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wa8in GRACE!!! update soon plz!Big smile

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plz plz update!

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Sorry everyone...I know you guys have been very patiently waiting for me to update on this SS.

I've only written a small portion.  I got side tracked by another project I was working on.  I have been a bit busy lately so I haven't had as much time to write.

But I have finished my special project so if you want you can check it out here:

An update will happen here just don't ask me when Embarrassed

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update soon...

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awesmee updateHeart...ohh soo this ethan is working against prem..i alwayzz had a doubt on him but u showed him positively so i thought he was good...wwhhoo heer fights really well...sergieeeAngry...luvd premmer scenes...thanks for pm...continue soon.

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Thank you to all those who took the time to comment.

It really means a lot Big smile


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r u updatinggg now

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Mission 21: A Question of Loyalty


Heer grinned as her senses awoke to the presence of Prem sleeping snuggly next to her.  His left leg was tucked in between her legs while his hand rested on her stomach.  She heard Prem make a pleasing sigh as he nestled his face into the back of her neck.  She could feel his lips pressing gently giving her affectionately sweet kisses.  "Morning Prem," Heer said.


"Mmm...morning Pumpkin," he replied sleepily.  He whined as she turned around changing the position they were in.  But he was soon smiling as her forehead laid against his chin and her hand cupped his neck gently caressing it.  He felt her leg squeeze between his legs and rest comfortably on his calf.  Prem adjust his head downward so he could place kisses on her forehead.  "I don't want to wake up."


"Who said we're waking up?  Just changing cuddling positions.  How's the back of your head feeling?" Heer asked as she moved her fingers towards the back of his head.


"Probably less swollen...I hope..." Prem replied.  "Ehhh..."


"Sorry, it is a little less swollen but will probably be tender for a few days," Heer said.


"How's the shouldered?"  She lifted it up and stretched it away from her body and back.  Prem felt her body tighten as she let out a tiny groan.  He reached over and gently massaged her shoulder.  "Does this make it feel better?"


"A little bit," Heer replied.  She then looked at him wondering what he was doing as he sat up in bed.  Without words Prem motioned for her to sit up and then placed his hands on her shoulders turning her around in the bed.  Heer sat with her legs crossed as Prem began messaging her shoulder and back.  "Mmm...much better," she sighed.


"I think I saw some muscle cream in the bathroom.  Let me massage this out and then put some cream on you," Prem suggested.  He spent some time massaging her taking great care in locating the places that were tight and working them out.  He stretched her arm out and massaged her upper arm area causing her to winch.  "Sorry, but it has to be done otherwise it's going to hurt a lot more and get worse."


"I know," she shakily replied and inhaled sharply in pain.  "  really hurts there."


Prem paused what he was doing and hugged her from behind, "Okay, we'll take a quick break."


Heer leaned her body back and gave a tiny grin enjoying the feeling of being held by him.  She was still slightly in awe in the fact that Prem was really hers now.  After everything that had happened in their childhood she never would have thought that her path in life would lead her to this moment.  The corners of her mouth turned upward even more when she felt Prem place a kiss on the side of her head and began swaying them from side to side.  She giggled uncontrollable as he started tickling her and then pulled her down with him as he fell backwards onto the bed.  Prem grinned at hearing her laugh and just held her in his arms cherishing the serene moment they were sharing.  He knew he could just lay there for ages not caring about what was going on in the world because the most important person in the world to him was curled up in his arms.  Prem loosened his grip as he felt Heer's body weight shift and eventually gave way to let her sit up.


"I'm going to go brush my teeth," Heer replied.  "I can't stand this morning mouth."


Prem sat up and nodded, "Sounds good I need to brush too."


A black Cadillac escalade rolled swiftly down the street making its way to its intended destination.  The windows were darkly tinted making it difficult for outsiders to see inside the vehicle.  Dimitri Belova sat in the back seat with his cell phone against his ear getting his daily report from one of his associates.  He took a gentle sip of coffee from his mug and gave a satisfactory reply to the person before hanging up the cell phone.  He looked out the window and watched the city scenery passed by him.  He grinned thinking how things in the business were going well despite a few minor hiccups here and there.  That was to be expected in his line of work.  He had to not only dodge law enforcement but fight with other rival smugglers who would do anything to get a share of his profits and take in his business ventures.


