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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

*~* Geet FF Contest - - Voting *~* LAST DAY

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Hello Dear Geetians.Hug

I'm finally here with the voting round of our very first
... Geet FF Contest ... 
... The clue we gave was
"If the characters of Geet were to be starred in a movie, which romantic movie would it be?"
And based on that we recieved 18 amazing entries!Clap 
But before we start voting, just a few rules for you all:
You can vote for a max of 2 entries
All votes must be made in this thread by 17th Sept 2010.
If you have entered then please do not advertise or vote for your own entry
No MIDs to vote - - we will know.
All entries are below ... have fun voting!Big smile
Geet Dev. Team

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Entry #1 - Don't Leave My Hand


Movie: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge          Scene: Train Scene.

One moment she was running and the next- a hand had pulled her into the compartment.
Good she caught the train finally

Looking to flirt and got this girl's hand- Good opportunity, thought Maan

MAan- Hello

Geet stared at him, thought to herself

Geet- he looks so weird..Wonder how I can leave. I should say thanks though

Maan- um...You're welcome.

Geet- What? How did you know I was about to say that

MAan thought the girl was slow..but pretty enough..nice brown eyes..

Maan(to himself)- Time for some fun

He closed in, she moved back..till she reached the end

She suddenly moved forward again..

Maan- Oie..Wow..bold move...

Geet- two can play the game you playboy!

MAan- wanna play together?

Geet- Find someone else..I hate playing..

MAan noted a quality of melancholy in her voice and a quiet sadness in her eyes

She turned away from him...
Feeling awkward, he took out a hanky from his jeans..

Without looking at him, she took it and wiped her eyes, those deep brown eyes, and gave it back to him

Maan- ahem..uhm...running away?
Geet gave a small laugh and said

Geet- not exactly. Why should I?
MAan- I were running...

Geet- are you a serial hand-holder?
Maan- You're funny..

Maan- nope actually..I hate girls

Geet- suddenly, I'm so glad I'm a girl..
Maan- ha! you would be LUCKY if you have Maan in your life..

Geet- No thank you..I would never even consider a Man named MAan..
MAan- why? what's wrong in my name??

Feeling a spurt of irritation against the girl, he closed in again..

Geet- will you please stop cornering me every time I say something that hurts your ego?
MAan- Stop talking like you know what you're talking about

Geet-'re not Maan...and you don't love your name...and your heart wasn't broken by someone..
MAan(a flash of anger in his eyes)- I do not think it important to answer any of your questions.

He sits down while she keeps standing...feeling sleepy, he dozes off

Geet(to herself)- What a strange guy..Na thanks maangta hai, na sorry bolta hai..Achha bhi hai but dikhata hai bura hai..Yahi companion milna tha train so jaata hai..

She decides to write...

An hour or two later, when he woke up, she never noticed- she was too absorbed in her writing. So he observed her.

Smiling a little, she looked like a sweet girl..until she spoke, he thought.
He wondered what it was that she was wriitng..when she frowned suddenly..her lips trembled and his body gave an involuntary response.

He didn't want to see her frown, he thought..which made no sense.He didn't understand it, and was gripped by a sudden desire to know what it was that made her smile, that made her frown.

He moved closer, and she didn't notice..He snatched the copy in which she was writing and started reading aloud..

Maan- UGhh...what is that?!

Geet snatched the copy but he wouldn't give it

Geet- It's called a sonnet..I was about to get the meter I'll have to start counting all over again..

Maan looked at her incredulously..
MAan- What in the world are you talking about? why were you frowning? smiling first..and then frowning?

Geet- give my book first..
MAan- nuh huh..First answer...

She had decided she won't and when she decided not to do something...well, she usually didn't.
So she moved closer to him...closer...he didn't back up and she kept moving towards him.

So close, he could count her eye-lashes- thank God, no mascara or any weird thing on her eyes- he could see her beautiful eye-lids when she blinked...he was getting hypnotised by the brown of her eyes- so full of full of..

Her eyes moved down..
No, he wanted to protest, he wanted to see into those eyes..the only place he felt he fit in..he wanted to stay there..
Her eyes were lowered, he was staring somewhere..he looked at her face- the high cheekbones...that cute little nose,'t look at those lips..but it was reflex..his gaze lowered....

She felt scalded..she didn't know where to look...HE was a lot larger and stronger..those broad shoulders made her unable to look behind him. He had nice eyes- eyes you could trust..but she won't trust anyone anymore..and yet...
She had lowered her eyes because she had to look somewhere..take something from was getting warm..she wondered what he would do if she..buried her face into that strong chest...
Geet, paagal ho gayi hai kya..No answer came back..
The train stopped at a station and the inertia made her lurch. He steadied her with his rock solid arms..he didn't let go.
Encircling her shoulders, she could feel their warm pressure...she was flash backs- the tight grip on her..the horrible smell..

No no..this isn't like that- she had to stop doing that...
His grip losened, gentled- her eyes flew to meet his..

Had he guessed what was going on in her mind?
Who was he...and why did the train ride seem so much more exciting

His emotions were in turmoil...he couldn't keep himself away from looking at her- it had been an hour..since..that thing ...
His heart wasn't steady..he wanted to spend time with her..but no, he didn't like these feelings- he wouldn't be weak.. He was Maan..Maan was never weak..But since he had held her hand..he felt a pull..
He had pulled her to why was it the opposite way now

She kept sneaking glances too..
Should she risk it? He was a stranger..a stranger she was starting to feel wasn't really one.
She wasn't a die-hard romantic, but she knew what love was...she had never condoned 'love at first sight'- and this wasn't really that..But she might give it a chance..should she take the risk?

Maan looked at her once more and made his decision. For a lifetime. He had someone in front of him he wanted to be with- and there was no one besides himself that he really could say that for..
Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice Geet coming towards him.

Finally, they saw each other and

Geet- uhm..I was wondering..

Maan- have never done this..but trust me, me if I tell you..will you trust me?

Geet nodded her head- she did trust him

Maan- I feel a you're gravity..You're not..but for seems you are. I don't believe in weird soulmate stuff- I find it creepy..but sometimes, things happen, right?
I want to be with you...there I said it. There's no one else..there never was..and starting now..if you feel the same way or not- there never will be.

He paused..Geet was stunned into silence.

Geet- You don't even know my name.

Maan- Your eyes sing to me..If it were me, I would call you my Geet

Geet- Geet..Geet Handa..That's my name

Maan- See...Wow..I so didn't know that..but I did..

Geet- You are right. There's no point regretting later. I believe in living every moment of life- and so..I will believe you. I am willing to take a risk..if it means I won't be wondering what could have been later..

