Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by sweta2005

its awesomeeeeeeeee too good very nice part loved it waitinggggggg for next asap.

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Originally posted by rhtpkcm

woahh! loved it1 thanks for the quick update

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thank god you updated
i dont know how many times i logged on today waiting to see ur PM
now im off to read it
thanx again

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Originally posted by princess5341

finally they actually found out about each other  - I would think that it would take longer but . . .
the seperation was so sad: (
anyways update soon
cant wait to see how they fall in love again!!!

Well, I figured if I dragged that out too long it would be a bit too ridiculous so decided to have them realize who they were it's the development of their adult relationship Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweet_gurl93

Awesome part!!
Finally! they both find out about each other Big smile
lol really loved how prem kept talking and talking in his boxers
Cant wait for more
Do continue soon
Maheen xx

I thought that would be something funny considering how sad their childhood memories were.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by khajju

hii graceeBig smile

awesmee update..finaly they recognized each other...soo happy...luvd it when prem was trying to convince heer tht he is prem onlyyLOLLOL....the past was sooo sad...awww so prem was actuall asking heer abt the gift for heer only...and she misunderstood him...not only she we oo misunderstiid himLOL...the fight scene was sooo sad...and the seperation brougt tears in my eyes...veryy wlll written...thankss for pm...cant wait for next. evil doing of course Evil Smile...I thought it was fitting since they've been having issues and Prem's been ignoring Leher/Heer a lot because of Abby.  Too bad he doesn't realize what his actions mean...poor confused and stupid Prem LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweetnsourx3

omg i was right about the necklace thing!! Dancing 
wow so much happened in this chapter, i dont even know what to say...i absolutely loveddd it! they finally found out everything!! lol prem convincing heer was funny, he got all excited Day Dreaming
 i'm glad prem and leher didnt end on a bad note in the flashbacks, it was sad to see them separate though Cry  
thanks for updating so quickly! hope the next one comes soon too Wink

Yeah, a lot happened in the last two chapters...I could have dragged it out but I really didn't want to and wanted to get to the point of the story.  I think I stated somewhere in this thread that this SS will probably be a very short one...well, that is depending on my writing...sometimes I write too much and the storyline starts dragging out.  We will see Tongue  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by crystall

Awesome update !
Loved it !
Glad that  they both find out about each other !
I thought it will take more time !
Soo thank you very much !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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Originally posted by aaminaman

Ohhh so great I didn't think you would make them realize each other so fast but I am happy and it was so funny prem in boxers hugging heer and going on talking and do update the next part as soon as possible I can't wait to read and find out how prem falls in love with heer

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yeppieee.....yes......yahooo..!!!!!!...they recognized....Dancing

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that was superbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!
wow! it was really amazing dear!
loved each and every bit of it!
thanks for the pm dear!
continue soon!
m loving this 1!

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waitingggggg r u updatingggg now

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Originally posted by -Garima-

Omg! Grace!

Loved this update so much! :) There was so much meaning and passion in Prem and Heer's childhood love! How adorable! I loved the way the necklace Prem bought was for Heer..I had a feeling he would give it to her, lol. But the way they both got separated was so sad! :( I really felt bad for both of them..and I could feel their emotions. You did a great job portraying that Grace! =)

And yay! They finally recognized eachother! hehe Prem was so cute while ranting to her about their old memories! hehe I cant wait to read what happens next! Update soon! and thanks for the PM! =)

-Garima =]

Thanks for liking the past two chapters.  I really wanted to capture that passion they had for each other even in their childhood.  After all Prem and Heer in Kis Desh were such passionate lovers.  I thought it would be fitting...I wanted their relationship to really have meaning.  Poor kids both had a rough in the witness protection program and living without her father and the other one an orphan who no one wanted.  But when they came together everything seemed to fall into place for them and the world didn't seem such a place.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

aawwwww i really felt bad for leher...!!!!! evn i was cryin at their separation..!!!
prem is so hot n nw dat too in boxer..!! :)))))))) 
finally heer n prem came 2 noe..!!
luved it....thx for da pm..!!! update soon...! shameful ogling Prem in his boxers? Tongue  At least Heer had some modesty and told him to go and get dress LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by maryaa8688

a superb update ...really loved it very much.finally they recognized n i liked prem's reaction after recognizing heer..update soon.will b waiting

