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(Sidddhima) And the lightbulb goes on!

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 7:29pm | IP Logged

Pro Sidhdima, with a little bit of ArSh in the last paragraph...

Yup, after months and months of playing, "What's going on in that pagal ladki Ridz's head" we were finally treated with the true inner thoughts of Riddhima.  And they all said one thing, "I am Mrs. Riddhima Siddhant Modi, my life now revolves around Sid. He is the one I want to be with.  Always."  And I must say I for one was glad that the CVs decided to give Ridz a voice.  We got to see that first scene with Sid and Ridz sitting in opposite corners of the cafeteria each thinking thoughts on how they other was right.  How they had been too harsh with the words they were speaking.  I must say this is one of the best things about the Modi's.  When they are wrong they are willing to admit it, at least to themselves.  They are willing to change their behavior to make better for the other.  I saw this scene as the "eye opener".  To me this was the beginning of a new level in Sid and Ridz's relationship.  See finally Ridz realized what Sid had been trying to get her to notice, that she was well beyond "caring" for Armaan and was in the territory of obsessed.  And that her obsession was hurting her relationship with her husband.  I loved when she said I need start giving more time to Sid.  See Mrs. Modi loves Mr. Modi, and she most definitely wants to spend every second with him, but unfortunately she's a true doctor at heart.  She wants to heal all those around her so that they are healthy and right now the wounded one is Armaan.  It becomes easy to want for others what you have for yourself, especially those that you have hurt yourself.  Ridz doesn't want Armaan for herself, she wants Armaan to find what she has with Sid.


So then we get the next scene, the scene I like to call the "Promise".  When Shanky calls Sid and Ridz over they have no clue what bomb shell he is about to rehash.  And as they sit there in shock being reminded of the darker days of their marriage they each glance at each other and realize that that is exactly what it was.  The darker days of their past.  They have moved so far beyond the divorce days that they hadn't even realized that the papers existed.  See although we weren't prone to see it Sid an Ridz have fallen hard and fast for each other.  They were so involved with each other that they forgot the hurtful past that brought them together.  And it was when Shanks reminded them of it that we got to see how far along they have truly moved on.  When Sid, "We are happy" Ridz literally glowed.  She glowed because she realized that the harsh words spoken earlier by Sid were just that, words.  He was in this for the long haul and he would put up with anything as long as he had her love.  And we see that once again all Ridz wants, all she's ever wanted, was for Sid to show and tell her that he wants her, that he wants this marriage.  So yes she waited for Sid to say they were happy (can't blame a gal for wanting her man to say it first) but she's the one that agrees immediately that her father was correct in asking them to postpone their divorce.  And she's especially enthusiastic about the remarriage.  As she says, "she wants to do this for Sid, for them".  She this is what it's all about for Ridz.  It's about their lives.  Oh sure in the day to day she forgets that she is focusing a little too much on Armaan, but inside where it counts, in her heart, all that matters is Sid.  And it's once again proven when she tells Sid to not worry about Armaan's problems that their marriage is about them and she wants it for them. (I believe this is a direct answer to Sid's question from a few days ago about if they are going to live their lives under the direction of Armaan and his feelings...way to go Ridz)


And then we have the elevator scene, and to me this is simply what Ridz and Sid should have been from months ago.  A newly married re engaged couple that is enjoying the fun of a new relationship.  We get the teasing, we get the serious talks and we get the love shining through.  I simply loved it.  It was what I have always wanted to see Siddhima be like.  And I for one am glad that Ridz was bold enough to ask Sid about him spending time with her, and that Sid responded by showing how much of a bad boy he can really be.  Oh and I am especially glad that Sid did not stop when the peanut gallery, staff, showed up.  It's about time he ignores them and just spends what little time he has with his wife.


As for today's episode I'm going to take a slightly different approach, I'm simply going to take my favorite lines and write about them.


"Pati mein aacha dost"


Isn't that what you want in a life partner? Not just some who loves you as much as you love them, but someone who understands you when you are unable to explain yourself.  Someone who stands by you when they don't themselves understand you.  I have always said, and truly believe, that a life partner is something much more than the "love of your life".  It is very easy to fall in love.  It happens all the time.  And just as easy as it is to fall in love, 2/3 of the time it is just as easy to fall out of love.  But as Shashank said, to find love and respect that is something rare.  Because yes love is what makes you feel all giddy and excited.  But it is the respect that carries you through the obstacles life throws at you.  It is respect that forces you to see the other person's point of view and try to understand it.  Sid has always respected Ridz, long before he even existed in her world.  And as he's seen her grow and face the crap life has thrown at her his respect has only grown exponentially.  But what has been unexpected was the love he started feeling for this woman who was like a robot.  As he started to see the real Ridz, the Ridz that even she herself didn't know existed anymore, he started to fall for her.  Just as when Ridz started to wake up from the zombie like life she had chosen to live post Armaan she started to see the real Sid, the golden hearted sweetie that was willing to sacrifice his all for her happiness.



"Are you taking permission from me to ask Armaan" "Why shouldn't I you are my husband"

Isn't it that simple? This to me says it all.  I mean not only is Riddhima openly calling Sid her husband, but to her it simply makes sense to ask him for permission.  This is what is so beautiful about her relationship with her husband, if she were talking to any other man she would have thought to herself that she has no need to ask for permission to do what she wants, but for Sid she will ask.  And the reason is quite simple its because she knows he's rational, he loves her and, and because he's her husband.  I know for the longest time she has been running around blabbering about Armaan, but as I've said before Ridz has always thought that Sid understood.  That he was fine with it.  And yes I know Sid understood and was okay, until he started to feel neglected.  But see Ridz didn't know he was feeling neglected until that day in th office where he laid his heart out on the line.  And once he did she started to rethink what she was doing. (All be it was slow and took a few encounters) but in the end she did start thinking about Sid first.


