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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by ...Harshiti...

Hey Grace, How you doing?
Okay so as you knw I had alot of things to catch up on as i was quiet late to come hereOuch and I'm also getting alot of school work these days so I just finished reading your Pee lon, and What do i say you are an awesome writer...seriously sometimes I think they should have hired you for Kis desh ...LOLLOLLOL

I f I start commenting on Each chapter you'll probably have tonnes of pages to read cause I just loved it! So to summarize it I loved all premeer scenes some were so sweet and some sooo naughty BlushingBlushing and again as i said for your other FF you express all the amotions so well!

Hated prem at the beginning for being such an idiot! but they say end is well so all is well!Big smile and I'm glad heer trusted him and gave him another chance in which he proved that he truly loved herEmbarrassed and gaytriAngry (lets just leave her LOL, cuz she was ok later on)

and and and awwwwwwwww premeer kids were so cute I loved their names and all the naughty things they did. There all such a cute family, how you showed the bonding betweern premeer and their kids was amazing Clap.

Oh the most funny part I found in your FF was prem fainting again and again. lolxx LOL that was hilarious

Thank-you grace for writing such awesome FF's for us! Truly appreciated Smile
Now I'm gonna start reading At first sight and m sure u'll surprise me again.....I'm going to try and catch up on you ASAP. but I have alot of work and projects from school these daysOuch and once I do read it I shall comment and tell you how much I loved itTongue sorry for the delayConfused

ClapClapClap (thses are for ur awesome work)

Hi Abby,

Thank you so much for commenting on Pee Loon.  I'm glad you liked the SS.  Yes, that SS was a bit of a spicy Premeer romance...sweet n spicy Embarrassed.  I loved the family scenes the most with Leher and Ishaan and later little Chahat...had the most fun writing those scenes.  Indeed, they are such a cute family.

Take care.  Good luck in your studies and projects.

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r u updating now waitingggggg

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Thank you to all that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

I know a lot of you are busy with school and life in general so I really appreciate it when you are able to say a few words. 

So I know I left the last chapter at a very interesting junction Tongue Embarrassed is the continuation...

From the previous chapter:

Prem hunched over the sink and let the water gently fill his cupped hands.  He carefully brought it up and splashed it against his face.  He then wiped some residual water around the front and back of his neck.  He and Heer were surprised to find two toothbrushes, a small tube of toothpaste, and a bar of soap in the plastic bag that Johnnie had given them.  He was thankful for it and knew there was always a reason why he went to him for help.  Prem cautiously sniffed his raised arm and grimaced at the odor.  It would be awhile before they would be able to take a shower and he didn't want to stink up their small room.  Without much thought he stripped his blue shirt off his torso and hanged it on a little hook by the sink.  He took off the white undertank he had been wearing under his shirt and proceeded to soaked it in the running facet.  He rubbed the bar of soap across the cloth and started to give himself a light wash. 


Heer had been inspecting the food items that Johnnie had gotten them and was finding a place to put them.  She was glad that the room was actually well air-conditioned.  She touched the top of a metal vent not quite sure what it was for but was happy that it was relatively cool.  She placed the parathas that were wrapped in aluminum foil on the flat top of the vent and then wrapped the pickle container in the plastic bag and placed it next to the parathas.  As she turned around to find a place to put the water bottle she saw Prem standing over the sink washing himself with his white undertank.  She couldn't help but watch him run the cloth along the front of his chest noting the way the streaks of water gently rolled down his firm muscles and soaked into the waistband of his shorts.  She could see the waistband of his boxers peeking out along his back when he bent over to soak his makeshift wash cloth with more water.  As Prem twisted to his left moving the damp cloth along the side of his body she could see his beautiful cutlines; the area that separates the torso from the hips.  She felt slightly ashamed that she was ogling him so badly but she couldn't help it.  He was giving her a free show after all, since he decided to start washing himself while she was still in the room.  Her eyes sparked in alarm when he suddenly lifted his head and caught her staring at him.  They both swallowed uncomfortably and turned their heads away.

