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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Thanks to all those that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

So a brief re-cap of important things to keep in mind:

1. Jack Dupont is a CIA agent but has turned into a double agent...who is his alliance with we don't know

2. Mysterious person killed Jack Dupont...who is this person and what does he/she have to do with the case?

3. Dimitri Belova, a known criminal, is getting involved in art collecting/museums, using his art collection or contacts with museum directors to smuggling things to and from countries...he is also apparently involved in computer security he has hired a hacker/programmer to design a dangerous computer virus

4. Heer's mission has been compromised because of CIA Agent Jack Dupont and museum director Vivek Kundra's death...evidence points to Heer as a double agent

6. Heer's mission and Prem's previous Paris mission are in some ways connected.

7. Heer and Prem must solve the case of Dimitri Belova to clear Heer's name. 

8. Dev Khanna (who happens to be Heer's ex-fiancee) lets Prem and Heer escape from jail.

9. Prem and Heer arrive in Thailand and met Prem's friend Ethan who is a mercenary (agent for hire).  He decides to help them resolve their mission.

Mission 16: Fade Away


Heer opened her eyes and stretched her body on the comfortable queen sized bed she was sleeping on.  Ethan had left her a large shirt and a pair of basketball shorts for her to wear as her pajamas.  The basketball shorts were too big for her so she opted instead to just wear the shirt which luckily covered her up to her upper thighs.  After the sleep she woke up from she was rather thankful that the sleeping arrangements had been arranged as such.  Begin able to sprawl out on the bed without any care to who was beside you, not having to worry about kicking someone in mid slumber, or fight over the covers was a blessed sleep indeed.  Heer sighed and continued to lay in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about nothing in particular.  She turned her head when she saw the door of her bedroom slowly open.  She gave a sleepy smile to her visitor.


Prem was wearing a white t-shirt with a picture of the English flag and red plaid colored boxers.  His hair was slightly poofy and his demeanor was one of someone who had just woken up.  Heer couldn't help but giggle a little at how adorably sleepy he looked.  Without a word Prem lunged forward plotting himself on the bed with his body hugging Heer.  "Prem..." she replied in alarm.


"Ethan's not here.  I think he went to go buy us some breakfast," he mumbled as he closed his eyes resting his head on her chest.  "I slept on the floor last night because Ethan kept hogging the bed.  He kept putting his leg on me.  No wonder he had an awkward night that one time with the French guy."


Heer chuckled, "I can only imagine.  Your friend is um, interesting..."


"Are you warming up to him?" Prem inquired.


"I guess something like that," Heer replied as she gently ran her fingers through his hair.  She then tapped his shoulder.  "Prem move so I can go take a shower."  He didn't budge and continue to hold onto her making a pouty whining noise.  "If you let me go you can have the whole bed to yourself."  Prem opened his eyes and pondered that thought for a minute and then sat up.  Heer smiled that he had taken her suggestion.  As she began moving her way out of the bed flipping the covers over, Prem crawled underneath the sheets and quickly grabbed her waist pulling her back into the bed with him.  "Prem!"


"Few minutes won't harm your shower," he huskily replied in her ear.  He snuggled his nose into the crook of her neck and smiled as he felt her relax into him. 


Heer let out a soft chortle as she felt Prem's hand began to move along her exposed thigh; his fingers trailing delicately upwards and moving underneath her shirt.  "You're getting very touchy lately."


