Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai's Teahouse (Creative Writings House) (Page 145)

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plzzz update sooonnn...

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d thread is goin 2 close jst commentin 2 update..! ;)

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Originally posted by Pumpkinn

Awesome update ...
Loved it ...
I m just getting addicted to hot Premeer romance ...
Amazing ...
Waiting for next ...
Update soon ...
Thnx for pm ...

It's an addiction? Well, I guess when it comes to Premeer anything is possible
Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.

I was laughing my well you know what off when Balaraj told Heer that he noticed Prem sneakers in her room ROFL.  It proved two things. Balaraj has very sharp eye and Heer was a little slow LOL  Poor girl choking on ice cream.  That was too funny.
Prem and Heer's romance was Embarrassed.  Preet was too funny when he wanted to know what was inside Heer's shopping bag.  LOL
I loved how Prem and Heer were already talking about their children without even realizing it.  That was too cute.  I wonder how many children they are planning on having. 
Thank you for the PM Grace.  I can't wait to read your next update. 

Well, Balraaj is an agent he's sharp with the eyes.  At least he didn't ask anything further...imagine Heer having to explain why Prem's shoes were off...she'd probably turn beet red

Preet as usually very nosy friend...oh how Prem and Heer would be embarrassed.  And as for the Blushing these two have been waiting for awhile they're trying to make up for all the lost time LOL
As for children it won't be 10 kids ROFL

Originally posted by maryaa8688


Yes Premeer
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Originally posted by piyuheer

plzzz update sooonnn...

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Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

speechless...! another mindblowin update...!! HATS OFFClapClap
luved it..!! prem heer steamy romance...!!! aaww..!! dats was sweet...prem ready 2 take care of Heer n d baby also..! wa8in for him/her 2 cum soonLOL
Heer's dad gt a hint i guess???? Nxt part wil cum 2 noe evrythin...! HOME CUMIN...! lol..!
Heer n Prem both cnt wa8...!! n v 2 cnt wa8 for their romance..!EmbarrassedLOLLOL
awsum..update..!! thx for d pm dear...n updatin soon...!!! wil b wa8in for d nxt update eagerly..!

Thank you for liking this chapter so much Embarrassed  More fun romance and flirting ahead in the next chapter.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by sowmya18

awesome update...
wowww premeer  moments were  hot..
eagerly waiting for next update...

Thanks for liking this chapter and taking the time to comment Big smile
More romance, masti, and flirting coming in the next update.

Originally posted by ~nikki1992~

Hey Grace! 
Sorry for not commenting on the last few updates; i was caught in a few things.

Thats a beautiful Siggy! And the update was beautiful too! 
I cant tell you how big of a fan i am of your writing! It amazes me, really just splendid! Absolutely loved the update, waiting too see how their love story pans out :)

Nikki :)

It's cool.  I know how it is.  Yes, Preeti made that Siggie for beautiful isn't it?
Thanks so much for liking this chapter.  More romance, masti, and flirting coming in the next update.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Oblivious

Awesome update
Loved it
thanks for the pm
and please update soon Smile

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Originally posted by vrushika

nice one again 
like it ws wow!!!
sry if m late 2 reply so sry bt really nice
thanks fr the pm
update asap
thank u fr such a nice 1

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Originally posted by shivangi2092

awesome part!!!
loved it!!!!!!
eagerly waiting for d next part!!!!
thanxx fr d pm!!!
update soon

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Originally posted by ...Harshiti...

Hello Grace  (in your emoticans style Wink)

That was a great update full of premeer Embarrassed
Thankx for the warning at the beginningLOL

okay so firstly it was great to see heer spend sometimes with her father and then to see them relive some old memories...heer getting so excited at the sight of her dessert...awww she's so adorable
and He knew Prem was hiding in the bathroom Shocked...when premeer thought they got away from it LOL, but thank-god he didn't know what they had been doing in the room Blushing

It was very nice to see Premeer talking and asking each other about what they wanted and their no kids so soon huh? Wink Let them enjoy Blushing

Very nice and sweet scenes of premeer in the night market and preet wanted to see their shopping when they got back?!!? Shocked Thank-god prem saved the day and preet didn't get to see what Heer had in one of the bags WinkLOL...that would have been really embarassing!

