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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by shivangi2092

awesome dear!
I truly lved it!
u xpressed Prem's emotions very well!
feeling sad for him!
waiting for Prem to meet his Pumpkin!
thanks for the pm!
update soon!

Thanks for commenting.  Yes, poor Prem Cry

Originally posted by pwincess1


that was so sad
i felt so sorry for Prem for all the things he went through
i can understand how sad and hurt he must be
and the way he got bullied by those boys must have been horrible
im so glad that Heer/leher was there
its so adorable and cute how they remember each other
please update soon

Thanks for commenting.  Prem has had a pretty rough childhood Cry

Originally posted by maryaa8688

awww premCry..a big hug to my premuHugdont worry baby ur pumpkin is coming back in ur lifeSmile...
thank u was really wonderful update..n whats all that low trpAngrydont say that again..u r a gr8 writerSmileand why do i have the feeling m going to love this ss more than ur others!!!!!plz try to update soon...will b waiting dearSmile

Aww, Thanks Embarrassed  I wanted to give a big hug too when I was writing about his past.  So sad, good thing he had Leher/Heer Big smile

Originally posted by sweetnsourx3

hi grace! silent reader again...i think your new ss is absolutely amazing so far! low trps?! i dk how that is possible...anyways i'm dying to see how the story unfolds, especially after they meet!... loved the first two chapters Smile thanks for the long update! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.  It's great to hear from silent readers.  I'm really glad you are enjoying the story so far Big smile

Originally posted by sweet_gurl93

Great part, so that's prem's past quite sad though,hopefully he'll meet heer soon in paris and things will get better
Do continue soon

Maheen xx

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Things will be approving for Prem when he meets Heer Big smile

Originally posted by sadhz

awesome update yaar............even i was also confused when teji called heer as leher.......... cute nickname pumpkin LOL.........
loved d feel sad for premUnhappy....he is an orphan.....
i loved d song u used for prems dard..........
waitn for ph meetinEmbarrassed
hmmm Ermmlow trp i dont think so......ever1 is busy in their alsoLOL...........
thnx a lot for pm....................update sooooooooooon

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I figured that is why the forum has been kind of busy with studies and other things.  Though news of the Valentine's Special has definitely woken some people up LOL

Originally posted by crystall

Awesome updates !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by khajju

sorry for late comment....i hav read it earlier but couldnt comment...theres this weddings going on and in these ssoo many functions i didnt get time .....update was marvelleous....prem past wss sooooooo sad...and tge song tujhe bhula diya suited soo perfectly on theirs situation.....luvd prem heer childhood scenes....the fight scene reminded me of my name is khan.....verryy well prem dnt be sad on going to paris...u r gona met ur pumpkin there....cant wait for premeer meetingg....thanks for pm....update soon

I totally understand...hope you had fun at the wedding.  Prem had such a sad childhood Cry but luckily Leher/Heer was there for him Smile  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

Originally posted by sharmeeli

HugAMAZING updates dear!!!Hug sorry yaar, couldn't comment earlierEmbarrassed, I was busy with my papersConfused 
LOLhihih was really laughing with the messaging between Hwakeye and CodecrackerROFL
hahaha and the conversation between Prem and Preet about the woman magazine thing, it reminded me of when my cousin read one of mine, he was Wacko after reading itLOL
aahw poor PremDisapprove didn't had a great childhoodCryCryCry I tell you it made me cryCryCry plzzz let him make some contact again with KiranDisapprove
can't wait for Premeer's meetingDay Dreaming
plzz update ASAPEmbarrassed and thanks for the PM dearEmbarrassed

Totally understand...everyone is busy with school, work, or life.  But happy you were able to make comment.  Thanks for enjoying the Hwakeye (Prem) and Codecracker (Preet) conversations.  I wanted to insert some funny bits into the two emotional packed first two chapters.  Yes, Prem should talk to Kiran...well, we will just see how everything unfolds in the coming chapters Wink

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Originally posted by Motibah

Hey Grace Big smile Sorry I couldnt comment on the first chapter earlier, was really busy with some work Ouch 

