Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai's Teahouse (Creative Writings House) (Page 110)

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wa8in GRACE!!!! plz update yar!

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Originally posted by snehasharma

awesum thanx grace dii , i hate dis gal :-/ sanjana

Everyone seems to hate Sanjana LOL she's always used as the evil character separate Prem and Heer LOL  We will see how this Sanjana is Ermm  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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awesmeee....aww my premeer...they havent cleared their misunderstanding yet,....uurrgghh...i hate this prem is jealous abt heer and ethan being together....great....poor prem one side he was worried for heer and then heer a nd ethan bth cming laughing.....prem getting hyper was right....i just hope heer goes and talks to him ....without any interreptions....thanks for pm.....plzzzz update sooon....cant wait

Lots of talking will be going on that's for sure in the next chapter Smile Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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grace sorry for not commenting preoperly
awesome update
loved it .s
thanks for pm
update soon

No worries I understand we are all busy.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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I didn't commented on last 4-5 parts but they all were fab!!!!!!!!!
seriously I am just glued to this ff badly!
every part was beautifully written!Clap
All the parts were awesome!
loved every bit of that!
thanx for the pm!
update soon!

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Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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aaaahhhh!!! wa8i!!! me!! awsum update!
luved itEmbarrassed 
prem jealous ethan n heer bein together!
sanjana makin things worse for heer n prem..!!!
jst cnt hold nw!!! plz GRACE update soon the nxt part!  jst cnt wa8!
i thought dis update wud hv been bout prem makin things clear n ther relation wud hv been together!Embarrassed but i hope it wil b in nxt part!!! so plz GRACE update soon!!!
jst cnt hold nw!EmbarrassedSmileWink
thx for da pm! :)))))))

The long awaited update is up next Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile
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Originally posted by Aymee

Hey Grace.  Great chapter.
I have to admit this was a very intense chapter.  Though it was long, for me, it went by pretty quick.  I really enjoyed this chapter.
Prem, Heer, Ethan and Sanjana's assignments was really amazing.  I was afraid they would be caught but I am glad they fought back against the guards.  I really didn't think Heer and Ethan would make it back to the safehouse but I am glad they were able to escape without any further problem.
Now, that Meher is involved with Prem and Heer's situation, I hope nothing happens to her.  I am glad she is very supportive to both Preet and Prem.
I really feel bad for Prem right now.  Not only was he worried and upset about leaving Heer behind but he is also going crazy for not talking to her and sorting the matter with her about Sanjana.  Prem needs to explain to Sanjana what is really going on between him and Heer and then have a long and heart to heart talk with Heer.  They both really need to sort out their feelings, not only about each other but has been happening and the misunderstanding that took place those past few days. 
Thank you for the PM Grace.  Happy Holi to you my dear.  I am really looking forward to reading your next chapter.

Things are definitely getting tricky back home for Preet and now that Meher is getting involved it is getting even worse.  But we will see what happens...heheh can't give out too many details as it would spoil the plot of the story Geek

As for Prem and Heer...the next chapter will be an emotional one...what's going to happen? Stern Smile Gotta read to find out Tongue

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile
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ur updating now??
please say yes
i just read the other chapter now
i went on a 2 day expedition and was so tired.
i really wanna premeer confrontation now
i cant bear them away from each other.

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Originally posted by Waqas...

Hii GraceeeBig smile !!!!
i was soo much busy with assignments, HWs and CWs, didnt got time to read 5 chapters...
But today i read all of themBig smile, wooooh lenghty updatesLOL...
Mission 13: Bittersweet Realities (page 105)
Mission 14: Traveling (page 108)
Mission 15: Meeting New Acquaintances (page 110)
Mission 16: Fade Away (page 113)
Mission 17: Shattered (page 116)
Oh i am loving all this spy stuff... very well written !!!Clap
Ethan helped them, but i feel something is fishy with him also, oh all spy stuff running in my mind now...
and all the romantic moments of premeer in Mission 13, 14 and 15, i can imagine now where all this is goingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL... hope they clear their misunderstanding.... want premeer together, but sanjanaAngry...
only 9 chapters left now...
any plans for new SS???Embarrassed
and Thanks for all the PMs, Liked them all... your trps increased by 1, hehe !!!
Awesome Updates...
Waiting for Next !!!!

Waqas you're so TRPs increased by 1 LOL
And wow you really had a long update to read...all those chapters! Stern Smile
Hope everything is going well for you in school Smile
As for a new SS...I always have something in the works still deciding if I want to go with that storyline or not Pinch D'ohLOL

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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I'm back!  Sorry for leaving you guys at an emotional cliffhanger Embarrassed  okay maybe I did that on purpose LOL (dodging all the tomatoes)  But this time I promise some things will get resolved.  Still some twists and turns left so enjoy the ride...hopefully it makes sense Ouch if not just go with the flow...I'm new to this whole spy stuff Stern Smile

Warning...this is another very long chapter

Thanks for all those that Commented and/or Hit Like the Button! Big smile

Chapter 18: The Melody of the Heart


Prem sat at the breakfast counter starring at the empty glass of juice he had just drunk.  His mind was whirling from his explosive outburst last night.  He knew he had sounded completely irrational and was yelling at Heer and Ethan for no good reason.  Masking his insecurities about his relationship with Heer by being outwardly upset for the security slip up that Ethan's contact hadn't foreseen.  It was something to be legitimately upset over but the magnitude in which he displayed his displeasure was unbalanced.  He sighed and ran his hand through his thick black hair trying to hold himself together.  He was on the brick of collapsing in on himself over the sheer thought of nearly losing everything he almost thought he got; Heer.  He couldn't deny it any longer and he knew he had to make amends.  Prem looked about him noting the stillness of the warehouse they were in.  Everyone was still asleep after the grueling night they had and he was the only one who had managed to awaken in the morning.  Prem went back to his room to grab a change of clothes before he jumped into the shower. 