Mission 14: Traveling

"Um...I...was just..." Prem stuttered.


"I to...why are you washing yourself in front of me?" Heer managed to ask as she stood with her back towards him.


"I I didn't want to offend you with my odor," Prem explained. 


Heer's eyes flexed at his comment and realized he thought of something she didn't.  She gently lowered her head and raised her arm in a way that made it seem like she was flexing her arm and sniffed.  She frowned and thought maybe she should do the same thing that Prem was doing.  "Well, tell a person you're doing that before you do it.  I thought you were trying to take a shower while I was in the room."


"Sorry," Prem apologized.


"Are you almost done?"


"Yeah, about done," Prem replied as he quickly washed his right side and then both his armpits.  He then washed his tank top and squeezed it dry.  "You can turn around now."


Heer turned around and sighed.  "Prem your shorts are all wet."


"I'll be all right," he replied as he looked down. 


Heer scanned the room trying to find a suitable place to put the water bottle.  She walked towards a little circle looking metal half pipe thing jutting out from the wall and inspected it.  The circular hole was big enough to hold the large water bottle and the pipe was filled so the bottle wouldn't fall to the floor.  She smiled and placed the water bottle into the circle.  While she was doing this Prem was busy washing his blue shirt with the bar of soap.  They both turned their heads when they heard a knock at their door.


Prem cautiously opened the door and saw Captain X holding two folded shirts in his hands.  "Thought you could do with a change of shirts...sorry one size fits all here," the captain explained.  "Goodnight."


"Thanks.  Goodnight," Prem replied as he took the shirts from him.


"Wow, that was really nice of him," Heer said.


"Yeah, I guess there is a reason why people use his cargo ship.  He knows how to do business," Prem replied.  "This is great I have something to wear."  He put the shirt on and began buttoning it up.


"Hey Prem...would you mind...I mean I really like to wash up a bit," Heer hesitantly asked.


He turned around and grinned, "Why would I mind?"  Heer blushed at his remark and shyly looked away.  "I'll stand outside.  You can use my tank top.  I washed's clean."


"Prem can't go outside.  Remember what the captain said?" Heer replied.


"Where should I go then?  The toilet?"


"Um, it's okay...just don't look," Heer said.  The minute those words left her mouth she felt stunned and embarrassed. 


Prem stood there thinking how hard it was going to be for him to not look.  "I'll lay on the bed," he mumbled and walked towards it.  He took off his shoes and socks and then got on top.  He was surprised that the sheets and covers smelled like fresh laundry.  "Wow, Captain X had the sheets cleaned."


"Really?" Heer asked in awe.


" smells like clean laundry detergent," Prem replied.  He heard the gentle flow of water trickling out of the facet and the splashing movement of cleaning.  He stared at the steel wall and tried his best to keep his mind focused on other thoughts besides what was occurring a few feet away from him.  The minutes seemed to tick by like hours.  He finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Heer announce that she was finished.  Prem turned around and saw that she was wearing the shirt that the captain had given them.  It was definitely oversized as it even hid the shorts she was wearing.  "Ready for bed?" he asked as he took the gun that was tucked in his pocket out.  He double checked and made sure the safety was on and placed the gun underneath the pillow.


"Um, Prem..." Heer uttered realizing they were probably going to have to share the small single bed.


"Oh..." he mumbled as it dawned at him what she was a bit apprehensive about.  "It's okay.  I'll---"


"'s okay," Heer replied cutting him off.  She shut the lights off but made sure to turn the little night light by the mirror on and then made her way towards the bed.  Prem rolled to his left side so his back was against the wall and lifted the covers for Heer so she could slip into bed with him.  She turned her head and looked at the position Prem was in and frowned.  "This isn't going to work.  Prem come here."  He lay flat on his back like she had instructed and then she lifted his arm so she could position herself properly.  Prem smiled as she laid her head on his chest.


"This is better," Prem said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.  "Much better."


"Don't try anything..." Heer warned.


"Whatever do you mean?" Prem smirked.  Heer raised her head and looked at him causing him to break out into a soft chuckle.  "We're jumping some steps and bases here, aren't we?"