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Originally posted by snehasharma

cutest update awww so sweet pumkin sounds really gud thanx grace :)

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Originally posted by kptl

Finally they found each other lol
Just luv da wy heer teased prem that prt was hilarious ....
Their separation prt was sad
finally they found eachother so it's good

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Originally posted by sadhz

loved d flashback scenes.........was cryin ........
pendant was cute............
finaly finaly............they recognized each other.............. Dancing........
awww prem hugged her 5 times Embarrassed............n funny thing..........he was in his boxersLOL .....n telin her abt his muscles n six cute........... cant wait for d nxt chapter..............nw waitn 2 c how they fall in luv again..............
plzzzzzzz plzzz plzzzzzzzzzz update soooooooooooon ..................thnx for d pm............

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Originally posted by anoushay_kdmhmd

OH-MY-GOD dat was just fantbulous Grace i was ltrly jumpng!! srsly like Prem me too was in a complete shock it was truly a miricle!! and Prem was completly outta control hahahahahah lmao!! and i dnt wannna tlak abt dat sad bart it was written beautifully bt was extrmly Sad!! loved it to da coore!

Thanks for liking the last two chapters.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile
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Originally posted by Aymee

While holding both ears, Grace my dear, I am really, really sorry. Embarrassed  I am sorry for not replying to you from the beginning.  I have been waiting to read your SS but I didn't get the chance.  Today I finally got the chance to read and finally catch up with your SS.
Grace, I really love this story.  I am right now lost for words to how much I really am enjoying this SS.
First off, I love how Prem and Leher Wink met.  It was very cute.  When she told Mrs. Henderson that she knew where Prem was hiding, I couldn't stop laughing.  I can't imgaine how much Prem must have been hating Heer for ratting on her like that.
Prem and Heer's flashback were wonderful and at times sad (thanks to Abby Angry).  I loved how their friendship progressed.  But I was Cry when Heer and her mother had to suddenly leave for the witness protection Cry.  Their goodbyes was really heartbreaking but I am really glad they didn't leave each other mad and got to say their proper goodbyes Cry.  Yes, I am still crying over that scene Cry.
Now, Grace, I am going to have to admit.  My favorite part by far, it Prem and Heer/Leher's reunion.  LOL  Prem coming out of the shower and in his boxers Day Dreaming, using Heer's pink towel LOL and hugging her like around 5 times was the best scene.  When he was showing off his body to her, I aImost died of laughing.  He still loves to talk alot. LOL  I loved how Heer's was teasing Prem.  But their reunion was perfect.  I am so glad they finally got to see each other after all those years.
Now, I can't wait until you update your next chapter. Big smile  Please do add me to your PM list.  Big smile

Hi Lisa,

It's cool.  Glad you're liking the SS so far.  I decided since the childhood memories I was focusing on were sad I thought it would be nicer to have a funny type of reunion...Prem being super excited and forgetting he was in his boxers.  I've added you to the PM list. 
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I'm back again!!!  LOL

I thought since the beginning chapters where so emotionally charged and sad I wanted to write a light hearted chapter before moving the storyline forward with all the spy/action/mystery stuff.

Thanks to all those took the time to Comment and/or Hit the Like Button.  Really, really, really means a lot Big smile

Mission 7: Peaceful Soul


Prem sat on the couch eating his cheese pizza attentively listening as Heer filled him in on some things that had been going on in her life.  Heer paused briefly as she took a sip of Coke and then said, "I think I've been going on about me long enough...what about you?"


"Ah, Pumpkin you know if I told you I would have to kill you," Prem sarcastically said.


"The secret agent code of honor?" Heer laughed.  "I understand it comes with the job.  But you could at least tell me something unclassified."


"Nothing too exciting to report I'm afraid," Prem answered.  "Just work...I've traveled around a lot and seen a lot of things.  But I think I should say I owe you an apology for what happened with your Dad.  I'm really sorry.  There was a complete mix up...your Dad wasn't supposed to be in that room and I should have doubled checked...really sorry.  Not, exactly the best first impression of me to your Dad."