MAan- There is no risk. I know. And we will wonder together..

They moved closer to each other, and Maan held her hand in his..
Maan- Geet..
Geet- Maan...
MAan- I won't leave this hand of yours..
Geet- Maan..doosra haath bhi hai you know..

They smiled at each other..they had found each other..they had found themselves.

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Entry #2 - Our Wedding Day



Movie: Kuch Kuch Hota Hain          Scene: Marriage Scene


This is the marriage scene between Anjali and Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. In this case Dev will be playing Aman, Geet is  Anjali, Maan is Rahul and since there's a daughter who tried to bring them together....I thought of Sameera! Now you said that it can be however you want it, as long the basic idea is the same as the films scene, right??? Okay it starts from when Angela looks back at the sky after Rahul had left, showing her he loved her...


Geet continued looking up the sky, tears falling down on her cheeks onto her hands where she had brought them forward, wondering if she was doing the right thing for her baby. The door had closed behind Maan, who tried his very best to persuade her mind, but she couldn't change her mind. After the truth had come out, Naintara was divorced from Dev and thrown out of the house never to be seen again. Dadimaa couldn't handle their love story being broken by Dev's betrayal and so had gone to the countryside to live there until she was ready, Dev reluctantly had agreed to marry her for the sake of their unborn baby and Maan...well she thought he hadn't cared but after what she saw just now... She closed her eyes helplessly, not knowing what else to do, and an image of Maan flashed before her eyes. She smiled sadly before opening them and turned around clean herself up and to wait for Pinky, Rajji and a few friends to take her downstairs.


As she stepped out of her room, with Pinky on her left side and Rajji on her right, she looked at down at the floor, remembering every moment she had with Maan in front of her eyes like a movie. From the moment he saved her from drowning to the moment he had come into her room, to persuade her to change her mind and marry him. The way he had put her hand on his heart and then back to her own heart, with tears in his own eyes...she looked up to avoid the image, but instead saw him, standing near the bottom of the stairs staring at her, with Sameera on one side and Adi walking up behind him, to place a hand on Maan's shoulder in comfort.  Yet even as she continued to walk to the staircase and he had stopped near the entrance of the door, they never took their eyes off each other. Everything was being said between their eyes, from forgiveness, to happiness, to sadness, to regret and love.


Geet stopped in the middle of the stairs, tears falling down her cheeks, knowing she was making a mistake at the moment but Dev had promised to be responsible and look after them both properly. Rajji and Pinky looked at each other before staring down at Maan, who turned away not wanting to see anymore tears coming Geet. It was like a thousand knifes had stuck into his heart all at once and twisted it at the same time. Sameera looked helplessly on, not knowing that the outcome of her plan had backfired and instead turned out to become this situation. She turned around to face Maan, but instead her eyes caught Dev, who for some reason looked really angry sitting before the fire. He stood up, grabbed his dulha hat and chucked it to the floor, before rushing towards the stairs and running up to meet Geet. He stopped a few steps beneath her and took one glance into her eyes; he clenched his jaw tight, before grabbing her wrist tightly and walked down the stairs quickly.


Geet looked at Dev, shocked at this display of behaviour because he really didn't made contact with her much, since the truth came out and to see Dev like this, it slightly boggled her mind. She stared as they walked past the marriage pandol, and then gasped as she felt herself be thrown towards Maan who managed to catch her around her waist and they looked at each other shocked before looking back at Dev who smiled at them. They didn't notice that Maan still had his arms around her or that he unconsciously pulled her closer to him, as they both wondered why Dev was smiling happily. Not only did Maan and Geet looked at Dev in shock, but also everyone else invited to the wedding. Due to them looking at Dev who was smiling, they hadn't notice Dadimaa entering the hall, who had received a call earlier from Dev about coming to the wedding because of a surprise she had to see.


"Dev...?" Maan said quietly, Geet who had noticed his arms, started to move away and Maan let her, too busy concentrating on Dev who was speaking, "...was wrong. At that time Naintara thought up of the idea and I went along because I had to pay my gambling debt back. Geet?" Geet who had been staring around the room, wondering what people might say, jerked her head in Dev's direction and said, "Dev, what are you doing?" Dev looked at her and smiled apologetically said, "Did you know, ever since I knew you were here in Delhi, I always wanted to ask for your forgiveness and to move on, while our child would be looked after you and I could visit every now and then. This isn't what I wanted or what you want either." Geet opened her mouth and Dev's smile turned softer and more relaxed, "I have seen in your eyes the love you have for Maan every day since we met again and to marry you with that knowledge?" he then looked at Maan who tried to keep his face blank but he couldn't as so many emotions was going through him, he could not have kept it blank at all.


Dev then looked back at Geet, who stared at Maan as well, but turned her head to face Dev again, "You thought you loved me Geet, but it was only an infatuation with me. Not love, never love," Dev said quietly, then looked down quietly frowning slightly before looking up and said in a softer tone, "Maan is your first and only love Geet. You will never love another person apart from Maan because since you know love and understand it you tried get away from Maan, remember? But love and destiny always brought you back together again" He slowly walked up to them both and stood in between them, looking at Maan first, who stared at him, jaw clenched yet his eyes were full of hope and love for Geet, and then Dev stared at Geet who looked at him, eyes with hope, yet slight fear. "You were going to give up your love for Maan, for me? The man who hurt you, betrayed you and left you pregnant with our child? Crazy girl," He grabbed Geet's hand with one of his and grabbed Maan's hand with his other hand and placed both of their hands together, were they both threaded their fingers together and held each other's hand tightly, "I could never come between your love for each other" Dev said smiling once more, before dropping his hands away from their joint ones.


Geet and Maan looked at Dev, the same question in their eyes and Dev shook his head before looking directly into Maan's eye and nodding his head in Geet's direction and smiling. Then he looked directly into Geet's eyes and nodded his head in Maan's direction and smiled too. Geet and Maan then slowly looked at each other, staring into each other's eyes and seeing the love and happiness Geet moved forwards at the same time as Maan to hug each other and slightly bumped their heads together. Maan chuckled slightly, while Geet started to say sorry, and Maan shook his head smiling at her before hugging her tightly in his arms. His head was on top of her head, eyes closed tightly in happiness, while Geet laid her head on his chest, smiling, with tears streaming down her cheeks.