His eyes shifted downward towards his cell phone when he heard it ringing.  His pupils widen at the number flashing on the caller ID.  It was a number he had never seen before.  He narrowed his eyes wondering who it could be.  "Hello?" he greeted in a commanding tone.  "Sergei?"  Dimitri's face went from concern to extreme dissatisfaction and anger as he listened to what was being told to him.  "No more explanations.  I'm coming.  I'll personally take care of them myself."  He hung up the phone and hurriedly made a call.  "I need to book a ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.  First available flight."


Rishabh looked out the window of his office and stared at the view before him.  He sighed as his mind replayed the call he had received earlier in the morning.  One of his agents had reported to him that something big had happened in Thailand.  Dimitri Belova was well within the grasp of the agency as there were two important discs that were in the hands of two CIA agents.  The unfortunate thing was these two agents were on the run from the agency.  One of them was under suspicion for murdering a fellow colleague while the other one had suddenly gone off the rails doing things uncharacteristic for him.  Rishabh didn't know what was going on and what was the truth.  Faith and trust in this type of situation was difficult to uphold and he knew it would be test on all sides once things came out.


He hated this part of his job because he knew what protocol he would have to follow but it was what was expected of him.  He had to do it for the sake of the whole mission regardless of who may be caught in the crossfire.  He was determine to win at all costs and if there was anything he ever learned in his years of service was that there were always casualties in war.  And this was a battle he was not going to lose.  He would be the victor and take down his enemy.


After brushing their teeth and washing their faces, Prem and Heer were on the bed again finishing up the massage.  "I think that should be good enough.  Feeling looser?" Prem asked as he gave Heer one final rub down on her arm, shoulder, and back. 


"Yes, it feels a lot better," Heer replied as she rotated her shoulder.


"It will feel even better once we get this muscle cream on," Prem said.


"Great, I'm going to be smelling funny for the rest of the day," Heer whined.


"You want to feel better or not?" Prem asked.


Heer pouted, "Okay, put it on."


Prem chuckled and kiss her cheek.  "This will definitely make it easier on me," he mumbled.


"What do you mean by that?"


"I won't have to fight off any interested guys...they'll get one whiff and run away!" Prem said laughing loudly.  "Who wants to be with a girl that smells like an old man with arthritis problems?"


"But you're with me," Heer replied looking at him sweetly hoping he was going to say something romantic to her.


"Not that I have much of a choice...I think I'll ask Ethan if he doesn't mind me bunking with him in the masters for a couple of nights.  It's the only way I'll remain free from smelling like an old man...and then you can have the room all by yourself."  Prem grinned brightly becoming extremely amused at the way Heer's facial expression where changing from loving to annoyed.  "I think that sounds awesome...what do you think Pumpkin?  Hmmm...maybe I should change your name to Karela..."


"Prem!" Heer fiercely yelled.


"I was thinking of calling you Durian but I think that's a bit harsh since that is one nasty smelling fruit.  Karela doesn't smell bad just a bit bitter to the taste," Prem explained chuckling.


"Uhhh, I hate you...I hate you...I hate you," Heer said as she tried pushing him down.  Prem just caught her arms and tussled with her a bit before falling back onto the bed bringing her down with him.


"And I love you so, so, so much," Prem replied with extreme mirthfulness in his voice.  He linked his arms together and refused to budge as she struggled on top of his chest.  "Heh, can't escape from me now."


"I thought you didn't want to be smelling like an old man," Heer tersely said slapping her hands against his shoulders.  Prem just grinned as she continued to move about and then swiftly rolled them over.  Heer squealed and then shifted her eyes upward catching Prem's loving gaze.  In that instant she just froze and everything melted away.  She slowly closed her eyes as she felt him brush his nose against her nose.  Prem tilted his head down and captured her lips in a sweet but passionate kiss. 


"Still hate me?" he asked with a wink.


"Yes," Heer replied.


"Ah..." Prem leaned back down and kissed her again.  He grinned as he felt Heer's hand slide up onto the nape of his neck and into his hair.  "How about now?" he breathed between tantalizing kisses.


"Um, a little bit less..."


"You're not making it easy on me are you?" Prem inquired.


"Why should I?" Heer replied making him tilt his head acknowledging she had a point.  "Are you going to put that muscle cream on me or not?"