"I forgive you.  Obviously Papa understood otherwise he wouldn't have sent you here.  Though I really don't think it is all that necessary," Heer said.


"If he hadn't we wouldn't have meet again," Prem replied.


"That's true, but I don't like having someone following me around like this," Heer complained.


"Your Dad is just worried like any parent would be.  You seem to travel a lot for your work...going out of the country and all.  You'll be leaving to India after Christmas for another conference? " Prem replied.


"More of an art auction.  Yes, and let me guess you're coming with me?" Heer asked.


"Of course...your Dad would kill me if I didn't and like him I don't want to see anything happen to you...whatever happened in Paris with those guys following you was very serious.  You deal with art right?  Who knows maybe the museum picked up a box of forgeries or something was hidden in those packing boxes and they need it back...or maybe there is secret map stuffed behind the frame of a painting..." Prem explained.


"Conspiracy theories, huh?  I think you're letting your imagination run a little wild there," Heer laughed.


"Look, we don't know who was shooting at your Dad and you were being followed.  It's just better to be safe and smart about these types of things until everything is figured out.  At least this time he sent a bodyguard instead of putting you in witness protection," Prem replied.


"Yes, witness protection would not have been fun," Heer gloomily replied.  "Having your whole life interrupted...saying goodbye to friends...making new ones...and then having to say goodbye to them again...that's not what I want."  Prem gently looked at her noticing the sadness behind her eyes.  Heer realized an awkward silence had developed between them and forced a smile on her face.  "Let's move onto a less serious topic.  So how are your parents?  Is your Dad still burning pots and getting scolded by your Mom?"


"Mom died a couple months ago," Prem simply replied.


"I'm sorry Prem," Heer said as she placed her hand on his forearm regretting the cheery attitude she had been displaying when she had asked the question.


"It's okay.  You didn't know.  Dad's holding up well."


"How about you?" Heer probed.  Prem could feel the tenderness in her touch on his forearm and could see the depth of concern she had for him in her warm hazel eyes.  It was amazing to him that after all these years that secure feeling he had during his childhood when she was there was just as strong and vibrant as ever.  "I'm hanging in there," he replied.  Heer gave him a skeptical look.  "Don't lie to me Prem."


"Why would I lie?" he asked slightly flabbergasted.


"Because I know how you bottle things up," Heer explained.  "You probably haven't had much time to mourn have you...with your busy work schedule and all."


Prem gave a gentle smirk, "Heh, I had some time to myself before I went to Paris.  Don't worry I'll be fine."


"All right, but if you need to talk you know I'm always here for you," Heer replied and went back to eating her pizza.


"Yeah, I know," Prem said.  "Thanks."


Heer smiled and then bit her lower lip pondering, "You are usually doing all this secret spy stuff why are on security detail all of a sudden?"


"I've put in a transfer to resign from active duty," Prem explain.  "There is still some paper know procedures and everything that needs to be processed.  So, I guess in the meantime they've put me in the security division."


"Why are resigning?  Like you had enough, family, or is someone waiting for you?" Heer gently probed.


"Someone waiting for me?" Prem chuckled.  "No, I don't have anyone waiting for me.  I'm single.  But, I would probably say the first two reasons you listed are kind of on the mark.  I've been away from home for so long that I think it's about time I come back...and with Mom passing away...I want to be able to spend time with Dad.  And eventually it would be nice to settle down and start a family of my own." 


"Aaahhh," Heer nodded and then asked, "By the way what was that back in Paris?  You were asking me out on a date, weren't you?"


"No I wasn't," Prem replied.


"Yes you were."


"No I wasn't."


"Yes you were."        


"Whether I was or wasn't doesn't make a difference because you still went to the park with me," Prem smartly countered.


"That was before I knew who you were," Heer answered.


"So you like to live dangerously...going out with people who carry guns and get involved in international crimes, huh?" Prem inquired.


"No, I just had a feeling you weren't as bad as you seem," Heer defended. 


"So, are you seeing anyone?" 


"Uh-um, no..." Heer replied nearly choking on her pizza. 


"Well, if you're single and I'm single why don't we just get hitched?  Saves me the trouble of looking for someone," Prem jokingly responded.


"Eh, as if I want to marry you," Heer replied playing along. 


