Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by Sukrutha

ooooolala.......prem is feeling something...Big smile....
liked the bedroom thingy...hehe...nice to know that prem is not feeling good after knowing abt dev...Tongue

Heheh...yes Premu is feeling something Wink  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by crystall

Awesome update !
Loved it !
Premeer scenes were amazing !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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Originally posted by sadhz

awesome update............aahhaaa so prem thinks heer is attractive........
hate this dev.........n wt he was heers ex boyfrnd.........Ouch..............
want premeer scenes..........thnx for pm.............update asap.........

Well, both Heer and Prem have exs...I thought it would be too unrealistic if they didn't have some normal relationships with other people.  We are all capable of having multiple types of relationships and degrees of like/love with each person we encounter. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by 0711rokxoxo

I loved that!!!
I can just imagine the awkwardness with Meet and Prem together
But not a bad idea... loved the icing seen...too cute
and woaw Prem is a pig man... Mr. Pig juneja lolz
But hope the cutie gets better...
aiighh DEV!!!
awesome update
thank for the pm
P.S Happy Valentine's Day :)

Meet and their ideas LOL Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweetnsourx3

great update!  love what meet are both doing to prem...messing with his head a little LOL  cant wait to see what happens next! continue soon!Big smile

Yes, isn't Meet just awesome? LOL Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by maryaa8688

hmm so prem is curious about dev..good sign Smile eagerly waiting to see them falling for each other...update soon....

Falling in love...very soon Wink Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by shivangi2092

very interesting!
as usual just loved this part also!
thanks for the pm!
update soon!

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Originally posted by -Fatima-

damn awesome update me is totally loving this ss itz too shweet
keep rocking

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Originally posted by premiti

wow...very interesting....

plzzz pm me wen u update the next part!!

Hey Welcome New Reader *waves* Star You've been added to the PM list!  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

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Originally posted by sweta2005

awesomeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.


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Originally posted by Motibah

Graceeeee! Big smile haha that was such an adorable updateee! Prem is such a loser but I still loveeee him so much LOL I knew exactly what he felt like, when you think you can eat sooo much but then afterwards you feel sick as HELL OuchROFL Poor Prem!
I couldnt help but laugh when he was asking Heer about Dev ROFL I don't like this dev guy already so I hope we won't be hearing too much from him Wink Ahhh dying for Premeer to fall in loveeeee! I need some romance Day Dreaming
Thanks for the pm and update asap Hug

Haha...Prem just couldn't stop stuffing himself.  I think we've all experienced something like that before LOL  Romance will be coming Wink ever so slowly and secretly things will start heating up between the two.  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by snehasharma

awesum part hmmm prem wants 2 noe about dev interesting  thanx grace

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Originally posted by khajju

awesmeeee....aww premeer are soooo adorable...their cute scene was great.,.ahh i knw how it reels when we eat too much...poor prem,...hmm now pre wants to knw abt this dev....i m not likin this guy at all...want sme romance....thanks for pm...update soon

Dev was put there to spark Prem's jealousy...jealousy that he didn't know he could feel about Heer like that.  Don't worry romance will be coming Wink Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by uswah

This is now Intresting Now Prem confuse about his feelings ...............
Hope he soon understand his feeling and not  take to much time for realise his love for Heer ...................But i think it start fromhis side bcoz he really curious about Dev i hope this Dev part is not so long and he is not like Villan in this story ........................i want Premeer happy moments together.........Pm me next time and Update soon

Don't fret too much about Dev.  He's just there to make Prem realize some things he never really thought about before.  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.
Prem and Heer's double date with Preet and Meher was great.  I loved the way Heer teased Prem about the color pink.  It really did surprise Prem when she said about liking girls with the color pink.  I agree with Preet and Meher about the pact.  Of course, they won't need it but still I love the idea.
Prem and Heer's cake fight was funny and sticky.  Very cute.  It looks like somebody has a litlle crush on his bestfriend when he went to wipe the icing by her mouth.  Embarrassed
Teji and Prem's reunion was sweet.  I loved how she mistook Prem as Heer's boyfriend LOL.  Now just like Prem I am wondering who was this Dev dude.  Awww, Prem is sliightly jealous.  I like it.  Big smile
It looks like Balraj may know something about Prem's parents' death. 
Thank you for the PM.  I am looking forward to more of your upcoming chapters.  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. 

You're very insightful Smile...that's all I'm going to say now.  Prem is slowly realizing some things that he never really thought of before...Meet planting ideas in his head and his own longing for his best friend when they were separated...he's not as childish or adamant about Heer just being his best friend like when he was in grade school...he's matured a bit...after all he is an adult so he can handle things a bit better.  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

Awsome part Grace!
Luved it!
So Prem is confused about his feelings for Heer...lets jst hope that is soon cleared n we get some romantic scenes.
Lol...Teji holding Prems face at the airport n then turning it left n right like she is inspecting some thing.
Hope this Dev guy aint some kinda villian.
Update soon n thnx for the PM.