"You don't need to ask me for permission. I only want your happiness"

Oh Siddhant isn't this all you've ever wanted for Riddhima.  You want her to be happy.  See it has never been about what Riddhima is asking about or whom.  It's always been about the fact that Sid just wants to be asked, he wants to be thought of and included.  And today by Ridz taking the time to simply ask him about inviting Armaan it told Sid that she does care about what he thinks.  He has never opposed to helping Armaan and he will never ask Ridz to ban him from her life forever.  That's not who Sid is, he would never want Ridz to turn her back on her friend.  But he does want her to know that her life is now connected with another person.  That her life and her decisions effect not just her, but him too.  That they will face all challenges as one and that they will bask in the happiness life has to offer as one.  Sid is very simple guy he just wants to know that he is number one in his wife's life.  Is that so much to ask for?  Heck no, its his right and I'm glad Ridz has started to realize and acknowledge it not only in her mind but out loud as well.


As for the kiss, I must say for the first time ever I was glad for Ms Dupatta and her annoying ways.  When Ridz comes back to get the dupatta she sees her sweet husband just standing there and she can't stop herself, she walks up and instead of pulling it off, she places a gentle kiss on his cheek.  See this is what Ridz has always wanted to do, its what her heart has desired.  She's simply been too shy to do it.  It took that moment of unobserved privacy for her place a gentle kiss on her husband's cheek.  It was in that moment and the moment after, the smile of satisfaction on her face, the glow of her eyes, the utter happiness she emitted that you knew Ridz had found the place she had always been looking for.  She has found the man she is meant to be with and she's not just fine with it, she's ecstatic.  She can't wait for this life she has been blessed with to continue.  It's quite amazing to see how Sid's gentle heart, strong support, and pure love have helped transform a bitter cynical woman that was broken time and time again by life into a gentle, confident, soothing human.  I think today and the carefree attitude with which Ridz joked around with Sid, the innocent way she dreamt about him as she sat in secret room, and the bold way she kissed him on the cheek are all proof how much Sid has changed Ridz, how much Ridz has grown.


So I leave with this, it was absolutely breath taking watching Siddhima act like the married couple they should have been months ago.  This is what Sid and Ridz should have been doing a long time ago.  But alas life is never what we plan and certainly loves to take us on detours.  Well I'm glad the detours of Sid and Ridz's life, at least for the time being, are done with.  I am glad that these two are speaking openly from their hearts and as Sid said, there is no reason for them to censor their thoughts or feelings from each other.  As for what is to come, with Armaan running, Shilpa falling, Sid planning, and Ridz...well who knows what will come up with Ridz I will say this it is all going to work out in the end.  As we've said time and again whether the CVs do it intentionally or not, Siddhima are a couple set in motion by fate and will be united by destiny.  There is nothing that keep their souls from being rejoined.  Oh sure it may get delayed it may get tested, but  in the end these two simply can not live without each other and life will force them to become one.  And whether this marriage goes through or not it wont change the fact that Sid and Ridz are already husband and wife, both legally and in their hearts.  This remarriage is simply a way was for them to celebrate their love for each other with those they love.  As for Armaan you know I cant really blame the guy for running, I mean it was hard enough knowing Ridz married another man.  But to have to witness that...a glowing bride and confident groom and to take part in it when you yourself have not quite accepted deep inside, well sometimes it becomes necessary to take the easy route.  To be the small person and try to preserve yourself.  Your sanity.  (Don't worry life wont let him get away with it for long, fate too will have it's say in his life).  As for Shilpa, she is the one that I fear for the most.  She is the one stuck in the middle and she doesn't even know it.  She is falling for a man that doesn't quite exist yet.  A man that doesn't believe second love exists and is certainly fighting hard against it.  She is also set on trying to find her family with her sister.  And the poor girl thinks that the remarriage day will be great day to open this secret.  I am sure this is what will happen, but I wish for her sake she wouldn't do it.  That she would do it in private, cuz I know Ridz will hurt her, it's inevitable.  But in the long term Ridz will embrace her and as I've said before, it's hard to find an opening into Riddhima's heart, but once you do, once you make a place in it, nothing will ever let you be free of it again.




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friends_rock IF-Sizzlerz

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Take a bow girl... take a bow
i have no words to describe your post busClapClapClapClap

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monty22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Arp amazing post.    

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petrichorr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Your writing skills are too too good....
Beautiful post, One of your bests (that Ive read so far).. Loved it..

We did see a glowing Mrs. Modi..
She is with the man that she loves and respects and that shows in her face and actions...
SR relationship has jumped leaps and bounds last couple of days...The depth of their bond is becoming clear by the day.

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malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
first of all i love how u write it like a five paragraph essay haha ur conclusion is of course the longest. i leave u with... 5 more pages!

jk loved it all!
i skimmed tho sorry!
but i got the gist which was everyones in love with the last two epis!!!
will be back to wholey read

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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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wow can't beleive not many people liked what u said well i did and enjoyed reading every word of it keep Writing arpu caz u rock

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Arpu Kya Khub likhti Ho !!

Wonderful....dear ....Enjoy ........reading !! 

Love SIDDHANT MODI and he made his wife loveble once again :)

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AMAZING post...loved reading it........Embarrassed

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