"You know I'm not that bad of a even said so...I think Paris provided my point," Prem said as he inched closer to her.


"Prem..." Heer uttered in shock as she saw his face coming dangerously close to hers.


"Close your eyes," Prem whispered softly.


Heer found herself locking into his brown eyes and all the tender feelings she had felt for him since childhood slowly rose to the surface.  The way he was looking at her had her spellbound.  There was a tingling sensation spreading through her body and an unquenchable thirst in her heart.  Quietly she closed her eyes and faintly gasped as she felt his lips make contact with hers.  It was the sweetest kiss she'd ever experienced.  She opened her eyes to see Prem gazing back at her with so much love.  She wanted to say something but was prevented when he kissed her again.  This time there was an urgency in the way his lips moved against her mouth.  She felt him probe her mouth demanding entry and when she let him in she was dazed by the static that passed between them.  Prem slowly lowered her down onto the couch while she cupped his face bringing him on top of her.  Everything that she had ever dreamt of was happening to her right now. 


Prem gently stared at Heer's face taking note of how mature and womanly she looked.  The well thinned eyebrows, flawless creamy skin, almond shaped eyes, perky nose, and pink lips; he had to admit that she had grown into a beautiful woman.  She was intelligent, caring, and had a great personality.  Anyone who was able to gain her love would be the luckiest man in the universe.  "Pumpkin?  You okay?  You can open your eyes now," Prem chuckled.


Heer's eyes popped back open and she realized what see had seen and felt was all a dream.  She immediately looked down at her plate and then took a bite of her pizza hoping he hadn't seen her blush.  Prem glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes and smirked.  "So, what did you think I was going to do?"


"Prem, just shut up and eat your pizza," Heer ordered sounding slightly flustered.


"Whatever you say Pumpkin," Prem replied.


Heer laid on the couch completely exhausted from the day's activities.  There were brown boxes placed everywhere in the new house.  She was thankful that Prem had helped her pack some things up the night before otherwise she would have never been ready for the movers this afternoon.  She heard footsteps and the gentle clanking of dishes coming towards the living room.


"You want to sit up or just lay on your stomach?" Prem asked.


"Lay on my stomach," Heer replied into the couch cushion making her voice slightly muffled.


"Are you sure you want to do that?  Trying to feed you Maggie noodles is going to be tough.  Don't blame me if you get noodles in your hair," Prem said.


Heer groaned as she sat up straight on the couch.  She looked at the serving tray sitting on the coffee table.  There were two bowls of Maggie noodles, a packet of Hot Mix, and two glasses of water.  She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked at Prem with a quizzical expression.  "Sorry nothing fancy...I'm not a trained chef...hope this will be okay.  There wasn't much food in the boxes."


"We forgot to go shopping," Heer gasped as she placed her hand on her head.


"It's okay relax.  We did a lot today.  We can go tomorrow," Prem said as he sat down next to her.  "I hooked up the TV and the DVD player so we will just have to watch movies until the cable gets hooked up.  What do you want to watch?"


"I don't really care," Heer answered as she twirled her fork to pick up a string of noodles.


"Okay about Maine Pyar Kiya?" Prem suggested.  Heer stared at him with a perplexed look.  "No?  So then...Hum Aapke Hain Kaun?  Karan Arjun?  Hum saath-Saath Hain?  Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge?  Koyla?  Dil To Pagal Hai?  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?  Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham?  Kal Ho Naa Ho?"  Heer continued to just stare at him with disbelieving eyes.  "Anything?  I just named like 20 movies and you're just staring at me."


"Since when did you start watching these types of films?" Heer finally asked.  "I was expecting you to say Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman, or some other action movie.  You were always watching things like X-men and Batman cartoons."


"When I was a's not that I don't watch action movies anymore...I still do but I also learned to watch other things as well.  Anyways you're the one who was always watching this romantic Hindi movie stuff," Prem replied.  "I think I caught you learning the dances to some of the songs a couple of times.  You still doing that?"  Heer scrunched her nose up and pouted causing him to laugh.  "So, you want to watch one of the movies I named or an American movie?"


"Wow, I don't have to force you to watch a romantic Hindi movie?  I'm definitely taking you up on this offer.  Hmmm...let's watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai," Heer replied.


