Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Here is Part B

Mission 11: The Pact Between Hearts - Part B

(Saude Bazi from the movie Aakrosh

Seedhe saadhe saara...seedha seedha hona jee

[Dear, all deals should be simple]

Main tu ko pana hai ya tu ne main ko khona jee

[Either me to get you or you to lose me]

Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi, kya narazi

Arey aa re aa re aa

[Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset?  Come on dear...]


After cleaning themselves up Prem and Heer found a little place by their hotel to grab a bite to eat.  They were enjoying themselves a lot more and were talking about anything and everything.  There was this unexplainable feeling in the air around them that seemed to give hope that whatever was happening between them was something good.  They decided to go to the beach and participate in some water sports after they finished eating lunch.


Heer stood outside in the hotel hallway wearing a black tankini and a black sarong.  Her tankini top was a haltered top style that had a line of encrusted square beads along a v-deep neckline.  Heer stared at Prem's door unable to understand why she was suddenly so shy to knock.  Her mind recalled all the moments they had shared thus far in the day and was filled with a jittery happiness.  She took a deep breath and then knocked on the door.  When the door opened, her eyes were greeted with Prem in a white ribbed tank that accentuate the muscular form of his body and red swimming shorts.  Heer tried not to let her eyes linger too long but evidently she had.  When she looked up she saw Prem give a gentle smirk causing her to quickly turn her head trying to hide the blush forming on her face.


"So, should we go?" Prem asked.  Heer nodded and started walking away.  "Oh, by the way...I really like your swimsuit."  Heer's eyes widen at his comment and she felt her blush darken for a totally different reason.  Prem's smirk just grew wider at her reaction.     


Main kabhi bhoohinga na tujhe

[I will never forget you]

Chahe tu mujhko dena bhula

[Even if you forget me]

Adatein jaise hai tu meri

[You are a habit of mine]

Adatein kaise bhoolun bhala

[How can I forget my habit?]


Main kabhi bhoohinga na tujhe

[I will never forget you]

Chahe tu mujhko dena bhula

[Even if you forget me]

Adatein jaise hai tu meri

[You are a habit of mine]

Adatein kaise bhoolun bhala

[How can I forget my habit?]


Once on the beach they decided to go parasailing.  It was a great way to get a bird's eye view of the shoreline and enhance their experience in Goa.  They found a parasailing operator and booked a ride.  While they were waiting for the boat to become free they discussed about dinner and where they should go.  After much debate they finally decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants that sat on the beach so they could enjoy the sunset view.  It wasn't long before one of the parasailing operators came to take them to their boat.  He went over the basics of safety and then strapped them into their harnesses.  The speed boat went some distance away from the shoreline and then the parasailing guide prepared them for their flight.


Prem was strapped behind Heer and he could tell as they began to float up into the air that she was nervous.  He reached over and tapped her shoulder.  "You okay?  Are you scared?"


"Um, a little," she confessed as she closed her eyes afraid to look at the ground that was beginning to go further away from them.


"Pumpkin, hold my hand," Prem order as he reached out.  Heer slipped her hand into his and felt a gentle squeeze.  "Everything's going to be all right.  It's really beautiful up here.  Just open your eyes and you'll see the shoreline and all the people down below."


Heer cautiously opened her right eye to see what he had described.  She could see the sparkling blue-green water below them, the huddle of colorful umbrellas and beach chairs lining the sand, and the multitude of people doing various beach activities.  After a few minutes her anxiety subsides and she fully opened her eyes to take in the scenery around her.


"It's beautiful isn't it?" Prem asked.


"It is," Heer replied and squeezed his hand in a thankful gesture that he was with her.  Prem grinned and continued to enjoy the ride.  "It's like we're flying."


"Yeah it is, isn't?  Hey, look at the birds," Prem exclaimed as he pointed to a couple of seabirds flying in the sky.  Heer smiled in awe at what she was witnessing.


As the boat below made the last turn on their charted route, Prem and Heer could feel them slowly starting to descend.  They both felt like the ride had been far too short and wished they could stay up in the air a little longer.  Eventually they were carefully lowered onto the boat and taken back to shore.  Prem and Heer thanked the parasailing crew and then walked down the shoreline looking for a nice spot to go swimming. 


