Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by lovepia


You are a fabolous writer. every emotions are wonderfully elaborated . i just fall in love with your ff.Embarrassed
great going , continue soon. love you......

Thank you so much Embarrassed  And believe your a new read too?  *waves* Star welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweetnsourx3

ahhh speechless Day DreamingDay Dreaming love this chapter so much! Embarrassed you are such an amazing writer, i'm completely addicted to your work and this ss haha...sooo excited for the next part!! Big smile

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Originally posted by aaminaman

I can't resist it yaar it s superb an you plssssss update it soon can't wait to see thier bloooming relation and both can't keep thier hands off each other and your ff too but I am more interested in this now

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Originally posted by sadhz was fantastic.........
after readin this update m like Day Dreaming..........
their 3rd perfect .........hehe this time they didnt fall on each other...LOL.....
prem is so naughty.........
scenes were awesomeeeeee........
cant wait for nxt update.........update sooooooooooooon
n thnx for d pm

Prem is naughty isn't he LOL He always had a naughty streak in him especially when he was around his Heer.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Sukrutha

OMG....that was ish loving this...Blushing

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Originally posted by sharmeeli

HugLovely updates dear!!!!!!Hug premeer kissedEmbarrassed and aaahw the waiter disturbed themLOLLOL
hihihi Prem is determind to not let heer goBig smileBig smile
plzzz update ASAP dearEmbarrassed and thanks for the PMEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by maryaa8688

perfect ending of the date..i was waiting for their real kiss n wt i gotEmbarrassed
they were kissing again n again n againBlushing.u r spoiling me grace Tongue

I can't help but spoil my readers.  I'm always so appreciative of them for liking my work.
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Originally posted by keer456

Just now read the last two parts......Tongue..Seriously i have no words to describe it..... the way you showed the progress in their relationship was amazing..... LOL.....Their first kissDay Dreaming heer's jealousy over prem's girlfriends...... everything was so beautifully written....eagerly waiting to see how their relationship is progressing......... Waiting for the next update and thank you so so much for the pm

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Originally posted by Motibah

OMGGGGGGG that was a HOT update! Blushing and they KISSED! Yeeees finally! Im so glad they are taking this slowly LOLDay Dreaming The bedroom scene was amaazing and was written wonderfully! I loveeeed how they were so desperate LOLDay Dreaming and the date was so CUTE! gaaah I want a Prem so badly Ouch So I guess their relationship is finally  moving forward Big smile 
Dying to read what happens next! Update asap and thaaaanks for the pm Hug

Haha...desperate?  Yeah, it's all the bottled up emotions inside of them sort of coming out.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Mission 12: Hurt So Good


Prem's eyes popped open the minute he heard his alarm go off.  He grinned brightly recalling what had happened yesterday.  He and Heer confirmed that they wanted to start dating.  They were on their way to becoming a couple.  He felt an unknown giddiness in his heart as he threw his covers to the side and slipped out of bed.  He hurriedly went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a shower.  A few minutes later, he opened the door and exited with his bath towel wrapped tightly around his waist.  A trial of hot steam followed him as he went to the dresser to search for something to wear.  He quickly got dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and field green colored cargo shorts.  He ran the towel through his hair one last time before tossing it on his bed and slipped on his socks and sneakers.  He opened his hotel room door and merrily walked out into the hallway.


"Hey, good morning Jack," Prem greeted with a bright smile when he saw him walking out of his room.


"Good morning," he replied with a polite half smile of his own.  He was finding Prem's behavior very peculiar especially the way he was smiling.  It was a bit unnerving to him.


"So, what have you been doing?"


"Just going around seeing the sights.  I found out a couple of friends of mine where visiting India and they made a trip down to Goa," Jack replied.  "Spent New Year's with them."


"Sounds nice.  Heer and I went to a beach party...woke up with pretty bad hangovers the next morning but then we went out and found this really nice secluded beach and just enjoyed the scenery you know...and then yesterday we went to the market and did some beach activities.  We found this really great seafood restaurant on the beach...had our dinner and watched the was really beautiful," Prem said.  Jack simply nodded his head.  "Hey, you haven't heard from the museum have you?"