Prem went to bed like a good child but our heer being all naughty Blushing, very nice masala premeer couldn't wait and they did it again Blushing

I loved the scene after prem was concerned that she needs to get some sleep before her meeting...awww!

-- Prem Loves Heer
-- Heer Loves Prem 
-- and I love them Both PartyLOL

Thankx for the update so soon even when your so busy with alot going on ... I really do appreciate it Embarrassed

Thankx for the PmBig smile

and Oh I've told you this before but I'm telling you again...I loved the Banner Embarrassed

Abby thanks for responding in the emoticon style
I personally think it's so much fun doing it
The emos are so expressive

Anyways, back to your comments.  Yes, this time I gave a proper warning unlike
Prem and Heer just can't get their hands off of each other and why not?   They've been good they should be able to celebrate as many times as they want
I'm sure most of you were getting irritated with all the interruptions and wanted to throw tomatoes at me

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  More romance, masti, and flirting in the next update

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Will u update now

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Originally posted by aaminaman

Will u update now

In a few minutes...finishing some last minute editing...
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Hmm kkk update will be waiting

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Thank you to those that took the time to Comment and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

Mission 25: Homecoming


Preet grinned happily as he exited the duty free shop and started walking towards Gate 18.  He was glad that he was finally going back home to Washington, D.C.  He couldn't wait to see Meher and hold her in his arms.  Her smiling face appeared before him and he sighed deeply thinking about how much he had missed her.  He had only been away for a week but to him it seemed a lot longer.  He wasn't allowed to really contact her as he was on special assignment.  The most he could do was send her an e-mail telling her that he was fine and not to worry and he would be back home soon.   His eyes scanned the area around Gate 18 and smirked as they landed on the two secret agent lovebirds standing around a magazine stand.  He was happy that his friend had found someone to be with and he could see how joyful he was when he was around her.  He couldn't stop smiling and laughing.  Preet saunter up behind them and said, "And add another bottle of Coke to that bill."


Prem immediately turned around and scowled at him, "What are you doing?"


"You're buying me a drink right?" Preet asked.


"No," Prem replied closing his wallet.


"Why not?  I'm a friend right?  You buy drinks for friends," Preet reasoned.


Heer laughed and silently walked to the drink fridge and grabbed another bottle of Coke.  "Here, add that on," she said to the sales clerk while she handed Preet his drink.  Prem turned around to protest but wasn't able to say a thing when Heer stuffed a five dollar Singaporean bill into Prem's hands.  "That should cover him and then some."  Prem frowned a little but didn't say anything and handed over the cash to the sales clerk who then returned the appropriate change.


"Thanks Heer," Preet replied as he opened the bottle and took a swig.


"Preet did you buy more souvenirs?" Heer asked as looked at the large plastic bag he was carrying.


"I bought some chocolates and some other sweets...I thought Meher would like them and also...something to snack on for the plane," Preet replied.


"That's very sweet," Heer said with a smile.  "I'm sure Meher will love them."


"So does that mean I get a box of chocolates?" Prem inquired.


"No, but Heer does cause she bought me the Coke," Preet replied causing Heer to laugh while Prem pouted.


Prem hazily shifted in his bed as his eyebrows flexed wondering why it seemed like something wet was dripping on him.  His eyelids lifted as his eyes adjusted to the vision before him.  "Pumpkin?" he asked in amazement.  He quickly sat up in bed and stared at her as she giggled holding a wet face towel in her hand.  "Wh-what are you doing here?"


"Gee, and I thought you would be happy to see me," Heer pouted as she folded the towel and placed it on the nightstand.


"I am," Prem replied as he rubbed his left eye.  "But how did you come here?"


"By car of course," Heer said in a matter of fact tone.  "I looked through the phone book and called the house and your Dad answered and told me how to get here."


Prem grinned and then asked, "So you got to meet Dad?"


"Yes.  It was great seeing him again.  He just left to go to the grocery store," Heer replied.


"So, that means we're all alone," Prem said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.


"Prem!" Heer yelled as he grabbed her hand and pulled her into bed with him.  He tried rolling her over but she was tussling with him and was making it difficult.  "What are you doing?  Stop this...go brush your teeth!"