Romance and everything else coming soon...don't worry too much about Dev is all I'm going to say.  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

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r u updatinggggg now waitingggg

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Mission 9: Slowly and Secretly


The lights of the teleconferencing meeting room lit up causing everyone sitting around the conference table to blink back and rub their eyes at the sudden change in atmosphere.  Rishabh Rampal gathered the papers in front of him and placed them into the file folder before getting up and walking out of the conference room.  He had a permanent scowl on his face indicating he was not very pleased with some of the items discussed during the meeting.  He pushed the elevator button and tapped his foot impatiently waiting for it to arrive.  When it did come he gruffly stepped in and hit the close door button.  Just as the elevator doors were about to slid close a hand reached in making the doors bounce back and rescind.  Jaywant Malhotra came walking in glad that he had made it just in time.  His face paled a little when he realized that Rishabh was the one in the elevator.  He cleared his throat and politely greeted, "Rishabh."


"Jaywant," he grunted in return.  They stood silent for a few minutes until Rishabh couldn't take the silence anymore and started grumbling.  "This is unethical and unacceptable.  Having a security detail for his own daughter?"


"He is the Director of the National Clandestine Service.  He has legitimate reasons."


"Legitimate reasons?  Tell me how does it feel to have one of your top and brightest agents handling a security detail?" Rishabh probed.


"It was an order and I merely followed.  At least it was something I was notified about.  And don't stand here and pass judgment like you would handle his position any better.  I know you were counting on getting promoted but in the end Balraaj had more support and the votes to get appointed," Jaywant said.


"This has nothing to do with that.  This is the principle of the matter.  Our agents are not something to be used for our own personal agendas or gains," Rishabh replied.


"Our agents?  It is the States agents.  And don't make me laugh...personal agendas, have your own special group of agents doing your bidding.  It would be nice to be given a heads up about what it is you may be investigating.  Nothing is more frustrating than to put in all that work on an assignment and then find out you no longer control the case anymore because of someone else's investigation...despite working for the same intelligence agency...and the only explanation that is given is it was on a need to know bases," Jaywant said.


"That is what it means...need to know...and I'm sorry if I hurt you or your precious agents' feelings but when you don't need to know you don't need to know," Rishabh answered.  The elevator dinged loudly announcing the arrival of the first requested floor.  Jaywant sighed and exited the lift.


Prem stood in the aisle of the plane trying to quickly place the carryon luggage into the overhead bin compartment so other passengers could walk by him and get to their assigned seats.  Prem plopped down in the aisle seat and grabbed the complimentary airplane magazine to browse through.  Heer was sitting in the window seat busily arranging her things.  Her face went ashen when she heard the voice of Jack Dupont addressing her.  "Hey Heer.  Looks like it's going to be just you and me this time."


"Oh Jack...where's Liz?  I thought she was supposed to come," Heer replied.


"Turns out she had a family matter and couldn't make it.  So the museum sent me instead," Jack proudly responded.  "We have 17 beautiful hours to talk...we didn't get to talk much at the conference in Paris."


"Heh," Heer simply uttered in despair.


"There isn't any room," Prem said as he pointed to the overhead bin.  "It's full."


"Oh, um thank you," Jack replied and moved down the aisle looking for another place to put his carryon.


"Why did it have to be him?" Heer whined and slumped further down her seat.  "He's going to drive me crazy.  Why couldn't they send someone else?  Why did Liz have to have a family problem?"


"Do you want me to sit in the middle seat?" Prem asked with a chuckle.


Heer's eyes grew wide extremely pleased with his suggestion.  "Would you?"


"Of course, Pumpkin...just let me take care of him," Prem said.  "We have 17 beautiful hours."  Heer laughed at the mocking joke he made.  Prem shifted into the middle seat and made himself comfortable.      


When Jack returned he gave a perplexed look and checked his ticket stub.  "Um, excuse me but you're sitting in my seat." 


Prem looked at the seat number written on his ticket and gave an indifferent expression.  "We are all going to the same destination.  Is assigned seating that important to fight over?  It's such a little matter isn't it?"  Jack gave a slight frown but understood the point he was making.  "Anyways, I'm part of that extra security the museum assigned."


"Ah yes, the museum did mention something like that," Jack replied.


Prem smiled and then turned to Heer.  "You got that pack of homemade HotMix your Mom packed?"


"Are you hungry already?" Heer asked rolling her eyes.


"I just want something to munch on," Prem replied.  Heer reached into the front seat compartment and pulled out a Ziploc plastic bag and handed it to him.  "Thanks."  Jack stared at them noting how familiar they seemed to be with each other.  The expression didn't go unnoticed by Prem who just gave him a grin.  "HotMix?" he offered.


