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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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thanks for the update! Smile hmm so prem doesn't know that leher's real name is heer? and they didn't recognize each other! cant wait to see what happens when they meet again Embarrassed 

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Originally posted by rhtpkcm

this was really really good! update soon:)

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

aawww i luved the fb..!!!! leher n prem scene wen dey wer 11 n 12yr...was awsum..!! prem was so carin..!!! luved the update..!!! thx for da pm..>!! :))))))))))))

Childhood memories and love Embarrassed Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Sukrutha

aaawwww..lovd the fb....
OMG....they met this way....Shocked

Hehe...I'm evil Evil Smile aren't I?  What a way to met again Tongue Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Motibah

Reserved Big smile
 Really enjoyed the update Grace! The scene in the beginning was sooooo sweet! Felt so sorry for Heer though Ouch and awww this time it was Prem's turn to support her Day Dreaming They are soo cute together and I loveed how Heer felt something when Prem held her hand Embarrassed So ADORABLE!
and Ive got to say I loveeed their first meeting! It wasn't too dramatic or you know how they show it in the movies, just sweet and simple.LOL Loveed how Prem just stopped for a minute when he realized how pretty he was and then back to work OuchWink  Well I loved their first meeting now cant wait for the second one! Hope its a proper one this timeDay Dreaming Dying for them to fall in love Embarrassed
Great update! Continue asap Big smile 

Yup, it's now Heer's side of their friendship and her childhood memories.  She is slowly falling for Prem Embarrassed And thanks for liking their first meeting...I was wondering how to handle it and decided to was best to do it this way.  Most people don't stare at people so long like they show in movies and TV...anyways it was at such an intense moment...Prem had a job to do.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by 0711rokxoxo

What a thriller!!!
Loved the update
it was funny, sad, and at the same time adventurous
really great story writing..
thnks for the pm

Thank you for liking it so far Big smile  This is a new genre I'm trying out so I'm trying to balance everything out.

Originally posted by crystall

Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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Originally posted by snehasharma

loved it , i loved heer , ha ha prem is really funny yeah ya leher suits heer too

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Originally posted by punjabi0926

really good...  cant wait for them to meet again!

I can't wait for them to meet either LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by khajju

awesmeee...luvd the childhood scene....i likd tht heer felt smething when prem held her hand....poor they met this way......such a unique one....prem thinks heer is beautiful....but wht abt heer wht she felt when she this hott guy prem......cant wait for next update and premeer meetingss...thanks for pm...update soon Big smile

Heer's reaction will be relieved in the next chapter when they meet again.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by princess5341

luved it!
aww prem messed up:(
update soon!!!!:)

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Originally posted by sadhz

awesome update yaar..........loved prem n heers childhood scenes..........
they were sooooooooooo cute..........
hawww 1st meetin was shockin........Shocked
waitin for 2nd.........
so prem thought heer is i want 2 knw wt heer was thinkin that time after seein a handsome hunk.......Embarrassed
thnx for pm..................update nxt part sooooooooooon

Hehe...yeah, I should address that shouldn't I?  Why can't they recognize each other D'ohI'll try to clear that up in the next chapter but for the most part I guess I'll just have to ask all my readers to just go with the flow that for whatever reason they don't recognize each other LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweet_gurl93

Great part, why hasn't prem recognised that heer is leher loool
Well do continue soon
Maheen xx

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile  I've addressed that with my comment up above LOL

Originally posted by maryaa8688

awesome update..loved the flashback.m falling for young premEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
he is so cute..waiting for the next update.

Young Prem is such a sweetheart and so is young Heer LOL  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sharmeeli

AWESOME update dear!!!ClapClapHug soo Codecracker was Preet huh, hihihi, love his and Prem's relation with each otherDay Dreaming aaahw poor heer, sweet of prem he wants to hit that Stephanie!!! OMGShocked they met!!! but they don't know who they are as Prem doesn't know her real name...ShockedShocked plzzz update ASAP dearEmbarrassed and thank you for the PMEmbarrassed

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sweetnsourx3

thanks for the update! Smile hmm so prem doesn't know that leher's real name is heer? and they didn't recognize each other! cant wait to see what happens when they meet again Embarrassed 

Yup, they don't recognize each other...well sort of...I forgot about that fact LOL I guess I didn't plan this through enough.  I'll try to address this issue in the next chapter.  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by -Garima-