While they were hugging, Dadimaa went up to Dev and said quietly, "I'm proud of what you done today." Dev looked at his Dadimaa and smiled at her happily, tears of joy slightly glistening in his eyes before he hugged her, and winced when he got a harsh slap on his back, "This doesn't mean I haven't forgiven you yet, after what you did to Geet," Dev just smiled and said "I know Dadimaa, I know," before moving away and looking back at Maan and Geet. Adi and Pinky who had stood near each other through the whole speech , were now standing awkwardly as Pinky had hugged Adi in celebration after Geet and Maan had hugged each other. They kept glancing at each other and looking away embarrassed at what happened. Sameera who stood near Adi, just smiled happily before glancing at an obvious jealous Sasha and frowned slightly, before an evil twinkle lit up in Sameera's eyes, "Hmmm wonder what she'll do if I blackmail her?" smirking slightly at Sasha, who turned to face her, as she couldn't bear to witness the happy occasion and gave a dirty look in Sameera's direction.


Maan moved away slightly, and putting his hand under Geet's chin, who suddenly had turned shy looked happily into her eyes and said quietly, yet joyfully, "Will you marry me, right now?" And Geet looked at him, before nodding her slightly before burying her head back in his chest, embarrassed at how things turned out to be. Maan moved away, grabbing Geet's wrist gently and started walking towards the marriage pandol, "Pandit, you can start the ceremony now" Maan said in a firm voice to the pandit who nodded quickly and started saying the marriage chants. Throughout the ceremony, Maan, kept looking at Geet not believing that he was finally marrying Geet! And Geet just looked down, happy yet slightly worried as the Suhaag Raat would be coming soon. As they went round the fire, Geet looked at Maan, first at the back of his head and then taking small glances from the corner of her eyes. When the Pandit finally said "You are now husband and Wife," Maan just looked at Geet, full of happiness yet there was something passionate about his eyes and he grabbed Geet around her waist and knees and held her against him bridal style.


"MAAN! Put me down!" Geet giggled nervously and looked at everyone, pleading with someone to help her and they all smiled at her mischeviously and she muttered, "Well that ain't helpful! Useless people they are! Humph!" and jumped slightly when Maan bent his head and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry Geet, I'm not going to do anything tonight, okay?" And Geet looked at him and smiled, "I know Maan," and Maan just looked at her, while slowly walking away from the marriage pandol to the stairs, ignoring the congratulations from the guests. They went upstairs and as soon as they were away from the sight of the guests, Maan put her down slowly, yet stayed quite close to her. Geet slowly looked up through her eyelashes and smiled slightly, "Maan, what's going on?" Maan smiled at her, before leaning in and kissed her forehead before grabbing her hand and taking her towards the direction of her room.


Geet frowned slightly before realisation hit her, as they went into her son's nursery. Maan stopped just before the cot, grabbed Geet around her waist and hugged her sideways while staring into the cot, "He's my nephew technically, but in my heart he's my son. My family is complete now. Thank you Geet, I love you," before looking down at Geet who stared up at him, tears in her eyes once more. She smiled at him before leaning up and kissing his cheek, "I love you too, Maan," before they both turned and looked back at their baby son sleeping away in his cot, unaware his mother finally married her one true love....

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Entry #3 - Meri Khushi Aapne Gham

Movie: Chori Chori          Scene: Ranbir proposing to Khushi



daadi maa..managed to arrange the wedding for geet & maan...
with all her health drama
geet does'nt want to hurt...anyone but is in a very helpless situation..because of daadi
maan finds out the truth about geets past...geet is not aware that maan knows anything at all..

and they have not confessed yet about there feeling..but deep within..
both know wat they have in their heart for each other..


geet dressed in a heavy wedding dress & Maan dashing in a Black shervani
Maan & geet walk to the mundhap...about to excahge the garland
Geet breaks down - nahi main yeh nahi kar sakthi..main aur aap logo
ko dhoka nahi de sakthi
daadi ma, pinky , adi every body is suprised...& shocked
daadi - kyu geet...aap abhi kyu mana kar rahe hain..
geet is speechless & scared..nervous..wondering wat to say..
maan walks closer to her looks into those eyes..mahi tune..
they share one of the most intense eye lock ..with geets eyes
filled with tears & maan eyes compossed..calm..
geet - main woh! meri shaadi..mera baa
maan places is fingers on her lips..chup bilkul chup
maan - mujhe sab patha hain..phele to sirf tumse pyar kartha tha
lekin aab tumhari ibadath karne laga hoon..(maans eyes starts to reflect
geets emotion.. pain in her heart)
meri har kushi..meri har chat tumhare naam karthoo hoon...
badle main mujhe aap ne sare gam dedoo...meri zindaghi dedoo..he pleeds..
geets tears start rolling down..
maan - aaj rona mut..mera pas romal nahi hain..
geet hugs maan & hits slowly on his chest & wipes her tears
they have the most elobrated wedding cermony ...
maan lifts geet in her shaadi ka joda...& carries her into his life...
geet puts his hand around his neck & surrender..


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Entry #4 - The Maths of the soul.


Movie: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna          Scene: Maan as Dev (SRK) is going to catch a train for leaving the city.


Another train rumbles beside the young. Another bag of ideas, feelings, passions belonging to the passengers travelling in the comfortable chairs, who read the newspaper in a moment of relaxation, who animatedly calling the colleague, who collapsed in beautiful and unreal dreams, who looks thoughtfully out of the window. Another wagon moves the air beside the boy and his coat flapped excitedly, for the wind .

So he felt the young man: kidnapped from distraction, the feeling of loss that was corroding his soul hasty, joyous and confident in the future. A mood that had belonged to him but he didn't remember where or when. A personality now lost, as he had lost his will to live.

Now he wanted nothing more than letting go, being carried by the crowd. He just wanted to take the first train passing by and leaving that city full of bitterness and painful memories, leave behind the previous life, to start a new, found a different existence, which shouldn't have anything to do with what had made him suffer so much.

The much awaited train came in front of him, the doors opened as a tempting invitation to climb, probably without a way back.
He bent to take the few things that he took with him: a luggage. The only real object, which would never abandoned him: the album full of her drawings, given him for Christmas, a book where he notes everything, the poems and stories composed in a moment of pure inspiration, and some clothes and a book, published a couple of years ago. It was full of underlines and comments, not belonging to the young. The notes belonged to her, the girl who had taken possession of his heart. The girl who had stolen it, broken it , reduced it to so many and sharp pieces of glass, depriving him to the joy of living.

He still remembered clearly the talks that they made at night, lying on the soft carpet in the light of candles that she loved so much. They talked about everything: parents, the study, politics. But also of life: how the fate could change by simply following the will of its protagonist. How the simple flame of hope could inspire the hearts and how the stars, so tiny, imperceptible to the human eye, could contain so much light. He as student of Physics explained the combustion of those huge masses of fire in a technical way. Yet she preferred not to believe it. "Why the people deny the hope that, beyond the sky, there is an enchanted universe?" she used to say, absorbed in her reveries. Yes, she dreams so much. She adored how the magic could penetrate in her mind and win her heart. Yeah, they were happy together. A particularly unreal happiness.