Sauda yeh vaadon ka hai

[This deal is of promises]

Yaadon iradon ka hai

[Of memories and thoughts]

Le le tu vadein chahe

[You may take all the promise]

Tu to mukar bhi le

[Even decline them]


Sauda isharon ka hai

[The deal is of hints]

Chahat ke maaron ka hai

[Of blow of desires]

Le le isharein mere

[You may take my hints]

Inka asar bhi le

[And its result too]


Prem shook his head playfully letting the salty water droplets on the ends of his hair go flying.  Heer winched and held up her hands trying to block the sprinkling.  "Prem!" she shouted while he grinned mischievously.  "Use a towel."


"Why?" Prem simply replied being difficult.


Heer tossed his beach towel into his face and rolled her eyes at his immaturity.  Prem ran the towel over his hair with a grin still plastered on his face.  He playfully tugged at Heer's towel making it difficult for her to dry herself.  She turned around to yell at him but then stopped short when he closed the distance between them.  Their eyes gently locked.  Prem was mesmerized by Heer's beautiful hazel eyes.  He could see flecks of green and amber tones.  The way the sunlight was affecting their glow was amazing to him.  Heer never thought in a thousand years she would be seeing Prem's soulful brown eyes this close.  They were speaking to her in ways she didn't think were possible.  There was just something about them that instantly caused an unknowing ache in her heart.  Heer's eyes widen when Prem took the towel from her hands and saw how his eyes shifted downwards towards her lips.  Heer slightly blushed but she wasn't about to let him get away with what he was doing even if she was enjoying his attention.  She playfully pushed him away and said, "If you wanted my towel then all you had to do was say so."


Prem smirked as he watched Heer walk away from him with her sarong tied around her waist.  He shook his head knowing he had blown a moment by being too impulsive.  It was best to take things slow he decided.  He slung the two towels on his shoulders and then jogged lightly to catch up to her.  "So, ready for dinner?" he asked. 


Heer gave a gentle smile.  "Yes, but don't you dare steal anything from my plate.  I'm starving after all that swimming we did."


"Okay, but we'll just see about that." Prem smirked. "See if you can stop me...after all I'm the one paying for dinner tonight.  I'm just asking for one shrimp...just one..."


"You can order your own shrimp," Heer exclaimed.


"But I want to eat fish too," Prem replied.  Heer chuckled at his pouty tone and patted his head.  "So, you'll give me one right?"


"Maybe I'll think about it," Heer mused.


Prem slipped his arm around her shoulder and said, "Come on you know want to say yes...just say yes to me."  Heer remained playfully silent with a half grin etched on her face while Prem continued to convince her on how she really wanted to share some shrimp with him.

Seedhe saadhe saara...seedha seedha hona jee

[Dear, all deals should be simple]

Main tu ko pana hai ya tu ne main ko khona jee

[Either me to get you or you to lose me]

Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi, kya narazi

Arey aa re aa re aa

[Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset?  Come on dear...]


Heer glanced outward into the dark ocean.  It had only been a few hours since the sun had set but she could still see it clearly in her mind; the warm array of orange, red, and purple hues hanging delicately in the sky while the sea waves rippled gently against the shoreline.  Heer felt the crisp sea breeze blow against her face and automatically closed her eyes to enjoy its touch.  She was glad that her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.  Nothing was worse than having your hair whip around in the wind and develop into a tangle mess, especially after cleaning up and taking a shower.  So caught up in her own enjoyment she was unaware a pair of piercing brown eyes were watching.


Prem had gone to the restroom and was walking back towards their table.  His breath caught in his chest as he saw Heer with her eyes closed facing the beach with a smile on her lips.  He stood frozen in the middle of the patio unwilling to move closer for fear of disturbing her peace.  He just wanted to stand there and admire her from afar.  She was wearing an orange v-neck graphic t-shirt and white Bermuda shorts.  A rather simple outfit but something about the way it looked on her was extremely attractive.  The entire day seemed almost perfect to Prem.  It was clear to him that there was no turning back from the feelings that were developing between them.  This was the beginning of something and he wanted to know what this something was.  He knew he was taking a big risk by putting their friendship on the line but after everything that had happened today he knew it was strong enough to handle whatever may occur down the way.  He had that much faith.  "Excuse me, sir?"  Prem blinked and refocused to the area around him.  He saw a waiter trying to pass by him with a serving tray of food.  "I'm sorry," he replied and step out of the way.  When he turned his head back towards their table he saw that Heer was drinking from her water bottle and waiting patiently for him to return.  Prem sighed that the moment had been interrupted and made his way to the table.


"Ready?" Heer asked as she set the bottle down.


"Yeah," Prem replied with a soft grin.


