Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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wa8in!! plz!

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Sorry guys...I know I'm very late Embarrassed

Not my best work...please excuse the typos and grammar errors Geek

Warning it is a long chapter.

Mission 17: Shattered


Preet turned his key and opened his apartment door.  He was surprised to smell the scent of roasted chicken floating around him.  His eyes widen even more when his girlfriend came out of the kitchen wearing an apron greeting him with a huge grin.  "When did you come?"


Meher was a bit disappointed at his question but answered it anyways, "After work of course...around 5:30 or so."


"What are you doing?"


"Cooking you dinner...silly," she replied.  A lump formed in his throat and he quickly ran to the windows and closed the shades before turning on the radio on his stereo system.  He made sure to turn the volume up high and then ran to the bedroom to do the exact same thing he did in the living room.  "Preet?!" Meher yelled trying to figure out what he was doing.  He was scaring her by the franticness of his actions.  He then grabbed her arm and put his finger to his lips telling her to keep quiet.  He then walked them to the bathroom and turned the shower on and closed the door.  "Preet you are scaring me what is going on?"


"Listen to me very carefully Meher," Preet said into her ear.  "Something's happened at work...I don't want you to be involved in this but you are probably already involved.  I'm so sorry."


"What are you talking about?  Seriously you are freaking me out," Meher replied.


"Prem and Heer are in trouble..."


"What?!  Are they okay?  What happened?" Meher gasped.


"I can't go into the's work related.  Just know that there are going to be some things going down.  If anything happens and you start hearing things don't believe anything the media reports, okay?"  Preet explained.


Meher nodded her head but the facial expression on her face was still one of shock and confusion.  "But why are we in here and with the shower on and the radio blasting in each room?"


"I needed to make sure nobody heard us.  I need to do a sweep of the house to make sure they haven't tapped my apartment," Preet replied.


"Tapped the apartment?  Th-They would do that?" Meher mumbled realizing the seriousness of the situation.


"It's something I have to do.  And the thing is because you're my girlfriend they may be following you around and there is a possibility they would tap your apartment as well.  I'll need to go over there to make sure."


"Like today?" Meher asked in a nervous tone.


"No, probably a couple of days from now but I need you to act as normal as possible do everything you normally do.  Don't get paranoid about this."


"Don't get paranoid...that's a lot to be asking considering what you just told me.  How can I not be Preet?  This is so scary," Meher replied.


"I know it is.  But I work for the CIA and you know my line of work...things like this could happen."


Meher nodded her head.  She knew the risk of dating him but the danger of having such a situation occur was really remote because he wasn't an active field agent.  He was working at the main office doing desk work of sorts.  "Okay, I'll try."


"There is one more thing...I know I'm asking a lot and you can say no.  I have a cell phone that Prem knows the number to.  I don't know if he's going to call.  He may never call but I need you to hold onto it for me.  They are going to be expecting me to get in touch with him.  You don't have to do anything.  I'll turn it on silent...if he calls just let it ring to voicemail.  It's a throw away phone so they can't track you."


"What happens if he tries calling you'are you not going to call him back?" Meher inquired.


"Let me know and I'll figure out a way to get in touch with him," Preet answered.


Meher thought for a few minutes and nodded her head, "I'm fine with it.  I know Prem is like a brother to you.  I don't want to see him in any kind of trouble either."


"Thanks Meher," Preet said and gave her a gentle hug and kiss.  "I love you."


"I love you too," she breathed holding him tightly.


"Okay, so when we leave this room...I'm going to sweep the house.  Just stay silent.  I bought some things to jam the devices and I'm going to turn on the cameras I have around the house," Preet explained.


"You have cameras?" Meher asked with a stunned expression.  She had been dating him for a while and had come over countless times to his apartment even spending the night a few times but he had never mentioned this tidbit to her.


"I bought this a long time ago.  I installed them myself but I never turned them on.  It was just as a security measure if something serious happened.  I swear to you that there is no recording of you and me on there.  You don't have to worry about anything," Preet reassured.


"So you're going to be turning them on now?"


"Yes, I want to know who may be coming into this apartment.  I'm really sorry about all of this I know this is a lot to take in," Preet apologized.


"Preet do what you have to do.  If they are going to be playing like this then the only thing you can do is to protect yourself," Meher replied.  "I'm with you."


