Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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This a two part chapter as it became really long with the flashbacks.  I wanted to reveal everything that was important that happened in Prem and Heer's childhood so we can get to the present situation they are now in and move the storyline forward.

Mission 5: For You - Part A


Prem gently roamed his eyes along the curve of the marble placard that was nestled comfortably into the earth.  His eyes well up as he collapsed onto his knees and hung his head in shame.  "I'm sorry..." he murmured through his sobs.  He felt a firm hand on his shoulder causing him to turn around and hug the figure.  "I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry..."


Kiran Deshmukh held his son close to his side trying to sooth the pain away.  "It's okay.  She understands...she knows."


"I should have come home earlier...I'm sorry Dad...I wasn't here when you needed me," Prem said sniffling.


"You were doing your duty.  Your country needed you," Kiran said.  "Come now...come give me a proper hug."  Prem wiped the tears from his eyes as he rose to his feet and gave his father a tight hug.  "You've gotten some sun I see."


Prem let out a watery laugh, "Actually I haven't been anywhere tropical for the past month."


"Well, I guess your previous assignment must have made you super a little monkey," Kiran teased as he ruffled his son's hair.  Prem smiled at his childhood nickname that his father had given him.  Even after his adoption he was still climbing, jumping around, and doing all sorts of playful mischief that his father had decided to call him "his little monkey".   


Prem broke away from the hug and saw how his father's hair was graying.  It was more pronounced on his sideburns and facial stubble while the main portion of his hair was still a rich black.  Prem realized just how precious time was and he had missed a lot of it.  "Should I gift you a box of hair dye for Christmas?"  


Kiran saw the look in his eyes and grinned. "I thought gray was considered a dignified look." 


"I suppose," Prem replied with a gently chuckle.


"Does this mean you will be staying in D.C. for some time?" Kiran asked.


Prem exhaled loudly, "For the time being.  I've been put on a special assignment...I don't know for how long or when I might be all depends.  But it will be my last...I've put in my papers to transfer from active field work."


"Are you sure?" Kiran probed.


"I'm sure Dad," Prem said giving him a firm grin.  "I want to come home.  Besides someone has to keep an eye on always leave in the middle of cooking to go do something and end up burning your food or the pot.  Mom always hated that."


"Do you know how to cook, now?"

"Ramen noodles if that counts," Prem meekly replied. 


Kiran laughed heartily.  "Well, at least you won't go hungry.  Speaking of which want to grab a bit to eat?"


"Sure Dad," Prem said and walked side by side with his father away from the cemetery grounds.


Heer wrapped some newspaper over a coffee mug and sighed staring at all the brown boxes stacked around the kitchen.  She heard the ringing of the telephone and quickly went to answer it.  "Hi Mama, how is Aarti Aunty?"


"Doing better...the surgery was a success.  How is the packing going?" Teji asked.


"It isn't too bad.  The movers will be here tomorrow afternoon," Heer replied.


"I'm sorry I can't be there to help and then Papa is off again at some conference."


"It's okay.  We got a majority of it done before Papa left.  It's just my stuff and some left over kitchen things," Heer said.


"I should be home before Christmas.  I hate having you move everything in for us when it is so close to the holidays.  When will you be leaving for India?" Teji inquired.


"Two days after Christmas," Heer said.


"Oh, I'm sorry dear...they are calling for lunch.  I'll talk to you later?"


"It's okay.  Send my love to Aarti Aunty and Kunal Uncle," Heer replied before hanging up the phone.  She then went to the fridge and opened it to figure out what she was going to have for lunch.  The fridge was pretty bare as it had been cleaned out to hold only the bare essentials because of the move tomorrow.  "I guess a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will have to do," Heer mumbled to herself.


Several hours later, Heer was moving some boxes into the garage.  She had the garage door open to let in some natural sunlight and fresh air.  She placed the box on the ground and then realized there were a couple of boxes stacked together that weren't labeled.  She ran back inside the house to get a permanent black marker.  She stood on her tip-toes as she carefully opened the top box trying to figure out what was packed inside.  As she began inspecting the contents she tilted it slightly to the side but the weight of the items inside and the angle at which the box was titled caused it to suddenly slide outward.  She moved quickly trying to catch the box and collided with another pair of hands who gripped the box firmly for her rescuing it from hitting the floor.  Heer looked up and saw to her astonishment the familiar brown eyes and chisel features she had meet in Paris staring back at her.  "You?" she uttered.