As he opened the door he saw that Ethan had just woken up and was sitting in bed rubbing the back of his head and yawning.  "Morning," Prem greeted.


"Sleep all right Old Chap?" Ethan replied.  There wasn't a hint of anger or stiffness in his voice making Prem feel worse for his behavior.


"Look man, I'm sorry about last night," Prem said.  "I shouldn't have gone off like that..."


"Forget was quite major what happened.  Who knew they would have it up and running so fast?  It was my fault.  We should have been sure," Ethan said.  "I deserved it."


"No, you didn't deserve all of it," Prem sighed and looked away.


"I'm not a psychologist but you seem to be preoccupied by something," Ethan probed.  "Lady troubles?"


Prem raised his eyes and met his friend's gaze.  "I guess something like's like you thought you were doing something right but then deep down inside you know you were doing it  wrong."


"Ah...Love or Princess?" Ethan inquired.  "Probably isn't easy when you have two beautiful girls after lucky dog."


Prem let out a soft chuckle at his remark.  His typical roguish humor peaking in to lessen the seriousness of a conversation which, at times could be irritating but today it was much needed.   "Love or Princess...girls make everything so complicated."


"I think it's in their DNA...they were made to drive us crazy...physically we don't mind but mentality we have issues with it.  Love or hate it we can't deny we can't live without them," Ethan replied.  "They think we are the insensitive ones but truth be told we are more sensitive than they think.  It hurts us just as much if not more to see someone we invested our time with...given our heart to...tell us flat out that they don't love us anymore or worse tells us they've fallen for a friend...Bloody bas***d...what kind of friend decides it's okay to chase after his friend's girl?"


"Bloody bas***d indeed," Prem agreed.


"What exactly is your story with Sanjana?" Ethan asked.


"Sanju?"  Ethan arched his eyebrows at hearing the affectionate nickname coming out of his friend's mouth.  Prem realized it was a slip of his tongue.  He had been using that nickname on and off lately that it just naturally came out.  "Um, it's just like calling Tom...Tommy..." Prem explained trying to down play any significance attached to the name.  Ethan decided to keep his mouth shut and let it pass.  "We're close...we've gotten really close few times..."


"I see mixing business with pleasure?  Or should we call it friends with benefits?"


"Hey, it wasn't really like that," Prem defended.  Even though it was something of that nature but the use of that label made it sound like he had a cheap affair with a cheap woman which Sanjana was not.


"As you say carry on..." Ethan pushed.


"She's a great know smart, funny, beautiful...quick thinking in any tough situation...can take down a guy three times her size like nothing...quite amazing to see if you ever get a chance to..." Ethan smirked at his friend geeking out over her agent abilities.  "...any guy would probably be falling all over himself to get with her," Prem continued.  "She's quite a girl."


"And Heer?"


Prem paused for a few seconds before speaking, "She's my best friend...she's always there for me...I can always count on her no matter what even if she disagrees with what I may be doing..."


Ethan noted the change on Prem's face and the way his eyes seemed to spark when he talked about Heer.  He inwardly smiled knowing his previous assumption about their relationship had been correct.  The outburst last night was a culmination of some pent up emotions his friend was refusing to address.  Ethan smiled and put his hand on his shoulder in a comforting gesture.  "I think we know where this is all going..."


Little did either of them know someone had been listening by their doorway.  Heer had woken up and had gone towards the boy's room curious to see if Prem was awake.  She knew after last night they really needed to talk.  It seemed as if things were crumbling around them and she hated it.  She had deliberately pulled away for several reasons.  She was upset over what Prem seemed to be incapable of doing which was to talk to Sanjana and straighten things out with her.  She wanted to cool things down because of all the mix signals he was giving.  He seemed more interested in their physical contact than building a relationship together.  She hoped by doing this it would give him some time to sort out what he really wanted. 


Heer had heard only a part of the conversation Prem and Ethan were having as her mind immediately blocked everything out after Prem had said the words "best friend".  Those dreaded words had haunted her during middle school when she realized she was starting to like him a lot.  When he refused to leave her thoughts even when he was physically in front of her she knew that her like had turned into love and when that love continued to grow with her after they had parted she knew she would always love him.  The fear of him realizing she could only remain as his best friend was now coming true and it paralyzed her mind completely.  She turned around and walked back into her room leaving the two men to continue their conversation.  


