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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by -Fatima-

me & this time me gonna edit
it was really an awesome update atlast prem confess his feelingz to heer & sort his matter with sanjana
the confession part was really really amazing why dont u apply for BT cv grace u'll be fab urz writing is totally amazing :)
enjoyed each & every bit of the update
prems fun in the puddle was shoo cute
till premeer r together other thingz r fine
b/w prem & ethan's frndship is quiet sweet
wait for the next

You edited!  Hug  BT CV?  Embarrassed...but I don't know Hindi Ouch Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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awesome update grace
ClapClapClapits very interesting
continue soon
thanks for pmBig smile

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Originally posted by Sukrutha

awesome........Big smile...nice confession...Wink

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great update... the story's going great and loved the scenes...

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jst awsum..!!!! no words to sae...!!!!
was an wonderful update..>!!! finally prem said his feelings 2 heer!!! i m happy dat sanju also undrstd!!! n didnt create ny prob!! hope she moves wid ethan :P nyways...!! luved prem n heer scenes..!!! awsum update...thx for da pm grace :))))
n update soon! :)))))))

Sanjana and Ethan?  Hmmm...interesting...we will see Geek  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by -alisha-

aww how shweet pumpkin and her premu is.......loved the conphession and cuddling session......finally they are will be waiting fo some ahem moments :D....lovely update soon

love alisha

Already awaiting for the ahem-ahem moments? LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Day Dreaming.........................m phreaming!!!!!!!!!!!
It was just..............superb!
Their confession was the best part!
Very well written Grace!!!!!!!!!ClapClap
Enjoyed every bit of the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanxx for the pm!
update soon!!!!!!

Thanks for liking the confession part.  Tried to make up for previous chapter with them not interacting and all the spy action Tongue Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by Pumpkinn

The update was wonderful !
The confession was too good !
Loved it to the core !
Premeer scenes were amazing !
Awesome !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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aaah finally prem heer cleared their misunderstanding...
lovely update
update soon

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Great update Grace.
Prem finally telling Ethan and Sanjana about his relationship and his feelings for Heer were great.  I am glad Ethan knows also.  Loved the cotton joke.  LOL 
Prem and Heer's confession was wonderful.  I am really glad they finally confessed their love for each other.  Their kisses was Embarrassed LOL <----me laughing at my own blushing.  I really loved it when Prem started teasing Heer about when she first started loving him.  The Seven Minutes in Heaven will always haunt Heer LOL.
Thank you for the PM Grace.  I can't wait to read what happens next. 

Hehe...Ethan is so naughty isn't he?  Well, he is the roguish Englishman LOL
Yeah, I don't think Heer will ever get Prem to forget the Seven Minutes in Heaven accident.  And Prem is so bad that he'll make sure to continue teasing her LOL these two

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mindblowingggggggggggg updateClap....finally a confession...thts was just perfectThumbs Up....glad tht eveything is sort out nowBig smile...sanjana great tht she understand prem's feeling for heer...i just hope she is just out now....ethan..he is great..first i didnt like him but now he is the sweetest..the way heer told prem tht wht if she luvd him..he just consider her as his friend..aww tht was soo sad...and prem went up and kissed herBlushingluvd tht scene...i luvd when prem kept heer's hand on his chest and said ""this belongs to you..u hav every little part of me" i luvd this lineHeart...bth playing in the rain..lovelyy....eheh luvd ethan teasing prem heer...bedroom scene was sooooBlushing...thanks for pm...continue soonSmile

Thank you for liking the confession.  Dramatic and intense...hehe...see I told you guys I'd have something like that happen between them since they started off sort of soft and sweet.  Everything seems to be going well on the romantic front now we have to worry about the professional front Confused
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Sorry for the delay...was trying to figure how to proceed with the rest of the story line and how everything was going to 6 more chapters to go...we'll see if I can wrap this up in 6 or I may have to extend this a little Smile

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Mission 19: Just Can't Get Enough


Heer shifted gently as her head snuggled deeper into her pillow.  She had one arm bent up against her head in a cradling fashion while the other one was straight with her fingers curved around the bend of the mattress.  She mumbled something inaudible still half asleep unaware of anything around her.  Prem was laying right behind her with one hand around her waist sleeping comfortably.  The pillow that had been placed between them laid on the floor.  Prem smiled in his sleep and softly breathed, "Heer..."  The deep resonating sound of his voice woke Heer to another exotic morning in Thailand.  It took her a few seconds to register her surroundings but she soon gave a knowing smirk as she felt Prem's hands resting on her stomach.  She moved her left hand down onto his hand and playfully elbowed his side.  There was high pitch whine and then a grumbling noise as she continued to poke at him.  "Awake?" she asked.