"Um thanks," Jack said accepting the snack.  He waited for Heer put her iPod earphones on and then cautiously asked in a hushed tone, "You guys know each other?"


"Yeah," Prem simply replied causing Jack to flex his eyebrows in concern.  "We meet a few weeks back.  Her Mom makes the best Indian food."


"You had dinner at her house?" Jack asked in disbelief.


"Yeah," Prem smirked and gave a gentle wink causing Jack to widen his eyes.  He then popped a handful of HotMix into his mouth.


"So you met the family?"


"Of course," Prem replied after he had swallowed.  "By the way why are we whispering?"


"Um, no reason really..." Jack sadly replied as he glanced at Heer and then at Prem.  He ate the HotMix in his hand and started coughing from the spices.  "This is spicy..."


"That's why it's called HotMix," Prem said.  He pushed the air attendant call button so Jack could get a bottle of water.


Heer noticing the commotion pulled her earphones out and asked, "What's going on?"


"Nothing, Jack here just couldn't take the spice of the HotMix," Prem gently chuckled.  "He'll survive.  All he needs is a bottle of water."  Jack gave a weak smile as he drank from the water bottle the air attendant had given him.  "See he's fine.  No worries," Prem said.  He then took Heer's earbuds and placed them back into her ears.  She gave him a strange look while he motioned with his eyes to just play along.


It wasn't long before the flight attendants walked through the aisles of the plane making sure everyone was seated properly and all carryon luggage were stowed away before the plane took off.  Thirty minutes later the plane was cruising at a comfortable speed and height.  The captain had turned off the fasten seat belt sign signaling it was safe to move about the cabin.  When Heer saw Jack leave his seat to go use the restroom she tugged at Prem's arm to get his attention.  "What?" he asked as he took his earphones out of his ears.


"What was that back there?" she whispered.


"What was what?" Prem replied confused by her question.


"With Jack...he's so quiet.  I don't think I've ever seen him this quiet before," Heer said.


"You want him to be talkative now?  I thought the guy annoyed you."


"Well, yes he does but he is so quiet now...I'm not use to this," Heer replied.  "What did you say to him?"


"Nothing really..." Prem answered as he stuck one earbud back into his ear so he could scan through the air channels and locate something pleasant to listen to.  "Just that he probably thinks we are dating...that I've had dinner at you place and met the family..."


"Preemmm?" Heer whined.


"You wanted to get rid of him didn't you?  He'll back off now that he knows and he actually sees me with you.  So don't stress and just play along.  I don't want you freaking out if I get in your personal space."


"My personal space," Heer repeated.


"Yeah," Prem said and moved his face closer.  His nose was touching her hair and he was breathing slowly.  Heer swallowed hard trying to steady her racing heart.  "You want something to drink?" he gently whispered.


"Um, sure..." Heer hesitantly replied.


Prem pulled away with a grin and pushed the flight attendant call button.  "Coke right?"


"Yeah," Heer uttered still slightly stunned at Prem's rather intimate act.


Jack stood next to his seat with an uncomfortable expression on his face as he had witnessed the closeness that had transpired between Prem and Heer.  He was startled when heard someone speaking to him.  "Hey Jack, you came here just in time.  We were going to get something to drink.  Do you want anything?" Prem asked.


"Um, not I'm all right with the water," he replied and sat back down into his seat thinking it was going to be a very long 17 hour flight.


Prem sat in the waiting room and yawned rather loudly causing the secretary to give him a strange look.  He gave an apologetic smile and took a magazine from the coffee table and started browsing through it.  He couldn't believe that they had just touched down in Goa twenty-four hours ago and Heer was already doing some work for the museum.  He put his magazine down when he saw Heer and Jack emerge from the office.  They both had rather displeased looks on their faces.


"Everything all right?" Prem asked in a hush tone.


"Sort of," Heer replied and motioned that she would explain more once they were out of the building.

"We got the pieces we wanted," Jack explained.  "But there is some paper work that still needs to be completed that should have already been filed.  So we have to wait on that."


"And apparently there is some really bad weather coming into Europe which may ground some flights.  It is also the holidays so air travel in general is a nightmare.  I was so surprised that we made it here without any issues," Heer said.


"So basically we probably won't be leaving anytime soon, huh?" Prem asked.


"Nope.  New Year's in Goa," Heer stated.


"That doesn't sound bad at all," Prem smiled.  He then leaned in towards her ear, "Should we go exploring?"


Heer grinned as she looked at him, "Okay."


"Jack you wanna join us?  We're going to walk around town," Prem invited.


"Thank you but I'm actually really tired.  I'm going to go and rest," Jack politely replied.  He had felt like a third wheel when he was sitting with them on the plane and he really didn't want to subject himself to anymore of their imitate behavior.  "You guys enjoy.  I'll see you around."  


