Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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waitingggggg for next

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Update soon....

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Originally posted by pwincess1

i totally loved this update
we can really see that theyre falling for each other
the jealousy and thoughtsBlushing
oh what can i say??
i  loved it all
plz update soon
i want more!!!!LOL

These too are falling hard for each other aren't they?  Hmmm...wonder what's going to happen next Wink Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sadhz

WoW...........awesome update.........
d beach scene was Blushing...........n wt was he observinBlushing..........
shit......d kiss scene was dream.........y y yLOL .........
i was expectin some awkwardness between them after d kiss bt..........Ermm it was dream.............
i dnt like d way heer was tellin prem that manmeet part...........
heer forgt abt that manmeet......prem is here naWink...........
n loved d last part of prem heer.........awesomeeeeeeeeeee
thnx for d pm................update soooooooooooooooon

Hehe...yeah those two were being so bad...stealing glances at each other like that Embarrassed And about Heer and Dev...I think Prem needed to hear that to realize some things and make his move.  Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by crystall

Awesomeee update !ClapClap
Loved it !Smile
Every Premeer scene was amazing !Clap
The dream kiss was magical !Embarrassed
The way Prem tried to sooth Heer was soo lovely !Smile

Waiting for next !Smile
Update soon !Star
Thnx for pm !Smile

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by maryaa8688

 in last chapter it was prem n now heer is also jealous!!!!! liked it..
 n that kiss was Blushing but it was a dream..i thought it was real Unhappy want real premeer kisss soon Tongue..but i loved the ending..loved how prem supported her..will b waiting for the next one..update soon

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by shivangi2092

I can't wait to read more!!!!!!
everytime I read this SS you make me feel as if I m watching a tv!
this part was fab!
my heart beats were raced up everytime on their sweet quite intimate scenes!
The beach scenes were.....Blushing
Ah..! I wish that the kiss was real!
Their jealousy felt good to me!
what happened in night?Wink
every word felt so real dear!
thanks for the lovely update!
try to update soon!

Wow?  Really?  Thank you so much for that compliment.  What happened that night?   Who knows maybe we will find out in the next part Wink Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweetnsourx3

loveddd the update! wow didnt know heer's past would be like glad both of them are getting jealous though Embarrassed  thats a good sign hehe  Wink cant wait for the next update! 

Yes Heer and her's starting to make Prem think.  Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by keer456

Sorry for the late comment.Disapprove I was little busy with studies. Now only read last two updates....."AWESOME" was the only word that came to my mind.Star really loved the beach scene.Wink Premeer are always the best. the jealousy part was wonderful. hope they confess their love soon.Big smileCool....... Waiting for the next part Tongueand thank you sooooooooo much for the pm..... LOL

It's okay dear.  Studies come first.  Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by khajju

soorry for late comment...was bzy with studies..
Tht was an awesmee part....all was just perfect.....GOSH tht kiss dream....premeer in water playing around and then the kiss.....tht was really a perfect moment aaah i wish tht was real....bth applyin lotion on each other....awww how they bth are controlling themselves....why dnt u bth just confess ur feeling to each other....waitin for tht moment eagarly....aww poor prem dragged by tht mahii.... Jealousy part was wonderful.... premeer sitting on sand and heer telling her story...aww the way prem put his hands on her shoulder and try to console her....luvd tht.....premer sleepin next to each other....prem consolin heer...thts lovelyyy....thanks for pm...and plzzzzz update sooon....eagarlyyyyy waitinggggg

Studies are important so it's fine.  Confession of Prem and, it's sort of coming.  It's going to be handled in a different way than'll see in the next part Wink Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile
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waitinggggggg r u updatingg now

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Originally posted by anoushay_kdmhmd

OMG OMG grace i was not expecting an update!! it was a complete suprize for me loved every bit of it!! it was sooo cute da growing attraction , jealousy , and all dat reminded me of my days!!! =P amazingly written i wish Ekta read ds and give us a harshiti serial on ds story!! ufff it will be amzing!!! and now u better update soon dyng to read da next part!!! hats off dear keep writing!! =))

Wow, really?  Thank you for that compliment.  Thank you for liking the story so far.  Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweet_gurl93

Great part! Totally loved whats happening between prem and heer :D
Cant wait for more
Do continue soon
Maheen xx

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Waqas...