She wrote and drew almost every day in the afternoon, when they didn't go to school.
She painted and sketched everything from small aspects of daily life, like a cup of coffee next to a croissant or an old sweeping the dry leaves in front of his house, her dreams of fantastic characters such as fairies and colourful and sparkling petals. Flowers.

The young man closed his eyes as if that little nuance had planted in the chest, such as sharp as the spear of a knight. She loved to paint flowers. Her room, he had visited so many times, was overflowed of drawings, portraits made with such precision that it seemed so real. Often, he said that if the drawings had been transformed into words, she would be the biggest writer of all time. He had told so often that convinced her to start writing.
She was successful, the year before. He convinced her to send the script to his own publisher. "So we share everything" she told him. "Both dreams and realities."

He had really believed in those words. He had believed for a further twelve months. Until just over three days before, the world that was already planned for three years they were together, had suddenly collapsed, collapsing under his own feet, messy and destroyed, killed by those too sick eyes of love.

The wagon's door was still open. He doesn't care where he was going. The only important thing was to leave that gloomy city, now deprived of that cheerfulness which had animated it only three days earlier. Move away from the city, from she and from the other.

The other. The boy clenched his fists, but he found the strength within himself to tremble with rage. He felt so empty and inert, a book without pages, a sky without stars. Standing there, like an automaton, a robot, cold and mechanical as he was before meeting her.

He had gone to take his sister Sameera, that day in mid-September where all began, a small girl of fourteen that morning were excited for the first day of school. He waiting for the bell, he was placed on the wall opposite the school, trying to resolve a complicated problem assigned for the summer, which he had not yet had time to fix it. A voice had reached his ear.

"It seems rather boring." To speak was a girl: she with thick curly and blacks hair, pale face and black eyes. She stared at him intently, as if they were fighting. Intensity and obstinacy.

But he had remained calm. "No, but it's exciting," he replied, looking straight into her eyes. "But I bet you, you don't understand."
"Understand what?"
"The meaning of these numbers. Naturally for you are nothing than a mesh of calculations without any logic." He didn't know why he had said so. Usually he was always nice to pretty girls. Maybe he was just curious of her reaction.

"But I understand it perfectly. You may be surprised to see my grades in math. But unfortunately, I haven't understood the soul of numbers. "
"The soul?"
"All things have a soul. Books. Flowers. Shoes. They all have the mission to express something. But after all these years in which I studied mathematics, I still haven't understood the message numbers. Numbers are just cold, chilly, mechanical. It also makes icy  the soul of the people who study them. "

He shook his head. "You're crazy. You live in fantasy. The only thing that has a soul in this world, then that is the only one, is the human being. "
"Maybe" she had pondered his answer politely. "But in the end, what fun is in living in a world without fantasy?"

And so she had left him, his brow furrowed and his brain went into breakdown before her smell that had taken possession of the air he breathe.

She was gone. They were then met again and each of the two of them had been smart enough to understand that despite the different world view, they were made for each other.
However, things had changed. And he still didn't know what he was doing wrong.

Now, the only thing he wanted was to find the strength to get on the damn train, shut the door behind him and order to his legs to stop shaking so convulsively. He couldn't stand this. But how could he do if he could not even silence the incessant bang that beat against his chest?

He just stares at the suitcase. He put one foot on the step.
The door closed and the train whistled one last time.


She ran. Ran. Staggering ran, stumbling over her feet, panting and sweating, although it was barely dawn and the sun shines just the little timid buds of spring flowers.

She ran with her black and shiny eyes, black hair in the wind, carried by the present voracious which also kidnapped the tears just flowed.

People, noise, crowd. Only confusion, and nothing else. She had always hated those places, crowded with people crammed onto each other, resembling a pack of hungry animals. Hungry for what, then? Money? Yes, that was the answer. Money, money, money.
But for now, she had something else to think. She refrained from that disgust and ran and ran till collapse

He was there. The door was closing. A flap of his jacket had just disappeared.

"Maan!" cried the young. "Maan, please! Listen to me! "

Whistle. Puffs of steam. The train had just started to move.

She had never been a lover of sport, in fact, most of the time was so embarrassed to even stumble on her own feet. But that was a matter of life or death.
She plucked up courage and ran on her slender legs, ran as she had never done in her life. She ran behind the train, even when the platform there was more. She ran to see him to explain. The story could not end well. It couldn't, simply. No. She would not permit it.
She was almost on the terrace in the back of the train. The eye's curious were watching her from all sides. She ignored them.

"You can do it" she said, panting, You can do it. A final push ...

A hand, strong, sturdy and warm grabbed her and help her to hoist on the terrace. "Geet? But are you crazy? "

Geet. How nice to hear her name uttered by those lips! So tender, so sweet ...

She slumped sitting on the floor, breathing with delight. A few minutes passed, where the only sound that her ears could hear were the roar of the train, the roar of the wind, and her moan without force.

"Maan ..." she whispered. He looked at her. Not with cruelty, or toughness, not with a vengeful flame that flared up in irises. He looked her. Simply.

How much she loved that look! Until a few days before it was full of tenderness, swarming of love, so passionate to make break her heart to be the object of his desire. Then he had arrived. The other. One man without ideals, without fortitude. A brute, that was it! Wretched to the core.

" I'm Sorry ..."

That look was walled indifference. It was so bad ... His mouth said nothing.

"He has ..."

There were no words to explain. Dev.He was a schoolmate of hers, without any doubt, one of the most fascinating guys, who believed themselves the best just because some girls fainted behind their shadows. He asked her to date each other. She rejected, trying to explain that she was already with him, the only love of her life. His eyes were bright with fury. Then ...

Geet shook her head, the tears flowed unchecked, a flood in a September night.

He continued to stare her. His face didn't betray any emotion. He was like when she had known him. As every student in each high school. Silence. Thoughtless. Insensitive.

"Please ..."

He stood up. The door slammed in her face and went back in her wagon. And she stayed there, the tears didn't stop, the hands that had begun to tremble. She even not found the strength to rise. Not even the words to explain. Not even the desire to oppose the decision.

She stayed there, a bundle of indecision, defeat and unreality.

Because this time it was over...really.


Six years later


A boy named Aryan was playing with friends in the courtyard. They were running around in the yard of his home, under the watchful eyes of parents, who observed them, proud, from the balcony flowers of spring.