"Stop fighting with me," Prem said with some frustration.  "I'm not trying to do anything...why are you afraid?"


Heer grabbed a nearby pillow and slug him in the face with it and then hopped off the bed laughing.  "Hey!  Come back here!" Prem shouted as he ran after her.  He chased her around the room a couple of times before he was able to successfully grab her arm and pin her against the wall.  He smirked as she turned her face to the side clenching her lips shut.  "It's okay.  I can still kiss you here," he seductively said into her ear.  He breathed deeply letting his nose delicately trace her earlobe and cheek.  He could smell the sweet scent of her shampoo, a fruity concoction of berries.  He let his nose travel downward to her neck and just as his lips pursed to place a loving kiss on her smooth skin he heard his cell phone go off ruining the moment.  Prem's eyes popped open and awakening from his dream.


"Darn phone!" Prem grumbled as he scrunched his face grumpily and sat up in his bed.  He had one of his pillows clutched in his arms and he realized that he had been hugging it like it was Heer.  He rubbed his face as his cell phone continued to ring.  Eventually he picked it up and answered with a surly greeting.  


"Morning Pancake!  Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed?"


"Pumpkin?!" Prem replied. "You had to call right now?"


"Well of's 1pm...I had a feeling you were still sleeping," Heer replied.  "I had to make sure you got up."


"I'm up..." Prem rumbled.  "Did you just get up?"


"I've been up for a couple of hours," Heer answered.


"You know I was having a really good dream and then you woke me up," Prem complained.


"What were you dreaming about?  Food?" Heer laughed.


"No!" Prem snapped.  "It was you."


"Oh, so you're angry at me for interrupting a dream about me.  And you don't want to talk to the real me but want to go back to the dream me?  Okay well fine then," Heer scoffed.  "Go back."


"Pumpkin?" Prem replied.  "Hello?  Pumpkin?"  He pulled back his phone and started at the end call message on the screen.  Prem sighed and got of bed heading to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the day.


It didn't take Prem long to drive to the Maan's residence.  He quickly got out of his car and went to the front door.  After pressing the door bell he waited patiently for someone to come to the front door.  He grinned as Mrs. Maan greeted him.  "Hi Aunty."


"Come in..." Teji said with great cheer.  "Heer just came down...I think she's in the kitchen."


"How are you doing?" Prem inquired as he entered the foyer of the house.


"I'm fine and glad that everyone is home now.  You're father must be relieved."


"Yeah, he is," Prem replied.


"I really want to thank you Prem," Teji said as she gently placed her hand on his shoulder.  "You did a lot for Heer and I'm very grateful for it.  I was very shocked when I found out that she was a part of the CIA...but I guess if this is a line of work she wants to do...I can't really stand in her way.  I'm glad you're there with her."


"Don't worry Aunty I won't let anything happen to her," Prem said.


Teji smiled and squeezed his shoulder affectionately.  "I know you won't."  They both turned their heads when they saw Heer pass by the foyer.  She was still wearing her pajamas, a white t-shirt and gray sweats.  Her hair was loosely pulled back into a ponytail and she was carrying a coffee mug.  Heer's eyes widen at seeing Prem inside the house and quickly turned around heading back into the living room as if she was trying to run away.  Teji grinned, "Well, I'm just going to go up and grab my purse and then head to the grocery store.  Make sure she eats some food instead of just having coffee.  She only woke up about an hour ago."


"I will Aunty," Prem nodded and directed his attention to the living room as Teji made her way up the stairs.  He smirked as he walked into the kitchen and found Heer trying to exit through the other doorway at the end of the room heading towards the foyer.  "Going somewhere?" Prem inquired with his eyebrows raised.


"Hi, oh...when did you come?" Heer asked.


"Got up a few hours ago, huh?  Called me and made fun of me for sleeping in..." Prem replied.  Heer gave a guilty smile.  "Then you hung up on me."  


"Well, you wanted to go back to your dream," Heer explained.  "Obviously the dream me was more entertaining than the real me."


"I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, showered, changed, and drove over here after you hung up.  I think the real you is more important," Prem said as he walked closer to her.  "You at least brushed your teeth?"