"Yeah, we should do that," Prem said as he got up. 


Heer sat up and turned around while Prem went looking for the tube of muscle cream that had disappeared somewhere in the bed sheets.  Heer's hands held the ends of her yellow t-shirt and were in mid lift when she realized something.  "Um, Prem...promise you won't look?"


"Look?  At your back?" he asked with confusion not really understanding her words.


", not"


"Oh..." he replied realizing what she meant.  He swallowed hard as a sudden nervous tingle spread through his body as his mind flashed briefly with an indecent thought.  He knew they had decided it was best for them to wait until the mission was over before they got physically involved.   Sergei had seen how emotionally attached he was to her and he knew that was his fault.  He had allowed it to happen by dropping his guard.  There was still a lot left to do before the mission was completed and anything could happen so they had to be prepared.  He had to remain focus on the task at hand and not get overly involved with his emotions.  "We promised we'd wait until this case is completed..." Prem simply stated.


Heer relaxed a little and took her shirt off.  She felt slightly cold and knew the cream was going to be cool to the touch on her skin.  She was not looking forward to that.  "Um, your hair," Prem nervously said.  Heer swiped her hair to her left shoulder leaving her right shoulder bare.  Prem's eyes gently flex at seeing how smooth her back was.  It wasn't the first he had seen her back nor was it the first time he was rubbing something on it.  He took a deep breath and started chanting in his mind that this was no different than when he put sunblock for her on the beach.  He spied a stray strand of hair still sitting on her right shoulder and gently took his index finger and moved it over.  He could feel the static passing between them as he did this.  The way Heer's body had suddenly tensed at his touch; he knew she had felt it too.  And despite knowing what he knew and what they had promised he couldn't help but indulge himself at what was in front of his eyes.  Prem bent down and softly kissed the back of her shoulder.  "I'm sorry," he mumbled as he let his nose delicately brush downward.


Heer's eyes widen at the touch of Prem's lips and the things he was doing behind her.  She knew she had to stop it but it felt too good to be stopped.  She reached back with her hand not knowing why she was doing that because she knew it wasn't going to do anything and felt Prem's mouth placing tender kisses on her fingers.  "Sorry," he mumbled again as she pulled her hand away.


Prem knew he was in trouble but in the heat of the moment he really couldn't stop himself.  He was ready for her to get upset with him and was waiting for her to stop him telling him they should wait.  "Prem..."


"I'm sorry...I couldn't help myself," he murmured as continued to sensually kissed her back.


"Hold me," Heer simply stated.  Prem was surprised by her words but immediately did as she had instructed.  He curved his right hand around her waist and held her to him as he began to kiss her neck.  Heer gave into her inner desires and leaned into him enjoying the sensations that her body was going through.  She lifted her hand and slid it pass his cheek and into the back of his hair and gripped it letting him know how much she was relishing his touch.  Prem hummed, "I love you," against her skin causing Heer to breathe deeply in anticipation of what was going to come next.  Just as she began turning her head so their lips could met there was a knock on their door.  "Sorry Old guys awake?  I'm on my way to the market to buy some things...wanted to know if needed anything." They both groaned at the interruption.  Prem laid his head on Heer's shoulder and sighed loudly.  "I really want to shoot your friend," Heer replied.


"Be my guest.  You can use my gun if you like," Prem said.  "This is the second time we've been interrupted.  It's like he's got radar.  The moment we're in the goes off...warning...warning...Prem and Heer are getting way too frisky...nope, can't let that one is allow to romance..."


Heer gently giggled at his comment.  "You better go and answer the door."  She grabbed her shirt and placed it in front of her and got back underneath the bed covers laying on her stomach.


Prem walked to the door and made sure she was well covered before he opened the door.  "So, you guys want anything from the market?" Ethan inquired.  "Sorry for waking you guys...thought I'd go to the market and pick up some things up since we don't have anything in the house.  I know you probably wanted to sleep in a little more since we went to bed so late...but figure get some groceries cause when everyone wakes up we're going to be hungry."  Prem stood there staring at his rambling friend wondering when he was going to shut up and let him talk.  "Sorry, I made an espresso for I could do the shopping awake instead of half asleep.  So do you want anything?"


"Did you ask Sanjana?" Prem asked.


"Oh yeah, Princess was not very happy.  She went back to sleep with a pillow on top of her head.  But she did tell me she wanted noodles."