"You're the best," Preet said and gave her another quick kiss on the lips.  "Okay, ready?"


"As I'll ever be," Meher mumbled and then nodded her head for him to open the door.


Preet carefully began his sweep in his bedroom eventually making his way to the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and computer room.  He discovered a listening device in each of the room's air vents except for the bathroom.  He placed jamming devices in each room making sure to hide them in a location where someone couldn't find them.  He then checked the cordless phones in his apartment.  He sighed shaking his head that they had tapped his phone line as well.  He removed the pieces and destroyed them with a hammer.  Preet signaled to Meher to only call him on her cell phone.  He then went to his computer room and inspected his equipment.  He turned off his wireless card and internet modem and ran a defense program on his computer to see if there had been any attempts to access his computer.  He saw that there had been at least three attempts while he was away at work today.  He quickly ran a scrubbing program and waited for it to finish before he changed all of his passwords.  Preet then turned on his security system in the house and tested the cameras to make sure they were working properly.


Meher in the meantime was trying to make herself useful by finishing up what she had been cooking.  She gently tapped Preet's shoulders as he checked the progress on his computer to let him know dinner was ready.  He nodded and they both silently went to the living room to have dinner.  Preet continued to let the radio play while they ate.  He could see the anxiety in Meher's eyes and held her hand letting her know everything was going to be all right.  


Prem cautiously poked his head out of the bathroom door making sure there was no one out and about in the living room.  He had accidentally taken a dirty shirt that should have been put in the laundry basket into the washroom with him.  He didn't feel comfortable walking around half naked especially since Sanjana had stayed over.  He didn't want to make Heer even more upset than she seemed to already be.  Feeling satisfied that everyone was still in their rooms he quietly crept back into his room.  He shook his head at seeing Ethan laying on his stomach completely sprawled out on their bed.  Prem smirked and playfully wrapped the towel in his hands up and swung it out snapping his wrist so the towel end would smack Ethan square on the behind.


He grumbled something inaudible and when Prem did the action again he groggily awoke and quickly sat up.  "What the Bloody Hell!"


"Morning Sunshine," Prem greeted.


"Bloody Sunshine my foot!" Ethan barked.


"Is that how you greet your lady friends when they stay overnight? Prem joked.


"They don't wake me up that way," Ethan replied smacking his mouth.


"The shower is free," Prem simply answered.


Ethan hobbled off the bed and grabbed a change of clothes and headed to the bathroom.  Prem chuckled and then went about making the bed.  After completing the task he went to the dresser and picked out a purple graphic t-shirt to wear.  He had his back turned and didn't see that the door was slowly opening behind him.  He felt someone's presence and smirked at the hands gently slithering around his waist and moving up towards his chest.  "Heh, not mad anymore?"


"Why would I be mad?"


Prem's eyes widen at the sound of the voice and he quickly tore away and turned around.  "Sanjana?!  Wh-what are you dddoing?"  He took the shirt in his hand and covered himself with it.


She laughed at his actions.  "Awww, you're so adorable sometimes.  But this isn't like the first time...why are so shy all of a sudden?"


", listen...Sanjana..."


"Sanjana?  I think we know each other better than that...why are you being so formal?"


Prem swallowed uncomfortably and knew she would continue pestering him until he addressed her the way she wanted to be, "Sanju..."


"That's more like it," she grinned.


", people..."


"Why are you stuttering so bad?  I can't believe I'm actually making you nervous," she giggled.  "Relax, Ethan is in the shower and---"


"Heer..." Prem squeaked as his eyes widen in panic when she walked into the room.


"Oh, didn't mean to disturb you.  Excuse me," Heer quickly said when she saw what was going on.  Her chest tightened at seeing Prem trying to cover himself with a t-shirt while Sanjana was standing extremely close to him.  Her mind was whirling at the implications but she tried to remain calm and give Prem the benefit of doubt.  Sanjana turned around and blushed rather embarrassed that they had been caught in an interesting situation.  Heer didn't want to stay in the room any longer and hurriedly walked away.


Prem continued to stare at the spot where Heer had stood mouthing inaudible sounds at what had just occurred.  "You look like a gold fish," Sanjana said.  He blinked out of his reverie and realized he needed to go talk to Heer.  He quickly put his shirt on and rushed out the door.