"Okay...let's see if I can find it in this huge DVD box you have here," Prem said as he started to comb through the box.  "Ah-ha...lucky you...I found it."  He showed the DVD to her and then placed the disc into the player.  Prem sat back down in his seat and began eating his Maggie noodles as the movie played.


About two hours into the movie Prem was quietly munching on some Hot Mix and enjoying the film.  He was about to reach for his glass of water when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder.  He turned his head and saw Heer asleep.  Her head was drifting as her body was no longer able to sit and wanted to lay down with gravity.  She leaned towards him resting her head on his shoulder briefly before rolling back to her right against the back of the couch.  Prem smiled and quickly reached for his napkin to clean his hands.  The movement left space behind him causing Heer to drift down filling the hole.  Prem stood up not wanting to sit on top of her and leaned down softly calling, "Heer?  Heer?  Wake up and go to bed."


"Mama...five more minutes, please..." Heer mumbled.


Prem smirked, "I'm not your Mama but I'll give you more than five more minutes."  He gently bent down and lifted her up into his arms so he could put her to bed.  Prem walked up the stairs to her new room and frowned when he realized the bed still needed to be made.  He slowly went down on his knees and laid her down on the carpet. 


"It's cold..." Heer murmured as she curled up into a ball.


"Don't worry Pumpkin...I'll get you in a nice warm bed in a few minutes," Prem replied.  He searched the boxes in the room hoping to find one labeled bed sheets.  He frowned when he didn't see it.  Prem hurried went out in the hallway and found the box sitting next to one of the guest bedroom's doorways.  He opened it and pulled out what he presumed to be a full set of bed sheets and ran back into Heer's bedroom to make her bed.  He quickly made the bed as best as he could.  Prem then went searching for pillows and a comforter.  He found pillows but he had no clue where the comforters had gone too.  Prem decided for the time being that sheets would just have to do until tomorrow.  He put the pillow case on a pillow and placed it on the bed before picking Heer up and resting her body on the bed.  Prem grinned at the way Heer snuggled against the pillow looking extremely adorable.  "Goodnight Pumpkin," he whispered softly as he covered her with a bed sheet.  Prem then quietly closed the bedroom door and went back downstairs to clean up and see if there was anything else he could do to help her unpack.


Prem yawned sleepily as he sat up from the guest bed.  He stumbled his way to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.  A few minutes later, he was feeling refreshed despite having gone to sleep at two o'clock in the morning.  He had successfully unpacked all the boxes for the kitchen and had set things up.  He just hoped it would be suitable to the way the Maan's liked their kitchen to look.  Prem walked towards Heer's bedroom wondering if she was still asleep or awake.  He gently knocked and called out her name, "Heer?  You awake?  Heer?  I'm coming in..."  When Prem opened the door he found Heer still sleeping peacefully.  He sighed realizing she must be extremely tired after all she had spent the last few days packing by herself.  Prem didn't know why but he found himself walking closer to her bed.  His eyes gently roamed along the curve of her face and smiled.  He knelt down onto his knees and watched her sleeping form.  A naughty glint stirred in his eyes and he softly blew on the wisps of hair on her forehead.  Heer murmured something inaudible as creases formed on her forehead and her hand swiped the air at her imaginary foe.  Prem grinned as he did it again causing her to shift with a pout and pulled the bed sheet closer to her face.  A few locks of hair fell down onto her face and she grumbled as she tried brushing them back.  Prem cautiously but gently stuck his index finger forward to help her tuck back her hair.  The second his finger touched Heer's face, her eyes jerked open and she yelled causing Prem to shout as well.  Heer grabbed her pillow and started to blindly pummel Prem with it.  "Aaahhh, it's's me!" Prem shouted as he got slapped with the pillow. 


"Who's there?!  Chor!  Chor!  Prem, chor!" Heer shouted.  She was too busy yelling that she wasn't hearing anything that Prem was telling her.  Still disoriented in half sleep and fear she let her right knee shift too closely to the bed's edge and came tumbling down on top of Prem. 


"Uhhh..." Prem moaned from the unexpected force and weight.