Well I read it all and needless to say I enjoyed every little bit of it Tongue Prem is such a cute little boy, even though he's a bit naughty LOL and Heer she's so sweet Embarrassed D'awwww Pumpkin? Wink really enjoyed their little fights Day Dreaming
Amazing start to the ff, I have a feeling I am really going to loveeeee this one and enjoy every little bit of it Big smile If someone else was writing this then I probably wouldnt have taken any interest cos Im not exactly an action person LOL BUT because your writing it I had to read it and must I say Im lovin it LOL  you truly are a fab writer and very versatile indeedHug You should become an author, i would be like your number one fan. Wink

No need to worry...I understand people have been busy with school work, life, etc.  Thanks for liking the SS so far.  I'm not much of an action writer so this is all new to me.  I'll try to balance things out so there is a bit of action, romance, fun, suspense, sadness, drama, etc. in the write portion so I don't bore you guys.  And you're too kind about the author remark...just having fun writing Smile

Originally posted by Motibah

Just read the second chapter and d'awww I felt soo sorry for Prem Cry My little baby Ouch I just wanna give him a big fat hug Hug Really felt sorry for him and the way you described his pain and how he felt was amazing Big smileI can really relate to his character and see exactly where he's coming from. Any child his age would have been exactly the same way. Being neglected all the time Ouch and awww Heer is such a sweet little girl, she deserves a hug as well for being so caring HugLove her for giving him a popsicle and then inviting him over for dinner and they patched up as well Embarrassed Im inloveeee with these two already Day DreamingEmbarrassed

and grown up Prem! Sighhh he seems like one hot guy LOL I think Im inloveeee with Prem Juneja once again for like the billioth time Blushing A secret spy always on secret missions hey? Day Dreaming
So both of them are going to Paris now! Romaaaaaaaantic much?LOL LOL can't wait for them to meet Day Dreaming Dying to read the next chapter!
Amaaaaazing chapter and beatifully written, thank you for the pm Hug

Prem's childhood was pretty sad and depressing Cry Leher/Heer just has a big heart.  Besides what Teji thought was right they connected on a level that no one would be able to understand...unless you go through the same thing you won't get it.  Thanks for commenting Big smile And yes Paris awaits what's going to happen? Tongue

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-reserved- will edit soon
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Mission 3: Even the Best Laid Plans Go Wrong


It was the summer between the end of fifth grade and the beginning of sixth grade.  Leher sat at the dining hall lunch table quietly eating as all her camp friends busily chatted about what they were going to be doing during the upcoming weekend.  They were mostly excited about the Father's Day event being held on Sunday at the camp grounds.  Leher placed her silverware down on her tray and was about to get up when one of her camp friends asked her, "So Leher, aren't you excited?  We finally get to actually see our different from talking to them on the phone right?  Your Dad's coming right?"  Leher stood still slightly stunned at the question.  "Um, I don't know he's pretty busy."


"Busy?  It's a Sunday.  No one works on a Sunday well, at least my Dad doesn't...he works at a bank and they don't work on Sundays," the girl said.


"Any parent who works on a Sunday has to be poor," replied a girl with green eyes and dark brown hair that was pulled back into a tight ponytail.  She was wearing a green colored camp shirt indicating she was a group above them. 


"Go away Stephanie, no one asked for your opinion," Debbie said; her purple rimmed glasses sitting high on the bridge of her nose.


"I wasn't talking to you Four Eyes," Stephanie replied.  She then gave a sneering look at Leher.  "I hear you don't have a Dad...every time you call home you always talk to your Mom.  So why are lying to everybody?"


"I'm not lying.  He's just busy," Leher replied fiercely.


"Whatever, you lair.  My brother's a camp counselor here and he knows don't have a Dad," Stephanie explained.  "Your Mom works as a secretary at the local sheriff's office and there is no way you can afford to go to this camp without having rich parents.  Your Mom gets checks sent to her'you don't have a Dad because he doesn't want you...he's paying child support to your Mom."


"What are you talking about?" Leher fumed.


