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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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So I'm back before the week has finished with another update.  Some people were dying for me to post so here you go.

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Mission 15: Meeting New Acquaintances


Heer sat on the bed watching TV waiting for Prem to come out of the bathroom.  She was feeling happy and content after the rest they had gotten.  It was nice that they had a regular sized bed to sprawl out on and sleep in.  Sleeping on a cramped single sized bed on the ship had gotten harder as the days passed because of the lack of space.  Eventually someone always ended up with a sore neck or back the next morning.  Heer flexed her legs and then suddenly felt a tight excruciating pain radiating from her left calf muscle.  She wallowed in agony as she tittered over on the bed clutching a pillow tightly in an effort to control the pain she was feeling.  She didn't know how long the sharp pulsing ache was going to last as she lay there ridge afraid to move.  It seemed like it just wouldn't stop and seemed to be increasing even more.  She was oblivious to what was going around her and had no clue that Prem had finally come out of the bathroom.  He spotted her immediately on the bed groaning in pain.  He was by her side inspecting her trying to figure out what was the matter.  "Heer?" he asked with great concern.  "What's hurting?"


"My leg..." she hoarsely replied.


"Which one?  This one?" Prem inquired as he began massaging her leg.


"Left...the calf...oh hurts..." she cried.


Prem immediately held her left leg and pulled it straight causing Heer to panic.  "You have to stretch it.  If you don't it will just continue to hurt.  I think you have a charley horse...muscle cramp in your calf."  Prem carefully extended her leg and then placed his hand around the sole of the foot and moved it up straight and stretched it towards her.  "Feeling better?"  The only response he received was a whimpered sounding yes.  He held her foot for a few more seconds before he let it go and then tenderly massaged her calf.  Heer inhaled sharply at his actions.  "Sorry.  Trying to make it less sore for you."


Heer wiped the tears from her eyes and sniffled.  "I was afraid to move.  The more I tried to do something the more it hurt."


"I know.  I've gotten them before...they can be really painful," Prem said as he continued to massage her leg.  "But I found if you stretch it like this with your feet pointing towards you it will go away.  I think that should do it."


"Thanks," Heer said as he let go of her calf.  He then moved over to her head and gave her a kiss on the forehead causing her to smile.  "What was that for?"


"For the pain..." Prem replied. "But you handled that pretty well so, you deserve another one."  He placed another kiss but when he lifted his lips from her forehead and began to pull back he felt a hand holding onto his shirt.  His eyes shifted downwards and caught the unmistakable look in Heer's hazel eyes.  He grinned, "Yes?"


"I think you deserve a reward," she slyly smiled as her hand cupped his cheek and gingerly pulled him down.


"I like rewards," Prem smirked as he began to slowly close his eyes.  Their noses brushed against each other as their breath mingled sensuously with one another.  He felt Heer delicately pressing her lips together kissing the top of his lip, the corner of his mouth, his bottom lip, and his chin before resting them fully on his mouth.  Prem whined at how light her kisses were and hungered for more.  He could feel her grinning at his response.  Heer slithered her hands to the nape of his neck and tenderly grabbed his hair letting him know she wasn't done with him just yet.  Prem parted his lips as he felt the pressure increasing from her soft pink ones.  They surrendered themselves kissing passionately before slowly pulling away trying to maintain their boundaries.  Their eyes were still closed relishing in the moment of what transpired between them.  Prem breathed deeply while Heer tenderly brushed her nose against his.  "I wish I could get more rewards like that," Prem softly whispered.


"If you continue doing things like that for me you will," Heer replied.


"Is there anywhere else that hurts?" Prem ventured roguishly.


"You wish..." Heer chortled warmly.  She felt Prem's hand travel from her thigh on up towards her lower waist.  She inhaled deeply the minute his fingers made contact on her skin.  Before she could protest he sealed his mouth with hers willing her to give in and let him explore.  Heer reached down and grabbed a hold of his wrist in what Prem thought was a gesture to stop him.  Instead he was met with mild surprise as she guided his hand towards areas she didn't mind him exploring.  Prem grinned as she moaned into his mouth.  The reaction only intensified the kissing session they were having.  Their body temperatures were rising and they shifted themselves into a more intimate position; teasing each other with what they really wanted to do but still within the barriers they had agreed upon.  Heer suddenly groaned and pushed Prem away as her calf muscle contracted tightly.  "Ahhhh, my leg again."