Hi Grace! Big smile

I've been really bad with this commenting thing, and I apologize, I think I've only commented on your FF once and that's probably it - after that I kinda sorta became a silent reader and only pressed the "like" button. lol me and my lazy-ness plus school work is really keeping me busy! Which totally sucks. :( 

But anyway, today I decided why not just comment and let you know that you're doing an extremely wonderful job with your FF's and SS's! :D I really enjoy reading your work! Whenever I come to the forum I always anticipate on your updates lol - I'm always thinking " Grace going to update today or not?" - haha, I'm literally obsessed with your stories! No joke! =) And one thing is for sure, you're an amazing writer! I absolutely loveee the way you write! It really gives the reader an urge to read more! Great job! :) 

And now on to his new SS! I have to say that I'm absolutely loving it! Love the concept a lot! =) It's really fun to read these types of stories, especially with Prem and Heer in it! I think you're doing a fantastic job with this style of writing! I can imagine every bit of detail that you've put in! I thoroughly enjoy reading action/mystery themed stories! They're one of my favorites!! 

This chapter was so good! And Heer's childhood memory was so sweet! I could really feel her pain! :( And along with that I really felt sorry for Prem after reading about his childhood - poor kid, he's gone through so much at such a young age! :( 

Anyway, now that Prem and Heer have finally seen each other! I really can't wait to know what happens next after this! :D Grace, what a great place to leave us hanging! :P hahaha Just kidding! I like suspenseful endings! It keeps me intrigued! ;) So, I hope you update soon, cuz I honestly can't wait to read more!! =)

Garima Smile

Hi Garima! Star

It's always nice to hear from a silent reader.  Yeah, I've noticed your name in my FF/SS.  This action/mystery/suspense thing is a genre I love to read about or watch movies and TV shows on but I'm very new to it in terms of writing.  Don't know how well I'll be able to pull it of.  I have a general idea of how I want things to go but the details of the stuff is a bit thin...especially with the spy stuff LOL  Hopefully, you guys can just appreciate the Prem and Heer romance part Embarrassed

Good luck with school!

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Thank you to those of you who Commented and/or Hit the Like Button!

Really appreciate it Big smile

So a few words about this chapter so you understand what is going on.  I know I probably should have addressed the whole issue of why Prem and Heer don't seem to recognize each other.  I sort of addressed it with the flashback.  But I humbly request that you guys just turn a blind eye on that fact cause in reality I think most people would have figured it out by now.  After the initial shock of the situation of being held at gun point wore off Heer probably should have recognized Prem.  And Prem should have recognized Heer too Embarrassed after thinking about his failed mission.

Mission 4: Paris, the City of Love


"Sir, here are the matches we got from the profile you gave.  These correspond to all those who entered France in the past week," CJ said moving his laptop to show Balraaj.


"Akshat Malhotra, huh?" Balraaj mused rubbing his chin.


"Sir, why aren't we bringing him in?"


"He could have killed me or Heer last night but he didn't.  Instead he ended up saving my life.  He was there looking for something.  That's what I want to know what was so important on this disc he was searching for.  I have a feeling there was some misunderstanding...a case of mistaken identity?" Balraaj explained.


"Would professional spies have such a thing happen to them?" CJ inquired.


"You find in field work nothing is an exact science.  You're only feed information on a need to know basis," Balraaj said.  "I've encountered a few of my own.  Just keep an eye on him for now."


"Yes, sir," CJ replied and left the room.


Balraaj walked over to the window of his new hotel suite and stared out into the city.  "Who exactly are you Mr. Akshat Malhotra and what is it that you're looking for?"


Prem sat in his car quietly pondering the conversation he had just a few minutes ago; for whatever reason last night he was unable to contact headquarters and was only able to get through this morning.  Preet was yelling at him on his throwaway cell phone that he was by far the stupidest secret agent out there.  How could he not recognize the Director of the National Clandestine Service; his boss?  As Preet so eloquently put it, "You almost killed our boss you moron.  What side are you fighting for?  Do you even know what our President looks like?"  Prem tried explaining he had been in the field for nearly two years without any contact from home.  He had no idea who their new boss was.  In his defense this Balraaj Maan took over the last director's seat six months ago, while he was busy working in Thailand.  He might have heard the name but he had no idea what the guy looked like.  The only reason he even knew what Jaywant Malhotra and Rishabh Rampal looked like was because one of them was his direct supervisor and his uncle and the other was always storming into the offices yelling at everyone because he was the Director of the Domestic Protection Division.  He of course knew who the President was; the man was such a high profile figure how could he not know?