"If you don't like it I'll stop," Prem replied as he bent his elbow letting his arm cross her chest at an angle.  His hand rested with its palm open laying flat just above her left breast.  Heer placed her hand on her shirt where she could feel where Prem's wrist was and held it.  She pondered if she was acting a little too carefree by allowing him to touch her so easily.  What was his perception of her?  Was she coming off as someone who was easy?  She had never let anyone do this so quickly even with her ex-fiance.  There was still a period of time before it came to that point.  She wasn't new to the physical realm of a relationship as she had previous experiences before.  She knew the sexual attraction between her and Prem was undeniably strong but she worried what would happen when they eventually acted on those feelings.  Would everything come crashing down around them?  Would they wake up to realize whatever that was happening was nothing more than hormonal attraction to one another for a brief period of time?  She felt a queasiness in the pit of her stomach at the thought of losing him like this.  The childhood dreams of living a life with him as more than his friend was finally within her grasp but the nagging doubt and reality of the possible outcome of the situation was frightening her.  She loved him deeply but she was afraid to say anything because she didn't know how he really felt.  It was one thing to hug her, kiss her, cuddle with her, and say certain things to her in the heat of the moment.  But she knew expecting him to declare his love for her was out of the question.  It would be asking for too much too soon.  She didn't want to scare him away or force him to do something he wasn't ready to do.  The most terrifying aspect was if he realized that he just didn't love her like the way she loved him.  He could only love her as a friend. 


Heer knew she was doing exactly what they had promised they wouldn't do.  She had to talk to him but the funny thing about it all was that when faced with the actual task of doing something like that more times than none most would choose to run away and keep quiet.  That was the very nature and complexities of romantic relationships.  Logically it made sense to talk things out but it was much easier to hide those feelings because of the apprehension of the unknown and the fear of rejection.  There was nothing worse than laying your heart out on the line and exposing yourself so openly only to have someone reject you.  Heer breathed deeply trying to get a hold of herself and then slowly removed Prem's hand from underneath her shirt.  She was expecting him to say something but only heard a mumbled inaudible sound.  Heer turned around to see that he had fallen asleep.  She gave a tender smile as he cradled his head against her pillow.  She quietly and softy made her way out of the bed and tip-toed her way into the bathroom to get ready for the day.


A few minutes later Heer was dressed and downstairs in the kitchen looking for a glass to pour herself some fruit juice.  She turned her head the minute she heard the front door open.  "Good Morning Love," Ethan greeted.  "I think you know me now unlike yesterday when we first met." He quickly explained trying to answer the scowl on her face.  "You weren't so fond of the name Princess so Love it is."


Heer sighed and asked, "Where are the glasses?"


"Top cabinet to your left," Ethan instructed.  "Where's Prem?"


"He's sleeping in your room.  He wondered in there this morning complaining about sleeping on the floor," Heer explained.


"Ah yes, I was wondering why he was sleeping on the floor this morning when I woke up.  I guess he wasn't comfortable sharing a bed.  Not that I look forward to it either unless it is with the female persuasion," Ethan replied with a wink.


Heer just gave a polite smile and asked, "So where did you go this morning?"


"Breakfast," Ethan answered holding up the little plastic bags in his hands.  "As you can see or saw in the fridge I don't have much stocked in there."


"Not much of a cook?"


"Oh, I can cook a little.  But living a bachelor type of lifestyle I sometimes get lazy.  The street food here is so cheap that I usually buy my breakfast in the morning.  I go to the market everyday to pick up what I need for other with fresh ingredients is quite amazing...really does have an effect on the food," Ethan explained.


"For someone who's down playing on their cooking sounds like you are actually quite the cook," Heer complimented.


"I suppose.  I guess you will get to see those skills in action later," Ethan replied.


"Wow, so modest," Heer sarcastically responded.


Ethan went about the kitchen opening cabinets and pulling out plates so they could place the breakfast items he had bought on them.  Heer helped him set the table and pour them each a glass of juice.  "Let me go wake up sleeping beauty and so we can enjoy our meal together.  We'll need to stop by the mall and buy you guys some clothes and then go meet my friend to get those identifications done.  We have quite a full day ahead of us," he said.


Rishabh Rampal and Jaywant Malhotra sat outside in the waiting area of the Director of the National Clandestine Service's office.  They both had grim faces and were not particularly happy with the current situation.  A mission was being compromised and two of their agents were running amuck out there doing as they pleased and disregarding protocol.  It was a supervisor's nightmare and grounds for some nasty office politics.  "Director Maan will be able to see you now," the secretary announced as she opened the door to the office ushering them inside.