Okay Finally i am commenting here... Awesome Clap!!! Beach Scene was sooooo ahem BlushingBlushingBlushing, dont want to comment in detailEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL....
Both of them getting jealousLOL !!! good signsEmbarrassed...
New Year's Eve party !!!! and last scene was also good !!!
Thanks for the PM...
and one thing more, i didnt read last 2-3 chapters, i am bit lost whats going on, will find time to read them and will surely unreserve all the reserved slots...
waiting for next !!!!

Reading the last two chapters would probably clear up the confusion Tongue
Beach scene was very Embarrassed on both their parts.  Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sharmeeli

LOL you like it? Just came up with itLOLLOL yeah, you tell your friend I totally understand that, since I saw Sushant as Preet on youtube (after reading ff's of KDMHMD) I got the Sushant flu, my mom is going crazy becz of meLOL I even watch Pavitra Rishta, but I do not really watch it, I actually watch it to get a jhalak of Sushant/Preet/ManavEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Last week she asked me if PR is the only serial at ZeeTV cause everytime she watches Zee she sees PR, and I'm like no it's not, but you always watch Zee when I'm watching TV so you must know why you see PR on Zee thenTongue
loved the double date, hihihi MEET gave a good advice to PremBig smile aaahw poor Heer, Teji totally forgot about her when she met Prem, and ROFL she first giving Heer a lecture when she thought he is her boyfriend (what he will become soon right?Wink)
LOLLOL Prem had eaten to much huhROFL
Question: what is Rishab's problemAngry am glad Jayant answered him wellShocked
really like jealous Heer at that EshaROFL
continue soon dearEmbarrassed am eager to know what will happen nextEmbarrassedBig smile and thank you for the PM dearEmbarrassed

Rishab has his own'll see when the spy track picks up in the story.  Right now I'm setting up the Premeer romance.  Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

Wow that was a awsome part Grace.
I loved the dream kiss oh how i wish that was real. We want one that's real ont Prem or Heers dream.
Poor Prem he got dragged off by I could see the jealousy between the two.
Prem woke Ur from his hangover and was suprised to see Heer next to him.
Good to see him comforting her.
Waiting for Prem and Heer to confesses Coz we know they are in love.
update soon and thnx for the PM.

So a real kiss on Prem or Heer's dream? Hmmm...I written something a bit different.  Hope it will satisfy everyone.  Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by rhtpkcm

loved it toooooooo much.....can#t wait for the next update....

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweta2005

awesomeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by Motibah

OMGGGGGGG Graceee! What should I say? Shocked Aaaaaaaaah I can actually feel my heart beating so FAST and I swear to god Im not even JOKING! LOL My heart is like racing! Ok let me get this all out one at a time!
First of all that was the BEEEEST FREAKING CHAPTER EVER! Like literally BLOODY AMAAAAZING! My reactions =  Shocked + PartyEmbarrassed +  Day Dreaming + Blushing + *Dead* 
URGH. The beach scenes were just waaaay too romantic for me too handle Blushing I think I just died and I had to read each line like twice to make sure it was actually happening LOL
 and aaaaah I actually thought they were kissing in the water! Gosh I so wish they WERE! That would have been amazing! haha my heart started beating so fast and I was all sighhhhhhh but then when I found out it was just a dream Ouch LOOOL that reminds me of the song "It was only just a dreeeeam." ROFL But gaaah I so wish that kiss was for real! That would have been soo freaking adorable; kissing in the water, while their all wet , holding onto each other Blushing Now because you made this one a dream Gracey you are going to make up for it by giving us another kiss that is for real and about 10 times more ROMANTIC! Blushing
These two are sooo in loveeee, I can actually feel the attraction between them pulling them closer (if that is even possible ROFL) but god, If I was a girl I would have made Prem all mine by now! Day Dreaming How is she resisting him?
The last scene, I dont even know what to say apart from the fact that I had a BIG, FAT, MASSIVE smile spread across my face as I was reading it Day DreamingLOL I actually read the paragraph twice so I could imagine every little bit of detail clearly e.g how she was sleeping on him and how he was holding her BlushingROFL I wonder what happened last night! Are we ever gonna find out? I am sooo curious as too how these two got in the same bed Blushing Booooy I love those beers they were drinking ROFL
 I swear, I cant wait for them to accept their love for each other! Day Dreaming and Im dying for their first real kiss! I guess all the emotions are just building up inside of them right now and then their gonna come FLYING out at once LOL
Wow. This is the looongest comment I have ever written on a ff! See what you do to me Grace AngryBig smile Pleaseeee post the next chapter quickly or I might DIE from waiting too much and imagining whats gonna happen next!
As for now Im off to read the chapter again LOL You better update quickly! Hug

