Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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wooww...tht was an awesmeee...although it was a sad part at first but the end made my day except for tht interuption Ouch
Awww the way they wer beating up was hard to read...i cant watch this type scenes in movies and now to my prem...tht was heart breakinggg
Urrghhh tht sanjana Angry ...give tht lady to me i ll make thousand pieces of her Angry Angry
Ethan was better atleast he helped prem and proved to be a good friend...and preet..wht to say!!...He is Simply the BEST Big smile Big smile
I luvd tht surprise Grace Embarrassed ...keep givin us these surprises Wink ...we luv it Big smile ...when i read tht part...i thought ehy u didnt gsv the warning in the beginning LOL ...premeer... 'ahem ahem'...awww tht was sooo hottt and heer worryin abt prems lips..tht was sooo sweet...i simply luvd the whole moment they shared...but this DAD interrupted our luv birds Ouch ...i want them to build their house underground and do these things so no one can interrupt them LOL LOL
I luvd prem talk abt the proper proposaland kids...he is tooo cute...wwhhooo thank god they didnt got caught.
Nywayz thanks for pm and plzzz update soon.

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Originally posted by khajju

wooww...tht was an awesmeee...although it was a sad part at first but the end made my day except for tht interuption Ouch
Awww the way they wer beating up was hard to read...i cant watch this type scenes in movies and now to my prem...tht was heart breakinggg
Urrghhh tht sanjana Angry ...give tht lady to me i ll make thousand pieces of her Angry Angry
Ethan was better atleast he helped prem and proved to be a good friend...and preet..wht to say!!...He is Simply the BEST Big smile Big smile
I luvd tht surprise Grace Embarrassed ...keep givin us these surprises Wink ...we luv it Big smile ...when i read tht part...i thought ehy u didnt gsv the warning in the beginning LOL ...premeer... 'ahem ahem'...awww tht was sooo hottt and heer worryin abt prems lips..tht was sooo sweet...i simply luvd the whole moment they shared...but this DAD interrupted our luv birds Ouch ...i want them to build their house underground and do these things so no one can interrupt them LOL LOL
I luvd prem talk abt the proper proposaland kids...he is tooo cute...wwhhooo thank god they didnt got caught.
Nywayz thanks for pm and plzzz update soon.

Cut Sanjana into tiny little pieces Shocked so violent you are LOL...yes, that is a punishment she deserved.

As for the *ahem* I wanted to surprise you all...make you think one thing while I did something else

And you want them to build a house underground so they can't be interrupted? You are very Evil Smile ROFL

You should be happy they got a lot further.  At least they didn't get caught by Heer's Dad...that would have been really Shocked Ouch ...Prem would have gotten beaten up by Heer's Dad Confused probably end up in the hospital again but this time in a full body cast.  He wouldn't be able to touch Heer for a very long time LOL

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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update soon! 
wil b wa8in! try 2 update soon! if u cn! ;)

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eagerly wa8in..!!! update soon!

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wa8in..! ;)
try 2 update soon if possible..!!

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Thanks everyone who took the time to make a comment!

I really appreciate it.

Sorry for any delays...been a bit busy last few weeks.

Here is the next chapter...and...

*Warning* some light masala but nothing too flaming Embarrassed

Hopefully this time when I PM people can actually open the PMs...sorry in advance if you weren't able to open it.  I don't know what is wrong with my Mass PMs Confused

Oh by the way I got some banners made for my works. 

Special thanks to Preeti as she made them for me. 

Here is the Official At First Sight Banner...isn't it so pretty? Big smile

Mission 24: Speaking of the Future


Heer smiled and listened intently as her father told her a story about something funny that had happened to him recently.  She politely covered her mouth as she laughed and then took a sip of water.  The conversation paused as the waiter came by to deliver them their dessert order.  Heer's eyes lit up at the sight of the warm chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  She shifted her attention towards her father when she heard him chuckling.  "Papaaa..."


"Your face always lights up when you see desserts especially when it's chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream," Balraaj replied.


"Well, it's just a perfect combination.  Chocolate and vanilla...I would even be happy with a vanilla cake and chocolate ice cream," Heer explained as she took her spoon and dug right into the dessert.  She looked at her father and motioned for him to take some.