"My Daddy's a lawyer and he handles these things all the time.  Your Mom stopped by his office last week to talk about it," Stephanie said.


"My Dad is coming, okay!" Leher shouted and then stormed out of the cafeteria.


Debbie wasn't far behind running after her.  "Leher!  Leher!"


Leher ran as fast as her legs could carry her.  She was trying not to cry despite the tears building up behind her eyes.  She always dread the month of June for this very reason; Father's Day.  Leher finally stopped near a secluded spot by the lake.  She breathed heavily and then slumped down on the ground feeling depressed.  She picked up a stick and started rubbing it against the sand digging a hole.  Eventually the stick broke from the force of her actions causing her to angrily throw it into the water.  "Oh, can't wonder you always win the track races when we have them at school," Debbie gasped as she stumbled into the hiding spot clutching her stomach.  "Phew, I thought I almost lost you there for a minute back there at that bend."


Leher remained mute and continued staring out at the lake water.  Debbie cautiously sat down next to her.  "What are you going to do?  I told you not to do lie.  Now, they are going to think what Stephanie said is true when your Dad doesn't come on Sunday."


"I don't know what I'm going to do," Leher said her voice quivering.  The recent week Leher had been telling lots of stories about her father that weren't exactly true.  She painted this picture that she had this fabulous relationship with her father who worked at a major business company.  He always had time to talk to her on the phone even if he was away in another country for a business meeting and when he came home he would always shower her with lots of gifts. 


Debbie was close friends with Leher and knew the picture that Leher had painted for all the campers about her relationship with her father were all lies.  She knew that she didn't have a father.  Whenever she went over to her house to play, she always noticed how there only pictures of Leher and her mother.  She didn't know the exact details but she was smart of enough to understand it was touchy subject for her friend.  Debbie didn't have any reasons to doubt her and simply believed that he was no longer alive.  Though what Stephanie had announced at the cafeteria did make her wonder slightly but she decided to push that aside as she trusted Leher and the friendship they had.  "Well, we better think of something."  Debbie turned her head when she heard some rustling sounds behind them.  A lanky boy with shaggy brown hair emerged through the bushes wearing a yellow camp shirt and khaki cargo shorts.  His right elbow and knees were slightly scraped and he had a bandage on his right temple.  "Geez, Prem what happened to you?"


Leher turned around the minute she heard his name.  Prem could tell that Leher was on the verge of crying by the look in her eyes but was fighting with herself to keep it hidden.  Over the course of their four year friendship he had gotten to known her extremely well.  He knew what things made her laugh, what things made her cry, and what things made her upset.  Just as he knew these things she knew these things of him as well.  "Flag Football," Prem replied with a huge grin.  Despite his skinny stature he could handle a fair amount of roughhousing and seemed to always want to prove that point; that he could take any physical pain thrown at him.


"Did you guys just tackle each other instead of actually using the flags?" Debbie inquired.


"I intercepted Vick's throw and then Adam tried tackling me to the ground.  That's how I got this," Prem explained pointing to his bandage on his head with pride.  "Adam fractured his wrist though.  They are taking him to the hospital now."


Debbie sighed shaking her head, "You guys are always so proud when you do stuff like that."


"Best part...Heather saw me catch that interception," Prem replied his eyes sparkling.  "Feel bad for Vick but all well.  She told me it was a great catch and she even gave me a high five!"  Prem was about to say more when he caught the look in Leher's eyes and realized he should tone down his excitement for her sake; after all she was going through something right now.  "So, um...yeah...everything okay?"


Debbie glanced at Leher who just murmured, "Everything's fine," and walked back through the bushes.


"But Leher!" Debbie called as her eyes grew in alarm.


Prem stopped her from following and simply stated, "It's my fault.  I'll go talk to her."


Debbie wanted to protest but then nodded knowing that Prem always seemed to have the ability to talk to Leher no matter what mood she was in.  "Okay, I guess I'll wait here then."


