Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai's Teahouse (Creative Writings House) (Page 127)

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Just replying back to replies.  I'm starting up again on this fic...writing in progress so um, yeah...don't ask when I'll update...I'll try to get something in this upcoming week Smile

Originally posted by sweta2005

awesomeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.

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Originally posted by anuu2010

awesome update grace
loved it .
quite interesting
thanks for pm
continue soon
waiting for next part

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Originally posted by Pumpkinn

I totally loved Prems reaction when Ethan disturbed their moment ...LOL
But I even more loved Premeers romance ..Tongue
Great update ..
At one point I really thought that they are really gonna do that but .....Wink
Waiting for next ..Smile
Update soon ..Star
Thnx for pm ..Tongue

Just teasing you guys a bit...they won't be doing anything like that for a bit Embarrassed Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

u made my day grace!
awsum update! luved prem n heer romance..!!!
aaww ethan interrupted dem! :-((((
preet n meher being followed? hope evrythin gets fine soon...!!!!
lukin forward wht happens? in d lyf of preet n meher and prem n heer!!!!
thx for d pm!!! :-)))
update soon! cnt wa8 nymore! :)))))

You see how everything unfolds in the following chapters Wink
Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.
Though it wasn't much, Preet and Meher's romantic moment was very sweet.  I am glad Meher is ready to help Prem, Heer and Preet.  She is a wonderful girlfriend and Preet is very lucky to have her. 
I happy Preet and Prem finally got in touch with each other.  It gave some sign of relief for Preet that they were ok.  I didn't like how Rishab was questioning Preet and his duty for his country.  I felt like that question should have been asked to Rishab instead of Preet.
Prem tickling Heer was funny.  I was really surprised Sanjana and Ethan didn't hear that. LOL Prem and Heer's romantic kisses and ready to take to the next level was great.  While I was reading the part that Heer said she was ready to take their relationship to the next level.  I was surprised Shocked and thought, "is this true, is our author going to give us Premeer's first time scene just like that?"  LOL  You know I love you Grace.  Hug I did laugh when Ethan knocked on their door and asked if was interrupting anything LOL.  It wouldn't be like Ethan not to ask that question.  I amazed Prem didn't slug him at that moment.  LOL
Thank you for the PM.  I can't wait to read your next update.

Preet is such a sweetheart isn't he?  I love him to pieces Heart...I don't think I could ever write something in which Preet is bad LOL Not sure what Rishabh is up to Shocked you will just have to see in the following chapters Wink  As for the Premeer um, moment? Embarrassed Yup, just teasing you guys its not time yet.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by foxi

awsome update..continue soon...loved the meet part

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Originally posted by pwincess1

it was awesome
i love this SS
pleeeeeease dont end it anytime soon :(

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Originally posted by anushyap

aweomse update!!!!! please add more preet and meher scenes!!!

I'll see what I can do about that but please don't hold me to it Embarrassed Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by -alisha-

that was a masala epi(part) grace........simply loved it........evrything abt it very update soon.....

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Originally posted by NIMMY

Sorry holding years 4 being so late with the replies...........
but had been out off town.......few things kept me busy
and finally got time to read ur ss
Loved it
its a beautiful story
Prem and heer ... enemies(well cant say tht but the teased each other and didnt like each other much), to frnds best frnds and the first crush, separation .......lovers
a beautiful journey of a beautiful relationship
i was feeling bad for prem when i came to knw he was a orphan
but then heer or should i say leher came
awe Prem hated her coz he got caught because of her
He teased her............poor leher
but she understood behind tht brat child their is an insecure child who does nt wnts others to hurt him
loved the way leher helped Prem when he was hurt......... evn though she did nt needed to
and the starting of a new frndship
whenever leher needed Prem helped her and vice- versa
the way u wrote the flashbacks and the current track hats off
and then the first crush....... leher started liking Prem and it was more than liking ....the purest and the innocent form of love
leher getting jealous of abby because she liked Prem
they were bst frnds .........loved seven minutes in heaven......... accidental first kiss
and how they started avoiding each other after tht and the whole school came to knw abt tht 
and the prom night......
where heer went with some other guy coz he heard him say they r just frnds  and Prem asked Abby out coz he heard heer say yes to tht Frank
prem felt bad............ first jealousy
then Prem would ask heer for dating tips and talk abt his relationship....... oh god it hurt me to see leher go through all tht
it really hurts to see the one u love with someone else......... 
prem started spending less time with her
i didnt liked prems gf........ god she really chipkko........ splly in front of heer
and finally Prem realised started spending time with heer
oh heer misunderstood tht he bought tht locket 4 abby.......
but prem actually worked so hard to get tht locket 4 his Pumpkin
and the separation Both made me feel so sad abt it........ i remembered when i almost cried when my best frnd was leaving class 
and the Agent Deshmukh.......... loved him
Preet him too
his pain of lossing his Mother
felt soooo bad for him
He missed his leher ........the one tht supported him, took care of him and always prayed for him
and Heers entry as Balraj....... the CIA head's daughter
Bechara Prem didnt knw he had the gun pointed to his head.
and his pumpkin was infront of him and he didnt recognize her
Heer liked him.......... lolz evn wid the gun pointed at her father she noticed he was handsome
well he saved her father
and then he helped her 
from those guys
and tht unofficial date
and tht accidental kiss again..........loved it
Prem got assigned as the bodyguard to heer and started living with her
Preet awe in suits ....... and all he would have looked soooooo handsome
and Prem went to look 4 the towel in her bathroom........
and heer came and he found tht locket tht he bought 4 his pumpkin
and the way prem behaved .........happy and all
and the way heer was shocked
loved it
Prem watching her sleep.........loved it
and Teji's entry.............. loved it
she thought he is her bf........ and talked abt heers ex.......prems expression at tht time was price less
Teji cooking 4 prem........and him eating like he has nt eaten 4 yrs
loved heer getting irritated
lolz it was so funny
and then them going to goa......... wow
on the flight.......the way prem protected heer from tht annoying co-worker
and thanks to goa........ Prem and heer finally feel in love
the party...... the beach.... the tour.......the kiss
awe loved it all
and the date
loved the farm part..........prem and heer running and the scooter..........Prem was so romantic
Them deciding wether its right to date a frnd or nt
and heer was sooooooo happy
and then the two murders and Prem heer getting arrested Devs entry
thank god he helped them run away
the time the spent on the ship
and the time they were spending in thailand......... really gr8
hope the solve this mess soon........
Sanjana Prems ex entry........heer being insecure abt the relation
Ethan...........good him and his english accent ...........lolz
thank god they have got help
Prem felt he would lose heer
and she started avoiding him
and the confession part was awesome..........
the way he told how she has loved him since she was 12 and will always love him........
and the way Prem told he doesnt wants to be her frnd
coz wht he feels 4 heer is more than frndship.....its love
loved it
it was romantic and emotional
and thanks 2 ethan they r now sleeping together in a room
Preet and Meher loved them 4 wht they r doing 4 heer and prem
True frnds indeed
Prem and heer's romantic moments
and Bechare Premeer got interrupted by ethan.........
like Jaywant............
whts wrng with Rishab 
  hope the solve the case soon............