"No, haven't heard anything.  But it's still early...they probably aren't in the office yet.  Why?" Jack asked.


"Oh, nothing really...just wondering.  Heer and I are going out into the countryside," Prem replied as they continued walking down the hallway.  His eyes shifted to room 2104 and smiled.  "Well, I guess I'll see you around."


"Um, yeah see you." Jack said a bit surprised by the pat on the shoulder he was given.  He stood there and watched as Prem veered to the side and knocked on Heer's door.  The door opened and Heer emerged with a bright smile greeting Prem warmly.  As the door slowly closed behind them he saw Prem reach out and pull her arm.  It looked as if embracing her into a back hug.  Jack blinked and was left with the view of the white door and it's golden numbers 2104 locking shut.  He sighed as he pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose upward and continued walking down the hallway to the elevators.


Meanwhile inside room number 2104, Heer could hear Prem's breathing in her ear and feel one hand clinging to her arm while the other held her waist.  Her heart was beating frantically in her chest and her eyes stretched in surprise at such a bold move so early in the morning.  "You were about to trip on that bag," Prem explained.


Heer looked down and saw what he was referring to; her canvas beach bag was sitting on the floor near the wall by the bathroom door.  "Thanks," she murmured as he let her go.  "I forgot I had put that there."


"So, almost ready?" Prem asked as he sat on the foot of the bed watching whatever she had chosen to watch on the TV.


"Yeah.  Just let me clean my beach bag out so we can put our snack and things inside," Heer answered.


"You sleep well last night?"


"My head hit the bed and I was out.  What about you?" Heer asked as she started putting things in the closet.


"I slept pretty well myself.  Though I think I pulled something in my shoulder...probably the way I hurts a little," Prem said as he rolled his shoulder around.


"Need a massage?" Heer offered as she placed the empty canvas bag on the bed.  "Where does it hurt?"  She had her hands on his shoulders ready to sooth whatever pain he was feeling.


"It's the right one.  Around the neck and shoulder area," Prem explained as Heer gently pushed her hands.


"You feel a little tight here," Heer said and pushed her thumbs down harder trying to break up the tense muscles.  After a few minutes of massaging she pulled her hands away, "How does it feel now?"


"Feels a lot better now, thanks Pumpkin," Prem smiled.  "Let's go."


"Are you sure we should go?  I don't want you to aggravate it...driving the scooter and all..."


"I'll be fine.  You'll give me another massage right?" Prem asked.


"Of course," Heer smiled and followed him out the door.


Prem drove steadily on the countryside road as they explored a nice scenic route to an unknown destination.  They weren't really looking for anything in particular just simply taking a drive and letting the winds of chance take them on whatever journey laid ahead.  Heer had her arms wrapped around his waist and would point to interesting houses, churches, or things they saw along the way.  Eventually Prem veered the scooter off the main road and entered into a small dirt farm road.  He parked on the side and they looked for a suitable place to sit down and have their lunch.  They walked through the fields and found a wooden structure that had a single level roof top covered with hay or dried stalks of rice.  They had seen these things before in Bollywood movies but didn't have any clue as what they were called.  Prem climbed up the ladder and cautiously tested the roof-like structure making sure it could handle their weight.  Satisfied with the results he crawled further inwards and motioned for Heer to climb up.  He took her beach bag from her hands and placed it between them on the roof.


"Wow, the view here is nice," Heer said as she settled herself down.


Prem scanned with his eyes and smiled as he took in the large tracks of farm land that surrounded them.  Some areas were filled with dark lushish greens while other areas carried the color of deep wheatish browns.  "Really peaceful here too...makes you want to appreciate everything around you."


Heer started taking the food items they had purchased before they left the city out of the bag.  She handed Prem a large bottle of water and then gasped, "Oh no we forgot to take cups."