"Barely," he murmured back.


"Where's the pillow?"


"I don't know...must have fallen out of bed," Prem answered trying to go back to sleep.


"You removed it didn't you?" Heer accused.


"Why would I do that?  I just want to sleep Pumpkin can we go back to sleep?" Prem whined.


"No, because you've been a I'm not going to let you sleep," Heer replied turning around and putting her hand on his shoulder shaking him.  Prem rolled to his back and pouted as she continued to try to rouse him from his sleep.  Eventually he grabbed her wrist pulling her down on top of him and then quickly rolled them over pinning her down on the bed.  He laid on top of her with a triumphant smirk.  "I'm're in trouble now," he huskily said in her ear.  Heer giggled and playfully hit his shoulder as he started to kiss her earlobe.  "Prem, what do you think you're doing?"


"I think it's pretty clear what I'm doing," he replied as he moved his lips along her jaw line.  He then dipped downward so he could kiss her neck.  Heer sunk her fingers into his hair enjoying the attention he was giving her but was mindful that they didn't go too far.  The minute she felt him move back up her neck she cupped his mouth and pushed him back a little.  "Morning breath..." she warned.


He flexed his eyebrows and frowned, "There is only one bathroom and it's outside too."


"So what are you going to do now?" she inquired with a chuckle.


"Hmmm...doesn't leave me many options...go brush my teeth...but you need to brush your teeth too...Ethan's on the couch...I don't suppose you'd join me in the bathroom...then again might get awkward with Sanjana..."  Heer nodded her head as he thought out loud.   "Guess there is only one thing left to do...tickle you!"  Heer gasped and started laughing as he sat up and delicately raked his fingers across her stomach and underarms.


"HA-haha...ehhhh...ssstopppp ppplease...Ha-haha...heheehee...Pppreemmmm..."


"Nope!" he chuckled.


"I-I-I cccan't br-breathhheee..."


Prem let up and grinned mischievously.  "That's what you get for waking me up like that and rejecting my kisses."


"I never rejected your kisses.  I just don't want to kiss you with bad breath...that's disgusting," Heer replied making a face.


Prem laid back down hiding his face in the crook of her neck and sighed.  Heer held him around his shoulders as he murmured, "You don't know how good this feels."


She smiled at his words and replied, "No, I do know how good this feels."  They laid there for a few minutes soaking in the feeling of just being together.  Even in the silence they understood the love they shared was something special.  They were best friends but also lovers now and after yesterday's confession things were going to continue to evolve in their relationship.  "Let's get up and go brush our teeth.  I think I hear Ethan in the kitchen making something."


" go first and I'll make the bed," Prem replied.


They both got out of bed and before Heer left the room she gave Prem a quick peak on the cheek.  "I'll give you proper kiss once you brush your teeth."


Prem grinned, "Looking forward to it."  Heer smiled softly and then left the room. 


Meher sat at her desk working away at an accounting project.  Much to her relief Preet had found no listening or camera devices in her apartment.  However, she was still slightly tense because there was a possibility that she was being followed.  Even though Preet had told her it was highly unlikely they would send someone to spy on her in the office Meher couldn't help but let her mind wander to that possibility.  She was acting a bit paranoid about the situation and she knew it but it was hard not to react this way when she was a civilian and not use to these spy games like her boyfriend.


Meher pulled open the bottom desk drawer to get a stick of gum from her purse.  As she shifted through the bag with her hand her eyes widen in alarm as the throw away cell phone that Preet had given her was starting to vibrate.  She had contemplated on leaving the phone in her apartment but then decided it was best if she carried it with her in her purse.  She thought it would be safer with her than in the apartment.  She was also worried that if Prem tried to call and she wasn't there to see it happen, she wouldn't be able to inform Preet in a timely manner.  She watched as the phone buzzed a few more times and then went silent.  She hoped Prem was leaving a voicemail message but saw the text message icon appear instead.  Meher knew she had to get in touch with Preet.  She used her desk phone and made an outward bound call to Preet's cell phone.   