"I can still remember when you first discovered cake and ice cream," Balraaj reminisced with a fond smile.  "It was your first birthday.  You're mother was so worried that I was going to miss it because I had a mandatory meeting to go to.  But I got there just in time for the cake cutting."  He then took a reflective pause.  "And now look at you all grown up.  I know I haven't been present to every birthday after that.  I've missed some important things...and I know it hasn't been very easy for you or your mother..."  Heer stared at her father with an understanding and warm expression on her face.  "I'm sorry.  And I know it was tough what you had to go through on this mission and I couldn't be there for you..."


"Papa, I know you had no choice in the matter.  You had to protect the position and responsibility of the agency.  Things worked out in the end...especially since Director Rampal devised the whole plan to capture everyone including the double agent.   And as for my childhood...I always knew you loved me even when you couldn't be there physically.  But we've had our share of times...and I cherish every moment I get to spend with now."  Balraaj gave a half grin and took a bite of cake and ice cream.  "So, how is Mama handling all of this...finding out that I'm not exactly working for the museum?"


"She's wasn't too thrilled about it.  And she wanted me to tell you to call her the minute I found you so you could explain yourself," Balraaj said.


"Papa?  You just told me this today? Heer gasped.


"She doesn't have to know.  Besides you were preoccupied with other things that needed your attention."  Heer bit down on her spoon and paused as she looked at her father wondering what he had meant by that comment.  "How is Agent Deshmukh...I mean Prem doing?"


Heer pulled the spoon out of her mouth and simply replied, "He's doing better."


"Was he released from the hospital today?"  Balraaj's eyes flexed as he watched his daughter suddenly begin coughing.  "Drink some water Heer," he advised as he picked up her glass of water and handed it to her.  Heer patted her chest and breathed slowly as her coughing fit came to an end.  She cautiously took a sip of water and then glanced back at her father.  "I saw the sneakers." Balraaj replied.


Heer gave a half grin knowing she had been caught.  She'd have preferred it if she had asked the questions to her father about how he felt about Prem not this reversal that was happening; her father trying to probe into her relationship status.  "He makes me happy, Papa.  He's a good man."


"A good man who hides in the bathroom?" Balraaj sarcastically questioned.  He saw the look his daughter gave him and lowered his head.  "I take that back.  I'm sure he is."  He then gave a reflective pause.  "Romances like these that happen during assignments---"


"It's not a fling," Heer interrupted.  "I've known since I was seven...he's my best friend..."


"Best friend..." Balraaj repeated.  "Ah, right...he's the boy you befriended while you were in the witness protection..." He picked up his spoon again and scooped up some cake and ice cream.  Heer watched her father eat his bite and knew the conversation had been dropped.  She knew her father just wanted the best for her and took this exchange as him warming up to the idea of her and Prem becoming a couple.


Prem sat on his bed flipping through the channels of the TV trying to find something interesting to watch.  He settled on a martial arts action movie and propped his pillow up so he could lean comfortably against the backboard of the bed.  The movie was nearing its end as the hero was on his way to fight the last epic fight scene with the boss, when Prem heard a knock against his hotel door.  He immediately got off the bed and went to answer the door.  He opened it and arched his eyebrows as he saw Heer standing in the hallway with a luggage tote.  She didn't say a word and just walked into the room.  Prem locked the door and followed her into the main section of the hotel room waiting for an explanation.


"Don't act all surprised," Heer said as she turned around to face him, "...if you don't want me to stay here tonight then---" 


Prem shook his head and immediately spoke, "No, that's not it.  It's just you brought your pack everything and brought it over from your room?"


"Not that I have much of's just what Papa brought for me.  No, I still have most of my stuff in my room.  I just brought over my PJs, a change of clothes, and some toiletries," Heer replied.  She spied a hotel room service tray on the coffee table and glanced back at Prem.  "Ordered room service?"


"Yeah, the easiest thing to do," he replied.  "Had some sort of chicken and rice dish."


"Dinner was really good," Heer happily sighed.


"Oh, are you trying to rub it in?" Prem inquired.

Heer smiled as she rested her hands around his neck.  "Maybe," she playfully said and then gave him a few sweet kisses. 


"I'll take these and forget you even tried taunting me about dinner," Prem grinned as she pulled away.


"I'm going to get changed," Heer said as he took some things out of the luggage tote.  "Be right back."


"I'll be right here," Prem replied.  When he heard the click of the bathroom door closing, he quickly changed into his pajamas and sat on the bed waiting for Heer to come back out.  His eyes shifted toward the entryway as he heard the soft click of the bathroom door opening. 