"It's okay we really don't need them.  We can share the bottle," Prem said as he twisted the cap open.  He tilted his head back and aimed carefully so that the water would fall into his mouth.  Unfortunately, he miscalculated just a smudge and water spilled out onto the tips of his bottom lip and rolled down his chin wetting his shirt. 


Heer couldn't help but giggle as Prem jerkily tilted the bottle upright again.  She searched through the bag and frowned, "Oh no I forgot the napkins too."


"It's okay," Prem replied as he pulled the collar of his shirt up over his chin and wiped the water away.


Heer reached over with her hand and gently swiped her hand along the left side of his jawline.  Prem flex his eyes and softly stared at her action.  "Don't use your shirt Prem."


"It's just water," he replied as he grabbed a hold of her wrist.  Heer raised her eyes meeting his gaze and then tried pulling her hand away.  Prem grinned and stubbornly held on to it.


"Let go of my hand," Heer requested.


"No," he simply stated.


"How am I suppose to eat if you have my hand?" she inquired.


"You only need one," Prem replied and gently kissed her hand with his gaze never leaving her sight.  Heer's cheeks went warm and she suddenly felt shy and shifted her eyes away.  Prem leaned towards her and added, "Why are you sitting so far away?"


"Will you let go of my hand if I sit closer?" she replied still not looking at him.  Prem let go of her hand without saying a word and smiled as Heer rearranged the food items by placing them to the side of her so she could sit next to him.  "Better?" she asked after she had completed her task.


"Much," Prem grinned.


Heer passed him a sandwich and then opened up a bag of Magic Masala chips for them to share.  They sat there eating their lunch, happily taking in the fresh air and enjoying their beautiful view.  Prem glanced over at Heer and gently smirked.  Without warning he simply brushed his thumb against the corner of her mouth causing her to pause and look at him in alarm.  "You had some masala spice," he explained.  "No napkins remember?"


"Oh, um thanks..." Heer replied and went back to eating.


"Any time," he smirked and took a bite of his apple.


After finishing their lunch Heer packed their things back into her bag and they both lay down to observe the bright blue sky up above them.  Prem held Heer's hand and grinned inwardly as he felt their fingers naturally curling down into a comfortable but intimate hold.  Heer pointed with her free hand up at the sky and asked, "Doesn't that cloud look like a rabbit?"


"I think it looks like a dog," Prem replied.


"How does that look like a dog?" Heer inquired.  "See those long ears'what animal has long ears like that?"


"The ears are standing up...that's like a German Sheppard," Prem explained.


"How about that one over there...what does that look like?" Heer asked as he pointed to her left.


"Hmmm...I see a dragon."


"A dragon?"


"Yes...see the wings and it's blowing fire'that puffy cloud there is like a fire ball..."


"The dragon is trying to fry the rabbit?" Heer asked with a gentle giggle.


"No, the dragon is trying to get the dog," Prem corrected.


"No it isn't..."


"Yes it is..."


"No it isn't..."


"Look...never mind the rabbit...the cloud just changed...hmmm..."


"Looks like a horse now," Prem murmured.


"An unicorn?" Heer suggested.  "If you're seeing dragons...then that can be an unicorn."


 "An unicorn?  But where's the horn?"


"The fireball disintegrated the horn," Heer explained.  Prem laughed heavily at her comment.  "What?  Don't like it?"


"No...heheh...that's prefect.  The dragon's fireball took the unicorn's horn off...haha-ehheh..."

Heer turned her head and watched with amusement at the way Prem was laughing.  It reminded her of their childhood times together when they would lay on the grass in his backyard and stare up at the sky cloud watching.  When Prem's laughter subsided he turned his head towards Heer and smiled.  He let go of her hand so he could move closer and gently caressed her cheek.  He watched as Heer's eyelids slowly closed anticipating their first kiss for their second date.  Prem leaned in titling his head slightly and closed his eyes waiting for that feeling.  And there it was; as their lips met that unmistakable magical and breathtaking jolt that passed between them every time they kissed.  Prem shifted his body so they could get into a comfortable position.  Heer automatically ran her hand up into the nape of his neck so she could feel the silky strands of his hair.  They continued for some time enjoying the feeling of being together in such an intimate position.  Their mouths moved and adjusted accordingly as their tongues explored lovingly.  Eventually the kissing session broke as Prem slowly pulled away.  His eyes were still half closed relishing the moment they had just shared.  When his eyelids lifted he was greeted with a warm smile from Heer.  "Should we go exploring?" he asked.