Prem immediately pulled his hand out of her bra and sat back up and went to her left leg.  He held the sole of her foot and pushed it towards her stretching out her muscle.  "I guess we got a little too worked up," Prem joked.  "Your leg needed to remind us..."


Heer cracked a weary giggle.  "I suppose so.  Why am I getting these muscle cramps?  I haven't been exercising...we've been trapped in a ship for a week."


"Maybe you're a little dehydrated...low on potassium?  We really haven't had a proper meal...nice fresh hot food...we've been rationing and eating cold leftovers," Prem reasoned.          


Heer sat up and adjusted her bra and shirt.  Her stomach gurgled loudly causing her to blush.  "All this talk about food has made me hungry."


"Yeah, let's go and get something to eat," Prem replied as he helped her off the bed.  "Can you walk?"


Heer tenderly placed her foot down and took a step.  She immediately grimaced and hobbled around limping slightly.  "I'll manage," she said answering the concern look on Prem's face.  "It will work it's self sort of stretches when I walk around."


"Okay, but if it hurts too much let me know.  I'll give you a piggy back ride."


"I'll be fine," Heer said as she slipped on her socks and shoes.  Prem put on his socks and shoes as well and then offered his hand.  Heer smiled as their fingers intertwined into a hold and walked hand and hand out of their motel room. 


Once out on the street they hailed down a tuk tuk, a Thai auto rickshaw to take them into town.  Prem was able to successfully bargain with the driver to take them to a local street market at a reasonable price than the one initially stated.  Heer was quite impressed with his skills and relaxed a bit knowing he would be able to get them around to where they needed to go.  They walked along the roadway inspecting the various vegetable and meat stalls.  It was always a very curious thing to see the types of produce and other delicacies the people of a country ate.  As they walked further in they noticed a long line of street vendors on the left side of the road.  The aroma perfuming the air was filled with exotic and pungent flavors; the sweet, the sour, the bitter, the salty, and the spicy.  They stopped at a vendor who was making noodles.  The limey-peanuty smell was intoxicating.


Heer automatically tugged at Prem's arm indicating she'd love to try whatever it was the man was cooking.  Prem grinned and nodded his head.  He went up to the vendor and tried his best to communicate with him what he wanted.  He went with his words instead of pointing at what he and Heer wanted to eat.  The cook stared at him and made a face like he wanted Prem to repeat what he had said.  Prem steady repeated his words but this time with more strength to them.  The vendor gave a smile which Prem smiled in returned hoping he understood him.  Then suddenly the man brandished out his butcher knife and had this enraged expression on his face.  "Oh sh**!" Prem shouted as he panicked and turned grabbing Heer's hand as they made a run for it.  The vendor chased them out of his stall shouting obscenities at them as a crowd of onlookers looked on wondered what was going on.


"What did you say to him?" Heer asked.


"Well, I thought I was ordering us two bowls of noodles...obviously that wasn't what he heard," Prem replied and then gave a reflected look.  "Or did I call his mother an unpleasant name and ordered him to give me her along with a side of noodles?  Huh, that would be bad if I" 


"If I was him I think I would have reacted the same way," Heer replied.  Prem rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.  "I'm really hungry and I want something eat...those noodles looked really good too," she pouted.


"I'm sorry Pumpkin...let's try another vendor...I'll be better this time," Prem said and walked to another stall with an elderly woman cooking.  He cautiously said hello and then started pointing at what she was cooking on the grill top.  He used the short vocabulary words that he knew like chicken, rice, and eat instead of full sentences.  The lady smiled and nodded her head enthusiastically and motioned for them to sit down.


"You not from here," the lady said in her broken English.


"You speak English?" Prem asked with surprise.


"Little.  Not very gooda," she replied.  "What want?"


"Kai satay (chicken satay) and khao phat (fried rice)?" Prem hesitantly replied.




"Yes, thank you," Prem sighed in relief that she understood what he wanted.


"Cha yen?"  Prem looked wide eyed at the vendor lady trying to understand what she meant by that word.  She imitated holding a cup and tilted her head back in a drinking motion.  She then pointed to the stall next to hers who was serving some Thai drinks. 


"Oh, iced tea?" Prem replied realizing what she meant.  He wasn't quite sure where the drink vendor got his ice from and wanted to be safe so he shook his head, "Um, nam kowat?  Bottled water."


The lady smiled, "Okay...I back."  She then yelled at the vender next door to hers and ordered them two bottle waters.  The man nodded acknowledging her request and came over to Prem and Heer's table handling them two ice cold bottles of water.