"I could and would do anything for her.  I've had a tough time with relationships...people I care for always seem to leave me...and I guess I have my own self to blame...these insecurities I have prevent me to do the right thing sometimes.  But I can't live without her...she's always been the one that I was looking for even before I knew I was even looking," Prem said.


"Well, Old Chap I think you know what you have to do," Ethan replied.


"Yeah, I do," Prem said with a tiny grin. 


"Well, the room is all yours...hope Princess doesn't mind her new bedmate or floormate depending on her temperament," Ethan joked.


Prem chuckled, "You know I'm going to take you up on that offer."


"You'd be crazy not to.  Should I stuff my ears with cotton tonight?" Ethan asked with a naughty grin.


"Hey!" Prem snapped.


"Sorry, guys go at your own pace," Ethan smirked.


Heer sat on her bed trying to compose herself as she wiped away the tears that had escaped her eyes.  Sanjana had left the room to do a light security check around the property.  She had no clue that anything was wrong as Heer had simply greeted her with a smile as she walked out of their room.  Heer breathed deeply and decided she needed to get some fresh air.  It was probably a good idea to go to the market and buy some fresh groceries for lunch.  Although the house was stocked with goods, they were all the canned and packaged variety.  Heer sniffled and wiped her eyes with a tissue before heading out of the room.


"Going somewhere Love?" Ethan greeted as he sat at the kitchen counter eating a bowl of dry cereal. 


"I thought I go to the market and get some fresh vegetables," Heer replied. 


"A great idea...I forgot to get milk for us when I was stocking things up.  But considering we didn't know when we were was a good thing.  The milk probably would have gone bad," Ethan said.  "Let me go with you.  It's probably not a good idea to go into town alone considering everything that happened...we need to be a little careful...lay low for awhile until things clear up.  We should always go with someone.  I'll write them a note so they know."


"Them?" Heer inquired.


"Sanjana and Sanjana still sleeping?" Ethan asked.  "Prem's awake and taking a shower."


"No, Sanjana decided to do a parameter check."


"Ah, okay we'll tell her when we go outside.  I'll leave the note for Prem so he doesn't freak out.  He's been edgy lately," Ethan smoothly said.  He glanced up to see how Heer had responded to what he had said about him.  He detected a slight flinch in her body but over all a composed face.  He sighed to himself as he jotted down his note on the writing pad and then placed it on the fridge with a magnet.  "Shall we go?"  Heer nodded and left with him.


It wasn't long before Prem emerged from the bathroom in a fresh pair of clothes and a towel hanging around his neck.  He spotted the yellow note on the fridge and immediately walked over to it to read it.  The door opened as he stood there in the kitchen reading what Ethan had wrote.  "Ethan and Heer went to the market to get some groceries," Sanjana reported.


"Yeah, I know I read the note," Prem said showing her the yellow piece of paper.


"It will probably take them awhile to get back.  What is there to snack on in the meantime?" Sanjana asked as she started opening cupboards in the kitchen.  She frowned as she saw a cabinet filled with roasted nuts, peanut brittle, rice crackers, shrimp crackers, potato chips, squid jerky, and other junk food related items.  "Looks like Ethan stocked up on every junk food imaginable."


"And a lot of canned tuna and pickled vegetables," Prem added as he searched through another cabinet.


"So dry cereal?" Sanjana suggested.


"I'll have some of that and the rice crackers," Prem replied.


Sanjana took out a bag of rice crackers and a can of roasted peanuts while Prem got them their plates and two glasses of water.  They sat at the breakfast bar and moved Ethan's half eaten bowl of dry cereal to the side but kept the cereal box between them.  They then served themselves the assortment of snack items and quietly ate.


After a few minutes, Prem began picking at his food.  "Sanju, sorry about last night."


"It's okay...I think with everything that happened and the way it went down...anyone would have blown their top," she replied and gave his hand an affectionate squeeze.  She looked up with concern eyes as she saw him quickly move his hand away.


"I...I think there are some things we need to talk know this thing that always happens to us when we met like this on missions..." Prem cautiously started.


"You're getting really tense," Sanjana replied. "I think we both knew that one day it was going to be one way or another.  Are you not ready to settle down?"  Prem shifted his eyes surprised by what she had asked.  Sanjana gave a small chuckle, "Don't act so surprise.  I mean with the lifestyle that we have...the very nature of our work...we are all thrill seekers in some form otherwise why would we continue to do what we do...well, of course to protect our country and all that stuff.  It's okay."


Prem shook his head, "No, I am ready to settle down."


"Oh?" Now it was Sanjana's turn to be stunned.  Her eyes searched his trying to understand where this conversation was leading towards.


"Sanjana you're a great girl...any guy would be lucky to have you in his life..."


"There's a 'but' coming isn't there?" Sanjana filled in.


"I'm sorry," Prem said looking her straight in the eyes.  He knew he had to be firm and make her understand his decision.


"Heh, I had a feeling.  The minute you said Sanjana...well, I guess it was fun while it lasted," she replied.  Prem could hear the tender remorse in her voice and it made him feel apologetic.  "Please don't apologize again."  Prem stiffened at the touch of Sanjana placing her hand on his arm.  "Sorry," she quickly apologized.  "Habit...I'll need to fix it."