"Sure," Heer replied and sat up.  "Oh wait...I've always wanted to do this..."  Prem looked at what she was pointing at and arched his eyebrow at her.  "You know...just roll and fall into the haystack down below."


Prem chuckled at the way her eyes lit up in childlike innocence.  "Let's do it then."


Heer carefully positioned herself and gracefully flew backwards landing on the haystack below.  Prem soon followed and was laying next to her filled with mirthful laughter.  He reached over and pulled Heer towards him when she tired getting up.  The action caused her to fall on his chest; her hair scattering and brushing across his face.  As she lifted her head, Prem sighed in content and lovingly tucked her hair back for her.  He gazed at her with such emotion in his eyes that it caused butterflies to form in her stomach.  Heer gave a half grin at his mischievous ways and then said, "You know you left the bag up top."


"Ahhh, guess I'll go back up and get it," Prem replied and let her go.


A few minutes later they were making their way across one of the fields.  Prem had found some rod looking thing and was playfully poking holes in the ground with it.  "I really don't think you should be doing that," Heer warned.


"It's just dirt Pumpkin," he nonchalantly replied.  "I'm pretty sure I'm not hurting anything."


"You're making holes near the rice want to ruin someone's crop?" Heer asked.  "I'm not going to forgive you if the price of rice goes up and I have to pay $50 for a bag."


"I hardly think this rod and I can do such a thing.  But thank you for giving me your vote of confidence for being able to do such mayhem like that," Prem replied.


No sooner had Prem finished speaking did they suddenly hear someone's anger voice yelling.  They turned their heads to see what was going on and saw a farmer shouting running towards them with a farming tool in his hand.  They both exchanged perplexed looks at one another.  The farmer was shouting at them for trespassing on his property and ruining his crops.


"Oh sh**!" Prem exclaimed and started running.


"I told you didn't I?" Heer shouted.


"But I wasn't doing anything," Prem answered.


"Well, he obviously thought you did...why are you still carrying that rod?"


Prem quickly dropped the iron rod and clutched Heer's bag that was on his shoulder tighter.  "He's a fast little guy," Prem panted as he turned to look behind him.


"Keys!" Heer yelled as she was getting closer to the scooter.  Prem tossed her the keys and she quickly turned it on.  Heer placed her helmet on her head but was having trouble with clasping her chin strap together.


"Worry about that later...he's going to kill us if he catches us!" Prem cried.  Heer handed him his helmet as he hopped onto the scooter and he plopped it onto his head.  "Go straight!  Go straight!" Prem ordered as Heer wobbly drove the scooter down the road.


"Sit straight and don't move around so much!"


"Go faster!  He's going to catch us if you don't speed up!" Prem shouted.


Heer eventually got control of the scooter and they speed off before the farmer had a chance to throw a rock at them.  A few miles down the road Prem and Heer were laughing hysterically at what almost happened to them.  Prem gently clutched the lower left side pocket of his shorts and mused, "Pumpkin I think your cell phone is ringing."  Heer slowed the scooter to a stop and parked on the side of the road.  Prem pulled the vibrating and musically ringing cell phone out of his pocket and handed it over.


"Hello?  Yes, this is she.  Oh, hi Mr. Kundra...I'm actually not in town at the moment...yes sightseeing but we were just on our way back.  Yes, I believe we will be back around that time...all right then...I'll see you around 5:00 or so...thank you."  Heer hung the phone up and turned towards Prem with an apologetic look.


"It's business Heer.  It's okay.  There are plenty of places to see back home," Prem said.  "By the way...will you be going anywhere else on museum business?"