"Khorb koon (thank you)," Prem replied.


"My wife," the man grinned pointing to himself and then to lady who was cooking their food.


"Oh..." Prem and Heer both nodded in understanding.  Prem pointed to the man and his wife and made the okay sign.  "Good match."


"Thank you," the man smiled.  "Me...Kiet...wife...Lawan."


"Sawasdee krab Kiet (nice to meet you Kiet)," Prem replied.


"Nice meet you," Kiet answered.  "Wife...very good cook.  You enjoy!"


"I'm sure she smells wonderful...duumuan aroi na (looks delicious), Prem said.  Kiet smiled proudly and then went back to his drink stall.


"Well, this time was definitely much better," Heer said happily.  "If you insulted her or her family you would not only be chased by Lawan but Kiet as well."


"What do you mean me?" Prem asked as he opened up his bottle of water.  "You're with me."


"But I'm not the one who said those things.  I wouldn't have to run for my life," Heer teased.


"Ahhhh...Ha-Ha...but you do realize I have all the money so even if you didn't run how would you get something to eat?  Hmmm?" Prem retorted.


"I'd just take the money from your pockets after they've beaten you up," Heer simply stated.


"You're so cold," Prem replied.  "You would really let me get pummeled?"


"I'm hungry," Heer said.


"Well, at least I know what your priorities are," Prem dryly remarked.


"All right...maybe after I ate I would come back and take you to the hospital," Heer said.


"Thank you for your concern."


"Anytime," Heer teasingly giggled.


It wasn't long before Lawan came back to serve them their food.  They ate happily and then softly talked about what they needed to do and where they needed to go next.  After paying the bill Prem and Heer thanked Lawan and Kiet and bid a fond farewell to the old couple.  They left the market and grabbed a tuk tuk to go to another corner of the city.


Heer followed Prem into a pool hall that was filled with interesting characters to say the least.  It wasn't exactly the safest place to be for a woman.  Prem knew but he wasn't overly concern because he knew Heer could swiftly take care of anyone who tried anything with her.  Heer tried to shrug off the stares and whispers that were going on behind her back.  She sighed at the lewd and immature behavior of some of the men in the room.  She stood next to Prem while he made some inquiries with the bartender about some of the people he use to know who frequented the joint.  The bartender shook his head indicating he had no clue.  Prem slipped him some money and a piece of paper with a cell phone number thanking him for his time.  The bartender nodded his head understanding his meaning and indicated he would call if he heard anything.


Prem and Heer exited the pool hall and walked along the sidewalk to their next location.  "How much money do we have left?" Heer asked.


"We're getting pretty thin.  We had to buy the cell phone so whoever we talked to could get in touch with us.  Good thing cell phones are cheap here," Prem replied.  "I'm not sure if we have enough to get a room tonight.  Don't worry I'll think of something."


"I know you will.  I just realized we don't have any passports or identification on us...nothing," Heer said.


"It's a good thing.  If we can't afford to be caught with those items on us...the agency would be using those things to track us.  We've disappeared for least for the time being until they decide what they want to do.  We could have Interpol breathing down our necks any minute if they really wanted to find us," Prem replied.  "In the meantime we need to get organized."


"Should we go to an internet cafe to see what is on the flash drive I picked up from Kundra's office?" Heer asked.


"I knew you picked up something when you went back into the office," Prem grinned.  "Dev didn't find it and let you walk away with it did he?"


"Only female officers frisk other females," Heer explained.  She then gave knowing smirk, "And surprisingly they didn't frisk me.  So to answer your question Dev did not stick his hands on me nor did I allow him to do anything either."


"That's nice to know," Prem answered trying to hide the satisfaction that she had been faithful to him.  "Did you get to sit in a comfy office while I was on the hard cement floor of the jail cell?"


"No, I was stick in the interrogation room," Heer replied.  "Stop asking these stupid questions...and answer the one I asked."


"Well, that would be a good idea but I'm concern about viruses and malware...I don't want to get the flash drives infected and corrupt the data," Prem answered.


"That's like a small chance."


"I know but we can't afford any chances considering we haven't found any of my contacts that could help us out and get us more information," Prem reasoned.  "Oh, here it is...try not to make a scene."


"What do you mean by that?" Heer inquired.


"I know it will be very hard for you to resist punching some of these guys who are going to hit on you...but you know...I kind of need to talk to the bartender before a massive fight breaks out."