"Just buy some pad thai and chicken satay for everyone...makes your job easy and we can all go back to sleep," Prem suggested and closed the door on Ethan before he could say anything else.  He then walked back to the bed and grabbed the muscle cream.  "Let's get his muscle cream on your shoulder like I was supposed to do a few minutes ago.  Sorry, Heer.  I really don't want our first time to be interrupted and knowing our luck it will be."


"It's okay Prem.  I understand.  After thinking about it...maybe there is a reason why we keep getting interrupted..." she replied.  "But once this mission is over...I'm locking the door and throwing away the key."


Prem grinned understanding what she meant as he began to gently rub the muscle cream on her shoulder.  "I second that idea.  And one thing is for sure...Ethan is not allowed within 500 yards of our room."  They both broke out into laughter at his remark.


Preet cautiously glanced about him as he sat at his desk reading his e-mails.  He tapped his fingers on his desk wondering if he should talk to his supervisor or not.  He had received an encrypted message from Sanjana about a phone number earlier this morning while he was eating breakfast at home.  He knew he would have to log in at work to check the number out which wouldn't be an issue since he did these things all the time; however the problem was that the cases he had been working on didn't require that at the moment.  There wasn't a way for him to check those numbers without drawing attention.


Just as he was finishing his last e-mail, a message popped up asking him to look at a list of phone numbers.  Preet smiled and silently said a thank you prayer for this opportunity.  He opened the file attachment and saw a long list of numbers.  This was going to take him a while to sort them out.  He printed the list out and then logged into the program that help the agency track mobile and landline numbers.  Preet started his first search with the number Sanjana had provided for him.


After an hour of investigating he learned to his disappointment that the phone seemed to be a throw away phone with no personal information.  The signal stream bounced everywhere so there was no way to pinpoint where the calls may have originated from.  Preet sighed at the findings.  He locked his computer down and left his desk to go and speak to Jaywant.  There was other news to report that he had received from Sanjana's e-mail.  He knew Jaywant wanted him to keep certain information to himself but the things Sanjana had reported were very important.  Preet had to tell Jaywant what was going on as it was the only way to ensure that Prem and Heer would be protected.


He straightened his tie as he stood before Jaywant's office and then politely knocked.  When he heard a gruff acknowledgment he opened the door and walked inside.  Jaywant was sitting at his desk and was in the middle of hanging up his phone.  He motioned with his eyes for Preet to take a seat.


"Everything okay Agent Rajput?" he inquired.


"Um, yes sir," Preet replied.  Jaywant looked at him questioningly as to why he was there in his office if things were well.  "I know you told me that it was best if you didn't know where they were.  But I have some news that I think is very important.  I just don't know what may be going on...on this side of the situation.  They've made contact with me...don't worry we're talking through a secure channel.  There seems to be another agent helping them."


"Another agent?" Jaywant asked.


"They seem to trust this person...Agent Sanjana Chopra."  Jaywant leaned back in his chair in a reflective thought as Preet continued.  "They had a run in with Sergei Nemov and have gotten a hold of the buyer list and computer virus."


Jaywant's eyes lit up and he sat forward leaning on his desk.  "They have them both?"


"Yes.  They are waiting for contact from Dimitri Belova to arrange a drop off and then make the arrest," Preet divulged.


Jaywant put his hand to his chin pondering something.  "That explains a lot.  This morning at the meeting...Rishabh mentioned he needed to take leave for a mission he was handling.  He said something came up.  It was all very sudden."


"Rishabh knows they are in Bangkok?" Preet gasped in surprise.


"They're in Thailand?" Jaywant replied.  Preet nodded in acknowledgment.  "Well even though he hasn't gotten Interpol to issue an alert I'm sure he's got agents and other means of tracking information.  Anything involving Belova or Nemov I'm sure he's asked for the authorities to keep an eye on.  You said they had a run in with Nemov, right?"


"Yes, at a local club.  There was an accident," Preet answered.


"There must have been witnesses...cameras...or the police coming to the scene of the car accident," Jaywant reasoned.  "I'm not sure what Rishabh is planning to do but we can't have him arrest Agent Deshmukh and Agent Maan for failure to follow protocol while we let the real criminals get away." 


"He would really arrest them for that?" Preet asked in disbelief.  "But Belova and Nemov..."


