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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Originally posted by iheartChai

Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

Luved the update....Prem and Heer/Leher know each other since they were children but they didn't really get along well... Confused...Heer a Loved the flash backs...Hoping to see more Premeer interaction soon...update soon n thnx for the PM.
P.S. I have one question.
Why does Teji call Heer Leher? Is it some kinda nickname or some thing?? It's really confusing me as i keep thinking Heer and Leher are two different characters.

I knew this would confuse some people...sorry Embarrassed

I mention in the character sketch that Heer had to go into police protection for a period of time and with that they usually change the names to help hid them.  Just know that Heer and Leher are the same person.
Thnx for cleaing the confusion...i have understood wht u meant by the brother is in the police cadet'ways thnx once again...Smile

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luv the flash backs:)
heer a pumpkin : (
anyways update soon!!!

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for those who Commented and/or Hit the Like Button.

I guess everyone is busy with school, work, or something Geek (hehe...low TRPs)

I decided to go ahead and push this next chapter out so we have all the back up or at least the majority of what happened in Prem's life so you guys get a sense of how import Heer aka Leher aka Prem's Pumpkin affected his life.  So then we can get to the point of what I'm sure you are all waiting for their first interaction as grown ups Tongue

Sorry about the confusion with Heer and Leher.  I mentioned in the character sketch that Heer had to go into protective custody for a period of time with her mother.  Usually when you go into protective custody you change your name so you can hide.  Just know that Heer and Leher are one and the same.  Just that Prem doesn't know that...but all will be explained...that was suppose to be one of the suspense mystery parts. 

I'm going to warn you it is a long chapter (3 parts Shocked...apparently I went really over Embarrassed...I promise the other chapters will never be this long unless of course if it is a Premeer romance LOL).  I didn't want to have to make you guys wait for when Prem and Heer meet Big smile aren't I nice? I could have prolonged it Evil Smile  Oh, another word of's a bit sad Cry...poor Prem is all I'm going to say.  Hopefully with this chapter you will get a good idea of Prem's character.

Mission 2:  The End is Only the Beginning


Prem quickly turned to his left and opened the adjoining door that led to the master bedroom.  He walked to the window to survey where he was.  He realized he wasn't too far from his next checkpoint.  He could climb down the tree by the window and walk diagonally across the backyard towards the woods.  He was initially suppose to exit out the backdoor of the kitchen which would have given him direct access to the woods, but now that he was in this predicament he had to adjust to the situation accordingly.  Prem opened the window and grimaced at the coldness of the night.  He cupped his hands together and gently blew into them to keep them warm and then took a deep breath as he plunged his body fully into the icy autumn night of the Romanian countryside.  Prem carefully maneuvered himself out of the window as he slid his body out onto the tree branch.  He managed to close the window and then made his way down the tree as quickly as he could.  He glanced around him making sure he had not been seen and then walked across the backyard towards the woods with his hands stuffed inside his pockets.


"You!  Hold it!" a voice shouted behind him.


Prem gritted his teeth wondering why his luck was so bad tonight.  He slowly turned around and smiled.  "Just going for a walk."  He could see the way the guard was pointing his gun at him that he was a newly trained recruit.  There was an unmistakable fear in his eyes as his gun wavered slightly.  "I'm a guest here tonight," Prem said as he slowly lifted his arms up into the air displaying his innocence.


"Where are your credentials?" the young guard nervously asked in his Romanian accent.


Prem motioned with his eyes downward as if asking for permission to pull the information out of his inner suit pocket.  The guard nodded and held his position.  Prem sighed and pulled the card out showing it to him.  The guard slowly stepped forward and cautiously took the card from him to inspect.  He lowered the gun and apologized, "Sorry sir.  But party is back this way," motioning with his head.


"I know.  I just came out for some fresh air.  I'll be back.  You go and continue um, guarding," Prem smiled.


The young guard shook his head, "No sir.  Strict must go back inside."


Prem sighed, "I was afraid you would say that."  Without any warning he quickly grabbed the guard and cupped his hand over his mouth as he put him into a choke hold.  "I'm sorry young friend but you're going to wake up with a nasty headache when you come to thirty minutes from now."  The guard suddenly slumped in his arms and Prem gently placed him on the ground.  He then ran into the words but not before one of the other guards came out of the kitchen and began shouting.  Prem silently cursed as he ran as fast as he could through the snow.  He saw the wooden shed not far from him and quickly entered.  He stripped off his tuxedo jacket and shirt and hurriedly put on a black sweater and a thick black jacket.  He stuffed his thrown party clothes into the black duffel bag that had been stashed there for him, unfortunately he didn't have time to change into his boots as he heard the sound of distant voices and the barking of dogs coming closer to where he was.  "Of course they would have dogs!" Prem muttered with irritation.  He knew he didn't have much time left and ran out of the shed back into the dark night.  He saw a long wooden sled prop up against a tree and smirked.  He ran a few feet forward carrying the sled with him and counted down in his head as he heard the voices of the guards and dogs coming nearer.  Their flashlights danced crazily in the dark searching for him and when they landed on his back Prem sat down on the sled and pushed off.  There was a sudden loud explosion coming behind him as the wooden shed he had been in minutes ago blew up into tiny pieces taking with it a few guards and their dogs.  Prem tossed the bomb detonator remote into the woods as he zig-zagged his way down the slope.  He eventually ran into a ditch and tumbled off the sled.  He got up and walked his way to the side of the road where a large truck was parked; the driver pretending to change a flat tire.  Prem gently motioned with his hand and climbed into the covered bed of the truck.  The driver stopped what he was doing and got into the front seat.  It wasn't long before the truck rumbled to a start and was soon making its way back into town.