Heer gave a huffed chuckle, "Okay fine.  I'll try to control myself."


"Thanks," Prem grinned and opened the door for her to enter first.


Several hours later Prem and Heer were sitting in a little cafe with serious faces contemplating what they should do.  They were unsuccessful in finding any of Prem's previous contacts.  Some of them had left town while the others no one knew their whereabouts.  Prem sighed as he swirled his straw around in his half filled glass of Thai ice tea.  "I'm sorry..."


"Don't be silly...there is nothing to be sorry about.  We'll just have to figure something else out.  I'd hate to think that two very capable agents can't accomplish what needs to be done...we've been trained to do certain things for a reason.  It's going to be all right," Heer said.


Prem chuckled, "Now it's your turn to do the pep talk?"


"Of course...if one of us is feeling down it's up to the other to cheer the other one up.  That's what friends do you know."


"Best friends," Prem replied causing Heer to smile.  "Well, in that cause...let's go get something to eat."


"Maybe we should save what we have left and use it for the motel tonight," Heer suggested.


"But we need to eat.  Finding a place to crash for the night will be easier to find then trying to get food if we don't have enough money.  I don't want to waste what money we have left on one night at a motel when we can use that to get several meals for ourselves.  The street food is really cheap here and the quality of the food is just as good as any regular restaurant," Prem reasoned.


"Okay, I see your point," Heer nodded.  "I guess we should enjoy this air conditioning while it lasts."


"Well, at least we took a shower this morning," Prem said.  "Though I suspect from all the walking we did and the heat...we're not so fresh anymore." 


"We still have our toilettes with us," Heer said holding up the plastic bag by her side.


"Heh, I guess if you don't mind taking cold showers in the alleyway..." Prem chuckled.


"What are you going to do steal someone's bucket and their hose?" Heer inquired sarcastically.


"If we have to."  He caught the face she made at his suggestion and added, "Hey, when you're desperate you'll do anything."


"Speaking from experience?" Heer replied with her eyebrows raised.   


"Something like that."


Prem quickly finished his tea and then got up from their table.  Heer followed behind and they exited the cafe.  As they walked down the street they saw that the sun was already beginning to set.  They stopped at a crosswalk and waited for the signal to change.  Prem felt an uneasy presence as he stood there waiting.  He felt as if someone was staring at him.  He cautiously turned his head and shifted his eyes around inspecting the area around him.  But all he saw were the locals and a handful of tourists busily chatting or patiently waiting for the stoplight to change.  He pondered briefly and then faced forward again.  The light switched and he walked across the road at a slower pace than Heer and the rest of the crowd.  As the throng slowly dispersed away from him, he felt something hard pressed against his back.  "Make a left into the alleyway," a voice whispered.  Prem smirked and did as he was instructed to do. 


Once in the alleyway he stood still and waited to see what the man who had taken him hostage wanted.  "Empty your wallet."


"I hate to tell you this but I don't have a wallet.  I got no cash," Prem simply replied.


"Everyone says that when they get robbed.  You're on vacation how can you not have any money?"


"Guess it's just your dumb luck you picked someone to rob who doesn't have any money on them," Prem answered.  He felt the back of his shirt being yanked as he was pushed forcefully forward.  He seized the moment and swiftly shifted his leg backwards knocking the man down to the ground.  He turned around and kicked the gun away from the robber's hands.  The robber got up from his feet and got into a fighting stance.  He was slightly taller than Prem and had short dirty blonde hair and ice blue eyes.  "Bring it on," Prem taunted.  The man grinned showing his dimples and lunged forward with a quick punch which was carefully blocked. 


They fought in the middle of the alleyway exchanging a series of punches and kicks; both trying to gain the upper hand on each other.  The robber eventually knocked Prem down and then proceeded to drag him back up and put him into a choke hold.  Prem grabbed at the man's arms trying to unwrapped them from around his neck.  He shifted all of his body weight to the right and slammed the robber into a wall.  He could hear the man wheeze as the air got knocked out of him.  Prem stumbled away from the wall and turned around to see Heer with her plastic bag in her hand ready to use it like a weapon against the robber.  Prem watched as the man got socked in the head with the bag and went down on his knees cradling his head.  Just as Heer was about to kick the man and knock him unconscious Prem shouted, "Wait, wait, wwwait!  It's's okay...I know him."


Heer froze in her position and stared at him in disbelief.  "What?"


"Oohhh, my head," the man groaned in a British accent.  "What the hell was I hit with?"