They walked off the patio steps and back onto the soft sand.  The wind was starting to pick up a bit so Prem moved to Heer's right and wrapped his arm around her shoulder in an effort to cover her from the wind.  Heer smiled and leaned closer into him by slipping her arm around his waist.  Her fingers curled delicately around the fabric of his green t-shirt.  There wasn't a moment's pause to think about what they were doing as it just seemed so natural.  They strolled down the beach softly talking about the dinner they had just had and what they should do tomorrow if the museum didn't call. 


Eventually they made their way back to the hotel, walking hand in hand through the lobby to the elevators.  As they entered the elevator and hit the button to their floor, a sudden nervousness started to flow through them.  They were finally coming to the end of their date.  Prem felt a cold flash of sweat run over his back and he swallowed hard.  Heer gently glanced to her side and noted how Prem was looking straight ahead as if there was something incredibly interesting about the elevator doors.  The loud ding of the elevator startled both of them.  They let out an embarrassed laugh and then exited the lift.  Prem walked Heer to her hotel door and gently let go of her hand.  "" he muttered unable to form a complete sentence. 


Despite her own nerves Heer was trying not to laugh at how nervous he was sounding.  She found it rather cute that he was rubbing the back of his head struggling to say something to her.  "I had a great time today."


Prem raised his head and grinned, "I did too."  They stood there for a few seconds not really knowing what to say.  Heer finally turned towards her door and worked on inserting the card key into its slot.  Various thoughts were running through Prem's mind as she was doing this.  He knew that it was best to take things slow but a part of him wondered would giving a goodnight kiss be considered fast.  Was she expecting it?  What if she was expecting it and if he didn't give her one would she think he didn't want their relationship to move forward?  But what if she thought it was too much too soon and if he gave her one it would scare her away.  Prem furrowed his eyebrows trying to figure out what he should be doing.  He lifted his head when he heard Heer tell him "Goodnight."  She was standing underneath the doorway of her room.  Prem looked at her trying to see if she was giving any indication that she would be receptive to a kiss.


Heer stared at Prem wondering what he was thinking.  She could see him make slight movements towards her but would then stop short of following through.  She inwardly berated herself for having pushed him earlier in the day when he was staring at her lips.  She knew he wanted to kiss her and now was the perfect opportunity for him but he wasn't making a move.


"Um, goodnight," Prem finally said awkwardly.  "Sleep well."


Heer watched with disappointment as he turned to walk away.  He had made the initiative to ask her out and now it was her turn to show him how she felt.  "Prem?" she called out.  He quickly turned around and looked at her.  There was a flash of something in her eyes that compelled him to walk back towards her and do what he really wanted to do.  Heer's eyes widen at the suddenness of feeling Prem's hands tenderly cupping her face and his lips pressing against her mouth.  Ever so slowly her eyes closed and her lips relaxed inviting him to deepen the kiss.  Prem felt tingly sensations spread throughout his body as Heer's hands move their way up his back.  Before either one knew what was happening they heard the click of the hotel door closing behind them.  They were now standing in the hallway of Heer's room. 


Heer tried gaining some composure by pulling away from Prem.  Her back hit the wall as her hands rested against his chest putting some distance between them.  "Prem, I think we should..."


"Take this slow...I know...sorry," he replied looking into her eyes.


"Don't be sorry," she uttered softly.


"I know we're taking a big risk with our friendship," Prem said as he gently caressed her cheek.  "But, I want to find out where this is going.  And the thing is...I know this is going to sound completely cheesy...I just can't stay away from you..."  Heer's eyes widen at his comment.  Even though she knew there was this attraction going on between them, hearing him admit it out loud was throwing her emotions into a frenzy.  Her childhood crush and secret first love was actually telling her he was interested in making this into something more.  It was both exciting and scary at the same time.  Prem gently brushed his nose against her nose and tenderly said, "And I don't want to stay away."


"Then don't," Heer replied closing her eyes as their lips met again.  Her hands found their way up his strong shoulders to the back of his neck.  Prem leaned his body closer and placed his hands on her hips.  A gentle moan escaped Heer's throat triggering Prem to hungrily kiss her.  Heer's fingers sunk deeply into the back of his hair as he made his way down her neck.  Their breathing was becoming more rugged and rapid.  Prem sensually ran his nose back up the length of her arched neck and then softly stopped his intimate advances.  Heer opened her eyes to see his deep brown ones gazing back at her. 