"So, you're moving, huh?" Prem asked.


Heer stood there for a few seconds processing the shock of seeing him again.  Once processed she forcefully yelled, "Just want do you think you are doing?  Mr. Akshat think I'm just going to let things go after what happened in Paris...that I've suddenly forgotten what you did after a few weeks?"


"I'm sorry I wasn't able to speak to you.  You know I was bit I don't know...getting arrested by your father's sidekick," Prem replied.


"Why are you following me?" Heer inquired.


"Because I've been ordered to," Prem cheekily answered.  "By my boss.  I've been placed on a special assignment." 


Heer stared at him completely baffled by his honesty that he was actually divulging that whoever he was working for was keeping tabs on her.  She glanced to the side when she heard a gentle cough.  There was another young man with a clean shaven face standing off to the side with a wily smile.  "Um, sorry.  We should have probably introduced ourselves," Preet replied and gave a glare towards Prem.  "I'm taking my badge out," he explained as he noticed the way Heer flexed as he reached inside his suit jacket.  "Preet Rajput, Domestic Protection Division, C.I.A.  Um, he's been ordered to be your bodyguard."


"My bodyguard?" Heer repeated in disbelief.  She grabbed Preet's ID badge from her hand and inspected it incredulously.


"I assure you it is real," Preet replied.  "Look if you don't believe me you can call your father."  Heer handed him the badge and gave them both a hard stare before leaving them to go back into the house to make a phone call to her father.  Preet looked at Prem who seemed to have a mischievous glint in his eyes and addressed him, "Why didn't you tell her your real name?  And what exactly happened in Paris with her?  I know the arrest part...details on the juicy stuff."


"She seems to like yelling at me as Akshat.  Why deprive her of her fun?  Besides you saw how she think she would have believed me if I told her who I really was?  That is what you are here for," Prem explained.


"Yea, don't understand how I got picked to do this.  There are tons of people in the office who could have done this," Preet replied.


"Hey, at least you got to get out of your little rabbit hole of an office," Prem said.


"I actually like my rabbit hole of an office.  All the cracking and hacking I could have down in these fifteen minutes...that is what you have deprived me of," Preet said.


"You do realize if you ever want to move up in your position you have to interact with people and not just your computer all the time.  I wonder what Meher sees in you?" Prem joked.


"I'm not allowed to go on the computer when she's over.  That's the rule," Preet said.


"Probably a pretty good rule," Prem replied.  


"It makes her happy and whatever makes her happy makes me happy," Preet said.


"Awww, so cute...marry her already," Prem said.


"What is with you and the marriage kick?!" Preet snapped.


"That response right there," Prem laughed.  "Your eyes bulge out and you look like a cartoon character."


Preet bit his lower lip and glared at him.  "And here I was all happy you were back home," he muttered.


"This assignment is going to be a cake-walk.  This shouldn't last more than a month, right?  And then I'll be home's going to be nice having a nine to five type of job...and I'll get weekends too," Prem said.


"You've really gotten into this whole idea of going back into civilian life," Preet replied.


"Yeah, I guess I have," Prem smiled.


Heer sighed as she sat in her room going through her things trying to organize everything into the proper boxes.  She had an extremely brief conversation with her father who at the time seem to be preoccupied with some documents he was reviewing.  He made it clear that he ordered one of the bureau's agents to be her bodyguard for the time being.  He was feeling rather uneasy since both he and her mother were out of town and the incident in Paris was still weighing heavily in his mind.  The mixed up in the rooms had caused one of his own agents to suspect he was the target of the mission.  Then there was the matter on the attempt on his life, it was hard to figure out if the room switching was part of the plan or that there was a plan in motion to kill him no matter what room he ended up in.  Needless to say Heer was not very pleased at all and when her father disconnected the call prematurely not wanting to discuss the matter anymore.  It only caused Heer became even more upset.


Heer allowed Prem to come into the house and showed him the guest room where he would be staying and pretty much told him to stay out of her way.  She hardly gave him a chance to talk and stormed into her room to focus on her packing.  Heer went to her bookshelf and started to carefully place them in the large cardboard packing box sitting on her floor.  As she moved from one shelf to the next she noticed something hiding in the corner of one of the shelves.  She reached in and pulled out a tiny little blue photo album.  The cover had the words Garden of Enchantment Ball 1997.  Heer instantly felt an uneasiness spread through her as she opened the album to inspect the pictures it held.  The first picture that greeted her eyes was of her and Debbie in their dresses smiling brightly at the camera.  She recalled how she forced herself to think of something happy to produce that smile even though deep down inside she felt like crawling into a hole and dying.  Everything was changing and spinning out of control and she was powerless to stop it.  The one person who was always there for her was now so far away and he was the sole reason for her pain; Prem Juneja.