Aryan ran, happy, free as air, carried by the wind and the flowers in bloom.

"Time out!" He heard screaming. He turned. A girl, named Meera, was tripped on a root and had skinned her knee. She was crying.
"Oh, no," Priya said, observing the wound. "We have to disinfect it."
"I'll take care of you Meera" Aryan assured her, taking her hand.

While they were moving towards the front door, a shy classmate, Karan, appeared from behind a plant, covered with scratches, and holding a half deflated balloon. "Aryan ..." he whispered, embarrassed. "Can we enter?"

Two more children came, curious and shy, as if to ask the question had been them.
Aryan smiled. "Sure," he said. "But ... why you want to enter?"

Karan and others blushed, except Priya, who had always been a very sincere girl. "You know, they would know your parents. We have heard so much about them ... we wondered if you could make them known. "

"Them? Because they are so important people!?! "

"The writer and philosopher," said Karan, and Aryan opened the door smiling and replying "And the best parents of the world"

The writer turned her gaze to her husband, the beautiful black eyes full of delight. "You hear that, love? Our son is proud of us. "

He clasped her waist in an embrace. "I had no doubts."

Geet closed her eyes, her mind elsewhere, in another space, another time when she feared for the first real time to lose him forever.


She stayed there, her face bathed in the furrows of pain recognized for tears. They were salty. She hated and loved the flavour. She reminded the joy, the pleasure, the thrill of an unforgettable moment, but also the horror, the fear of losing something. Or someone.

"Once you told me" said a voice behind her. "That each thing has a soul. A book. A flower. A shoe. Everything except the numbers. Yet, the numbers. What a stupid I am. Meaningless signs, traces of rigidity, absolute firmness. Symbols of a cold dark subjects. "

Geet felt that he was sitting beside her.

"Together we have found the soul of numbers. Together we have found that two, that number as sweet as intense. "

She felt that his voice was quivering with rage. "I never said that there was happiness in the number three."

Geet started to speak, but he silenced her with his eyes. "Please! Don't say anything. You have already done too much. "

"I didn't w...."
"But you did it!"
"You saw if I replied?"

This time he was to silence. She took a breath. "You're right, there is no forgiveness for what I did. I'd been beaten, abused, chased away him away. But I could not. He had imprisoned my hands, and then the guilt was too big.
You're right when you say the number three can not be part of the formula for happiness. But in mathematics, there also the operation minus. "
Black eyes imprisoned on black eyes. "And what would be the remaining number? One or two? "He breathed.
"Two," she replied in a whisper, "The first two."

And the story was recommenced.


"Mom! Meera is hurt! " said Aryan.

Geet looked at him tenderly. "Come here Meera" she said condescendingly, smiling.

Maan smiled at the sky, the sky that had made them fall in love. In that heaven a star was smiling now. He counted the children. One, two, three ... seven. Seven small creatures to feed with fresh lemonade.
Seven. Yes, it could go.Perhaps, after all, the numbers also had a soul.

Seven, like the vows they made to each other.

Two, like the hearts Maan and Geet

One as the soul Maaneet.


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Entry #5 - Pyaar ki sacchai
Movie: Dil To Pagal Hai          Scene: Madhuri-Karishma Dance sequence


I was in my room when I heard the music played downstairs. Music..How can that be possible.. It was my house..ok I didn't own it but sir had given it to me, to his secretary, so it was mine who could be there.. I went down . The music becoming louder and I realised it was coming from the hall. I went there to see Sameera dancing.Sameera, she was once a part of sir's life, but it affected me, I know it shouldn't I had no right but it did. I always had a pang on uneasiness when she was at the office, or in his cabin. I know to him she was just another business client but that feeling of uneasiness would never go, whatever I did. Even if I stood there, and he never looked at her, his eyes were always on me, as if trying to re assure me that she didn't matter to him. She was his past, but she always left me with thousands of words unexpressed and a weird feeling within me.


I saw her dancing and twirling. I just stood there. She took about less than two minutes to realise that I was there. She slowed the music and walked to me.


I saw her walking. She was pretty, yes she was pretty but I didn't like her, I could never like her, for she made Maan what he was, hard and stone. If not for her Maan sir might be different man today. He might be even like all others. ALL others no I didn't want him to be like others. I liked him the way he was. He was mine. No Geet he can never be yours. You cant even tell him about what u feel. Its not right he needs to know the truth before anything else. If  he accepts it then u can tell him what u feel.


But how will I do it. Sameera was only two steps away from me when I decided that I will tell all about me next time we were alone. I will face whatever comes afterwards. I cant play hide and seek anymore and I didn't want him to know it from anyone else. NO it has to be me. And I will do it next time. IN a moment I had decided though I knew that this decision will bring a turmoil to my life I was ready to face it.


Sameera was next to me by then. She had a smile on her face.She was wearing some kind of a skirt, and a small top which was fitting to her.

"sorry geet'woh  mujhe dance karna accha lagta hai..aur koi jagah nahi samajh aa rahi thi..tumhe pata hai Maan ko bahut accha lagta tha mujhe dance karta dekhna..kabhi kabhi toh'"

Maan sir ko dance..I was so uncomfortable I didn't know why. .. 

She was saying something but I didn't hear a word of it.

She asked me ,I think, " can I continue"..

I just nodded in agreement.


She smiled and went and switched on the music. This time more louder than before.

I looked at her for a moment and then I also joined her. I don't know why. I was not very good but I danced my Indian dance while she did her western dance.( This scene is from DTPH..where madhuri and karishma are dancing).

 I didn't know the music but I danced with more force than required. I didn't pause for a second. After a while I observed that sameera was staring at me transfixed, but I didn't stop, I didn't want to stop. It was like I was on a war with her and she had given up and I was winning. And then I started twirling. I don't know how long I did that. But I know I did it a lot of times my head started to get dizzy but I didn't stop.

I started doing it faster and covering the entire room now. I was going to lose balance my head was already telling me to stop but my heart was happy I had won, I had won against her.


And then someone caught me. Someone strong. I did not have to see who it was. I knew it the moment his arms touched me . I knew that touch, I knew the heartbeat, I knew the smell. I could recognise this man even when I was unconscious and right now I was still conscious. The moment his arms touched me I didn't know what happened I was happy I knew that.


I was lying on my bed. I was sure it was my bed. The smell of my room was same. But what was I doing here.The last thing I could remember that I was dancing, very fast. And then the things became clear. I remembered I was dizzy, I remembered that he had caught me. He was there again to save me, to save me from falling. He was always there , my pillar, my strength.