"Heh, looking forward to another getaway?  Are you using me just so you can go and travel the world?" Heer sarcastically asked.


"London, Paris, Rome, New York, D.C, or a trip to the local art gallery...I don't care as long as I get to be with you," Prem replied.


"You sure know how to charm a girl...we've gotten better with your words...just how many girls have you charmed on your secret missions?"  Heer inquired.


"The only one that matters is the one standing in front of me now," Prem answered.  Heer gave a gentle smirk at his remark and handed him back the phone.  "Oh, you're going to be driving us back into town?"


"Yes, you have a problem with that?"


"Not at all," Prem grinned as he wrapped his arms around her waist.  "Let's me do this."


Heer let out a soft chortle.  "Give me the beach bag so I can stick it up front with me."  Prem handed it over to her and she placed it between her legs.  They were soon driving back on the road making their way towards town.


Prem sat on the scooter waiting patiently for Heer to come out of the museum office.  They had made it back into town rather early and had gone back to the hotel to drop off their things.  Heer had tired getting in contact with Jack to see where he was and if he had gotten the message but he wasn't picking up his cell phone.  Heer decided whether he had gotten the message or not it wasn't such a big deal if he wasn't there for this meeting.  It was something she could handle on her own.  Prem opted to wait outside for Heer since she said the meeting would probably only be five minutes long.  They made plans to return back to the beach side restaurant they had eaten at the night before to have their farewell dinner.  Prem checked his watch and saw that he had been waiting for five minutes and Heer wasn't back yet.  This normally wouldn't be a problem but as he lifted his eyes from the time piece he noticed two men standing beside a red car talking.  He had caught one of them glancing passed him and then at the museum.  Prem lowered his gaze and looked into the side mirror on the scooter and saw a tan car parked on the side of the road with two people sitting inside of it looking at the museum.  He caught one of them holding his ear as if he was steadying an ear piece and talking while staring at his back.  Prem knew this wasn't a good sign.  He casually got off the scooter and made his way up the steps into the museum.  As he rounded the corridor heading towards the offices he felt the familiar sensation that only those in the active field understood when something was amiss.  The hairs of the back of his neck were standing up and he narrowed his eyes and quieted his steps as he got closer to the main office were Mr. Kundra worked. 


He immediately saw that the secretary was missing from her desk and then noted how Mr. Kundra's office door was cracked opened.  His eyes widened in alarm as he heard the dreaded sound of a silencer going off and hitting a solid object.  A vase or something had broken in Mr. Kundra's room.  "Heer?!" Prem called as he ran towards the door and swung it open.  She was staring at him with her pupils dilating in fear as she held a gun in her hand.  "It's not...what it looks like...I...they...he was already dead when I came in..." Heer babbled.  Prem's eyes darted around the room noticing Jack laying on the floor bleeding out and Mr. Kundra dead in his chair from a bullet wound to the chest.  The window on the right of the room was open as the white curtains hanging from it swayed from the breeze outside.  Prem bent down next to Jack and checked for a pulse but found none.  His body was still warm so he knew he had died only a few seconds ago.  He glanced up at Heer and noted the disheveled look of her clothes and hair.  She looked like she had gotten involved in a scuffle of some sort.  Prem went to the window and glanced down noting how someone could have used it to easily escape into the back alley.  They were only on the first floor.  He spotted scuff marks on the window pane indicating that there had been another person involved in whatever occurred in the room.


Prem returned his attention back to Heer who still seemed to be in a shocked state.  He grabbed a hold of the gun in her hand causing her to flinch and look at him.  Prem unscrewed the silencer top from the gun and slipped it into his pocket.  He then took the gun and used his shirt wiping it clean of any fingerprints.  "Heer?  You okay?" he asked.  She blinked and slowly nodded her head.  "Okay we need to get out of here before anyone else comes.  There are some people watching this place and I don't know what they want."  He clicked the safety on the gun and dropped it into his pocket.  Prem grabbed Heer's hand and walked out of the room.  His mind was racing with lots of questions but he knew right now was not the time to ask them.  There people watching and waiting outside for something and he had a feeling they would be coming in soon to catch them. 