Meher waited for the voicemail message of his cell phone to pickup and then left her message.  "Hi, it's me.  I was thinking about dinner in the city tonight.  Maybe a romantic stroll through the snowy park?  Call me back and let me know what you think.  Love you.  Bye."  The message seemed normal like a couple planning a date but it had been purposely disguised that way.  The key point was the request to take a stroll in the park which Preet would understand right away.  Now that she had delivered her message the only thing left for her to do was to wait for his reply.  Meher went back to her purse and took out the stick of gum she had been looking for and popped it into her mouth.  She chewed gently and returned to her work on the computer screen.


Director of the National Museum of Thailand, Pirat Jitnukul sat in his office with a grim face.  The last twenty four hours had been horrific for him.  He had been aroused from his bed at 5:30 on a Thursday morning by the Thai police notifying him there had been a possible break in at the museum.  He had been stressed beyond belief on his way over, thinking about the priceless artifacts that might have been stolen.  When he arrived his blood pressure rose up two more notches when they informed him someone people were snooping around the basement of the warehouse and had gone in the conservation room and his office.  He spent the next few hours sorting things out and explaining things to the police.


Pirat sighed as he drank his fourth cup of coffee for the day.  He raised his head when he heard someone knocking on his door.  "Come in," he ordered.  A medium build man in his forties came walking through the door.  He had a well trimmed beard and a buzzed cut hairstyle.  Anan Ngamsan, was one of the museum's conservators.  Pirat gave him a look causing him to lock the door of the office.  He waited for him to sit in the seat in front of him before he spoke.  "I managed to convince the police that I did not want any long drawn out investigations.  I didn't want the media to get involved and start snooping around.  I pleaded my case that it would be extremely bad for the museum and it would scare away tourist.  And as far as I am concern nothing was taken so there shouldn't be an issue.  I talked to the director of security and settled things with him."


"That's good news," Anan replied.  "I'm glad we can put this behind us."


"You left the door unlocked to the basement," Pirat said with a stern voice.


"It was an accident."


"I don't care if it was an accident.  Don't do it again.  We're lucky that the story I made up about making replicates of artifacts so we can test out new solvent solutions and paints for restoration and conversation practices worked," Pirat replied.


"Are you going to tell Sergei?" Anan inquired.


"I have to...this whole situation has put a temporary halt to the operation.  We can't move product with all the museum employees up in alarm...they are going to be very sensitive and suspicious if anything strange occurs.  Not to mention security will be on an even more heightened alert then normal even if the director of security changes the timings and guarding routes...we can't afford any mistakes"


"So, nothing was taken?  Even in the office?" Anan asked with concern.


" least nothing I could see.  We should still tread very carefully because we don't know what those people who broke into the museum were after," Pirat explained.


"Sergei is not going to be too happy when he hears this.  And Mr. Belova is going to be livid...we're going to be okay, right?"


"He needs us...he won't do anything.  You should request for vacation and lay low for a few weeks.  Come back when things die down," Pirat instructed.


Anan nodded his head.  "I think I'll go to Australia."


"Sounds good."  Pirat waited for Anan to leave the office before he pulled out his cell phone and made a private call.  "Hello Sergei?  It's me...we've had a situation..."


Preet walked hand in hand with Meher as they took a gentle stroll through the park.  In the spring it was a beautiful place to be with the flowers in bloom and the trees thick with luscious green leaves.  However, there was still something to be said about the white winter blanket of snow covering the bushes and the ground around them.  It looked like a winter wonderland.  As they made their way through the park, they saw up ahead in their path way was an underpass created by a bridge.  Preet smiled and mischievously placed his arm around her shoulder and started nuzzling her ear.  Meher giggled and tried pushing him away.  "Preet, we're in public."


"I'm just trying to show some affection," he huskily whispered into her ear.  "Okay, if you aren't comfortable how about over there?"  He quickly rushed them over underneath the bridge and smirked.  "This better?"