And Then I realised that there was some one else in the room. I could hear a jagged breathing. I opened my eyes slowly.My head was still dizzy but I managed to open my eyes.I knew who it was and I know what he must be going through to see my eyes closed. This was enough to make me feel 1000 times better, than I felt.


I looked around the room and I found his eyes immediately. He was looking at me as if I had come back after years of absence, But I didn't deserve it. I cant.I knew his feelings for me and he knew mine. I knew he knew it but none of us openly acknowledged them.


I looked it into those brown eyes for a long time, I don't know how long. It was he who looked away first his face was suddenly full of rage. If he wouldn't have looked away I was sure I could look into those eyes forever, without even moving an inch from where I was.  But anger, I tried to tried to think what had I done this time but I couldn't come up with anything. I was sure I hadn't lost any file or had I been the cause of another lost deal. I tried to think but the only answer was NO, if no then why was he angry. But I knew I wouldn't have to wait long. Before I finish counting till 10 he would be start on to reprimand me for my unknown mistake.


So I started. 10 9 8 7 6 5..oh no I am gonna loose..


"Geet", it was his voice.. Yay I won..I knew he was angry but I couldn't help smiling to myself. I looked up to see if he was looking at me. I was relieved. He was not. I let out a breath. He was standing at the window his back towards me.


" Kya tum mujhe bataogi tum kya kar rahi thi'pehle Sameera yahaan" even with his face turned away I could sense the pain in his voice, The pain that was more prominent when he said Sameera." Par thi aur phi tum itni zor se dance kyun kar rahi thi..kya usne tumhe kuch kaha tha..agar"..


"Nahi sir..woh toh bas unhe dekh kar mera bhi man kar aaya"..he turned around to look at me..


I looked up and smiled at him but his expressions were still hard. But his eyes had become softer. I tried to sit up but I fumbled .Even before I could fall on the bed I was in strong hands. He held my waist and made me sit up like I was some kid but I didn't mind it. He always made me forget that I had grown up before I wanted to. His touch made me forget that I was in pain, no not the physical pain but a pain that leaves no marks on your skin.


'Geet tum theek ho na..' I nodded and he seemed relieved.

"Sameera" I started to speak but he cut me off even before I could say another word..

" Who yahaan nahi hai..woh chali gayi waapas ghar mein, is waqt sirf main aur tum yahaan hai"..


My heart was beating loudly. NO I was not scared to be with Him alone anymore. I had been with him too much and too many times to be scared now. But I remembered the promise I had made to myself. The promise to tell him the truth. The thought of it sent a chill down my spine.


I don't know what my face revealed but suddenly his hand was on mine. I realised I was cold against his warm hand. I didn't push it away I liked it. And it might be the last time I touched him I wanted to take it as much as I could.


I held his hand for a moment, his eyes read something on my face, I was sure of that.

I knew I couldn't look into those eyes and tell him everything. I tried getting up and again he caught me but I still struggled . He was reluctant to let me move even an inch. His arms tight around me. But I needed to move or I was going to falter in my resolve.

I closed my eyes and said in a low voice " please" he let me go but he helped me till I stood up. It took me more than two minutes to be on my feet again and all the while he stood there, ready to hold me if I faltered even for  a second. Once I was steady I walked up to the window and let the cool wind blow against my face.


I noticed that he was still standing at the bed side where I had left him i wished I would be able to walk back there once I turn around from here.

 " Aapne kabhi pucha nahi ki us raat ko mera bhai muje maarna kyon chahata tha",I said in a low voice as possible.


I heard a sharp intake of breath. I knew that my question was heard.


" Geet, who tumhara bita hua kal tha", he said in a strong voice but he was indecisive.

" shayad aap theek keh rahen hain par kya aap mere bare mein jaanana nahi chahte"I said in a voice that was a bit stronger than before.

" Geet jis baat ko karne se tumhe dard hota ho, mujhe aisi kisi cheez se koi waasta nahi rakhna", this time his voice was confident.

"aur agar main batana chahoon toh", I said in a weak voice.

" Mujhe tumhare beete hue kal me koi dilchaspi nahi hai, par agar tumhe is se khushi milti hai to main yahaan hoon", he was sure he will be here even after hearing what I was going to tell him but I was doubtful about it.


" Main geet handa nazzon mein toh nahi pali badi hue haan par bauji ki dulari thi.." and I continued and told him everything about my life from ranjhi, channi, daarji, brij and even dev, his wife, his deceit. I heard him take sharp breaths at various intervals , but I tried to ignore them and not turn around. I knew if I looked at him I would falter.

I told him I got brij arrested and came to delhi after that he knew my life. It was easy to tell him about Delhi life because since I had come here my life had been only him and no one else.

I didn't turn, I knew those eyes would be full of questions right now. I knew this was my last chance to tell him what I felt to acknowledge my feelings for him.I knew the furry awaited me but I continued and for once he did not interrupt. I knew he was too shocked to say anything.


" Main nahi jaanti ki main galat kar rahi hoon ya sahi, par main jaanti hoon ki maine jo bhi abhi kaha usne aapko bahut dard diya hai..bas aakhri baar meri baat sun lijiye, uske baad jo bhi aapka faisala hoga mujhe manzoor hoga. Agar aap  mujhe yahhan se, apne aap se, door jaane ko kahenge tab bhi main kuch nahi kahoongi." I heard him make a noise as if he wanted to say something but I couldn't let him speak, not now not till I had finished. I didn't stop," Aapko yaad hai us din main aapke peeche dargah taka a gayi thi aur aapne poocha tha ki main kyun aayi maine kaha tha ki dadi ki liye, woh jhoot tha . Aapne phone par kaha tha ki aap mushkil mein hain aur phir aapka no bhi nahi mil raha tha aur'maine aap se kaha tha ki mujhe aapke chehra doobara nahi dekhna.." I closed my eyes.. I don't know why but that feeling of loosing him , again, captured me, made me restless. A part of me told me Geet you might be only minutes away from loosing him forever.My heart skipped a beat but I needed to continue," phir aapki , phir aapki photo bhi hawa ki jhonke se gir ke toot gayi , us baat ne mujhe aur bhi bechain kar diya. Aapko khone ka dar, yeh dar ke main aapko doobara kabhi nahi dekh paaongi, is dar mein main aise besud hoi ki aapki ek jhalak pane ke liye, yeh dekhne ke liye ki aap theek hai, yeh jaanene ki liye ki.." I stopped I didn't know what to tell him " bas isi liye  bina kuch soche samjhe  main aapke peeche dargah pahunch gayi, aur wahaan jab mujhe aapki car nahi dikhi, toh aap nahi jaante ki un kuch kshadon mein maine kitni he baar us upar waale se dua maangi aur har dua mein ek he aarzoo ki bas ek baar unka chehra dekh loon bas aur kuch nahi chahiye aur phir..: I remembered again when he had turned to look at me, to look at me with those eyes full of questions, questions that I was answering now.." jab aapne mujhe mud kar dekha, mujhe aisa laga ki bhagwaan ne meri har dua kabool kar li hai". I stopped, I needed to, I was close to telling him that my life was him, only him. I knew I was wrong. I had no right but I couldn't stop myself I had tried many times to go away from him, but each time I had been bound  more  closely to him than before