"I think I should go now.  I don't want us to jump ahead and stop things before they had a chance to start," Prem explained.  Heer understood his meaning.  It probably wasn't wise for them to start a physical relationship so soon especially since they were just now coming to turns with the fact that they both wanted to move beyond a friendship.


"You're right.  We should take this one day at a time," Heer said.


"You always had a way of understanding me," Prem said with a smile.  "No matter what I won't let our friendship break."


"I won't let that happen either," Heer replied.


"Heh, who knew Pumpkin would grow up kissing like that..." Prem smirked with a teasing twinkle in his eyes.


"Preemmm," Heer embarrassedly whined and hit his chest softly with her fist.


"It feels nice...I like it," Prem unashamedly replied and tenderly kissed her again.  "A lot better than our first kiss, wouldn't you agree?"


"You still remember that?" Heer asked.  The fingers of her left hand were still trapped loosely in his hair.  They were gently rubbing, curling, and playing against his silky strands.  She didn't know why but she loved the way it felt and she wasn't alone in this feeling.  The nerve endings on Prem's head were sending soothing signals throughout his body.  He just wanted to curl up next to her and let her continue stroking his hair.  


"Why do you sound so surprised?  How could I forget that?  It was still my first kiss," Prem replied.


"Well, you didn't exactly express those feelings back then," Heer unhappily said.


"I was fifteen and stupid.  I didn't realize what I had until it was too late," Prem replied.  "I missed you so much when you left."


"You had Abby," Heer simply stated.  Prem tried suppressing his grin when he heard the jealous tone in her voice.  He couldn't believe she was acting this way over his first girlfriend and especially over something that had happened a long time ago.  "Are you smirking?"  Heer asked a bit miffed.  She slipped her hand out of his hair and abruptly walked away from him.  Prem shook his head with a tiny grin and reached out and grabbed her arm.  He twirled her around and then held her by the waist refusing to let go.


"Pumpkin, I never knew you had this jealousy streak in you," Prem teased.  Heer just gave him a cross look.  "I broke up with Abby a few days after you left.  She was driving me crazy and I was getting really irritated that she didn't seem to care that you had left.  She couldn't or didn't want to understand what I was going through.  It was just all about her all the time."  He saw Heer's face soften and the cloudiness in her eyes disappear.  "Then a few weeks later I started dating Heather...and wow, Seven Minutes in Heaven with her was incredible..."  Heer immediately scowled and pushed his chest trying to break away from his hold.  Prem just smirked brightly as he held her tightly.  "'s a joke...only joking Pumpkin...I didn't date Heather...I didn't date anyone for awhile."


Heer stopped struggling and furrowed her eyebrows, "That was a horrible joke."


"I just wanted to see your reaction.  You got so upset about Abby..." Prem chuckled.    


"I'm glad my feelings are something you can laugh about," Heer tersely said.


"Don't get upset.  I'm sure you had a long line of guys waiting in line...hoping desperately to get a date with.  And you've probably broken a few hearts during high school," Prem said. 


"And exactly how many girls did you date?" Heer inquired.


"One in high school...around junior year...we broke up when I left for during college...and two after college...those were more like on and off relationships because of the nature of my work.  I've been single for two years now," Prem answered. 


"Three in college, and two after college," Heer divulged.


And you nearly walked around the fire with one of them... Prem silently thought to himself.  There was an unexplainable ache in his heart at that thought.  He briefly wondered what it would have been like if she had gotten married and they had met again.  Obviously, they wouldn't be sharing this intimate moment together or any other intimate moments that had occurred between them since they had found each other.  Prem berated himself for thinking about these things because they had never happened.  Why was he inviting these insecurities into his mind?  She was single and with him now and he wasn't going to let her go no matter what.


"So I guess we both have had our fare share of relationship experiences," Heer continued.


"Yes, for better or for worse..." Prem replied.  "We've got baggage..."  Heer remained silent and simply looked at him.  "We shouldn't carry that with least I try not to...a new relationship with no expectations.  We have one thing and that is our friendship...we've always been able to talk about things.  I just want us be able to continue doing that no matter how hard it may be.  


"I agree.  I don't want to lose that," Heer said.

Prem smiled and then inched his face closer to hers, "So what do you think Seven Minutes in Heaven between us would be like now?"


Heer let out a soft chortle amused by his flirty remark.  She was still slightly surprised by his forwardness even though she knew they had both agreed to take the next step in their relationship.  She was giddy inside that he was acting this way and she didn't want him to ever stop.  "Well, we probably wouldn't be bumping heads and falling all over each other and hurting ourselves."