Unfortunately, Heer was on a cell phone talking to someone.  She nodded her head intently listening to what the person on the other end was telling her.  She took a pen and scribbled down an address on a pad of paper and then continued listening.  When she finally hung up, Ethan came out of the bathroom rubbing his towel over his head.  "Morning everyone...looks like we're all up and about."  He then noticed Heer holding his cell phone.  "Any news Love?"


"That was Yoji he says he's got the blueprints and wants to meet us at a different location," Heer answered.


"Well, then I think we should go get some breakfast and head over there.  Princess, will you be joining us?" Ethan inquired.


"I'm going to head back to the hotel and take a shower.  Call me when you guys are done and I'll meet up with you later and discuss what to do next.  Anyways, it will also give me some time to see if headquarters issued out any warnings or anything about Prem and Heer's whereabouts," Sanjana replied.


"Sounds like a plan," Ethan agreed.


The meeting with Yoji had gone smoothly as they received the proper blueprints for all three of the museums.  Ethan's contact had also gotten some information about what he had been hearing.  There were rumors that something big was going down.  A large shipment of Asian antiques was coming in but it wasn't clear when they would be coming and which museum was going to receive them.  The safest bet was they were going to the National Museum.


Sanjana met up with the group later in the day to report that the CIA had sent out an advisory to all active field agents if Prem or Heer tried to seek assistant from any of them they were to turn them over admittedly to the agency.  Everyone knew that was a bad sign.  They knew they had to tread very carefully while they completed their assignment.  They were lucky at this point that the agency had only released this advisory within the CIA.  The other intelligence organizations had not been notified as of yet.


Prem sat in Ethan's car as he worked the look out at the second museum on Kundra's list.  It was more of an antique store than a museum and seemed to be easiest of the three to case.  The passenger door swung open as Sanjana slid into the car seat.  Prem made no movement or indication that he cared she was sitting in the car with him.  He continued to concentrate at his objective and that was to watch the storefront and monitor the cliental that walked in and around the area.


"The parameter check is pretty clean," she reported to him.  "Not much going on around here.  Just some business, local eateries, medicinal shops, and a tourist shop...should be fairly easy to maneuver.  No high security around the area."


"That's good," Prem replied.


"Are you okay?" Sanjana asked.


"Yeah, fine."


"You don't sound fine," Sanjana probed.


"We're on mission."


"Ethan and Heer are in the store right now doing a surveillance check.  They've disguised themselves pretty well so I don't think there is anything to worry about," Sanjana replied.  "It's an antique store Prem."


Prem gritted his teeth at the mention of Ethan and Heer.  Ever since the morning after the incident in the bedroom he couldn't find a single moment to talk to Heer.  Granted the case was very important and they were speaking with the necessary contacts and doing all the things they needed to do to prepare themselves before they broke into each place to look for information, but he just wanted one moment alone with her to straighten things out.  Heer seemed to be avoiding him and was sticking rather closely with Ethan which was bugging him immensely.  "What do you want to talk about Sanju?"


"Well, not in a tone like that," she replied.  "I just wanted to apologize for scaring you this morning.  You seriously had the dear in the headlights look.  It was incredibly funny to tell you the truth."


"Apology accepted," Prem answered.


"Prem," Sanjana sighed and grabbed his chin turning his head so he would look at her.  "I know you're stressed about the situation but you have to relax a little.  We'll find a way to get you both out of this mess.  So far we have some things going for us.  The flash drives that Heer got, Ethan's contacts, and me, your...inside gal to the CIA's movements."


Prem couldn't help but crack a smile at her tiny joke.  "Yes and thank you."


"What's this thank you among friends?" Sanjana replied.


"Still I think I need to say it," Prem grinned.


Sanjana returned the smile and gently let go of his chin.  "Sooo, what will you be gifting me with?"


"Gifting?  When did I say I was going to give you a gift?" Prem asked with confusion on his face.


"Well, since I'm not accepting thank yous...I figure you could do something for me," she suggested.


"Something, huh?  Like a favor?  What favor could I give you?  In case you haven't noticed I'm in a predicament right now," Prem answered.


Sanjana laughed, "Well, I guess it would make sense for you to get out of this predicament.  But something simple is fine with me."


"Like what?"


"Gosh, it's like pulling teeth with you.  Have you really become that dense?" Sanjana asked.  Prem furrowed his eyebrows wondering what she was getting at.  "Like a simple dinner would be enough," Sanjana answered putting him out of misery.