thanks 4 all the pms u send 
thank u

Wow Nimmy...thanks for posting up all those comments on each chapter I wrote.  I'm so happy you're enjoying the fic.  And don't worry about not posting your comments for such a long time.  I know school and other stuff get in the way.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sadhz

hushhhhhh.......fianly examz time 2 comment......yepieeee....
wel i hv 2 catch up a lot.........startin wit chap 16-
i hate dat sanjana when she cam between prem heer........
poor heer was so scared........
chap 17- ahhaaa loved d jealous prem.......hehe......
chap 18- d confession rain..........finaly prem confessed his feelins 2 heer .......m glad sanjana undrstand.........loved prem heer scene..........n prem teasin heer.......since u were 12 huh?.....hehe............dat was so cute part.............
chap 19- it was sweet n hot update..........
prem tickin heer.......hehe.......cute moment.......
n den d bed romanceeeeeeeeeBlushing.............
hate u ethan ....... y u disturbed them.........
thnx a lot for all d pms................update nxt part soooooooooooon
cant wait

Haha...everyone seems to be hating on Ethan for the interruption LOL Well, Prem and Heer probably shouldn't get too involved at the moment with everything that is going on. Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by khajju

awesmeeee....luvd premeer moment....soo hotttt...i thought they wer going to do tht Wink D'oh ....but tht ethan.....he is really irritating smetimes...finally prem got to talk with preet....luvd how meher is supporting preet....thts soo sweet....thanks for pm...update soon

Preet and Meher are totally awesome friends aren't they?  Sorry, I was just teasing everyone with the Premeer moment...that won't be happening just yet Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

Just caught up with the parts.
They were great loved em all...n the confession was great in the rain...what a place LOL.
N then there was the romance that followed...and then Ethan had to disturb them didn't he hate him for that...
Update soon n i will read ARMRW soon n comment on that too..
P.S. Sorry for the late n short comment still got lots of course work to do.

Hey Preeti, it's cool I comes first.  But thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sharmeeli

HugLOVED the updates dear!!!Hug   lol Ethan interupted PremeerLOL 
I think it's great that Jaywant had warned Preet about camera's and mics in his house, poor Meher she's really worriedShocked
loved MEET sceneHug(how I wish I was MeherEmbarrassed) but who's following them?
Rishab's testing Preet huh, seriousely I hate that guyAngry
plzzz update ASAP dearEmbarrassed and thanks for the PMEmbarrassed

Yeah, what is Rishabh up to?  And who is following Meet?  We will see in the following chapters.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by ...Harshiti...

Hey GraceSmile, this is another great piece of writing from your side

Firslt I'm so so so sorry couldn't comment first on each chapter as i was caught up with some other work and lots of school work, exams are coming up and I still need to revise hard! But I had some time so decided to catch up on this SSBig smile and I must say I'm so glad I read it.....its Fantastic!Clap

Ok so I just love it how all of your FF's and SS's are different and unique, I really do enjoy reading them!

Premeer were adorable in their childhood and I also love the name leher but its so sad how because of AbbyOuch their relation was changing, felt so bad for Heer specially when Prem use to come seek her help and she would help him but inside it used to be killing her...awwww poor baby!

and the Locket Prem gifted Heer was beautiful, loved it!Heart
and Oh oh I'm totally loving the nickname prem gave heer 'Pumpkin' so sweet and cuteEmbarrassed

Ahhh man it was so hilarious when prem realised that heer was leher and was so excited that he even forgot that he was in his boxersROFLROFL

All their tours to beaches and make out sessions were very well written and some were deifnately very HOT BlushingBlushingBlushing and after their first date when prem was lying flat on heer and she was like don't fall asleep on top of me, I found that scene very cute!Embarrassed

and Prem getting himself into trouble just to save his pumpkin, awwwwww
and then them staying in a small room in the ship and cuddling together was very cute, good that they stayed in their limitsLOL

Prem's friend Ethan sure is a very interesting guy and he calls Heer LoveLOL, good that he's prem's friend and did not get beaten up by prem!
and I hated it when sanjana cam and kissed prem and kept on stayinf close to himDead, but its a good thing that prem cleared everything up eventhough he took ever so long!

