Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by sweta2005

awesomeee too good very nice part waitinggg for next asap.

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Originally posted by sowmya18

it was superb...
awesome update...

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Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

phew! finally u update~~~!!

dat was srsly a lng update!!! preet n sanjana u r awsum!!
Ethan i wud kill him!!
OMG wht happened 2 heer! hope prem saves her! plz plz GRACE update soon! cnt hold nw!!!!
thx for d pm dear!

Killing Ethan is a crime Divya LOL  I don't want one of my readers to get thrown into jail Tongue
Suspense is killing isn't it? Evil Smile Will Prem save Heer?  We will just have to see...
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Originally posted by sharmeeli

HugAWESOME update dear!!!!Hug Preet and Sanjana are great friends, aahw Preet was thinking how Meher would beEmbarrassed   But still Grace you're evil for stopping at a cliffhangerEvil SmileLOL, what happened to Heer???Shocked Plzzz update ASAP dearEmbarrassed and thanks for the PMEmbarrassed

Preet and Sanjana are great aren't they?  Putting themselves on the line to save their friends.  I am Evil Smile stopping this chapter with a cliffhanger...more problems in store for this couple Cry but they are agents it comes with the territory...missions are never easy.
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Originally posted by pwincess1

Shocked Another problem??
Poor Premeer
hate that Rishabh and Ethan Angry
but at the same time i love Sanjana and Preet
are you planning anything for Sanjana in the future??
she sure deserves something
I was feeling so angry seeing Prem so helpless
you always explain the scenes in so much detail that i can see the image infront of me
I hope everything fine happens
update soon

Rishabh and Ethan Angry
Sanjana's future track?  I have something planned Wink
You don't know how great you made me feel about your comment about being able to see Prem and feel his helplessness...I was trying my best to capture what Prem was feeling throughout the whole ordeal.

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Originally posted by sadhz

awesome update n full of action
hate that ethan...idiot *angry*
loved ur writing...loved d little prem heer scene in d plan Embarrassed
hope heer is fine ...
plz update asap...cant wait nw...n thnx for d pm

Prem and Heer romancing in the plane LOL
Ethan had his own reason for doing what he did...not the best but he still had his reasons

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Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.
I can't believe Ethan was only traitor instead of a friend for Prem and Heer.  I have to agree with Prem though, I know he and Heer would have helped if Ethan told him the truth.
I am really Sanjana escaped when she got the chance.
So many struggles Heer and Prem are facing.  One minute they are together next minute the get seperated Cry.  I really do feel bad for Prem, he lost her once when she and mom had to go enter the witness protection agency and now he is more determined make sure he doesn't lose her again.
I really do hope Preet, Sanjana, and Prem capture Dimitri Belova and Sergei Nemov.  Those men are getting on my nerves Angry
Thank you for the PM.  I am can't wait to read you next update.  LOL at your end comment about posting this chapter and your previous chapter on Harshiti's bday.  Very cute. 

What can I say about Ethan?  He traded in his friends so he could get his job back Pinch not the best way to do things...but sometimes you do the things you do cause you're desperate.

Yes, Prem and Heer are facing a lot of struggles but some missions are just plain messy not everything is simple especially when you deal in secrets, lies, and all that international spy stuff?

We will see what happens to Prem and Heer Evil Smile

As for the posting LOL...and I didn't even plan it that way!  It just so happened that these things happened like I doing it subconsciously Shocked without realizing it?  They've invaded my personal being so much? Silly I need to go to the asylum where Onu and Pihu are ROFL  Harshiti are Nuke to the mind LOL

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Grace r  u goona update dis 1???

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r u updating now

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awesomeee update Grace Clap loved it 
waiting for more  Smile
thnx for the Pm Big smile

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wa8in! Grace! :)

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Do to some requests *cough*Swati&Divya*cough*  I've decided to post the next chapter...and I have a feeling this SS will be a tad longer then 25 chapters Embarrassed I still have some things I want to do.

So what will happen to Prem and Heer?  The conclusion awaits us Shocked...

Mission 23: I'll Be There


Rishabh stretched his tired back as he sat in the airplane that was heading towards Singapore.  The local Singaporean authorities had contacted Interpol reporting an incident that had occurred at one of the food hawker centers.  The eyewitness descriptions and the security camera footage confirmed that Prem, Heer, Sanjana, and Preet had been involved in the incident.  He had requested for the Interpol agents to track their whereabouts but to not make any arrests until he gave the signal.  He really wanted to personally come and see for himself what was going on.  He had a feeling that Dimitri Belova was somehow involved and he was curious as to see how things were going to play out.


Rishabh looked up when he sensed the presence of someone standing by his seat.  "Sir, I just received word that they have picked up Senior Officer Malhotra," Agent Bourne reported.  He grinned with satisfaction.  "Very good.  Tell them to hold him until I return.  But make sure they still treat him with respect.  He is still their senior officer."


"Yes sir," Agent Bourne replied and went to relay the message.


Rishabh leaned his seat back preparing to take a little nap knowing it would be some time before they reached Singapore.  He closed and eyes thinking...When all is said and done you'll owe me's time to put everything to rest...


