Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by sweta2005

awesomeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.

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Originally posted by crystall

Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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Originally posted by foxi

great...prem-preet convo was funny....yeah there is some meetEmbarrassed...continue soon

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Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

aaawww heer imaginin bout prem.!!!
is prem fallin for heer..!!
cnt wa8 for de double date hehehe..!!
thx for an awsum update n pm..!! update soon..!! :))))))))

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Originally posted by Motibah

haha that was an awesomeeee chapter Grace and LOOOOOOL I remember chanting that all the time when we were little ROFL aaaah good times. <3
I actually thought the kissing scene was real Day Dreaming and then you made it a dream Ouch Gosh dying for these two to fall inlove!
Oh and Prem and Preets convo was HILARIOUS LOL
loveeed the update waiting for the next chapter asap! and dont forget AWMARW Wink Thanks for the pm!

Sorry...hehe...just a little dream from Heer's side.  Next update coming soon.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by -saBii-

Grace, you've brought back a LOT of childhood memories.

OMG. I used to sing that song all the time.. mind you, I'd run after the person who'd sing it about me & someone else. I'd always go red.. *sigh*

<3ing the update. & Prem and Preet are so funny. I miss Preet right now.. he brightens up my screen. :)

Thanks for bringing back all those memories darl. :)


Preet was totally awesome.  I agree...he just brightens up the screen.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Sukrutha

OMG heer's dream..Blushing
i think prem likes her too...Wink

Does he?  That's the questions Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweet_gurl93

great part, lol i like preet's conversation with prem,
cant wait for them to meet now, so that it'll be even more funny
do continue soon
Maheen xx

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Originally posted by khajju

awesmee update grace...luvd the kissin scene...but it was ony her scene was great...all of my fav movies...heer fell asleep on sofa...kuvd the way he arranged her bed and made her sleep caring....chor scene was hilarious...poor prem and his nose...preet prem convo was hilarious...i m luvinn this ss yaar...waiting for their double date..thankd for pm...update soon

Thanks for liking the chapter.  Poor Prem and his nose but he should have been more careful LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by -Garima-


Back! Big smile

Okay, so I absolutely LOVED this update! Embarrassed Prem and Heer are sooo cute! The way they discussing their childhood memories! Adorablee! OMG! Heer' dream Blushing hehe Heer's getting naughty thoughts! Wink LOL But it was really cute how Prem took her to her room and in the morning he got smacked in the nose for waking her up! LOL! Poor baby! :( LOL 

AHAHAHAHA LOL! Preeeeeet! He's way too cute! ROFL The K-i-s-s-i-n-g Song! L.O.L. I remember those days... Ermm LOL Oh god, loved that part Grace! Can't wait to know what happens at their "double date" Big smile Thanks for the update Grace! :)

Garima =)

Heer is so naughty...but what to do when she's still in love with her childhood friend?  I love Preet...he is the best isn't he? LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

OMG finally caught up...luved Premeer reunion-them meeting after years...u could feel the emotions building up...n the flashbacks were awsome!! Sad tht Leher n her mother had to leave but im glad they r bck together!! Loool KISSING song bought bck sooo many memories...we used to always sing it for people in our class...LMAO...luved the part where Heer punched Prem in the nose...ROFL tht was a great laugh...ROFL The convo b/w Preet n Prem was really funny.
Waiting for Premeer to fall for each other.

Update the nxt part soon n thnx for the PM.

P.S. dnt forget AWMARW- waiting for its nxt update...

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Originally posted by sweetnsourx3

yess another update! Big smile i get so excitedd hehe
loved the prem - preet convo! preet...LOL anything he says is funny haha
all the prem/heer parts were so cute! poor prem and his nose Ouch looks like heer's childhood feelings are slowly resurfacing...cant wait to see what happens next between them! looking forward to your next update Tongue

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Originally posted by ~nikki1992~

Hey Grace!
Great part!
So that was Heer thinking about kissing Prem? I was actually thinking it happened lol.
Haha gotta love PreetROFL
I remember we used to sing that song everytime when i was younger.
I was giggling throughout the part. Awsome. This update actually made my day, i had a long day at University and i came home, but had to help my mom and your update made my day :)
Cannot wait for the next one!
Nikki xoxo

I'm glad the chapter made you laugh.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sadhz

WoW..............awesome update...............
heers dreamBlushing.......... haila.............i thought it was probs nxt timeTongue..............
awww prem is soooooooooo sweet..........arranged everythin for heer........
prem is a chor, chor, CHOR............LOL............awww poor boy.....his nose..........
preet n prem conversation was ROFL.............
plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz update asap..............cant wait nw..........