Heer was wearing a black tank top and pink plaid shorts.  She gave a knowing smirk as her eyes took in the sight of Prem sitting on the bed in just his boxers.  "Since when did you start sleeping like that?"


"Why...don't like it?" Prem inquired.  "I thought you would appreciate it."  Heer chortled softly as she climbed onto the bed.  "I shaved," he replied shifting his eyebrows playfully up and down.


"I know...I knew it from looking at your face," Heer said as she moved closer to him.  "You didn't have to show me."  Prem frowned at her words and pointed to his chest giving a slight pout.  "You nicked yourself?"  She gave a half grin as he nodded his head in confirmation.  Heer leaned downward and tenderly placed a kiss on the tiny cut between his pectorals.  When she raised her head she saw the dreamy look in his eyes.  Prem closed the distance between them as he cupped her cheek while they kissed.  Eventually Prem pulled her down with him and held her.  Heer could feel his hand slowly trailing down and lifting the back of her tank top up.  His fingers delicately maneuvered themselves to curve along the waistband of her shorts and gently tugged.  Heer immediately pulled away causing Prem to look at her with concern.  "Something wrong?" he asked as he sat up.  He could feel the atmosphere changing in the room and he wasn't sure why it had occurred.


"No, sorry," Heer nervously replied.


"Did something happen during dinner?" Prem asked with worry.  "With your Dad?"


"No, though he saw your sneakers and sort of has an idea about us...but that has nothing to do with this," Heer answered.  She then bit her lower lip contemplating on how she should go about saying what she needed to say.  "Um, it's about...uh, this afternoon...we didn't use any protection.  I take birth control and everything to regulate my cycles but what happened to us in Goa and then us running around...I didn't exactly have it with I've been off for awhile..."


"Oh, yeah...that's..." Prem replied realizing why she was concern.  "I'm sorry Heer.  I should have thought of that."  He rubbed the back of his head feeling unsure.  "It's my fault I rushed...I usually don't do that...I always use protection..."


"No, Prem...I'm just as much at fault over this," Heer said.  "I wasn't thinking either...I mean we were both really caught up in the moment."


"Yeah, that was quite a moment," Prem replied with a tiny grin recalling the passionate love making sessions they had.  He then blinked refocusing his attention on the current conversation they were having.  "Um, so do you think?  I, and we were joking around earlier about's still kind of early...but I mean...if we have to know I'll take care of you and the baby."


"Relax Prem...I'm not ready either," Heer said.  "My Dad would flip out...even Mom would be upset at you but we don't have to worry about it.  I made arrangements tomorrow to see the physician that works at the American Embassy."


"So you're taking the morning after pill?" Prem asked.


"Um, yeah...are you okay with that?"


"We're both not ready for this particular step...I'm fine with your decision," Prem replied.


"Okay, I just didn't know how you would feel about know what I mean?"


"I understand," Prem said giving a small smile.  He then kissed her forehead and placed his arm around her shoulder.  "We're talking about it...and communicating like this is really good.  Anyways, in the future it shouldn't be an issue..."


"Yeah," Heer smiled.  "You'll be my hubby."


"Right," Prem grinned as he leaned his forehead against hers, "You'll still be my Pumpkin but you'll also be my wife."  They both mirthfully laughed and hugged each other thinking about their future together.  "So, I guess I should go..." Prem said as their hug ended.


"Go?  Where are you going?" Heer asked in confusion as she watched him get off the bed.


"Unless you want me to call room service and charge it to the room...that would really flip your Dad out when he sees what the CIA is paying for..." Prem replied.  Heer's eyes flexed as she realized what he was talking about.


"You're going to go now?"


"We still need them for later or are we waiting until we get back home?" Prem inquired looking at her with a slight plead in his eyes.


Heer shook her head as she wobbled on her knees heading towards him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave a sly look.  "I don't want to wait that long."


Prem chuckled at her comment and tenderly kissed her.  "I don't want to wait that long either," he replied against her lips.  "I'll be back soon."


"Wait, I'll go with you.  Let me change real quick," Heer replied as she hopped off the bed to get her clothes from the luggage tote.