Prem sighed at his luck or lack therefore for the past two missions.  Just what the heck was going on?  His eyes immediately caught sight of a familiar figure and he hopped out of the vehicle to investigate.  He really didn't know why he was doing this but he just felt like he needed to.  There was this odd attraction that he just couldn't shake.  He went to a nearby newspaper stand and picked up a paper and a packet of gum before strolling as casually as he could towards his target.  "Hey," he simply greeted.


Heer was a bit shaken up from last night's events.  It wasn't every day you see your father being held at gunpoint by some strange man dressed in black.  She had a restless night of sleep as the images replayed in her head and the what if moment if she hadn't of walked in when she did.  Would her father still be alive?  The curious thing that was bugging her was why did the man in black jump to save her father?  His handsome features had not gone unnoticed by her and she berated herself that she had even noticed that in the first place considering how he was threatening them with his gun.  The crisp Parisian air was doing little to sooth the throbbing ache in her head.  What was worse was what lay inside the convention center; Jack Dupont was undoubtedly waiting for her.  Her headache was only going to increase from his incessantly boasting and talking.  The man really knew how to get on her nerves, in fact everyone's nerves.


As Heer crossed the street to make her way to the steps of the convention center she froze in mid-stride unable to believe that she was coming face to face again with the man who had nearly killed her and her father last night.  "Hey."  Heer stood shocked for a moment and then narrowed her eyebrows in anger.  Of all the things this man had the audacity to do; to suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of her and greet her like nothing had happened the night before was beyond her understanding.  She was about to shout for help when the man suddenly pulled her closer to him and whispered into her ear.  "Do you know you're being followed?"


"Those would my bodyguards, you idiot.  You have a lot of nerve---" Heer said but was unable to finish her sentence as she was abruptly cut off.  "Well, your bodyguards are the idiots because they are the ones being followed," Prem huskily replied.  Heer stared at him completely perplexed by his behavior.  "You're lucky you didn't get killed last night.  But---"  She was cut off again as Prem quickly pulled her across the street so they didn't get run over by some angry Parisian drivers who were honking their horns and shouting curse words at them for standing in the middle of the road way.


"Yeah, right back at you too!" Prem shouted.   


"Let go of me," Heer sternly requested.  She was surprised at how he followed her command without putting up much fuss.


"Relax, if I was going to kill you I would have done it already," Prem said. 


"How do I know that this isn't some evil plan of yours?  To lure me into some false sense of security before you kidnap me or kill me later?" Heer replied.


"Ahhh..." Prem said arching his eyebrow, "well, you don't.  Guess you will just have to trust me.  I don't think you should go into that convention center."


"Listen here," Heer warned poking her finger on his chest, "you don't have a right to tell me what I can or can't do.  I don't know what game you are playing but this time you won't get away so easily like last night."


"Your bodyguards are going to do something?" Prem smirked.  "Because right now they are too concern staring at me instead of looking behind them."


Heer turned around completely miffed at the entire situation and started to walk up the steps.  Her face paled the minute she saw Jack standing at the entrance way waving his hands frantically at her.  She quickly turned around pretending that she hadn't seen him.  "Just great," she mumbled.


"What's the matter I thought you wanted to go?"  Prem then looked up and saw a medium build man with thick square rimmed black glasses waving.  "A friend of yours?  Should I call him down for you?"


Heer immediately grabbed his arm stopping him from trying to wave his hand at him.  "No, don't you dare!"


"So what will it be?" Prem asked.  Heer hesitantly looked back at the convention center and then at Prem.  She didn't know why but part of her believed that he was telling her the truth.  "Look, see that guy to the right by the coffee shop and the guy in the green van?  Do you recognize them?"


"Let's say I believe you...what now?" Heer asked after briefly glancing at the people he had pointed out.


"My car is right there...the little red Peugeot 308," Prem replied. 


Heer looked him in the eyes pondering if she should even take the chance.  "The red one?"


Prem shifted his eyes away and began scanning the area around him taking note of everything.  "On the count of, two, three..." He grabbed Heer's hand and went racing towards his vehicle.  The minute they started running the bodyguards that had been watching them started to give chase but were cut off by the man in the green van. 


"Don't think just because I got in this car with you that I'm just going to continue blindly following you.  I know a few things about defending myself," Heer boldly announced as Prem drove the car out of its parking spot.