Prem took a deep breath as he exited the truck with a backpack slung over his right shoulder.  He glanced to his left and saw Preet nod his head.  Sanjana gave him a comforting look letting him know things were going to work out.  Prem gave a half grin in appreciation and then turned to his right to walk towards warehouse 57.  His heart was beating rapidly in his chest with each step he took.  There was always a sense of rush and anxiety whenever he was put in a situation like this but this time it felt different.  His nerves were strained even more because this time it was personal.  No matter how many times he told himself he needed to contain his feelings knowing that Dimitri Belova and his men would use this weakness to their advantage he couldn't stop himself.  After all the years of feeling lonely and somehow detached he finally found some genuine happiness and meaning in his life again because Heer was back in his life again.  He couldn't lose her.


Preet and Sanjana watched for a few minutes as their friend made the long walk to warehouse 57 before they turned to each other planning out their strategy.  "I'm going to the other side to the back of the compound like we discussed," Sanjana said.


"Okay, I'll monitor things on this side.  If you get a hint of anything weird going know what to do..." Preet replied.


"Of course," Sanjana smiled.  "We need to make sure they both get out alive."


Preet nodded and then observed Sanjana quickly running for the outer perimeter area of warehouse 57.  She would get just close enough to survey the grounds but still be far enough away that Belova's men would detect her presence.  When Sanjana was out of sight he quickly dialed a number on his cell phone.  "Hey, it's me.  We're in position.  I hope you're right about this."


"Trust me.  Old Chap will thank us both when all is said and done," the voice on the other end replied.


Prem raised his arms up when he saw two of Belova's men walk towards him with their handguns drawn.  They motioned for him to walk to the wall where they searched him making sure he wasn't carrying a weapon or wearing a wire.  Prem glanced at them and they gave him a satisfactory nod that he could enter the premise.  He followed the shorter of the guards while the taller one walked behind him making sure he couldn't attempt to try anything with them.


As the warehouse side door opened and they entered the large vacant storage facility Prem felt a hard lump form in his throat.  He silently prayed that things would go smoothly and he and Heer would be out of there without any incident.  Prem's eyes widen in alarm as he saw a large glass water tank sitting in the middle of the warehouse.  He saw Heer standing at the top with a guard by her side.  Her hands were shackled and there was a rag tied around her mouth.  Prem's breathing became shallow as he tried to control his feelings of anger and fear.


There was a round of Russian exchanges before Dimitri appeared with Sergei following obediently behind.  Dimitri lifted the sleeve of his suit jacket and smiled as he checked his watch.  "Very prompt Agent Deshmukh.  I can at least commend you on that."  He shifted his eyes signaling one of the guards to take the backpack from Prem.  "Now, let's see if you brought the correct goods."         


"I brought you want you asked for," Prem simply stated.  His eyes glanced quickly upward where Heer was standing trying to make sure she was all right.


"I think I'll be the judge of that," Dimitri answered.  Sergei opened a laptop and placed it on the table for his boss to check. 


Prem watched with anticipation as Dimitri inserted the first disc to check the contents.  He felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach when Dimitri banged his fists on the table in anger.  "What is this?  Where is the other half of the buyers list?  You're playing a very dangerous game!"


"What?  Wait...those are the real discs!  That's what we took from Sergei!" Prem defended.  He was immediately held in place as Sergei came forward and punched him a few times in stomach and chest.


"Wrong...these are fakes you are trying to pass off to us.  You didn't think we would be smart enough to check the entire file?" Sergei inquired.


"No, those are the discs," Prem heaved.


Dimitri quickly took out the buyer list disc and checked the second disc that had been brought.  His eyes narrowed as he inspected what was inside.  "Stop playing games Agent Deshmukh.  Tell me where are the real discs?"


Prem shook his head in confusion.  "No, we hid them at Ethan's apartment.  We didn't take the real ones with us for the first drop but...Sanjana went back and took the discs...she said she got there before the police raided the apartment."


"Where are the discs Prem?"


Prem lifted his head and started at the person now standing next to Heer on the water tank.  "Sanjana?" he uttered in disbelief.  He was having trouble processing what she was doing there.


"Where did you hide the real discs?" Sanjana asked.


"You?" Prem asked softly.  "You're working with them?"


"You're very quick," she dryly replied.


"But why?" Prem questioned.


"Everyone has a price Prem...I found after all the years of service I was never given my proper dues...always overlooked for a promotion...others' efforts seemed to get notice except for my own," Sanjana explained. 


His eyes narrowed and he replied through gritted teeth, "So you decided to throw everything that your country gave you away to work with the enemy?!  You gave an oath when you took this job that you would serve, honor, and protect...and now---"


"Always the patriot you are," Sanjana laughed.  "Still so high and mighty after everything they have done to you.  You can still stand there and utter those words about serving, honoring, and protecting...when they want to arrest and charge you with treason?  You know you were seriously better off when Ethan turned you in...that was something I wasn't expecting...Ethan bartered to get off the burn list by turning you and Heer into the CIA.  What a trade.  The plan was for me to switch the discs out so Dimitri could get them back when we made the drop at the teahouse.  We would then in turn sell it off to the highest bidder...which ironically was our own government.  Shocking isn't?  But it shouldn't be because things like this happen all the time.  You're aware of it yourself.  But I never got the chance to switch the discs because Ethan was watching me like a hawk.  Something tipped him off about me so I had to play my part.  You were the only one who was handling the discs.  So, Prem where are the real ones?" 


"I don't know what you're talking about," Prem replied. 