and now their confession, finally prem said those 3 magical words heer wanted to hear since her childhoodDay Dreaming and *sigh* their confession was amazing on the road in the rain! WET PremeerBlushingBlushingBlushing....though it was funny at the end how both of them were sneezingLOL

It was also good to see how meher was trying her best to help Preet when she doesn't know much about this spy stuff! Their both sooo cuteEmbarrassed and their scene under the bridge was awesome!

and I totally loved Prem's reaction in the previous chapter when Ethan had diturbed him and HeerLOL, its so adorably cute how he buried his head into Heer's stomachBlushingDay Dreaming

and Preet is being such a nice and honest friend to Prem, him!Hug

once again I'm so sorry for the late commentOuch and Oh one more thing I totally loved the game seven minutes in Heaven and the first time premeer did it was hilarious, banging their headsROFL and second time wasBlushing

Waiting for the next update eagerly.....Please update soonBig smile

Hi Abby, glad you were able to catch up.  I'm happy you're liking this SS as well.  I try my best to write different types of stories for each FF or SS I's hard I tell you Embarrassed Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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grace wa8in!

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Sorry for the late comment...... Just now caught up with the last 3 updates. had lots of work at univ.Cry
and coming to the SS i love the way the story is progressing...Big smile. The way Prem confessed his love was awesome. WinkClapCant wait to see how the story unfoldsLOL....... Eagerly waiting for the next updateSmile

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I'm finally back with the next installment...sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long Embarrassed

Thank you for all those that took the time to Comment and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

Things to keep in mind:

1. Dimitri Belova, a known criminal, is getting involved in art collecting/museums, using his art collection or contacts with museum directors to smuggling things to and from countries...he is also apparently involved in computer security he has hired a hacker/programmer to design a dangerous computer virus


2. Heer is a CIA agent like Prem


3. Jack Dupont is a CIA agent who turned into a double agent who was mysteriously killed.  We do not know who his alliance is with and who killed him.


4. Heer's mission has been compromised because of CIA Agent Jack Dupont and museum director Vivek Kundra's death.  Jack Dupont left evidence to point to Heer as a double agent


5. Heer's mission and Prem's previous Paris mission are in some ways connected.


6. Prem and Heer arrive in Thailand and met Prem's friend Ethan Rhine who is a mercenary (agent for hire).  He decides to help them resolve their mission.  Along the way they also add CIA Agent Sanjana Chopra to their team. 


7. The Direct of the National Museum Pirat Jitnukul and Conservator Anan Ngamsan are working with Dimitri Belova and his gang of smugglers.


8. Heer had sent off an encrypted e-mail message to Rishabh about a double agent in the agency...but why is he so interested in catching Prem and Heer?  What is his real motive?


9. Someone is keeping an eye on Preet and Meher but who is it?

Mission 20: Masquerade of the Mind


Footsteps echoed in the dark night as they hit the damp pavement of a side walk.  They paused briefly as they steadied the weight they were carrying and then proceeded forward again.  They stopped in front of a black Ford Focus and waited as entry was made.  "Here...mushroom, sausage, and green peppers..." a man with a square face announced as he sat down into the driver seat passing the large pizza box over to his partner.


"I hate these midnight stake outs...I always get the midnight munchies...going to have to hit the tread mill twice as long again," a woman with blue eyes sighed as she opened the pizza box.  "Oh, this smells so good!"


The man grinned at the way her face light up at the sight of food.  "Well, midnight stake outs will do that to you.  I got some napkins...and...two cans of Coke."


"Thanks," the woman thanked as she took a can from him.  "I really don't understand why we can't go back in and bug the apartment again."


"I don't understand either but orders are orders.  So any movement?"


"Nope, nothing...his girlfriend left the house at 11:30pm and he stayed up until 12:30pm watching TV...then washed up and went to bed," the woman replied and then took a bite of the pizza.


The man checked his watch and sighed, "2am...update time."  He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and made his call.  "Boss?  Yes, sorry to wake you but you wanted an update.  Uh-huh..."


Rishabh rubbed his eyes with his fingers trying to concentrate on what was being said to him over the phone.  He nodded his head as he listened and then mumbled, "Okay, good job agent.  Keep me posted of any further developments.  I'll be waiting for it."  He placed his cell phone on the office table of his study room and tired taking a sip of water from his cup.  He realized after several seconds that the cup was actually empty.  He got up and went to the mini refrigerator in his office and searched for a bottle of water.  Just as he found one and twisted the cap open to take a long drink there was a gentle knock on the study room door.


"Honey?  Are you still working?" his wife inquired as she stepped into the room.  She was a rather regal looking woman of 49.  She clutched the front of her silk bathrobe together with one hand and looked sleepily at her husband.


"Sorry...this's very important," Rishabh replied.


She gave an understanding nod.  "Do you want anything to eat?  A sandwich?  I could make you some dosa."


"No, it's okay go to bed.  I'll be there in a few minutes," Rishabh answered.  His wife nodded and then left the room.


Rishabh sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck and walked back to his desk.  He picked up a file in his hands and muttered, "It won't be long before you make a misstep...and when you do I'll be there...and you can count on it."  He then grinned with extreme arrogance.


Sanjana was doing her daily rounds around the warehouse making sure there weren't any suspicious items laying around the yard.  The gang had been laying low for a week making sure things back in the city had calm down enough that it was possible for them to return.  They were surprised that not one single article had been published in the newspaper about the attempted theft of museum artifacts at the National Museum.  But they were thankful since this would mean it would be easier for them to return to the city without any hassles.  The only thing they needed to concentrate on now was to find when and where Dimitri Belova or Sergei Nemov would be coming to visit.  The issues that had occurred at the National Museum for the gang had been tough but the bright side was that Belova's smuggling operations had been halted or disturbed in some way that he or his second in command would have to come to Thailand.  This was the perfect chance for them to get to the bottom of the situation and resolve the case.