Prem glanced in his rearview mirror and saw the bodyguards getting shot at by the man in the green van.  "I'm sure you do."  He shifted the car into high gear and skidded into a right turn lane hopping he had made enough distance between them and the green van.  "Are you buckled up?  It's going to be a bumpy ride at least for a few minutes."


Heer quickly buckled her seatbelt in place and braced herself as the car raced down the roadway.  Prem took a turned and made his way through some streets before turning into the grand roadway that circled the Arc de Triumphant.  From there he turned off and drove down Avenue Victor Hugo; his eyes constantly scanning for the green van in the side and rear view mirrors.  He was able to finally lose them when he ran through an intersection just as the light turned from green to red.  Prem then made his way towards the Champs Elysees.  "So you had breakfast?"  Heer looked at him as if he was asking some odd question.  "Mind if I stop by and pick something up?"


"Um, sure," Heer replied.


Prem parked the car and as he got out he gently tossed the keys towards Heer.  "Nice reflexes," he complimented as she quickly caught them despite having no warning.  "A little trust offering.  You have the keys to my car so you can leave if you want."


"Oh."  Heer really didn't know what to expect.  She had made an impulsive decision to just go with him and now that she was with him she was at a lost as to what to do.  Common sense would have said just leave and go back to the hotel but a part of her was rather curious as to why he had followed her.


Heer gently stirred her coffee with her spoon making sure the sugar crystals had dissolved properly before pulling the silverware out of her beverage.  She glanced out the window to do a little street watching. 


"So, you like art, huh?" Prem asked and bit down into a slice of baguette covered with strawberry preserves.  Heer turned toward him with a surprised expression.  "The conference you were going to was about art...I saw the sign."


"Yes," Heer shortly replied.


"Don't really know too much about art.  I mean I appreciate it for what it is, but I'm not exactly...fanatical I guess would be the right word to use.  You work for an art museum or something...what's that curator?" Prem probed.


"Why are you so interested?" Heer snapped back.


Prem swallowed uncomfortably, "Um, just trying to make conversation.  Or do you really want to sit here in silence?  Sorry, if it seems like I'm talking too's been awhile since I had someone to talk, so we'll sit here in silence then."  The minute he finished speaking he felt rather pathetic.  He didn't know why he told her that he felt lonely.  Being in her presence was doing strange things to him and he couldn't understand it.


Heer softened at his remark as she realized if he really wanted to hurt her he would have done so already.  Instead he took her to a public cafe and had been nice enough to purchase her a cup of coffee; not exactly actions of a cold blooded killer.  She knew she still had to be slightly wary of what she said around him as she still wasn't quite sure what he wanted.  The whole situation was very strange.  "I work in acquisitions," Heer simply stated.


"Here? Or someplace else?" Prem asked.


"Someplace else...the States," Heer said. 


Prem understood why she was answering his questions so vaguely after all his first impression wasn't the best.  Anyone would be cautious towards a person who pointed a gun at them.  "The States, huh?  It's been awhile since I went home," Prem sighed.  "Not that I don't like the traveling bit about my occupation..."


"As a spy?" Heer replied.


Prem chuckled, "I prefer agent to spy.  I'm not James Bond or something like that.  I don't have a fancy car that can shoot lasers or launch rockets...nor do I have a line of women waiting to get in bed with me.  I think Mr. Bond spent far more time in the sack than doing his job."  Heer smiled at his joke as her eyes sparkled with gentle mirth.  "I'm glad you found that amusing...considering everything that happened last night...we didn't exactly start out on a good note."


"You were pointing a gun at my father and's a little hard to shake that image," Heer said.


"I promise I'm not here to hurt you or your father," Prem explained.


"You're just looking for something," Heer added.


"Let's just put that all aside shall we?  I helped you get away from whoever it was that was following you and your bodyguards...let's just call a temporary truce," Prem said.  "The weather is beautiful outside why not enjoy it?"


"Are you asking me out on a date?" Heer asked in disbelief.  She didn't know if she should feel flattered or repulsed by the suggestion.


"All I am saying is let's just put all of this aside and just enjoy the weather," Prem replied as he got up and put his jacket on.  "You're free to leave anytime you like." 


Heer stared at him as he stood in front of their table waiting for her decision.  She got up and put her coat on.  She understood the moment she had agreed to go with him to his car that she had already set the path in motion to her own fate.  She had made her decision and was now determine to see it through.