"I hope we can still remain friends...hate to have you as an enemy," Prem joked trying to lighten the mood.


Sanjana gave a weary smile, "I would like that but give me some time."


Prem nodded his head, "Thanks."


"What for?"


"For making this not so bad," Prem replied.


"You thought I would start crying and screaming at you?"


"Well, more like take your gun and shoot me in the leg," Prem meekly answered


"Ahhh, there is still time for that," Sanjana joked.


"Hey, um listen...about the settling down...I kind have someone in mind already," Prem fumbled.  He had done the hard part of letting Sanjana know that he was no longer available but he knew he had to tell her about Heer.  It would be pretty awkward if she walked in on them holding hands, cuddling, or hugging one another.


Sanjana sat there in slight disbelief that he was really going to tell her about this girl he had chosen.  Despite the nature of their on and off type of relationship there was still a general fondness and care that she had for him.  Did she love him?  There were times in which she did otherwise she never would have continued doing what she did.  ", um, who's the lucky girl?"  Those words had slowly fallen out of her mouth in a strange attempt to keep the conversation from turning awkward but to also mask the hurt she was feeling inside.


"Heer," Prem simply stated.  "We've known each other for a very long time...since we were kids.  She's the one."


"Well, I'm glad you found someone," Sanjana replied trying to smile.


"Thanks," Prem said giving a reserved grin.


"I think I'm going to go take a shower," Sanjana announced trying not to let her voice tremor and went back to her room to get a change of clothes.


Prem gave a pleased grin to himself glad he had taken care of one thing he should have taken care of a long time ago.  He gently stared at the door wondering when Ethan and Heer would come home so he could do what he should have done the moment he had felt it.  He had to face his fears and open himself up to the fact that the journey of their relationship was well worth any risk.  To have her love even if he were to lose her in the end was worth everything.  He just hoped it wasn't too late and she'd be able to accept him again.


Ethan struggled to open the front door with all the groceries in his hands.  He gently banged his foot against the door hoping someone would answer it.  "It's me Ethan," he called.  A few seconds later the door swung open and Prem was there to help him with the bags he was carrying.


"Were you guys trying to buy the entire market?"


"Well, considering how we are suppose to be laying low...we got the week's worth of food," Ethan replied.


"In this metal can for one week?" Prem inquired.

"Be thankful that it has running water, air conditioning, and electricity," Ethan replied.  "And a TV."


"That is like the size of a laptop...and we only have cold water," Prem countered.


"This isn't some luxury hotel okay...this is a house to lay low in...what do you expect?  At least we have shelter from the weather outside.  Speaking of which it looks like it's going to rain...I saw some dark clouds hovering around when I was walking home," Ethan said.


"Where's Heer?" Prem asked suddenly noticing she hadn't come into the house yet.


"Oh, she forgot something so she went back to go pick it up," Ethan nonchalantly replied.


"You let her go back alone?" Prem exclaimed.


"She's a big girl...I think she can handle it.  Besides it would have been a chore to go back with her with all these bags...we were already half way home.  It made more sense for me to come back so you guys didn't starve to death."


"Have you lost your mind?  The rule was not to go out by ourselves," Prem berated. 


"Where are you going?"


"To go find her of course," Prem huffed.


"Where's Sanjana?"


"In her room.  Stop asking me stupid questions," Prem barked and slammed the door shut as he rushed off to the market.


Ethan just grinned at his friend's response.  He hoped Prem was going to make good use of the opportunity he had just given him.  Ethan returned to his groceries and started to unpack them.  He then paused and decided to get Sanjana to help him but before he even walked towards her door it opened. 


"Oh, you guys are back?" she greeted.


"Yes.  You think you could help, Princess?" Ethan asked.


"Sure, no problem," Sanjana answered with a smile.


Prem was going frantic as he wandered through the market looking for Heer.  He felt stupid that he had forgotten to ask what exactly she had forgotten to buy and where in the market she was going.  Prem ran his hand through his hair trying to calm himself and think what he should do.  If he continued to run around like he was he was going to miss her completely.  The best thing for him to do was to head back to the roadway that led to the safe house.  Prem jogged out of the market and decided to stop at the halfway point between the market and home and wait.  He just hoped he hadn't missed her.


A few minutes later much to his pounding heart's relief he saw her carrying two plastic bags in her hands.  A gentle smile was spread across her face as she took in the scenery around her.  She was definitely enjoying herself.  Prem quickly ran up to her and said, "Where were you?"  The question came off in an angry panic driven tone instead of a thoughtfully worried one.  Heer blinked back and stared at him wondering when did he have the right to suddenly shout at her like that.  "You just ran off into the market by yourself like that?  You know we aren't supposed to do that."


"I'm not some little kid.  I know and I wasn't long so you can stop yelling at me," Heer snapped and started walking away from him.  Prem grabbed her arm to pull her back but she just flung her arm in way to make him release her.  "Don't touch me!"


"Heer, please...we need to talk," Prem pleaded.


The words "we need to talk" froze her to her spot allowing Prem to walk in front of her.  Heer could only hear the words "best friend" from the conversation she had eavesdropped on circling through her ears.  "There's nothing to talk about," she suddenly said.  There was a roar of thunder in the distance indicating that rain was coming.  "You don't have to say anything.  It's fine."