Balraaj pushed the rim of his glasses back and held a thick folder in one of his hands as the men entered his office.  He gently leaned his back against his chair and in a calm but strong tone said, "I just got off the phone with the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation in India...their agent continues to stick to the same story...there is little evidence to believe otherwise but still it is quite peculiar.  Now, we have two agents who have gone MIA (missing in action).  No word at all?"


"No sir, Agent Deshmukh has not made contact to my division or with the security supervisor," Jaywant reported.


"Agent Maan has not made any contact either," Rishabh replied.


"Do you really believe what the report is shaping out to be to be true?" Jaywant cautiously asked.


"Regardless of what Agent Dupont has stated...Agent  Deshmukh and Agent Maan should have turned themselves in so the agency could have properly dealt with this case but instead they ran off like rookie agents...not the season professionals they are," Rishabh argued.


"But wasn't this case the first case that Agent Maan was acting as the lead?" Jaywant inquired looking at Rishabh.


"Are you questioning Agent Maan's abilities?  She wouldn't have been placed in that position if she didn't met the qualifications.  Or are you questioning my ability to lead?" he snapped.


Jaywant scoffed at his remark.  "I'm merely asking a question don't be so defensive.  There may be a reason why the agents haven't reported in...they could be trying to salvage the case and are trying to resolve the mission on their own."


"We have rules to follow.  They've been completely compromised and not to mention we have a dead CIA agent who has charged something extremely agent of the United States becoming a double agent for another country...this is no laughing matter," Rishabh barked.


Balraaj rubbed his forehead as Jaywant and Rishabh continued to bicker back and forth about protocols and rules.  It was very clear that they stood on opposite ends on the matter.  Jaywant had faith that the agents were trying to complete the mission to solve their way out of the mess while Rishabh wanted to bring them back and go through a proper investigation and trail.  Balraaj sighed and stood up from his chair throwing the folder onto his desk.  "That's enough gentlemen," he stated sternly. 


Rishabh turned and looked at him, "Balraaj, you know this won't look good...if the media gets a hold of the story...the political fallout..."


"I am well aware of the situation," he replied.


"Is that all you care about...the political implications instead of what is really at stake?" Jaywant questioned looking angrily at Rishabh.  "They are our agents...we should be doing all that we can to protect them.  Balraaj, please."


He put his hand up making Jaywant turn silent.  He knew what his duty was and despite his own personal feelings in the matter being a father was secondary at this junction.  Rishabh was correct that in order to salvage what was left of a mission and to prevent further issues they needed to be brought back in.  "Rishabh," he simply stated and gave a soft nod indicating his decision.


Rishabh's jaw tightened trying to suppress the grin that he had won his argument.  He gave a swift nodded and took his leave.  Jaywant looked back and forth between the two men in disbelief.  He quickly left the office and followed behind Rishabh trying to dissuade him of the decision.  "This is wrong."


"This is a direct order from the Director of the NCS.  Stop living in your fantasy world...this is the real world where hard decisions have to be made.  This is the way it has to be," Rishabh said as they continued walking through the back way of the office complex to his office.


"This is the way it has to be?  That's a joke right?  This was your special assignment and you're just going to let it go just like that? " Jaywant replied.


"Are you implying something Agent Malhotra?" Rishabh asked as the turned around.


Jaywant pushed the office door closed so no one else could hear their conversation.  "Office politics...are never far from your mind."


"Heh, you really think I would go that far?  To cause something of this magnitude so I can snatch the position from Balraaj?  You've really lost your mind," Rishabh snickered.  He then pointed his finger at him, "Mind what you say agent...I am your superior officer at the end of the day.  And I would strongly advise you to be careful of what you say and how you say things to me.  It doesn't take much...if you really want to be spending the rest of what little time you have left in this agency by becoming a paper pusher it can be hear me?"