"Yes," Heer answered. 


"Good," Prem said as he leaned towards her.


"But I have coffee breath," Heer warned.


Prem placed his hand on her mug and brought it up to his lips and took a sip.  "Problem solved," he grinned.  Heer smiled and wrapped her hands around his neck enjoying the morning kiss.  "This is a lot better than the dream," Prem said after the kiss ended.


"Oh?  Just what were you dreaming about?" Heer asked with a stern look.


"You came into my room and woke me up...I tried to kiss you but you wouldn't let me and kept running away telling me I should go brush my teeth," Prem replied.


"Well, duh...there you go.  Next time, go brush your teeth and I'll probably kiss you," Heer answered causing Prem to laugh.


"Well, I had you pinned to the wall and I was about to kiss your neck when you called me."


"No wonder you were so grumpy," Heer replied.


"But reality is so much better," Prem winked causing her to smile.  "So when did you wake up?"


"About 10 minutes before I had called you," Heer answered.


Prem nodded his head and then looked at her quizzically.  "You called me Pancake this morning."


"I was trying to think of something fun to greet you with.  You call me Pumpkin so I thought why not Pancake?" Heer replied.  Her face then suddenly drew on the expression of adoring hunger, "Oh, pancakes.  Pumpkin pancakes...that sounds so good..."


"Hungry now?  You're drooling you know that?" Prem chuckled.  Heer pouted at him causing him to grin even more.  He then took a deep breath, "But you know what...that actually sounds really good."


"Yeah, we should go to the store and buy the ingredients and make them.  I don't have a pumpkin pancake recipe but I'm sure we could find one online.  Let's check the downstairs computer and then let's go to the store," Heer said.


"It's like 2:30 the time we get everything and make them it will be like 4pm...why don't we just go grab something to eat and then go to the store and buy the things for tomorrow?" Prem suggested as he followed her to the office.


"Or we could have them tonight.  Breakfast for dinner..." Heer replied.  "But I'm feeling lazy now...I really don't want to change...I'm too comfortable in my PJs."  Her eyes sparkled in delight as she found several different recipes for pumpkin pancakes.  "Hmmm...this one looks good...what do you think?"


Prem moved closer to the computer to read the recipe.  He rested his hands on either side of the desk enveloping Heer in his presence.  His face was extremely close to hers as his eyes scanned the computer screen.  Heer could smell his cologne and took a deep breath.  "Looks good...what do you need to get?"


"Pumpkin puree, baking powder, baking soda, and vinegar.  We have the rest at the house," Heer replied. 


Prem grinned and turned his head towards her.  "So if you're making breakfast for dinner what am I suppose to do?"


"Are you asking to stay for dinner?" Heer inquired with a sly smile on her lips.


"Breakfast, lunch, and I have to choose one?" Prem replied.


"Papa will kill you if you just invite yourself in and what about your Dad?"


"It's okay I live for danger...I'm a secret agent after all," Prem joked.  "And Dad can feed himself."


Heer exhaled with a gentle chortle, "That was such a lame joke.  Anyways, I thought I'm the one who is supposed to be going to your house to stay."


Prem's face lit up knowing what she was implying.  "Yes, staying at my house for forever..."


"Forever..." Heer repeated as she closed her eyes anticipating the kiss she knew was coming.  Just as their lips were about to touch they heard the voice of Heer's mother traveling towards them.  They both quickly pulled back and looked nervously as Teji entered the room asking them if they needed anything from the store.  Her eyes gently flexed as she processed that she had perhaps walked in on something happening.  She shifted her eyes towards her daughter and noted the soft blush on her cheeks.  Prem stood like a statue with an anxious look etched on his face.


"Um, add this to the list," Heer replied as she grabbed a small notepad and quickly jotted the ingredients she needed to get for the pumpkin pancakes.  She torn the paper from the pad and handed it over to her mother.  "Have fun shopping."


Teji grinned at her daughter's awkward response.  "Thanks I will.  You two better eat something...I'm assuming Prem you haven't eaten yet?"


"No Aunty I haven't," Prem replied.