"True," Prem simply nodded.  "Who do you think would make the first move?"  Heer shyly smiled and lowered her gaze.  "Are you saying I'm the guy so I have to make the first move?"  Prem sighed and lifted her chin with his hand.  Their eyes gently locked as an unspoken desire filled their sight.  Heer felt herself drowning in the warmth that was emoting from Prem's eyes.  The dreams that had invaded her sleep ever since she realized her feelings for him and the display of emotions she had always wished for where now finally coming true.  Heer let herself melt at his touch and succumb to the passion in his kiss.  Prem silently wondered as their lips danced if it was wrong of him to want her so much.  He knew there was a fine line between lust and love.  He was attracted to her but not purely in a primal way.  He wasn't ready to call it love even though he knew he cared for her a lot.  He was still struggling with all these new emotions flowing through him now that he had admitted that he wanted to take the next step.  He needed her and wanted her not just because she understood him and felt an unknown ease in her presence.  He wanted to be there for her, to protect her, to see her succeed in her dreams.  He just wanted to be a part of her life and he would do anything for her.  As their lips slowly parted and their eyelids lifted, Prem gave an affectionate smile.  "So, how was that?"


Heer gently slid her hand up onto the side of his face with her fingers spread resting lightly near his ear while her palm cupped his jawline.  Prem gazed into Heer's hazel eyes and then lowered his sight towards her lips letting her know what he wanted.  Heer pulled his face towards her while her other hand wrapped around his shoulders bringing them closer together.  Prem slipped his arms around her waist holding her tightly.  "That was very sweet, but we have seven minutes and I want more."


"Then take it," Prem whispered as his head tilted.  He could feel her breath on his lips and became eager for her to close the distance between them.


The minute their lips touched a slow burning intensity started to build between them and before either one knew it they were laying on the bed.  They knew that they needed to stop but they couldn't tear away from each other and continued kissing enjoying the moment.  "You think it's been seven minutes?" Prem huskily asked.


"No," Heer replied and pulled him back down.


" slow," Prem said between kisses.           


"Just...don't...wander away," Heer replied.


"Like this?" Prem naughtily asked as he started to kiss her earlobe.  "Or like this..."  Heer automatically arched her neck as he felt him trace his lips lightly against her skin.


"Preeemmm..." Heer warned through gritted teeth.  She was trying so hard to control her voice and not give into the need to moan.  Prem smirked as he felt her hands grip the back of his head tightly.  He was enjoying the flirtatiousness in their actions far too much to stop.


"Seven minutes aren't up yet," Prem said as he hovered over her.


"You have one minute left," Heer replied.


"No I don't," Prem said and buried his head in the crook of her neck.  He closed his eyes and simply breathed.  There was the hint of Jasmine from her perfume and the familiar scent of coconut in her hair.  The combination was intoxicating.  He couldn't believe he was acting like this but there was this unexplainable comfort and naturalness in his actions.  If they had been complete strangers there was no way he would be doing this on the first date.  Their friendship had given them the emotional foundation of a couple that had been dating for years.  The romantic and intimate aspects were the only things left to understand and explore. 


Heer was amazed at the way Prem was snuggling with her so comfortably.  He laid there hugging her unwilling to move.  Heer sighed and gently stroked his back.  "Don't fall asleep on me now."


"If I did would you let me sleep here?" Prem cheekily asked.


"I'd kick you to the floor," Heer replied causing Prem to chuckle.


"I forgot.  You'd probably mistake me for a chor and try to beat me out of the bed." 


Heer laughed along with him and then asked, "By the way what were you doing in my room?"


Prem shifted his eyes to the side trying to think of a good response but ended up only saying, "Um, nothing..."


"Um, nothing?  That wasn't nothing," Heer dryly replied.


"You punched me really hard in the nose," Prem whined trying to change the subject.


"I'm sorry.  How many times do I have to apologize for that?  I can just imagine when we're old and will still be complaining about it.  But don't go changing the subject," Heer replied.  The grin on Prem's face disappeared when he realized his tactic hadn't worked.  He started playing with one of the pocket zippers on his black cargo shorts hoping he could just ignore the question away.  "Hmmm?"


"It really wasn't anything," Prem mumbled.


"If it isn't anything why can't you tell me?" Heer replied.  She was becoming increasingly curious as to what he was up to that day.  She pushed his shoulder forcing him to look at her.  "Prem?"


"I...I was just watching you sleeping...that's all..." he muttered shifting his eyes away.  "And a few strands of your hair fell in your I tried helping you tuck them back but then you woke up and well, you know the rest."