Prem laughed heavily and wiped the tears from his eyes at the story that had just been told to him.  "Really?  That Jack Dupont did that?  I can see why you wanted to avoid him."  They were taking a leisure stroll through a public park.


"I was so embarrassed.  He drives me insane...and pretty much everyone else around him," Heer said with an exasperated tone.


"Have you tried telling him that?" Prem asked.  "Sometimes guys are a bit stupid about these things."


"I told him but he thinks I'm playing hard to get," Heer replied.


"He's a moron than.  I guess there isn't anything you can do about that.  I guess I've been lucky to have not to met a fellow co-worker like your Mr. Jack Dupont," Prem chuckled.


"Excuse me?  He's not mine," Heer said with disgust in her voice.


"Sorry, sorry...correction...Mr. Jack Dupont.  So, you must travel a lot working for a museum in the acquisitions department," Prem replied.


"I've been to some places...but probably not as exotic and lavish as some of the places you've been," Heer said.


Prem gave a gentle smirk.  "Trust me living in the desert for three months is not what I call luxurious.  It's not what the movies make it out to be.  Sure there are some nice places I've stayed at and other times I'm stuck in a tiny little apartment or motel room.  But nothing beats Italy or Greece.  In Italy the food is just spectacular...the history, well I'm sure you are well aware of that with all the art and the Renaissance and everything...the countryside especially Tuscany is beautiful.  Greece is amazing...the culture, the Greek islands, the beaches, the blue-green waters...nothing beats it."  Heer thoughtfully smiled as she listened to him go on about some of the sights he saw and things he ate there.  After a few minutes Prem sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.  "Sorry if I got carried away there."


"No, not at all.  Sounds like you really had a good time.  It's not all work...seems like you had some time to play.  I've been to Italy a few times and you're right Tuscany is beautiful," Heer replied.


"I'm going to say something...don't take it the wrong way," Prem cautiously stated.


"If you say it like that you're just setting yourself up," Heer teasingly responded.


Prem grinned.  "I don't know why but you remind me of someone I use to know.  Maybe that's why I'm talking so much."         


"Ahhh, an ex-girlfriend?" Heer probed.


Before Prem could fully respond a rowdy group of teenagers ran pass them knocking him towards her.  The movement was so unexpected that they both went tumbling down onto the grass.  Heer's eyes widen at the position they were in; his body fully on top of hers and his lips brushed up against her lips.  It really was an awkward position and not something that would normally happen.  It was more probable in movies not in real life, but yet here they were in this intimate embrace.  Prem's eyes roamed in shock as the rest of his body processed where and what he had landed on.  The only thing shouting in his mind was "Get Off Now!  Get Off Now Before She Slaps You!"  Despite what was going on in his head; his hands, arms, and legs weren't really registering.  His lips where resting on her soft lips and he couldn't help but detected a sweet scent of vanilla from her lip gloss.

Heer was beside herself wondering how this could happen.  Her eyes shifted over and caught sight of Prem's brown eyes.  As they stared at each other in astonishment, Heer was immediately transported back to a memory of hers.



Leher sighed as she stared into the bathroom mirror.  She was at that age where her hormones were going crazy as her body was going through the changes and the process of puberty.  She was breaking out and no matter what she did her acne just didn't want to go away.  She widened her mouth in the mirror and saw silver colored metal staring back at her.  It was bad enough that she was having acne issues, but to have braces at the same time was even worse.  As she continued to check herself out in the mirror she heard a heavy knock on the bathroom door and a deep voice asking, "Hey, are you ready yet?  We have to get going."


Leher opened the door to see Prem standing there with a smile.  He had grown taller but still had the same skinny build.  He had a bit of acne but nothing too severe.  His teeth were perfect and she hated him for it.  "What's with the band-aid?" Leher asked noticing a small plastic bandage on his chin.


"Shaving...I nicked myself," Prem explained with pride as his voice cracked slightly.  Leher giggled at his tone causing him to frown and protest.  "Stoppp laughing!" 


Leher giggled even harder, "Not when you sound like that," imitating the strange up and down fluctuation of his voice.  "You sound so weird..."


"Shut up!" Prem yelled.


"Come on let's go.  We're going to be late," Leher said ignoring his comment.


They were on their way to Leo's house to go and work on a group project.  They grabbed their book bags and walked the two blocks to the Chan's residence.  Mr. Chan greeted them at the front door and told them that the study group was in the basement.  Leher and Prem hopped down the stairs and were teasingly greeted.


"So there they are," a boy with short blonde hair said.