Heer pursed her lips into a frown as she watched Prem devour a grilled piece of chicken on a stick.  They had picked up the box of condoms at a local convenience store but instead of heading back to the hotel they ended up at the night market.  They hadn't had much time to explore some of the sights in Singapore because of everything that had gone down, so they decided to take a look around one of the local night markets.  Prem licked his lips and then took a sip from his drink.  His eyes lifted as he caught Heer's gaze and he pulled the straw out of his mouth and offered the cup to her thinking she was thirsty.  He wore an apologetic yet confused expression on his face.  Heer shook her head to his offer and asked with a baffled tone, "Didn't you have dinner?  How can you still eat?"


Prem shrugged his shoulders, "It smelled really good so I got a little hungry.  You don't want any?"


"No, I'm full from dinner," Heer replied.  "Just don't over do it...I don't want you having an upset stomach like last time."


"I'll be fine," Prem smiled as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.  "Besides that was your Mom's cooking..."


"I can't believe you're salivating at the mention of that," Heer laughed.


"You know how good her cooking is," Prem replied.  "You get to eat it practically every day."


"I know she is a great cook.  You'll get to eat more of her cooking when we get back," Heer said.


"Hey," Prem said catching her attention before she turned her head to look around the market.  "You have to make me fish and chips when we get back.  In fact I demand's the first meal I want to eat."


"After our long flight...and when you get up in the morning the first thing you want to eat is fish and chips?" Heer inquired. 


"Yeah, why not?"


"You want me to drive all way to your house and make that for you?" Heer questioned.  "And by the way I don't even know where you live."


"Don't worry about driving to my place.  I'll come to your saves you time and energy.  And then I'll take you to my house and you can meet Dad," Prem replied.


"Save me time and energy?" Heer scoffed.  "I have to drag myself out of bed to make you fish and chips...I'll need to go to the market to get the fish.  I'm going to be may not turn out so well why don't you wait until later in the week?  I promise to make it for you then."


"No, I want them the next day," Prem replied childishly pouting.  "I want fish and chips...I want them...I want them."


Heer rolled her eyes and sighed, "Okay fine...stop acting like a little kid about this."  Prem grinned with a triumphant smile.  "Are you finished?"


"Yeah," Prem replied as he took his plate and threw it away in the nearest garbage can.  When he turned around Heer handed him his drink and he gladly took it with his right while he slung his left arm over her shoulder.  He pulled her close and softly said, "You know I was only joking about that.  Don't worry about the fish and don't have to make me that for breakfast.  We'll set it on another day."


"It's okay," Heer replied as they started walking.


"No, no...I want you to get proper rest and relax.  But I do look forward to eating your food...more than your Mom's..."


"Don't lie Prem," Heer said.


"Pumpkin I'm not lying.  I'm serious...I wanna eat what you cook.  Maybe I should invite my Dad over...maybe we should have a lunch or dinner thing...and you know tell our parents about us."


"Cook for Kiran Uncle too?" Heer gasped.  "I'm going to be nervous enough."


"Why would you be's not like you haven't cooked before..."


"It's, well..." Heer shyly stuttered.  "It will be the first time I'm really cooking for you...and it's something you love eating."       


Prem smiled, "Don't be nervous.  Just pretend you're cooking for a friend."


"That's a little hard..." Heer said arching her eyes.


"Pumpkin I'll eat anything you put in front of me and I know I'll love it too.  Don't stress.  Are you going to get nervous later on...afraid to feed me?"


"I'm not going to starve you," Heer barked.


"I know you won't," Prem chuckled.  "But I guess I should start learning how to make other things beside ramen noodles...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...grilled cheese'd probably get tired of eating that..."


"Oh, you're going to cook for me?" Heer asked.


"Why not?  We can share kitchen duties...switch off...what happens when I'm alone and need to take care of the kids?  Papa, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch why are having them again for dinner?  My bachchay Papa can't cook and Mama didn't leave us anything..."


"Hey, what do you mean I didn't leave you anything?" Heer snapped.  "I'd make sure the fridge is stocked with food for you and the kids before I leave.  I don't want them eating anything burnt."


"That's not me.  That's Dad...he's the one that burns everything...still ruins pots," Prem corrected.  Heer chortled causing Prem to laugh along with her as well.  "Okay, so where to next?"


"Let's go over there a little further down and look at some of the shops and then head back to the hotel," Heer replied.


"Sounds like a plan," Prem grinned and held her hand as they strolled down the street.