Hehe...sorry that the kiss scenes I've written so far have been dreams.  Don't worry the real one is coming soon.  Though I don't know if it will be up to everyone's expectations.  It's a bit different is all I can say.  I'm handling their relationship in a very different way than the usual scream in your face love confession...not that it won't come.  It's a process is all I'm going to say Wink   As for finding out what the two did last night...I don't think we will ever really know LOL Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by Aymee

Grace, that was an excellent update.  Clap  I really loved it.
Prem and Heer's flight to Goa was funny.  Poor Jack.  I am glad he decided to back off and let them be.
OMG, the sunblock part and Prem's dream was HOT.  I loved how they were checking each other before, while and after they put sunblock on each other.  LOL  But Prem's kiss dream was unbelieveable.  Embarrassed   I was very disappointed when I found out it was only a dream but no matter what I still loved that scene.  Big smile
Their conversation at the New Year's Eve party was sweet.  It was great Heer opened up to Prem like that.  We and Prem got some idea what Heer's relationship with Dev was like and how it ended.  I know deep down Prem's heart he is sad, he wasn't Heer's first love but he (and we) are glad she didn't turn around and go back to Dev.  I really love the comfort Prem gave to Heer and when she rested head on his shoulder. 
Grace what really topped it for me was them sleeping next to each other.  You know how much I love it when they sleep with each other like that especially when you write those scenes.  I got a giggle out of it when Prem woke and panicked and began to check to see if his clothes were still on.  LOL  The comfort he gave to Heer was very sweet and in a way romantic.  Even though he thought she might be dreaming about Dev, he still comforted her and I thought that was very sweet of him to do so.  It is shame though, he didn't Heer call out his name. 
Thank you for the PM Grace.  I am really enjoying this SS.  I can't wait to read your next chapter.  I am really looking forward to it.

Hi Lisa,

I'm glad you are enjoying the SS so far.  Prem is always there for Heer when she needs him and vice versa...I think that is the strength of their relationship.  Even knowing that Heer had this other adult romantic relationship not just friendship...Prem still did what a good friend would do.  I really wanted to show their bond and how no matter what they are there to support each other.  Their attraction is just growing and it's about to spill over.  I'm handing things a bit'll see in the next two chapters. 
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Big smile
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Hi everyone!  I'm back and with a very long chapter.  So long I had to split it up into two parts.  Part A will be posted today and then a few days later I'll post up Part B. 

So far I'm just setting up the romantic track for Prem and Heer.  The spy track stuff will be showing up soon and play an important part in their relationship.  I'm handling Prem and Heer's relationship a bit differently...hope I'm able to convey the feelings's all a gradual processes since they have been so use to being just "best friends".  They are both mature adults and have experienced relationships with other people and have fallen in love multiple times.  I personally feel there are various levels of love and one can love more than once...each relationship you have is special and different from the other...there is no one way to love.  But then there is your soul mate...the one that understands you unconditionally and you have that deep connection with that is unexplainable. 

Thank you for all those that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

Mission 10: The Pact Between Hearts - Part A


Heer slowly opened her eyes and blinked softly as she waited for her vision to clear.  She felt as if there was something raising and falling in rhythmic motion underneath her.  She lifted her head and saw the chisel chin and jawline of her best friend.  Her eyes immediately widen as she took in the situation she was in; laying on Prem's chest with his arms around her.  Heer grimaced as a throbbing sensation entered her head.  She closed her eyes hoping to alleviate some of the pain she was feeling from her hangover.  When she opened her eyes again she gently gazed at Prem's sleeping face noting how innocent and peaceful he looked.  Her eyes traveled to his lips and felt the impulsive tug in her heart to kiss him.  She diverted her eyes trying to suppress her hidden desires.  She decided to keep her mind busy by trying to recall what had happened the night before for them to end up in the same room together and sleeping in this position.  The only thing she could remember was how they had taken a couple of shots of tequila and other shooters.  The rest of the night was a big blur to her.  Heer was thankful that nothing serious had happened as she could feel that they still had their clothes on.  She didn't know what she would do if the situation was something different.  As much as a small part of her heart ached to have their relationship develop into something more, having intimate relations in a drunken frenzy was not a way to start things off in the right direction.  What was the point if she couldn't remember anything?   Wondering if it was an alcoholic induced desire or something from the heart?  The constant guessing would more than likely cause a strange awkwardness to develop between them and kill their friendship.