Leher took the notebooks and textbooks she needed for the next couple of classes out of her locker and placed them into her backpack.  She couldn't help but feel like there were people watching her.  She turned around to see some of her classmates whispering as they turned their heads away trying to hide the fact that they had been secretly staring at her.  She quickly looked back into her locker and sighed wanting nothing more than for the day to end.  Things had been horrible between her and Prem ever since the seven minutes in heaven game.  It seemed as if the entire school knew that they had played and had kissed; that is if you could even say it was a kiss since they just collided with each other.  Leher's eyes perked when she heard someone calling Prem's name.  She poked her head out of her locker to see Prem walking down the hallway with some buddies of his.  For a split second their eyes connected and then Prem turned his head away as if he wasn't acknowledging her presence.  Leher looked down feeling crushed that he was doing this to her.  Deep in thought over how depressed she was feeling she didn't see Debbie walking up to her locker. 




"Ah!" Leher screamed and jumped back surprised at hearing her name so suddenly.


"Sorry," Debbie apologized.  "Are you okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine," Leher said as she closed her locker.


"I'm really sorry," Debbie said.


"It's okay.  I can stop apologizing," Leher replied.  "I know you didn't do it on was more Keith and Leo's fault.


"Are you guys still not talking to each other?" Debbie probed.


"Only when we have to like in class or if his parents invite my Mom and me over for dinner.  All I know is he's upset with me.  It wasn't like I did it on purpose and frankly he stole my first kiss so if anyone should be upset it's me," Leher said through gritted teeth.


"But wasn't that his first kiss to?" Debbie innocently replied causing Leher to give her the death stare.


"He was probably hoping Heather would give him his first kiss," Leher said with bitterness in her tone.


"Um, why don't we walk to class," Debbie suggested trying to change the subject.


Meanwhile on the other corner of the hallway Prem was standing at his locker trying to defend himself.  "Will you guys stop it already?  I'm really pissed off at you could you do that to me?"


"What did we do?" Keith replied.


"We didn't do anything but what you secretly wanted to do all these years," Leo teased.


Prem ignored his comment and asked, "How exactly did the entire school find out?"


"I didn't say anything," Keith replied defensively noticing how Prem was eyeing him.


"Yea, he didn't say it but he wrote someone a note who then passed it to someone who then passed it to someone else..." Leo answered.  Keith gave him a hard punch in the arm causing him to yelp.


"Just stop denying it already," Keith said.  "Look, so what if you like her.  It's no big deal."


Prem slammed his locker shut and calmly stated, "I don't like her.  I don't know how many times I have to say this but I don't like her.  She's just my best friend."


"You have to like her if you are best friends with her, don't you?" Leo probed.


Prem sighed.  "Well yeah, but listen I don't like her like that okay?  I don't like her."


"Prove it," Keith replied.


"Why do I have to prove anything to you two?  You're the ones who got me into this mess in the first place," Prem said.


"Okay, fine.  So, who are you going to ask to the dance?" Leo inquired.


"Dance?" Prem repeated.


"Yes, the big eighth grade dance that is happening two weeks from now.  You don't have a date yet?" Keith asked.


"Well, do you?" Prem replied.


"Sara," Keith proudly announced.


Prem looked at Leo who had a smile on his face.  "Debbie."


"When did this happen?" Prem asked arching his eyebrow in surprise.


"During homeroom break," Leo replied.


Prem then looked at Keith and whined, "Why aren't you running around telling everyone that Leo likes Debbie, huh?"


"I just found about this information like you did.  Anyways he's not denying it," Keith explained.  "And Debbie did say yes."


"Oh hey, there's Abby and Sara," Leo said simply pointing out that a group of their girl classmates were standing diagonally across the way from them.  "Wonder if Abby has a date.  We should probably do a carpool thing."