Next time Embarrassed what surprise will she receive? Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by anoushay_kdmhmd

hey garce just wanna say update next part ASAP!! cant wait!! ds part was just too goog!! em speechless u knw!!! just loved it!!! LOL poor prem!!  he will definatly thng 102001 times b4 wakng up heer next time lol

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Originally posted by maryaa8688

lovely the way their relationship is growing Smile
n heer's dreamEmbarrassed.good going heerTongue
update soon..waiting

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Originally posted by princess5341

luved it!
thanx for the pm!
anyways update soon!!

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Originally posted by shivangi2092

wonderful update grace!Clap
u r such a wonderful writer!
loved all the premeer scenes!
prem-preet convo was cool!
thanks for pm!
update soon!

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Originally posted by iheartChai

Prem and Kiran back.  Thanks for the idea Wink  Preet is such a cutie pie isn't he?  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sharmeeli

dear, what are you thanking me for, you are the one who writes these AWESOME ff's; so it's you we should say thanks toWink so thank you soooo much dearBig smile
hihihi you bet he is a cutie pie, he's also HOT, AWESOME, marvelous, and I could go on and onLOL lol, I have the Preet-flueLOL (or you can say; Sushant flueTongueLOL)
ClapClapPrem and Heer know each other's id'sBig smile 
hihihihi that song reminded me of my bachpan ka din, I don't know how much I sang that song, but what to do, the song was funTongue
plzzz update ASAP dearEmbarrassed, looking forward for the double dateEmbarrassedLOL, and thanks for the PM dearEmbarrassed

Sushant flu LOL I like that.  One of my friends is a huge Sushant fan...loves Preet and Manav.

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Hi everyone...just replying back to comments.

Hope to have something finished by tonight...sorry guys this week hasn't been a very productive writing week.  Hopefully next week will be better. Geek

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Mission 8: Miscommunication of the Heart and Mind


Prem checked himself in the mirror making sure his hair was brushed straight and he looked presentable in his outfit.  He was wearing a simple red polo shirt and jeans.  He didn't know why he was so concern over how he was looking.  He was just going to meet Preet and Meher for drinks and dinner.  It wasn't like he never had dinner with them before.  He shrugged his shoulders and left the bathroom to go and see if Heer was ready.  He gently tapped his knuckle against her bedroom door.  "Heer?  You ready?"  The door swung open and Prem blinked back feeling slightly stunned.  She wasn't wearing anything fancy; just jeans and a form fitting long black shirt.  The word "pretty" popped into Prem's mind and he wondered to himself if it was appropriate for him to be thinking that way about his best friend.  "All set," she smiled and turned away to walk down the stairs.  Prem detected a gentle scent of jasmine in her wake and found himself breathing in and enjoying the perfume.  "Prem, are you coming?"  His lips curved up into a soft smile and replied, "Be right there."


Heer was standing inside the garage with her keys in her hands waiting for Prem to come.  She slipped her jacket on and pushed the remote button on the wall to open the garage door.  The mechanical gears churned as the door slide upward onto the ceiling revealing the driveway.  "Prem?!" Heer yelled.


"I'm right here Pumpkin," Prem said as he walked into the garage slipping his jacket on.


"Is that all you're wearing?" Heer asked finally noticing that he was only wearing a short sleeved polo shirt.


"I have an undershirt underneath," Prem replied lifting the red shirt up for her to see.  "We're going to be having dinner inside.  And I get a bit warm after I have a couple of beers."  Heer gave him a skeptical look.  "I'll be fine.  Come on, we're going to be late."     