"Don't have to say anything?  It's fine?  It's obviously not're angry and you have every right to be angry at me."


"I please just spare me the details.  It's going to rain soon so let's just go home," Heer replied.


"No, we are not going home.  You're not making any sense," Prem said.  "Tell me what is going on."


"There is nothing to tell," Heer said her voice suddenly quivering.


Prem furrowed his eyebrows, "I'm tired of playing games...out with it...why won't you talk to me?  Didn't we say we would talk to each other no matter what?  That we wouldn't let our friendship break?  I know I did some stupid things but I'm trying to fix it and you're not allowing me to do it.  That's not fair."


Hearing the word "friend" again had finally broken her and she lashed out.  "Friendship...friend...that's all I've been to know I was stupid and I think I deserve what I got.  It was my mistake for thinking something that obviously wasn't there.  It was all one sided on my part.  But still I held onto that tiny hope...that same thing I felt when I was 12 years old...when I was 14 and you ran off with Abby...and even now with Sanjana...that one day it would be would be my turn.  But it's what if I love you...and I'll always love you?  But you consider me just as a friend so it's fine...I'll love you like a don't have to worry about me---"  Heer was caught off guard as Prem cupped her face and crushed his lips down on her in a brutal fashion.  She quickly pushed him away causing her bags to go flying out of her hands.  The contents spewed onto the ground as the slow pitter-patter of rain began to fall from above.  "Don't do that," she yelled.


Prem stood still staring at her seeing the pain he had caused in her eyes.  Those red eyes tearing uncontrollably because of his own stupidity and fear and he knew he deserved her anger.  He thought even though he hadn't said it all those times she would have understood him.  She could see by his actions that he needed her but he was wrong in his calculation.  His choice of being only physical with her was wrong because words were just as important.  He took too much time to sort out the Sanjana situation that she misunderstood his intentions.  He was losing her because of his inability to act accordingly and knowing he was the cause of her pulling away from him was killing him inside. 


Heer wanted to leave but her feet refused to obey her command as Prem's intense gaze seem to lock her to her spot.  The rain was slowly drenching them.  Prem's bangs had separated into several thick threads as the rain water dropped off its tips onto his face.  Her eyes flexed as Prem's voice rumbled slowly, "I don't want to just be your friend."  He then hugged her afraid she was going to mistakes his words to mean something else.  "Don't you understand?  I need you just as much as you need me," he continued in her ear.  "I love you."  His cheek brushed pass her cheek as he pulled back to look her in the eyes and make her understand him.  "I'm in love with you.  I love you more than a friend," he said as he gripped her shoulders firmly.  "I'm sorry it's taken me this long to say this.  I'm sorry for the way things have been going.  I should have fixed the situation with Sanjana sooner...and I know this is going to sound crazy...but I was afraid of losing you.  I was afraid if I said it out loud than the world would know and if the world knew then it would take you from me like everyone else...I can't lose you like that...I can''re the only life line I have in this world and if you left...I-I wouldn't know what to do with myself...I'd crumble..."  The last few words had come out in a desperate ramble as his eyes filled with such sorrow at the thought of spending his life without her. 


Heer just stared at him in mild shock processing all the things he had just told her.  He was in love with her.  He was actually confessing and admitting it out loud.  She didn't know if she could really believe what she was hearing.  Was this all some crazy dream?  Would she awake in the next few minutes only to hear that he had chosen someone else?  "Will you please say something?" Prem asked in a concern voice.  The way she was just staring at him and not saying a thing was scaring him.  Had he lost her already?  Was the pain he had put her through too much that she was afraid to continue with him?  "Pumpkin, I love you.  This isn't a dream.  I swear."


Heer blinked and slowly awoke from her trance.  She cautiously cupped his face testing to see if he was going to pull away.  Prem softly nodded his head that he wasn't going anywhere.  Then with the pads of his thumbs he gently brushed the mixture of tears and rainwater from underneath her eyes away.  "I only want to be with you."  Heer closed her eyes as he kissed her again but this time tenderly and sweetly.  "You're the only one for me," he exhaled against her lips.


"I love you," Heer finally said when the kiss had naturally ended.  She then buried her head into his chest hugging him tightly.  Prem had a thankful smile etched across his face as his hand rested on her head in a loving manner.  The rain continued to drizzle down on them making their clothes stick to their forms accentuating the natural curves and outlines of their bodies.  "I'm sorry..."


"What for?" Prem asked.


"For not talking to you...for not telling you how I felt.  I was afraid that you didn't feel the same way.  I've been holding onto this feeling for so long that I didn't know what to do...I was afraid of losing you scared me how physical we were getting...I didn't want it to be a one night stand," Heer answered.


Prem's eyes widen at her statement and he cupped her check trying to sooth her, "A one night stand?  Never...this is more than that."  He cradled her hand and placed it against the left side of his chest.  "This belongs to you.  You have every little part of me."  He could see her bright hazel eyes gently tearing again.  "Must you cry like that when I'm telling you I love you?  It makes me kind of nervous...can you at least smile for me?"