Heer sat on a beach chair with her hair tied up in a gentle bun and her sunglasses resting comfortably on the bridge of her nose.  She was wearing an eggplant colored two piece halter top tankini.  She had a matching purple sarong tied around her waist in a short mini skirt fashion.  Heer reached into her large straw beach bag and pulled out a novel to read.  She glanced upwards when she noticed a shadow blocking her sunlight.  Prem stood beside her chair holding something in his hand.  Her eyes focused in on the tube of sunblock cradled in his palm and then slowly traced their way upwards along his muscular forearm to his shoulder.  She couldn't help but take a brief detour to his broad chest that was hidden underneath a white tank.  Her mind briefly flashed to the time when she had caught him in her room half naked drying his hair with her pink towel.  The images of his well defined chest and abs floated across her eyes and she was curious if they would be making an appearance again today at the beach.   Heer was immediately pulled from her thoughts when she heard Prem ask, "Did you put on any sunblock?"   She diverted her eyes to the side realizing what she had been thinking and wondered if he noticed that she was ogling him.  She then inwardly sighed in relief remembering that she had her sunglasses on.  The dark lens would make it difficult for him to see where her eyes were looking.  "Um, no...not yet," Heer answered.


"You better put some on then," Prem advised as held out the sunblock for her to take.


Heer took the tube from his hand and squirted some creamy white lotion into the palm of her hand and began rubbing it along her arms.  Prem took some sunblock and began doing the same.  They passed the lotion back and forth as they worked at covering the exposed parts of their body.  Heer started to work on her legs unaware that the tube of lotion had fallen between her legs resting near her inner thighs.  Prem's eyes glanced at the lotion's position and knew it would be inappropriate of him to just reach over and take it.  She would slap him thinking he was doing something else.  Prem shifted his eyes away from her thighs but then found himself tracing the curve of her long legs.  There was this sudden desire to touch her skin.  He quickly turned his head away unnerved that he was thinking these thoughts.  He tired reasoning to himself that it was because he was a single male who hadn't been in a relationship in awhile.  It was only natural for him to think these thoughts about an attractive female whether she was a friend or a complete stranger.  His hormones were just raging and would probably continue to rage as the beach was filled with other beautiful women with sunkissed tans in swimsuits for his lonely eyes to look upon.  "Sorry, you go," Heer said handing him the sunblock over to him.


"Um, no problem," he replied and started working on his face and neck.


Heer turned around started working on her shoulder and her back.  She reached as far as she could with her hands but knew she was probably missing some spots.  "Prem, could you help me?" she innocently asked.


Prem looked over and saw how her swimsuit had a low back.  "With the back?" he cautiously replied.


"Yes, I can't reach in the middle.  I just want to make sure I'm covered properly," Heer said.  Prem squeezed a small amount of sunblock in his left palm and then dipped his right index and middle finger into it.  He swallowed hard as he hesitantly reached over towards her smooth back and began rubbing the creamy lotion on her soft skin.  "Are you putting anything on me?  I can't feel anything."  Prem laid all his fingers on her back and started rubbing harder.  The feel of her silky skin underneath his fingertips was beginning to intoxicate him and he knew this situation was turning dangerous.  He pulled his hand back and announced, "I'm done."


"Thanks," Heer cheerily replied and turned around.  Her eyes immediately fell on Prem's bare chest and then quickly shifted away.  "Um, need any help on your back?" she impulsively asked.


"Um, yeah...sure...thanks," Prem muttered and turned around.  Heer placed some sunblock on her hands and began rubbing it along his back making sure to cover him properly.  Prem was surprise at feeling both her hands on his back.  He could feel them tenderly messaging him and when she reached his lower back he felt a shiver go down his spine.  His breathing quickened when her hands traveled up onto his shoulders and along the base of his neck.  The touch of her nimble fingers was causing havoc to his senses and he needed to pull himself away from all of this.  "Uh, are you done?"


"Yeah, you're all set," Heer said.  "Are you going to go for a swim?"


"Just a little one.  You don't mind do you?" Prem asked as he turned around.


"Sure go and enjoy.  I'll be here.  I won't leave without letting you know," Heer said and opened her book.


Prem paused thinking it wouldn't be a good idea for him to go for a swim and leave her unguarded on the beach.  Heer glanced up and wondered why he was still standing there.  "Prem go.  I'll be okay.  There are tons of people here.  I have my own bottle water and I won't accept any drinks from any strangers, okay?"


"I'll take a short swim and be right back," Prem said.  Heer gave a gentle smile and shook her head at his retreating figure before putting her full concentration back on her novel.


Thirty minutes later Prem sloshed his way out of the rolling waves of the ocean and started walking back towards the long row of beach chairs and color umbrella stands.  As he got closer to where Heer was sitting, he heard someone yell, "Watch out!" and turned in time to catch a volleyball flying towards him. 