"Crystal clear, sir," Jaywant replied through clenched teeth and then left.


Rishabh walked to his desk and picked up the phone dialing a number.  He waited for the line to be picked up and simply stated, "Flush them out."


Jaywant was seething with anger as he walked back into the main office area of the Domestic Protection Division.  He caught a hold of Preet who was walking back to his desk after taking his lunch.  "Agent Rajput," he commanded.  Preet blinked and wondered what he had done now to be called into the office like that.


"Yes sir," he meekly replied and followed him to his office.


Jaywant closed the door and then eyed him.  "Has Agent Deshmukh contacted you?"


"No sir," he said shaking his head vigorously.  


Jaywant took a long pause before carefully constructing his words to him.  "If and when he does tell no one.  When you go home I suggest you carefully sweep your house...there are people who will be very interested in your friendship with him."


Preet didn't have to think twice about what Jaywant was alluding to.  There had been rumblings in the office that something had happened and things were not looking well for two CIA agents who suddenly disappeared from contact.  He had been praying that it didn't involve Prem but deep down inside he had a feeling.  It was clear that the agency was now on a witch hunt to gather as much evidence on the agents to make a case.  What case were they going to make?  It was still unclear but knowing the history of such things it probably wasn't in favor of the agents.  Preet realized that his relationship with Prem was going to cause the agency to look at him in a different light.  His apartment may be tapped and he may have agents tailing him and tracking his every movement.  The idea of it made his stomach churn uncomfortably.


Ethan sat in his car which was parked across the street from one of the entrances to the museums they were staking out.  He was holding up a newspaper pretending to read it as he secretly scanned his whereabouts.  "How's the view from where you are Old Chap?" he asked through the wireless Bluetooth headset in his ear.


"Not too bad.  Good thing we are starting with one of the smaller museums here.  There are only few points of entry we can use.  When do you think we can get the blueprints?" Prem asked as he looked through his binoculars.  He was crouching down low on a roof top of a building trying to be as discreet as possible.


"We should be able to get them by tomorrow.  The passports and other identification will take some time...we want them done right," Ethan replied.  "How is everything going for you Love?"


Heer grimaced at being referred to in that affectionate way by him but then sighed as she had to admit that he had done a lot for them.  She looked down at what she was wearing; a simple yellow sundress.  They had gone to the mall after breakfast much to Ethan's insistence as he couldn't stand seeing them wear the same outfit two days in a row.  He forced them into getting several outfits and even paid for them simply stating that once Prem had money he was expecting ample compensation.  Of course he had to slip in the line that her clothes were free of charge as no self respecting gentleman could ask for compensation from a damsel in distress. He had to uphold to the code of chivalry.


Heer stood on the street corner pretending she was waiting for a friend to come pick her up.  She held the cell phone lightly in her hand and answered, "They have three backdoor cameras here but that shouldn't be too hard to take care of.  The street corner back here is a bit busy though."


"I'm about done over here," Prem reported through his Bluetooth headset.  "I'm heading back."


"Good, I'm tired of sitting in this car.  We've got a lot accomplished today...let's go get something to eat.  We'll discuss how we are going to approach the other two museums we still need to stakeout.  The National Museum is going to be much area to cover," Ethan said.


"I'm on my way," Heer replied and then hung up her phone.


Prem slowly retreated back into the building and made his way down to the street.  As he was walking across a crosswalk he heard a woman's yell and felt someone roughly pushed pass him.  He looked up to see a man wearing a yellow shirt clutching something in his hands running down the sidewalk.  Prem knew immediately what was going on and made a mad dash towards the man with the yellow shirt.  He shifted his body swiftly through the crowd and barely dodged by a worker carting a load of boxes towards a store.  The men with the yellow shirt kept turning his head back to look behind checking to see who was pursuing him and how far away they were.  He was getting nervous that Prem was gaining on him.  He turn his head forward only in time to see that he was about to run into someone carrying a load of groceries.  He couldn't stop and slammed right into the person.  Prem caught up and was about to grab the man but he was able to quickly roll away.  He dropped what he was holding and took off limping down the street.