Prem and Heer walked happily through the main doors of the hotel lobby gently talking and laughing.  They each carried a small bag filled with some souvenirs they had purchased.  As they made their way through the elegant lobby heading towards the elevators they were greeted by Preet who had a bright smile on his face.  Prem and Heer immediately realized he was staring at their hands as they were intertwined in a comfortable hold.


"Hey long time no see," Preet joked.  "So, you guys went out?"  He eyed the bags they had and grinned, "Any gifts for me?"


Heer swallowed nervously as she sensed that Preet wanted to take a look at what they had bought.  The bag that she was carrying had the convenient store bag that contained the box of condoms.  She knew it would be embarrassing if Preet found the bag.  Sure they were all adults but it would still be uncomfortable under any circumstance.  She could hear the possible jokes Preet would make trying to lighten the mood but it wouldn't change the fact that something like that had happened. 


"Preet, why would we get you a gift?" Prem asked as he moved his body to block him from reaching Heer's bag.


"I'm hurt.  I thought I was a friend," Preet replied in fake sadness.


"Souvenirs are for people who aren't here.  You're here," Prem reasoned.


"I'd thought you could give me a gift and it would save me the trip of going out," Preet said.  Prem shook his head giving him a strange look.  "No?  All right, fine...I guess I have to go out.  Could you at least tell me about any cool ones you saw?  I need to get something good for Meher."


"Just go to the local night market...there are lots of shops to look at," Prem replied.


"If you walk all the past the food vendors...there are few shops just over there that have some really nice things," Heer added.


"I will.  Thanks," Preet smiled.  "Okay, I'll see you guys later.  We should do lunch or something.  You guys free for lunch?"


Prem turned his head and looked at Heer to see what her answer was going to be.  "Lunch...I should be able to do that.  It may have to be about around 1:00 or so.  I have an appointment in the morning at 10am."


"That's fine.  Just call me when you guys are ready and I'll meet you down in the lobby," Preet replied.  "Well, I better get going.  Goodnight...sleep well."


Prem and Heer waved farewell and got on the elevator together.  They squeezed passed a few other hotel guests to exit the lift and head to Prem's room.  When the door of room 3012 closed behind them, Heer placed their bags on the desk and announced, "Time for bed."


"Time for bed..." Prem repeated with a mischievous tone in his voice.  Heer gave a half grin shaking her head slightly and turned around just as he rested his hands on her lower waist.  "Not time for bed?" he quizzically inquired.


"I'm going to go brush my teeth and wash my face and put on my PJs," she simply replied ignoring his comment.


"Okay," Prem said not quite sure how to read her response.


It wasn't long before Heer came out of the bathroom relaxed and refreshed.  Prem quickly went inside the bathroom and completed his nightly routine.  When he came out he saw Heer laying in bed watching TV.  He slipped underneath the covers and murmured a goodnight and switched off the lamp on the nightstand.  He laid on his back and closed his eyes ready to sleep.  He crinkled his forehead as he felt the covers shift and air enter underneath.  "Something wrong?" Prem asked as he opened his eyes.


"No," Heer replied with smile as she moved closer and placed her hand on the other side of his body.


"I thought you were tired," Prem asked trying not to grin.


"I never said I was tired," Heer answered and gently straddled him.  She couldn't help but smile at the way Prem's face had suddenly lit up.  Despite the type of relationship they had in the past he was acting like any other hot blooded male.  It was still something she was getting use to seeing in him even though they had crossed the boundary of friendship and were now romantically involved.  Every now and then she felt like she had to pinch herself to make sure this wasn't some sort of dream.  She looked into Prem's eyes and felt the piercing intensity of his desire for her and felt her body just melt.  His hands rested on her hips in anticipation of what was to come next and it wasn't long before he got his answer.  Heer leaned down and kissed him.  Their mouths tenderly adjusted and stroked the feelings of love between them. 


"Prem..." Heer simply ordered as her hands gripped his shoulders.  He sat up so his shirt could be taken off.  He felt an instant cool as the upper half of his body was exposed but the minute Heer's hands touched his skin they left burning marks.  It was a blissful tormenting sensation as his body craved for these opposite impressions.  Heer felt Prem's hands search for the comfort of her skin as he gripped the cotton fabric of her tank.  She pulled back ready to cast it away giving him access to what he wanted.  Prem looked at her with a thoughtful glance and as if reading his mind she smiled leaning to the left towards the nightstand.  "It's here," she replied as she pulled the drawer and took out the box of condoms they had purchased earlier.  She opened the box and placed one package on the nightstand then hid the box back in the drawer again.