Heer playfully slapped his shoulder.  "Our entire relationship is completely haphazard."


"No, it's not," Prem replied.  "It was meant to be this way."  Heer caught his gaze and then gently lowered her eyelids as he closed the distance between them.  She sighed into his mouth as she felt him sink his hand into her dark tresses.  The emotions they felt were intense and raw; fueled by the ordeal of the past nine hours.  Neither one of them wanted to stop, but understood there were still some boundaries that had to be maintained.  Prem reluctantly pulled away from Heer's delicate lips and caressed her cheek.  "It's only going to get tougher from here...what Dev did for's not going to go down well back home."


"I'm very thankful to him...but I seriously can't believe you," Heer said slapping his shoulder.


"Ehhh, what did I do this time?" Prem asked perplexed by her actions.


"How could you try to take the fall for the murders?" Heer asked tensely.


"What was I to do?  I couldn't see you accused of something you didn't do.  You know what that would do to me?" Prem asked.  "You know I would...could do anything for you Pumpkin."


"What's the point in doing any of it?  You said you be there for can you do that if you're not by my side?" Heer asked.


Prem smiled and took the hand that was laying on his chest and tenderly kissed it.  "I don't need to be physically there.  I'm always be with you and you know that.  Anyways, I just needed to buy you some time...I knew you'd be smart enough to figure something out..."


"Just promise me you won't do something like this again," Heer replied.


"You know I can't promise that..."




"I can't and you know that...whatever is going to happen next...I don't know and neither do you..." he explained.  "But I'll always find a way back to you...always..."  Heer looked at him with worried eyes.  "Don't worry...everything is going to be all right."  He then gently kissed her forehead.  "Let's get some rest."


Heer nodded and snuggled comfortably on Prem's chest.  She could hear his heart beating steadily and closed her eyes letting the rhythmic beat lull her into sleep.  Prem cradled Heer's hand in his and lovingly kissed her hand again.  He tightened the hold on her shoulders in a very possessive fashion.  They had been through a lot together and things were going to get even tougher as they continued on this unknown journey.  It was hard to say how everything would end.  He prayed that things could be resolved without much havoc but he knew that was asking for a lot.  The emotions in his heart were deep and he knew she felt the same way even though neither of them had outwardly spoken those words.  Those three little words were on the tip of his tongue but his lips seemed to fail to form those words.  Perhaps it was because he was afraid, afraid of losing her like he had lost everyone else.  He had loved his parents and he had loved his adoptive mother, Kulraj and they had all disappeared from his life.  The only person he had in this world now was Kiran and he knew one day he would lose him too.  If he didn't say it then the world wouldn't know and if the world didn't know then she wouldn't be taken from him.  He knew he was being irrational but this irrational thinking wouldn't budge from the recesses of his mind.  He couldn't bear to lose someone so precious.  It would devastate him.  Prem pushed his fearful thoughts aside and concentrated on this moment with her sleeping peacefully, nestled in his arms.  His eyelids slowly fell letting sleep overtake him.


Heer's eyes fluttered open to a gray steel wall causing her to frown in confusion.  It took her a few seconds to register where she was.  The events of yesterday flashed through her mind and she automatically tightened her hold on Prem's shoulder in an effort to make sure he was really there with her.  She felt his body shift and then heard the rumbling of his voice.  "Pumpkin, everything okay?


"Everything's fine," she replied and smiled at him as she sat up from bed.  "How did you sleep?"


Prem stretched as he sat up and grinned, "Good.  You?"


"Pretty well too." 


Heer slipped off from the bed and went to the sink to get ready for the day while Prem put on his sneakers and went to the toilet.  As Heer finished freshening up, there was a loud knock at their door.  She used her hands to swipe away as much water as she could away and went to see who was visiting them.  It was Captain X with two cups and a thermos of coffee like he had promised.  "Good morning."


"Oh, good morning," she replied a bit embarrassed by her wet face.  She had no towel to wipe the water droplets that still clung to her skin. 