Prem heaved heavily and bent down to pick up the purse the man with the yellow shirt had dropped.  He then went and helped the pedestrian who had been knocked down.  He apologized and proceeded to help him pick up his things.  The man nodded realizing what had occurred and made no attempt to yell at Prem but instead thanked him for helping.  "Wow, thank you so much!" a feminine voice greeted to his side.  Prem lifted his head to face the person and stared back in mild shock.  "You?"

"Oh My God?  Who'd would have thought?" the woman replied with great enthusiasm.  Her brown eyes sparkled with gentle mirth as she threw herself onto him hugging him tightly.  Her thick dark brown hair cascaded down her soft shoulders as she playfully tittered side to side in their embrace.


", hello," Prem sputtered unable to register everything that was going on so quickly around him.


"My knight in shining armor," the woman grinned and gave him an impulsive peck on the lips.  "Thanks for getting my purse back.  We always tend to met in such interesting ways don't you think?"


Prem swallowed uncomfortably as he heard Ethan's voice greeting them.  "My, you definitely attract such interesting beauties."  Ethan had seen everything from his car and couldn't believe the boldness of his friend to get involved in stopping a mugger.  He smirked wondering what his relation with this petite woman that had suddenly joined their little group was.  Prem placed his hands on the woman's arms and removed them around his neck.  He saw Heer walking towards them and he could tell by her eyes that she didn't seem very pleased.


"Well, aren't you going to introduce your friend here?" Ethan probed on purpose knowing he was making his friend uncomfortable.


"Sanjan Chopra, a pleasure to meet you," the woman greeted extending her hand out for a handshake.


"Ethan Rhine...British just in case you didn't recognize the accent," he replied taking her hand into his.  "And My Dear I can assure you the pleasure is really all mine."  He bent his head down and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her hand.


Sanjana let out a soft chortle at his comment causing Ethan to grin brightly.  "I do find the British accent to be quiet charming."


"The accent does have its perks but even without it I'm still a pretty charming guy," Ethan said.  "So how do you know Prem here?"


"We worked together a few times," Sanjana explained and then gave a playful smile towards Prem who displayed a nervous one in return.


"Ah, the same line of most of us here," Ethan said.  "What brings you to Thailand?  Work or Play?"


"At the moment play," Sanjana answered.


Prem knew he needed to do something to explain himself to Heer.  He didn't know what exactly she had seen but he knew for certain that she had seen Sanjana give him a kiss.  The look in Heer's eyes was unmistakable; she was not happy.  "Um, Sanjana met..." Prem paused unable to say anything for a few seconds.  He didn't know why his mind went blank and words refused to form out of his mouth.  He didn't know what to really call this relationship he was having with Heer.  They were friends but were becoming more than friends.  It didn't sound right to call her the girl I'm dating but then labeling her as his girlfriend for some reason sparked an uncertain fear in him. 


"Heer Maan," Heer injected quickly saving Prem from the awkward situation he was creating for himself.  "We're co-workers and good friends."


Prem jerked his head at hearing that response from her.   She had placed a definition on their relationship to the public for them.  Ethan stood there with shifty eyes looking between Prem and Heer pondering something deeply. 


"Oh nice to meet you," Sanjana smiled.


"So your purse..." Heer probed.


"It was really silly of me...wasn't paying attention...and I know we're trained better than that but even an agent can have an off day...and from out of nowhere this mugger just came and snatch it away.  I would have caught up to him soon enough but miraculously Prem came and took care of it for me," Sanjana explained.


"Miraculously indeed...Prem's a miracle worker," Heer replied.