Heer sat in the driver seat while Prem slid into the passenger seat.  Heer noticed the grin plastered on his face and asked, "What exactly is so funny?"


"Nothing's funny," Prem replied as he put his seatbelt on and turned his attention to the side window.


Heer clicked her seatbelt into place and turned her attention towards her driving as she backed the black Acura MDX out of the garage and onto the road.  She hit the garage door opener remote and made sure the garage door closed before she drove away.  She made her way out of the neighborhood and onto the local roads.  She frowned as she could see from the corner of her eyes that Prem was trying to suppress a smirking smile appearing on his face.  "Just what are you laughing at?" Heer finally asked a bit frustrated.  "And don't tell me nothing."


"It's just well...I mean you're driving..." Prem replied.


"Don't tell me you believe in that whole thing about the worst drivers are women, do you?" Heer snapped.


"No, that's not what I meant at all.  I mean're know...we've known each other since we were like 8 years old...and you left before we had a chance to take Drivers Ed together.  So you know...I just find it amusing that you're driving," Prem tried explaining.


Heer slowed the car to a stop as the light turned red.  She turned towards him and replied, "But you keep laughing at me."


"I'm not laughing I'm smiling," Prem said and displayed a cheesy grin on his face.  "See..."


"You're laughing," Heer pouted and then reached out and touched the stubble on his chin.


"Hey, what are you doing?" Prem asked in alarm.


"Why do you have all this fuzz?" Heer asked.


"What do you mean fuzz.  It gives me character," Prem replied moving her hand away.


"I never knew fuzz could give you character," Heer teased with a giggle.


Prem held her wrist so she couldn't touch his face.  "For someone who dislikes it why do you want to keep touching it?"  Their conversation was interrupted when they heard the car behind honk at them.  "The light's green," Prem informed.


Heer started to drive again and it wasn't long before they turned into the parking lot of McAlister's Grill and Bar.  She found a parking spot in the back and parked the car.  "We're here," she simply stated.


"Thanks.  You're not a bad driver at all Pumpkin," Prem said.


"I guess I should say thank you then," Heer replied.  "Are your friends here?"


"Let me check," Prem said as he made a call to Preet.  "Are you guys here?  We just parked in the parking lot.  Oh, okay great.  See you inside."


"So they are here," Heer stated.


"Yeah, the waitress just sat them down at a table so we can just walk in and look for them," Prem said.


Heer followed Prem into the restaurant.  It didn't take them long to find the table where his friends were waiting.  Heer politely smiled as he introduced her to them.  She noticed how different Preet looked in his casuals.  He looked even younger than when she first saw him in his black suit.  His girlfriend Meher was very warm and lively.  Heer took an instant liking to her carefree personality.  The group decided to order a couple of appetizers and round of beers first before deciding on what they wanted to eat for the main course.  It didn't take long for the conversation to flow.  The boys immediately started discussing sports while the girls covered a range of subjects such as where they worked, what college they attended, and how long they had been living in Washington, D.C.  Eventually their conversation turned to childhood stories.  Meher was particular interested to hear that Heer and Prem knew each other since childhood. 


Meher covered her mouth as she laughed at hearing the story that Heer was telling.  "Prem, you were such a bad kid!" she teased.  "You went around breaking flower pots in your neighborhood?"


Prem embarrassingly looked down and rubbed the back of his head not really knowing what to say.  "Why did you become friends with him?" Preet asked causing Prem to shoot him a dirty look.


"I don't really know why.  That's a good question.  I really think he started hanging around my house because my Mom would feed him.  He always liked the food that my Mom made," Heer replied causing Meher and Preet to laugh.


"Well, Aunty could cook.  And why are you making me out to be some lost little kitten...that I only came over so I could get fed?" Prem pouted.


"So why did you come over then?" Preet smirked.


Prem looked at Preet with wide eyes wondering what he meant by that comment.  Prem turned his head when he felt Heer slap his arm.  "Don't be stupid Prem.  Is there ever a reason why two people become friends?  No.  They just do.  Anyways, I know you used my house as a hideout.  There was that one time you were playing baseball out on the street with the guys and you broke Mr. Bailey's window.  My Mom told Mr. Bailey that she hadn't seen you...which was true at the time because she just came home and you were in the had snuck in there through the basement window...and then snuck into my room and hid the bat underneath my bed.  I found you hiding in my closet."