As Sanjana rounded the corner of the property she spotted someone standing off to the right in the woods doing something.  She cautiously approached and realized as she looked through the bushes it was Ethan.  He seemed to be in a deep thought over something.  He turned his body a little and she could see that he seemed to be talking on his cell phone and was about ready to hang up.  Sanjana crept through the bushes and stood behind him with a smile as he put his cell phone away.  When he turned around he lurched back stunned to see her there.  "Blood h*ll!  What the?  Trying to give me a heart attack?" he inquired.


"What were you doing? Sanjana asked.


"Um, taking a smoke," Ethan replied as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes.  "Don't tell Prem...he'll give me a long speech about the evils of smoking."


"You should probably quit...they'll kill you," Sanjana replied.


"Not you too," Ethan sighed as he put it back into his pocket.


"I thought you were talking on your cell phone," Sanjana said.


", just checking with some sources.  There is a possibility Sergei Nermov is coming into town this weekend," Ethan answered with a forced smile.  "So, shall we go back, Princess?  Can't leave the lovebirds by themselves for too long...don't know what type of mischief they'll get themselves into."


Sanjana watched with curious eyes as Ethan walked in front of her heading back towards the safe house.  She bit her lower lip wondering why she had this strange feeling that he was hiding something more than just his smoking habit.  She shook her head thinking perhaps she was being paranoid.  Ethan was a trusted friend of Prem's and there was no way he would be up to something else.


Two heavily built men walked into a storage house carrying between them a man with short brown hair wearing a brown leather jacket, white t-shirt, and jeans.  He was stuttering uncontrollably causing them to look extremely irritated.  "Pppplease...ppplease...what did I do?  Why won't you tell me?  I did what Mr. BBBelova told me to do...why are you doing this to me?"  They tossed him to the ground and stood like two statues blocking the doorway making sure he couldn't run off.


"Would you shut up," a man in a tailored gray suit commanded.  


"MMMr. Nemov, sir...I-I-I think there is some misunderstanding here," the man groveled as he knelt on his knees.


"Really?" he replied stroking the brown goatee on his chin.  "I have sources and from what I heard you've been talking.  Seems like you've had other ideas...suddenly change your mind Misha?"


"Nno sir..." he hesitantly replied.


"Mr. Belova has paid you good money for your services...even set up a nice little fund for you to live your life comfortably.  And this is how you repay him?  By talking?  Did you know he made a New Year's resolution to be more caring in his business?  To be a nurturer...have more faith in his employees that they're not going to turn their backs on him and runaway when things get a bit tough.  Sadly I don't think Mr. Belova's going to be able to keep that resolution."  Misha swallowed hard.  "But I'm feeling generous today...why don't you tell me the reasons?"


Misha watched as Sergei pulled out a revolver and smiled mercilessly.  The two bodyguards hauled him to his feet as Sergei pointed the barrel at his right leg.  He slowly began to pull the trigger causing Misha to flinch in alarm.  The only sound that could be heard was the click of the hammer as the cylinder rolled forward.  "Looks like you were lucky there," Sergei replied.  "But let's see how lucky you really are...eventually the bullet will make its appearance..."  Misha continued to look on with fright as he saw the gun barrel shifted towards his left leg.  "How do you like this version of Russian Roulette we're playing?  Makes it much more interesting, no?  You actually have a chance of living...if you get shot in the leg or arm...and you don't have to worry about brain matter splattering I go straight for the heart."  He paused for a few minutes and looked at him wondering when he was going to start talking.  "Still refusing to answer the question?"


"Ww-wait..." Misha quickly replied as he saw him begin to pull the trigger.


Sergei stopped in mid pull and arched his eyebrows, "Yes?"


"I-I-I did what you requested me to do...but I had no idea you were going to be doing what you're doing.  Ddon't you realize the implications?  If this falls into the wrong hands---"


"Are you lecturing me on morality?'ve got to be joking...and what did you think you were making for us?  You became too wrapped up in your own scientific wonderment and the ingenuity of what you created...that you are just as responsible for whatever destruction comes of it." Sergei replied.  "You should have taken comfort in the generous funds we sent you.


" that all you want?  Don't you realize if something happens to this world...that the money you're holding onto won't mean a thing?" Misha asked.


Sergei laughed heartily.  "You'd be surprised at who we're dealing with.  So, don't worry your little brain about it.  You can sleep peacefully tonight.  We'll get ours and they will get theirs...and everyone is happy in the end."  He finished pulling the trigger making Misha yelp.  "You're not shot," Sergei simply replied. 


The guards moved away allowing Sergei to finish the game they had started to play.  "So, will it be the left arm?"  He pulled the trigger and again nothing happened.  Sweat was being to drip down Misha's forehead as he watched with horror as Sergei continued to point at the next body part on the list.  "Right arm?"  Another click was heard but no explosive shot was made.  " have a 50-50 chance will you survive or will this be the end right now'with your heart?  Stand up straight and take death like a man."  Misha just shook uncontrollable from the fear that this could be his last breath.  Sergei pointed straight at his heart and pulled the trigger.  There was a loud bang as the gun went off and the soft thud of a body falling.  He sighed and shook his head, "I guess today was not your lucky day."  He lifted his head and made a nodding motion to the two guards to take care and clean up the mess.  Sergei then walked out of the storage house and got into a black BMW 335i.  He started up the car but before he pulled out of the parking lot he made a quick call on his cell phone.  "It's been taken care of."