Heer gently lifted herself off of Prem's chest trying not to wake him.  But the minute she started to move away from him, his eyes dazedly opened.  "Hey morning," he mumbled. 


"Morning," Heer simply replied tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ear.  She saw this strange delayed reaction coming from Prem as his hands moved up towards his face to block a punch he thought would be coming.  "It's me," he panicked.  Heer couldn't help but gently laugh recalling how she had punched him the last time.  "I know.  It's okay," she replied. 


Prem held his head as he sat up and groaned.  "Do you have a hangover too?"


"Yes, I don't think I'm ever going to do those shooters we did last night again," Heer answered.


"Do you remember anything from last night?  Everything for me is a complete blur," Prem said.


"Not's the same for me," Heer said.  She then took off Prem's shirt and gave it back to him.  "Thanks.  I guess I must have been cold last night.  Anyways thanks." 


Prem took the shirt and placed it on the side of the bed.  "I guess we just collapsed here on the bed together."


Heer nodded and then asked, "Whose room are we in?"


"Mine," Prem replied when he spotted his suitcase in the corner of the room.




They sat there on the bed not really saying anything for a few minutes.  It was hard for both of them to focus since they were both battling throbbing headaches from their hangovers.  There was also this odd unspoken feeling in the air, a mixture of awkwardness and strange comfort that "this" had happened between them as opposed to having it occurring with a complete stranger.  Eventually Prem got off the bed and said, "I'm going to wash up."


"Yeah, I should do that too," Heer replied and started heading towards the door.


"I'll see you in a few minutes?" Prem asked.


"For what?"


"We should probably get something to eat," Prem explained.


"How can you think about eating right now?" Heer groaned.


"We need to eat a little something.  It will make us feel better.  Anyways we need to go get some sports drinks to replenish our fluids...don't you know your body gets dehydrated when you drink?" Prem asked.


"Thanks for the science lesson," Heer softly chuckled and then winched at the pain in her head.  "Are we going to even be able to walk around?"


"We should make the effort to get some fresh air," Prem said.  "I'll be over in a few."


"Okay," Heer replied and left the room.


Heer had just finished dressing and was toweling her hair dry when she heard a heavy knock on her hotel door.  She went and checked the peephole and saw Prem standing outside.  She opened the door and was greeted with a water bottle thrust into her face.  "Here," Prem simply stated.  Without a word Heer took the water and began drinking it.  "Are you ready?" 


"Yeah, let me get some money," Heer replied.


Prem stepped into the room and found his eyes following her every move.  Heer stuffed some money into a small wallet and then placed her purse into her suitcase and locked it with a key lock.  As Heer hunched over to lift her suitcase and move it into the closet, Prem found himself having this incredible urge to go behind her and be close to her.  He wanted to be able to hug her again.  He couldn't shake the feeling of how good it felt when she was sleeping in his arms.  He walked a bit closer to her but she finished her task rather quickly and turned around.  Heer had a surprised look etched across her face wondering why he was so close.


"Um, ready?" Prem asked trying to avoid an uncomfortable situation.


"Yes," Heer answered as she slipped her wallet into the front pocket of her shorts.  "I don't know about you but I feel a bit better after taking a shower."


"Yea, me too," Prem said as he followed her out of the room.  "Drink more water...that will help too."  Heer smiled and did as he suggested.


Two half eaten plates of idle and sambar later, Prem and Heer sat feeling tired and bit irritable at the normal noises occurring at the restaurant.  Every little thing seemed to cause a sharp pain to arise in their heads.  Prem passed the Advil bottle to Heer as he popped two pills in his mouth hoping the medicine would help with his headache.  He waited until she swallowed her dose and then whispered, "Let's get out of here?"


Heer nodded wincing in slight pain as she heard someone clang their silverware against their plate.  "Let's go."