"You were hiding in her closet?" Meher gasped.


Preet gave a mischievous grin, "Tell the truth wanted to play dress up.  You really liked that little pink dress she wore."


Prem gave a hard glare at Preet.  "What the hell?"


"Actually, I think there is some truth in that.  He likes the color pink..." Heer laughed.


"I do not!" Prem shouted.


"On girls," Heer replied patting his head.


"What do you mean by that?" Prem asked.


"Gosh, Prem..." Heer said rolling her eyes.  "you'd always stare at the girls wearing pink.  Heather wore pink...that was his first crush...she wore that color a lot...and then there was Abby...his first girlfriend..."


"Wow, and here I thought most guys liked girls with long straight hair," Meher pondered.


"Oh, he does too," Heer answered.  Prem looked at her wondering how she could know his taste in girls so well.  Heer smiled and then excused herself from the table, "I'm going to the washroom real quick.  Should we order dinner now?"  Meher and Preet agreed and suggested they wait until she got back.  Prem moved out of the booth so Heer could leave and then sat back down.


"I like her...I like her a lot...yup, she's the one..." Preet nodded happily.  "She's a keeper."  Prem just shook his head and decided to ignore his outburst. 


"I like her too," Meher said agreeing with her boyfriend.  "So, when are you going to ask her out?"


Prem nearly choked and spit out the beer he was drinking.  "Ask her out?" he gasped.


"Preet tells me you've been on a marriage high requested a transfer and everything.  I'm assuming you're on the hunt for a bride," Meher said.


"Hunt?" Prem repeated.


"Okay, maybe hunt isn't the exact word to use...we don't want to make you sound like a caveman or anything...but you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with," Meher said.


"She's a friend," Prem replied.


"Well, you know sometimes the first step in love is friendship," Preet said.  "Anyways, you two get along really can make a pact or something...say by age 30 if neither of you have found someone to settle down with you two should just go for it."


"That's fabulous," Meher said agreeing with Preet.


Prem gave an uneasy smile.  It was one thing when he joked about it to Heer privately but it was another thing to be hearing it from his two friends.  He was only joking at the time and didn't really mean anything by it when he told Heer.  After all she just considered him a friend and he did the same to her.  Why would she want to be with him?  It was ridiculous that he was even having this debate inside his head.  Sure, she was attractive.  He had to admit that.  Anyone who didn't see it had to be blind as a bat not to notice her.  Prem forced himself to forget these strange thoughts in his head.  "Just don't mention this to her, please guys?"


"Why would we mention something like this?" Preet asked.


"This is something you have to do yourself," Meher teased.


"Okay, okay...we won't joke anymore," Preet said noticing how uneasy Prem was getting.


It wasn't long before Heer came back to join the table.  They all found something to order and called the waitress over to take their dinner order.  The rest of the night continued with free flowing conversation and laughter.


Prem was sleeping peacefully on his stomach with one hand tucked underneath the pillow and the other hand by his head.  He stirred gently and moved the hand that was underneath his pillow out and scratched his face.  He then rolled onto his back and opened his eyes.  He stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before finally getting up from bed.  Prem grabbed a change of clothes and then headed to the bathroom to get ready for the day.  Several minutes later Prem came out of the bathroom dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.  As he made his way down the stairs he heard some rustling sounds coming from the kitchen and the sweet smell of cake.  He smiled and went directly to that room.  He saw Heer hovering over a bowl of icing and two round tiers of cake resting on racks.  "Morning!" Prem greeted.  His eyes lit up in alarm as Heer screamed and turned around with the icing knife gripped tightly in her hand in a threatening manner.  "It's me Pumpkin," Prem said holding up his hands. 


"You scared the crap out of me, Prem," Heer exhaled.  "Don't sneak up on me like that."


"Sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you," Prem replied.  "But why can't you remember that I'm in this house too?  It's been one week already.  You're not alone anymore."