Prem shifted his eyes over to the group and noticed that Abby had seen him and was waving at him with a bright smile.  He politely smiled back and waved his hand.  His eyes then automatically picked up Leher's form walking towards a boy named Frank.  He was a classmate of theirs.  Prem narrowed his eyes and strained his ears trying to figure out what they were talking about.  It wasn't until Frank said, "5:30 at your house before the dance then?" as he walked halfway down the hallway.  Prem's face went pale when he saw Leher shaking her head with a smile confirming their date.  He looked back and forth between Frank and Leher's smiling faces and felt himself suddenly getting angry.  Prem turned his attention back towards Abby and her friends and was glad they were still standing in their corner talking.  He marched over and quickly asked Abby to the dance.


Leher stood not too far away from them and could hear Prem rather clearly as he was talking so loudly.  It was as if he was making it a point to let everyone in the hallway know that he was asking Abby to the dance and not her.  Leher tired maintaining her composed but a part of her was crumbling at the sight of Abby and Prem together.  She took a deep breath and quickly walked pass them pretending to be unphased at what was going on.  Debbie was following almost at a run trying to catch up with her.  When they had finally rounded the corner and were out of earshot from any prying classmates Debbie grabbed Leher's arm forcing her to stop walking.  "What did you just do back there?  Why did you agree to go with Frank to the dance?"


"I know Frank likes me and well, doesn't it make sense to go with someone you like to a dance?" Leher countered.


"But you don't like Frank," Debbie replied.  "You did that because you heard what Prem, Leo, and Keith were talking about.  You were afraid that Prem was going to ask Abby."


"Well, he did...didn't he?  There was no way he was going to ask me so I don't see why we are even talking about this," Leher replied.  "He doesn't like me."


"But you like Prem, don't you?" Debbie asked.


Leher stood there slightly dumbstruck unable to react for a few seconds.  "Uh-what?  Wwhy would you say something like that?"  Leher then turned around trying to walk away.  "Let's just go to class."


Debbie placed her hand on her shoulder stopping her from moving forward and turned her back around again.  "Leher, tell me honestly.  No one is around.  You do, don't you." Leher looked down at the ground and remained silent.  "I've had a feeling for awhile about this," Debbie sighed.  "But doing that in front of Prem...what exactly did you hope it would accomplish?"


"You heard him say that he didn't like me.  So what else was I suppose to do?  I don't want any misunderstandings between us...things are bad enough as it is.  Anyways, now Keith and Leo will stop bugging him about me," Leher explained.


"You did that all for him and his peace of mind?  What about yours?" Debbie inquired.  "What if Prem and Abby start dating?"


Leher's eyes widen at that conclusion that she didn't even think of.  She exhaled and simply stated, "I'll get over it."       


"Are you sure?" Debbie asked with a worry expression on her face.


"I don't want to talk about this anymore," Leher replied and started walking again. 

-----------------------------*~*End of Flashback*~*---------------------------------

Heer flipped the page of the photo book and saw on the left side was a picture of her and Frank and on the other side was a picture of Prem and Abby.  She recalled how hard it was for her to see Prem dancing with Abby the whole night.  They were laughing and smiling and talking so happily with each other.  She felt this unfamiliar ache in her heart and she really didn't know what to do.  Her date Frank was a complete gentleman and was doing things like getting her drinks and trying to keep her entertained.  She tired her best to be a good date as she felt bad that he seemed to really like her but she just didn't feel the same way.  Her heart was totally preoccupied with thoughts of only one person and that was Prem.  She remembered thinking if there was something wrong with her.  How could she like someone who was at the same time giving her heartache?  Was this what they called love?


Heer sighed as she flipped through the rest of the photo album looking at Debbie and Leo's couple picture, Keith and Sara's couple picture, and the group photos.  She then placed the album on her desk so she could packed it up later with her other photo albums.  She tried shaking her thoughts away from the bittersweet memories of her first love but she couldn't as another memory flashed before her eyes.



Leher sat with her back against the bed and her knees tucked inwards towards her chest.  Her forehead was resting on her arms and she was softly crying.  There was a gently knock at her bedroom door and the voice of Debbie on the other side asking if she could come in.  Leher wiped the tears from her eyes and sniffled trying to compose herself.  "Come in," she commanded.


Debbie worn a tender expression on her face as she closed the door shut.  She immediately knelt down on the ground by Leher and gave her a hug.  "I really wish it wasn't true."


"You were right," Leher replied.  "And the saddest part is I knew it was going to happen.  It was so obvious the weeks after the dance."  Leher wiped her tears that refused to stop flowing.  "Gosh, I can't believe I'm still crying over this."