"Coffee?" he asked.


"Thank you."


"It's going to be a few days before we reach our first stop," the captain said.  "There's a cabinet over there on the left...I know it doesn't look like it can open but just pull that little knob...there are some books inside...don't know how interesting you may find them as they are random items that get picked up or left behind when we arrive at each port.  I'll come back down later tonight to pick up the thermos.  If there is any leftovers from dinner...I'll bring those down as well."         


"Thank you very much Captain," Heer replied.  "Oh by the way, where is the first stop?"


"Thailand.  Well, have a good day," Captain X nodded and then left.


"Did he just say Thailand?" Prem asked as he came out of the toilet stall.


"Yes, he did.  He brought us some coffee too," Heer answered showing him the thermos.  "And he said there is a cabinet over there that has some books'but he doesn't really know what kind of books are in there...but we're welcome to read them...and he also said that if there is any leftovers from dinner tonight he will bring us some when he comes back down to pick up the thermos."


"He said a lot," Prem joked.


Heer scrunched her face and playfully glared at him.  "Go wash up."


"Yes, ma'am," Prem grinned.


A few minutes later they were sitting comfortably on the bed eating cold aloo parathas together and drinking hot coffee.  Prem wiggled his sock covered feet that were dangling off the side of the bed and gave a reflected look around the room.  "What is your mind up to?" Heer asked.


"I was just thinking how many people have used this room.  Like what were their reasons for getting on board this ship...were they running away from home?  Did they witness something and had to run to save their lives?  Were they criminals on the run?"


"Or were they CIA agents on the run trying to solve a case before they get appended by the authorities?" Heer added causing him to chuckle.


"Yeah, probably have a share of those...secret agents on the run..." Prem replied and then took a sip of his coffee.  "This is some pretty good stuff."


"I'm sure coffee is one of those important things they don't skimp on when it comes to running a large cargo ship like this," Heer said.  "So, you've been to Thailand before?  When I mentioned it you sounded like you were familiar with the place."


"I've spent some time there.  Don't know if any of my old contacts are still there...we'll have to see when we get there," Prem replied.  "So, it's going to be awhile before we get there...what do you want to do?"


Heer arched her eyebrows at him and repeated, "What do I want to do?"  She then scanned the room with her eyes noting how small their compartment was.  "Like we have any choices...we can't roam about the ship...the captain has made that very clear..."


"We've got limited options for sure...I mean trying to get some exercise in this small room would be a bit ridiculous...I think I would go dizzy walking in circles..."


"Not to mention we don't have a shower Prem so even if you managed to do chin-ups and dips...with some of the pipes sticking out in this're going to stink up the whole place..." Heer giggled.  Prem pouted causing her to laugh even more.  "But, there are those books that the captain mentioned.  Let's see what reading materials we have."


Prem followed her to the opposite wall and stared at the box like square patterns made by the large gray nail studs.  "Where is this cabinet he was talking about?"


"I don't know he said there is one here...obviously they tried making it look like nothing is a secret compartment to stash things..." Heer replied as she ran her hands along the wall.  "He said there was a knob or something...we just need to pull at it."


Prem fumbled with his fingers at every little pipe or thing that stuck out from the wall.  "I think I found it."  He pulled a little metal drain wheel down and revealed a small cabinet compartment filled with some novels, a couple of magazines, a packet of cigarettes, a deck of cards, and some other things.  "Well, we can play cards to our heart's content," he said as he pulled the deck out and inspected to make sure it was a complete set.


Heer rummaged through the novels seeing what was available.  There were quite a few in foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Hindi, Portuguese, and Italian.  Being an agent in the CIA it was almost a requirement to learn a second language and be adaptive enough to pick up and work with other languages if need be while on missions.  Her Hindi was fluent without any questions though she still stumbled with higher words that weren't used in daily speak.  But being born and raised in the United States that was still an achievement.  She pushed herself to learn a few more languages so her application to the agency looked even better.  She learned Spanish, French, and Russian.  She could converse and read relatively well but just like most learned languages if not practiced often they become rusty.  Heer knew if she really wanted to she could muddle her way through the novels but she still felt the most comfortable with English.  Her eyes shined as she finally found some English language titles. 