"They are always together," Debbie explained.


"Oh, are they?" the boy smirked.


"Keith, not like that," Debbie said rolling her eyes.  "They live just across the street from each other."


"Well, they sit together all the time at school," Keith said with confusion.


"That's because he never takes notes in class," Leher said giving a dirty glare at Prem.


Prem just held up his hands in innocence, "Hey, I learn better when I can give my full attention to the teacher...listening to what she is saying instead of scribbling in a notebook."


"Oh really?  Then why is it you're always asking to borrow my notes?  The next time you ask I won't give them to you," Leher replied.  Prem's face immediately paled at her remark.


"Don't worry Prem, you can borrow mine," offered a girl with chestnut brown hair.  She was smiling brightly at him.


"Thanks Abby," Prem replied and then looked at Leher, "See, she's a friend.  I'm going to go sit next to my buddy, Abby here."


Leher gave him an indifferent look but the minute he went and sat down next to Abby she felt a twinge in her heart.  Abby was a new student in their class.  Her family had just moved into town.  She was a nice person from what Leher could gather of the times they interacted with each other but for whatever reason there was just something about her that she didn't really like.  Abby seemed to like hanging around Prem a lot.  Debbie nudged Leher and motioned for her to sit down.  She gave her a are you going to be okay look.  Leher smiled and shook her head telling her it was nothing to worry about.


A few hours later, Leo rolled onto his back stretching himself out on the carpeted floor and murmured, "I can't take this anymore."


"I think we need a break," Debbie suggested.


"Good thinking.  Let's play something," Leo suggested.


"How about Seven Minutes in Heaven?" Keith replied.


"What?  That's for big parties," Debbie said.


"We've got six people," Abby answered.


"That's a good number," Leo said.


"You guys are serious?" Debbie gasped.


Prem and Leher were silently listening to the conversation but had no clue as to what they were talking about.  One of their classmates had thrown a huge party at their house but Prem and Leher did not attend.  Prem's parents had decided to take him to the beach that weekend and Leher was invited to join them.  They mused that it was something that probably was played at the party they missed.


"Oh, you guys weren't there, were you?" Keith snickered.  "I think we should play it just for them."


"Just what exactly do you do in this game?" Leher inquired.


"Anything you want really," Keith said.


"I don't know..." Debbie softly murmured.


Leo gave her a quick glare causing her to lower her eyes.  "Don't worry about it.  The rules of the game are simple.  You just go inside a closet for seven the dark."


"That's it?" Leher replied.


"Yeah, and you do whatever you want in there.  No one is suppose to know except for you and the person in there with you," Abby explained.


"That sounds kind of dumb," Leher said.


"So, if you wanted to you could like mess up the entire closet and the next person who comes in could like trip and fall in there?" Prem asked with a mischievous glint in his eye.


"Technically, we aren't suppose to know what you did but yeah if you wanted to do that you could," Keith quickly answered before Abby could say anything.


"I'm in," Prem replied.


"I guess I'll play too then," Leher said despite her own reservations about the point of the game.


"All right, it's settled.  We should probably make it more interesting.  Like no one knows who is going in there not even the people who are going in there," Leo suggested.


"I like that idea," Keith concurred.


"We could use the bathroom in has double doors because it joins this room with the bedroom in the back," Abby said.


"And the light switches for the bathrooms are located on the outside too.  We can also turn the lights off to the two rooms so you really have no idea who's going in the bathroom with you," Keith smirked.  He gave a mischievous glance over at Leo who suppressed a smile.


"I'm going to go get something to put the pieces of paper in," Leo said and went to find two empty cups. 


Debbie got up and followed Leo trying to talk to him.  "I don't know about this.  If Leher and Prem find out what you are suppose to do in this game they will kill us.  Just what are you and Keith up to?"


"It's just for fun.  Those two don't realize that the entire grade thinks they like each other.  So what if they kiss?  It's just a kiss," Leo said.  "Look, just call out Leher's name.  And then push her into the bathroom so she'll collide with Prem."


"But Leo," Debbie pleaded.


"Trust me Leher will thank you for this," Leo smiled.  He torn some pieces of paper and wrote only Prem and Leher's names down.  He handed one cup to Debbie and gave her gentle wink.  "Okay, we are all set here.  The boys will go to the bedroom and the girls can stay here in this room."


Prem blindly followed Keith and Leo into the bedroom leaving the girls by themselves.  Debbie took a deep breath and pretended to mix the slips of paper in the cup around with her fingers.  She pulled a piece of paper out and pointed at Leher.  "Okay guys we have someone.  What about you?" Debbie shouted.