"Well, there are leftovers in the can take whatever you like.  I'll be going now," Teji said and left.


Prem and Heer turned to each other and sighed in relief.  "That would have been a bit embarrassing if your Mom caught us kissing.  Not exactly the great way to tell her..."


"I know," Heer replied nodding her head.  "By the way how are we going to tell everyone?  I mean Papa sort of knows we're seeing each other.  And we should tell Mama...have you talked to your Dad?"


"Didn't really have a chance to tell Dad...the minute I came home I fell asleep in my bed," Prem explained.  "You know I was thinking since we're telling them this week that we are dating...let's have the big family dinner on Friday...that way they've had a few days to get use to us and then we'll let them know just how serious we are...they can have the weekend to um, settle with our big announcement."


"Sounds good," Heer replied.  "So...are you going to be okay with transferring out of active duty?" The tone in her voice had turned serious.  "I mean you know in our line of work we sort of get addicted to the adrenaline high of going out in the field and catching the bad guys."


"I'll be fine.  It's something that I think I'm ready for..." sighing a little, "...there's been a lot of things that have happened...and I really think I need this change.  I missed out on a lot of things...and Mom dying...I wasn't even here when it happened.  I missed the funeral, you know...and now Dad's alone...I just want a normal routine."  Prem felt the comforting support of Heer's hand on his hand and an affectionate squeeze.  He gave a tiny smile.  "I have you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I don't want work to get in the way of and our family are the most important thing.  I want to be there on our first year anniversary, I want to see your face when you tell me you're pregnant, I want to be there for the delivery, I want to see our child take her first steps, I want to hear her first words...I want to be there to see it all," Prem said.


Heer hugged him tightly touched by the words he had spoken.  "You will'll see it all."  She then tenderly caressed his cheek, "I'm putting in my transfer papers as well.  I'm going to fill them out tonight."


"What department are you requesting for?" he asked.


"I don't know I was thinking either in translations or maybe training," Heer replied.


"Hmmm...if you submit for training...we can go to work together," Prem smiled. 


"Whichever department we end up in we can still go to work together...we work for the CIA," Heer giggled.


"Well, yeah...but I meant for the same department...we could have lunch dates," Prem explained.


"Lunch dates sound fun," Heer said.


"They are...especially with me," Prem smirked causing Heer to snicker a little.  They then leaned their foreheads together and mirthfully giggled.  "So, what's for lunch?"


"I don't know why don't you go into the kitchen and find out for us," Heer replied.


"Are you ordering me to serve you lunch?" Prem inquired.  "I'm the guest in this house."


Heer mischievously grinned, "Yep, You're my new servant."  She slipped her hands from around his neck and walked behind him repositioning her hands onto his shoulders.


"What are you doing?" Prem asked with confusion as he felt her jump and put pressure on his shoulders.


"Piggyback," Heer simply stated as she jumped and slung her legs around his waist.


"Aahh," Prem sputtered as he leaned forward.  "Be careful I have to be prepared for it...otherwise you're going to fall."  He adjusted himself and made sure to grab her legs so he could support her properly.  Heer grinned and snuggled against his cheek.  "To the kitchen I presume?"


"That is correct," Heer giggled.  "Quick, I'm hungry!"  Prem just grinned at the way she was acting.  It reminded him of how she use to act when they were kids.  He shifted his arms adjusting her weight against his back and carried her towards the kitchen.  


Meher smiled as she opened the oven door and took a deep breath as the fresh smell of cookies perfumed the kitchen and the rest of the apartment.  She quickly pulled the baking sheet out and placed it on a cooling rack.  Taking a spatula she gently lifted the warm cookies off the baking sheet and transferred them to a large plate.  She then placed the plate onto a serving tray nestled between two glasses of milk.  Meher carried the tray into the living room where Preet was busily concentrating on a game of Madden NFL football on his Xbox 360.   "Freshly baked," Meher announced as Preet paused the game and turned to her inhaling the sweet smell.


"Thanks," Preet said as he grabbed a soft cookie and stuffed it into his mouth.  "These are great...warm, chewy, and soft..."


"I know...just the way you like them," Meher replied as she sat down on the couch.  "So how's the game going?"