"Good," the thick voice on the other end replied.  "You're expected in Thailand by Friday."


"Yes, sir.  Orders?"


"Have a chat...see where things are.  Tie up any loss ends if necessary," the voice replied.


"Jitnukul and Ngamsan?"


"Keep them alive for now...too many dead bodies will only attract attention.  Bring back the disk."


"Yes, sir," Sergei answered and then ended the call.


Prem tapped his fingers rhythmically against the steering wheel as he sat in a silver Honda City.  He glanced about him keeping an eye out for anyone or anything out of the ordinary.  He sighed and reached down to grab the bottle of water sitting in the cup holder.  His lips curled into a tiny smile as he felt a soft hand blocking his attempt.  "What do you think you are doing?"  He turned his head and looked at her with a roguish grin.  "Drinking some water."


"It's my water bottle Prem...if you wanted something to drink you should have gotten your own."


"Oh come on Pumpkin, that's not fair.  I just want some water," Prem pleaded as she took the bottle away from him.


"Just something to drink?  You've drank nearly half the water.  I haven't even touched it yet," Heer replied.


"I'm just helping you not waste the water," Prem cheekily answered.


"The water is not going to waste," Heer said.


Prem leaned his head back on the headrest and glanced to his left with boredom at the scenery across the street.  "We've been sitting here for ages.  There has been no sign of Sergei Nemov.  Ethan and Sanjana haven't spotted anything interesting either in the club.  I hate these long stake outs...I'm so bored."


"Nobody said stakeouts were fun.  I'm surprised you didn't volunteer yourself to go in with Ethan and check out the club," Heer replied.  "If you want you can go do that."


"No, I'm staying here," Prem answered.  "How else am I going to spend time with my girl?"


Heer chortled at his comment and said, "This has been the most interesting date you've taken me on."


"Not much of a date.  We're fighting over a water bottle," Prem said.  He then gravely pondered, "You know for some place that is suppose be a hot bed of underground activity...Mr. Lor Horvejkul...and his Club Ice...seem to have melted.  I certainly hope we weren't given wrong information again by Ethan's contact."


"Even criminals have off days," Heer replied.  "And Ethan's contacts have been relatively on point except for the museum mishap...but things like this occur sometimes...nothing is perfect.  Heh, if I recall you almost shot my Dad...your, what do you call that?"


"Don't remind me," Prem frowned.  "Not one of my better moments.  Threatening your Dad like that wasn't exactly the best impression to make."


"Are you worried?"


"About my job?" Prem replied.  He then coughed as she swung the back of her hand onto his chest.  "Oh, that..." smiling mischievously knowing she had meant something else.  He held her hand in his and gently ran his fingers across her skin.  "You are the boss's daughter...he could have me taken care of and nobody would suspect a thing...that's quite a predicament...maybe I should just stay overseas..."




His eyes flexed as he saw the unamused look she was giving him.  "Jooooking..."


"How can you joke about something like this?" Prem held onto her hand refusing to let her take it away from him.  He then leaned over to her side of the seat and looked her in the eyes.  "You really think I'd just walk away like that?  I love you and well, you Dad is going to have to understand that.  Besides, your Mom loves me...I'm sure she would be ecstatic to have me in the family.  And the most important thing is you love me."


Heer couldn't help but grin as he gently brushed his nose against her cheek and let his lips delicately press on the side of her mouth.  "No making out while on the job," she warned.


"Who says we're making out?" Prem inquired.  "Everyone just thinks we are...we've been parked out here long enough that they're probably pretty suspicious about what we are doing."


"So, you're just giving them something to talk about?"


"Something to ignore...nothing is suspicious about a guy kissing his girl," Prem replied as he continued to gently let his lips travel around her mouth.  He smirked when he felt her hands grip his back and then travel upwards into his thick black hair.  "Look who's getting involved?"


"I'm not," Heer giggled.  She let him continue to entice her with his half kisses as he brushed his lips sensually across her face.  Eventually Heer gave in letting her lips make contact with his in one sweet kiss.  She thought she was able to give him one kiss and be done with it but the sparked that passed between them was hard to ignore.  They let themselves go and enjoyed the feeling of being loved by one another.  Heer managed to open her eyes and turn her head to glance at the club.  "Prem, we have to keep an eye..."


"We are," he breathed.  "See anything?"


Heer clamped down on her lips and placed her hands on his shoulders trying to push him away as he wandered off and began nuzzling her neck.  "No, I don't see anything."


"See, we are doing our job."


Heer giggled as her hands slipped back up into a holding form cradling his head in her arms, "That tickles a little."


"But does this feel good?" Prem inquired as he trailed open mouth kisses on her supple skin.


"Of course it does," Heer replied with a slight hum as she stroked his hair.  "But we're going to get in a whole lot of trouble with Ethan and Sanjana if they catch us slacking.  Come on, Prem...this is serious...once this case is through you can have me all to yourself."


"Sorry," he replied as he lifted his head. 


"It's okay."


"You're right...we should be more focused.  Let's get this case solved and then we can go home.  We should have dinner with my Dad.  He'll be excited to see you again.  Maybe we should plan a trip to go somewhere fun," Prem suggested.


"What, Thailand isn't fun?"


"You know what I mean...some place close to the States," Prem said.


"I know.  I'd like that," Heer replied.


He then gave her a dreamy look, "I love you."


"I love you too," Heer said placing her hand on his cheek.


Prem sighed and looked over at Club Ice.  "I think there has to be another entrance to the club.  We've been staring at the front and nothing interesting has happened.  Ethan is hovering around the back entrance inside the club and nobody has shown up.  Sanjana has been working the floor and she hasn't seen anything.  I think we should go for a walk."