" Mujhe us waqt toh khud ehsaas nahi hua ki woh kaun si dor thi jisne mujhe aap se bandh liya tha, par apne ehsaas ko pehchaante he main aapse door jaane ki liye tayaar thi, main apne aap ko dard de sakti hoon par aapko nahi. Par maine jitni baar bhi koshish ki,aapse door jaane ki, waqt halat aise hote the ki main aapse door na jaa payi, pehle daadi ki tabiyat aur phir Sameera ki company ka aana jisne ," I couldn't say, I couldn't tell him what she did to me " bas main aapse yeh kehna chahti hoon ki maine kabhi aapko dard pahunchana nahin chaha, par jaanti hoon diya hai, aapko bahut dard diya hai, aur yeh baat bhi utni sacchi hai ki meri zindagi mein jo jagah aapki hai who nah kabhi kisi ne li hai aur na he koi le sakta hai."


I turned around to face him.I realised my face was wet with tears , No I was OK, but the thought that I hurt him had welled up tears in my eyes. I looked at him. His eyes were closed and there was a crease between his brows.


I didn't know what to do. Should I walk upto him or stand there . Before I could decide, I heard a voice calling," bro kya aap yahaan hain, dadi kabse aapka intezaar kar rahi hain".

He opened his eyes, turned to face the door and answered " haan main yahaan hoon , aa jao upar kamre mein". I just stood there motionless . The Voice, no it cant be. I heard him climbing the stairs and in a moment he was at the door of my room . No this cant be possible he couldn't be here.This was my house and this was Maan sirs property how can he be here. I didn't know how long I stood there staring at him and he staring at me but as soon as I could gather what was happening I walked up to the bed side and I held Maan sir's hand tightly. He looked up at me. He was shocked to see me beside him but his other hand came upon mine immediately.


I liked that and I knew I could face the guy standing at the door, I could face anything in life as long as I had those hands around me.

" Geet", Sir asked me..

"Aap jaante hain yeh kaun hai", I said pointing my head in Dev's direction who was standing at the door.


He was confused but to my amazement he shook his head.


I closed my eyes and told him" yeh wohi hai.." his hand was tighter on mine. I realised he understood what I meant.

But then a sudden realisation dawned on me" BRO"..iska matlab..

" Geet yeh mera chaota bhai hai" and with these words he secured my hand more securely into his. I knew in that moment that he had won. I loved that. I loved that I had lost. I loved that his confidence in me had not broken. I loved that he would be next to me whatever happened even if that meant he was to stand up against his brother.

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Entry #6 - Pyar ki yeh ek ajeeb raat

Movie: Compilation of Gangster and Kambakht Ishq


Geet is alone at night in the outhouse. She has bathed herself, her hair are wet and tangled. She goes downstairs thinking of getting something to eat. The rain is sloshing on the windows and the only sound is the pitter-patter of rain drops. Though there is no sound louder than geets'

Geet comes downstairs as she is about to go to the kitchen she notices a lot of water on the floor. ' are yeh zameen paani nikal rahi hai?? Ya phir mein andi hogayi hoon?  Some water lands on her face and she looks up. The roof is slightly broken. ' oho babaji maine socha maan sir nahi hai ab to kuch aaram milega is ghar mein ' ek raat hi to hai, jis me office ke log nahi hote' uff babji ab main kya karu?' she looks at the water which has started spreading speedily. She worriedly says 'isse saaf karna hi parega warna kal jab maan sir aayenge aur apni ghar hi halat aisi dekhenge.. to phir' nahi nahi' mein abhi saaf karde ti hoon..


Scene shifts to maan.

He is exercising as usual (practicing martial arts) and remembering Geet. He is just about to call her when he realizes he has left his phone at the out house office.' yeh ladki jab bhi mere saath hoti hai kuch na kuch garbar zaroor hoti hai chalo leke aate hain..'

He is walking till there remembering the funny moments with Geet and cannot control saying 'yeh ladki mujhe pagal kardegi'. He opens the door, enters and hears Geet singing

 'Zindagi ka safar

 hai yeh kaisa safar

koi samjha nahin

koi jaana nahin


He stares at Geet agape. She is kneeling on the floor, her salwar folded just below her knees revealing her legs and her hair is tied into a bun with a pen rather than the usual plait. She has just had a bath maan notices her wet hair and some loose locks around her face. He is mesmerized by her beauty and innocence.*mahi moment* Geet keeps on singing unaware of Maan's presence


'hai yeh kaisi dagar

Chalte hai sab magar'


'Geet' maan says gently at first. As usual Geet does not hear. 'GEET' he shouts. Geet is startled to here his voice 'sir' she says and stands up. *Mahi moment* he looks at her from bottom to top. Geet is just staring at him. Finally he notices the pool of water and looks at her questioningly. 'Geet yeh sub kya hai swimming pool bana ne ki koshish kar rahi ho kya?'

Geet- kya sir ap bhi ite chote paani me koi kaise swimming karta hai' hehehe'

Maan looks at her angrily 'kya'

Geet- nahi who main to bas yeh keh rahi thi

Maan- interrupts her ' ke tum mere ghar ko shamshan gath mein badal ne ka iraada rakhti to na?

Geet- shamshan gath?  Lo babaji! are yeh khud kya koi shamshan wale se kam hai kya?

Maan- kya? tumne abhi kya kaha?

Geet- nahi main to bas keh rahi thi ke yaha chat tuti hui hai. Isliye to paani tapak raha hai. main sirf isko saaf kar rahi thi ke aap najane kaha se tapak pare..

Maan-   'kya??' main tapak para??

Geet- 'nahi nahi main to bas'' she becomes silent

Maan-' tumhe saaf karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Kisiko bhi bulao aake saaf kar de ga.'

Geet- 'nahi sir naukar bhi to insaan hote hai. Main khud karlungi. Ap jaiye yeh app ki bas ki baat nahi hai.'

Maan-' main aise kaam karna bhi nahi chahta'

Geet-  'sir aap chaho bhi to nahi karsak te'

Maan- kya? .. maan singh khurana sab kuch karsakta hai samjhi tum

Geet-hehe.. she smiles' Maan Singh Khurana sab kuch kar sakta hai lekin yehh kaamm' sir.. she starts giggling!!