"Don't mess with a bottle of shampoo, a bar of soap, and a tube of toothpaste," Prem chuckled breathlessly.  "Ethan, what the f...the choke hold...seriously?"


"You started it with the below the belt move...if I can't have children...I'm going to blame it on you," he replied.       


"What are you doing in Thailand?" Prem asked.   


"My question to you as well," Ethan replied.  "Last I heard you were running around in Morocco."


"Would you mind explaining what is going on?  What kind of friend decides to get into a fist fight with his friend?" Heer asked.


Ethan turned around and smiled, "Ethan Rhine...British just in case you didn't recognize the accent.  Pleasure to meet you."  Heer stared at him with an annoyed expression on her face as he did a gentleman's bow in front of her.  "Hmmm...usually get a better reaction than this.  Not even a slight chuckle?" Ethan asked sheepishly.


"That British accent bit is totally expected ever girl to laugh at that joke?" Heer replied.


"Most girls do actually," Ethan replied.  "You know...they just seem to adore the whole Hugh Grant and Jude Law vibe I give off...the roguish English gentleman type."  Heer just looked at him with a disgusted look on her face while he gave her his smoldering smirk. 


"Okay, British Romeo...don't go crazy trying to impress her...she doesn't like fall for that type of stuff," Prem said.


"She's a bit of prude then?" Ethan whispered to his friend holding his hand in front of his mouth in an effort to make sure Heer didn't hear what he was saying.


"I'm no prude Mr. Rhine!" Heer shouted.


"Oh d**n she heard.  She's got great ears," Ethan mumbled.  He then stared at her and smiled, "I apologize for calling you that.  Forgive me.  You know you're quite beautiful when you're angry...that fire in your eyes makes you quite ravishing."  Prem couldn't help but find this whole situation amusing.  The facial expressions Heer was giving Ethan were hilarious.  The more he tried to lay on his British Romeo act the more repulsed Heer was becoming.


"Are you MI6?" Heer inquired ignoring his flirty remark.


"Oh Bloody No!  Christ what is with her?  Where exactly did you pick up someone like her?" Ethan asked.


"He works for a special agency that does from time to time work with MI6 and Interpol," Prem explained.  "So, I guess you could say he's a bit of a mercenary."


"We handle all the cases that the government agencies don't have time to deal with...some of them are the heartwarming reuniting families...breaking innocent people out of prison...but we also do our fair share of dirty work much like the lovely CIA, MI6, CBI, etcetera do," Ethan elaborated.  "You know I've talked a lot about myself and I know him so the proper thing to do is to tell me who you are."


"Heer Maan, CIA," Heer straightforwardly answered.


"She's very direct too...hmmm," Ethan muttered to Prem.


Heer crossed her arms and glared at Ethan.  "You do realize I can hear you."


"My apologies," Ethan replied.  He then directed his attention to Prem.  "So, you liked my American accent?  Had you fool didn't I?"


"Yes, you did," Prem answered.


"I saw you as I was walking towards the cafe you guys came out of...followed you a couple of blocks down and then decided to surprise you.  Your reflexes are still pretty good, Old Chap," Ethan said.


"Thank you...not so bad yourself."


"We'll now that we've all met properly...a celebratory dinner I think is in order for this little union?  My treat by the way.  And we can also find out what we are both doing in Thailand...what say?" Ethan suggested.  Prem grinned and then looked at Heer who nodded.  "Excellent, now that Princess has agreed let's go."


"Excuse me I would prefer it if you didn't call me Princess," Heer replied.


"Oh, I see...would you prefer Love?  No?  Dear?  Darling?" Ethan inquired.


Heer shook her head profusely and exclaimed, "Nooo, I don't even know you."   


"All right...I'll drop the names for today," Ethan replied.


Heer just rolled her eyes and then looked at Prem wondering why he wasn't saying anything.  "It's a habit of his...he calls everyone a name."  She sighed and turned around walking out of the alley.


"Are you seriously shagging her?" Ethan inquired in a hush voice to Prem.


He narrowed his eyes and frowned at what his friend was inferring to and the way he was disrespecting their relationship.  "And you wonder why you end up getting slapped by the woman you date."


"I thought I was being polite...I could have used a far more vulgar term.  But never mind...everyone has their type.  Didn't mean to offend Old Chap," Ethan said and placed his hand on his shoulder.  "Let's go before she runs away."