"I know the CIA doesn't have them because Preet told me they weren't real," Sanjana answered.  She then sighed as she stepped forward and untied Heer's mouth gag.  Heer cried out in pain as Sanjana yanked at the shackles around her wrists.  The shackles had rubbed Heer's skin so much that it was painful at the slightest movement.  A small trickle of blood started to flow downwards from her wrist to her index finger dripping delicately into the tank of water.  Prem's eyes flexed and his body involuntarily lurched forward at the sound of Heer's pain.  He wanted nothing more than to get her away from this crazy situation.  "Tell us now or watch her die in front of your eyes."


"I don't know...I swear...those are the only discs I have," Prem replied hopelessly. 


"Wrong answer," Sanjana said and hooked Heer's shackles to a chain attached to the water crane.  She pressed a button and Heer was lifted up into the air.  Sanjana then used the joy stick and positioned her over the water tank.


Prem couldn't believe what he was seeing and he quickly glanced about looking for a way to stop this.  Everyone seemed to be watching Sanjana as she worked the water crane to place Heer in the middle of the tank.  Prem seized the moment and freed himself from the guards.  There was a fury of commotion as the other guards tried to step in and stop Prem from getting to the water tank.  He disarmed several men and dodged and kicked his way around the warehouse.  But Prem suddenly found himself face forward hitting the edge of a table.  Sergei pulled him up right gripping the back of his neck and snarled, "Going somewhere?"  Pain was radiating all over his forehead but he managed to detangle from Sergei's hold.  He kicked him hard in the nether region making him instantly doubling over in pain.  Prem them knocked him out by kicking his left leg upwards hitting his chin and then switching to his right leg in a jump kick slammed his heel into the back of Sergie's head forcing him down to the ground.


The victory was short lived as someone grabbed Prem from behind trying to pacify him by putting him in a choke hold.  Prem eyes shifted towards the water tank and watched with horror as Heer's body was now fully submerged and she was fighting to get free.  He bucked and kicked with all his might but no matter what he did it was of no use.  His vision was starting to blur and the noise around him was slurring.  "Heer..." Prem croaked as his eyes blinked slowly in a daze.  He reached out with his right hand grabbing at the air as Heer's body convulsed indicating she had run out of air.  "Heerrr..." Prem uttered for the last time as darkness consumed him.


The sound of steady water dripping from a leaky faucet echoed horribly in the darkness.  Hands padded the wet walls as feet shuffled along the floor.  The tiny graveling pieces of dirt and pebbles rubbed along the heels of white sneakers as the figure searched.  Images of rushing water, splashing water, calm water, light, dark, night, and day flashed haphazardly in front of his eyes.  He gripped his head in pain wanting it to stop but knowing it would not.  He didn't know where to turn or what to do.  His ears perked to the sound of someone calling the voice soft, sweet, and serene.  It was her voice calling him, begging him to save her but he couldn't see in the blackness that surrounded him.  He was helpless and he felt like crying.  Then suddenly he was running, fumbling, stumbling in the midnight light of nothingness desperate to find her, the voice that was calling.  At times her voice was so near but one too many steps one way her voice was far again.  He opened his mouth to speak, to shout, to scream but silence was all that sounded.  He curled to the ground hugging his head in despair and confusion.  Why couldn't he find her?  Why couldn't he say anything?  Why couldn't he ask her where she was?  He pounded the ground with his fists in frustration.


Without warning a bright light appeared in the distance causing him to look up.  He ran towards it as fast as he could wondering if this was the way to her.  Then he saw it, the water tank filled with cold water and her lifeless body inside telling him he had arrived too late.  He failed in his quest.  He had failed her when he promised nothing would happen.  He fell to his knees to cry out his heart even though he knew no sound would come.  He arched his back and opened his mouth willing with all his might the sorrow to come out.  And this time it came.  "Heeerrr!" he called.  "Heeerrr!"


Within an instant an abrupt bright light seemed to shine all around him.  His eyes tried focusing on where he was as the sound of voices mumbling became distinct.  Slender hands touched his face as soothing words were spoken, "I'm right here Prem.  It's okay.  I'm right here."  He turned to his left and let his brown eyes take in the beauty before him.  His hands reached out hesitantly to touch her face making sure he wasn't dreaming.  "This is real.  This isn't a dream.  I'm okay.  You're okay now.  We're in the hospital."  Tears began to well up behind his eyes as he continued to inspect her as his hands cupped her face, "I-I-I thought I lost where in the tank...I couldn't get to you...I-I tried...I tried really hard'but the choke hold was so hard...he wouldn't let go...I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."


"'s okay Prem.  I know you tried," Heer replied as she cupped his face trying to make him understand that everything was fine.  She gently wiped his tears away unaware that she was crying as she was doing this. 


Prem leaned forward and hugged her sniffling back his tears.  All he wanted to do was to hold her in his arms and never let go.  Heer could feel the intense emotions going through him and rubbed his back in a comforting manner.  "We're okay.  No need to worry."  Prem pulled back and continued to caress her cheek as he let his eyes gaze at her face taking everything wonderful about this moment with him.  Things were fine.  Somehow they had made it through the ordeal and were alive to share this moment together.  He hugged her again and gently breathed a sigh of relief.


The couple soon broke apart as the door to the room unexpectedly opened.  "Oops, think we interrupted something," Preet greeted as he walked in with Ethan following behind.