"Yup, all ready to go here," Leo called back.


Debbie motioned for Leher to stand at one end of the bathroom door while Abby stood by the light switch for the room they were in.  "Okay on the count of three?"


"Yes.  One, Two, Three!" Leo shouted.


The room suddenly turned dark and before Leher knew it she was shoved into the bathroom.  It was completely pitch black inside and she had no idea who was in there with her.  The force of the shove had caused her to charge forward into the room and into the arms of someone.  There was a fury of activity and footsteps that could be heard in the rooms outside of the bathroom.  Leher shrieked as they tumbled downwards onto the floor with her partner.  They knocked something over and it echoed horribly in the still and dark room.  Leher clutched onto the person in fear from the noise while the person underneath her groaned in pain.  "Ah, my back..."


"Prem?" Leher called out.




"What was that, that fell?"


"How the hell should I know?  We don't have the lights on," Prem angrily responded.


"Don't cuss Prem."


"Hell is not a cuss word," he replied.  "Anyways, this game is so stupid." 


"Why did we even bother saying yes to this?" Leher said.


"I have no idea."  Prem sighed and then timidly asked, "You think you can get off of me?"


"Oh, yeah...sorry..."


"Ahhh, knee...your knee!" Prem shouted.


"Oh My God, I'm sorry!"


"It's's okay," Prem hoarsely replied.


Leher felt her cheeks turn a deep crimson and was thankful that they were in the dark and he couldn't see.  She moved her head and then lifted up smacking it against something extremely hard.  "My head...ahhh!"


"Your head?  My chin!" Prem yelled rubbing his chin trying to sooth the pain away.


"This is ridiculous.  We are hurting each other with every move we make."


"Let's just get up." Prem grumbled as he blindly tried to sit up.  Leher cautiously placed her hands out in front of her as she stood up.  Prem winched as he moved from a sitting to a standing position.  He shuffled his feet and tripped on something that made him fall forward knocking his head against Leher's forehead.  "Ahhh!" they both yelped in pain and then suddenly there was a muffed silence.


Prem was wondering what his face was resting on as it seemed soft but felt as if it was moving.  As Leher tired moving her mouth to speak she realized something warm was preventing her from doing so.  Her lungs were filling with the strong smell of after shave; Prem's after shave to be exact.  Her eyes widen as a sudden thought came to her head and her hands cautious went out to investigate if what she thought was happening was actually occurring.  Just as her fingers gently found the form of Prem's cheek loud commotions could be heard outside the bathroom door and the voice of Mrs. Chan calling everyone to dinner.  Footsteps scuttled as lights suddenly turned on and the bathroom door ripped open.  There was a roar of shock and then giggles.  Prem and Leher both scanned their eyes over and realized that they were literally lying on top of one another.  The warmth that Leher felt was Prem's lips pressed tightly against her mouth.  They both jerked away from each other as their faces turned a deep shade of candy red.


"You two sure know how to play this game," Keith snickered. 


"Wow, I never knew Prem was like this," Abby sighed.


"It was only a matter of time," Leo teased.


Debbie just wore a worry expression on her face as Leher suddenly got up and ran out of the bathroom.  Debbie gave a dirty glare at Leo and Keith who just shrugged their shoulders.  Prem in the meanwhile sat on the floor still slightly dazed and confused at everything that was going on.


-----------------------------*~*End of Flashback*~*--------------------------------


Heer blinked and then finally placed her hands on Prem's chest and pushed him off of her.  "Just what the hell do you think you are doing?  Do I seem easy to you or something?!" Heer yelled angrily.


"What do you mean?  I'm a not a pervert.  That was an accident," Prem roared back as he got up from the ground.  "Sure took you a long time to react."  He cupped his cheek as a loud slapping sound echoed into the cold afternoon air.


"Took me long?  You were on top of me!" Heer shouted.  Her hand was throbbing from the force she used to slap him but she pretended that she hadn't hurt herself.


"Listen here..." Prem said starting his rant.  Heer shook her head and cupped her ears, "I'm not listening..."  They both continued fighting unaware that they were being watched.  Prem followed her around trying to get her attention while Heer refused to listen.  Neither one of them were really paying attention to what was happening around them.  Heer turned to walk the other way when she accidentally bumped into a burly built man wearing a black driving cap.  "Oh, I'm really sorry," Heer apologized.  When she tried to walk away he grabbed her arm.  "Look, I said I was sorry."