They quickly paid their bill and made their way out to the bustling street.  They hopped onto their rental scooter and zoomed off to find some place a little more calm to nurse their hangovers.  They briefly stopped by a convenient store and bought two sports drinks before continuing on their way to their destination.  As they made their way out of the city streets and into the scenic country roads, the fresh air blowing in their faces was beginning to sooth some of their ache away.  Heer who normally held the back rail on the scooter was leaning against Prem's back with her hands around his waist.  She was too weary to think about what she was doing and simply didn't have the strength to hold onto the back railing.  Prem was surprised at first but didn't say anything, realizing how tired she was feeling and quite frankly didn't mind the physical contact.  Eventually Prem veered off into a lot and parked their scooter.  They had arrived at a more secluded beach.  They strolled out onto the sand and breathed gently taking in the salty sea breeze. 


Prem and Heer walked side by side down the shore drinking their sports drinks in silence.  It wasn't long before they found a few large boulders huddled together on the beach line.  Prem climbed up and started walking towards the end so he could sit closer to the water.  The waves softly crashed against the base of the rock bringing in a pleasant breeze and the gentle sprinkling of sea mist.  It felt refreshing.  Prem turned to the side to see if Heer was behind him.  He saw her wobble a little as she made her way to where he was and instinctively grabbed her arm to steady her.  She gave a faint smile appreciative of his gesture and sat down on the smooth stone.  Prem sat down next to her and stared out into the ocean.


"Feeling better?" Prem asked after a few seconds of silence.


"A little bit," Heer replied and then took a sip of her sports drink.  "What about you?"


"It's getting there," Prem answered. 


"We should probably go to bed early tonight," Heer simply stated.


"Yea, we should."


They sat there on the boulder in a comfortable silence just letting the beauty of nature heal them.  After some time Prem glanced at Heer and noticed how she held her upper arms with her hands.  "Are you cold?" he asked with concern.  "Do you want to go?  It will probably get even colder once the sunsets.  We should probably leave before that happens."


"It's okay Prem.  I want to sit here.  I think it would be nice to watch the sunset.  I'll be okay," Heer replied as she gently rubbed her hands along her arms.


"Come here," Prem ordered as he stood up and placed his hand on her shoulder.  Heer looked at him wondering what he wanted her to do as she stood up.  Prem stepped back a little and made her move to the front of him and then gently pushed down on her shoulders telling her to sit down.  He then sat behind her cradling her back.  "Warmer?"


Heer's breath caught in her chest as she heard his voice so close to her left ear.  "Yes. Um, thanks," was all she was able to utter.  She glanced at her sides noticing how his legs were right there next to her legs.  He was so close to her that if she really wanted to she could lean her back against his chest.  The tempting thought sent a shiver down her spine.


Prem sat behind her completely mesmerized by the way her soft hair was blowing in his face.  The scent of sweet coconut played with his senses and he found himself closing his eyes enjoying the feeling.  "Coconut..."


"Excuse me?" Heer asked.


Prem's eyes popped open with alarm as he realized he had said his thoughts out loud.  "Um, coconut...right?  The scent of your shampoo?"


"Why?  You don't like it?" Heer inquired.


"No, um, no, I like it.  It smells really nice," Prem answered with a slight panic in his voice.


"Oh, um thanks," Heer replied.  She didn't know why she was feeling this sudden flush of heat in her cheeks.


"Are you okay?  Your don't have to sit so can lean back if you want," Prem offered.


"Oh, um, okay," Heer said swallowing hard.  She slowly let herself lean back into his chest.  The minute her back made contact she felt her heart racing like crazy.


Prem was having trouble processing what he was doing and where this was all leading to but he decided to go with his feelings and the strange naturalness that was developing between them.  He gently placed his right hand on her hand and gripped it.  "Your hands aren't cold are they?" he asked.


Heer immediately stiffened as she felt his hand hold her hand.  "Um, no...not anymore" She then regretted the way her body had reacted as she felt him began to move his hand away.  She impulsively curled her slender fingers and held onto his pinky finger; telling him in a subtle way not to let go.


Prem was rather surprised by her actions but then gently smiled.  He shifted his fingers and curled them downward so they filled the spaces between her fingers.  He could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest and wondered if she could possibly hear it since she was so close to him now.  Despite the condition of his heart he felt this compelling need to now rest his chin on her shoulder.  Prem cautiously lowered his head wondering what response he was going to receive.


Heer sat there in a surreal state unable to comprehend if what she was experiencing was real or just some dream.  The feel of Prem's body behind her back, the way he was holding her hand, and the rhythm of his breathing seemed to confirm that all of this was actually happening.  Her eyes widen when she felt him rest his chin on her shoulder.  These actions and the position they were sitting in were far too intimate for two friends.  Heer wondered was this the beginning of something new between them?  It was all a little bizarre as neither one of them was speaking.  It was as if they were avoiding the question that needed to be asked.