Meher looked into his brown eyes and felt her heart beating like crazy.  Preet inched his face closer brushing his nose pass her cheek and whispered, "I love you."


"I love you too," she whispered back as she held onto his back.


"Just relax and follow my lead, okay?" Preet replied.  He gave a tender kiss on her cheek trying to sooth her anxiety away.  Meher took a deep breath and leaned her back against the brick wall of the underpass.  Preet reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a Bluetooth earbud.  He turned it on and reached back into the pocket and lifted the cell phone just a tad so he could place the call.  "Tuck your head closer into my neck," Preet said.  Meher did as he instructed and clutched onto him with her eyes closed.  "You're doing great," he encouraged.


Meanwhile, a woman and a man in black coats walking a dog on the higher level of the park were looking down underneath the underpass watching.  "Can you get a signal?" the man whispered.


'No, I can't hear a thing.  The bridge and the angle in which their standing underneath it...can't pick up anything.  They are obviously having fun down there on their date.  We should just wait until they come out from there," the woman replied.


The man sighed, "So let's just loop around then?  The other group can handle the rest."  The woman nodded and they began walking pass the bridge to the other side of the park leaving Preet and Meher alone.


Preet patiently waited for someone to pick up the phone as he listened to the ringing as the phone tried to connect to its destination.  "Come on pick up man," he begged softly.


"No one is picking up?" Meher asked her lips brushing against his neck causing Preet to giggle a little.


"No.  I'm going to try again," he said.  "Run your fingers through my hair."


Meher reached up with her left hand and started stroking his fine black hair.  "I'm getting scared Preet."


"Don't're doing great Meher.  I'm sorry for putting in this position," he replied.


"No, I mean...Prem and Heer...they haven't made contact for days and then the phone went off this morning...and we had to wait until now to call you think they are all right?" she asked with concern.


"I'm sure they are," Preet said trying to sound confident even though he wasn't quite sure.  He had been pretty worried that he had not heard from his friend for such a long period of time and when he did finally call he wasn't able to pick up the phone.  Guilt tugged at his heart as his mind wondered if there was an emergency and Prem had needed him but because he wasn't there something had befallen him.  "Hello?  Prem?" Preet greeted as he heard some rustling noises on the other end.  "Are you okay?  Where are you?  What's going on?  Hello?  Are you there?"


"I'm here Preet..."


"Why weren't you answering?  Is it not a good time right now?" Preet said continuing to question his friend.


Prem wiped the sleep from his eyes and tried focusing his sleepy mind on the conversation his friend was trying to have with him.  "I'll answer your questions.  I called to check to see what's going on at headquarters.  Are heads rolling?"


"Heh, something like that.   Rishabh and Iron Face are at each other's throats.  As far as I know they've sent out an order for all CIA agents to keep an eye on your whereabouts if they run into you.  Iron Face is trying to keep Rishabh from informing Interpol like you guys are some wanted criminals.  I don't know how much longer that may last.  Charged with espionage and being a double agent is a pretty serious thing...especially concerning national defense.  Are you all right?  What about Heer?" Preet inquired.


"Yeah, we are fine.  She's with me.  We're doing well.  We are trying to figure things out.  Look, I can't tell you where we are right now but just know we are safe," Prem replied.


"I is probably for the best," Preet acknowledged.


"I was just calling wanting to know if you heard anything else since you're on the inside.  We've got someone who's helping but she gets orders sent out like the rest of us," Prem said.


"Is she an agent?" Preet inquired noting how his friend had used the term orders.  "If I know who she is I may be able to send you guys information through that channel...encrypted of course."  He could hear the hesitation in Prem's voice before he sighed and answered, "Agent Sanjana Chopra."


"Got it.  You guys take care.  I'll be in touch," Preet replied.


"Thanks man," Prem said with great sincerity.


"Just get back in one piece and with your names cleared." Preet answered.


"We will.  Bye."


"Bye," Preet said and hung up the phone.


"Are they all right?" Meher questioned.


Preet took the earbud out of his ear and placed it back into her coat pocket.  He moved his head so he could talk to her in the other ear.  "They're fine.  They are working the case trying to solve it like Jaywant thought they would."


"That's good to hear."


"Let's go to dinner," Preet suggested.  He shifted his head and gave her a proper kiss on the lips causing her to smile.  Preet offered his hand again which she took and they walked hand in hand through the underpass to the other side of the park.