Jaywant Malhotra sighed as he took a sip of coffee and gently stared at the telegram in his hands.  He never liked receiving this sort of news and what made it even worse it was in a form of a telegram.  His jet black hair was slicked back and his face was clean shaven.  He had a striking sharp nose and chisel chin that gave him a commanding aurora which was enhanced even more by his tall build.   His eyes shifted from the telegram to the thick file sitting on his desk and then back at the telegram.  He gently pondered what to do in the dilemma that he was now being presented with.  Jaywant glanced up and quickly folded the telegram close as one of his agents entered the room.


"You wanted to see me, sir?" 


"Rajput don't you have any manners?" Jaywant asked.


The youthful agent gave a sheepish grin, "Oh, sorry sir'it's just they told me you were waiting for me."  He stood with the door open and gently knocked his knuckle against the wood.  "Knock-knock."  Jaywant looked at him unamused by his tactic.  "Would you prefer I close the door and come back in sir?"


"Preet, just come into the bloody office!" Jaywant barked.


"Oh, yes sir," Preet quickly replied and closed the door.  He sat down in one of the chairs in front of Jaywant's desk and straightened his black tie.  His brown eyes gently roamed over the desk placard silently reading in his head:





He always pondered how they got such a long title on a little desk placard and still made it readable.


"So, do you have the reports ready?" Jaywant asked.


Preet raised his eyes to meet Jaywant as he was brought out of his reverie.  "Yes sir.  I have them all ready and set for the conference this afternoon.  I was able to fix the table so it printed correctly.  I'll have them at your desk before lunch."


"Good," Jaywant grunted.  "That will be all."  Preet quickly got up from his seat and just when he was about to reach for the door Jaywant asked, "What do you think about your friend's decision?"


Preet flexed his eyebrows processing his question, "My friend's decision?"


"You're his handler I assumed he might have mentioned something to you.  Has he voiced any complaints...been unhappy recently?"


"No sir, not that I'm aware of," Preet simply stated.  Jaywant nodded his head and Preet slipped out of the office.  He made his way out of the main Domestic Protection Division office area and headed towards the restrooms.  He walked pass the Men's and took a sharp right into the stairwell where he walked up a couple flight of stairs before exiting out into a hallway and entered another stairwell to his right where he went up three flights of stairs before exiting out on the roof top.  He ran his hands through his fine black hair as he dialed a number on a throwaway cell.  "Is there something you want to tell me?"


"What mistake have I done now Sugarplum?" the husky voice jokingly replied.


"Iron Face was asking me if you were unhappy...if you voiced any complaints," Preet explained.


Prem gently smiled as he stared out across the river bank and breathed in the cool fresh air.  "I've put in a request to transfer out of active duty."


"You what?!"  Prem grimaced and pulled the disposal cell phone away from his ear as his friend began shouting.


"Calm down," Prem soothed.


"Why the hell didn't you tell me?" Preet asked.


"I've been thinking about it a lot recently...especially after the Romanian job.  I think it's time for me to come home," Prem said.


"Are you sure about this?  You use to love the field.  I know it's been tough recently but you really think you can give all of that up?"


"Life is an adventure of its own...who needs all this spy nonsense?" Prem could hear an unenthusiastic hmmm on the other end and knew his friend wasn't convinced.  "I just need a break.  Who knows I may come back or if I find a hot chick to settle down with'that could be the end for me...hehe..."


"Marriage?  Since when did you start thinking like that?  Were you throwing back Tuica shots left and right...still a bit drunk?"


"I'm perfectly sober.  And by the way when are you going to ask that great girl of your's to marry you?"


"Leave Meher out of this," Preet snorted back.  "These things take time."


"You know how woman are after two years they start expecting something flashy or it's out the door with you," Prem said.


"Since when did you become the relationship expert?  Have you been reading women's magazines on the train to wherever it is you are in Europe now?  You haven't had a date for a year and half now."


"No, I haven't been reading some women's magazine," Prem said his mouth drawn tightly.  He was displeased by the way his friend had brought up his social life or lack thereof.  


"Well, okay then.  You do realize we have to go out for drinks when you come back," Preet requested.


"Sure, definitely."


"Talk to you later, man.  Bye."


"Hey Preet?  You think you could take some flowers.  Today's her birthday...she would have been 49," Prem said.