"He plays by the book," Jaywant replied with frustration.  "As far as Rishabh is concern the discs will be in our hands and at least for now Belova will be out of commission for awhile until he thinks of something else to pull.  Rishabh gets his agents and evidence...the rest doesn't really matter to him."


Preet shook his head and scowled angrily "I can't believe this."


Jaywant reached for the phone on his desk and looked at him.  "Better pack some sunblock agent."




"I'll find a way to get us there.  We can't let Rishabh do this," Jaywant replied.  "Go back to work and I'll get you once I've gotten clearance."  Preet obediently stood up with a thankful grin and nodded his head understanding before he left the office.


Heer stood out on the balcony enjoying the cool night breeze blowing against her skin.  She breathed deeply and looked out towards the lights of Bangkok city.  Her mind had been working over time thinking about things despite how many times Prem told her not to worry.  She couldn't help it.  They were so close to solving this case that she couldn't help but think about the what ifs.  Her stomach churned uncomfortably as she thought if they somehow failed in their mission and Dimitri Belova would end up getting away and her innocence couldn't be proven and she'd end up going to jail for a murder she didn't commit.  If things came to that she knew she'd be able to handle the blow but she worried about Prem and how he would react.  She knew he wouldn't be able to see her go to prison and she feared he would do something stupid.  She couldn't have anything happen to him.  "What are you thinking abou?"  Heer turned startled by the sudden voice near her ear.  Prem was standing next to her with arched eyebrows with a questioning expression etched on his face.




"Don't lie to me," he replied.  He moved behind her and hugged her.  "You're thinking again."


"We're always's in our very nature as humans," Heer smartly said.


"You know what I mean," Prem sternly said.  "Don't worry."


"I can't help it," she exhaled.  "We are so close and the things we've been through...what if we can't catch him?  What if he sets a trap for us?  What if the CIA doesn't believe us?"


"I'm not going to let anything happen to you.  You're not going to go to jail.  I promise you that Heer."


She turned around and looked at him concern eyes.  "I was afraid you would say something like that.  Promise me you won't do anything stupid."


"What do you mean?  The principle of the fact is you didn't do anything wrong.  I won't allow them to railroad you," he said.


"But if something does happen---"


"Nothing is going to happen," Prem said cutting her off.  "I won't let anything happen.  Think positively Heer, please.  Negative thoughts will only bring in the negative."  He cupped her face and shook his head.  "Have faith.  You trust me don't you?"  Heer nodded her head in response.  "Then trust me when I say nothing is going to happen.  We'll see this all the way through and everything will be sorted out."  Prem kissed her forehead and then hugged her.


"I'm just scared," Heer said as her voice suddenly broke out into a quiver. 


"It's going to be okay," Prem replied.  He heard her gently sniffling against his shoulder and knew she was crying.  The tension and emotions of everything had gotten to her and she couldn't keep it in anymore.  He rubbed her back soothing her letting her cry out everything.


"I'm sorry..."


"Don't be sorry.  Just let it out.  That's what I'm here for...I'm your shoulder to cry on," Prem lovingly stated.  He felt her hands tighten their hold on him and her tears beginning to seep through his t-shirt.  "Everything is going to be okay," he gently said.  "It's going to be okay."


Ethan had a fresh stack of towels and some other items in his hands from the wash and was making his way from the laundry room to the master bedroom.  He spotted Prem and Heer out on the balcony hugging.  He didn't have a clue to what they might have been discussing and just thought they were having a moment together.  He merrily walked to the door of his bedroom and politely knocked.  "Princess?"  He waited a few minutes before he knocked again.  "Princess you there?"  When he didn't hear a response he cautiously opened the door and walked in.  "I'm coming in with towels and your laundry."  Ethan saw the closed bathroom door and heard the shower running.  He grinned and looked around the room trying to find a good place to put down the clean laundry.  His eyes landed on Sanjana's laptop sitting on the bed with the screen flipped open.  He glanced about him making sure the shower was still going and walked over to the laptop.  He held the laundry in his hands up above it and gently set it down on the keyboard and then swiped it across hoping it would trigger the touchpad to move the mouse and awaken the laptop.  Ethan smirked when the computer came to life.