Prem sighed as he looked out the window of his room gripping the cell phone in his hands tightly.  He was thankful that his step uncle was trying his best to protect them for Rishabh but he knew that couldn't last forever.  Heer's father no doubt was put in a very difficult situation and he didn't blame him for what was happening.  They were running out of time but they had to lay low for a bit just to make sure the police weren't out there looking for them.  The first two places they had broken into went smoothly.  They covered all the necessary bases to make it look like nothing had ever happened.  It was the last place, the National Museum that caused them the biggest problems.  He, Heer, Sanjana, and Ethan had gone through the evidence they had picked up at all three places and discovered that Dimitri Belova and his gang were using all three in some form of their operations.  The antique store was keeping track of revenues and people interested in smuggling fake artifacts.  Unfortunately, the list was so long it was difficult to figure out who among them might have been interested in the computer virus that Belova was pitching to the underground smuggling community.  The art museum was supplying fake paintings while the National Museum was supplying sculptures replicas and providing the transportation to which items could be smuggled out.   Now the question was how where they going to catch Belova in action so they could catch him and clear the mission.


Prem turned his head when he heard the door open.  He gave a tiny smile as Heer came walking in.  "Bathroom's free," she simply stated.  He nodded and quickly went to freshen up.


Heer sat back down on the bed feeling tired but awake enough not to fall asleep again.  She felt bad that Ethan had been sleeping on the couch for the last couple of days.  She had contemplated on going back to the room she and Sanjana had shared the first night but a part of her was feeling rather selfish and wanted to stay with Prem.  It was only in the privacy of the bedroom did they kiss and cuddle.  She took a deep breath and mused over the conversation that had awoken her in the morning.  Preet was a true friend that Prem had and she was so glad he had him in his life.  But she was also worried for Preet's safety.  In fact she was really concern over everyone that was helping her clear her name.  They were doing it because of Prem and his reputation.  She knew they had to get to Dimitri Belova and expose him.  They had to get the computer virus disc or the list that had the potential buyers.  It was the only way they could stop him and use that as a bargaining chip to clear their names.


"Stop worrying Pumpkin," Prem said as stood beside the bed. 


Heer looked up at him surprise to see him there.  She had been so deep in thought that she hadn't heard him come back into the room.  He looked more refreshed and awake.  The front tips of his bangs and his sideburns were slightly damp from him washing his face.  Her eyes flexed at how smooth his skin was as he had shaved.  "You shaved," she replied.


Prem smiled as he rubbed his chin.  "Well, was getting a little thick...I don't have my bread trimmer with I just shaved."  He sat down on the bed allowing her to touch his face.  "Why?  Don't like it?"


"I kind of like your stubble," Heer replied as she tenderly moved her fingers around his mouth.  "Made you look sexy."


Prem's eyes perked at her remark and a naughty grin quickly formed on his face.  "Sexy, huh?"


Heer giggled and cupped his face pulling him closer to her.  Their lips gently caressed one another as they sat there on the bed.  Eventually Heer moved further back onto the bed so Prem could get even closer to her.  He held her waist as her hands moved to the nape of his neck.  "How does it feel without the stubble?" Prem inquired between kisses.


"It's nice," she replied gently nibbling on his lower lip.  "But I'm use to the facial wasn't so rough."


"Aahhhh...want me with or without?" he asked as he teasingly moved his mouth barely touching her lips in a sensual fashion.


"With," she answered and captured his lips.


Prem grinned, "So you like sexy..."


"I just like you," Heer replied with a giggle.  She frowned when she felt him pull away.


"Just like me?  But I love you," Prem said with a sad expression.


Heer suppressed her grin at the way he was acting and answered, "I love you so much..."  She then pulled him back towards her and kissed him passionately making him understand what she felt for him.  Prem's fingers gently massaged the sides of her hips as they continued to express themselves with their lips.  Eventually they slowly laid down on the bed making the necessary adjustments to get comfortable.  They took a pause from their make out session to simply gaze at each other.  Prem ran his fingers through her dark tresses completely amazed at the woman laying in front of him.  There so many emotions running through him that it was unexplainable.  The feelings they had for each other was just that; unexplainable.  But that is what made it even more special and beautiful between them.  It really didn't need to be explained because their hearts understood each other perfectly now.  Once the doubt had been cleared from their minds all they could think about was to live and breathe love for each other. 