"Yeah, no problem.  I'll do that after work."  Preet could hear the sadness in the sudden silence that was developing between them on the phone.  "Listen, you take care.  I'll take you out for pizza when you get back.  Sure it's not the ethnic stuff...since you've had plenty of that...but there is still something to be said about the American cousin."


Prem chuckled, "Yeah, sure...looking forward to that.  Bye."   


Prem drank his cup of coffee as he sat comfortably inside the river side cafe.  His mind was in one of those states wandering into old memories unable to shake the past from his thoughts.  The last couple of nights had been restless; laying awake in bed staring up at the ceiling feeling a strange emptiness.  He gently smirked knowing he was being very stupid for drinking coffee especially since he was having such a hard time sleeping at night.  He got up from his table and decided to take another a leisure stroll down the river bank.  He hoped the cold air would help shock him out of his current mood.


It was a beautiful clear autumn afternoon in Vienna, Austria.  The blueness of the sky was simply striking; not a single cloud was in sight.  Prem let his lungs fill to its brink and then slowly exhaled trying to center himself and bring peace to his mind.  As he walked along the riverside he heard the distant cackling of childish voices coming nearer.  He saw a bright orange ball rolling to a stop in front of a park bench a few feet in front of him.  A curly haired boy hurried picked it up and began running.  A few seconds later a blonde hair boy showed up and started arguing with the curly haired boy.  Eventually the ball was forcefully taken away as the curly haired boy sat on the ground nursing his bruised elbow.  The blonde haired boy said some choice words and threatened to hit him but before any action could be taken he stopped as he heard the voice of his mother calling him.  He smirked and kicked some of the dirt on the ground towards the other boy before leaving.  The curly haired boy slowly got up and dusted himself off.  He scanned the area around him focusing his sights on the happy families playing together and laughing.  He looked down, his shoulders slumped as he made his way to the park bench.  He tucked his knees in front of him and bent his head down.  Prem knew without even having to guess that the little boy was softly crying.  There was something familiar about the scene that had played out before him; something that he connected with and understood right away.  The feeling of abandonment and loneliness when one didn't have anyone caring for them.


Not too far down the riverside walkway Prem spotted a vender selling sausages.  It was the country's favorite snack.  The sausage venders littered every street corner in Vienna.  Prem walked his way to the sausage vendor and requested two orders of kasekrainers, a cheese filled sausage, one with ketchup and the other with spicy mustard.  After paying for the items he walked his way to the bench and offered the hot baguette bun stuffed with ketchup and kasekrainer to the little curly haired boy.  Feeling the presence of someone in front of him the boy looked up and stared at the food item being offered and then at Prem.  He rubbed his eyes and sniffled before taking the hot dog.  A satisfied smile spread across Prem's face as he saw the boy hungrily attacked the snack.  He joined him on the bench and started to eat

Naina laggeyan baarishan

Tu sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye

[My eyes are raining and even my arid dreams have become soaked]

Naina laggeyan baarishan

Rove palkan de kone vich neend meri

[My eyes are raining while my sleep cries in the corners of my eyelids]

They sat in silence simply enjoying their sausages together and letting the sunny but cool weather wash over them.  Prem gently chewed and looked out across the waterway mesmerized by the scenery in front of him.  His mind began to drift backwards and the image of his mother's face emerged before his eyes; her gently smile, chubby cheeks, and warm brown eyes.  She stood next to his father who was beaming a huge grin on his bearded face.  They were dressed to go out to a function; his mother in a cream colored sari embroidered with a red floral design while his father wore a black stripped suit.  They smiled at him and waved goodbye as they got into their black Toyota Camry.  Little did he know at that time, it would be the last time he would ever see his biological parents again.  He was told they had died instantly in a horrific car accident on their way to the party.  The Toyota Camry had spun out of control when a speeding car heading in the opposite direction veered too far to the left as it made the left curve bend.  The Camry slammed into a tree while the other car slid into a light pole.  It was later found that the driver of the other car had been drunk.  There were no survivors.


Naina laggeyan baarishan

Hanju digde ne chot lage dil te

[My eyes are raining, tears fall and my heart aches]

Naina laggeyan baarishan

Rut birha de badlan di chha gayi

[My eyes are raining as the season of dark clouds and separation approaches]

He was only seven at that time and was in complete disbelief and extremely confused.  Any child his age would have given the same reaction.  Things seemed to happen so fast after that as he was delivered to a distant relative on his father's side.  The men in black seemed so rigid and uncaring as they ordered him to stay with his Aunt Kuljeet, a woman he had never seen before in his life.  His aunt smiled politely at the men in black and gave sympathetic reassurances that he would be well taken care of, which turned out to be all lies.  Two weeks of misery followed as she argued with her husband over the finances in front of Prem letting him know how much of a burden he was to their family.  There was just no way they could afford to feed another mouth.  His cousins continued to treat him as an outcast forcing him to do their chores and constantly made fun of his attire.  He wore their hand-me-downs which where two sizes too big for his skinny form.  He never ate dinner with the family as he was always ordered to his room and had to wait until after they had finished eating.  He was usually served whatever was left over which generally wasn't much.