The screen saver hadn't kicked in yet and he could see what was open on her desktop.  She had Google Chrome and a music player program open.  He spied that she had her CIA e-mail program opened but minimized in the tool bar.  He gently placed the laundry down and lifted a towel off the stack.  He took a corner of the towel and used it to bring the e-mail program to the forefront.  Just as the screen appeared and adjusted to the laptop screen Ethan heard the sound of the shower turning off.  He quickly minimized the program and picked up the laundry and placed it on the dresser.  Ethan looked at the laptop with concern as he needed it to go back to being a blank screen.  He walked back to it and lifted his shirt up and pushed the lid closed.  He then used the ends of his shirt to lift the lid back up so the laptop would lock.  Ethan frowned when he heard the shower going again and realized he had done this prematurely.  There was nothing for him to do now because the laptop was locked and he didn't know the password to get into her computer.  He silently cursed at his luck and decided it was best for him to leave before he got caught.  He would have to find some other way to gain access and see what she was up to.  His mission was getting more difficult since that morning she had found him outside the warehouse.  He had an inkling that she might have overhead something because she seemed to be monitoring his movements and being careful with hers.  After initially being angry at him for waking her up in morning to ask her what she wanted to eat from the market, she ended up going with him to buy food.  She stuck to him closely making him feel uncomfortable.  Luckily for him he had already called his contact earlier in the morning and informed him of the situation.  Ethan sighed knowing things were going to get rough when the truth was finally revealed.  "I had no choice Old Chap.  I hope you'll understand that," he softly uttered to himself and then left the room.


A figure gently stirred in the dark living room as the sound of a ringing cell phone blared loudly disturbing the peaceful night.  In a matter of seconds the sound of bedroom doors opening and feet stomping their way into the dim living room echoed through the apartment.  Someone turned on the light making everyone groan at the sudden bright ring of light shining in their eyes.  The anxious anticipation of being contacted had finally come to ahead as the iphone sitting on the coffee table rang.


"It's Dimitri Belova," Ethan announced as he sleepily had one eye open staring at the phone.


"Pick it up," Sanjana ordered as she got out of the pull out bed.  The minute she finished saying that the phone stopped ringing. 


Everyone in the room remained deathly silent staring at the phone hoping it would ring again.  "Maybe we should call back," Prem suggested.  "I'm sure he's pissed off as is since we have something very important to him."  He picked up the phone and hit the redial button and made sure to place it on speaker phone.  The group stood there in the living room with baited breath waiting for the line to pick up.  They all breathed a sigh of relief when they heard a husky greeting.


"Mr. Belova, I believed you called?"  Prem answered. 


There was an amused laugh before he replied.  "I must say you're extremely lucky to have gotten a hold of the discs so easily agent."


"Let's cut the small talk and get down to what we both know the purpose of this call is for," Prem said.


"I like the way you think," Dimitri said.  "But like any business transaction I need to know who I'm making a deal with."


"The name is Prem Deshmukh."


"Well, Mr. Deshmukh the terms are tell me what you want and I pick the place of our meeting," Dimitri replied.


"I think you're mistaken.  I have something you need.  I don't have to return it to you at all and can go elsewhere," Prem said.


"That may be true but I heard CIA Agent Jack Dupont met with an unfortunate accident and someone is up for murder charges.  Your own people will be following you and know how you you really expect me to go to a place of your choosing?"


Prem glanced around the room to gauge the responses from his colleagues who all nodded their heads in agreement.  "Fine.  I want two million in bills no larger than twenties.  4:30pm."


"You must be joking you think I'm a bank?"


"You're a business man I think you know how to get those funds.  And I think I've given you a very generous time," Prem answered.


"I'll send you the directions to the designated spot an hour before we met," Dimitri replied and hung up the phone.


When the call ended Ethan brushed his hand behind his head.  "He could tell us to go anywhere.  There is no time for us to case a place out."


"True but what we have Heer's case files.  We can look at some of the hideout places he tends to favor in the other countries he visits.  From there we should be able to see what he likes and match them to places in Bangkok.  It's not a sure fire way of doing things but at least it is something," Prem replied.


"He's going to have security," Heer said.  "We're going to have to be very careful."


"So is the plan'when we get the directions from Belova to call the authorities and tip them off about the meeting?" Sanjana asked.  


"We can't do it that earlier because if the police show up before we do he'll run and our chance to catch him will be gone," Prem said.  "No, we have to do it just before we reach and keep him engaged for awhile."