Prem and Heer sat in the living room of Ethan's rented apartment.  Over the course of dinner they found out that Ethan was on vacation from his agency.  He had only been in Thailand for a month and was here to recharge his batteries as he put it.  But he was more than willing to provide them a place of shelter and help them with their task.  As special agent himself he couldn't resist the temptation of getting involved with some mission.  


"Well, dare I say you two have got yourselves in a situation but the first thing to do is to get some fake identification made...passports and licenses.  If something should happen it won't be good if you can't be identified...makes the police even more suspicious.  I'll also speak to a couple of my contacts about this Dimitri Belova and Sergei Nemov.  That flash drive you took from Kundra's office mentioned some museums here in town," Ethan said.


"Well, I guess it makes sense since we told Sergei that our museum was interested in putting up an Asian art exhibit," Heer replied.


"We'll have to do some reconnaissance at the museum then," Prem added.  "If Kundra was in on it maybe these other museum directors are too or at least someone else in the museum.  I think it's a safe bet to make that they are making replicas or copies of some of the art pieces and smuggling things inside of"


"Computer discs or flash drives with viruses," Ethan continued.  "I heard about the rumors on that virus from The Agency...nasty piece of software...if that fell into the wrong hands...I shudder to think what could happen."


"There is a lot we need to figure out," Heer sighed.


"We'll think a lot better when we get a good night's rest," Ethan replied as he got up.  "Let me go get some clothes for you two.  Heer you can have the master."


"It's okay I can sleep in the guest room..." she protested.


"No, I insist.  You take the master and us boys will bunk in the guest room.  Just let me get changed and grab a few things," Ethan said.  "I'll be right back."


Prem and Heer both turned and looked at each other.  They had gotten use to sleeping in the same bed that they felt an unknown sense of lost in the sleeping arrangements.  "Well, I guess it is better this way," Heer said.


"For who?" Prem asked.


"Both of us.  We don't have to worry about anything."


"We've been pretty good.  I'll just tell Ethan that we'll take the guest room," Prem replied.


"No temptations Prem," Heer simply stated.


"Temptations?  What temptations?" he smirked.  "You mean something like this?"


Heer put her hands on his chest trying to stop him from leaning forward but all it succeeded in doing was slowly laying her down on the couch.  "Prem..." she whispered as his face came dangerously close to hers.


"Sshh," Prem hushed.  "Let me give you a goodnight kiss at least."  Heer automatically closed her eyes waiting for him to close the distance between them.  His lips were only millimeters away when they heard Ethan yelling from his room, "I'm done..."  Prem and Heer immediately separated from each other not wanting to be caught in an intimate position.


"Room's all yours Heer," Ethan smiled not knowing what had almost transpired between the two.  "Prem got you a shirt and boxers...I think they should fit you all right...please tell me you don't sleep in the nude.  I don't want any surprises...had an unpleasant experience once with a chap from France..."


"Uh, thanks for the clothes," Prem hesitantly replied not really knowing how to respond to the last statement he had made.   


"Goodnight," Heer politely smiled and left the room to go to the masters.


"Goodnight," Ethan said and turned towards the guest room.  Prem grumbled under his breath and with hunched shoulders followed his friend into their room.


Thanks for reading.

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The update was fantastic ....
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this was gr8...:D.......they got a place to stay...good....Big smile

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that was a stupendo fantabulous update totally lubd it.......and the ahem part too.......:)do update soon

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Great part, atleast prem and heer found a place to crash, and someone to help them :D
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Great update Grace.
I couldn't stop laughing when Prem got in trouble with the vendor.  Poor Prem and Heer running for their lives.  After their escape, their conversation was hilarious especially when Heer said that she will help him up after she was done eating.  LOL
Ethan is one bold man LOL, it is a good thing Heer didn't fall for his charms.  When he asked Prem if he was "shagging" her, I thought for sure Heer heard that comment and get first hand experience (just like Prem) of her beatings.  I guess it was a good thing for Ethan that she didn't hear that.  I laughed so much with that line.  LOL
Awww, I feel bad for Prem and Heer because they have to sleep in seperate rooms.  How cute are they Big smile
Thank you for the PM.  I am looking forward to your next update.

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Hey i have updated my post in prev. page...

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
awsum update luved it...!!!!! prem n heer's romance was awsum..!!
bechara prem heer  ko gundnite kiss nahi de paya!!
aawww sad dat they r sleep away,! i thnk prem wil sneak out n go to heer's room..!!!!
awsum update...!!!! thx for da pm..!! update the nxt part soon plz..!

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