"I haven't forgotten that you live in this house," Heer answered.  "I wasn't expecting you to be behind me and when you suddenly said 'Morning' so loudly it scared me."


"You can put the icing knife down," Prem said pointing with his finger at her cake tool.  Heer lowered her hand and returned to her work.  "What time is it?"


"10:30am," Heer said.  "You sleep well?"


"Yeah, I did.  What time did you wake up?" Prem inquired.


"Around 7:30...I decided to bake a cake.  Mom loves white cake with chocolate icing," Heer said.  "She's coming home tomorrow morning so I thought this would be a nice treat for her."


"She is?" Prem asked with great excitement.


Heer smiled, "Yes.  Her flight comes in at 11:15am.  Mom will be very surprised to see you.  I'm sure you're super happy because now you can eat my Mom's cooking."


"Your cooking wasn't that bad," Prem said.  Heer looked at him with hopeful eyes.  He then smirked, "It's all I'm going to say."


Heer's face immediately harden and she growled, "Prem!"  He laughed as she chased him around the kitchen with the icing knife. "Stay put!"


"No," Prem replied with a snicker as he stood on one side of the island counter.


"You should be thankful that I'm even feeding you.  And for someone that doesn't like what I cook you sure eat a lot of it!" Heer yelled.


"I'm hungry.  My stomach compels me to," Prem teased.  Heer scrunched up her face and started to give chase again.  Prem quickly grabbed the bowl of chocolate icing and held it up in a threatening manner that he would try to dump it on her. 


"Prem, put that down," Heer ordered.


"Okay, but truce?" Prem offered.


Heer sighed, "Fine truce."  She lowered her icing knife and Prem put the bowl back on the counter.  "You're not going to get any chocolate cake, you do realize this," Heer said as she dipped the icing knife into the bowl and began icing the cakes.


"That's not fair!" Prem pouted.


"You're the one that said you don't like my cooking," Heer replied.  Prem swiped a bit of chocolate icing from the bowl with his index and middle finger and wiped it on Heer's cheek.  "Prem!" she snapped.


"You said I couldn't have any cake," Prem innocently answered. 


Heer angrily took some icing and forcefully wiped it all over his mouth.  In turn Prem grabbed some more icing and smeared it on Heer's other cheek.  They continued to attack each other with chocolate icing until they looked at each other and burst into laughter over how ridiculous they both looked.


Prem licked his lips and smiled.  "Hey, this is pretty good."


Heer continued to laugh at the way Prem was trying to lick the corners of his mouth.  "I know and so is the cake, but you won't get any."


"I was only joking Pumpkin," Prem said.  "You're a good cook."


"You're only saying that," Heer said as she wiped her face with a damp paper towel.


"I'm not," Prem replied as he cleaned his mouth with a paper towel.  "You're a good cook...honest."  He then sighed as he continued cleaning his face.  "I think I'm going have to take another shower.  You got icing in my hair.  And I'll definitely have to change clothes."


"Your hair?  It's all in my hair too," Heer said.  Her eyes widen as Prem suddenly closed the distance between them.  Her heart was racing wondering what he was doing.  Prem took the paper towel that he had used to wipe his face and found a clean corner to wipe the corner of her lips.  "Um, you missed a spot," he replied nervously looking at her lips.  Heer glanced away feeling shy at his action.  Prem stepped back realizing he was making her uncomfortable.  "I'm going to um, take a quick rinse in the right back."


Prem quickly made his way out of the kitchen feeling extremely awkward and confused.  The words that Preet and Meher had said to him a few nights ago at dinner had been circling in his mind as of late and he was starting to get weird ideas in his head.  He couldn't believe he was actually staring at Heer's lips in the kitchen.  She's my friend...what is wrong with me?  How could I be thinking about this?  I don't feel that way about her...this is Pumpkin we are talking about...darn Preet and Meher...why did they have to say those things to me?  Prem sighed and ran his hands through his hair.  He grimaced when he saw sticky chocolate icing on his fingers and hurriedly entered the bathroom.