"OMG!  Are you all right?  I'm so sorry," apologized a chirpy girl in a turquoise swimsuit and long brown hair tied in a tight ponytail.  She was followed by her friend who was slightly shorter than her and wearing a black swimsuit.  "I'm so sorry."


"It's okay," Prem said with a polite smile.


"I'm Esha," the girl in the ponytail introduced.  "And this is my friend Mahhi.  We were playing volleyball over there with some friends and well I guess I hit it so just went flying.  You have some good reflexes otherwise it might have hit you.  So sorry."


"It's really okay.  I'm Prem by the way," Prem replied and handed the ball back to Esha.


"Nice to meet you.  So are you on holiday?" Esha inquired.


"Yeah, I guess you can say so," Prem answered.


"Would you like to join some volleyball?" Mahhi asked.


Prem looked over to where she was pointing to and saw a group of boys and girls standing around a net.  "Um,'s okay.  I actually have a friend...she's waiting for me..." he replied.


"Oh, a girlfriend?" Mahhi probed.  "Why don't you bring her over then?"


"She's just a friend," Prem corrected.


Esha's face brightened and she smiled, "Well, you two can still come over if you like.  No pressure."


"Okay, thanks," Prem replied.  "I'll see."


"We'll be over there.  If you can't make it...there is a huge New Year's Eve party going down here tonight starting at 7:00pm.  It's over by that bar down there with the straw roof top and has a red flag on top of it.  You can't miss it," Esha said.


"Oh, okay.  That sounds like fun."


"It's loads of fun.  Invite any other friends you have," Esha enthusiastically replied.


Prem nodded and politely waved goodbye as Esha and Mahhi returned back to their volleyball game.  He walked back towards Heer's beach chair and was greeted with a rather icy tone.  "So, who were they?"


"Why?  You jealous?" Prem teased noticing how she was trying to act as casual as she could.


"No," Heer replied as she continued staring into her book refusing to look at him.  Prem smirked and snatched the book away.  "Prem?!  I was reading that."


"You're at the beach and you're reading?  Don't you want to go swimming?  Play volleyball?  Go jet skiing or something?" Prem asked.


"You made some new girl friends you can go and do those activities with them." Heer replied.  "Give me back my book."


"No," Prem said.  "And by the way Esha and Maahi are their names."


"Oh, Esha and Maahi?" Heer repeated.


"Yes.  They seem to be very nice girls."


"That is wonderful for you.  You're very lucky," Heer said.


"They've invited us to a New Year's Eve party tonight," Prem said.


"Well, have fun tonight," Heer answered.


"You're coming with me," Prem said.


"What do you mean coming with you?"


"What it means...coming with me," Prem replied and dropped her book back into her straw bag.  Heer reached into her bag to pull it back out but was stopped when she was suddenly scooped up into Prem's arms.  "What are you doing?  Put me down."  Prem just smirked and shook his head as he started running towards the water.  "Not until you agree to come with me.  It's a beach party, Heer.  Wasn't the whole point of coming here to have some fun?"


"It was for museum business," Heer corrected.


"And that is finished with until they call you.  So?"


"You're not going to put me down until I say yes...are you?" Heer asked.  Prem just gave a naughty grin.  "Fine.  I'll go with you."




"Preeemmmm!" Heer gasped as he tossed her into the salty sea water. 


"I put you down didn't I?" Prem grinned.  His eyes widen in alarm as he saw the angry expression etched across her face.  He tried running away but was soon tackled and dragged into the water.  Prem flipped his wet hair back from his face and started splashing water towards her direction.  Heer retaliated with her own splashes.  They continued to play around splashing each other and grabbing one another trying to dunk each other into the water.  They were laughing and having fun letting their bodies roll with the gentle waves of the ocean.  Prem felt Heer's arms trying to wrap themselves around his neck and her legs around his waist.  "Are you trying to get a piggyback ride?" Prem asked as he pulled her arms away from his shoulders.  He quickly turned around trying to perform the same move on her but ended up facing her front instead.  He didn't know how it happened but he had his arms around her waist and her hands were resting against his chest.  They both paused what they were doing and looked at each other with uncertainty.  Then ever so slowly they let their eyes locked.  Prem felt his heart racing in his chest at the way Heer was gazing at him.  Her beautiful almond shaped eyes were telling him something that he had never seen before or perhaps it had always been there but he had never noticed it until now.  He swallowed and let his eyes gently roam downward towards her pink lips.  He was mesmerized by the way they glistened in the sun and before he could comprehend what he was doing his lips met hers in a firm but gentle kiss.  He felt Heer responding to the pressure of his mouth and gave way allowing him to deepen the kiss.  Prem was in sweet surrender as he held Heer tightly in his arms and felt her hands slither upward around his shoulders.  They stayed in this position exploring this new found feeling until a harder wave crashed up against them splashing their faces making them pull apart.