Prem felt his stomach do a flip as he could hear the underlying sarcasm in Heer's voice.  His face paled when he heard Ethan invite Sanjana to go have dinner with them.  "My car is this way," Ethan instructed.  "You must have some interesting stories about Prem...would love to hear them over dinner."


"Well," Sanjana paused and gave a flirtatious glanced towards Prem before continuing, "some of them are very interesting but..."    


"You'd have to kill me?" Ethan joked.


"Something like that," Sanjana laughed.


"Then let's leave out work and stick to the ones you can speak about," Ethan replied as he walked away with Sanjana by his side in conversation.


Prem reached out and caught Heer's arm pulling her back.  "Heer, I..."


"You don't have to say anything Prem.  We don't know where this is going so...I'm fine," she replied.


"That kiss...what you saw back there..." Prem fumbled trying to explain his side of the story.  He knew he probably should have acted faster but he was completely caught off guard.  "I..." was about all he could say when Ethan suddenly called telling them to hurry up.


"Let's go...they're waiting," Heer simply replied and twisted her arm away from him. 


Sanjana yawned sleepily as she sat at the dining table going over the information with the gang about the case.  When Prem started probing her if there were any special bulletins or warnings being sent out by the CIA during dinner she knew something was up.  Eventually the details of the situation were carefully explained to her and she agreed to help them even at the cost of her position.  She knew Prem wasn't the type of person to throw himself into the line of fire unless there was a just cause to do so.  His friend was being unfairly framed for something she didn't do.  Sanjana reasoned that they would need someone on the inside to help them track the CIA's movements and make sure they were one step ahead of them.  Being an active field agent in the field made it less tricky as opposed to having someone in the main office where all eyes would be watching like hawks.


"It's getting rather late..." Ethan said looking at his watch.  It was 1am in the morning.  "We can take another look at this with fresh eyes tomorrow morning."


Prem rubbed his eyes and nodded, "We need those blueprints to be able to see if any of our ideas will work."


"Thank you all," Heer said.


"Don't worry Love...we'll find what we need," Ethan encouraged.  He then looked at Sanjana who was collecting her things.  "Why don't you just stay over?  There's plenty of room.  By the time you go back to your hotel it will be 2am."


"Plenty of room?  Where?" Prem inquired.


"Well, if Heer doesn't mind sharing the bed in the masters..." Ethan lightly suggested.  "Or I don't mind a bedmate switch...what do you say Love?"

Heer's eyes widen and gawked at his suggestion while Prem narrowed his and gave a blazing intense glare at his English friend.  "I mean...Princess," Ethan corrected playing it off that he had not seen Prem's deadly stare.  "Two beautiful women in my presence I can get rather tongue-tied."


Sanjana lightly shook her head with a grin at his suggestion knowing he was referring to her.  "It's okay I don't want to impose," she replied.  "I don't want to take space away from Heer."


"It is late.  I don't mind.  It's a rather large queen sized can hold both of us just fine," Heer said.


Prem's eyes flexed at her unable to believe that she was willing to allow Sanjana to stay overnight with them.  He inwardly sighed to himself as he really wanted to talk with her and straighten things out.  He knew despite the reassuring words she was saying that she understood and wasn't blaming him she was still bothered by his reactions.  He needed to talk her about his complicated relationship with Sanjana.


"Well then off to bed then Old Chap?" Ethan nudged as he put his arm around Prem and made him walk into the guest bedroom. 


The girls exchanged polite smiles and went into the master bedroom ready for a night's good rest.  But Heer knew that her sleep was going to be restless because deep down inside she felt slightly threatened by Sanjana's presence.  It was clear that she knew Prem really well and from her behavior she could tell there probably had been some sort of romantic relationship at one point in time between them.  Sanjana would gently touch his shoulder or arm while speaking to him crossing that thin line between respecting one's personal space and going over it.  Prem had been relatively silent during all of this.  It irked Heer to no end that he was somewhat allowing it happen but she knew that she was partly to blame for introducing herself to Sanjana as just a "friend."