"You know what he's an idiot if he couldn't see just how great of a person you are.  It's his loss really," Debbie said trying to comfort her.  "Who needs stupid boys like him, huh?"


Leher let out a watery laugh.  "He is stupid."


"Right," Debbie smiled but then seriously asked.  "He really told you that he was going to start dating Abby?"


"Yeah, he did," Leher replied.  "He came over unexpectedly...I thought he wanted to talk about the science project but he told me this instead.  I don't know what he was he needed my approval or something for his girlfriend."


"What an insensitive jerk!" Debbie cringed.


"He doesn't know how I feel about him," Leher defended.


"But still...I mean Abby has been controlling him since day one.  She hardly ever lets him talk to you and she just follows him around wherever he's really quite pathetic.  I really think she feels threatened by you," Debbie replied.


"Why would she feel threatened by me?  This is all one sided anyways.  I like him and he doesn't like me.  We are just friends," Leher said.


"He still considers you his best friend, right?" Debbie asked.


"Yes," Leher answered.


"There you go.  One thing I've learned is that girls can't stand it if the boy they like have a close friendship with another girl.  They get jealous," Debbie explained.  "Trust me on this."


"And where did you get this information?" Leher asked.


"My sister Karen...remember she's a senior...and she's had two boyfriends already.  Anyways, I heard her talking with one of her friends on the phone and she was talking about girls and jealousy," Debbie replied.


"Well, I'm just glad we are still on talking terms.  I guess I have the stupid science project to thank for that.  Not talking to him before was the worst thing," Leher said.


"Just be careful Leher.  Don't be surprised if Prem starts acting weird again," Debbie advised.  "I know he's been talking to you again and all but now that he's stated that he is dating Abby he may not be able to spend as much time with you like before.  She's going to make him choose either you or her."


"No way...that's ridiculous.  Why does he have to choose?  I would never do that to him," Leher replied.


"Right, that's you.  But you're not dating him...that's the problem," Debbie answered.

-----------------------------*~*End of Flashback*~*--------------------------------


Heer blinked back into reality and looked about her room realizing she still had a lot of work left to do and she couldn't just continue standing there remembering her past.  Heer quickly finished cleaning out her bookshelf and then started working on her photo albums.  After successfully packing and sealing up both boxes, she checked the clock on her night stand and realized it was now 5:45pm.  It was nearing dinner time and she needed to figure something out.  She had an extra mouth to feed because of the bodyguard her father had sent to babysit her.  Heer opened the door to her room and then glanced briefly at the closed guest room door.  She wondered what he would say about take-out and then admonished herself for having the thought because it really didn't matter.  He was her bodyguard and he would just have to eat whatever she decided to order.  Heer walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to look at the take-out magnets plastered on the refrigerator door.  She gently tapped her chin as she scanned through the various things available to her; Chinese, American, Italian, Greek, Japanese, and Indian.  She finally decided it was best to order pizza as she wouldn't have to worry about the leftovers as much unlike the other places.     


Heer dialed the number of a local pizzeria and placed her order; a large cheese pizza and a liter of Coke.  She then went to the pantry and found a stack of paper plates and plastic cups.  She pulled two of each out and placed them on the kitchen table.  Heer then preoccupied herself by going to the living room to watch some TV while she waited for the delivery to be made.  As she flipped through the channels her mind begin to wander again back into her teenage memories.


Leher sat outside on one of the school library's picnic benches studying from her textbook.  She was waiting for Debbie who was practicing for the Quiz Bowl inside the library with her teammates.  She was trying to concentrate on the history chapter she was reading but she found herself re-reading the last paragraph over and over again.  Debbie had been correct about her assumption of Abby and what she was trying to do to Prem.  The only time Leher really got to talk to him was when he came over to her house to work on their science project.  Every time she suggested they work at his house he would insist on working at her house instead.  It wasn't until one day when she walked him out the door that she saw Abby standing at his front door with a big smile waving excitedly at him.  Prem got uncomfortable and mumble his goodbye before jogging across the street to meet up with Abby.  Abby giggled loudly as she greeted him and told him what took him so long because his mother had dinner waiting on the table for them.