Prem blinked wondering why the wave had to disturbed them.  He squinted his eyes when he felt a shower of water hit his face.  He held up his arms trying to block the splashing and could hear Heer's joyous laughter.  It was then he realized that he had just dreamt about kissing Heer.  An odd sensation filled him and he ran his hands through his hair in deep thought.  "Prem?  Are you okay?" Heer asked with concern as she stopped splashing water.  "Is the water bothering your eyes?"  She was standing closer to him looking at him with worry.  Heer yelped when Prem gave a tug on her leg and pulled her down into the water.  He grinned mischievously in the attempts to hide what he had been feeling a few minutes before and continued their water play.    


Prem walked side by side with Heer down towards the beach heading towards the bar that Esha and Mahhi had pointed out to him earlier in the afternoon.  They were right it wasn't hard to miss as they could hear the rhythmic beats of music blaring from the sound system a few yards before the straw shack came into view.  Someone had already started a bonfire and there was this sweet smell of grilling seafood that perfumed the air.  Prem was glad that their hotel was not very far and they had been able to go back to their rooms to change and freshen up.  He glanced towards Heer taking in her side profile and the simple white summer sundress she was wearing.  He recalled how he had answered his hotel room door and was instantly stunned by the way she looked.  The simplicity of the dress just made it even more appealing to the eyes.  She had her hair slightly clipped up and she wore one large round wooden pendent.  Prem shifted his eyes away knowing he shouldn't let his eyes linger too long.  He didn't want to get caught and have to answer some uncomfortable questions that he wasn't ready to answer.


Heer glanced at Prem through the corner of her eyes and smiled.  He was wearing a nice fitting pair of jeans and a black dress shirt that had the sleeves causally rolled up exposing his muscular forearms.  There was something about the color black on him tonight that was making her heart go all aflutter.  She tried to suppress the need to stare at him every few minutes and put her full concentration on walking towards their destination.


When they arrived at the bar it wasn't long before Esha and Mahhi showed up to greet them.  Prem was eventually dragged away into the crowd to dance with Esha while Heer was left to mingle with Mahhi and her friends.  Everyone was in high spirits as the music played and the liquor flowed.  After several hours, Heer wondered away from the throng of partiers to get some fresh air and gently mused that it had to be at least ten o'clock by now.  She walked past the large bonfire and found a secluded spot a few yards away to sit down on the sand.  She took her sandals off and dug a little hole to put her beer bottle in before staring out into the dark ocean breathing in the salty air.  "Mind if I join you?"  Heer looked up to see one of Mahhi and Esha's friends standing there holding the neck of a beer bottle loosely in his left hand.  His name was Sid and he was an investment banker working in New York.  She shook her head, "I don't mind."


Sid smiled and sat down next to her.  He buried his feet into the soft sand and stared gently at the night sky.  "It's beautiful here isn't it?"


"It is," Heer simply replied.


"Nights like these make you start thinking about things...things that you did...didn't do or maybe you wished you had done...this year, last year, or several years ago.  New Year's Eve tends to do that to people.  You wonder what you've accomplished in your life and if it isn't satisfactory you'll make a new resolution to fix the mistakes you made in the coming New Year," Sid said.


"Very deep...psychiatry a hobby of yours?" Heer joked.


"No, but my Dad is a psychiatrist...probably where I get this from...all the analyzing and what not.  Dad wanted me to become a doctor but I wanted to go into business..."


"Ahhh, so is that something you regretted?" Heer probed.


"For a few years but then I realized it wasn't regret...more guilt because I didn't live up to what my Dad wanted.    Family drama and all that...misunderstandings...and eventual a big Karan Johar movie...Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...things worked out in the end," Sid replied.


"It's nice to see you have a sense of humor about it," Heer gently chuckled.


"Keeps things in perspective.  So, what are you regretting?"


Heer turned her head and looked at him with surprise even though she knew the question was coming.  The sea breeze blew inland causing a few strands of Heer's hair to flicker onto her face.  Her right hand went to tuck her hair behind her ear and was meant with Sid's fingers.  Her eyes widen and she stared at him in alarm.  There was a disgruntled cough and a husky voice asking, "Am I interrupting something?"  Heer immediately looked up to see Prem standing there with a plate of something in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.


Prem narrowed his eyes and stared down at Sid wondering what he was doing.  Sid had already pulled his hand away from Heer's face but could tell that he had just crossed a limit with both of them.  "Esha's looking for you Sid," Prem sternly reported.


"Thanks.  I'll go see what she wants," Sid said as he got up and lightly dusted himself off.  He knew Prem was lying but decided to play along trying to minimize the awkwardness that was developing.  He walked towards Prem and gave him a simple pat on his shoulder, "I guess I'll see you guys around."  It was his own way of apologizing and letting Prem know he had no idea there was something going on between them.  Prem nodded acknowledging Sid's apology.