Heer looked at the soulful brown eyes that were busily studying her.  She had long dreamed of the day when he would look at her like this.  The way his hands tenderly stroked her hair made her feel loved and cared for and she knew no matter what he would always be there.  She caressed his cheek causing him to close his eyes and mold into the palm of her hand.  He then held her wrist and kissed her hand.  Heer watched as his beautifully long eyelashes lifted up and his brown eyes appeared.  There was a sudden intensity in them that made her hold her breath.  He inched his face closer to hers tilting his head at an angle as he captured her lips again.  Heer exhaled and succumb to the feeling of being loved by him.  Their kisses started off slowly and sweetly but eventually built into a sultry pace.  Their bodies teasingly shifted against each other causing them to moan into each other's mouths.  There was a moment being created between them and neither one of them really wanted it to stop.  "Are you sure?" he whispered as he felt her leg gently bend and her body rise up to meet him in a very intimate way.


"Yes, while everyone is still asleep..." Heer replied as she gave him a very enticing kiss.


With her approval Prem hungrily kiss down her neck and then trailed his nose down the fabric of her tank top heading towards her stomach.  His hands which were gripping the sides of her body moved downward with him.  His fingers gingerly slipped underneath the cotton cloth lifting it upward exposing her skin.  Heer stroked his hair as he placed soft kisses on her stomach.  Prem was taking his time exploring the feeling of her silky skin against his hands.  He never thought he could want anything more than what was happening between them.  He wanted to show her not just the physical side of this act but what his soul was yearning for and that was to be with her.          


Unfortunately there was a knock on their door, "Hey, you guys awake in there?"  Prem groaned as he buried his head into her stomach annoyed that they had been interrupted.  Heer couldn't help but let out a disappointed chuckle knowing the moment had just passed between them.  "He just had to wake up right now," Prem huffed.


"This is what happens when we have to share a living space with people..." Heer murmured as she patted his head.  Prem just grumbled as he heard Ethan knock on their door again.  "We should go help him with breakfast," Heer replied.


Prem sat up and furrowed his eyebrows.  "Why should I help him when he interrupted something?"


Heer placed her hand on his cheek, "Later."


"You know that's not going to happen," Prem pouted.  "Not with everything we have to do."


"Maybe it's better this way.  Until everything is finished with," Heer said as she straightened her tank top.  She then gave him a quick kiss on the lips.  "It will be worth the wait for both of us.  Come on."  Prem sighed knowing she was right.  He took her hand and got off the bed.


"Hey," Ethan greeted as the door open.  "Hope I wasn't interrupting anything."  Prem glared at him while he gave a gentle smirk. 


Heer ignored the comments and the looks and simply stated, "So need help with breakfast?"


"Why yes, thank you," Ethan replied and followed her to the kitchen.


Preet pushed the door to the men's room open and walked in to see Rishabh washing his hands at the sink.  He politely nodded his head when he saw Rishabh look at his reflection in the mirror.  "Agent Rajput," Rishabh greeted as he turned around and went and grabbed a couple of napkins to dry his hands.


"Sir," Preet replied.


"How long have you been working at the agency?" he inquired.


"For three years sir."


"Three years?  I're in the technical operative department, right?"  Rishabh inquired.


"Yes sir."


Rishabh took a reflective breath pausing as he thought of what to say next.  "It's amazing what you can do today with seems to be growing leaps and bounds.  Back in my day a tape recorder was what we called technology."  He gently chuckled and then patted Preet on the shoulder, "Now, we need people of your expertise to complete missions.  You're a very important part in our country's defensive.  Loyalty, honor, duty...things we need in our line of work.  We can trust in you can't I?"


"Of course sir...that's why I decided to become a CIA agent.  My loyalty and duty is to my country."


Rishabh grinned with a dangerous glint in his eye.  "Yes of wouldn't have joined if you didn't believe in what we were doing."  Preet swallowed uncomfortably wondering where this conversation was going.  "Well, carry on," Rishabh said and turned to leave.  Just when Preet thought he could breath he heard Rishabh's footsteps pause.  "You're friends with Agent Deshmukh aren't you?"