Kaali kaali khaali raaton se hone lagi...hai dosti

[I have started to become friends with dark and empty nights]

Khoya khoya in raahon mein ab mera kuch bhi nahi...

[Lost in these paths, nothing belongs to me anymore]

Then one day he was awaken extremely early in the morning and told to pack.  He was going on a trip.  He wondered why his cousins weren't being wakened to come on this trip with them.  He recalled his uncle's demeanor and the way his eyes shifted as if he was afraid to look at him when he asked that question.  His aunt told some story that the trip was a special one that only she and he were taking.  It wasn't until Kuljeet had unceremoniously dropped him off in front of a large brick house after an eight hour drive did he realized the reason and behavior of his uncle.  He was ashamed of what they were about to do to him. 

Har pal her lamha, main kaise sehta hoon~

[I don't how I endure each passing moment]

Har pal her lamha main khud se yeh kehta rehta hoon

[I keep telling myself over and over again]

Greg and Jennifer Foster were a middle age couple that had the misfortunate of being unable to bare children of their own.  They could have adopted and built their own family, but opted instead to become foster parents; willing to house needy children until proper families were located for them to be adopted into.  Their love for children knew no bonds, nor the generosity in their hearts.  In some ways it was a blessing that Prem had been dropped off at their doorstep.  But after the experiences Prem had with his Aunt Kuljeet he was afraid to trust anyone again.  He purposely acted out doing all sorts of mischief.  He also wanted to show how tough he was so the other foster children wouldn't dare tease or mess with him.  The Fosters understood as they had experienced such reactions from some of the children that had passed through their care before.  They knew in time Prem would adjust and that he really wasn't as bad as he tried to be. 

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Phir kyun teri yaadon ne

[Then why have your memories]

Mujhe rula diya, oh

[Made me cry, oh]

Mujhe rula diya...

[Made me cry...]

Prem shifted his head to the side when he felt a gentle tapping on his arm bringing him out of his memories.  The curly haired boy offered his napkin and pointed towards his mouth indicating he had some sauce on the side.  Prem grinned and graciously accepted the napkin and began wiping his mouth.  The curly haired boy smiled brightly and dug through his pockets offering a one Euro coin.  Prem shook his head and then realized that he forgot to purchase some drinks.  He motioned for the boy to hold his food while he went to buy them something to quench their thirst.  Prem came back from the vendor with two soda cans and opened one for the boy who immediately took a sip.  The boy accidentally tipped the can too forward and spilled some of the sticky liquid out.  Prem took a handful of napkins out of his pocket and help wipe the boy's face and jacket. 


As he did this his mind was triggered with another memory but this time of his adopted mother Kulraj.  It was the first week in his new home.  He really couldn't believe that he had suddenly now become part of a family with a mother, a father, and a new puppy.  He was still rather uneasy about the whole thing but Leher, who had by then become his friend, reassured him that everything was going to work out.  No one was going to leave him again.  Kulraj was fixing him lunch and he wasn't in a mood to socialize and get to know this woman who was by all legal standing his new guardian.  He couldn't fathom why she wanted him in the first place when he had spilled water all over her husband when they had come over to meet with the Fosters to discuss a possible adoption of one of the kids in the house.

Kulraj had made him a turkey sandwich and some fries to go with it.  Even though Prem loved French fries he resisted the urge to eat them and purposely picked at his food pretending he wasn't hungry.  He wondered why everything that his new mother was cooking were things he liked eating.  She never asked him what he liked and he never told her.  He had a sneaking suspicion that Leher was telling his adopted mother all his favorite foods.  There had been a number of occasions when she came over after school to play, he would walk into a room and they would suddenly stop talking in front of him.  He found it extremely odd.  His will-power to reject everything that was being served to him for lunch was weakened when he saw Kulraj pour him a small glass of soda.  His eyes immediately lit which had not gone unnoticed by his new mother.  He tried his best to pretend again as the glass was set in front of him.  He casted his eyes downward concentrating on the fine wood grain of the kitchen table.  Kulraj gave a gentle smile and turned back towards the stove to clean up.  When Prem was sure she wasn't watching him he took the glass in his hands and began to quickly down the soda.  In his eagerness he accidentally spilled half the contents on himself and his clothes.  He looked up in alarm as she suddenly saw Kulraj by his side.  Instead of being angry she was laughing heavily, a mirthful twinkle in her brown eyes as she wiped his clothes with a paper towel.  She affectionately roughed his hair and told him there was plenty stocked in the pantry.  Within that one moment something change inside of him as he gave her his first smile and began eating the food she had served him.  It wasn't long before he developed a strong bond with Kulraj Deshmukh, the woman who he would eventually call his Mom with all his heart.   But as with all good things in his life he discovered they always seem to leave him.  When Prem had received the news of his Mom's death he was in a middle of an important assignment in Morocco.  Preet had broken protocol to send him the message.  Prem wanted to leave but he couldn't and thus was unable to attend his Mom's funeral.  If she hadn't died he would be at home celebrating her 49th birthday today. 