"So what were you two talking about?" Prem asked as he sat down next to Heer and tightly swiveled his beer bottle into the sand.


"Why?  Jealous?" Heer replied her tone slightly tight.  "You've been busy with Esha...can't I talk to other people?"


"She likes to dance...I had trouble breaking away," Prem said and then reached over and placed his arm around her shoulder.  He didn't know why he did that it was almost automatic like his arm had done it on its own accord.  "Sorry...I didn't mean to leave you alone like that."  Heer's body had stiffened slightly at his contact but then relaxed as she realized this was a friendly and apologetic gesture he was making.  "Um, want a samosa?  I got a couple for us."


"Thanks," Heer said as she took one from the plate and bit into it.  "What time is it Prem?"


"It's 11:00pm," he replied.


"Really?  That late?  I thought it was still 10 or something," Heer said.


"Nope.  One more hour to go before it is 2011," Prem said.  "You okay?  I were sitting out here by yourself."


"I was just thinking that's all," Heer replied. 


Prem noticed the touch of sadness in her voice.  "Thinking is good but don't forget someone is always here to listen...when you share in times in happiness it doubles and during times of troubles it lessens the burden in half."


Heer gently smiled understanding his words and what he meant.  "I was proposed to on New Year's Eve by Dev."  Prem's eyes widen and he felt a strange cold sweat break out across his back as he sat there on the sand listening to Heer talk about her ex.  It was a question he had asked before but now that he was actually hearing the answer it made him feel weird and nervous.  "At the time I really didn't really know what possessed me to say yes.  I mean it was one of those at first sight types of things.  He was good looking...very was one of those instances where you just clicked with the other know what I mean?"  Prem gently nodded and swallowed trying to sooth away the lump in his throat that had suddenly formed.  "I barely knew him...we had only been dating for three months...I guess that was the exciting part about it.  It was suppose to be a yearlong engagement.  Things were going well and as the year came closer to a close...things started to fall apart.  His job kept getting in the way...and tried as we may to hold onto the relationship it only fractured us even more.  I wanted more and he couldn't give that to me...his job always came first.  So I left...actually it was more like he just let me walk out on him...I wanted him to stop me...and there so many times I thought about just turning back around but I didn't.  I don't know why I didn't but I didn't.  And here it is about to be two years later and I'm wondering what would have happened if I had turned around."  Prem remained silent as he let what she had just divulged to him sink into his mind.  His grip on her shoulder had tightened.  He didn't know if it was because he was trying to comfort her or he was upset that she had been hurt or the fact that at one point in time she had belong to another.  He felt this strange feeling over take him and he didn't know what it meant.  As he was struggling with his own thoughts Heer slowly let her head fall onto Prem's shoulder seeking this comfort that she only felt with him.  She closed her eyes and silently let a few tears fall from her eyes.  Prem's heart started beating loudly in his ears as he smelled the gentle scent of coconut perfuming around him.  Prem glanced to his side and saw how Heer's head was laying comfortably on his shoulder.  He shifted his eyes away and stared out into the dark night. 


They sat there for a few minutes before Prem decided it was best to get Heer's mind off of such regretful thoughts.  "We've got about a half an hour left...let's make peace with what was and look forward to what's to come.  Who knows what 2011 has in store for us?  Come on," Prem said as he removed his arm away from her shoulder.  He got up and offered his hand to her.  Heer looked at the outstretched hand and up at Prem's smiling face.  "Wanna dance with me?" he asked.


"What about Esha?" Heer replied.


"You're my partner for the rest of the night," Prem said.  "You can't leave me, okay?"


Heer gave a soft chortle at his pleading voice as if Esha was someone he was trying to avoid, "All right," and slipped her hand into his hand.  Prem slowly closed his fingers around her hand and helped her up.  He gently twisted his hand around so he could continue holding her hand and started walking.  Heer stared at Prem's back and the way his arm stretched backwards leading her along with him.  His hair flopped gently up and down and she instantly remember all those times during their childhood he had led her holding her hand in this exact same fashion.  She smiled and followed him back to the bar with her right hand swinging lightly behind her back holding onto her sandals.