Leher marched steadily into the thick forest just following the bend of the lake.  She knew she couldn't get lost as long as she stuck close to the lake.  She stopped in her tracks and glanced back to see Prem cautiously following behind her.  Leher didn't say anything and just sat down on an old fallen tree log.  Prem sat down next to her and picked up a small tree branch and began snapping it into pieces while they sat there in silence.  "Will you stop?" Leher asked her voice filled with a slight edge of irritation in it.


"Oh, sorry," Prem replied and dropped the tree branch.  "You wanna talk?"


"No," she answered as she started to wipe her eyes.  The tears that she had been hiding were starting to fall and she felt embarrassed that she was crying in front of him.


Prem continued looking straight as he heard the gentle sniffling sounds beside him.  He didn't really know exactly what to do so he just sat there not saying a thing.  He had never really seen her cry like this before and he didn't like it.  Something had happened to her and he wanted to know what it was so he could fix it if he could.  "Pumpkin, just tell me what's wrong."


"Nothing's wrong!" she barked back at him. 


Prem jerked back a little surprised by her ferocious response.  He held his hands up showing he wasn't the enemy.  ""


Leher sighed as she continued to wipe her tears, "No, I'm sorry...I shouldn't have yelled at you like that.  I just...uh..."


"Is it about Father's Day?" Prem asked venturing a guess.  He knew she was always touchy during the month of June because of her situation; living without a father.  "Did someone say something to you?  Who said something to you?  Tell me who it is and I'll have a talk with them."


"It's not something you can fix by fighting Prem," Leher sighed.  She never understood why he always seemed to go with his fists to solve a problem.  "You can't go and beat up Stephanie."


"Why not?" Prem replied.  "I never liked her...the moment we got to camp I just knew she wasn't nice...I don't think a lot of people like her.  I would be doing everyone a favor."


"Because she's a girl, can't go around hitting girls," Leher explained.  "Anyways it's my fault."


"What do you mean it's your fault?" Prem asked.


"Promise me you won't go and try and start something with her," Leher said.


"What do you mean promise?  You're crying..."


"Promise me, please?" Leher pleaded.


Prem looked at her wet eyes and the way the tip of her nose had turned pink and felt an instant ache in his heart.  He really wanted to go and confront Stephanie but since Leher was requesting him not to he had no choice.  "All right fine," he grumbled.  "So are you going to tell me what exactly happened?"  Leher nodded and told him what had occurred at the cafeteria.  Prem's nose flared up as his face went ridged in anger.  "How dare she say that!"


"Prem!" Leher warned alarmed that he had suddenly stood up.


"But Pumpkin...that was just wrong."


"Sit back down!  You promised," Leher replied.


Prem obediently sat back down and crossed his arms.  "You can't just make up stories like that about people."


"But I shouldn't have told everyone about my Dad like he's still around," Leher said.  She then softly mumbled her thoughts out loud, "Even though he's still around...just we can't see each other again until everything is over..."


Prem's eyes widen as his ears had picked up what she had mumbled.  "Until everything's over?"


Leher looked at him scared that she had just accidentally divulged something that she wasn't supposed to.  She had been instructed not say anything by her mother.  She started back at her friend who was waiting for her to continue.  She never liked keeping this secret from him after everything that he had told her.  She realized after four years of friendship and everything they had been through he deserved to know the truth.  "Prem promise me..."


"What's with all these promises today, Pumpkin?" Prem replied cutting her off.  Leher turned her body so she was facing him directly.  Prem flexed his eyebrows as it dawned on him that whatever she was about to say was extremely serious.  There was a lot more to the story.  He had always been mindful of the word "father" around Leher.  He understood because he had experienced the pain when he didn't have any parents.  The slightest mention of "Mom" or "Dad" would send a jolt of tiny pin pricks into his heart and a queasy feeling in his stomach.  He felt like an outcast, that there was something wrong with him for not having parents.  Prem never asked any questions about her father and instead allowed Leher to tell him what she wanted.  "Pumpkin?" he softly whispered.  Leher shifted her eyes away in a moment's hesitation causing Prem to really worry.  "I promise Leher."