Prem shifted agitatedly in his bed.  He frowned at his companion who was sleeping serenely with his arm wrapped around a pillow.  Prem had stuffed a pillow between them so he wouldn't end up being snuggled to death by his male friend.  It had worked to keep Ethan off of him but he still couldn't fall asleep as his mind wandered restlessly thinking about things.  He sighed and got out of bed to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  As he silently opened the door he could hear the sounds of someone moving about the kitchen.  His eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room and he saw Heer standing in front of the refrigerator pulling out the container of purified water.  Prem stealthy crept up behind and put one hand around her waist while the other cupped her mouth preventing her from letting out a scream and whispered, "Hey..."


Heer had stiffened at the unexpected contact but the minute she heard Prem's voice she relaxed.  She felt him gently nuzzling her ear causing her to melt into his embrace.  But she knew she couldn't allow that occur.  There were some things that needed to be cleared.  "Prem, I can't pour water if you don't me go," she whispered.


Prem reluctantly let her go and grabbed a glass for himself so he could get some water as well.  "I couldn't sleep."


Heer finished pouring the water and placed the container on the counter.  "I was thirsty."


Prem knew the brevity of her words meant she was upset about something.  "I think I need to explain something...Sanjana and I worked on several missions together..."  He paused to allow Heer to put the water away so he could speak directly to her.


Heer took a long sip of water and then looked at Prem indicating she was ready to listen to what he had to say.  "We became really close...romantically involved.  It was one of those on and off types of things.  We see each other...hook up and then when the mission was over and we had to part ways we sort of left it like that until we saw each other again.  But after awhile a relationship like that wears on you...and it sort of fades away.  I'll have a talk with her."


"Do what you have to do Prem," Heer stated and turn to walk away.


Prem furrowed his eyebrows not understanding why she was still acting this way.  He thought he was clearing things but evidently there was still something bothering her.  He grabbed her arm and pulled her back.  Heer shifted her head away as if avoiding his gaze.  With his index finger and thumb he gently captured her chin and turned her towards him.  "Pumpkin?"


Unfortunately their moment was interrupted when they heard the sound of a bedroom door opening.  They both immediately parted ways and looked to see who it was.  Sanjana sleepily rubbed her eyes and mumbled, "Oh, I was just going to get a glass of water."


Prem swallowed uncomfortably as Heer simply left the room without a word.  He wondered if she was doing it so he could talk to Sanjana.  But considering Sanjana's state and the time he figured it would be better if he had that conversation with her when she was more awake.  "Um, goodnight."  Sanjana smiled not realizing there was something wrong and went to the refrigerator to get herself some water.  


I think that chapter speaks for itself.  Heer is starting to worry about where her relationship is going with it lust or love?  Prem is having trouble overcoming his fear of losing Heer not realizing what he is doing is not helping the situation.  Relationships get tricky no?

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ohh...ohh....sanjana is a problem now...Sleepy

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...Pwincess... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 2:52am | IP Logged
get Sanjana out of here please
shes getting in their way
and Ethan is just hilarious
Dont let premeers relationship weaken coz of sanjana
Please update soon

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Aymee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Great update Grace.
This was a very interesting chapter.  So many developements are going on for Prem and Heer professional and personally.
Professionally:  I loved how Rishab and Jaywant fought about their agents in regards to what they should do with them and their mission.  I am glad to see Jaywant really concerned about not only about Prem but also Heer.  I hope he and Preet will find them and help them get Heer's name cleared.  I really enjoyed this part.
Personally:  Well, it looks like it is Prem's turn with his past love to show up.  I understand Heer being upset especially after seeing Sanjana kissing Prem.  I really do hope Prem and Heer will have a chance to talk, sort out their feelings for each other and finally realize how much these two love each other.
Thank you for the PM.  I am looking forward to your next chapter.

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