The soft supple support his body was receiving was invigorating.  He breathed steadily enjoying the feel of the cotton sheet against his cheek.  He stirred gently in his sleep still tired but for whatever reason compelled to open his eyes.  As his sight came into focus he noticed something silky and smooth underneath his chin.  He breathed deeply letting the gentle coconut scent float up through his nostrils.  His drunken mind searched through the recesses of his memory trying to identify why this scent was so significant.  His eyes widen as something clicked and he looked down to see a girl sleeping next to him with her face turned towards his chest.  Prem was wide awake now and he was in panic mode as he tried to remember the events of last night and why Heer was sleeping next to him.  The only thing he could recall were blurred images of him and Heer drinking and dancing.  He looked about the room and the bed they were on hoping he hadn't taken advantage of a situation and had done something that would hurt her.  He swallowed slowly and moved his hands down his body checking to see if he still had his clothes on.  He sighed in relief as he felt his white under-tank and jeans were still on his body.  He did a quick check to make sure his jeans were still buttoned and zipped.  He said a slight prayer that he hadn't done anything stupid.  He gently lifted his head and felt an instant throbbing and inwardly groan cursing his hang over.  Prem looked down and saw that Heer was wearing his black dress shirt over her white sundress.  He laid his head back down and rolled onto his back to rest his weary head. 


Unfortunately, his rest was short lived as he felt Heer roll towards him.  Her right arm wrapped itself around his torso while her leg rested against his thigh.  Prem immediately stiffened and his arms went up into the air not knowing what to do.  Heer tightened her hold on him and mumbled something.  Prem could sense something was wrong as it seemed like she was having a nightmare.  "Don't leave me..." she muttered a little more clearly.  Prem relaxed at hearing her words and cautiously lowered his arms.  He felt the need to comfort her and let his arms embrace her.  "Don't leave me..." she muttered again.  Prem cradled her in his arms trying to sooth the pain she was feeling.  He could feel her crying and he gently rubbed her back.  There was this unknown ache in his heart as he thought about what she was dreaming.  It was most likely a dream about her ex.  She had been thinking about him last night and their memories were probably haunting her.  "Don't leave me..."  Prem planted a soft kiss on her head and said, "I won't leave you."  The effect of his words seemed to have calmed her and she loosened her grip on him.  Little did he know what Heer was really dreaming about.  Prem closed his eyes again content to just hold Heer and let her sleep in his arms.  Heer stirred shifting her face trying to locate a comfortable spot on his chest, when she found it she mumbled, "Prem" but he didn't hear his name as he was already fast asleep again.


Hope you guys enjoyed that.  Sorry for the late updates.  But I hope this long chapter made up for it. I've never been to Goa so I kept everything a bit just know they are known for their beaches LOL

Well, I think it's pretty clear where all of this is heading...just when will these two knuckle heads finally do something about this growing attraction they have with one another LOL

Thank yous to all who took the time to Comment and/or Hit the Like Button.  It really means a lot.

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awesomeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.



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loved it toooooooo much.....can#t wait for the next update....

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OMGGGGGGG Graceee! What should I say? Shocked Aaaaaaaaah I can actually feel my heart beating so FAST and I swear to god Im not even JOKING! LOL My heart is like racing! Ok let me get this all out one at a time!
First of all that was the BEEEEST FREAKING CHAPTER EVER! Like literally BLOODY AMAAAAZING! My reactions =  Shocked + PartyEmbarrassed +  Day Dreaming + Blushing + *Dead* 
URGH. The beach scenes were just waaaay too romantic for me too handle Blushing I think I just died and I had to read each line like twice to make sure it was actually happening LOL
 and aaaaah I actually thought they were kissing in the water! Gosh I so wish they WERE! That would have been amazing! haha my heart started beating so fast and I was all sighhhhhhh but then when I found out it was just a dream Ouch LOOOL that reminds me of the song "It was only just a dreeeeam." ROFL But gaaah I so wish that kiss was for real! That would have been soo freaking adorable; kissing in the water, while their all wet , holding onto each other Blushing Now because you made this one a dream Gracey you are going to make up for it by giving us another kiss that is for real and about 10 times more ROMANTIC! Blushing
These two are sooo in loveeee, I can actually feel the attraction between them pulling them closer (if that is even possible ROFL) but god, If I was a girl I would have made Prem all mine by now! Day Dreaming How is she resisting him?
The last scene, I dont even know what to say apart from the fact that I had a BIG, FAT, MASSIVE smile spread across my face as I was reading it Day DreamingLOL I actually read the paragraph twice so I could imagine every little bit of detail clearly e.g how she was sleeping on him and how he was holding her BlushingROFL I wonder what happened last night! Are we ever gonna find out? I am sooo curious as too how these two got in the same bed Blushing Booooy I love those beers they were drinking ROFL
 I swear, I cant wait for them to accept their love for each other! Day Dreaming and Im dying for their first real kiss! I guess all the emotions are just building up inside of them right now and then their gonna come FLYING out at once LOL
Wow. This is the looongest comment I have ever written on a ff! See what you do to me Grace AngryBig smile Pleaseeee post the next chapter quickly or I might DIE from waiting too much and imagining whats gonna happen next!
As for now Im off to read the chapter again LOL You better update quickly! Hug

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i totally loved this update
we can really see that theyre falling for each other
the jealousy and thoughtsBlushing
oh what can i say??
i  loved it all
plz update soon
i want more!!!!LOL

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