"Where do you want to go tomorrow?" Prem softly asked into Heer's ear.


"How about the market?" Heer replied trying to be as normal as she possibly could.


"Okay, I'll take you out to the market," Prem said with smile.  "It will be my treat."


"Lunch?" Heer timidly asked trying to understand his intentions.


"Everything," Prem simply replied.  Heer turned her head and saw how close his face was to hers.  She parted her lips trying to think of something to say but couldn't.  They just sat there for a few minutes gazing into each other's eyes as an unspoken understanding slowly developed between them.  "So it's a date?" Prem finally asked breaking the silence.


"It's a date," Heer gently replied.  She then gave a soft smile causing Prem to grin one of his own in returned. 

(for your listening pleasure Sauda Bazi from the movie Aakrosh )

Seedhe saadhe saara...seedha seedha hona jee

[Dear, all deals should be simple]

Main tu ko pana hai ya tu ne main ko khona jee

[Either me to get you or you to lose me]

Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi, kya narazi

Arey aa re aa re aa

[Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset?  Come on dear...]


The alarm buzzed loudly in the hotel room announcing the need for the recipient to awake from the dream world she was in.  A gentle groan was voiced as a slender hand reached out and turned the alarm off.  Heer stared at the red digits of the clock reading 9:30am.  She was feeling a lot better as her body had finally recovered from the hangover she had the day before.  She sleepily snuggled her head against her pillow and smiled that she was going to be visiting the markets today.  She was excited to see what goods and fun items the vendors would be selling in their stalls.  As her mind processed her thoughts on the market, her eyes widen recalling what had happened yesterday.  Prem had asked her out.  They were going on a date.  Heer quickly flipped the covers off of her and immediately felt an extreme nervousness spread throughout her body.  She put her hands to her mouth and mumbled, "He asked me out...he really did ask me out...Oh my God..."  Heer hurriedly got out of bed and made her way into the bathroom to get ready for the day.


Seedhe saadhe saara...seedha seedha hona jee

[Dear, all deals should be simple]

Main tu ko pana hai ya tu ne main ko khona jee

[Either me to get you or you to lose me]

Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi, kya narazi

Arey aa re aa re aa

[Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset?  Come on dear...]


Prem wiped the steam off the mirror with the side of his hand and stared back at his reflection.  His toothbrush was tucked to one side of his mouth and he was standing with a bath towel wrapped around his waist.  His mind was whirling when he was taking a shower thinking about what had happened on the beach.  He couldn't believe he had asked Heer out on a date and she had said yes.  A part of him wondered if that impulsive move was the effects of his hangover.  But deep down inside he knew otherwise.  "Strange" was the one word that kept popping into his mind.  They were crossing over into uncharted territory with the far off notion that they were possibly going to become more than just friends.  Prem's eyes widen at that thought, "more than just friends" as he continued brushing his teeth.  What about their friendship?  What if things didn't work out?  What if they broke up?  What would happen to their friendship?  He valued that more than anything yet he had slipped up and asked for a date.  And the craziest thing about it was that she had agreed to go out with him.  What were they getting themselves into?  Though he couldn't deny there was this attraction growing between them.  It had started ever since they had arrived at Goa.  Could it be blamed on the alcohol they had consumed?  Or was it because of the island-beachy atmosphere that was surrounding them?  The more he thought about it the more confused he got.


Sauda hai dil ka yeh tu kar bhi le

[This is the deal of hearts, you may do]

Mera jahan bahon mein tu bhar bhi le

[My love, please fill me in your arms]


Saude mein de kasam, kasam bhi le

[Let's swear on this deal]

Aake tu nighaahon mein sawar bhi le

[Dear, remain in my eyes and beautify it]


Heer looked at the clothes she had placed on the bed and sighed in frustration over what she was going to wear.  She didn't want to get super dressy but she didn't want to wear something super causal like sweat shorts.  Her mind was starting to go crazy and over think things wondering did Prem really mean what he said about a date.  The English language could be confusing, especially when dealing with slang or double meanings that some phrases possessed.  Then there was the problem of context.  When Prem said "So it's a date" did he really mean "date" as in he really wanted to take me out on a date or did he mean "it's a date" as a confirmation that we would be going out together but not in a romantic sense?  Heer thought as she continued to stare at the clothes on her bed.  This is so I should probably wear something normal but not too comfy because what if he gets all dressed up?  And my makeup?  Should I wear makeup?  Oh jeez, I need to get a grip!  