"A walk?" Heer repeated as she saw him get out of the car.  "Wait..."


Prem walked over to the passenger side of the car put his arm around Heer as she got out.  He then pushed the door closed for her and hit the automatic lock on his key chain.  "Let's go for a romantic stroll Khushi."


"You are crazy Ali," Heer replied playing along with Prem as he used their aliases that had been made in Thailand. 


Prem put his mouth extremely close to her ear and whispered, "Let's cross the street further down and walk behind everything."  Heer giggled pretending he had said something romantic to her and gently pushed him.  He tightened his hold on her shoulders as she leaned into him and wrapped her arm around his waist.  "Sounds good...we should probably tell Ethan and Sanjana what we are doing," she whispered back.


"Love you too Babe," Prem said loudly as he placed his lips on the side of her head mimicking a kiss.  "Will do," he mumbled softly as they started walking down the street.


Two lowball tumblers sat at the bar waiting patiently to be filled.  A gentle clinging echoed softly as perfectly shaped cubed ice dropped from tongs into the crystal cups.  Then ever so slowly a warm amber liquor was poured over the tops of the ice cubes filling it a little less than halfway.  It was then filled to the halfway mark by a splash of fizzy Coke.  A pair of hands took the glasses in hand and handed one to one of his guests wearing a black suit.  "Are you sure you don't want another one Pirat?" Lor Horvejkul asked.


"No thank you I'm fine," he replied adjusting the collar of his dark blue blazer.


"He's a little up tight over what happened.  He thinks I'm going to kill him," the man in the black suit laughed.


"Well, aren't you Sergei?" Lor inquired.


"Look at him...I think he just peed in his pants," Sergei chuckled as he took a sip of his Jack and Coke.  "Don't worry...Mr. Belova finds you long as you remain loyal to us...we will remain loyal to you."


"Spoken like a true business man," Lor chuckled.


Sergei walked towards the large multi paneled flat screened television sets that were hanging on the wall and stared at the images being captured on the screens.  "Impressive set up you have here.  I would have thought you would have opted for one of those two way mirrors and dark shaded glass windows to see what is going on in your club."


"Those things make it too noticeable and obvious as to what they are for.  I decided to go with hidden cameras instead," Lor said.  "After the last gun shooting incident I found it cheaper than having to replace the d*mn glass window all the time."


"You've also added a secret entrance to your office.  Makes things very easy," Sergei smiled.


"I've been working on that for months now...finally got it finished and the way I wanted it to work.  Now it will be even harder for the police to find anything...not that they could ever do anything...all the circumstantial evidence they always try to pull...nothing ever sticks," Lor replied.


Sergei took another sip from his drink and then checked his watch, "Lor, can I have the special package Mr. Belova placed in your care?"


"Sure thing," he answered as he went to a safe.  He punched in his code and then opened the heavy metal door and handed over a brown package.  "It's untouched as you can see."


"That's why Mr. Belova trusts you.  You take great care of things," Sergei said.


"It's a mutual's how you earn respect," Lor said. 


Sergei smiled brightly.  "I hope you're taking notes Pirat.  You can learn a lot."  He gave Lor an appreciative nod and then finished his drink.  "Well, it's been a pleasure gentlemen...we will be in touch."  He turned around and was escorted by one of Lor's bodyguards to a secret door that looked like a large mirror hanging on the wall.  Sergei entered the hallway and walked behind the bodyguard as they moved down some steps and into a long tunnel.  They walked for a few minutes before they went up a several steps and exited into the basement of another building.  Sergei then walked to the back of basement and went out the back door.


As the door closed and locked behind him, his ears perked at hearing two voices talking.  Sergei stood close to the dumpster by the doorway trying to conceal himself.  He could distinctly make out that one of the voices was female and the other was male.  They seemed to be a couple taking a stroll.  This normally wouldn't seem odd but the fact that it was four in the morning and the couple was walking around in the back alley made Sergei highly suspicious.  He gently undid the button of his jacket so he could reach for his handgun.  He didn't know what to expect and hoped for his sake they would eventually move away so he could get to his car.  He'd rather not cause a scene and shoot some people if didn't have to.  He clutched the brown package tightly to his chest and waited.  When the couple finally walked by him and disappeared around the corner he cautiously stepped out and began walking.  Just then his cell phone suddenly started ringing letting him know he had a text message.  His face turned rigid as he heard footsteps walking back towards his direction.  He tried making a run for it but then found himself face to face with someone he never thought he would ever see again.  "Ms. Sophie Mars?  Or should I say Agent Maan?" Sergei smirked.


"Sergei..." Heer uttered.


"And we met again...sorry to hear about Jack...your old partner," he replied.


"How do you know about that?" Heer inquired as she tried to stop him from reaching for his gun.


Sergei managed to twist away and pulled out his hand gun in the same instant Heer pulled hers out.  They stood there pointing the guns at each other and stared at one another tensely wondering who would make the first move.  Sergei gave a tiny smirk and calmly challenged, "On the count of three?"  They both slowly lowered their guns at the same time as Sergei counted.


The minute the guns rested on the floor they both looked up and quickly made their moves.  Heer made a sweeping strike with her left leg trying to throw Sergei off balance.  But he moved out of the way in time and threw a punch which Heer blocked.  They made their way around the alley striking and blocking punch per punch and kick per kick.  "Surprised?" Heer taunted as she noted the way Sergei's face was slightly baffled.


"A lot better than I expected," Sergei replied as pulled back his shoulder and swung to the side only to be affectedly blocked by Heer's hand as she pushed his arm away.


"Women can fight," Heer said as she brought her leg up and made a swift kicking movement to her right.  Sergei bent backwards dodging her leg and then realized the leg was going to fall on top of him.  He quickly blocked with his arms and received the heavy blow falling to the ground. 