"My Papa's alive...he's not dead.  He works for the..." Leher paused trying to pick her words carefully because she didn't want to get in trouble or get Prem involved in something that could hurt him and his family.  That was the main reason why she and her mother had moved and were living alone.  There were some bad people out there wanting to hurt them and her father.  "government...some things happened and...Mama and I had to move for our protection...I know this sounds really weird like some story from a movie or something...I don't blame you if you think I'm lying...or if you believe me and are upset with me for not telling you...I'm really sorry Prem..."  She stared at her best friend biting her lower lip wondering how he was processing the truth of her situation.

"So you're like in the witness protection program?" Prem slowly asked.  He watched as Leher moved her head up and down in silent confirmation.  "Does that mean your real name isn't Leher Singh?"  Leher nodded her head again in silent confirmation.  Prem's lips gently turned upward.  He was finding all of this strangely amusing.  It really was something that would happen in the movies.  "Wow," Prem uttered as he scratched the back of his head.  "This is like that story Uncle Jaywant weren't there for dinner...he only stopped by for a day...he is Mom's older brother...he works for the FBI or is it the CIA...something like that, but anyways...whoa, never thought my best friend would be telling me this...witness protection program, huh?  Are there like camouflaged bodyguards out there following you around?"  Prem started scanning the area around them seeing if he could find someone hiding in the woods with them.


Leher didn't quite know how to respond to his behavior.  He didn't seem upset with her for withholding the truth but then again he seemed more intrigued by the idea that she was in the witness protection program than her current problem.  "No Prem, there aren't any bodyguards following me around.  But you can't tell anyone about this not even your parents.  Nobody."


"Yeah, sure.  I promised didn't I?" Prem replied.  "So, what's your real name?"


"I can't tell you that," Leher answered.


"Or you'll have to kill me?" Prem jokingly responded.


"This is not a joke!  Prem, I just told you something I was instructed never to tell.  Nobody is supposed to know about this because if people found out then they could hurt you and your family trying to get to me.  I could never live with myself if that happened," Leher said with great agitation in her voice.  "I never should have told you in the first place, what was I thinking?"


Prem swallowed uncomfortably as he watched Leher suddenly burst into tears in front of him.  "Uh-ah...I'm sorry...I'm really sorry...Leher I'm really sorry.  Please forgive me.  I'm not making fun, honest.  I won't talk about it with anyone.  I promise.  Till my last breathe...this will stay only between you and me.  Please stop crying.  Please?"


Leher wiped her tears away and sniffled.  "What am I going to do Prem about Sunday?  Everyone is going to think Papa is sending child support to Mama...that he doesn't want me."


Prem nervously rubbed the side of his temple with his index finger trying to think of a solution.  "Um, my Dad's coming so how about he be your Dad for the day?"  Leher stared wide eyed at him for making that suggestion.  "Good thing is that there are only a few people who go to our school at this camp...You, me, Debbie, Leo, Vick, and Heather.  Everyone else is either from the private school on the other side of the town or from a different state.  Heather won't be here because her grandfather is sick so she's going to go visit him at the hospital.  Leo and Debbie are our friends and well, Vick is Leo's brother...anyways I don't think he pays much attention to us."


"But won't that be weird.  I mean he's your Dad, Prem," Leher replied.


"Look, your Mom told me to treat her like my Mom before I got adopted.  This is no different.  If your Mom can do that for me why can't my Dad do that for you?  He knows who you are it's not like he doesn't know you.  I'll just ask him," Prem replied sternly.


Leher was bit surprised by his defensive reaction.  "I guess so."   


"Good.  Debbie's waiting for us.  Come on," Prem replied and got up.  He held out his hand waiting for her to take it.  Leher slipped her hand into his and immediately felt the rough calluses that had formed on his hand from all the sports activities that he had been involved in lately.  She gently looked at the back of his head and wondered why her heart felt a strange tug whenever he held her hand.  "Don't worry Pumpkin, we'll shut Stephanie up by beating her and her Dad at all the games during the Father's Day event.  You're going to take home that trophy."


Heer blinked back into reality as she heard a voice asking her, "Heer would you like something to drink?"  She turned and saw one of the servicing staff standing next to her seat.  "Uh?  Oh, I'm sorry...what was that?" Heer replied.