Teji Maan followed the other passengers from flight 4511 to the baggage carousel.  Her eyes lit up in happiness when she saw her daughter standing by Carousel B waving at her.  Teji quickly walked over and was engulfed in a tight hug.  "Have a nice flight?" Heer asked.


"Yes.  Did you go and parked the car?" Teji inquired.


"I did.  I didn't know how long it will take the luggage to come out.  You know how it is...sometimes they are pretty quick and other times they are really slow," Heer said.


"So are there any boxes that still need to be unpacked?  I feel bad that you had to do this all alone.  You even took off from work to do this too," Teji said.


"It's fine Mom.  I have enough overtime.  Besides I'll be leaving for India two days after Christmas," Heer said.  "So it sort of all worked out...I'm just having my vacation a little earlier.  And I wasn't alone.  I had help."


"Oh, some of your friends came over to help?" Teji replied.


Heer shook her head and gave an excited smile.  "I have a surprise for you.  Close your eyes."


"What do you mean close my eyes?"


"Just do it Mama, please?  Otherwise how am I suppose to surprise you?" Heer asked.


Teji sighed and closed her eyes.  "All right what is this surprise?  Heer?"


"Keep them close," Heer ordered as she slowly moved away from her mother.  She motioned for Prem to come out from behind a pillar that he was hiding behind.  She put her finger to her lips indicating for him to be completely silent.  Prem nodded and carefully walked towards Teji and stood in front of her.  "Okay Mama, ready?"


"Yes dear, I'm ready.  What is so important that I have to close my eyes for this?" Teji asked with great impatience.


"Trust me you'll like it," Heer grinned.  "All right...on the count of, two, your eyes."


Teji stared at the man standing before her.  He had thick black-brown hair, charismatic eyes, a strong nose, chisel chin, and subtle stubble around his mouth.  He was tall and physically well-built.  She could see the gentle curve of his biceps and deltoids muscles showing through the black dress shirt he was wearing.  She glanced over at her daughter who was brightly smiling and then back at the stranger who was displaying a gentle grin.  "Are you Heer's boyfriend?" Teji suddenly asked.  It was the first thing that had popped into her head to inquire.  Prem and Heer stared a bit flabbergasted at the remark.  They never expected this question to be posed.  Teji quickly turned to her daughter and said, "You've been hiding him from me?  How could you do that to your own Mother?  And here I was all worried about you...every time I told me there wasn't anyone at hadn't gone out with anyone since you broke up with Dev...a year ago.  Aarti Aunty was telling me to put you on"  Teji quickly grabbed Prem's face and made him turn his head to the left and then to the right as if she was inspecting an article of clothing before she bought it.  "He's quite handsome..."


Prem held his hands up and mumbled through his mouth, "Aunty, I think there's a misunderstanding here.  I'm not who you think I am..."


"I like him," Teji continued not really hearing what Prem was saying.  


Heer tapped her hand against her forehead and sighed, "Mama, this is Prem.  Remember Prem Juneja?  We were best friends."


"Prem?" Teji repeated with surprise.  "Really, is it you?"  Prem nodded his head as Teji was still holding tightly onto his mouth preventing him from talking.  "You've grown up."  She then turned and looked at her daughter, "Wait, so this means you two aren't?"


Heer shook her head.  "No.  We just met a few days ago.  He works for the agency like Papa and has been assigned as my security detail.  Papa has no idea who he really is."


Teji smiled and gave Prem a tight hug.  "Good to see you too Teji Aunty," Prem hoarsely greeted.


"I can't believe it," Teji said looking at him with tears in her eyes as she gently caressed his face.  "You were so little and now look at you.  So, tell are your parents?  I haven't spoken to them in ages.  I hope they can forgive us...leaving town like that."


"Don't worry Aunty.  They know and understand that it was something that had to be done," Prem replied.


"He told them a few weeks later," Heer explained, answering her mother's questioning look. 


Teji smiled, "I should have known she couldn't keep a secret like that from you."  She then chuckled, "Life is amazing isn't it?  People that you separated with and thought you never see again suddenly come back.  It broke my heart to see you two part like that.  God has given you a chance to continue your relationship...second chances are far and few and should be cherished."  Heer glanced over at Prem who just happened to shift his eyes towards her.  Their eyes gently locked for a brief second before Teji placed her hand on Prem's arm causing him to look away.  "Help an old lady with her luggage?"