Leher remember watching his front door close and this stunned feeling spreading through her body.  She realized the reason why Prem was so admit on them working at her house.  It was because Abby was more than likely waiting for him at his house.  She wasn't quite sure if he doing it so they could concentrate or because he didn't want Abby and her to interact with each other.  She was really confused by his behavior.  When he was at school or with Abby he hardly acknowledged her but when he was alone with her he acted perfectly normal.  Recently things were getting a bit weird as Prem was starting to secretly slip notes into her locker stating a time and place to meet up so they could talk or hang out. 


I'm still at this place, still by your side

I'm tired of wandering


Just as Leher was about to turn the page in her textbook she felt the presence of someone walking towards her.  It was Prem and he had gentle smile etched on his face.  He was wearing a gray and white stripped hoodie and Adidas track pants with blue strips on the side.  Leher couldn't help but think how good he was looking in his workout clothes.  She silently berated herself for thinking that in her mind and tired to act as normal as possible around him.  "What are you sitting here for?" Prem asked as he sat on the top of the table instead of the bench.


Today again I'm still spinning, flowing and flowing, day after day

That's how I'm here now


"I'm waiting for Debbie...she's practicing inside for the Quiz Bowl.  We're going to the mall afterwards," Leher replied.  "Why aren't you watching Abby at her cheerleading practice?"


"I got bored and decided to run some laps at the track.  Abby says I should try out for the football team next year," Prem said.


"Oh, trying out for JV?  What position...quarterback or receiver?" Leher asked.


"I'm not sure which one yet.  What do you think?" Prem inquired.


"I'm sure you'll do great in either position.  Why not offensive guard?" Leher laughed.


Prem furrowed his eyebrows, "So you want to see me get flatten like a pancake?  Those guys are huge!"


"Ah, you are pretty tough you can take it," Leher teased.  "But I thought you liked basketball Prem."


"I do, but Abby suggested football."


Leher looked at him and sighed.  "Well, do what makes you happy Prem."       


"I like football know...and Abby really likes it.  There are lot people Abby knows on the football team...I just thought maybe you know it would be better if I tried out...get to know some of her other friends," Prem explained meekly.


Leher didn't really know what to say.  He was indirectly telling her his insecurities about his relationship and it was killing her inside.  A part of her wanted to just tell him that it wasn't all about Abby and what she wanted it was about what he wanted too.  And if Abby was the type of girl who gets easily distracted by other guys then maybe she wasn't the right one for him.  But she kept her mouth shut and provided the best advice she could give him.  "Then I guess you should try out.  If you don't make it you could try out for the basketball team.  I mean she cheers for both right?"


"Yeah, she does.  I know you don't like hearing me talk about this stuff but really thanks, Pumpkin," Prem smiled.


You knew, you knew of my hurting heart

I hurt more when you smile


Leher gave a tiny smile in return.  She didn't want him to see her sad or hurt because it honestly torn her insides apart whenever he came to her for indirect advice about his dating life.  She told him it was best that he didn't tell her everything about his relationship with Abby.  She didn't want to get involved because she had no business to get involved and it wouldn't bode well if Abby later found out that she was the one advising him on things.  Prem respected her opinion and did his best not to talk about his issues.  He even tried to speak less about Abby in her presence but sometimes he would forget and get carried away.  He would later apologize for boring Leher and then say something like how great of friend she was.  Times like that Leher really had to hold herself together and not let him know how she truly felt about him.  She would usually end up crying a little after he left and hate herself for it.  She didn't understand why she was still so hung up on him.  She wanted to let go so desperately but her heart refused to listen and in the end she knew it was her own mistake.


For not making you love me more, it's my mistake

For making myself love you more, it's my mistake

For not making you love me as much as I wanted you to

It's my mistake


"So when will you be back from the mall?" Prem suddenly inquired.


"I'm not sure...maybe by six or seven?" Leher replied.  "Why?"


"Oh, um nothing really...just,,,you think you can come over after you get back?" Prem asked rubbing the back his head nervously.


"You're finally allowing me enter into your home?" Leher joked. 


"You're always welcomed into my house," Prem answered.


"I thought Abby wouldn't approve," Leher replied letting a bit of her resentment slip out.


"She won't be over tonight.  Just come on over, okay?" Prem pleaded.


How much more longer must my tears fall?

Believing in that promise...


"Hey guys!"  Prem and Leher both turned their heads to see Abby running towards them.  She looked at Prem and pouted, "I was done with practice and couldn't find you."


"I told you I was going to the track to run some laps," Prem replied.