Sergei rolled away and stood back up with a confident grin.  "You may be better than expected but not enough to defeat me."  He launched into another string of attacks and was able to grab a hold of Heer's arm and twist it back as he pushed her up against a wall.  Heer tried not to vocalize the pain she was feeling as she struggled.  She lifted her right leg up and kicked Sergei in the thigh making him let go.  He stumbled backwards and was about to assault her again when he was kicked from the side.  The brown package that he had been carefully holding throughout the fight slipped from his hands and slid across the pavement.  Sergei turned his head to see Prem standing there with narrowed eyes. 


Prem braced himself at the onslaught of fast punches and swift kicks being delivered by Sergei.  One of those kicks landed hard enough on him that he went tumbling backwards over and into some wooden crates.  The back of his head smacked hard against one of the boards.  He tried getting up but was slightly stunned in an immobile position groaning.  Sergei took the chance while he was down and went back to Heer to take care of her.  He successfully delivered a hard kick to her chest knocking the wind out of her causing her to crumble to the ground.  Sergei then quickly went and retrieved his gun from the floor.  As he turned he saw Prem crawling his way to the brown package laying in the middle of the alley.  Sergei immediately went and hauled Heer up making sure to put his arm around her neck tightly so she couldn't move.


Prem shakily got up and held the package in his hands and yelled, "Hey dropped something..."


"I wouldn't do anything stupid agent," Sergei replied as he placed the gun barrel to Heer's temple.  He smirked as he saw the glimmer of fear register in Prem's eyes as he stood there looking at them.  "Oh, this your girlfriend, agent?" Sergei laughed.  "Didn't they teach you in the CIA not to give away your feelings through your eyes?"  He leaned in and smelled Heer's hair and gave a sneer.  "Smells delightful...must taste good too.  I bet she's a tigress in the bedroom."  Prem's jaw clenched tightly at hearing Heer being demeaned in that manner. 


"Leave her alone.  You want the package?" Prem asked his voice thick with anger.


"Oh, looks like I hit a nerve," Sergei replied calmly and then purposely smelled Heer's hair again.  Heer had a disgusted look on her face at his touch.  Prem knew what he was doing and tried to remain calm.  He couldn't stand the fact that he had allowed Heer to get caught in this situation.  Prem boldly started to walk forward holding his hands up showing Sergei he wasn't going to be trying anything.  "You are either a brave man or a stupid one."


"Let her go," Prem ordered.


"You have a lot of nerve trying to negotiate with me," Sergei replied.


"Then I guess this package means nothing to you then?" Prem probed.  He raised his hands up like he was about to throw it onto the ground.  "Then you wouldn't care if I threw it on the ground and stomped on it?"  Sergei remained silent refusing to give any indication of what his true feelings were.  "Well then..."


"I think you have the wrong idea," Sergei suddenly said causing Prem to stop the motion of his hand preventing the package from being thrown onto the ground.  "I have the gun here.  I could very easily shoot you and Agent Maan here."


"But you don't want to cause any unnecessary incidents here in Thailand.  Having a police investigation would hamper things quite a bit for Mr. Belova and his business.  I know you are smart enough not to do something like that.  You don't want two dead CIA agents on your hands...the agency would only continue to pursue you and Mr. Belova even more," Prem replied as he walked forward again.


Sergei smiled and then ordered, "Stop...kick the gun to the side."  Prem kicked Heer's gun that was laying on the ground away from him and continued to stand with his arms up.  "Slowly take out your gun and drop it behind you."  Prem carefully reached behind his black sports jacket and pulled his gun that was tucked in the back of his jeans out.  He showed it to him as he clicked the safety on and then dropped it behind him like Sergei had requested.  "Package on the ground and kick it towards me."  Prem nodded and did as he instructed.  The minute the brown package was by Sergei's foot he pushed Heer towards Prem and grabbed the package and ran.


"Are you okay?" Prem asked as held her in his arms.  He brushed her hair away from her face so he could inspect her.


"I'm fine...Nemov and the package," Heer replied.


Prem quickly got up and grabbed Heer's hand gun and went running in the same direction he had seen Sergei run off in.  He rounded the corner and was facing the street.  His eyes immediately zeroed in on Sergei running towards a dark red car.  He was shouting orders at his driver.  The driver pulled out his gun and started shooting at Prem causing him to quickly duck down behind a green car to take shelter from the gun fire.  Prem then heard Sergei angrily shouting at his driver to just go.  Prem swiftly ran up behind the car as it was pulling out of its parking spot and aimed at the tires.  He took a couple of shots that missed but the third shot connected and the car swerved and ran right into a lamp post.  Heer was soon by Prem's side with his handgun and they both ran up towards the crashed vehicle.  They cautiously approached because they weren't sure if someone was going to start shooting.  Prem fired a warning shot at the driver side tire to see if anything was going to happen.  They could see that the driver was groggy and disoriented from the airbag that had deployed.  He was in no condition to move and just sat there moaning.  Prem opened the door to the back seat and before Sergei could run out of the car Heer decked him sending him flying back into the vehicle.


Prem smiled and reached into the car and pulled out the brown package.  "We'll be taking this.  Send our love to Belova for us won't you?" he asked.  Sergei could only groan and lay in the back seat holding his face. 

"Cell phone," Heer suggested.


"Good thinking," Prem replied as he reached back in and fished out Sergei's cell phone from his suit pocket.  He and Heer then quickly walked away from the scene and went to inform their partners what they had discovered.


Ethan just stared at the package that was open on the dining room table and started chuckling in amusement.  The group was back in his apartment in the city celebrating with a round of beers at their luck.  "The bloody luck you had...imagine finding Sergei Nemov like that...and this package...with the with the computer virus on it and the other with the list of potential buyers."