"Would you like something to drink?  Water, coffee, tea, juice, or a soda?"


"Coffee would be nice.  Thank you Nancy," Heer smiled.


"My pleasure.  Would you like cream and sugar?"


"Yes please.  Just two packets of sugar," Heer replied.


"I'll bring that right out for you," Nancy said and walked away.


Heer stretched in her seat and glanced around her in the plane cabin.  She looked down at her left hand and clenched it as if mimicking the feel of holding her best friend's hand again like the way she had remembered in her memories.  A gentle smile spread across her face as she recalled how Prem's idea worked and how true his words were when she had won the trophy with his Dad.  She wondered what had suddenly prompted her to remember a memory like that from her childhood.  Perhaps it was the fact that she was traveling with her father on his private plane to Paris.  They were both going to attend conferences.  He had an important security delegation to attend and she had one on 17th Century Baroque art.  It had been awhile since they had a chance to spend time together but now they were both going to Paris she was hoping they could squeeze in at least one lunch or dinner together.   


Heer lifted her head in time to see Nancy coming back with her cup of coffee.  "Thanks," she replied and lowered her seat tray so she had a place to set it.  Heer torn open the two packets of sugar and dumped that along with the cream into the cup.  She gently stirred it with a coffee straw and then took a slow sip of the beverage.  She sighed and glanced out her window staring at the clear blue sky.  "How are we doing?"  Heer immediately smiled hearing the familiar baritone voice of her father.  She turned to the side as he sat down in the empty seat next to her.  "I hope these seats meet with your standards.  I would like to think these are much comfier than the standard economy seats...more room...and you can actually lay down in them."


"They are wonderful Papa.  Are you sure it's all right for me to be flying with you?" Heer asked with concern.


"We're both going to Paris.  I don't see why not," Balraaj replied.


"You are the Director of the National Clandestine Service..." Heer stated.  "and I'm your daughter...if the taxpayers find out that you're allowing me..."  Balraaj put his hand up stopping her from saying anything more.


"I'm well aware.  You're part of my entourage.  Nothing inappropriate is taking place for the taxpayers to get worked up about.  This is the first time you are flying with me.  We are not taking this CIA private jet on some family vacation.  We are both going to work.  You are going to be flying back on a normal commercial airline while I go onto London.  Don't worry Heer.  So, is the coffee good?"


"It's excellent," Heer smiled.


Their conversation was interrupted when a staff member came walking up to Balraaj and politely said, "Excuse me sir.  There is a phone call for you."  Balraaj looked at his daughter and gave a sighed.  "Sorry Heer.  CJ just had to come and ruin our father and daughter moment, didn't you CJ?"


"That's what the government pays me to do," CJ replied.


Balraaj laughed as he got up.  "Our boss sure knows how to suck the pleasures out of life for us, doesn't he?"


"My wife still hasn't forgiven me for missing Christmas last year," CJ answered.


"Neither has mine," Balraaj said and walked with him back into his office.


Prem sneezed loudly in the cold Parisian night air.  He rubbed his nose with the back of his hand and pondered what was wrong with him.  He had been having sneezing fits and was hiccupping like crazy the moment he landed in Paris.  He didn't know if he was coming down with something or if someone was remembering him.  He put the black binoculars back up to his face and studied the windows of the hotel across the street from him.  He was on the roof top dressed all in black on a building directly in front of the hotel.  He had located the room where his target was staying at and was trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation.  He sighed and decided he would have to impersonate a hotel staffer to get inside the room.  If things got messy his little steak-out tonight had found him a way out of the building without much fuss; it was out the window and onto the roof tops.  Prem sneezed again and decided to pack up and get back in doors to nurse his oncoming cold.