"Nice to see you awake Old Chap," Ethan smiled.


Preet caught the look of confusion on his friend's face and knew he wanted an explanation.  "I'll try to keep it as short as possible as you just woke up...brain's still a bit fuzzy I bet."  He took a dramatic pause and then began his tale, "Rishabh received Heer's encrypted e-mail and decided to take a closer look at some things on the Belova case.  He eventually theorized that there was no way Jack could have been the only agent...there had to be someone else that was the contact person.  When Ethan called into headquarters to make the deal; your return in exchange for him to get off the burned list Rishabh knew he could use him in his plan.  Ethan started reporting to him and gave updates on what you guys were planning on doing.  Ethan was the first to suspect that Sanjana was somehow involved.  Having her just show up like was just too coincidental for his tastes so he asked Rishabh to check into her field status.  Ethan started to discreetly watch her movements and gather evidence.  Unfortunately, Sanjana started to suspect that he was up to something himself."


"That night you ran into Sergei outside of the club...and you took his iphone...we were scrolling through the messages, remember...and there was a text message...warning me about us," Ethan interjected.  "That message had to have been sent from Sanjana's throw away phone...that number that I accidentally erased.  I know it didn't get just temporary disappeared from the screen but when the phone was handed to Sanjana she erased it.  She didn't want us to trace it.  But I remembered the number and sent it to Rishabh to have it checked.  Unfortunately, she used a scrambled cell.  But I found the phone in her room when she went out with Heer to the market.  She had thrown it in the trashcan underneath a pile of papers.  I made a test call to Rishabh's phone and they got the number.  I also gave him Dimitri's number."


"I was in the dark about all of this.  Jaywant and I both thought Rishabh was up to no good not realizing what was going on.  He wanted us to believe that he wasn't on your side," Preet said. "On the day of the teahouse exchange Rishabh was prepared.  Because he had Sanjana's phone number he sent messages pretending to be Sanjana...suggesting several locations that would be the best for the exchange to occur.  It was through this method that Rishabh knew where the location of the meeting was going to be held.  He laid the trap...he distracted Dimitri's crew with a fake traffic accident delaying them long enough to see you guys get arrested.  He wanted Sanjana to escape and ordered the men to turn a blind eye to her.  While all this was going on the police came into Ethan's apartment and took the real discs."


"Then I was revealed right in front of you in the interrogation room," Ethan continued.  "Rishabh knew that Preet, Jaywant, and Sanjana would plan to break you guys out.  There wasn't enough evidence to link Sanjana with her involvement with Belova's gang because so far everything was circumstantial.  A confession had to be made and that's why this second exchange was crucial...we had to be prepared.  When Jaywant called around to make arrangements for a getaway flight...I called a few of my contacts and made sure they volunteered themselves.  We knew you guys were going to Singapore and we made sure Belova knew too.  And just as we suspected neither one of you would have made it out of the warehouse...they were going to kill you from the start once they received the goods, but since we swapped them out that bought us some time to surround the place.  Sanjana no doubt was curious to find out why Belova knew to come to Singapore so she entered the warehouse...and well, you found out why she got involved with them.  She wanted her cut of the profits and wasn't about to get screwed over.  Anyways, we raided the place just in time to take Heer out of the water tank and send you both to the hospital."           


"Doc's going to tell you that you suffered a slight concussion and a few bruised ribs," Preet said.


"I know it's a lot to take in Old Chap," Ethan replied.  "I'm sorry what I did.  I'm not very proud of how I handled it...especially the betray your trust like that."


"Rishabh really did have your best interest at heart," Preet said with an amused half grin.


"Sure had me fooled," Prem replied.


"He had all of us fooled," Heer said.  "But he had to in order to get his plan to work."


"So they're all arrested?" Prem inquired.


"Yup.  They have Sanjana under lock down," Preet replied.  "She'll be transferred tomorrow morning."


Prem shook his head sadly.  "I just can't believe she would throw everything away for money."


"Money and her pride," Ethan added.  "She definitely lost her way."


"Well, we'll let you get some rest," Preet said excusing himself.


"Hey Ethan?" Prem called out as he was about to exit.  "Thanks."


"Don't thank me.  I did it for selfish reasons in the beginning...I played with our friendship," Ethan replied.  "And for that I'm really sorry."


"But still in the end you came through," Prem said.


"I guess."  Ethan then looked at Heer and said, "Love, take care of the Old Chap...make sure he follows the doctor's orders.  He has a tendency to shrug off their expert medical advice."


Heer nodded her head, "Thanks.  I will."  Ethan gave a half grin at the couple and left the room.


Heer sighed as she looked in the mirror noting the bruise on her shoulder that crept slightly up onto her neck.  It was still slightly tender but looked worse than it really was.  The marks on her wrists were more pronounced and painful.  The shackles they had put her in had worn some of her skin raw.  She looked at the medical kit in front of her and picked up the white rolling bandage.  She stared at it trying to figure out the best way to go about wrapping it around her wrist since she didn't have an extra pair of hands to help her.  Heer placed the bandage down when she heard a gently but strong knock on her door.  She looked through the peephole and saw Prem standing on the other side.  "What are you doing here?" she asked in surprise as she opened the door.


"I just got released from the hospital today," Prem answered.  "Aren't you happy to see me?"