Prem snickered as he watched her curiously leaf through a book titled Room Service with the Detective.  The front cover had a picture of a white hotel door with a do not disturb sign hanging on the door knob.  There was a shadowy inlay on the top left hand corner of the book that depicted a couple kissing very intimately.  "Are you serious?  A romance novel?" 


Heer looked up in alarm and immediately closed the book flipping it towards the back so he couldn't see the book cover.  "What are talking about?"


"I saw the cover and the can't hide that from me," Prem smirked as he tried grabbing the book out of her hands.


"It's not that what you think...I was only seeing what it was..." Heer replied trying to block his hands from getting at the novel.


"What it was?  I think the title makes it pretty clear what the story is about.  Heh, Room Service with the Detective?  Gee, I wonder...hmmm...some damsel is in distress and a handsome and dashing detective gets assigned to her case...they can't deny their growing attraction towards one another and soon fall in love...they work together and find the bad guys and put them in jail...and then the detective and the girl get married and live happily ever after...ugh...please...what crap..."


"For someone who thinks this is crap you seem to know a lot about the storyline," Heer teased.


Prem furrowed his eyebrows at what she was alluding.  "I don't read trashy romance novels!"  Heer childishly stuck her tongue out at him and then turned around and ran.  "Where are you running to?  It's not like there is any place for you to go..."  Prem followed her in a short round around their room before grabbing her waist with one hand while the other tried reaching for the book.


"Let me go!  Why do you want to the book so badly?  You secretly want to read it don't you?!  I never knew you liked romance novels," Heer continued to ridicule.


"Why are you so afraid of giving me the book...huh, Pumpkin?" Prem asked his mouth close to her ear as she fidgeted in his arms. 


Heer paused briefly and smirked at feeling his nose nestled in her hair and his breath against her skin.  "Why are you so interested?  Need romancing tips?  Oh, wait is there you get your tips from?"


"Very funny," he replied with an unamused tone.  Prem tighten his hold on her and leaned his head against her head, "You don't need to read those when you have me around."  He then tenderly tucked a few strands of her hair behind her left ear and began nibbling her earlobe.  Heer bit her lower lip trying to maintain some composure.  She shifted her body slightly in an effort to move away but it only made Prem shake his head and murmur, "You're mine," between kisses as he traveled from her earlobe to her jaw line.  Heer eventually closed her eyes as she felt Prem move closer to her lips.  She waited for the contact but frowned when she didn't feel it.  Her eyes popped back open when she felt Prem take the book away from her hand.  " it!"


"Prem!" Heer roared and hit him in the shoulder.


"You're not seriously going to read this are you?" he asked ignoring her outburst.


"I was only looking at what there was.  I have a very limited English selection," Heer explained.


"Yeah, I can see that," Prem replied as he inspected the rest of the English books.  "Well, it definitely looks like someone was a big romance novel lover...there is Delta, To Dance with a Prince, and Burning Fires."


"How do you know those are romance novels?  There are only scenic pictures on the covers," Heer inquired.  


"Because they are all written by the same author," Prem smartly replied.  He then made a face, "A self-help book?  There isn't much to read is there?"


"I think I'll read Delta...that sounds slightly better than the other titles," Heer said.  "In any case I could use a good laugh...the corny dialogues and ridiculous storylines.  What are you going to read?"


"I'll read this Italian good to brush up on my Italian," Prem replied.


"So you learned Italian?" Heer inquired.


"Italian, Russian, and Spanish...I've picked up a couple other languages along the way but yeah," Prem said.  "You?"


"Learned those as well but instead of Italian I learned French."


"Well, we got most of Europe covered...besides Hindi...Asia's a bit lacking," Prem replied.


"But you've been to Thailand before...I'm expecting you to take us where we need to go," Heer smirked.


"Heh, yeah...Thai's a bit tough for me...hopefully we don't get shot at because of what I say," Prem answered rubbing the back of his head.