Heer let out a gentle laugh her eyes sparkling a watery mirth at his joke.  "They are called tears of joy."


"I don't care what you call them you're still crying.  And after everything we've been through the last several weeks...I don't like seeing them," Prem replied.


"Then just don't let me cry again," Heer instructed.


Prem grinned at her remark.  "I'll slow down...let things happen naturally.  I didn't mean to scare you like that.  I thought I was showing you what you meant to me...I mean I thought you would understand...but I over did it on the physical and didn't give you enough emotional support.  I'm sorry." 


"Don't say sorry again.  You've said enough sorries," Heer replied.  She then tenderly kissed him letting him know how she felt.  Prem molded himself to her as his hands clung onto her t-shirt that had been saturated by the rain.  It felt as if he was almost touching her skin and it ignited a flame within him.  He knew he had to slow down and pulled away putting an abrupt end to the kiss.


Heer lifted her eyelids and looked at him wondering what was wrong.  A few rain droplets fell from her forehead and landed on her eyelashes making them glisten even underneath the darken sky.  Prem's eyes softened as his breath caught in his chest completely taken by her beauty.  "Something wrong?" 


He shook his head.  "Beautiful..."  Heer blushed at the way he was gazing at her and shyly lowered her head.  Prem placed his finger underneath her chin and lifted her head up so he could continue to gaze at her.  "I didn't want to go too fast."


"You're not.  I'll let you know if you are," Heer replied.  She was curious at the tiny beads that clung delicately around his face.  A small facial movement or stream of rain would cause it to streak slowly down his smooth skin rippling over the soft patch of stubble around his mouth and then falling effortless down the slope of his chin.  Heer impulsively placed an open mouth kiss against one of those beads hanging on his cheek, gently sucking up the water.


Prem's lips curved into a surprise grin and he slowly closed his eyes letting her do as she pleased.  He could feel her move to his other cheek, the tip of his nose, and then his chin.  "You missed a spot," he playfully reported.


"How do you know?  You can't even see?"


The giggle in her voice made Prem grin even more.  "I can feel," he replied and protruded his lips outward.  He felt the lightest touch of a finger rolling down his lips making him whine in protest.


"Sshhh," Heer hushed.  The command made him relax his lips and he felt to his delight her soft lips upon his.  They stood there for some time letting the magic of the moment take them away.  All their worries and anxieties melted and the only feeling they could experience was love.  It was amazing the emotional connection they felt after finally confessing their feelings for one another.  Their relationship was moving forward again.  The path they were following would ultimately lead them to a lifetime of supporting, caring, and building something together. 


As the kissing naturally ended Prem leaned his forehead against her forehead and simply said, "I love you."


"I love you too," Heer replied feeling a giddy excitement streaming through her body.


"We should probably get going before the rain gets any heavier," Prem suggested.


Heer nodded and then looked around the road searching for the bags that had flown out of her hands.  Prem bent down on the ground and started picking up the few oranges and limes she had bought.  He carefully inspected the fruit and frowned.  "Are they that badly bruised? Heer asked.


"Um, it's hard to tell since they've gotten a little muddy from the rain and dirt," Prem replied as he placed them back into her bags.


"Don't put them back," Heer said.


"What do you mean don't put them back'we'll have to wash them and see if they are okay as long they haven't split open like this one we can probably still eat them," Prem said as he threw a busted lime into the bushes.


After gather the good ones they could find Prem carried the plastic bags in his hand and they continued walking.  Heer linked her arm around his and leaned into him while she held his hand.  Prem gently smiled at the affection she was giving him.  "Did you talk to Sanjana?" Heer suddenly asked.


"Yes, I did."


"About us?" she probed.


"She knows about us," Prem replied and then suddenly sneezed.


"We should take a shower when we get home," Heer said.


"A shower with cold water?  I think it's warmer out here than in there," Prem said.


"We can heat up some water on the stove and bring it into the bathroom.  I saw some huge buckets underneath the sink we can use," Heer replied.


Prem suddenly stopped walking causing her to look at him wondering what was wrong.  He smiled brightly as he saw a big puddle on the road and immediately ran over and jumped into the middle of it.  Dirt filled water splashed upwards covering half of him.  Heer yelped at his actions as she turned her head away trying to take cover from the muddy water.  "Prem!"


"What?" he grinned.  "We are already wet'what harm is this going to do?"  He sloshed around in the puddle with his feet soaking his sandals.  "Come here," he ordered and reached out trying to catch her arm. 


"No way," Heer yelled as she dodged his hand and started running. 


Prem chased after her and caught a hold of her and swiftly picked her up in his arms.  "Gotcha...ehhehe..." he mischievously laughed.


"Prem, don't drop me," she pleaded.


"Drop you?  The puddle is not big enough for me to do's not like a swimming pool," he replied.  "But I'm going to do this!"  Heer screamed as he jumped back into the middle of the puddle soaking both of them in the dusty water.  "It's just water Pumpkin...nothing to be afraid of."


"But it's so dirty!  Not only am I soaking wet but I'm covered in dirty water...this is disgusting!"


"I'll make it a little less disgusting for you," Prem grinned as he placed a kiss on her forehead.  "Mmmuuaaah!  How's that?" 