"Of course I am," Heer replied and followed him further into her room.  "But I thought they were going to release you tomorrow.  I was going to come over and visit you."


"Convinced the doc to let me go this afternoon," Prem grinned.


"In that case I want you resting," Heer ordered.


"I've been doing nothing but laying in that hospital bed for the past three days.  I've had enough rest," Prem said as he turned around to hug her.  Heer melted in his embrace.  The feel of his arms wrapped around her body brought about a soothing calm after almost losing each other a few days ago.  The memory of how he was beaten in front of her eyes still struck an unnerving cord in her heart.  She didn't want to see that happen again.  As they naturally broke from the hug Heer tried to hide the tears that had escaped her eyes but was unsuccessful.  Prem had seen them.  His eyes flexed with sorrow and he used the pads of his thumbs to wipe her tears away.  "I'm all right.  You're all right.  We're here now.  It's going to be okay."  Heer gave him a watery smile telling him she was going to be fine.  Prem then gently held her wrists inspecting her wounds with concern eyes.  "Need help with the bandages?"


"Yes," Heer said with a thankful grin.  "The medical kit is in the bathroom."


"Let me go get it.  You sit," Prem instructed.  Heer sat in the sitting area of her room and waited as Prem brought the medical kit over.  She winced when he applied some ointment on her left wrist.  He looked up in alarm and softly blew on her skin.  "I'm sorry.  I don't want it to get infected." 


"I's okay," Heer answered.  A heartfelt grin curled on her lips as she watched Prem diligently dress the wounds on her wrists.  They both had cuts and bruises from the injuries they had sustained from the incident.  Prem had stitches and a bandage on the left temple of his forehead.  His bottom lip was bruised and he had a cut on the bottom of his chin.  She had a bruise on her shoulder, marks on her wrists, and a few tender spots on her legs.  "Thank you," Heer said as he finished wrapping her wrists with the bandages.  Prem softly smiled and placed loving kisses on each wrist.  He then delicately reached over with his fingers to inspect her neck.  "It looks a lot worse than it is," Heer explained.


"Does it hurt?" he asked his voice thick with emotion.


"A little tender but nothing to worry about Prem.  I thought we weren't suppose to worry and look at you a grown man ready to cry over a bruise," Heer replied trying to crack a light joke to break the serious mood that had developed. 


Prem ignored her comment and gently kissed her neck.  Heer's eyes widen at the touch.  There was something extremely different in the way he was acting.  She placed her hands at the nape of his neck trying to comfort him.  When Prem pulled back she saw a smoldering intensity burning in his eyes.  It was pure love.  He placed a tender kiss on her forehead, her closed eyelids, her nose, and chin.  Heer breathed deeply when he had finished not realizing that she had been holding her breath when he had done these sweet exchanges.  "I love you," Prem simply stated.


Heer stared into his piercing brown eyes knowing full well where all of this was heading.  She could hear her heart beating restlessly at the exciting and yet nervous notion of things to come.  There was no turning back; not that the other events that had brought them to this point were any less important in moving their relationship forward but this final act sealed everything.  Heer tenderly kissed the bandage on his temple, the bruise on his bottom lip, and the cut on his chin before whispering against his lips, "I love you."


They shared a series of sweet kisses that conveyed enough emotion of how they felt about each other.  Heer was worried about his bottom lip and didn't want to irritate it so she let her lips dance delicately against his.  "It's okay...don't worry," Prem said as he broke away.  "It doesn't hurt I promise."  Heer nodded and caressed his cheek before placing her lips on his again but this time with a little more passion.  Prem was a bit disappointed when Heer broke their rhythm and pulled away.  His eyes were closed still feeling the moment of their loving exchanges.  He came out of his reverie when he felt her hold his hand and stand up from where they were sitting.  Prem followed her as she walked closer to the bed.  They stopped a few inches from the mattress and gazed at each other.  Prem could hear his heart racing in his chest as he watched Heer take the ends of his black shirt and began lifting them upwards.  He raised his arms above his head allowing her to remove the clothing from his torso.  It fell limp onto the carpeted floor by their feet.  Heer cupped his face in her hands and kissed him again before letting her hands slowly fall down on his bare shoulders.  There was an intense jolt of electricity that passed between them as her hands rested on his shoulders.  She pulled away again this time to let her eyes inspect his form.  His tight pectoral muscles and abs were teasing her sight telling her to touch them.  She hesitantly placed her hands on his smooth chest and then slowly brushed her way downwards relishing in the touch of his soft skin.  She could see tiny slivers of chest hair in the space between his pectorals.  They were starting to sprout back up from the few days he hadn't been able to shave.  She never liked chest hair but his wasn't so bad that it was turning her off.  She sort of figured this was bound to happen since the stubble on his face had grown slightly thicker.  Heer gently traced her index finger down the middle of his stomach and made a round around his belly button.  She then playfully ran her finger down his happy trail, the space below his belly button and above the waist of his jeans.


Prem watched her intently enjoying the innocent like nature of the way she was exploring his body for the first time.  He knew more heated exploration would be occurring in the next few hours and he was trying to contain the growing passion inside of him.  "I didn't get time to shave," he simply stated as if reading her thoughts.


Heer softly grinned at his remark.  "Next time..." was all she replied as she unbutton his jeans.