"Wait my purse!" Heer shouted.  "I can't leave that here."


Prem let go of her hand so she could run back into the office and get it.  He stared at the secretary's desk and cautiously walked up to it and inspected the back.  To his relief there wasn't a dead body hiding back there.  It was bad enough there were two dead people in the office another one would just make matters even worse.  He turned as he heard Heer come back into the room.  Prem held her hand and walked out into the hallway.  "Just stay calm," he whispered.  Heer nodded her head in a simply response and began following him out of the office area.


"The scooter is out front," Heer said.


"It's too dangerous to go out front," Prem replied.  "The secretary..."  Prem and Heer both lowered their gaze trying not to make any eye contact as Mr. Kundra's secretary came walking towards them.  She passed by them without acknowledging their presence causing them to relax a little but they soon heard a mortified scream from some cleaning lady who had discovered the bodies.  Prem and Heer quickened their steps and entered the main museum hallway.  Just as they walked in, Prem spotted the two guys that he had seen talking outside stroll through the museum doors.  He swiftly turned around and looked to his left and saw the secretary was talking to a security guard and pointing at him and Heer.  The situation was not looking good and they needed to get out of there fast.  Prem moved them further inside the museum and headed for a backdoor exit.  He noticed how the security guards were listening to their walkie-talkies and looked at them suspiciously.  They made their way through a crowd just as the guards started to walk closer towards them.  Prem then spotted an emergency exit and raced over to the door and pushed his way through.  The alarm went off in the building causing a rush of panic to those in the museum.  Heer followed Prem as he ran into the back alley and made a right turn into another alley that would eventually lead them back onto the main road.  He hailed a rickshaw driver down and told him to go. 


Unfortunately for them they had been spotted by the people in the tan brown car and were soon being pursued.  Prem yelled at the driver to go faster and told him that he would compensate him for his efforts but the driver pulled to the side of the road refusing to drive.  He didn't want to get involved with whatever it is that they were involved in.  Prem sighed in desperation and pulled his gun out, "I'm sorry...go..." he commanded as he motioned with the firearm for him to leave.  The man's eyes widen in shock and quickly stumbled out of the rickshaw.  Prem hopped into the driver seat and speed off.  He nearly careened into a group of tourists walking across the street as he made a sharp left turn.  He glanced at his side view mirror and saw the tan car behind them stuck behind the tourist.  He knew it wouldn't be long before they caught up with them.  Prem went as fast as he could and made a right down the road and then entered an alleyway on his left.  He then drove the rickshaw down through the alleyway streets hoping this would be enough to throw the tan car from their tracks.


Eventually, Prem pulled the motor vehicle onto the side of the street and into some dense bushes.  He got out and motioned for Heer to follow him.  They jogged through the brush for a bit until they got to a wider clearing to rest.  He then looked at Heer and calmly said, "What happened?"


"I don't know...I just came in and Mr. Kundra was dead and then Jack was standing there with a gun in his hand.  And then I don't know what happened and Jack was dead...and there was this other guy there standing at the window...we fought and then you came and he ran away..." Heer rambled out.


"What items were you getting for the museum?" Prem inquired.


"It was just some items they were going to loan to us for our Asian collection that our museum will be displaying this summer.  Just a few Indian statues, jewelry, and paintings..." Heer replied.  She looked at Prem wondering why he was studying her face so intently.  "What?"


"Tell me the truth," Prem commanded.  His voice was steady but low in an authoritative way.


"I am telling you the truth!  You think I killed them?" she gasped.  "Why would I do something like that?  I can't believe you are seriously accusing me of something.  This is me we are talking about...if you really think that about me then...I really don't know what to say..."


"And this is me you're talking to," Prem replied.  "Don't put this one me.  I'm the one being truthful here."


"So you really think I'm lying?  Heh, what a great friend you turn out to be," Heer said with a slightly amused and disbelieving tone in her voice.  "If you don't believe then just go.  There is no point in all of this.  I can take care of myself."