"I hope so too."


Prem was awoken with a start as a load banging echoed through the room.  He immediately reached underneath the pillow and pulled out his gun aiming as he sat up.  "We're at port!" the voice on the other end shouted.  It was Captain X banging on the door letting them know the ship had finally reached Thailand.  They had been at sea for about a week.  Heer groggily answered the door letting him know that they were awake.  Captain X gave an amused smirk at the disheveled nature of his companions.  "Rough night?" he sarcastically inquired.  Heer stared at him wondering what he meant by that.  "It's about 5:00am.  I'll meet you on the upper deck."


"Okay," Prem replied as he forcefully blinked to make his eyes open.


Heer closed the door and went about collecting their things.  She was wearing the large oversized shirt the captain had given them.  It was long enough that it covered her thighs.  Her shorts were hanging on a pipe drying next to Prem's shorts.  She had washed them about a day and half ago and thankfully they had finally dried.  As she pulled their shorts off of the pipe that is when it hit her what the captain had been thinking.  She blushed furiously.  Granted, anyone who saw her in just the shirt, Prem in his white tank top and boxers, and their clothes hanging on a pipe would have jumped to the same conclusion.  That they were having intimate relations; of course that was further from the truth.  They had been pretty good about controlling themselves.  Though, that didn't stop them from having some very steamy make-out sessions.  They had drawn a boundary and so far they were both abiding by it.  They both knew how easily it would be for them to take their relationship to the physical level.  They refrained from doing so because they wanted to take things slow and with the current situation at hand it was hard to say what was going to happen next.  They didn't want all the emotions and issues that came with it interfering in what they needed to do to complete their mission.


"What's the matter?" Prem asked as he came up behind Heer.  He saw her slightly tremor at his voice and became concern.  "Pumpkin?"  He slipped his arms around her waist and gave her a back hug.  "You okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine," Heer breathed.  "You just sort of scared me that's all...wasn't expecting you to be behind me.  I think Captain X thought...we were...sleeping together."


"But we were sleeping together," Prem said a bit perplexed by her statement.


"The other sleeping together..." Heer stressed.


"Ooooh..." Prem then smirked, "Well, let him think whatever he wants.  We are together anyways..."


Heer gently shook her head and grinned that even in his half awake state he was still trying to romance with her.  He was nuzzling her neck and inching his one hand towards her thigh.  "I knew I shouldn't have read those romance novels out loud to you.  I was laughing...but you seemed have taken some mental notes."


"Pumpkin..." Prem whined as he felt an elbow to the gut.


"We need to get off this ship.  Come on," Heer ordered.


Prem let go of her and put on his t-shirt and shorts.  He then counted out the money they had and stuffed the payment he was going to give to the captain in one pocket and placed the reminder in the other pocket.  Heer gathered their toothbrushes and toothpaste and dumped them into the plastic bag.  She checked around the room trying to make sure there wasn't anything important she was leaving behind.  She quickly went to the cabinet and pulled out the flash drives stashed in there and placed them in her shorts.


"Got everything?" Prem asked as he slipped on his sneakers.


"Yes...oh Prem could you turn around?" Heer replied as she held her shirt in her hand.  He obediently did as he was told and waited for her to give the signal that she was finished.  "All set."  Prem smiled and opened the door for them.


They both made their way up to the first deck and found Captain X waiting for them near the front entrance.  "You're going to have to exchange some funds I suppose.  Speak with Nichkhun...he's the scrappy looking fellow that runs a little shop near the entrance of the harbor port.  You can't miss him when you leave here.  Good luck."


"Thank you for everything," Prem said and slipped the wad of cash into his palm as they shook hands.


"Pleasure doing business," the captain nodded and then opened the door for them to leave.


Prem and Heer walked out onto the deck of the ship and down the ramp.  They both smiled at each other glad that they were back on solid ground and out in the open where they could breathe fresh air.  The first order of business was to find the store that Captain X had mentioned.  It wasn't very hard to find as it was where he had said it would be.  The store keeper Nichkhun greeted them warmly and exchanged their currency for them.  He was even nice enough to allow them to pick up a tube of toothpaste, a bar of soap, and a bottle of shampoo for free.  He then gave them directions to the nearest and cheapest motel for them to rest at.  Prem and Heer thanked him for his help and then went on their way.