"There is also the possibility he may give us several false meeting points to make sure we aren't being followed or calling the police to tip them off...the police won't take our calls very seriously if we keep changing the destination route," Heer said.


"Love has a point," Ethan replied gravely. 


"As for security concerns we'll have to take some backup precautions.  Nothing like a smoke bomb to distract people," Sanjana suggested.


"We got a lot to do," Prem said.  Everyone nodded their heads and went to the dining room table to look at Heer's case files and the city map of Bangkok.  Sanjana went to the kitchen to brew a fresh pot of coffee knowing this was going to be a long night.


Tired and slightly sleep deprived Prem, Heer, Ethan, and Sanjana sat in the living room waiting for the iphone to ring and tell them they had a message.  The atmosphere in the room was extremely tense and everyone was in their own world thinking.  When the phone suddenly started to ring all heads turned towards it knowing in the next few hours their hard work and everything they had planned was going to be put to the test.


Sanjana picked up the phone and looked at the message.  "We're going to the docks."


Everyone quickly filed out of the apartment and went downstairs to the basement parking garage to get into Ethan's car.  The drive over to the docks was met with little fuss.  They found a place to park and wandered in amongst the crowd of tourist, locals, and fish sellers lining the way.  Heer looked about her feeling extremely overwhelmed and anxious.  She felt a hand gently take a hold of her hand causing her to look to her side.  Prem gave her a reassuring smile and a tender squeeze on her hand before letting go.  Meanwhile, Sanjana kept one eye on Ethan and one eye on the iphone wondering if there would be another message about where they should be walking towards.  The phone rang again as another message was delivered.


"We're to walk to this old red tea house.  It's supposed to be a few blocks up," Sanjana reported.


Everyone followed Sanjana as she led the way.  They walked into the courtyard of a teahouse and looked about them trying to catch any suspicious looking individuals.  The phone rang once more giving them directions to order some tea and go and sit in the back courtyard.  The group did as they were told and sat down at a square concrete table.  Prem shifted in his seat as he took a drink of tea from his cup.  His eyes scanned the area taking note of those sitting near them.  "Something doesn't feel right," he mumbled.


"I know what you mean," Sanjana replied.


Prem felt a buzz in his pocket and pulled out his own personal cell phone.  His eyes widen at the message that simply stated, "Get out.  It's a trap."


Just then everyone in the courtyard turned their heads when a waiter who was cleaning up a table accidentally broke a tea pot.  All eyes went directly to the white ceramic tea pot laying in pieces on the courtyard floor.  Then all of a sudden there was a rush of voices and the gang quietly stood at attention as a fight broke out.   Without realizing how it happened the gang found themselves fighting amongst the patrons in the teahouse.  They were dodging flying saucers, fists, and kicks and trying their best to make their way out of there.  It was almost comical like a scene from a martial arts movie, fighting with people they had no idea who they were or what their problem was.  Prem was busy trying to defend himself from a large fellow who was hell bent on trying to break his head on something.  He managed to free himself from the man's grip and then the next thing he knew he was on the floor with a gun pointed at the back of his neck.  "You're under arrest Agent Deshmukh.  He felt the cold steel clasps of handcuffs encircling his wrists as he lay there face down on the dirty concrete floor.  When he was hulled to his feet the scene before him seemed almost surreal.  Heer and Ethan had been arrested as well and standing in the middle of the courtyard was Rishabh with a huge smirk on his face.


"Just what do you think you're doing?"  Heads turned to see Jaywant walking in followed by Preet.  "They were on their way to complete a mission and you did this to them?"  He yelled and pointed with an accusatory finger.


"Don't tell me how to do my job," Rishabh barked.  "Agents take them away."


"No!" Jaywant shouted causing the agents to pause what they were doing.  "They are this close to getting the real criminals and you're just going to arrest them like that?  Where is the logic in this?"


"This is not the place or time to be doing this," Rishabh sternly said.  "I'll talk to you in the office."  He turned towards his agents and motioned for them to take Prem, Heer, and Ethan away.


Jaywant and Preet could do nothing but watch everyone file out of the teahouse.  "Don't worry...we'll get them matter what the costs," Jaywant said to Preet with extreme determination in his eyes. 


Thanks for reading!

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