Prem reached out and grabbed her arm stopping her from walking away.  He twirled her around and held onto her shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes.  "This is me, Prem asking the questions...not Agent Deshmukh from the CIA.  I need to know so I can help you.  Let me help you." 


He saw her eyes soften and then harden again.  He inwardly sighed knowing he had almost had her confessing to him what really happened.  Heer removed his hands from her shoulders.  "There is nothing more to tell because that is the truth."


"Okay that way...rule 101...never admit to the subject you are lying even if you are...rule 102...divert subject's attention...if possible blame it on the subject...rule 103...widen the distance between you and the subject...should I go on?" Prem asked.  "Don't try to fool me into believing something else.  Is this your first assignment?"  Heer stared at him unable to say anything.  She turned to leave again and then stopped short when she heard him continue.  "I know they taught us to never compromise a mission but you have to be smart enough to know when to ask for help.  'Need to know' will only get you so far eventually you will need to trust someone to help you get out of this mess.  There are two dead bodies in that office back there.  You have witnesses that can place you there.  By now the Goan police authorities have been notified and if this is an international affair you know the Indian division of the CIA is going to get involved...and not to mention that third-party that was in the room...was it your contact?  The people you were investigating?  Your cover is now blown and they will be looking for silence you.  I've been through something like this before but even I had someone there to help me.  Let me be that someone for you."


"I...I don't want you to get involved in this," Heer said as she turned around.  "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you..."


"Need to know?" Prem smirked.


Heer exhaled and nodded, "It was need to know...and you didn't need to were simply assigned as my bodyguard.  I was surprise that had happened but then again you know how they are..."


"Sometimes they like playing agents against each other...they know we have our own code to follow and we won't divulge unless absolutely necessary," Prem replied in understanding.  "So, your father knows?"


"Yes, he knows I'm an agent but Mama has no idea...she really thinks I work for the Smithsonian Museum.  I don't have much field work experience...I'm usually the one sitting at the hotel or in the car doing the stakeout.  This was the first time I was in the lead but this transaction was supposed to go smoothly...literally a museum loan...we were still collecting evidence.  But something changed...drastically..." Heer said.  "Dimitri Belova has been involved in everything...weapons, arms-trade, drugs, money name it he's probably done it.  Recently there had been news of him going into art collecting...everything looked legitimate...but of course being who he is we knew he was up to something.  Was he going into the forgery market?  Taking precious unknown works from master artists or sculptors and forging them and selling them in the black market...that was what we were trying to figure out...Jack and I.  We knew his right hand man Sergi Nemov has been courting underground computer hackers...there is a rumored virus program being developed that could..."


"Shut down entire cities if released," Prem filled in for her.  He ran his hands through his hair in sudden understanding.  "That night in Paris I was sent to find the disk that had the list of potential buyers...the hacker they hired is Misha Blotski...this is all making sense...they must have found out and made your Dad switch rooms..."


"So then they are probably using this whole art collection as a cover up...a way to smuggle their goods into the country or out of a country," Heer concluded.  "Does that mean the buyer disk is in one of the statues?  What about the computer it going to be moved around in the same format?"


"Anything is possible," Prem replied.


"Who's investigating the computer virus trade if you aren't doing it?" Heer asked.


"Some other agent," Prem answered.  "I've been moved out of active duty.  I've been permanently assigned to security.  It was probably something my supervisor had to do so the mission wouldn't get further compromised and because your Dad request for me to become your bodyguard."


"This is so messed up and crazy," Heer sighed.


"Who's your supervisor?" Prem inquired.


"Rishabh Rampal."


Prem's eyes flexed, "So, you're one of his agents...the elite of the have to have score extremely high marks on the exam or be extremely well connected to the higher officials."


"Who's your supervisor then?" Heer asked


"Jaywant Malhotra."


"Our bosses hate each other...great..." Heer replied rolling her eyes.