Heer didn't know what she landed on but it was warm and soft.  She quickly sat up threw a punch.  "Go away you chor!"  Prem yelped in pain and then laid his head on the carpet.  Heer blinked and looked about the room as her sleepy senses finally awoke.  She cupped her mouth when she saw Prem groaning and holding his nose.  "Prem?  What are you doing in my bedroom?  Oh My God, did I just hit you?"


"Yes," Prem mumbled as he continued to hold his nose.


"Let me take a look at it," Heer replied as she tried moving his hand away.  Prem whined afraid to let her touch it.  "Prem, please let me look at it."  Eventually he gave up and moved his hand away to let her inspect it.  "You're not bleeding...that's good.  It probably got bruised.  Let's get some ice on that."


"I can't get up if you continue sitting on me," Prem hoarsely replied.


Heer gave a nervous laugh and got off of him.  "Sorry.  But what were you doing in my room?"


Prem's eyes widen at the question but he then quickly started pretending that his nose was hurting him.  He held his nose and started wallowing, "Oh, it hurts..."  He saw the concern look in Heer's eyes and knew it was working.  "And go brush your teeth cause your breath sticks."


Heer immediately covered her mouth and mumbled, "Sorry," and ran off to the bathroom.


Prem smirked that he had succeeded in diverting her question but then winched as he actually felt the pain from his nose.  "That girl sure knows how to throw a punch," he mumbled and walked out of the bedroom.     


It wasn't long before Heer came downstairs.  She was surprised to find that all the packing boxes had been removed from the kitchen.  "Prem?  Did you do all of this?" she asked as she looked around.


"Yeah, you fell asleep last night so I put you to bed and came back downstairs to unpack.  I really didn't know where you wanted things to go.  I did my best putting things away," he replied.


"Thanks.  I'm sorry about falling asleep on you last night."


"It's okay.  You were super tired.  I can understand.  You were in charge of this entire move while your parents are away," Prem said as he held the pack of ice on the bridge of his nose.


"I'm sorry for hitting you," Heer apologized.


"Pumpkin, don't worry about it.  I guess I should think twice before I try to wake you," Prem joked.  "So, we should probably go grocery shopping?"


"Yes, that sounds great.  Let me go take a shower first and then we can go," Heer replied.


"Yeah, I need one too.  Um, where are the towels?" Prem asked.


Heer laughed that this time Prem was making a point to get a towel before hopping into the shower.  "I think the box is in the other guest room."  Prem smiled and followed her back up the stairs.


Prem hopped along with one leg resting on the bottom rung of the shopping cart and his other leg pushing off the ground as he wheeled the cart around the grocery store following Heer.  "You think we got enough food?" Prem sarcastically asked as he stared down into the body of the cart that was almost filled to the rim.  "Cause I don't think we have enough.  I think we should buy another pound or two of chicken...maybe six more boxes of cereal, five boxes of popcorn, three more bags of potatoes, another head of lettuce, and a 24 pack of Pepsi..."


Heer turned around and gave him a glare.  "I'm buying this much so we have a stocked kitchen when Mama comes home.  And I know you eat like a pig so don't even start with me.  Last night's Maggie noodles did nothing for you.  You practically inhaled your food this morning."


"I was hungry," Prem mumbled with a pout.  "And my nose still hurts!"


"I told you I was sorry.  What do you want me to do about it?  Kiss it for you or something?" Heer asked.  Prem's eyes widen at her comment.  "Here, put this on your nose and be quiet."  Prem gave a sulky expression and grabbed the frozen package of corn from her hands and placed it on the bridge of his nose.  Heer turned around and continued to check her shopping list.


Prem reached into his pocket when he heard his cell phone ringing.  "Hello?"


"So, Handsome are you free tonight?"


Prem chuckled, "What do you want Preet?  I'm on assignment."


"I know that but you're like following her around right?  So, why don't you invite her out so we can get drinks," Preet replied.  "We can make a thing of it...I'll bring Meher."


"Why does this sound like some sort of..." Prem paused and cupped his hands over his mouth and whispered, "double date?"


"Who said anything about dating?  Unless you want to date her but isn't that like a no-no in terms of this assignment turning into that crappy Whitney Houston and Kevin Coaster movie called The Bodyguard...haha-ehehe..." Preet laughed loudly.


"Aren't you at work?"