Prem gripped her hand causing her to look up.  Their eyes locked as he guided her hand in pushing his zipper down.  He then held her hand and brought it up to his lips all the while not allowing their eye lock to break and kissed it.  Heer shyly smiled and shifted her eyes away suddenly getting embarrassed by the actions that she had taken.  Prem just smirked and slipped his sneakers off his feet and took off his socks.  He then took Heer's hands and placed them on his lower waist, "There is no one here but more interruptions...let's finish what you started."


Heer gave a soft chortle at his joke understanding what he was saying.  They were finally free to do what they had been holding in for so long.  She kissed him tenderly as her hands roamed from up his lower back to the top.  The feeling was incredibly alluring to her and she wanted to feel more of him and have him feel her as well.  Prem hungrily wandered away to give some loving attention to her neck.  He gently let his tongue glide along her skin in a teasing fashion.  The minute he heard Heer breathless moan his name, he nearly lost all senses and wanted to devour her right then and there.  But he maintained his control and broke away to flip the covers open on the bed.  Prem felt Heer come up from behind and place her hands on his lower waist making him turn and sit on the edge of the bed.  He smiled as she stood in front of him between his legs.  He held her hips and gazed at her.  The sharp fervor emitting from Prem's eyes was sending tingling shivers through Heer's body.  She removed her shirt and tossed it to the side.  Her breath caught in her chest as she felt Prem sensually rubbed his nose along her stomach and gave wet open kisses on her silky skin.  The feeling of him holding her and doing these things weakened her knees and she gladly fell onto to the bed when Prem gently tugged with his hands.  They rolled once so Prem could be on top and began kissing fervently as their hands began to roam.  The skin on skin contact was flaming their hearts' desires and igniting an unspeakable passion inside of them.


It wasn't long before all the clothing barriers were stripped away so hands and mouths could travel more freely.  The bed hinges creaked as bodies adjusted and the sheets shuffled with wild abandonment as lovesick murmurs filled the room.  Heer let her inhibitions go and directed Prem where she wanted him to be.  He gladly followed and wouldn't leave until she was satisfied.  Sweet words and whispers filled Heer's ears as Prem showered her with all the love he had in his heart for her.  Eventually the tempestuous storm subsided and Prem hovered breathlessly over Heer.  He leaned his forehead against hers to catch his breath.  Heer tenderly stroke his jawline and grinned.  This was beyond all that she could have ever wished for.  It was better than any dream or fantasy she had every dreamed of; the reality was so, so satisfying.  Prem gave her a tender kiss before rolling onto his back.  He then pulled her towards him so she could rest her head on his chest.  Heer smiled and snuggled closely to him.  Prem never felt more complete then the way he felt at this moment with Heer laying in his arms.  It wasn't his first time experiencing such carnal pleasures but there was something different about this experience.  He was totally and utterly in love with the woman he had shared himself with; his Heer.  She was now his even though he knew how stupidly possessive that sounded because all he did was make love to her.  He hadn't yet to put a ring on her finger.  But he knew that the ring would be coming soon.  As soon as they returned home he was going to make her his officially and legally.  After all they had been through one singular thought had swirled in his mind; he couldn't live without her.  She brought meaning in everything in his life and being with her set him free.   


Heer lay there listening to the steady beating of Prem's heart and smiled.  The silent aftermath was calm and serene.  Words really didn't need to be said as they lay there basking in the afterglow of their first love making session.  She glanced upward and saw that Prem was blinking sleepily.  She gave him a reassuring smile and eventually he closed his eyes softly napping.  She grinned knowing it was a common occurrence for men.  She studied the room around her looking at the elegant red wallpapered wall, the rich mahogany night stand, and the brass antique lamps.  Eventually her eyes wandered back to the white sheets of the bed, curious at how they bunched and creased along the form of her and Prem's nestled bodies.  Heer found herself delicately tracing little figure eights with her finger along Prem's chest to preoccupy her time.  Suddenly she felt her hand being captured and brought up to a pair of soft lips as they laid a gentle kiss.  "Happy?"


"What kind of question is that?" she asked with a slight giggle.


"A simple one," Prem replied.


"Yes, I'm very happy," Heer answered as she lifted her head to look at him.


Prem tenderly caressed her cheek and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.  "I'm happy knowing you're happy."


Heer shifted her head so her chin rested on his chest and grinned looking up at him, "So, what do you think little eight year old Prem would make of all of this?"


Prem chuckled at her question.  "Well, I think chota Prem wouldn't understand a thing.  He never would have believed that he would end up falling for Pumpkin.  But then again he use to hate eating wasn't until he was older did he start eating it."


"Are you comparing me to spinach?" Heer inquired a bit flabbergasted.


"No, spinach and pumpkins are two different things.  One's an eatable flowering plant while the other belongs to the gourds family," Prem jokingly said.  Heer wacked her hand on his chest showing that she was unamused.  "Owww, hey that hurt!  Ehh..."  Heer quickly moved his hand away as he tried to rub the bright red spot that had formed from the force of her hit and apologized by kissing the area.  He caressed her cheek and smiled.  "What I meant is when I was younger all I ever thought was that you were my best friend.  I valued our friendship beyond anything not realizing what it really meant to me.  When you left I felt as if a piece of me left with you.  And now...all I can say is I'm sorry I was so stupid back then.  I couldn't see what my heart was telling me.  I know so much has happened...but this just feels right...being with you...loving's it was meant to be."       