Khuda mila joy eh fasla hai

Khuda tera hi yeh faisle hai

Khuda hona tha who ho gaya, jo tune tha likha...

[Lord, this distance (I've) got.

God, it's only your decision

God, it has happened, that you had written...]


To Be Continued on 2nd Post...Just Below Smile

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Continuation: Part 2


Heer sighed as she poked at her lunch with her fork.  "You okay?"  She lifted her head and smiled at her co-worker who entered the break room.  "Hey Liz.  Yea, I'm fine."


"That didn't sound so happy," Liz answered.


"Heh...I'm going to Paris tomorrow," Heer said.


"Paris?!  You're going to Paris and you are depressed?" Liz exclaimed.  "The food, the fashion, the art, and of course the's suppose to be the most romantic city.  You should be excited."


"I know, but not when Jack Dupont is going to be there."


"Oohhh..." Liz reflected, "but hey you're Dad's going to be there right?"


"I can't follow him around all day.  He has his own conference to go to.  I just pray that Jack isn't in my group.  I can't stand him...all he does is talk and boast about this and that and acts like a complete know-it-all...ehhhh...and he's a complete jerk too!"  Heer noticed the alarmed expression drawn on Liz's face and looked down to see how she had speared her salad into tiny pieces with her fork.  Heer gave a sheepish grin and put her fork down.


"Easy fix Heer," Liz soothed as she sat across from her, "just find some cute guy to sit next to during the art conference and follow him around.  You're intelligent, beautiful, and have a bubbly guy can turn you down."


"I guess so," Heer sighed.


"Stop sighing and be positive.  Who knows you may find your prince charming there...or at least one for the week."


"Lizzz!" Heer gasped understanding what she was alluding to.


"It's Paris, Heer...the city of does strange things to people.  So if you have never had a one night stand before I say that's the place to do it."  Heer shook her head and gave a horrified look while her friend just grinned.  "You never know.  So never say never," Liz continued to tease.


The great Austrian city, Vienna was asleep as the soft pitter-patter of rain fell from the clouds soaking the barren trees and autumn leaf covered grounds.  The chill air turned into an even icier temperature as the season of winter announced that it had come to stay.  Prem lay staring up at the ceiling of his hotel room wide awake.  He had received orders after he had gotten back from dinner to report to Paris for one final mission to complete before his transfer request would be granted.  He sighed and rolled to his side.  He knew having that cup of coffee at the cafe would come back to haunt him.  Prem eventually sat up and gathered the white bed sheet putting it around his shoulders and shuddered at how cold it had gotten.  He got up from bed and went to go find the thermostat to turn up the heat.  After doing so he sat in the chair by the window and watched as the rain drops fell against the window pane like tears streaking downward.  He took a deep breath and felt that bittersweet nostalgic feeling rising within his chest again.  The events at the park that afternoon were replaying in his mind sparking his own memories of his childhood.        

Kaali kaali khaali raaton se hone lagi...hai dosti

[I have started to become friends with dark and empty nights]

Khoya khoya in raahon mein ab mera kuch bhi nahi...

[Lost in these paths, nothing belongs to me anymore]

Har pal her lamha, main kaise sehta hoon~

[I don't how I endure each passing moment]

Har pal her lamha main khud se yeh kehta rehta hoon

[I keep telling myself over and over again]



An orange and black stripped basketball bounced up and down on the asphalt blacktop of Fairview Elementary School's outdoor basketball court.  Prem practiced his dribbling skills trying to understand how to control the ball like the professional players he watched on television.  He shuffled along the blacktop watching the ball go up and down while his hands kept in pace.  Prem turned his body around and unfortunately lost his momentum as the basketball bounced off the tip of his sneakers and rolled away.  He chased it down and just when he was within reach of it a pair of hands snatched it from his view.  Prem glanced upward and swallowed hard as he saw three tall 4th graders staring at him.


"Hey Juneja so did you find a Mom and Dad yet?" the taller of the three boys asked.


"Yeah right Gavin, who would want to adopt him?" the shorter of the three laughed.


"Hey Kurt, didn't his friend Tony finally get adopted?" the heftier of the three replied.


"Yup, into a fifthly rich family, Dustin.  He's going to be moving to California," Kurt said.


"You must be jealous," Gavin smirked.


"No one wants a troublemaker like Juneja anyways...he scares everyone away," Dustin replied.


"It's probably because he doesn't take a shower and stinks up the whole house," Kurt laughed.


"He's stupid and stinky...I bet he's going to be living with the Fosters forever.  There have already been three adoptions since Juneja came...and not one single couple has ever requested for Juneja," Gavin smirked.


"Shut up!  Give me my basketball back," Prem sternly demanded.


"Or what?  You going to cry home to Mommy and Daddy...oh wait you don't have any," Gavin teased while the other two laughed.  He then began passing the ball around with the other two boys as Prem ran to and fro seeing if he could try to catch the ball in mid air.  It was all in vain as he was just too short to reach.  The older boys knew it and purposely teased him of that fact.


