sathiyam I got from you....and please do visit us anytime you all want...and Gowri also can come to your house whenever she feels like...I promise machann...I will keep Gowri happy and I will take good care of her machaan"
Krish is happy to see all this and asks Gowri to go with him. Gowri holds Babu's hands and they both start walking slowly. Krish sighs and smiles with some happiness seeing his sister getting a new happy life.
Babu's house...Subbu looks worried and Sp tells about Babu being hit by the police so bad. At this point..Gowri and Babu reach home and Subbu is still angry with Babu. He looks at Gowri worriedly and asks," amma Gowri...are you ok maa? nothing happened to you right...that is enough  for me maa" Seeing this Babu fells so sad and sits near his dad's feet and places his face on his laps and starts crying." appa...you told me that I can step into this house only with gowri...so here I am with Gowri..appa....please ennai mannichudingappa..appa....I have realsied Gowri's love for me and yours too...by putting up a drama you have made me realsie the importance of Gowri paa"
Subbu becomes happy and tells," deI Babu...I am so happy to hear this from you...daa ayo....enna ithu....you are bleeding like this...poppaa...poi take bath and and pray and make a promise to the god that all your bad time is vanished and start a new life paa...po...amma Gowri take him amma"
Babu takes bath and comes infront of the mirror and starts laghing like crazy and talks to his image," dei machaan....enna nadippu daa...nee thiruntheetiyaa? he he he he he...from the time you saw Gowri until you saw your daddy...you maintained your nadippu daa....enna performance daa....you made every to believe you daa....amm I keeping my uyir on Gowri?....illeh...all I need is she must be near me always...that is all...for that I will go upto any level...naan enna venumnaalum pannuven..." ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thursday 9th September Update - Episode 325

updates by Aahaana

Gowris FIL is sad when he hears she jumped off from water well and gets panics. Gowri say thats the only solution any girl will take after being tortured by his son, only she knows the pain. But she also mention she regret it as after getting a shocking news from the doctor. She inform she is pregnant, everyone is happy while Babu is not who has overheard them from his room. His father tell her to take rest and not do any house chores as Samipillai will do that and order her to take rest. Inside the room, Babu put up an act, every girl want to share the good news with their husband but you didnt. I have been so terrible that you didnt wanted to share it with me? Gowri is silent.

Mugs is very angry with Baby, Chitra is more worried what will happens when Gowri returns back there. She feel he may do something but Mugs replies if that happens, he will oru kaai parthufies him. Senthil is like, he is not dumb to do anything after the maamiyaarvidu virundhu he go at the police station. AZ noticed Ranjani's palm and ask why she hurt her self. She says this is nothing it will go away within few days but the pain if losing Gowri forever will never go away. She also mention the good news, Gowri is pregnant. Everyone is happy for her while AZ goes to see her.

At Krish house, Paro scolds Krish for letting Gowri go back with Babu. How could he do that after everything, she just returned back from death and now he sent her back? Krish says he honestly believes Babu has changed, she didnt see how he was feeling bad and repented his act. Nothing will happen to Gowri, while Paro, Gayu and Devi believes its very hard Babu will change so fast considering his past torture. Paro also mention he took revenge on Krish for trying talk about justice and now Senthil and Paro got him behind the bar, that anger wont vanish away easily, he is up to something. But the dumb son of her Krish argues with them and want them to give a chance to Babu cause he thinks he has changed and thats why Gowri agreed with go with her mounam and even if Babu is bad or not, she has to live with him for the babys sake.
( I am so feed up with this Krish..he is so dumb and naive...Angry He sent his sister back to the torture house the same day she came back from death...Angry Does he thinks every soul is good, cant be read peoples mindAngryAngry Paro and co was smart to think while he didnt..whats the talk about a girl has to live with the guy cause of the baby..the baby is better without a father like BabuAngry)

Babu arrives there, he acts innocently and make a sympathy drama. He cries and begs Paro and co to forgive him for his mistakes and sins, he has finally learned his lessons. He will never ever hurt Gowri and will take good care of her as a one man. Only Krish seems to be have been moved by his fake sympathy gaining drama while rest was not moved or touched. Gayu thinks this is not believable, he is up to something ( very clever ladyTongue )

TK is at the hospital to collect results from the biopsy test. Doctor reads the report and says he wanted to call TK there. He tell him to prepare himself as the he has bad news. Rajji has cancer in her stomachTK is stunned
( i know this was coming up the very first time rajji got painsOuch)..FREEZE

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Friday 10th September Update - Episode 326