"Oh," he replied with a reflective glance.  He then stiffened as he watched her reach out with her hand and rubbed her thumb against the area underneath his eye.


Just then the backside passenger doors opened and Ethan and Heer slipped into the car.  "Oh, looks like we are interrupting something Love," Ethan announced.  He was wearing a brown wig and had sunglasses on.  His attire was quite laughable as he had a white strip of sunblock lotion on his nose and he was wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt with knee length socks, khaki shorts, and sandals.  Heer was wearing a simple sun hat with a white sundress.  The dark sunglasses she was wearing covered half her face and she had a beauty mark on the side of her chin.  


Prem pulled away bewildered that this was the second time in the day that he had been caught in a suggestive position with Sanjana.  "So what did you guys find?" Sanjana asked.  She really didn't think she needed to explain what had happened.  To her it was perfectly clear that Prem had something underneath his eye and she was simply helping him remove it.


"Nothing too interesting...smelled old and an old shoe to tell you the truth," Ethan replied.


"He's got closed circuit TV security in the store.  We can probably take care of that by blowing a fuse in the power box.  The camera is mainly at the front end of the store.  There wasn't anything in the back," Heer reported.


"There isn't much security around this neighborhood either so it will be easy for us to come in from the back," Sanjana explained.


"Everything seems to be working out...this will probably be the easiest of the jobs.  We just need to go back to that art museum we were at yesterday and check the inside security system.  The hardest one will be the National Museum.  We will probably have to spend a few weeks on that to work things out," Ethan replied.  "So, Old Chap how about some lunch and then we'll take a closer look at those blueprints."  Prem simply nodded and started the car.


The days seemed to blur by as the team worked on the routes they would need to take to make sure everything went as smoothly as planned.  They studied the blueprints of each museum, worked on their timing, completed frequent surveillance trips, and practiced their entrance and exit strategies.  They hardly had time to be social or talk about things.  Everyone was concentrating at the task at hand.  There had been little movement from the CIA in locating their whereabouts which was a concern.  They didn't know if they were simply waiting for them to make a mistake and exposed themselves in some way so they could rush in and arrest them or did they already know where they where and were waiting to make their move.  It was a nerve-racking and frustrating situation to be in.


Prem collapsed on the couch feeling physically fatigued and mentally exhausted.  Ethan had gone out to get their passports.  Sanjana had gone back to the hotel to check on some things and Heer was in the bedroom.  Prem sat there thinking about things and how Heer seemed to be moving further and further away from him.  Sanjana wasn't helping as she continued to act increasingly friendly towards him.  He tried talking to her but because everyone was so busy there was never the time to sit down and have a real conversation.  Every conversation kept being interrupted by something or somebody.  Prem sighed and got up and quietly went into the master bedroom.


Heer was sleeping peacefully in the bed.  He remembered what had happened the last time he had sneaked up on her but he figured it was still worth the shot.  After so many days of being apart he just wanted to be with her.  Prem carefully climb on top of the bed and positioned his body so he could hug her from behind.  He glided his hand underneath her arm and snuggled into her.  "It's me...relax," Prem soothed as he felt her fidget and awaken with a start.


Heer was half asleep and hadn't expected Prem to come into her room like that.  She was not too pleased with him and wanted him to know that.  She couldn't let him think that all he had to do was give her some sort of physical affection and she'd forgive him.  She tried moving away but he tightened his hold.  "Pumpkin, please...just let me stay with you."  Heer eventually gave up too tired to fight with him.  "I miss this..." he mumbled against her skin.  The scent of her hair was intoxicating to him as he closed his eyelids and rested in the bed with her.


Heer hated herself for letting him do this to her.  Prem seemed completely oblivious to what was wrong with the whole situation.  Sanjana was continuing to get closer to Prem while they were barely communicating at all.  She didn't know how much more she could take.  She admitted that the physicalness he was showing her right now felt good but she wanted more.  But it seemed like he was confused about what he wanted.  He seemed to be carrying on fine with Sanjana.  She had seen them talking and laughing about things.  The only thing she received were attempts to hold her hand and hug her in an effort to subdue her anger.


Heer heard the sound of the front door opening and knew that Ethan had come home.  "Get up...Ethan's home," she said as she nudged Prem.  He made a whining mumbling noise but got out of the bed to see if there was any interesting news.