"You'd think he'd have these things separated," Sanjana replied as she looked through the disc with the list on her computer.  "It's definitely the who's who in the criminal've got rebel leaders, terrorist leaders, drug lords..."


"So, what's the plan now Old Chap?" Ethan inquired.


Prem took a swig of beer and replied, "We'll wait for them to contact us.  Belova will want his things back and he'll eventually contact us.  We'll arrange a meeting and arrest him."


"You make it sound so simple," Ethan chuckled softly.


"After what we've been through I think this is probably the easiest part," Prem said.


"I'll drink to that," Heer replied as she lifted her beer to initiate a toast.  Everyone else raised their beer bottles as well and gently tapped them against each others. 


"So, anything interesting on the cell phone?" Ethan inquired.


"We should definitely check that," Prem replied as he pulled it out of his pocket.  "You know if this thing hadn't gone off like it did...who knows we might have totally missed Nemov."


Ethan took the phone from his hands, "Hmmm...iPhone 4...pretty looking thing."  He swiped his finger across the screen to unlock the phone.  "Looks like Nemov got a text message from someone," he informed.  "It just says Go.  No name or anything...oops...where did the message go?"


"What happened?" Prem inquired.


"I think my fingers are too bug...hit something by accident...I think I might have deleted it," Ethan replied with a frown.


"Here let me take a look at it," Sanjana answered.  Ethan handed the phone to her and watched her as she fiddled around with it.  "We should be able to get this back...huh...I think you did delete it Ethan."


"Oh hell," he replied.  "Me and my stupid fingers.  Sorry Old Chap."


"It's fine.  You said there wasn't a name on it.  Just a phone number?"  Prem inquired.


"Yeah, um...4750?  I think where the last four numbers'sorry memory is sort of fuzzy..."


"It's fine...we've been up for's like six in the morning.  The person might have called or texted the number may still be listed on calls list.  Sanjana why don't you get in touch with Preet and have him run the numbers to see if he can find anything," Prem suggested.


"I will.  It's a good thing he contacted us first and made that secure encrypted channel with us," Sanjana said.  "Mind if I send this to him tomorrow?"


"Sure, it's late.  We should get some rest," Prem replied.


"Princess, you can have the master bedroom," Ethan offered.


"It's okay.  You've been sleeping on the couch for awhile now," Sanjana replied.


"Are you offering something else?" Ethan inquired playfully raising his eyebrows up and down.


Sanjana chuckled, "I'll take the couch.  It pulls out into a bed, right?"


"It does indeed," Ethan said.  "Here let me go get the sheets and everything."


"Good night guys," Prem said as he and Heer waved and walked into the guest room.


Heer gently rubbed her right shoulder and sighed tiredly as she walked towards the bed.  She paused in mid stride when she felt the tender touch of Prem's fingers massaging her shoulder.  "Are you okay?" he asked worried.  Things had happened so fast after the incident with Sergei that they hadn't had a chance to check their wounds and bruises.  "I'm sorry.  I should have been there faster.  It took a lot longer to loop back through the other alley and show up on the other side.  I should have stayed and told you to go instead to block him."


"Don't feel guilty about's all in a day's work.  It isn't like the first time I've been roughed up a bit," Heer said.  She turned around and placed her hand on his shoulder trying to make him turn around.  "How's your head?"  She carefully ran her fingers around the curve his head and found a large protruding bump.


"Ehhhh," Prem winched.


"Oh, I'm sorry," Heer replied and gave him kiss on his head.  "You need to get some ice on that."


"What about you?"


"I could probably use one for my shoulder.  I'm going to go take a shower and then crawl into bed," Heer said.


"Mmmm...shower...bed...sounds great...can't wait to do that too..." Prem replied as he pulled Heer closer so he could hug her from behind.  "I just want to cuddle with you."


Heer smiled and breathed deeply enjoying the way he rested his chin on her left shoulder with his head leaning against hers.  "The sooner you let me go take that shower the sooner we'll get to cuddle."


"That's true.  But I don't feel like letting go right now," Prem replied as he closed his eyes snuggled his chin against her shoulder.


"I love you too," Heer simply said.  Prem sighed happily and let her go.  She turned around and gave him quick peck on the lips and caressed his cheek.  


"I'll go get us some ice bags," Prem replied.


"I'll try not to fall asleep when you take your shower," Heer promised.


"I'll hold you to that," Prem said causing Heer to flash him a giggly smile.  "Otherwise I'll just wake you up."


"Remember what happened the last time?" Heer asked.


"But this time I'll be prepared.  I won't get decked in the nose," Prem replied.  Heer laughed shaking her head and walked into the bathroom.  Prem just grinned and left the room.    


This was pretty long chapter but I needed to cram all this information into this chapter so we can move all this spy/action track ahead.  More twists and turns up ahead Wink...all I'll say things get really interesting for Prem and Heer.

Now that they have all the evidence will everything go as planned with the meeting with Belova?  Or will things go unexpected for the team again?  Is there a traitor in the midst?

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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jst awsum!!
luved it!! finally u update dat too on additi's b'de! thnku so much GRACE! luv u!
is ethan hidin sumthin?? is he wid d criminals??
heer n prem's romance was awsum! awsum! thx for d pm dear!!
update soon d nxt part!!!

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thnx for updatin grace.........great chapter........lot of twits......
i think ethan is up to somethin....Confused....somethin fishy abt his behavior......lik he deleted d msg.......
prem heer scenes were awesome........loved d ali n khushi part........
action part was great.........vry wel described..........keep it up
thnx for d update soon nxt part

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