"Oh sorry, I forgot.  I was just use to always seeing you there in the gym," Abby said as she sat extremely close to him on the table top.  She pulled out a granola bar from her bag and then handed it to Prem to have him open it for her.  She smiled as he handed it back to her.  Abby took a bite and then placed the granola bar up to his mouth so he could take a bite too.  Leher felt extremely uncomfortable watching this scene unfold before her.  She closed her books and started packing up.  Prem gave an embarrassed smile and just took the bar from her hands and broke it in half.  He handled the part that Abby had bitten off of back to her while he ate the clean half.  Abby gave a slightly disappointed look but then brushed the side of Prem's mouth with her fingers.  Prem stared at her wonder what she was doing.  "You had crumbs," Abby sweetly stated.


The lies telling me to wait, even my deceived selfishness is now tired and worn

You knew, you knew of my hurting heart

There is no excuse to laugh and pretend not to know


Leher really wanted to get out of there.  She didn't know how much more she could take of this lovey-dovey act that was going on in front of her eyes.  She was feeling sick to her stomach.  "I'll see you around," Leher said bidding her farewell and started walking away. 


At that moment Debbie emerged from the library and spotted what was going on.  She quickly ran up to Leher and whispered, "You okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine.  Can't wait to go to the mall," Leher replied in an extremely peppy voice despite the single tear running down her cheek.   


For not making you love me more, it's my mistake

For making myself love you more, it's my mistake

For not making you love me as much as I wanted you to

It's my mistake


-----------------------------*~*End of Flashback*~*--------------------------------

Heer was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the doorbell ring and realized it was the pizza delivery guy.  "Hi Seth," Heer greeted with a warm smile.


"Hey Heer.  Your pizza...a large cheese and a liter of Coke," Seth replied as he handled the things over to her.  "It's $10.00.  Boss said to give you the Coke on the house.  Sorry, to hear you guys are moving out of the neighborhood."


"Oh wow, thanks.  Tell Mike I say thanks.  Yeah, my parents have been looking for awhile and they finally found something they liked and so off we go," Heer replied paying him.


"Well, if you are ever back in the neighborhood don't forget to stop by," Seth said.


"I'll be sure to come by.  Thanks.  Bye," Heer said and waved farewell as Seth got back into his car.  Heer closed the door and went to the kitchen to put the things on the table.  She then sighed and turned around to go upstairs to tell her bodyguard that it was time for dinner.


Mistake - SNSD (Korean song)

*Credit Translated Lyrics to TheKpopSubber

So that was Part A...Part B will be coming soon in the next couple of days.  At this point in time Prem is just being stupid and not telling Heer his real name.  Heer has no idea what Prem's real name is because her father cut the call with her.  The only thing he acknowledge was that he had sent someone over to be her bodyguard. Hope that clears up any confusion or questions.

Part B will have what exactly happened on the day Heer had to leave.

Thanks for reading!

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
awesomeeeeeeeeee too goo very nice part waitinggggggg for next asap

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BluFate IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 1:30am | IP Logged much happend...Shocked...that was sad..Ouch

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snehasharma Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
i loved it hate diz abby poor leher :(

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 2:54am | IP Logged
aaawww the update was so sweet...!! i had tears wen i was readin bout leher..>!!! she must b feelin so bad dat prem is nt da same prem which he was before..!!! hope evrythin clears out well before heer leave n prem undrstd..!!!! awsum update i luved the fb a lot..!!! cnt wa8 2 c wht happens nxt...!! plz plz plz grace update soon...!!! cnt wa8 nw..!! after such a wonderful update...!! n thx for da pm :)))))))))))))

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sharmeeli Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:33am | IP Logged
OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! You united Prem back with KiranDancing THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for thatHugHugHug 
LOLLOL loved Prem's joke about the hair dye, I always ask my mom if that is the perfect gift for my dad on Father's DayLOLLOL
ROFLPrem with his marriage kickROFL, but he was right; it was soo cute when Preet told him it maked him happy when Meher is happyDay DreamingDay DreamingEmbarrassed
that Abby is sooooooo DeadDeadDead
poor HeerShocked
plzzz update ASAPEmbarrassed and thanks for the PM dearEmbarrassed

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midnight_blue Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:50am | IP Logged
awesome update Grace..loved every bit of it..flashbacks were so touchy ...poor heer Unhappy..that abby Angry n prem were really being stupid..
pls try to update soon.eagerly waiting for the next update

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