Heer gently slapped his shoulder and pouted with a frown, "That was a little better."


"You sound so pleased..." he chuckled.  He adjusted his arms so he could properly even out the weight of her legs on his arms.


"If I'm too heavy you can put me down."


"No, no, no...light as a feather," Prem replied.  He then kissed her forehead again.  "That's two...feeling better?"  Heer titled her head to the side in a reflective thought causing him to kiss her on the nose.  "Three..."  Her eyes shifted downward catching his mirthful gaze and in an instant she saw his brown eyes sudden sparked into a fiery desire.  Heer slowly closed her eyes and felt him kiss her left eyelid, "Four..." her right eyelid, "Five..." her right cheek, "Six..." her left cheek, "Seven..." her upper lip, "Eight..." her chin, "Nine..." and then finally her lips.  Heer gripped the nape of his neck letting the wet strands of hair flow through her fingers as they sensual kissed one another. 


Eventually Heer pulled away and whispered against his lips, "Ten..."


"Need more?" Prem asked as he titled his head and breathed against her skin wanting nothing more than to return to what they were doing a few minutes ago.


 Heer teasingly moved her mouth towards him and then back away with a giggle.  He grunted impatient at her game.  As she came closer again this time to seal her lips with his she answered, "Yesssz..." and the suddenly shifted her head to the side, "aaaachooo..." sneezing into his shoulder.  Prem's eyes popped open surprised by the intrusion of her sneeze in their make out session.  "Sorry..."


He placed her down on the ground and frowned.  "Enough playing in the rain...I don't want you to catch a cold.  Let's go home."


"I'm okay Prem..." she replied.  "Aaaachooo!"


"Oh, you sound great," he sarcastically answered and then sneezed.


"Looks like I passed them on to you...ha-ha...ahhaa-achoo!"


"Going home right!" he ordered.  They both started laughing at their sneezing fits.  Heer took Prem's hand into hers and starting walking their way home again.  "Oh before I're sleeping in my room tonight."


"Huh?  What do you mean I'm sleeping in your room tonight?" Heer replied.


"You really want to sleep in the same room with Sanjana?  I mean it could kind of get awkward," Prem answered.


"Oh...I guess it could...but still...sleeping in the same room together...wouldn't she feel weird seeing that?  It's kind of mean in a way...and what about Ethan?" Heer asked.


"He'll sleep on the couch or something," Prem answered.  "I think it's still better for you to be with me.  Anyways...just cuddling...I promise."


"I'll stick a pillow in between us," Heer replied.


"You don't have to do that," Prem protested.


"We'll see about that," Heer simply replied as they rounded the corner towards the safe house.


The rest of the day seemed to pass by quickly as the group lazed around the house.  Everyone just wanted to take a break and ease their minds after all the days of preparation they had spent on the heist and everything they had gone through the night before.  They played cards, watched TV, and joked around together, thankful for a relaxed atmosphere for once. 


Prem and Heer subconsciously maintained a friendly boundary between each other.  They both felt rather guilty in front of Sanjana.  Logically, it didn't seem to make much sense because she knew they were seeing each other and as a couple they had ever right to be affectionate towards each other.  However, there was still an underlying respectful acknowledgment of Sanjana's feelings.  They didn't know how she was really taking all of this and knowing how breakups went and the emotions of relationships in general they thought they were doing the right thing by being as discreet as possible. 


The gang had just finished dinner and was sitting in the living room enjoying a movie together.  A couple hours later as the movie ended Sanjana yawned sleepily and announced, "Oh boy am I tired...even though we hardly did a thing today.  I'm going to bed guys.  Goodnight."


"Princess, will you be making breakfast for us in the morning?" Ethan jokingly asked.


"Since when did I get put on breakfast duty?" she replied.


"Early to bed early to rise," Ethan explained.


"Ha-ha...sorry but I don't think so.  I have no plans on waking up early if I don't have to," Sanjana said.  "I think you should cook us breakfast as you did a fabulous job during dinner.  Who here seconds this idea?"  She lifted her right hand and looked around the room to see who else agreed.  Prem and Heer immediately raised their hands causing Ethan to furrow his eyebrows.  "I think it's unanimous...Sir Ethan you have been chosen for this honorable duty."


"Sir Ethan?" he repeated with a chuckle.  "A designation without having to go to the Queen of England and kneel before her as she taps me with the royal sword?  I guess I have no choice now do I?"  Sanjana smiled and then went to her room.  Ethan glanced over to Prem and Heer and secretly smirked.  He stretched himself out and placed his feet on the table.  "I think I'm going to be watching TV for awhile and de-stress...the room is all yours Old Chap."


Prem and Heer both looked at each other and shyly smiled.  "Thanks Ethan," Heer said.  "Are you going to be all right on the couch?"


"It's nice and comfortable," he replied as he pushed down on the cushions.  "I'll be fine...unless Old Chap here wants to switch."  His eyes twinkled with mischief when he saw how his friend glared at him.  "But somehow I really don't think he'd want that.  Goodnight."