"What else is going on?" Prem asked trying to get back to the main subject.  "You said things were suppose to go smoothly...this museum transaction but something changed...what changed?"


"Jack..." Heer simply replied.  "I couldn't believe it but when I arrived at Mr. Kundra's office...they were arguing about something...the door was left slightly ajar and I was listening in on the conversation.  Jack was pressuring Kundra to hand over a key or something...he said he had proof and knew he was helping Dimitri Belova...if he just cooperate he could broker a deal for him and offer immunity.  Kundra laughed and said he would never tell that information to an agent that had switched sides.  I walked in just as Jack shot Kundra with the silencer.  I couldn't believe it.  Jack then turned the gun on me and said he was sorry that I had to see that.  We fought for a bit.  I didn't know there was someone else there hiding behind one of the bookcases but next thing I knew Jack was laying on the floor with me holding his gun.  The gun had gone off during our struggle and shattered a vase in the room...then you can into the room.  I swear Prem I didn't kill Jack.  Whoever was in that room with me did.  They were wearing all black I couldn't see his face...because he had a black ski mask over his head.  I would have been shot next if you hadn't shouted my name and came into the room when you did."


"Okay..." Prem breathed.  "We need to get out of here and figure something out.  We have to leave India today."


"Wait, I need to go back to the hotel," Heer stated.


"Are you crazy?  That place will be swarming with police officers.  They will be looking for us.  And if Jack really did switch sides who knows what kind of information he has in his room about you," Prem said.


"Are you saying he would blame it on me?" Heer asked.


"It's security do it to protect yourself," Prem replied.  "What is so important back at the hotel?"


"It's a flash drive that has all my information about the case so far and locations and maps of possible hideouts of Dimitri Belova.  We have to get it," Heer said.


Prem nodded his head realizing the importance of the information.  Not only for the fact that it would help in the investigation but it could be used to help clear Heer's name.  It was their key out of this mess.  "All right but we have to be very careful."


There you go guys...hope I was able to explain things properly...all this spy stuff is a bit hard to write Geek

Someone from Heer's past shows up and Prem tries to take the fall for the murders...

Thank you to all those that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button!

Please Leave A Comment!

---Grace Big smile

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Sukrutha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 December 2009
Posts: 12018

Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
loved the farm scene...hehe...that was fun...

the next part........OMG...!!!that was something which i dint expect,,.........:O....

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:40am | IP Logged
awsum update....!!!
luved prem heer romance...!!!.
shockin...!!! 2 murders...!!! hope both r out of it..!!
precap seems scary...!!!
i m really sorry i cudnt for 3-4 update...!! my netwrk was down...!!!!
all the update vry...awsum...!!!!prem started feeli for...!! finally he confessed...!!! luved their confession n hotel room romance...!!!
cnt wa8 for the nxt update..>!!!!
thx for da pm..!!!

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Aymee IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 August 2009
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Great update Grace.
Loved Prem and Heer's picnic date was very cute and fun.  Loved how they jump into the haystack.  I always wanted to do that.  LOL
Heer finally revealing to Prem that she too is an agent was the great part.  I love how Prem was trying to make her open up and confess to her that she is an agent but Heer was adament not to say anything.  I am glad she finally opened up to him.  I am glad their friendship is there for them to trust each other.
Thank you for the PM.  I am really looking forward more of their spy and action scene.  Your sneak peek looks very interesting.  I can't wait to read it.  Big smile

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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
tooo good part prem heer date part was too cuteee

suck at commentz thn have lil time so sorry Ouch

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sweet_gurl93 Goldie

Joined: 25 February 2009
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Really unexpected chapter, lol I didnt expect heer to be an agent as well, this story just gets interesting more and more lol
So now heer and prem have to flee the country yh?
Cant wait for that to happen, soo much confusion going on at the moment lol
Do continue soon
Maheen xx

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
This is getting so very interesting!
The Premeer romance was lovely but what came next was very surprising and I just loved it !
I dint really Expected Heer to be a agent !
But the best part was Prem catching her lie !
Awesome update !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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