"We've worked several mission sir," Preet answered.


"You'd report any attempts that Agent Deshmukh would make contact..."


"It would be my duty sir," Preet confidently answered.


"I certainly hope..." Rishabh said pausing dramatically, "to see you around for future years to come." He then left the restroom.


Preet exhaled feeling the tension in the air dissipate the minute Rishabh had left the room.  He knew Rishabh was testing his boundaries trying to figure out what side he was on.  Preet knew he was in a very vulnerable position.  After he had dismantled the listening devices in his apartment there had been no further attempts to enter the apartment to put new devices.  Every night he'd check his security cameras and did a thorough sweep of the apartment to find everything was as he had left them.  Preet wasn't quite sure what was going on but made sure to take every precaution when he was at home or work.  He went to use the restroom and then washed his hands.  As he was drying his hands the restroom door swing open and in walked Jaywant.  "Sir," he greeted.  Jaywant cautiously looked around him wanting to make sure they were the only two in the room.  "It's just us," Preet replied reading his mind.


The elder officer relaxed his shoulders a bit and then asked, "What did Director Rampal want?"


"Wanted to test my knowledge on CIA protocol," Preet replied.


"Heh, figures," Jaywant said making a stern face.  "You haven't heard anything have you?"  Preet was about to say something when he shook his head.  "No, it's better if you don't tell anyone...even me."


"He's fine sir," Preet simply replied.  He trusted his supervisor without question and wanted to alleviate the anxiety that was showing on his face.  Jaywant looked at him with a tiny smile appreciative of the little piece of information he choose to divulge to him.


"Let him know I'm doing all I can," Jaywant said.


"I will," Preet answered and then left the restroom.


There you go...hopefully I mixed in enough spy action and romance for you guys.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Heer sent off an encrypted e-mail message to Rishabh about a double agent in the agency...then why is he so interested in catching Prem and Heer?  What is his real motive?

2. Someone is keeping an eye on Preet and Meher but who is it?

3. The Direct of the National Museum Pirat Jitnukul and Conservator Anan Ngamsan are working with  Dimitri Belova.  Now that Pirat has called to talked to Dimitri Belova's right hand man, Sergei Nemov will that mean Belova will come to Thailand? 

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
awesomeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.

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Daffodilee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
awesome update grace
loved it .
quite interesting
thanks for pm
continue soon
waiting for next part

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged
I totally loved Prems reaction when Ethan disturbed their moment ...LOL
But I even more loved Premeers romance ..Tongue
Great update ..
At one point I really thought that they are really gonna do that but .....Wink
Waiting for next ..Smile
Update soon ..Star
Thnx for pm ..Tongue

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 2:01am | IP Logged
u made my day grace!
awsum update! luved prem n heer romance..!!!
aaww ethan interrupted dem! :-((((
preet n meher being followed? hope evrythin gets fine soon...!!!!
lukin forward wht happens? in d lyf of preet n meher and prem n heer!!!!
thx for d pm!!! :-)))
update soon! cnt wa8 nymore! :)))))

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Aymee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged
Great update Grace.
Though it wasn't much, Preet and Meher's romantic moment was very sweet.  I am glad Meher is ready to help Prem, Heer and Preet.  She is a wonderful girlfriend and Preet is very lucky to have her. 
I happy Preet and Prem finally got in touch with each other.  It gave some sign of relief for Preet that they were ok.  I didn't like how Rishab was questioning Preet and his duty for his country.  I felt like that question should have been asked to Rishab instead of Preet.
Prem tickling Heer was funny.  I was really surprised Sanjana and Ethan didn't hear that. LOL Prem and Heer's romantic kisses and ready to take to the next level was great.  While I was reading the part that Heer said she was ready to take their relationship to the next level.  I was surprised Shocked and thought, "is this true, is our author going to give us Premeer's first time scene just like that?"  LOL  You know I love you Grace.  Hug I did laugh when Ethan knocked on their door and asked if was interrupting anything LOL.  It wouldn't be like Ethan not to ask that question.  I amazed Prem didn't slug him at that moment.  LOL
Thank you for the PM.  I can't wait to read your next update.

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