"Boy, was I glad that Nichkhun could speak English," Prem said as they walked along the roadway.


"You should be practicing your Thai shouldn't you?" Heer asked.


"Later...after we get some rest.  We have a whole day ahead of us.  I just can't wait to take a shower...can't you?"


"Aaahhh, a shower...that sounds wonderful...a nice hot shower...mmmm..." Heer gushed.


"Oh, I think this is the place Nichkhun was speaking of," Prem said pointing at a building front that had a sign in Thai and a little picture of a house.


Prem sighed as he lay on top of the bed covers.  The room was actually quite small but compared to the room in the ship it seemed large.  He was thankful it was clean despite being in an area that seemed a bit questionable.  The store keeper did warn them that the location and the cliental that frequented the establishment weren't the most trustworthy.  Prem knew they had to figure out something soon.  The plan was to search for his old contacts and hope that one of them was still around or willing to help them.  From there they could determine the next step to take.  He knew they needed to ration their money and if need be pick up some work so they could have enough cash on hand to make the necessary arrangements.  He turned his head when he heard the bathroom door open.  He sensed the hot steam from the shower perforating through the room as he sat up.  His eyes traveled slowly towards her bare feet then up the length of her body to her face.  Heer's cheeks were slightly pink from the shower she had taken and a satisfied grin displayed joyfully on her lips. 


Heer shifted her eyes away in an effort to avoid Prem's gaze.  There were times when the intensity shooting from his eyes was hard to handle.  "Shower's free," she simply stated and walked to the other side of the bed.  Prem looked on curiously as Heer sat with her back turned towards him.  He grinned mischievous and reached out with his hand and pulled her shoulder.  Heer's eyes flexed surprised by the force as she fell onto the bed.  Within an instant Prem was hovering over her.  "Go take a shower you stink," she berated.  She giggled that her remark had actually stopped him from making his advances on her as he popped back up and immediately hopped off the bed.


"I'll be back," Prem announced making a childish face at her before he ran into the bathroom.


Heer sighed shaking her head and continued drying her hair.  She yawned loudly and turned on the TV to see if there was anything interesting to watch.  She lowered the volume so she wouldn't disturb the other guests in the motel as it was only 6am.  She propped a pillow onto the backboard and sat there in a half awake half asleep state letting her hair dry.  She had forgotten to check if there was a hair dryer in the washroom.  She wished she had so she would be in bed asleep instead of the state she was currently in.


"I'm back," Prem smirked as he came out of the bathroom.


Heer's eyes widen as she saw him with only a bath towel wrapped around his waist.  "What are you doing?" she asked in a panicked voice.


"What?" he replied scratching the back of his head.  "I took a shower...I smell pretty good."  He sniffed his forearm and smiled.  "Like refreshing citrus lime."


"You aren't sleeping in that are you?" she pointed with one hand while the other hand gathered the bed covers around her.


"Of course not," Prem replied as he turned around unwrapping the towel around his waist.  He heard Heer's muffled squeal and snickered to himself.  His back was facing her and he had his arms spread wide holding the towel in place so she couldn't see anything.  "Ahhh, nice and cool..." he murmured.


"TTThis is not fffunny Prem..." Heer stuttered as she had her eyes closed and her hands in front of her face.  She would cautiously look through the slits between her fingers curious to take a peak but still afraid to see.


"I don't understand why you are so up in arms about this.  Come on we are both adults here..."


"Taking it slow means taking it slow...this is not taking it slow..." Heer protested.  She could hear him moving about the room and it was causing her to break out into a cold sweat.  As much as she wanted it to occur she knew it would just add more complications and right now they couldn't afford to have that happen.  "Pppplease..."


"I don't think I look that bad," Prem replied.