Heer finally grabbed her Capri jeans and a graphic t-shirt and headed back into the bathroom to change.  She emerged a few minutes later with a light and natural application of makeup and lip gloss.  She put the rest of her clothes away and checked herself in the mirror one last time making sure she looked presentable.  She didn't even realize when she had selected her shirt that the color was a magenta pink.  She gave a gentle grin and then went to find her small wallet.  Heer slipped it into her front pocket and headed to the door.  She paused as her hand touched the knob and wondered if it was appropriate for her to go to his room.  Should she wait for him to come fetch her or should she call him to see if he was ready?  Heer shook her head berating herself for trying to make this more complicated than it needed it to be.  They were still friends and it didn't really matter who came to get who.  She opened the door and was surprised to see Prem standing before her with his hand up preparing to knock on her door.


"Oh-uh, you ready?" Prem greeted.  Heer gave a tiny smile and nodded her head.  Her eyes gently traced Prem's body giving him a look over at his outfit.  He was wearing a white graphic t-shirt and brown cargo shorts.  "Okay, so shall we go?" Prem said noticing how neither one of them were moving.


"Wanna get breakfast first?" Heer asked as they started to nervously walk down the hallway to the elevator.


"That sounds good," Prem smiled with agreement.  


Sauda udano ka hai ya aasmano ka hai

[This is the deal of flight or the sky]

Le le udanein meri le mere par bhi le

[You may take my flight...take my wings too]


Sauda ummeedon ka hai...khwabon ka...neendon ka hai

[This is the deal of faith...or dreams and sleeps]

Le le tu neendein meri

[You may take my sleep away]

Naino mein ghar bhi le

[Make my eyes your home]


Prem and Heer sat in silence as they ate their breakfast.   The conversation had been light and rather awkward.  They really didn't know how to respond to each other now that they were going on a so called date.  They finished quickly and when it came time to pay the bill Prem pulled out his wallet and gave the money to the waitress.  He flexed his eyebrows wondering what Heer was doing with her wallet.  He handed the money over to the waitress before Heer could do anything and gave her a questioning look.  "What do you think you're doing?"


"What?" Heer replied.


"I told you today it's my treat," Prem explained.


"I can't let you treat me the entire day," Heer said.


"Why not?"


"That's a lot of money Prem."


"It's my money and I can choose how I use it," he childishly replied.


"What, you going to pay for the things I'm going to buy at the market?" Heer asked in a playful tone.


"If those are things you want," Prem simply stated.  Heer swallowed uncomfortably as she noticed the way his eyes were gazing at her intently.  He shifted his eyes away realizing he was making her nervous and said, "Come on let's go."   


Seedhe saadhe saara...seedha seedha hona jee

[Dear, all deals should be simple]

Main tu ko pana hai ya tu ne main ko khona jee

[Either me to get you or you to lose me]

Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi, kya narazi

Arey aa re aa re aa

[Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset?  Come on dear...]


They soon arrived at one of the large markets and started to roam around the stalls shopping for things.  They had loosened up a bit and were talking more freely with one another as they showed things to each other that they found interesting in the shops.  After an hour or so of shopping Heer could tell Prem was getting a bit restless.  She caught him eyeing an ice cream vendor and gently smiled.  "Do you want some ice cream?"


"Uh?  Oh no, I'm okay," Prem replied trying to hide the fact that he was actually very interested.  He knew it was getting close to lunch time and he didn't know how she would take it if he had dessert before they ate. 


"My treat," Heer simply stated and grabbed his hand dragging him into the ice cream stand.


"It's really okay," Prem said.


"Stop lying Prem...I can totally see it in your eyes...just get something.  We can take a break.  I know shopping isn't your thing and I've been dragging you around everywhere," Heer replied.  "You want to get kulfi? flavor?"


"It's okay.  We still need to go get lunch," Prem explained.


Heer frowned and then turned to the ice cream vendor ordering one regular flavored kulfi and a mango flavored one.   She handed Prem the regular while she took the mango.  "Are you going to just stare at it or eat it?"


Prem grinned and started to lick the creamy goodness.  "Thanks."


"You're welcome," Heer smiled.