"You're not going anywhere," the man replied.


"Hey, take your hands off of her," Prem ordered.  "If you have a problem use your mouth not your hands."


"Be quiet," the man said as he gently lifted one side of his black leather jacket to show his handgun that was neatly tucked at his side.  Prem's eyes immediately narrowed.  "You two just keep quiet and we won't have any trouble."


Heer glanced about her noticing how there were three other men approaching them.  She swiftly stepped on the burly built man's toes and then kicked him in the shin.  The minute the other three men saw their comrade fall to the ground, they started running towards them.  Prem sprung into action and did a flying kick to the closet guy running towards him.  The guy fell to the ground with a thud.  Prem then grabbed his handgun only to have it kicked away by another guy wearing a black jacket.  They fought countering each other's moves nicely until Prem got the upper hand and placed a nice upper cut on the guy's head knocking him dazedly to the ground.  Meanwhile, Heer had disarmed the burly built guy and had completely taken apart his weapon.  She was making good work of him and his other buddy.  Eventually, Prem and Heer had their backs against each other as the guys they had knocked down and disarmed came marching towards them.  "Nice work back there," Prem complimented; his breath heavy and labored.


"Thanks," Heer replied as she took deep breaths trying to catch her breath.  "I told you I could defend myself."


"That you did.  So, on the count of three then?" Prem asked.


"One, two, three..." Heer counted.  They both worked together making strategic moves to take the group down.


Prem smiled triumphantly as he did a round-house kick securely knocking the last opponent down to the ground.  "Pretty nice teamwork I must say," he said as he turned around to face Heer.


"I guess so," she replied with a smile.


Their victory was interrupted when a round of agents suddenly surrounded them with their handguns pointed at them.  "Hands up!" CJ ordered as he came running up.  He motioned for Heer to come towards him where she was met by another agent who was making sure she was all right.  CJ then walked towards Prem who had his arms in the air displaying his innocence.  "Down on the ground and hands behind your head."  Prem obediently followed his orders and watched as the agents rounded up the guys that had attacked them, cuffing them in handcuffs and escorting them away.  "You have a lot of explaining to do Mr. Akshat Malhotra," CJ said as he handcuffed him.  He then hoisted him up and forced him to start walking.  "Let's see what story you have to tell."


So a few words about the game 7 Minutes in Heaven.  It is generally a game played during grades 6-8 (around ages 13-15 when puberty hits and girls and guys start getting curious about one another beyond friendship)  So the basic rule of the game is to lock yourself in a dark closet with someone of the opposite gender.  You can do anything you like in the closet and no one else at the party knows what is going on in there.  Generally most people end up kissing.

And I know some of you are asking if Prem knew who Balraaj was why didn't he just tell Heer who he really was?  Well, he's a agent and is still on a mission...he is still can't break protocol and reveal yourself and tell everyone your business even when you know they are on your side.  You only do that when you have to.  Anyways at this point in time Balraaj doesn't know who Prem is because Prem just reported his little mishap to Preet.  Don't worry things will be cleared up in the coming chapters.  Just go with the flow of the story Wink

Okay, surprise I have a precap for you:

Mission 5: For You

More Flashback scenes of Heer and Prem's childhood and what happened the day Heer left Prem.

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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sweet_gurl93 Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged

Great part lol I thought for a second that they might remember each othet but didn't :( well interesting flashback lool I remember that game (never tried it though :P ) lol
Can't wait for more now
Do continue soon

Maheen xx

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BluFate IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
they dint recognize...Ouch

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-Garima- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:43pm | IP Logged

Awesome update! So they finally met! :) Yayy! But too bad they didn't recognize each other, in a way it makes sense though cuz some people, when they grow up totally change by their physical appearance. 

Their encounter was so cute! I loved the little arguments they were having - they seemed to connect well with each other! ;) hehe, and omg! the flashback was so adorable and naughty! HAHA! I remember watching those types of games on Disney movies haha! :P I can totally relate to Heer while she's going through puberty, being a teenager myself. But I'm sure Heer felt bad after she realized what this game was about :( poor girl and poor Prem who never knew about the purpose of the game either. *sigh* But it was really cute!

Oh no! Prem got arrested! :( I hope he clears things up with CJ in the next update! I want Prem and Heer to recognize each other soon! lol, Can't wait for the next update Grace!  

Garima =)

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