"I said give it back!" Prem shouted and tried to forcefully take it away. 


"Go away you little runt," Kurt yelled as he pushed him.


Prem stumbled to the ground causing the boys to laugh even more.  He winched in pain at how his elbows had scraped against the rough surface of the basketball court.  Prem got up with a determined look in his eyes and charged after Gavin as the boys continued to make fun of him.  He kicked with all his might making hard contact on Gavin's shin.  Gavin yelped in pain and then ordered Kurt and Dustin to grab him.  Prem tried to run away but they were able to successfully catch him.  Kurt and Dustin held each of his arms forcing him to stand up straight while Gavin stood in front of him.   


"Stop moving around!" Gavin ordered.


"Never!" Prem yelled back with a snarl.


"Dude, Gavin, let's just leave him," Dustin replied as he twisted Prem's arm trying to stop him from thrashing.


"Not until I get my payback," Gavin said.  Prem slumped to the ground as Kurt and Dustin had immediately dropped him the minute Gavin had punched him in the face.  "Serves you right," he smirked and began walking off the basketball court with his two friends.


"Oh here's your precious ball," Kurt replied as he tossed it into the far corner of the basketball court causing the other two boys to laugh.


Prem just laid on the ground in a daze for a few minutes.  His eyes slowly adjusted and saw a face hovering over him.  He blinked and stared up at the concern hazel eyes looking back at him.  "What do you want?" he asked roughly as sat up and wiped his eyes trying to hide the tears that had fallen.  He didn't want Leher to know that he had been crying.


"Here's your basketball," Leher softly replied stretching her hands out showing it to him. 


Prem didn't say anything and just grabbed it from her.  He then walked off the basketball court deciding to head home.  His bottom lip was hurting causing him to tenderly touch it to see if it was bleeding.  Just as he had thought, it was.  He furrowed his eyebrows as he felt like he was being followed and glanced behind him.  Leher stood a few feet behind him carrying her backpack.  "Why are you following me?" he barked.


"This is the same way to my house," Leher answered.  Without a word Prem swiftly turned around and began walking again realizing she was telling the truth.  He had walked passed her house every morning on his way to school.  Leher gently stared at Prem's back and watched how his hair flopped up and down as he walked.  She had seen everything that had happened to him back at the basketball court.  She was in complete shock at finding out that he was an orphan.  She still hated how he treated her but the way the older boys were picking on him was so unnecessary.  She was prepared to find a teacher but luckily the boys left Prem alone after only one hit.  Her eyes softened as she recalled how Prem looked laying on the blacktop his mouth bleeding and tears in his eyes.  She could only imagine the pain he was in; not from the fight but the fact that he had no one to call Mom and Dad.  She knew a little about that feeling of not having a parental figure around.  It was because of her father's work that she and her mother were living alone in this new town.  At least her father was still alive and around unlike Prem whose parents were gone.  It was something she couldn't even began to truly comprehend.


As they neared her house Leher felt the sudden urge to stop him from walking back to his foster parent's house.  She had this distinct feeling that he would try to hide his wound instead of properly taking care of it and would end up making things worse for himself.  "Wait..." she called out.  Prem turned around wondering what she wanted.  "Um, do you want a popsicle?  We have the Marvel Superheroes kind...Iron Man Strawberry Kiwi-Cherry-Lemon, Spider-Man Strawberry Kiwi-Cherry-Raspberry, and The Incredible Hulk Strawberry Kiwi-Green Apple-Grape." 


Prem stared at her with a confused expression on his face.  How was it that a girl like her had Marvel comic superheroes popsicles?  Leher didn't know if it was good thing that he had suddenly turned mute.  "Just wait here and I'll get you one," she said with a rather pleading look and ran inside her house.  Leher scrambled into the kitchen and took a step stool to reach the shelf where the popsicles were sitting in the freezer.  She grabbed a Spider-Man popsicle for herself and a Iron Man popsicle for Prem.  She had seen Prem wear an Iron Man shirt before and figured he would probably enjoy having that flavor.  She hurriedly opened the front door afraid that she had made Prem wait too long and he had given up and left.  She was surprised to see him sitting down on the sidewalk curb in front of her house waiting patiently.  "I have Iron Man and Spider-Man," she said as she sat down next to him.  "Which one you want?"


"Iron Man," Prem replied.  Leher grinned that she had been correct about his choice.  Prem raised his eyebrows perplexed at why she was smiling.  "You're strange you know that?"


"What do you mean by that?" Leher asked as she began licking her popsicle.


"I've been really mean to you and you're giving me a popsicle to eat," Prem said as he opened the covering of his popsicle packet.  He gently placed the cool icy treat in his mouth and began sucking.  He found that it was giving a cool healing sensation where his lip was bloody.  He pondered a bit and then tenderly placed the popsicle against his bottom lip for a few seconds enjoying how it felt.  Leher secretly glanced sideways at him with a happy smile that her plan had worked.


"I just thought you would like one," Leher simply replied.