Update by atina: Credits to viluthu.com
TK is in Raji's doctor's room. Doc says that it is confirmed that Raji is having Canerous tumor which may reappear again and again unless it is treated properly and if she takes series of laser and chemo thrapies he is confident that Raji will become free of cancer. TK becomes speechless....thanks the doc...gets up and walks outside with Raji's medical file. Comes outside  the doc's room and opens the file...stares at those report and breaks down. ( A female sad humming goes on as BGM)
Babu's dad...takes his medicines given by SP. Herecomes our AZ. Subbu welcomes AZ. AZ tells," Hearing what happened..I was very upset...but after hearing this good news about our Gowri...that she is going to be a mom....I could not sit at hom...this good news dragged me upto here.....oh...it is ok...let us not talk about the past..nadanthathu....nadantha thaagave irukkattum...nadakkap povathu nallathaaga irukkattum ....( I am sure these lines must be AS Sir's own lines!!ClapClap) sarii...are you taking your medications regularly?"
Subbu replies," yes...yes I am ok...and a physio therapists comes here regularly to make me do exercise etc...I will be ok soon " AZ tells that ,,Subbu is going to  get up and walk soon as his grandchild is going to be born. Gowri comes there and says," vaangappa" AZ greets her and tells," amma Gowri...I am so glad that you are going to give me a pera kuzhanthai..  indaa  mmaa ...sweets....ennamma...without knowiung that there is a jeevan inside you...you were about to kill yourself....anyway...forget all that as a bad dram and go forward with a fresh mind and never take such wrong decisions in life...if you such drastic thing...people will blamme you only maa...but not yourhusband...remember that.....we are all there for you maa....do not forget that...so nalla iru maa..and give birth to a halthy child and give to your maamaanaar maa"
Gowri promises that she will never do anything silly anymore and she will defenitely keep up the name of the family. Az tunrs to Subbu and tells," I am not sure whther I can tell you this or not...but I would like to talk to you about this issue...in a family...nirvaaham should be in the hands of  the man of the house...only...neenga paattukku...made Gowri as the sole owner of the properties and money....so naturally Babu will get angry...just put yourself in this place...if your dad dis this to you...won't you be angry ? so..please revoke all that and make Babu to handle all the property and moeny matter...things will get better only....ok...romba neramaachu..naan varen..Gowri maa...bathiram...naan varen maa"
Mugs and Chitra reach home after her regular visit to the doctor for getting the weekly injection. Senthil and Ranjani are konfying Baby AM. Chitra comes in and Ranjani asks what hapopend...Chittu veruppa replies," what else they will tell...simply gave me that injection and sent me back...that is all" Ranjani ans Senthil tell Chitra not to talk like that ans Senthil continues," yemma chitraa...you have to have trust in this matter maa...see that injection is so costly...each ville of medicine is Rs2500....you need to take 10 of them which means it is RS25 000....Mappilai consulted two three doctors and opted this maa....so with this much costly medicaton....you will soon have a baby amma....three injections are over innum seven more ...then you both will be singing..."kannak piranthaan.....engal kannan piranthan nu"
Visalam stands infront of the kitchen and listens to this whole conversation and she stomrs in there and opens her thiru  mouth,"what....Rs25000? we do not have any income from the rice mill....then from where that kind of money comes? yendi chitra....if you have to get this kind of treatement...why dont you get that money from your mother's house...but not from here?"
Chitra starts crying..Mugs tells that..chitra belongs to this family so he has to sepnd that money on his wife. Vislama again blabbers," ammaandaa....if she gets some new sickness after marrying you...yes you can treat that but Chitra came here with this condition....those people cheated us and ivalai namma thalaiyile katti vachuttaanga....so they have to take her to their place and do all kinds of treatment and send her back...namakku ehtukku daa intha vedanai....she has her mother and one or two brothere....tho...thids annan only took all of wealth and ra away right...so let him do?"
Senthil replies to her with such tone not to talk like that.Ranjani also tells her not to be such a fighting cock.Mugunthan tells," amma...I am not spending this family's money...this money is my own money...so nee pesama vaaya moodittu un velaiya paaroo"ClapClapClap. Visa is stunned to hear this from her son.Chitra cries and tells," atheh...I will go to my mom's house...you all do not fight upon me...let me go atheh..." She runs into her room satrsts packing. Ranjani screams at her mom and goes inside. Mugs goes to CHitra and tells her that she can not leave him and go.
Chitra asks," what am I? manushee thaaneh...? athe is telling  me to go and you are asking me not to go...what should I do...sollungaa" Shr cires so bitterly but...Mugs makes her sit and consoles her....she cries her heart out holding Mug's hands.
TK is in a temple. Gayu comes there loking for him. She asks," appa..why are you looking so sad...what happened? why did you ask me to come here ...?" TK is not able to talk bu he cries..Gayu becomes so worried  and asks whther anything wrong with her mom.....TK simply gives the medical report file to her. Reading that report she is stunned and stares at her dad.....
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Thank you sumi.....for the hot hot update....
I am still in Canada.....Missing IF....!! and you all!!
newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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thanks shree.
Gowri pregnant. why she is shocked?
malligai Senior Member

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Thanks  Shree  for  the  update.
Gowri's  worry  now  is  to  how  to  live  with
Babu  and  the  baby.
Do  not  worry  Gowri,  Babu  will  change  with
'the  good  news  that  he  is  going  to  be  a  father.
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thanks for update... why SP want bail babu soon? let him stay in jail for some days... why gowri shoocked? hope she will do the right thing... 
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Thanks Shreenithi...
keNathula vizhundhappramthaanga (adhaan indha Babuva kalyaaNam senjukittadhu) preggie aanangO..
Samy piLLai - uppai thinnavan thaNNi kudippaan, thappai seidhavan dhandanai koLvaan.. edhukku ivvaLavu vakkalaaththu for him?
Babu - thirundhidungaLEn.. then we can go to the next problem...
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Thanks Shreenithi for the updated. Thank God Gowri is safe!!

<Gowri in hospital....Sitting behind her is  oru kalathula gowri kku mamiyara vara vendirundha amma....says she saved her ...Gowri sitting silent....Andha amma tells gowri that she is pregnant(kinathula gudhichadhu kku appuramum still pregnant??ConfusedConfused)......Gowri super shocked.....>

See in serials if they want the lady to be pregnant she will even after jumping in a kinaru. If they don't want they will abort the baby even due to a minor slip. Yellam possible ma.
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I am so feed up with this Babu track....he was sadist but now..the bathroom scene was psychoticDead

Krisk get more on my nerve these days....doesn't he have any senseAngry I donno whethere to laugh or cry over his dumbnessWacko

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