Heer gazed at him with amazement.  She then tenderly kissed him and said, "You were my best friend and you still are my best friend.  You know I came to terms with the fact that if you found someone else to be happy with...then that was enough for me...I just wanted you to be deserved that much..."


"I hurt you a lot back then without realizing it," Prem said.  "Could you really see me with someone else?  I could barely stand seeing you talking to Ethan when you were ignoring hurt like hell..."


"You learn to deal with the pain..." Heer softly uttered shifting her eyes away.


"Well, you don't have to deal with it..." Prem replied as he delicately placed his fingers underneath her chin forcing her to look at him.  "...and I'm not willing to deal with it.  I'm never letting you go.  So Pumpkin...marry me."


Heer's eyes widen at his sudden proposal.  His last words came out more like a statement not a question.  "Prem?"


"Marry me," he repeated.  "I love you and you love me...what's the problem?"


"There isn't any," Heer said shaking her head.  "This is..."


"Sudden?  Look, I know what happened with Dev but that won't happen between us.  We have a lot more going for us in this relationship---"


"I wasn't even thinking that," Heer replied cutting him off.  "This is what I've always wanted." Prem gave a gentle smirk at her response.  "But where are we going to find a venue?  And we need to find a priest...and the decorations...the DJs for the Sangeet and the reception...and then there is the catering..." 


Prem smiled in amusement as Heer rattled on about their wedding as if it was going to be taking place the next day.  He gently held her hand and calmly spoke, "Heer..."  She stopped and looked at him.  "I still need to ask your parents properly and I need to get a ring for you...and a proper proposal would probably be a good idea.  When our kids ask, so how did Papa propose...saying Papa asked after he made love to Mama...probably isn't the best story to tell."


"But Papa did ask Mama that way," Heer replied and nudged her nose against his.  "And Mama was extremely happy and said yes."  Prem sighed as their lips collided.  He felt the familiar feeling of being pulled under into that magical trance that always occurred between them.  It was just the two of them while everything else faded away into nothingness.  He gently rolled her over so he could spread loving kisses all over her body again.  He showered her neck with sultry kisses causing a deep moan to erupt from Heer's mouth.  She gripped his hair in enjoyment of the arousal that he had awakened in her and her body arched slightly letting him know it was his for the taking.  The sound and movement immediately triggered a response from Prem as he clung to her desperately.  He was determined to show her how much he loved her all over again and would gladly complete the task as many times as necessary until she was satisfied.  He hungrily kissed Heer's parted pink lips tasting the sweetness of her mouth.  She stroked his back, slowly building the flame that was igniting in their hearts.  Their body temperatures rose as their breaths mingled and their hands wandered.  Heer tenderly pushed Prem to lay on his back so she could give him some attention.  He obliged and let her have her way with him.  His fingers curled and clutched the bedspread as he groaned taking pleasure in the way her kisses felt against his bare skin.  He was neither here or there as his mind was growing fuzzy to the things around him except for the feeling she was giving him.  Heer crawled back up with a smile as their eyes gently locked in a loving gaze.  Prem cupped the back of her head as they met in another sensual lip lock.  Their bodies shifted teasingly as they continued the foreplay knowing full well that it was worth the wait.  The slow build up would only make the pleasure at the end more powerful and intense.  Eventually they slipped deeper into oblivion as inaudible murmurs escaped their mouths and sweet passion took over once again.


A couple hours later Prem collapsed onto the bed next to Heer feeling spent but content.  They both turned their heads at the same time and smiled at each other knowing what they had just experienced was only the beginning of a lifetime of such experiences.  Prem inched his fingers along the bed sheets searching for her hand.  When he found it he pulled it up to his lips and he placed a tender kiss.  "I love you."


Heer grinned as he rolled to his side so he could cuddle with her.  "I love you too," she replied as she caressed his cheek.  They leaned their foreheads together and laid there in comfortable silence.  It wasn't long before they slowly drifted off into sleep.


Heer awoke with a grin spread across her lips.  She felt Prem nuzzling her cheek as he held her in a spooning position.  His chest provided a pleasing warmth against her back.  She gently stretched her hand back sliding it up against his warm cheek.  "Hey..."


"Had a good nap?" Prem inquired.


"Yes.  What time is it?" Heer replied.


"It's 5:30pm," Prem answered.


"Dinner?" Heer suggested.


"Dessert," Prem mischievously replied as he shifted his body and started attacking her neck.


Heer giggled at his response and let him do as he pleased.  Eventually she pushed Prem's shoulder so she could get some of his undivided attention.  They kissed softly and sweetly but as things began to heat up there was the sound of someone knocking on the door.  They both paused what they were doing and strained their ears wondering if someone was knocking on their door or the room next door's door.  When they didn't hear anything they went back to their kissing.  The knocking soon came back and Prem crossly grumbled, "Who the hell is knocking?"


"Just ignore's next door...they will go away," Heer said as she cupped Prem's face and pulled him back down towards her.


"Heer?  It's your father!"


The couple froze immediately and exchanged startled glances at each other.  "Oh sh**!" Prem shouted.


"Prem not so loud..." Heer replied with a stern hushed tone as they scrambled out of the bed looking for their clothes.


"Heer are you there?  Is everything all right?"


"What do you expect me to say?" Prem asked as threw on his boxers.  "Your Dad is out there...he's going to kill me if he finds us like this."