Balraaj Maan stood at the hotel lobby counter preparing to check in.  There had been a mix up with the rooms as some of the security staff were placed in random rooms below his floor.  This meant they were leaving part of his floor open for random guests to come in and book a room.  This posed a serious security risk to Balraaj.  The hotel apologized profusely for the mistake as a young trainee had inadvertently left the confirmation open instead of locked.  The hotel was looking at ways they could solve the situation without disturbing or alerting the public of having such a high profile guest in their hotel.  Eventually they came to a compromise and moved him up another floor where the two rooms beside his room and the rooms directly in front of him could room his staff.  The guests in those rooms had yet to check in and could be easily moved.  The rooms on both ends of the floor could also be filled with his security guards.  The rest of the remaining staff was placed on the floors directly below and above him.  


"I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience sir," the hotel manager replied.  "Our own hotel security staff will be placed on an even more heightened alert than it is already on."


"I appreciate you handling this with as much discretion as possible," Balraaj replied.  "I understand that these things can happen."


"Thank you sir, your key card," the manager said and gave a respectful nod of his head.


Balraaj walked to the hotel elevator with CJ following behind.  He wore a very displeased expression on his face.  When the elevator doors closed he spoke up, "Sir, are you sure about this?"


"The hotel had the cleared inspection for the past week prior to my arrival.  And the team has done a security sweep of our rooms.  Everything has been cleared.  Could this mean someone is planning something?  Possibly but what guarantee do I have if I stayed in my original room or decided to leave this hotel for another that something won't happen?" Balraaj stated.  "We do the best that we can CJ.  Everyone is already on alert.  We will just have to see how the week goes."


"How can you be so calm sir?"


"Calm?  I'm petrified even when nothing goes wrong I'm still scared.  In our line of work when you stop being afraid that's when you know something is wrong," Balraaj replied.


Prem gently rolled his serving cart to room 711 and knocked against the door, "Room Service."  He waited a few minutes and then heard the door unlock.  A short bald man stood in front of him wearing a bathrobe.  Prem gave a meek smile as he heard whom he assumed was the man's wife asking if their dinner had arrived.  The man took the serving tray refusing to allow Prem roll the cart into the room and then closed the door.  "Enjoy!" Prem playfully commented.  He gave a tiny smirk and then rolled his cart down the rest of the hallway picking up room service trays.  As he neared room 721 he glanced about him knowing he had to be careful.  The hotel security was on heightened alert because of a special guest that was staying at the hotel.  Only the hotel manager and the security staff knew who the guest was.  It was to protect the guest and to ensure his or her privacy was ensured.  Prem knew that a switch out of the hotel security guards was going to be made and he only had a few moments time to do what he needed to do.  He set a timer on his watch and counted in his head, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."  Prem quickly slid his hotel key into room 721 and slipped inside with the serving cart.  He quickly hid the cart in the closet as a preventive measure.  He didn't want it to out in the open tipping off his target that someone was in his room should his target return early.  Prem checked his watch knowing he only had a few minutes to locate what he was required to fine and get out of there.  Preet would take care of the rest by resting the security cameras and erasing any evidence that he had been in the room.


Prem began systematically checking the room and was finding something extremely odd about the whole situation.  But before he could properly process what his next move should be he heard the sound of someone trying to insert their keycard into the front door.  Prem immediately hid behind some floor length red curtains.  He slowed his breathing down and waited patiently.


The man who entered the room was busily undoing his red bow tie and fixing himself a drink at the bar.  He took a quick sip of his beverage and then slipped off his suit jacket.  He then picked up the half folded newspaper sitting on the office desk.  The man looked at the window, briefly passing his eyes over the red curtains and then back at his newspaper in deep thought.  Prem watched as the man picked up his drink and turn the lights off in the main room before disappearing into the bedroom.  Prem heard the sound of the shower starting and cautiously slipped out from the curtains heading towards the front door.  But before he could reach it the lights suddenly turned on and a voice asked him, "What is it that you want?"


Prem quickly turned around pointing his handgun towards the direction of the voice.  The man stood before him with a gentle smile and his drink in his right hand.  "Why are you smiling?" he asked.  "Aren't you afraid I'm going to kill you?"


"If you really wanted to kill me you would have already done that when I first came into the room," the man replied.  I had my back turned towards you several times but you didn't even shoot once."