"I like this little plan of yours," Prem grinned.  "You're very organized."


"I try," Heer giggled as Prem leaned forward cradling her in his arms.  They continued with their kissing relishing the touch of their lips pressing against each other's mouths and the delectable feel of their tongues caressing and exploring.  Heer felt Prem's fingers curve around the bottom edge of her tank top and the movement of an upward lift.  She leaned back allowing him to strip her of her clothing.  She shivered slightly at the exposure of the chill air as the air conditioning in the room had decided to turn on at that moment.  She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. 


Prem tenderly rubbed his hands along her back and whispered huskily in her ear, "Don't worry Pumpkin I'll keep you warm tonight."


"Just tonight?" Heer inquired.


"365 days of the year," Prem replied.  "I promise I'll always be by your side."


A smile formed along her lips, "I love you," she softly said into his ear.


Prem pulled back and caressed her face as he tucked her loose hair behind her ear.  He gazed into her eyes lovingly and said, "You mean everything to me and I can't live without you."  Heer's cheeks blushed a light shade of pink as her eyes flex with happiness.  Prem grinned at her reaction and then closed the space between them.  His hands stroke her bare back as they kissed warming her inside and out.  Eventually Prem let his hands wander, savoring the feel of her silky skin underneath his fingertips.  He smirked when he heard her whine against his mouth when his fingers delicately brushed alongside her bosom.  They then gently fell to the side knowing full well a long passionate night was in store for them.   


Heer breathed steadily in the twilight hours of the early morning.  Her eyes lazily opened and her lips curled upward into a smile.  She tenderly brushed the thick black mound of hair resting peacefully on her chest.  Prem stirred and lifted his head with a sleepy greeting.  "Sorry...I must be heavy...I guess I fell asleep for a few minutes."  Heer shook her head as she continued to let her fingers play in his silky hair.  "No, I'm fine.  It's okay...I fell asleep for a few minutes too."


Prem sighed as he closed his eyes again and snuggled into the crook of her neck.  " have that appointment at 10am...we should get some sleep."


"We should," Heer repeated as she stroked his back.  She let out a pleasing sigh and whispered, "But I don't know if I'll be able to really sleep."


Prem snickered at her remark.  Magical and speechless pleasures had transpired between them during their love making and it was hard to let go of that feeling.  Their bodies were still feeling the warm after effects as they lay there in each other's arms.  "I'm going to be smiling like an idiot tomorrow and Preet is going to be very curious."


"I know what you mean," Heer replied with a gentle mirth in her voice.


"But we got to try to get some rest," Prem said as he rolled over and lay on his back.


"Can I sleep here?" Heer asked as she turned and made a motion that she wanted to lay her head down on his chest.


Prem lifted his arm up and invited her to come.  "You don't ever need to ask.  This spot belongs to you," he said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.  "I love you Pumpkin."  Heer smiled as he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.


"Love you too," Heer replied and snuggled into his chest feeling secure and complete.


Thanks for reading!

Next Chapter will be called Homecoming...what happens when Prem and Heer come will the parents react to the news that they are a couple?

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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speechless...! another mindblowin update...!! HATS OFFClapClap
luved it..!! prem heer steamy romance...!!! aaww..!! dats was sweet...prem ready 2 take care of Heer n d baby also..! wa8in for him/her 2 cum soonEmbarrassedEmbarrassedTongueTongueLOL
Heer's dad gt a hint i guess???? Nxt part wil cum 2 noe evrythin...! HOME CUMIN...! lol..!
Heer n Prem both cnt wa8...!! n v 2 cnt wa8 for their romance..!EmbarrassedLOLLOL
awsum..update..!! thx for d pm dear...n updatin soon...!!! wil b wa8in for d nxt update eagerly..!

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-- Reserved -- exam tomorrow OuchOuchOuch

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sanchi bawa the most destructive creative


Author: mono123   Replies: 10   Views: 3207

mono123 10 3207 14 December 2009 at 7:08pm by onegossip
serious note to creative team of kdmhmd

Author: bussa_sreenidhi   Replies: 2   Views: 1083

bussa_sreenidhi 2 1083 24 November 2009 at 4:55am by .Angel
Creative you owe us an answer!!


Author: confusedsoul   Replies: 12   Views: 1588

confusedsoul 12 1588 05 October 2009 at 8:46pm by blueocean_787

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