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Chai's Teahouse of Random Ramblings Thread

Welcome to Chai's Teahouse.  This is where you will find all my creative fan writing works.  I'm a Chinese American who happens to love watch Bollywood films and Indian TV serials.  My friends introduced me to Kasamh Se and Saath Phere first and well I guess you can say the rest was history.  But Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil is the first serial I actually watched from start to finish.  Every now and then I play around with writing stories.  I've really taken to the Kis Desh characters so I us them often when writing.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something you like.  Do's a real motivator for me to write more Big smile

- Fanfic -

All the Wrong Moves In All the Right Ways

(click on the link above to go to the thread)

Type: College/20's Romance and Comedy

Setting: Canada, US, India

Characters: Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil characters and some cameo character appearances from other Balaji TV serials...and of course some new and made up characters.

Storyline:  Prem and Heer have a series of eventful encounters...a friendship slowly begins to blossom...complications arises testing their trust in each other...will they survive or be torn apart?

No copyright infringement intended.  I do not own the characters but storylines are my own.


- One Shots - 

The Ski Trip (Premeer)

Limits of the Heart (Premeer)


- Single Shots (Short Stories) -

Consider these stories as single shots with no more than 25 chapters at most.
  Kis Desh characters will take on new avatars so don't expect the same old same old but love, romance, and masti will always be present Big smile


Shot A: Pee Loon (Premeer) ~[Completed]~

*Credit Banner to Xxcoolchick1xX (Preeti)

Absolutely loved the song and it really inspired me to write something. 

*credits lyrics and video to TheDhan123

Type: Spicy Romantic Drama/Comedy

Setting: US

Characters: Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil characters and some new and made up characters

Storyline: This shot will explore what happens to two people who meet again after some time after their breakup.  What grudges are held, what issues still linger, and can someone possibly forgive.  Will there be a rekindling of the relationship or is it the final goodbye? (a more modern take on relationships) 

No copyright infringement intended.  I do not own the characters but storylines are my own.

Part 1: Faded Memories (page 1)

Part 2: Rescue (page 5)

Part 3: The First of Many (page 6)

Part 4: Call Waiting (page 8)

Part 5: Birthday Wishes (page 9)

Part 6: The Great Leap (page 11)

Part 7: Trust (page 13)

Part 8: Forgiveness (page 16)

Part 9: Faith (page 18)

Part 10: Love (page 22)

Part 11: Cutting All Ties (page 24)

Part 12: The Next Step (page 26)

Part 13: Examinations (page 29)

Part 14: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands (page 32)

Part 15: Impressions (page 33)

Part 16: What It All Means (page 36)

Part 17: Firecrackers (page 39)

Part 18: Two Times the Surprise (page 42)

Part 19: One Plus One Equals Four? (page 44)

Part 20: These Are the Moments (page 51)

Part 21: Parenthood (page 54)

Part 22: Thankful (page 60)

Part 23: To Drink - Part A (page 62)

Part 24: To Drink - Part B (page 64)

Epilogue (page 66)

Shot B: At First Sight
[Currently in Progress]

*Credit Banner to Xxcoolchick1xX (Preeti)

Love this song and it is my main inspiration for this story.

*credits lyrics and video to TheLyricsFun

Type: Action-Spy/Romance

Setting: US, Europe, India, and various places around the World

Characters: Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil characters and some new and made up characters.

Storyline: Prem loses his parents at the tender age of seven and is forced into foster care.  His mischievous and rebellious ways hide a deep pain that no one sees or understands.  But one day Prem meets Heer and everything begins to change in his life.  At first the two can't stand each other but eventually a deep and caring bond of friendship develop between them.  They're able to share their secrets and dreams with each other.  Unaware to Prem, Heer begins to secretly develop feelings for him.  However, on the day that Heer almost tells him how she feels fate steps in and separates the two.  14 years later Prem is working for the CIA in the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) in covert operations.  Tired, worn, and burned out from the recent events in his life he puts in a request to withdraw from active field work.  But before he can leave he is asked to complete one final mission unaware that it will bring him back to face his past and his childhood friend.  This time around will Heer be able to tell him what she's been holding in all those years?  What secrets and lies will be uncovered?  This is a story about friendship, faith, and love of the purest form. 

No copyright infringement intended.  I do not own the characters but storylines are my own.