Prem slowly shifted his feet towards the left forcing the man to walk to his right so he was further away from the doorway.  "I suppose that is one way to think about it.  But now that we've met and once I get my information you may not be so lucky."


The man chuckled and went and sat down at his desk seemingly unphased by the threat.  He motioned for Prem to sit down on one of the armchairs.  "My, the nerve of young agents today.  I always knew that one day my luck would run out and now faced with this really is quite something.  I suppose I don't need to say who I am or what I stand for.  You've been briefed on that or not at all...or only what they want you to know to complete your task...everything else is irrelevant.  After all you follow your commanding officer's aren't allowed to question."


Prem stared at the man confused by his words.  "I'm here for the disc."


"Disc?  I have tons of discs...which one are you looking for?"


"You know the one I want," Prem said pointing his gun at him.  "The one with the list of course."  The man arched his eyebrow at his remark.  Prem sighed as he knew this was going to be one of those nights.


Before either one of them could continue with their conversation the front door suddenly opened.  Both men turned their heads to see a young woman walking into the room.  "Papa..." was all she was about to utter before she froze.  Prem's eyes widen at the intrusion and then gently softened as he registered how beautiful the woman standing in the middle of the room was.  She was wearing an elegant black dress that extenuated her feminine frame exquisitely.  Her hair was dark, silky, and straight and she had the most striking almond shaped eyes.  Prem realized what he was doing and chided himself.  He torn his gaze away and refocused on what was at hand. 


"Heer..." the man stated calmly, "Don't say a word."


Prem motioned for the man to get up from the desk.  "Step back and don't try anything.  Tell your daughter to put her hands on her head and get down on her knees."


"Heer, do as he says," Balraaj instructed.


"Do you even know who my father is?" Heer asked as she obediently followed directions.


Prem glanced back and forth between father and daughter making sure neither one of them tried anything.  His eyes suddenly caught sight of something red shoot out across the room.  Without any hesitation he lunged and pulled Balraaj down onto the ground.  The minute they landed on the floor there was the sound of glass breaking as the bullet that had been aimed at Balraaj broke a lamp.  Heer immediately screamed for help, while Balraaj ordered her to stay low on the ground and away from the window's view.


Prem looked at the window confused as to what was going on.  All he knew was that had better make it out of there before he got caught.  He dashed towards the front door just as CJ and two other security officers ran into the room.  Prem swiftly disarmed them with a few choice punches and kicks and then scrambled out of the door.


"Let him go," Balraaj ordered.


"But sir!" CJ yelled in disbelief.


"Just keep an eye on him.  Find out who's on the roof top of the building directly in front of us," Balraaj instructed.


"Yes sir," CJ replied as he got up from the floor and ran out the door to place his orders.


The two security officers in the room cautiously helped Balraaj and Heer get up from the floor making sure they hadn't been hurt in the attack.  Balraaj stared at the window and then back at the desk in deep thought over what had transpired.


Prem was running frantically trying to shake the tail of man in black suits searching for him.  He made some quick turns and then swiftly rushed down a flight of stairs to the Paris Metro.  As luck would have it a subway train was just about to leave the station.  Prem slipped through the doors in the nick of time and heaved a heavy sigh of relief.  He rode the subway for two stops before getting out and climbing back up to the surface.  He needed to get back to his apartment and make a call to headquarters.  Something was not right.


So there you go their first meeting...I know, I know not exactly what you guys wanted but I promise things will get interesting in the next chapter Wink

The beginning part was Heer's memories.  They were around the age of 11-12...I'm playing it pretty loose with the ages in their flashbacks LOL  I had their ages down before I started writing and then I realized I miss counted LOL so I'm just rounding them Tongue

Please Leave A Comment Big smile Love to hear what you think.


P.S. PM List has been updated with names. 

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It's under the Pee Loon PM List

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this was really really good! update soon:)

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aawww i luved the fb..!!!! leher n prem scene wen dey wer 11 n 12yr...was awsum..!! prem was so carin..!!! luved the update..!!! thx for da pm..>!! :))))))))))))

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aaawwww..lovd the fb....
OMG....they met this way....Shocked

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