Heer came out of the room first and saw Ethan looking over the blueprints to the National Museum.  "So, how did they turn out?" she asked.


"Not bad," he replied showing her the passport and her driver license.


"Khushi Kapoor?  And I'm from the state of California...5 ft 4...born 2-14-1984...huh..."


"Don't like it?" Ethan inquired.


"No, perfectly fine for Khushi Kapoor," Heer replied.


Prem looked at his license and grinned.  "Ali Baigh...from the state of Florida...5 ft 10...born 6-27-1983..."


"So Mr. Baigh how do you like the weather in Florida?" Ethan joked.


"It's nice...people joke that we don't have four seasons but I beg to differ...we have warm, hot, hotter, and hottest," Prem replied causing Ethan to laugh.


"Well done.  Oh, I spoke with Yoji again and he says the new silent alarm is being reinstalled five days from now.  So this is our window of opportunity to strike while they have that particular part of the system shut down," Ethan replied.


"It just means more guards to deal with," Heer sighed.


"Yes, but guards that are pretty tired from the false alarms and everything," Prem replied.  "It should work to our advantage.  We have their schedules...I rather deal with guards than a silent alarm."


"Okay so we should shoot for three days from now then?" Ethan inquired.  "This is pretty ambitious to hit three places...all on the same night."


"We can do it.  We have everything timed perfectly.  We hit the antique shop first which will be the easiest...we should be in and out...then at the art museum we are only going to office and luckily the storage warehouse is right next to it...Sanjana and I will go look through the computers and you guys go take a look at the storage site...then in the National Museum...we go to the office at the front of the building and you guys go to the back of the property to look at the storage site," Prem said.


"We have no choice but to do this...the longer we wait the harder it's going to be for us.  We don't know what the CIA is really doing.  Besides that one bulletin nothing else has happened.  I keep dreaming that Interpol is going to come barging into this apartment and arrest all of us," Heer replied.


"Don't worry that's not going to happen," Prem said.  "There hasn't been any reports of Interpol getting involved."


"Cheer up Love...Prem's right...we still have some time," Ethan reassured.


The day had finally come for them to put all their hard planning and work into action.  They waited for midnight to strike and made their move on their first target.  Things went smoothly for them and as Prem had predicted it was an easy job for them to move in and out of.  When they came upon the art museum it took a little longer than they had anticipated but they got the information they needed and hurried to their final location the National Museum.


Prem crept silently along the air duct with a small flashlight in his mouth glancing at the map tucked in his hand.  He made the cautious turn around the corner and then moved a few feet forward before stopping at a paneling plate.  He carefully unscrewed the screws and with a wire lowered the plate down onto the ground.  He then swiftly lowered himself down into the office.  Sanjana soon followed him and began searching the office for any hidden or secret drawers that could store valuable information.  Prem went directly to the computer and hooked up a separate device that would run a script breaking the password for the entrance screen so he could gain access to the files inside.


While Prem and Sanjana worked on that Heer and Ethan were on the other side of the compound working on getting into the warehouse.  They were standing in the shadows wondering how much long the guard standing outside was going to be there.  By all counts he should have already moved to his next post but instead he was standing there smoking a cigarette.  Heer nervously watched from afar saying silent prayers for him to just move away.  Eventually he walked away to complete his round on the property.  Ethan and Heer stealthily made their way over to the warehouse.  They walked to the back and picked the lock on the back door and slipped inside.  They turned on their flashlights and began looking around.  They walked down a flight of stairs that led to the basement and walked towards the back.  To their surprise they found a conservation room and the door was open.  It appeared as if someone had forgotten to lock it.  Ethan cautiously armed himself with his handgun.  Heer held the door knob and mouthed, "One, two, three..."


On the count of three Ethan slipped into the room pointing his gun and flashlight making sure the room was clear.  Heer was right behind him doing the same thing.  They made a round in the room and quickly realized there was no one there except for them.  Ethan turned on the light in the room and sighed.  "That was a bit tense, wouldn't you say?" he whispered.


"Yes," Heer replied.  She noticed the various items scattered around the table tops of the room.  "It looks like they are making molds here."


"Yes, replicas...possibly for transportation?" Ethan mused.

Heer took out her camera and began snapping shots of what they were looking at.  It was clear someone was making replicas of artifacts and art pieces.  "These don't look of the back look half way done...on a lot of these...but they are all packed into these shipping crates."