Character Sketches (page 55)

Mission 1: A Trip Down Memory Lane (page 69)

Mission 2: The End Is Only the Beginning (page 72)

Mission 3: Even the Best Laid Plans Go Wrong (page 76)

Mission 4: Pairs, the City of Love (page 79)

Mission 5: For You - Part A (page 81)

Mission 6: For You - Part B (page 84)

Mission 7: Peaceful Soul (page 88)

Mission 8: Miscommunication of the Heart and Mind (page 92)

Mission 9: Slowly and Secretly (page 95)

Mission 10: The Pact Between Hearts - Part A (page 98)

Mission 11: The Pact Between Hearts - Part B (page 101)

Mission 12: Hurt So Good (page 103)

Mission 13: Bittersweet Realities (page 105)

Mission 14: Traveling (page 108)

Mission 15: Meeting New Acquaintances (page 110)

Mission 16: Fade Away (page 113)

Mission 17: Shattered (page 116)

Mission 18: The Melody of the Heart (page 118)

Mission 19: Just Can't Get Enough (page 123)

Mission 20: Masquerade of the Mind (page 128)

Mission 21: A Question of Loyalty (page 131)

Mission 22: Truth, Lies, and Deception (page 136)

Mission 23: I'll Be There (page 139)

Mission 24: Speaking of the Future (page 143)

Mission 25: Homecoming (page 146)

Mission 26: (coming soon)

The rest of the chapters can be found in Chai's Teahouse Thread II

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At First Sight


Finished SS:

Pee Loon ~PM LIST~









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continue soon
add me to pm list Wink

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Part 1: Faded Memories


Heer Maan was giddy with excitement as she sat in the passenger seat of the jet black Honda Accord.  The flashing city lights that passed before her eyes never looked as inviting as they did tonight for some strange reason.  Perhaps it was because he was taking her on a special date, a surprise date and she was eager to find out where they were going.  She glanced at him his handsome features looking even more defined in his crisp suit.  His square rimmed glasses were high on the bridge of his sharp nose.  When he smiled he had the cutest dimples that would make any one want to pinch his cheeks.  He was her prince charming or the hidden one that she never knew had existence had it not been for that disastrous night four years ago.  That was when she had realized how good of a friend he was.  He was there to support her through one of the toughest times in her life and without him she never would have survived.  He taught her how to laugh again, have fun again, and most importantly love again.  He had restored her confidence in herself and the world around her.  He was her knight in shining armor, Raj Malhotra.     


As the car stopped at the stoplight Heer impulsively placed a kiss on his cheek causing him to turn and smile, "What was that for?"


"Oh no reason really," Heer grinned.  "Just felt like it."


"You're not trying to get the secret out of me are you...where we are going tonight?" Raj teased.


She flexed her eyebrows, "No, but if that's the way I can give you more."


"Sorry not going to work!" he laughed.  Heer pouted slightly but placed another kiss on his cheek anyways.  "Thank you."


"You're welcome," she smiled. 


Fifteen minutes later they finally arrived at their destination.  Raj pulled the car into the parking lot and left it on idle as the valet took over.  "So Miss Maan," he asked as he gave his arm for her to link it with.  "What do you think?"  Heer looked up at the stone building and instantly recognized the faade.  There was a huge odd shaped red sign hung crookedly on purpose over the front door with the words Rue55.  Heer felt a slight twinge in the pit of her stomach that radiated out to the palm of her hands.  Of all the places she thought he just had to choose this one to surprise her with.


He had brought her there once on their third date.  It had recently opened and he wanted to check it out.  He was quite a foodie always on the lookout for the next best restaurant or exotic food item to try.  He spread no expense then again he could afford it despite being raised by a single parent.  His late father, Lalit was a successful business tycoon and had made millions on real estate, oil, hotels, and the stocks before his untimely death.  Though Lalit had come from old money he thrived in the wheeling and dealing of the business world and he never thought of just sitting at home spending away his ancestors' monies.  Lalit instilled the same values of hard work and discipline into his son and by now Heer reasoned was a successful architect.


"Heer?" Raj called noticing her slightly dazed expression. 


"Oh, sorry," Heer replied shrugging off her memories.  "It looks great," she smiled as she took one last look at the sign before they entered the restaurant.  Heer knew it would be stupid of her to run away from the place.  She wasn't going to allow some memory she had of their time together chase her away.  After all it had happened such a long time ago.  She wasn't going to allow him to haunt her for the rest of her life.  In fact she couldn't remember the last time she had thought about him.  She smiled inwardly to herself content to let those old memories just fade away.


Heer and Raj followed the matre d' to their table and sat down.  A waiter immediate came and filled their waters and gave them in run down on the specials.  He then left them with the menu and wine list to decide what they wanted.  Heer browsed through the menu and gasped at the prices.  "Raj..." she said rather worriedly.  "It's so expensive."


He smiled, "Don't worry.  I saved up so I could take you here.  Should we order some wine?"