"Um, thanks," Prem muttered.  They sat there in silence for a few minutes eating their popsicles.  Prem rubbed the side of his face with his index finger wondering how much if anything did Leher see of the fight.  "So um, Pumpkin what exactly did you see back there?"


Leher hated the nickname he had given her and the harsh tone he always used when calling her but today it was different, a little softer.  She didn't really know how to respond because she really didn't want to get him upset or make him feel ashamed.  "My Mama and I live alone because Papa is always working.  I never see him...he never comes home," she simply divulged. 


Prem stopped licking his popsicle confused as to why she was telling him this.  "Well, I wouldn't know anything about that.  I don't have a Papa or a Mama," he answered.  Leher forced herself to look straight completely surprised that he had just told her what he told her.  Prem was also bewildered as to why he was freely giving up this information to a girl he supposedly hated.  He mused maybe it was because she gave him a popsicle that he felt like he had to be nice to her or something like that.


"I'll pray that you get them," Leher replied.  Prem flexed his eyebrows astonished that she would do something like that for him after the way he had treated her.  "We do puja every morning and I'll ask God to send you a Papa and a Mama."


"It's no use nobody wants me," Prem sourly said.  "I'm really bad."


"Well then stop being bad," Leher advised.


"People use to treat me bad so I have to be bad so people will leave me alone," Prem stated.


"People?" Leher repeated with concern.


"My Aunt Kuljeet and my cousins...they didn't have room for me so my Aunt Kuljeet dropped me off at the Fosters."  The minute he finished his sentence he regretted telling Leher so much about himself.  He had never told this to anyone even his closets male friends but here he was telling everything to a girl classmate he had only known for a month.  Prem quickly got up and announced, "I'm going.  Thanks for the popsicle."


"Do you want to stay over for dinner?"  Prem stopped in mid-stride surprised by that question.  All he kept thinking was that Leher was one really strange girl.  Leher bit her bottom lip staring at his back wondering if she had perhaps crossed her limit for the day.


"Um, won't your Mom mind?"


"She cooks a lot of food.  She won't mind," Leher said.  "Come on."


Prem didn't know why he was even accepting this offer.  Maybe it was because she had given him his basketball back or that her family was Indian.  It had been a really long time since he had real Indian food.  He pondered as he followed Leher into her home what kind of cook her mother was and hoped that she cooked things he liked.


"Mama, is it okay if Prem stays over for dinner?" Leher asked as she entered the kitchen.


Teji had her back turned facing the counter chopping some vegetables.  She smiled at her daughter's request.  She had seen the two of them sitting on the sidewalk eating popsicles and assumed they had sort of patched up.  She recalled how the first day of school Leher had come home crying insisting that she didn't want to go back because of Prem.  He had teased her and gave her the nickname, Pumpkin.  Teji knew these types of things occurred all the time in school especially at their age and it would eventually work itself out.  "That's fine, but we should call Mr. and Mrs. Foster and let them know," Teji replied.  Prem stood stunned wondering how Leher's mother knew about his foster parents.  Teji had run into Mrs. Foster a few weeks back at the supermarket and had started chatting.  She had found out a lot about Prem and how he came to be placed at the Fosters.  It saddened her heart that he had to go through so much at such a young age.  She was secretly hoping that Prem and her daughter would eventually become friend for she felt they shared a common bond.  Leher was living without a father and Prem was living without both.  Leher was still new to this whole experience while Prem hadn't had the ability to make peace with his past and let go.  Teji felt like they could help each other find their way through this obstacle that life had given them.  "Let me go make that phone call right now," Teji said and turned around.  She immediately gasped as her eyes landed on Prem's face.  "Oh dear, what happened?"


Prem looked uncomfortable as Teji took his face in her hands to inspect his wound.  "Nothing happened, um, he just fall and hit a pole," Leher replied lying for him.  She had a feeling that he didn't want anyone to know that he had been in a fight.


"Well, why didn't you tell me?" Teji asked her daughter in a stern voice.  "We have to get this cleaned up and put ice on it so the swelling will go down."


"Um, she tired Mrs. Singh but I told her I was okay," Prem said defending Leher.        


-----------------------------*~*End of Flashback*~*-------------------------------


To Be Continued in 3rd Post...Just Below Embarrassed

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Continuation: Part 3


Prem was brought back to the present as the soft petals of rain that had been falling started to harden and bang angrily against the building.  Prem sniffled and realized he was crying.  The memories that had been haunting him lately were during the hardest times of his life when he didn't have anyone.  He had promised himself he wouldn't remember them but after hearing about the death of his Mom, Kulraj it seemed to have opened the flood gates. 

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Phir kyun teri yaadon ne

[Then why have your memories]

Mujhe rula diya, oh

[Made me cry, oh]

Mujhe rula diya...

[Made me cry...]

Prem stood up from the chair and walked closer to the window.  He stared out into the dark night feeling a throbbing loneliness in his heart.  He wished he didn't have to go to Paris tomorrow but he was a Federal agent and his duty was to fulfill his mission for his country because his country needed him and requested it.  He heaved a heavy sigh and closed his eyes letting the droplets that had formed behind his eyes fall. 