"On break...on the roof top.  Anyways you aren't exactly on some super covert mission," Preet explained.  "And don't dodge the question."


"Look, she's a friend," Prem replied.


"A friend?  Wow, one whole day and she's now a move quick.  You know what they say first comes friendship, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage," Preet teased.


"That's not even the correct way to say that playground's first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage..." Prem corrected, "and the part before that is something about kissing in a tree or something."


"Ahhh...I remember goes something like...Prem and Heer sitting in a tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G...first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Chahat in a baby carriage!" Preet exclaimed with glee. 


Prem groaned at hearing his friend cheering it loudly like some little kid.  "What are you five, man?"


"You're the one that started it," Preet simply stated.


"No, you did it first..." Prem was about say some more when he caught Heer staring at him.  She then shook her head and mouthed the words, "I don't want to even know."  Prem covered the mouth piece of his phone and grunted, "Look, we happened to be childhood friends."


"You are childhood friends and didn't recognize each other?" Preet inquired with confusion.  "How do you forget a name?  Not to mention the guys couldn't have changed that much could you?"


"It's a long story.  But we eventually figured it out, okay?" Prem answered.


"So you guys are coming or what?  It would fun.  You helped her move, right?  There are probably a whole bunch of boxes you have to unpack, right?  Take a break and come out...drinks and dinner," Preet suggested.  "Saves you cooking."


"We're at the grocery store right now," Prem replied.


"Still you and Heer won't have to worry about cooking anything," Preet said.


"You're not going to let this go, are you?"


"Nope.  Beside now I'm really curious to meet her again," Preet replied.  "How could she be friends with you?"


"What do you mean by that?" Prem asked with a defensive tone in his voice.


"You know I love you man.  Look, I'll make it even easier on you and come and pick you guys up," Preet offered.


"You don't know where she lives," Prem replied.


"Doesn't mean I can't find out," Preet smirked.


"I'm warning hacking," Prem sternly said.


"Then just come out.  McAlister's at 7:00pm.  Later," Preet ordered and then hung up.


"Preet?  Hello?  Preet?" Prem looked at his cell phone and frowned.  "You little weasel..."


"Everything all right?" Heer inquired.


"Um, yeah...everything's all right," Prem replied as he stuffed his cell phone back into his pocket.  "It was just a friend and he wanted to go out and have some drinks and grab a bite to eat."


"Oh, I see...well, you can go if you want."


"I can't leave you home alone.  I'm here for a reason," Prem answered.


"I don't need a babysitter," Heer dryly remarked.


"I'm not a babysitter," Prem replied.  "There is no way I'm going to leave you.  I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you."  Heer heard the seriousness in his voice and saw the intensity in his eyes.  It felt as if he was looking into her soul.  It was almost a little too much for her to take and she diverted her eyes away. 


"It sounded like you were close friends...I don't want to stop you from meeting up.  Following me around isn't exactly the most exciting thing," Heer meekly said.


"Pumpkin, you're my best friend...being with you is enough for me," Prem replied.  Heer glanced back towards him with a look of awe.  Prem just flashed a smile.  "How about this...why don't you come with me?  He's bringing his girlfriend'll have someone of the female persuasion to talk to instead of just hanging out with two boring males who do nothing but talk sports."


"Who is this friend of yours?" Heer inquired.


"You've sort of met him already.  It's Preet," Prem replied.      


Heer pondered for a bit, "Well, saves me from cooking dinner tonight.  Okay."


"All right.  So do we have everything on that list?" Prem asked shifting his eyebrows pointing at the paper in her hands.


"Almost everything...just a few more items," Heer replied and began walking towards the aisles where they could be found.  Prem nodded his head and obediently pushed the shopping cart behind her.  


So there you go.  I know this chapter was a bit of silly one Embarrassed

Oh, an brief explanation of the K-I-S-S-I-N-G playground song. Kids usually sing it to taunt and tease other kids.

(Insert a boy's name and a girl's name) sitting in a tree


First comes love,

Then comes marriage,

Then comes (insert their supposed baby's name) in a baby carriage!


Thanks for reading!

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesomeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.

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Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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great...prem-preet convo was funny....yeah there is some meetEmbarrassed...continue soon

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