Heer swallowed nervously as she sensed him by her bedside.  She couldn't help but open her eyes for a quick peak only to see a flash of black pupils staring at her through the spaces in her fingers.  She shut her eyes again hoping he hadn't seen anything.


"You're protesting too much for someone who just tried to sneak a peak," Prem chuckled.


"I did not!"


"Did too!  I saw you do it too!" Prem accused with playful enthusiasm.


"Ughhh...Prem stop acting like a little kid and put on some clothes!"


"Not so loud the other rooms might here us.  I don't want to even try explaining to some pissed off Thai gangster why he was roused from his sleep so early in the morning because of your yelling," he snapped back. 


"Then stop doing this," Heer said with an exasperated tone.


"Fine, you can relax I've got my towel back on." 


Heer cautiously lowered her hands and opened her eyes.  Prem smirked and suddenly pulled his towel off causing her to squeal and close her eyes again.  The towel landed over her head causing her to squirm and move to the other side of the bed.  She heard Prem laughing hysterically at her reaction.  "You're soo...sooo..." she stuttered trying to find the right word for him.


"So, what?" Prem asked.  "Pumpkin, seriously I'm not naked.  I have my boxers on."  He was on the bed with her now trying to remove her hands from her face.  "Look, seriously...I'm not joking around can relax."  Heer opened her eyes with a disbelieving expression on her face but as she quickly glanced down she realized he was telling her the truth.


"You're such a stupid head!" Heer said with great annoyance as she pushed him away.


"A stupid head...that's a new one," Prem smiled.  He then merrily got off the bed.  "I'm going to put some clothes on now."  He went back into the bathroom and came back out in his cargo shorts and his white tank top.  He held up a small hair dryer and grinned.  "Thought you could use this."


"Oh, thanks," Heer replied.  Prem sat on the bed and plugged the dryer into a socket by the night stand and helped her dry her hair.  Heer appreciated the effort and then turned around and did the same for him.  Prem had a permanent grin plastered on his face as he felt her hands  toss his hair lightly as the hair dryer roared along.  "You're all done," she announced.


"Thanks.  Now, time for bed..." Prem yawned sleepily.


"I second that," Heer grinned and unplugged the dryer and placed it on the side table. 


Prem turned the TV off and made himself comfortable underneath the covers.  "Goodnight."


"Goodnight," Heer replied and rolled to her side.  As she was about to close her eyes she sensed Prem rolling to his side facing her back.  She felt him reach over and slip his hand around her waist.  "Premmm..." she mumbled sleepily. 


"We've been sleeping like this for a week now.  Don't know what to do in such a big bed."  She could hear the smirk in his voice and smiled.  Heer reached down and intertwined their fingers together and then brought his hand up to place a gently kiss. 


Prem grinned and molded his body closer to hers.  "Now I can get a good night's rest," he breathed softly into her ear. 


Heer giggled at the ticklish nature and simply replied, "Sleep before I kick you out of the bed."                        


"Whatever you say Pumpkin," Prem sighed and rested his head comfortably on her pillow.


Hope you enjoyed that Tongue I'm sure some of you were expecting something else but that's not going to happen anytime soon. 

Pre-cap:  Will Prem find any of his contacts?  Will Prem's Thai get them into any trouble? 

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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Preeti.xo IF-Stunnerz

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Hey Grace i have update my comment...

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aawww dat was an awsum update..!!! captain x was nyc..!!!
luved prem n heer romace..!!! fightin for a book..!!!
n then the motel room romance..! :)))))))0 awsum update..!
update the nxt part asap plz.! :)))

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...Pwincess... IF-Sizzlerz

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no PMOuch

i was waiting for the update so much but thankfully i saw it or i wouldnt have known
anyway i loved the chapter
Captain X was really nice
loved premeer time and everything
Naughty prem in the roomEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by pwincess1

no PMOuch

i was waiting for the update so much but thankfully i saw it or i wouldnt have known
anyway i loved the chapter
Captain X was really nice
loved premeer time and everything
Naughty prem in the roomEmbarrassed

No PM?  I could have swore I PM sorry I'm going to go and check on this.

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