Naina laggeyan baarishan

Tu sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye

[My eyes are raining and even my arid dreams have become soaked]


Naina laggeyan baarishan

Rut birha de badlan di chha gayi

[My eyes are raining as the season of dark clouds and separation approaches]


He couldn't understand why God was doing this to him.  Why he couldn't just go home.  He hadn't spoken to his Dad, Kiran Deshmukh since he had heard the news and wanted to make sure he was okay.  He felt guilty for the way he had behaved.  He had thrown himself into his work and picked up another assignment immediately heading to Brazil after his Morocco assignment had ended.  It was as if he was trying to rationalize his decision for not going back home because he had already missed the funeral.  He thought it was best to keep his mind busy.  But he wasn't in the best mental condition as he found out when he saw an innocent child die because of his poor actions.  His teammates told him there was nothing he could have done but he knew if his head had been cleared he would have figured a way.  The truth was he hardly had a moment to himself to properly come to terms with the fact that his Mom was no longer alive.  Now alone in a hotel room amidst a dark and rainy night he was finally mourning the death of his Mom. 


Prem placed his hand against the cold window pane and felt the chill enter his body.  He was alone again in his life.  It seemed he was back to where he was years ago and he wondered would he ever meet someone like Leher again.  He gave a gentle smile as the image of his best friend dance across his mind.  He recalled after the popsicle incident how he began hanging out at her house more and more after school and even sometimes during the weekends.  He told her it was because he liked her mother's cooking which was true but he had found a strange peace when he was in Leher's presence.  It was because of her he got new parents.  All those prayers she said for him really did come true.  Everything in his life seemed to be going right he had Leher's friendship and the parental love from new parents.  But then abruptly Leher had to leave him.   

Dol pal tujh se juda tha,

Aise phir rasta muda tha,

Tujh se main khone laga,

Juda jaise hone laga,

Mujh se...kuch mera

[For two moments I was attached to you

Then the path was turned as such

I started to lose you

It felt like I was losing something of mine from me]


Prem curled his fingers against the cold window pane and closed his eyes as flashes of precious moments he had spent with Leher scrolled through his mind.  He had despised her at first, came to understand her, and then strongly valued her for who she was.  She was his best friend and their relationship sat close to his heart.  He wondered where she was and if she still remembered him the way he remembered her.  Was she still praying for him like she promised she would on the day that she left?  He needed her prayers now more than ever. 


Tu hi mera liye ab kar dua,

Tu hi is dard se kar de juda,

Tera hoke tera jo main na rah,

Main yeh khud se kehta hoon,

[Now you must pray for me

Only you can free me from all this pain

Beings yours, if I am no longer yours, I say this to myself]


The digital face of the radio alarm silently changed from 5:59am to 6:00am.  The alarm blared loudly jerking Prem backwards in shock as he open his eyes.  He quickly turned it off and took a deep breath trying to shake the depressing mood he had allowed himself to succumb too.  He grabbed a fresh change of clothes and headed for the bathroom to freshen up.  In a few short hours he would be stepping on a plane flying to Paris to begin his new assignment.  He silently told himself that he was not going to go back to those old memories.  He had spent enough time wallowing.  He had to think positive thoughts like Leher had taught him.  He had a mission to focus on.


Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Tujhe bhula diya, oh

[I have forgotten you, oh]

Phir kyun teri yaadon ne

[Then why have your memories]

Mujhe rula diya, oh

[Made me cry, oh]

Mujhe rula diya...

[Made me cry...]



Tujhe Bhula Diya - Anjaana Anjaani

*Credit Lyrics and Translation to TheLyricsFun on Youtube

Okay so that was probably pretty depressing.  Sorry guys.  But on the brightside you now know Prem and Heer are both going to be in are they going to meet is the question and what will be their reactions?  Will Prem and Heer recognize each other?


And I know that the song Tujhe Bhula Diya was used as a more romantic lost of love type of song but I thought it could also be used to show Prem's past and his relationship with his biological parents, his adopted mother, and Heer/ he's had so many haunting, painful, and bittersweet memories that he's tried to hide but can't because of the recent events of his life. 


Don't worry Prem's not going to be all suicidal and depress in the coming chapters...I'll make sure to include fun and masti moments.  After all his Pumpkin is going to come back into his life Wink

Thanks so much for reading!  That's all for this week.

Oh, this is the PM List I've gathered from the responses/likes from the Character Sketch responses:









































If you don't see your name on the list and would like to be added please leave a Post Telling Me So and I will add you. 

If you don't want to be on the PM list anymore just reply to my PM telling me you don't want to be PMed and I'll take you off the list.

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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Unrserved--- Awww....poor Prem....bless i feel sooooo sorry for him....he went through sooo much....he got bullied n all....dnt worry Prem u will be seeing ur Pumpkin again soon (I hope) n u will surely get together again.
Thnx for such a long update n thnx for the PM.

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awasome start............................congrats for another FF and plz add me too in pm list.............

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add me also plz..!!!!

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