Heer pursed the wine list and was taken back again to the time she had been there with him.  He had ordered himself a glass of wine and then allowed her to sip from his glass when no one was looking.  The legal drinking age in the States was 21.  She was at the time the tender age of 19 while he had just turned 24.  They had met at a fund raising function at college that they called The Lockout.  Participants were required to dance the whole night through in the locked university ballroom.  They weren't allowed to leave until the 24 hours were up and the doors were unlocked.   If a participant stopped dancing he was out and how every many hours he danced was the amount of money he raised.  Needless to say by hour 10 they were both exhausted that they couldn't continue.  They spent the rest of the night just talking and getting to know one another.   "It's okay I don't need any wine," Heer replied.


"But you love wine," Raj said.


"Not tonight," she smiled.


"Okay, if you don't want any...mind if I have a glass?" he asked.  "I'd love to try this Riesling they have."


"Knock yourself out," she replied.


"No stealing later," he teased causing her to laugh.


The meal went smoothly and despite her temptation to sneak a drink at the Riesling Raj order she controlled herself.  As they waited for the waiter to clear their plates and offer them the dessert menu Raj gently hand Heer's hand in his.  "So have you put any more thought into what I asked?"


"About moving in together?" Heer replied rather hesitantly.  He squeezed her hand and flashed a smile; his dimples brightly showing themselves to her.  She knew he was trying to use his dimple charm on her to make her say yes to the idea.  She knew Raj loved her with all his heart and she loved him but a part of her couldn't shake the nagging feeling of what if their relationship didn't work out.  She would have left a perfectly good apartment and be stranded homeless for a good month or two while she hunted for a new one.  "Can I have some more time?"


Raj sighed, "Okay.  But better make up your mind soon otherwise I'll just have to ask the next big question."  Heer arched her eyebrow at him wondering what he meant.  "Marriage," he smiled.  Heer's eyes automatically widen in surprise.  "That way there's no getting around this issue.  You'll be stuck with me and our home.  You know till death do us part."


"Raj, don't joke about stuff like that," Heer answered.


"Who says I'm joking?  We've been dating for two years now.  We're committed to each other so it's either move in together or marriage," Raj explained.


Heer looked up and was never more relieved to see the waiter walking towards them to clear away the dishes.  Raj removed his hand from her hand and leaned back to take a drink of water.  "I'll be back with the dessert menu very shortly," the waiter said and then left.


"Sorry Heer, the office just called," Raj said apologetically as he looked at his buzzing Blackberry.  "Two minutes?  It's probably that report I need for the project."  Heer nodded giving him permission to leave the table.  He gave her a quick kiss on the check and went to the front of the house near the bar.


Heer glanced up at the front of the house near the greeting booth and sat stunned for a few minutes.  She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she stared at a man wearing a black suit entering the dining area.  The dark brown hair, piercing brown eyes, and chisel chin were unmistakably his.  He hadn't changed at all; she could tell by his build that he was still fit and muscular as ever.  Next to him was a tall and slender woman who Heer recognized immediately as his fiance or was at the time they broke up and by now probably his wife.  She tried scrunching low in her chair and covering her face with her hand in an utterly useless attempt to hide.  Heer sat there thinking would it really look that bad if she just slipped underneath the table and hide behind the table cloth.


"Heer Maan?  Is that really you?" a female voice called out.


She dropped her hand and smiled politely at the greeter embarrassed that she got caught.  "Hi Roshni."


"You're looking wonderful.  Have you done something with your hair?" she asked.


"Um, no...nothing different.  It's straight like it's always been," Heer replied. 


"Oh," Roshni responded.  She turned toward her partner and put her arms around his, "Prem, aren't you going to say hello to your old friend."


Heer found herself barely being able to look at his face.  The anger and resentment that she never had the chance to express that night four years ago was swelling to the surface.  She clenched her fists trying to calm herself so she wouldn't make a scene in front of all the other diners.


"Hi," Prem robotically greeted.  Heer glanced at him briefly which made her even more upset at his almost stoic like behavior.  Then again what exactly did she expect from him; to act all lovely-dovey in front of her with his wife?  Prem sensed the tension coming from Heer and suggested to Roshni, "We should probably go to our table."


She smiled at him and then addressed Heer, "Well, it was really nice running into you again.  Now that we're back in town we should definitely meet up and catch up."  Prem gave a hard stare at Roshni wondering why she'd have to go that far.


Heer just sat there and politely smiled not saying anything.  When the couple left she exhaled loudly feeling completely drained from the interaction.   At that moment Raj reappeared and looked at her with concern, "Are you okay?"


"Yea, I just need to use the ladies room, excuse me," she said.