Heer quickly slipped on her bra and underwear and ran towards the door shouting, "Papa...just one minute..." 


Prem grabbed their shirts and in his haste tossed his shirt to her.  He then stupidly stared at the shirt in his hand realizing he couldn't wear it because it was too small.  Heer sighed and tossed his shirt back to him.  "Prem..." she warned through gritted teeth.


"Sorry..." he apologized and then handled over the correct piece of clothing.




"What is wrong with him?  He can't wait a few more seconds?" Prem hissed as he slipped on his jeans.


"I don't even know how I'm going to explain...Prem, can you hide in the bathroom, please?" Heer said as she started pushing him in that direction.


"I was thinking the same thing," he replied agreeing to her suggestion.


Heer quickly put on her jeans and tried her best to smooth over the covers on the bed so it didn't look like a mess.  She took a deep breath trying to compose herself and opened her door.  "Sorry Papa, I was caught me in the bathroom."


"It's fine," Balraaj greeted and walked into the room.  "Though you had me a little worried there when you didn't answer." 


Heer's eyes widen when she saw Prem's sneakers laying beside the bed.  She quickly walked over to them and pushed them underneath the bed with her foot.  She was thankful that her father was busily inspecting the flat screen TV hanging on the wall that hadn't notice them.  "So, what brings you here?"


"What brings me here?" Balraaj laughed.  "I need a reason to see my own daughter?"


"Of course not Papa," Heer replied.


"I thought I take you out for dinner tonight," Balraaj smiled.


"That sounds great."


"Good.  Let me use the restroom and we can go," Balraaj said.


"Restroom?" Heer repeated in a loud voice.


"Yes, is there something wrong?  I can't use the restroom?  Are you that hungry?" Balraaj joked.


"Oh no...nothing is wrong of course you can use the restroom, Papa," Heer replied giving a nervous half grin.  Balraaj walked to the bathroom and opened the door.  Heer was waiting for the outcry but when it didn't happen she was slightly relieved.


Prem was laying in the tub holding his breath and thanking God that he was smart enough to go hide in the tub.  The shower curtain was one of the thick plastic varieties that hid everything in sight.  He just lay there waiting patiently for Heer's father to finish. 


"I'm all set," Balraaj announced as he came out of the bathroom.  "Shall we go?"


"Sure, but let me freshen up real quick.  Be two minutes.  I'll meet you at the elevators?" Heer suggested.  Her father smiled acknowledging her request and left the room.  Heer sighed and quickly walked into the bathroom just as Prem was moving the shower curtain aside.  "That was close." 


"People love interrupting us," Prem sighed.


"At least we got a lot further this time," Heer grinned.  Prem couldn't help but smile at the naughtiness sparkling in her eyes.


"So, you're going to dinner, huh?" Prem asked with a slightly dejected look.


"Yes, do you want me to bring you back something?" Heer inquired.


"It's okay.  I'll manage besides I think your Dad would become highly suspicious if you did that," Prem replied.


"I'm just bringing food for you Prem," Heer reasoned.  "And if you are serious about marriage I think it would a good idea to tell him about us."


"I know but I was thinking we should do it together," Prem said as he slipped his hands around her waist.


"How about I just feel him out?"


"Reconnaissance, huh?" Prem asked arching his eyebrow.


"Something like that," Heer chuckled as she rested her hands around his neck.  "I'll see you later tonight?"


"Yeah, I'd like that.  Room 3012," Prem replied.


"I'll see you then," Heer said and gave him a tender kiss.  She then pushed him out of the bathroom.  "Get out so I can take a quick rinse."


Prem smiled as heard the sound of the shower turning on.  He sat on the bed and turned the TV on in the hopes of finding something interesting to watch.  A few seconds later Heer emerged from the bathroom and yelled, "I'm going."


"Enjoy dinner with your Dad tonight," Prem replied.


"Thanks.  Oh, your shoes are underneath the bed.  I had to shove them in there when Papa came in," Heer said. "Luckily he was too busy staring at the flat screen TV that he didn't notice them."


"Okay," Prem nodded as he walked her to the door.  "Got your keycard?"


Heer smiled, "Thanks for reminding me," and grabbed her purse from off the dresser.  She gave him quick kiss on the lips and then left the room.


Hope you guys enjoyed that update!

Hehehe Embarrassed I snuck in a little masala for you guys...I didn't give you guys any warnings because I wanted it to be a surprise and I didn't want to ruin the suspense of what was going on in the chapter...I wanted you to worry about them not making it through Evil Smile And anyways it wasn't as detail as I nearly get when I write those types of scenes between them.

A few words on Ethan...I just want to provide some clarification on his whole part:
Ethan works for a place called The Agency...they are not the CIA.  It is an agency for hire...I guess the best way to describe they perform rescue missions, international spy stuff, etc.

Ethan was placed on a burned list meaning...he was blacklisted from The Agency...he wasn't able to work for them anymore...kind of like suspension but more of a permanent type.  Anyways he decides to work with the CIA to trade in Prem and Heer to get off the burn list from The Agency.

He got off the burn list but because Rishabh wasn't as bad as we thought he was he used Ethan to help set up the trap for Belova and Sanjana.

Now that things have settled...we will see what happens next in Prem and Heer's love story Wink

Thanks for Reading!

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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