"Why would they do that?  Unless they are transporting this to another destination where they get stuffed with whatever it is that they are smuggling...and the backs are finished up over there," Ethan said venturing a guess.


"That's very possible," Heer replied and continue taking snap shots.


Meanwhile, back at the director's office Prem was waiting patiently for his flash drive to finish copying the files he had found on the computer.  Sanjana furrowed her eyebrows as she heard some commotion coming out of the hallway.  She cautiously looked out the small window located on the top of the door and gasped.  There were three security officers walking around and carefully checking each office located in the hallway.  She backed away and whispered, "We have to go.  I think the silent alarm has been fixed...there are security officers checking each room.  Something tipped them off...any minute now we are going be surround by the police."


"What?"  Prem quickly pulled out the flash drive from the computer thankful that it had just finished downloading and started to quickly clean up.  Both Sanjana and him put on their black masks and tired going back the way they came.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time as three security officers came into the room.  They started shouting and drew their weapons but they weren't fast enough as Prem and Sanjana rapidly disarmed them.  Prem prevented one of them from grabbing his walkie-talkie to alert the rest of the guards of their situation.  "Walkie-talkies!" he gruffly said.


Sanjana knocked the other two guards unconscious and took their walkie-talkies shutting them off.  Prem did the same and then hurriedly sent a text message to Ethan that they needed to get out of here.  Sanjana and Prem then decided to just exit out of the window and climb down the tree.  They were able to make to the car in time and drove to the back of the property hoping they could pick up their friends.


Ethan and Heer both swallowed hard as they heard the sound of feet running down the metal stairway towards the conservation room.  They had to get out but how?  They were literally trapped.  They put on their masks and ready themselves for a fight.  The guards came storming in and they started punching, kicking, blocking, and disarming them from their weapons.  They made quick work of the first batch but knew more were on their way as one of them was able to radio for help through their walkie-talkie.


Prem sat on edge in the car as he heard the distant sirens of the police cars coming towards them.  "We can't wait any longer.  We have to go," Sanjana stated.


"Just a few more seconds...they're coming," Prem replied.  His stomach was in knots at the thought that Heer was trapped inside unable to get out.  He couldn't let her get caught and arrested.  He had to do something but he knew he was in no position at the moment.


"We have to stick to the plan Prem.  If something goes wrong...we are supposed to go to the hideaway house," Sanjana said.


"I know!  You don't think I know that?" Prem yelled.  "We can wait a little longer...I'm not leaving them behind."


"Look, they know to meet us there if we get split up...we have to go and we can't wait any longer.  Do you want all of us to get caught?  Wasn't this the point of having Heer with Ethan and me with you...if something should happen at least one of you is still outside working the case.  Prem we have to go now," Sanjana pushed.


Prem angrily slammed his hand on the steering wheel and then drove away feeling completely shattered at what he had just done.  He couldn't believe he was leaving Heer behind like this.  It was tearing his insides apart.


Meanwhile, back inside the warehouse Ethan and Heer were scrambling trying to locate another way out of the basement.  They had turned off all the lights in the conservation room and groped their way in the darkness to the side of the building.  They heard the sounds of shouting from the floor above and knew more security guards were coming.  Heer took the chance and opened her flashlight to do a check to see where they were.  She sighed in relief as she saw an old fire escape ladder on the far end of the building.  All they had to do was to walk straight ahead and climb up and out of the basement to the first level.  She motioned for Ethan to follow her.  She turned off the flashlight and moved along the wall using her hand as a guiding point.  Flashes of lights roamed around frantically in the basement as the security guards made their way into the basement.   Ethan suddenly tugged Heer to stop walking forward when the lights suddenly turned off and the room became deathly silent.  It was now a game of listening.  The guards were intent on making them make the move first so they could zero in on their whereabouts.


Prem paced back and forth in the hideaway house.  It was a large studio warehouse that had been converted to a two room, one bathroom, living room, and kitchen living quarters.  Sanjana sat on the couch tired and anxious.  She had never seen Prem so tense before and as much as her body was telling her that she needed sleep she knew she had to keep an eye on him.  If she let him out of her sight he would race back into the city and try to find Heer and Ethan and that was just something could not do at the moment.  They had to trust that their friends had found a way out and would be joining them soon.