"Of course Aunty," Prem smiled and walked with her to find a good spot by the baggage carousel to wait for the luggage to come. 


Heer stood at the side of the dining room table and sighed shaking her head.  The entire thing was covered with all sorts of Indian snacks, treats, and other tasty dishes.  Prem was sitting at the head of the table busy stuffing his mouth with as much food as he could take.  "Prem, more hot puris?" Teji asked shouting from the kitchen.


Prem swallowed hard and answered, "Yes please, Aunty..."


"Are you happy stuffing yourself?  You look like a monkey who hasn't eaten anything for months," Heer said looking at him with disgust.


Prem scrunched his nose and continued stuffing his face with food.  "You're just jealous...because she's cooking me food..."


"Well, I hope you choke on that samosa," Heer replied.  Prem gave her a teasing look as he bit down on the samosa in his hand but then suddenly started coughing causing her to get alarmed.  She quickly handed him his water.  "Chew...don't inhale your food."


"Oh no...are you okay Beta?" Teji inquired as she came into the dining room with a plate of fresh hot puris.  She handed the plate to Heer and started patting his back.  "There is plenty of food take your time."  Teji looked at Heer, "Go get him some more water."


Heer obediently took the empty glass and entered the kitchen to get some water.  "She's treating him more like one of her own...she never does this for me...she just came home and she's cooking all these things for him...doesn't he realize she's probably tired?" she muttered as she filled his glass with water.  Heer walked back into the dining room and handed the glass to her mother.


Teji rubbed Prem's back.  "Drink some water and then eat slowly, okay?"


"Haa Aunty.  Thank you," Prem smiled.


"Heer, why are you just standing there?" Teji asked.


"Do I have to serve him now?" Heer mumbled under her breath.  


"What did you say?" Teji inquired not really hearing her sarcastic comment.


"She's just jealous Aunty," Prem grinned as he tore off a small piece of hot puri and scope up some tomato paneer curry.  Heer was surprised when he reached over and stuffed the bite into her mouth.


"That's two enjoy now," Teji smiled.


"Mama, where are you going?" Heer asked.


"I'm going to lay down for a bit.  You two eat.  I had a big breakfast this morning.  I'll come and have a little something after I wake up from my nap," Teji said and disappeared into the master bedroom.


Prem motioned with his eyes at an empty seat asking her if she would join him.  Heer took an empty plate and sat down in the chair.  "So, what would you like to have?" Prem asked.


"Are you going to serve me?" Heer replied with surprise.


"Tell me what you want," Prem said.


"What's good?"  Heer asked.


"Everything...don't you know your Mom's cooking?" Prem gasped.


"Of course I do but I want to know what you like," Heer said.


"Why, you going to cook them for me?"


"I'll make it a point to never serve you that," Heer teased. 


Prem frowned with a pout and handed the plate back to her.  "Serve yourself." 


"I was only joking Prem.  Besides I'm sure you would enjoy Mama's cooking more than mine."


"How do you know if you never make it for me?"  Heer looked at him a bit caught off guard by his statement.  "I like the chole and the matter paneer you made."


"You do?"


"Yeah.  Why are you so surprised?  I told you that you're a good cook," Prem replied.  He then motioned with his head.  "Eat before the food gets cold."  Heer nodded and began filling her plate.


Heer sighed as she entered Prem's bedroom with a glass of water and a box of heartburn medicine.  She could hear him groaning as he lay propped up against the backboard of the bed.  "I told you not to eat so much."


"I don't think I'm going to be eating for awhile," Prem moaned holding his stomach.


"You'll be fine.  Tomorrow morning you'll be downstairs in the kitchen stuffing your face again with Mama's parathas," Heer replied.


"Please don't mention food," Prem said.  "I can't take it."