"That wasn't so bad," Heer said.


Prem looked at her and reached over to her hair tie and slipped the band down letting her dark tresses unravel freely.  Heer watched him with questioning eyes as he did this.  The moment she felt his hand gently weave its way through her hair, butterflies began swirling in her stomach.  Prem studied the structure of her face as he traced his fingers tenderly through her hair from the tip of her temple, around her ear, and down.  He repeated this movement over and over again.  "I wanted to feel this," Prem whispered.  Heer let her eyes drift up and catch his gaze.  She slowly reached out with her fingers and softly traced his jawline and the stubble around his chin and mouth.  "I've wanted to feel this," Heer replied.  Prem grinned and delicately kissed her fingers.  "Now you can anytime you want," he answered. 


They both beamed smiles at each other and cuddled closer.  Heer rested her head on his shoulder while Prem wrapped one hand around her shoulder and the other around her waist.  They stayed in this position for awhile simply letting the emotions in their hearts silently speak to each other.  Eventually Prem heaved a heavy sigh and started to sit up.  "I should go."  He glanced at the clock noting the time.  "It's 11:45pm.  It's late.  If we still want to go out like we planned then we better go to bed.  I'll see at 7:00am?"


"Yes," Heer replied as she walked him to the door.  Prem opened it and turned around to give Heer one last goodnight kiss.  She smiled after they broke apart and patted his chest, "Goodnight."  


"Goodnight Pumpkin.  Sleep tight," he replied and then walked away.


Heer watched his figure retreat down the hotel hallway and disappear as he rounded the corner heading towards his room.  She closed the door and made sure to properly lock it.  Her lips were grinning brightly as she realized what transpired between them in her hotel room.  The way they held and kissed each other was unbelievable.  She was screaming in her mind that it was real.  All of it was real and not a dream.  Prem was finally hers.  Heer giddily took her pajamas from the dresser and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for bed.  The sooner she went to bed the sooner the dawn would break so she could began another new day with Prem by her side.


Seedhe saadhe saara...seedha seedha hona jee

[Dear, all deals should be simple]

Main tu ko pana hai ya tu ne main ko khona jee

[Either me to get you or you to lose me]

Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi, kya narazi

Arey aa re aa re aa

[Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset?  Come on dear...]


Saude Bazi - Aakrosh
*Credit Lyrics and Translation to Nushy04 from Youtube

Hope you guys enjoyed Part B

*sighs* these two can't keep their hands off of each other LOL Embarrassed...just figured since they've known each other for such a long time...their friendship is so strong even though they have been away from each other for some was easy for them to jump right back into their friendship like they hadn't ever been separated...hence the comfortableness they feel around each other...and we all knew what they've been wanting/waiting to do that it all sort of spilled out for them in a slow but steady frenzy Wink

In the next chapter the spy/action track will start and you'll see how their relationship evolves.

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awesomeeeeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggggg for next asap.

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Awesome Update Grace !!!

the date and the kiss !!! Day Dreaming seven minutes LOL...
thanks for the PM !!!

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Awsome update!
Luved it!!
Premeer enjoyed their date at the beach and had a great time.
They finally kissed n this time it wasn't a Premeer are officially a couple now.
Lol...loved the story of Prems girl friends.
Prem teasing Heer bout the kiss.
N then the question bout seven minutes in heaven...naughty Prem.
Want more Premeer i know i sound demanding but ur such a good writer that i have to lolz.

Update soon n thnx for the PM.

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loved it, reserved....

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Great update Grace.
Loved how their remain date went.  Prem looking at Heer before the waiter interrupted Prem's thought, was very romantic.
Their kiss...or should I say their kisses LOL was very romantic and Embarrassed.  I agree with you about not being able to keep their hands off of each other.  LOL Very cute.  I am so glad they still have their friendship while they slowly move on to the next step.
Thank you for the PM Grace.  I am sorry for not writing a longer comment, I am in hurry to go out right now.  I am really looking forward to the spy/action parts. 

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Awesome part!! Finally, Prem and Heer are together :D
So happy for them
Cant wait for more
Do continue soon
Maheen xx

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-scarlett- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 January 2010
Posts: 3585

Posted: 25 February 2011 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!! This was sooo cuuuteeeee!!!!
Thank you soo much Grace you made my day wit this update
The date and the kiss was soo romantic and loved how Prem
was falling heads over heals for heer...
gosh woman I love the way you wrote
thanks again..
this was epic..hats off to you

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