"Goodnight," Prem replied and held onto Heer's hand as they walked into the second bedroom.  The minute the door closed he pulled her into a hug, the cotton white t-shirt stretching tightly as his strong arms engulfed.  "Alone at last..."  Heer giggled into his shoulder and then sighed as she rested her head there enjoying the feeling of being held by him.  "Pumpkin?"


"Hmmm?" she replied.


"I want to explain a few things about what you saw that day in the bedroom and in the car..."


"Prem you don't have to explain anything," Heer said as she shifted slightly.  She heard the gently rustle of his track pants swooshing next to her sweatpants.  "It's in the past...I just want to move forward."


"I know.  But I want you to know that I never once kissed her or did anything inappropriate," Prem replied looking her in the eyes.  "That day she was in the bedroom...I was putting on my shirt and had my back facing the doorway...I thought it was you because she came up behind me.  But the minute I realized it wasn't you I covered myself with the shirt...that's what you saw when you came in.  And then in the car I guess there was something on my face she just reached out and brushed it off for me."


Heer placed her hand on his cheek and simply said, "Thank you for telling me."  She then paused before continuing, "Next time you better talk to me...but most importantly I really don't want to have a next time.  Stop it before it starts."


Prem nodded, "I will."  He then tenderly kissed her.  "I love you."


"I love you too," she replied with a smile.


"Since you were 12, huh?" Prem smugly asked.  Heer rolled her eyes wondering where exactly this was going.  "You thought I was cute didn't you?  You really wanted to kiss me for real in Seven Minutes in Heaven.  Was I the reason you tried buying makeup?  But your Mom found out and you got in huge trouble and you weren't allowed to go anywhere for two weeks..."


"Oh God..." Heer muttered and walked towards the bed to pull the covers open.


Her remark only made him even more confident in his assumptions and he continued.  "Is that why the first dish you ever learned to make was fish and chips?  I really liked Mrs. Foster's fish and chips.  How come you didn't make it for me when I was staying at your place?"  Heer picked up a pillow and shoved it to towards him which he easily caught and did nothing to stop his teasing.  "Tell me truthfully you liked me since the very beginning when we met."


"You were trespassing on our property...and you grabbed me like that out of nowhere," Heer replied with annoyance.  "How would anyone like someone after that?  And then you were so mean to me at school...calling me names...telling everyone I was a big fat pumpkin.  You were a seven year old girl's worst nightmare."


Prem smirked at how worked up she got over their first meeting.  He quickly hugged her from behind and tenderly kissed her shoulder making sure to place his lips on the exposed skin laying next to the strap of her black tank top.  "I confess that when I heard your Mom say your real name for the first time I really liked it."


"You heard Mama say Heer?" she inquired.


"Yup, she said it after the movers left.  I was really confused that day you came into class and was introduced as Leher...but now I know why," Prem answered.  "I apologize for calling you a big fat pumpkin.  But you have to admit the name Pumpkin doesn't mean the same as it use to.  I use to do it to irritate you but then later it became a habit.  You know whenever I hear someone say pumpkin I think of you.  You were never far from my thoughts after you left.  Every Halloween I'd carve a jack-o-lantern and secretly name it Pumpkin.  And during Thanksgiving I made sure Mom always bought a pumpkin pie.  And now Pumpkin is my term of endearment for when you hear it...know it carries my love for you." 


Heer turned around and smiled causing Prem to grin.  "I will.  And you were never far from my thoughts either.  I prayed for you everyday liked I promised I would...that your family would be'd do well in successfully in your career...have a good life."


"I did...I do...and it's even better now that I have you.  Thank you," Prem replied.  Heer hugged him and closed her eyes feeling at peace in his arms.  Prem just breathed in the scent of her hair a sweet flowery jasmine and sighed.


"I'm tired.  It's time for bed," Heer said as she let go of him. 


Prem nodded and they both slipped into the bed.  He furrowed his eyebrows when he saw her stick a pillow between them.  "Heer, seriously?  I'm not going to be doing anything."


"I know you...that's why it's here," she replied.


Prem tired moving it away which resulted in him getting a light slap on his hand.  "Hey!"


"Goodnight Prem," Heer said and closed her eyes.


Prem pouted and grumbled something inaudible.  He then inched his right hand over the pillow searching for her hand.  When he found it he held it.  "Can I at least hold your hand?"  Heer gave a tiny smile and intertwined her fingers with his.  "Goodnight Pumpkin," Prem replied satisfied that he was able to get something.


Hope you guys enjoyed that Big smile

So what's next?
The police nearly caught them at the National Museum...will a report be filed and will the media get wind of the news?  Will the CIA be sending agents down to arrest them?
What about the information the gang gathered...what exactly does it tell them?

Please Leave A Comment...Thank You

---Grace Big smile

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khajju IF-Rockerz

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aw sorry grace i didnt saw the update so i posted it...u first do ur editing then i m gonna read Big smile

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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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me & this time me gonna edit
it was really an awesome update atlast prem confess his feelingz to heer & sort his matter with sanjana
the confession part was really really amazing why dont u apply for BT cv grace u'll be fab urz writing is totally amazing :)
enjoyed each & every bit of the update
prems fun in the puddle was shoo cute
till premeer r together other thingz r fine
b/w prem & ethan's frndship is quiet sweet
wait for the next

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