Heer stood there in front of the sink splashing water on her face trying to calm herself down.  She grabbed a paper towel and wiped her face and neck trying to soak in some of the cool freshness of the water but her heated mind wouldn't let her enjoy the moment.  "The audacity of that jerk just showing up like that...on my date...why did he have to show up when I was here?  I just want to ring his neck.  And all he could say was Hi...Hi?...what did he mean by Hi?"  The sound of a flushing toilet brought her out of her reverie and she realized she had been shouting and talking to herself out loud in the ladies' restroom.  Heer turned embarrassed as a woman came out of one of the stalls.  She smiled politely while the woman just quickly washed her hands and left without drying them leaving Heer alone.  "Great she thinks I'm crazy," she muttered.  Heer looked down and realized that she had torn the paper towel she had used into tiny bits and signed at the sight, "Well no wonder."


Heer looked at herself in the mirror and gave herself a pep talk, "Heer get your act together.  He's not worth getting worked up over.  It happened a long time ago and you need to forget.  You've been doing really well these past four years and you can continue living without him.  Just go out there and enjoy the rest of your date with Raj.  You only have the dessert course next and you can leave."  Heer gave herself a reassuring smile and walked out the restroom.  As she walked down the long hallway back to the restaurant she unexpectedly ran into Prem.  She looked down pretending she hadn't seen him but Prem purposefully blocked her path with each step she tried taking around him.  "What do you want?" she finally snarled.


"I would like to talk to you," Prem simply replied.


"There's nothing to talk about," she curtly said.  "So if you'll excuse me...Raj is waiting for me and you have Roshni."


"So Raj is his name," Prem reflectively said.


"Yes Raj is his name and he's a far better person than you ever were," she snipped.


"I'm happy for you," he replied with a slight sadness in his tone.


"Yes we are very happy together we're even thinking about moving in together and of course marriage," she replied.  Heer saw how uncomfortable Prem's face had gotten and she couldn't help but take some perverse pleasure in hurting him like this.  "So if you will excuse me," she said walking past him.  Heer suddenly felt a tight pressure against her wrist stopping her from moving forward.  Her heart was beating like crazy and she cursed herself on how the slightest touch from him could still have this affect on her.  She turned around and looked at him icily.  "Let go of my hand."


"I told you have I have to talk to you," Prem repeated.


"Huh," giving a slight sarcastic laugh, "You never change do you?  Whatever you want or do you just do it without any regard to others around you and how their feeling," Heer snapped.  "We don't have anything to say anymore.  The past is in the past."


"Is it really?" he questioned as he walked closer to her.  "I made a mistake Heer.  I never should have let you go.  I'm sorry for what I did that day and I know you can't forgive me but if there is even the slightest chance...I'll wait for it," Prem said almost in a ramble.


Heer looked at him stunned as she processed his words.  At first she thought he was simply going to apologize, which in her mind was a little too late but what he said after his apology just shook her to the core.  "Are you serious?" Heer guffaw in disbelief.  "You are one sick bas***d you know that?  You're trying to hit on me here while your wife is in the other room?  You've stooped to a new low Prem Juneja.  You took advantage of me back then...I was naive, innocence, and clueless about love and you just used me and when you were through you just tossed me aside like trash.  I'm not that same girl you knew four years ago.  I'm not going to fall for your looks or your sweet lies.  So, let go of my hand right now!"


Prem stood there slightly amused by her rage.  She was still as fiery as ever and the spark that was in her eye was oddly alluring to him.  As usually she was jumping to conclusions without knowing the full story and making a scene.  He jerked her back towards him, "Heer," he simply said. 


Those memories that she had tried so hard to forget and thought had faded away from time rushed back again.  Heer reached up with her free hand and slapped Prem.  He immediately let go of her hand and cupped his cheek in shock.  Heer quickly returned to her table in near tears, "Raj, let's go."


"Are you all right?" Raj asked confused by her sudden demeanor.


"Can we please just go?" Heer asked again.


"Yes, of course.  Let me pay the bill," he replied and motioned for the waiter to come with their check.


"I'm going to the car then," Heer said and quickly left the restaurant.  She didn't want to be there any longer than she had to.



*Credit Banner to Xxcoolchick1xX (Preeti)

Don't know how well this one went Dead

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hey i loved the first chapter the way you wrote it its amazing Smile
so prem is heer's ex Tongue
raj seems to be a nice girl Smile
but still i want prem and heer to get together Big smile
i hate that roshni Angry she was so rude to heer
i think its a great start
and cant wait to read the next update
update soon
and yes add me in your pm list Smile

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brilliant! I like the concept and the way it's headed. I hope you take it to the end. Add me to the PM list please Smile

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pm list plzz

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