"Not too bad...even though the computer is ahead.  I'm on a roll right now," Preet grinned.  "I already made two interceptions and converted them into touchdowns."


Meher grinned and took a sip of milk as she washed down her bite of cookie.  "So, you're serious...Prem and Heer are dating?"


"Yeah, it's was pretty obvious...I mean their body language said it all.  They always stood really close to each other and well, they were holding hands.  I mean I was the only one there with them on the plane...everyone else left before us...and the senior officers rode in Director Mann's plane.  So, they were pretty open around me," Preet explained.


"That's fantastic..." Meher squealed.  She then spoke in a dreamy tone, "Childhood can't get more romantic then's so have grown up together...being friends...and now as adults falling in love with each other."


Preet softly chewed his cookie and stared at Meher, "You're getting really excited about this."


"Well, of course I am.  Prem has had it rough lately.  He's a really nice guy and he deserves someone who will make him happy.  Aren't you happy for him?" Meher inquired.


"Of course I am," Preet replied.  "You just sound like you want to plan their wedding or something...either that or interrogate them...maybe we should invite them out for drinks again and you ask who asked who out first...where was your first date..."


Meher scrunched up her nose, "Stop making fun of me!"


"I'm not making fun of you," Preet grinned unabashedly.


"Yes you are," Meher replied.


"Hey, I'm your boyfriend here...shouldn't you be concern about me?  I was away for an entire week on a mission and I just came home yesterday," Preet pouted.  "You should be talking to me not worrying about Prem and Heer."


"They were running for their lives...Prem and Heer...I can't show some happiness about things being resolved and they are now a couple?  And..." hitting him in the arm, "I came over in the morning to see you and make sure you had breakfast...I cooked you lunch and I did the laundry for you and I baked cookies for you...what have you done?  All you've been doing is playing video games," Meher huffed.


"Okay,'re right..." Preet replied and put down his game controller.  He sat closer to her and said, "I'm sorry.  Oh, you have some chocolate on the side..."


"Chocolate where?" Meher asked wiping her mouth and looking at her fingers."


"Right here," Preet said with a mischievous glint in his eye as he swiped some chocolate from a cookie and wiped it on the side of her mouth.


"Preet!" Meher gasped.


"Let me take care of that for you," Preet smirked and leaned in for a kiss.  He gently gave an open mouth kiss so he could take in the sweet taste of chocolate into his mouth.  Meher smiled at him when the kiss ended.  "Am I forgiven?" he asked.


Meher wrapped her arms around his neck and replied, "I don't think you got all of it."


"I didn't?" Preet asked playing along.


"Nope," Meher answered shaking her head.  "I think I need another one."  Preet grinned while she giggled as he closed the distance between them sealing their lips together in another sweet and satisfying kiss.


Heer frowned and pushed her elbow outwards in frustration, "Prem, I can't wash the dishes if you keep doing this."


"But I'm not doing anything," Prem answered with a smile.  He was standing behind Heer with his hands resting around her wrists.


"Not doing anything my foot!" Heer snapped.  "It's taking me forever to do the dishes.  I thought you wanted me to come over to your house and met your Dad."


"I do," Prem replied.


"Then let me do this and then I can go and change and we can go..." Heer said.  "And besides what if Mama comes home and sees you doing this?"


"I think we'd hear the front door.  Don't worry...nobody is around," Prem mischievously grinned as he nuzzled his nose against her neck.


"Prreeemm..." Heer whined.


"I love you Pumpkin," he simply said grinning from ear to ear.


"You're annoying me."


"Well, then I'll just have to do something about that," Prem replied as he removed his hands.


"Thank youuu...w-w-wait...what are you doing?!"


"I think you know.  I never got to finish my dream so I'm finishing it now," Prem explained as he kissed her neck.  Heer fidgeted trying to pull away and eventually turned around putting her wet hands on his chest.  "My shirt is all wet now," he complained.


"Serves you right," Heer laughed and turned around to scoop up a little water from the faucet and splash it on him.


"Pumpkin, that's not nice!" Prem pouted.  "So, you wanna play that game, huh?" He reached into the sink and slapped the water towards her making her jump back and scream.  Prem gave a naughty smirk and started laughing. 