Heer opened the packet of Alka-Selzter lemon-lime flavored pills and dropped two tablets into the glass of water.  She gently stirred the fizzing liquid with a spoon and then handed the glass over to Prem to drink.  He grimaced and took a big gulp making a face at the taste.  "It's medicine...what did you expect it to taste like?  This was all we had in the house.  I'll get you Zantac tomorrow."  Prem finished drinking the contents in the glass and then whimpered displaying he had no energy to place the glass on the night stand.  Heer shook her head.  "You guys are all the same.  You turn into such big babies when you get sick."  She took the glass from him and set it on the night stand.  "I'm going to leave this stuff here.  Take it according to the directions, okay?  I'll bring up a pitcher of water for you so you don't have to move around."     


"Thanks Pumpkin," Prem said.  He then pouted, "Where are you going?"


"I have to go down and eat dinner."


"Ohhh, don't mention that..." Prem groaned.


"I can't let Mama eat by herself.  I'll be back," Heer said.  Just as she was about to turn and leave the bedroom door swung open and in walked Balraaj Maan.  "Papa?"  What are you doing back?  I thought you were coming on Wednesday."


"Things wrapped up a lot earlier than expected," Balraaj replied as he hugged her daughter.


Prem struggled to get out of bed to show some respect.  He knew this was not a very good second impression considering how Balraaj, the Director of the National Clandestine Service was entrusting him to the safety of his daughter.  "Sir," Prem greeted trying to sound firm and fit despite his current weak condition.


"You should lay back down Agent Deshmukh...I know my wife's cooking is rather's always good to pace yourself," Balraaj replied and motioned for him to get back into bed.  "So, my wife tells me you and Heer knew each other?  Childhood friends?"


"Yes sir," Prem answered.


Balraaj nodded his head and then smiled.  "The world is really a small place.  Well, get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow."


"Yes sir."


"You can stop calling me sir.  My wife considers you like family...she's told me how much you use to help Heer back then.  Uncle will do find," Balraaj stated.


"Yes, I mean Uncle," Prem replied.


Balraaj turned to walk out of the room but then turned back around again and curiously asked, "Oh, my wife tells me Deshmukh isn't your last name?"


"Deshmukh has been my legal name since I was adopted at age nine.  Before that I was Juneja.  My parents died in a car accident when I was seven," Prem explained.


"Prem Juneja," Balraaj gently muttered to himself pondering something but then looked up and gave a reinsuring smile.  "Well Prem, you'll definitely want to get better before Christmas.  Aunty makes a fabulous spread for Christmas don't want to miss out on that."


"Yes Uncle."


"Do you want something to read?" Heer asked when her father had left the room.


"Read?" Prem repeated.


"Yes, read or would you prefer to just stare at the ceiling?" Heer replied.


"Laptop?" Prem innocently inquired.


"All right I'll let you use my laptop," Heer said.  "Don't go snooping."


"Why are you telling me that?" Prem asked.


"Because you've been assigned as my personal security guard and I assume part of that assignment is to know everything about my business," Heer answered.


"I don't need to do that.  I can just ask who was this Dev guy?" Prem replied.


"Are you going to tell me about your past girlfriends?" Heer asked.  Prem's eyes widen at her question.  "Well, then I think that answers your question right there.  I'll be back with my laptop," she replied and left the room.  Prem sat on the bed still pondering over this ex-boyfriend Dev.  The way her mother had talked about him seemed like it was something pretty serious after all Heer hadn't dated anyone since they broke up.  He didn't know why it was bothering him so much that she had a boyfriend.  It was to be expected; they were both grown adults and could develop relationships with anyone of their choosing.  Prem sighed and tried to push the strange thoughts away from his mind.



Hope you guys enjoyed that!

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Happy Valentines' Day to All My Lovely Readers! Hug Heart 


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awesomeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.


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Graceeeee! Big smile haha that was such an adorable updateee! Prem is such a loser but I still loveeee him so much LOL I knew exactly what he felt like, when you think you can eat sooo much but then afterwards you feel sick as HELL OuchROFL Poor Prem!
I couldnt help but laugh when he was asking Heer about Dev ROFL I don't like this dev guy already so I hope we won't be hearing too much from him Wink Ahhh dying for Premeer to fall in loveeeee! I need some romance Day Dreaming
Thanks for the pm and update asap Hug

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