Sanjana got off the couch and went to the fridge to get a glass of water.  She poured Prem a glass and placed it on the breakfast counter.  "Prem drink some water."


"I'm fine," he replied as he continued moving.  His mind was going in all sorts of directions planning for the worst but hoping for the best.  He was angry at himself for leaving, for not properly handling his relationship with Heer, and for not setting things straight with Sanjana.  He was also pissed that Ethan's contact had given them poor information.  The silent alarm was not supposed to be on but it was that night.  His ears strained as he heard some sounds coming closer to their door.  His eyes widen.  Was it possible that he was hearing laughter?  Laughter at a time like this?


Sanjana and Prem both directed their attention to the front door as it swung open and Ethan and Heer emerged in remarkably good spirits.  "That was brilliant…and to think we made it back in one piece!" Ethan chuckled.


"We're really lucky it turned out the way it did," Heer smiled giving him a high-five.


Prem's eyes narrowed as something inside of him just snapped.  "Nice to know you guys are having a good time!"  Ethan and Heer both looked at him wondering why he was so anger.  It would make more sense to see him nervous.  "What the hell was that back there?!"  His question spewed directly towards Ethan who blinked back at the growl in his voice.  "Have fun?  You guys didn't happen to pick up anything to eat on the way over?  Stop by a night stand?  Had a couple of drinks?"


"What is your problem?" Heer replied unable to understand why he was spouting nonsense.


"He's finally lost all his marbles from the stress," Ethan joked. 


Prem reached out and grabbed him by the collar causing the girls to look in alarm.  "Don't have to worry about the silent alarm Old Chap?  Huh?  You have a reliable tip that says it will be turned off!  What happened to that tip?  We nearly got caught back there!"


"Things happen you know comes with the think I liked what happened back there?  It wasn't all fun and games for us either.  You try getting out of a basement where there is only one main exit and the entire building is getting surrounded by the police," Ethan replied.  "Not to mention your ride just left you."


Prem yanked at his collar even more, "I waited!"


Realizing the gravity of the situation Sanjana placed her hand on Prem's shoulder, "We all made it back in one piece.  We should be thankful for that.  But we are also very use arguing over something that's passed."


Prem swallowed the lump in this throat that had formed and backed away.  He shrugged his shoulders throwing Sanjana's hand off and walked away entering one of the bedrooms.  Everyone else who was standing out in the living room all heaved a collected sigh of relief that things had not gotten worse. 


I know a lot more spy action went on in this chapter.  The emotional stuff will happen in next chapter which lucky for you I've already written.  So, you guys won't have to wait as long.

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
aaaahhhh!!! wa8i!!! me!!
awsum update!
luved itEmbarrassed 
prem jealous ethan n heer bein together!
sanjana makin things worse for heer n prem..!!!
jst cnt hold nw!!! plz GRACE update soon the nxt part!  jst cnt wa8!
i thought dis update wud hv been bout prem makin things clear n ther relation wud hv been together!Embarrassed but i hope it wil b in nxt part!!! so plz GRACE update soon!!!
jst cnt hold nw!EmbarrassedSmileWink
thx for da pm! :)))))))

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heer is only 5.4....O.o.....

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Originally posted by Sukrutha

heer is only 5.4....O.o.....
It's just a made up number for the fake license...5 feet 4 inches  (um, that's 163cm?)...all that information on there is fake.

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Aymee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hey Grace.  Great chapter.
I have to admit this was a very intense chapter.  Though it was long, for me, it went by pretty quick.  I really enjoyed this chapter.
Prem, Heer, Ethan and Sanjana's assignments was really amazing.  I was afraid they would be caught but I am glad they fought back against the guards.  I really didn't think Heer and Ethan would make it back to the safehouse but I am glad they were able to escape without any further problem.
Now, that Meher is involved with Prem and Heer's situation, I hope nothing happens to her.  I am glad she is very supportive to both Preet and Prem.
I really feel bad for Prem right now.  Not only was he worried and upset about leaving Heer behind but he is also going crazy for not talking to her and sorting the matter with her about Sanjana.  Prem needs to explain to Sanjana what is really going on between him and Heer and then have a long and heart to heart talk with Heer.  They both really need to sort out their feelings, not only about each other but has been happening and the misunderstanding that took place those past few days. 
Thank you for the PM Grace.  Happy Holi to you my dear.  I am really looking forward to reading your next chapter.

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