They continued walking along the pathway of the market eating their ice cream.  Prem got a little too greedy and bit down on one side of his kulfi causing a small chunk of the other half to fall down onto the ground.  He pouted while Heer giggled at his misfortune.  She then stopped when she saw him coming dangerously close to her.  "Prem, what are you doing?"


"Nothing," he playfully replied as he grabbed a hold of her hand trying to steal a bite of her mango kulfi.


"You still have the other half of yours," Heer yelled as she managed to free herself from his grasp.


"But I wanna try yours now," Prem answered giving chase.


Heer giggled as he caught her with his hand around her waist.  He gently lifted her up off the ground while she kicked in the air.  Prem opened his mouth and followed the direction of the mango kulfi in her hand.  "Hold still."


"No," Heer teasingly answered.  She grinned widely as she saw Prem's kulfi come into her view and grabbed it with her free hand taking bite out of it. 


"Hey!" Prem shouted and dropped her to the ground.


Heer laughed at his angry response.  "Serves you right!"


Prem furrowed his eyebrows and pouted childishly as he tried again with more determination to take her mango kulfi.  Heer snickered as she decided to use her ice cream like a weapon and began rubbing it all on Prem's nose, cheeks, and chin.  He sputtered with nonsensical words while Heer just giggled.


"Gotch take that," Heer replied.


"Two can play this game," Prem grinned with a mischievous sparkle in his eyes and rubbed what was left of his kulfi onto Heer's nose.  He then pulled her closer and wiped his nose along the side of her left cheek.  Prem nuzzled her fiercely while she twisted.  He smirked as he dipped his nose downward and the slid at an angle upward.  The action had an unattended result as his parted lips brush ever so gently onto the corner of Heer's mouth.  The instant it occurred they both stared wide eyed at each other and then quickly parted.  Prem turned around and noticed how the passing market people were staring at them with amused looks.  He felt his cheeks go red and awkwardly rubbed the back of his head.  Then rather hesitantly he gently let his tongue peek out and lick the portion of his lips that had touched Heer's mouth; the taste of mango.  He couldn't help but grin.


Dil kahe tere main hoton se baaton ko chupke se loon utah

[My heart says, gently steal the talk from your lips]

Uss jagah dheere se haule se geeton ko apne mein doon bitah

[Instead, slowly fill them with songs]


Dil kahe tere main hoton se baaton ko chupke se loon utah

[My heart says, gently steal the talk from your lips]

Uss jagah dheere se haule se geeton ko apne mein doon bitah

[Instead, slowly fill them with songs]


Meanwhile, Heer had also turned around and found that the tourists and locals walking through the market were smiling with smirks on their faces.  They were undoubtedly assuming that Prem was her boyfriend and they were having a flirtatious couple fight.  Heer knew she was blushing and lowered her head.  She then cautiously placed her fingertips on the corner of her mouth where Prem's lips had touched.  Her lips curled up into an automatic smile.   


Sauda taranon ka hai

[The deal is of poems]

Dil ke fasano ka hai

[And the relation of the heart]

Le le tarane mere

[You may take my songs]

Honto pe ghar bhi le

[Make your lips their home]


Sauda ujaalo ka hain

[The deal is of the light]

Roshan khayalon ka

[Hails of bright thoughts]

Le le ujaale mere

[You may take my light]

Aaja nazar bhi le

[Come, take my sight too]


Prem eventually turned around and timidly tapped Heer's shoulder.  He knew the touch had surprised her as he saw her jump a little.  "Sorry, um...we should probably clean up."


"Yeah," Heer replied and started walking to find a vendor that was selling bottle water so they could clean their sticky faces.


Prem let his eyes follow Heer's back as he walked behind her.  There was this incredible longing in his heart to touch her again.  He blinked pushing whatever desire that may have been displayed in his eyes back into his heart when Heer turned around to check that he was still behind her.  He was surprised to see her reach out her hand to him.  Prem offered his hand and felt his heart speed up as their fingers curled around in contact sealing their hands in a hold.  They both gave each other genuine smiles and then continued walking side by side searching for a water vendor.


Saude Bazi - Aakrosh
*Credit Lyrics and Translation to Nushy04 from Youtube

I hope you enjoyed the Part A.  I used the song Saude Bazi because I thought the melody was very innocent sounding and had a child like essence to it.  The lyrics were simple as well and I just thought it fit well with the type of relationship Prem and Heer have...this childhood friendship now turning into something more.

Please Leave a Comment!  Love to know how you feel about this chapter.

---Grace Big smile

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