"Prem stop wasting water!"


"I'm not wasting're the one who left the faucet running," Prem replied as he continued to flick his fingers and sprinkle her with water.  They continued with their water play splashing each other and giggling like little children.  Eventually Prem grabbed Heer and pulled her into a back hug while she tried to break away.  They were so engrossed in their flirtatious fighting that they didn't hear Teji enter the kitchen until it was too late.  They both froze in place as they heard the plastic crinkle of grocery bags being placed on the floor.  Teji had a shocked expression on her face.


Heer elbowed Prem snapping him out of the stunned trance so he would let her go.  She then nervously tucked her hair behind her ear and greeted her mother, "Oh, you're home.  Did you find everything that we needed?"


"Aun-Aunty do you need some help carrying in the groceries?" Prem stuttered looking embarrassed.


"It's fine...carry on with...your dish washing," Teji replied and then quickly turned around to hide her laughter as she walked back to the front door to bring the rest of the groceries in.


Heer gave stern look to Prem who just sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.  "Nobody is around?"


"I'll go help your Mom and you finish the dishes," Prem said in a rush as he ran out of the kitchen leaving a frowning Heer.

Prem jogged towards the Teji's car and grabbed a few grocery bags, "Here Aunty let me help you."


"Thank you Prem," Teji replied.  She then paused and gave him a good stare.  "Have you told your Father about Heer?"


"Yes, he's really excited to see her again.  We were going to go over to the house after lunch...and tell him about us," Prem replied.  "Sorry for earlier...we were going to tell you when you came home.  I...Aunty...I-I love your daughter.  I love Heer...more than words can say...and I promise I'll take good care of her."


Teji's face softened and her lips curled up into a wide smile.  "I know."  Prem's eyes lit up in surprise.  "I've always wondered how long it would take for you two to see.  Call it motherly intuition or whatever you will..."  Prem smiled and then followed her into the house carrying the rest of the grocery bags.


Gentle soft eyes stared at the picture hanging on the wall with a white garland placed around the frame.  The image of her beauty still radiated towards him filling his heart with warmth despite knowing the reality that she was no longer on this Earth.  She was somewhere amongst the stars in the stratosphere looking down on him and their son, watching over them and blessing them.  He blinked and gave a sad smile, "We both miss you so much Kulraj."  He broke from his reverie as he heard the doorbell ring.  He furrowed his eyebrows wondering who could be at the door.  He quickly made his way to the front and when he looked through the peephole his face grin into a bright smile.  It was his son with his long last best friend.  He opened the door and greeted, "Heer..."


"Hi Kiran Uncle," she warmly smiled.


"Come in, come in," he replied and ushered her into the house leaving his son alone by the doorway.


"Nice to see you too Dad," Prem sarcastically said as he closed the door.


"I haven't seen her in ages," Kiran defended.  "You're going to be living here from now on instead of being my mysterious roommate that disappears for several months or years because of work."


Prem bowed his head, "Even this mysterious roommate has feelings."


"Would you like some chai?" Kiran offered ignoring his son's reply.  Instead he decided to order him to go do something, "Prem go make some chai for us..." then addressing Heer, "we'll chat in the living room."


"Haa Uncle," Heer politely replied but gently chortled at the way Prem was being treated by his father.


"Prem what are you doing standing around...go make chai," Kiran commanded.


"Haa, Dad...chai...would you like some biscuits too?" Prem sourly asked.


"Yes, that would be perfect," Kiran said.  "Would you like Parle-G or the Sunfeast Bourbon Biscuits?"


"It's really okay," Heer replied.


"Don't be modest," Kiran said.


"Okay, well...the Parle-G," Heer answered.


"Prem, also prepare some Parle---"


"Yea, yea...I heard Parle-G biscuits," Prem mumbled.


"What was that?"


"Nothing," Prem replied as he walked to the kitchen to prepare them chai and biscuits.



Thanks for reading.

I know this chapter was suppose to have more reactions from the parents but as you can see I got a bit side tracked with the Premeer romancing and flirting.  I also added in a little Meet for the Meet fans.

Next chapter will have a little bit more about the parent's reaction to the big announcement that Prem and Heer have

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