Maan- looks at Geet angrily and then looks at the water and the already wet appalling cloth on geet's hand. He comes towards Geet dominantly.

Geet automatically starts backing away. Maan lets her get back till where she was cleaning and then bends down and picks the dry cloth next to geet.

Geet- nahi sir aap please aise maat kijiye.

Maan- chup raho aur kaam karo

Geet- obeys silently and starts taking the towel wiping the water and wringing it in a bucket. Maan looks at Geet unaware of what to do. ' bohot simple hai sir' she chirps. And maan keeps on staring at her as she repeats the procedure in front of him unaware that he had seen her do it earlier and just wanted her to show it to him.  *mahi moment*

Maan- finally he comes out of his trance and angrily says 'main kar sakta hoon'. He takes another towel and tries imitating the same way as geet.  Being triumphant for his success, he starts smiling unaware that Geet is noticing him.

Geet- 'sir' she says trying to mock him 'aap to ustaad nikle pocha karne ke liye. Aap ko to' before she could continue Maans angry stare was right there. 'wo main to'

Maan- kaam karo

They are busy working but keep on looking at each other. Maan freezes whenever Geet comes too close, brushes her hand with his, or moves a lock of hair from her face. Geet too cant help herself and keeps looking at maans cute face when he is is trying really hard to concentrate on this appalling job. Both simultaneously steal glances at the other *mahi moment*.  Finally the floor is clean. Geet puts the bucket below the hole in the roof to prevent the water from spreading.


Geet- uff safai hogai. Ab main thora aaram karsak ti hoon. Sir aap kuch piyenge?

Maan- nahi main apna phone lene aaya tha bata nahi kaha phas gaya. He looks at Geet annoyed.

Geet- sir ab to apne sab kaam sikh liye hai. Ap to aap khud ka  bhi room aaram se pocha' she stops thinking she has said too much and turns to look at Maan who is staring at her..


Maan- to mujhe apne room me jaru pocha aur yeh sab kaam karne chahiye na? He move towards Geet who moves backwards..

Geet- nervously sir mera matlab yeh nahi tha

Maan- to tumhara matlab kya tha ha? maan has come really close to her

Geet turns her face and starts walking away not realizing that she just reached the damp floor and is about to slip when Maan holds her wrist. Then without pulling her up holds her waist and back so shes still in a falling position. He gently moves his hand along Geets back touching her bare upper back till his hand reaches her hair. Slowly and gently he removes the pen from her hair opening the bun and letting her hair loose. *mahi moment* he doesn't let her come back up and holds her firm in his arms. Both are looking at each other.


Soon both come out of trance and he lifts Geet back up.

Geet- trying to compose herself 'sir aap kuch piyenge? Sasha ne mujhe ek juice diya hai jo uska sab se favourite hai main abhi wo leke ai.

Maan- mujhe kuch nahi peena

Geet- annoyed ' thik hai sir mai piyungi mujhe to bohot pyas lagi hai' she turns. As she turns her wet hair lands on Maan's face tickling his face slowly moving from his forehead to chin as she leaves moving towards the fridge. Maan is just staring at her breathing the smell of her hair and feeling the touch of her mane on his face. He moves close towards her. Geet is busy bending in the fridge putting herself a glass of that juice. As she turns, her hair again lands on Maan's face. Geet watches this and starts removing her hair gently away from Maan's face brushing his face with her cool fingertips while doing so. Maan's eyes are closed waiting for her to finish, enjoying her soft touch. Geet looks at Maan, she brings her finger tips and starts tracing maan's strong jaw line smoothly invitingly. She continues and goes down to the chin then disconcerted at what she's doing immediately puts her finger down and starts moving from there.


Geet- are babaji inse kitni bar kaha ke agar unhe kuch peena hai to mein leke aati hu..lekin nahi  pehle to bohot nakhre karne lage aur jab maine lena chaha to piche piche aane lage ek bhayanak bhoot ki tarha babajiii'


Suddenly maan's phone starts ringing. He goes to his desk.  


Geet- acha hua thank u babji apne bachaliya ab me aaram se juice pee sakti hoon.

Opens the bottle puts it in the glass.. ( SHE DOES NOT READ THE LABEL WHICH SAYS ALCOHOLIC DRINK-keep out of the reach of children'lol:P)

She tastes it

'Are waah yeh to bohot acha hai' She loved the drink soo much she drinks two glasses of it.


 Meanwhile with Maan

Maan- ha wo project ki details mein Sasha ko kahunga wo aapko mail kerdegi.. ok.. goodnight

He walks back to where Geet is.


Geet- she is sitting on the sofa smiling to herself.

Maan- Geet!

Geet- does not respond just keeps on smiling

Maan- GEET!

Geet- looks at maan. And keeps on smiling brightly at him

Maan- apne daant dikhana choro aur' he notices Geet is just smiling and not responding..

Geet stands up and starts coming closer to Maan. Maan gets surprised as to what Geet is doing

Maan- Geet?  He asks her as if trying to make sure she is completely sane..

Maan moves back till he reaches the wall and Geet keeps on moving forward towards him.Finally Maan can no longer go behind. Geet approaches him and gently puts her fingers on Maan's face. Maan gets shocked but does not move her fingers away. Her finger moves downwards from the forhead tracing his nose. She pauses a little at his lips but then continues down towards the neck, his broad chest .All this time Maan's eyes are closed. Geet looks at Maan, watching his eyes closed and then  pokes him. Maan opens his eyes shocked and hears Geet's laughter. He gets annoyed and looks at her angrily before he can say anything, Geet opens her mouth and says 'Geet' she looks at his perplexed look and says ' ha.. ha daaton mujhe aap ko to yehi sab aata hai na.. dhust danav'

Maan- geeeeet!!! He says angrily moving forward

Geet- kya hai? She says moving forward in reply

Maan- stops. Calmly says 'dekho geet..'

Geet- adamantly 'nahi mujhe nahi dekhna haii!'

Maan-' Geet!!'  Looks at her angrily

Geet- 'ahwooooooo'' she starts crying.. loudly..

Maan- 'geet kya huwa?'

'aaaaaaapppppp ahwooooooo''

Maan- 'main kya'

 Geet- Aaaapp ahwoooooo

Maan- haan mujhe pate hai lekin main kyaaa?

Geet- aaaappp'.ahwooooooo

Maan- Geeeett!!

Geet- 'aap na'' she tries to stop crying ' sniffing.. 'aap mujhe har waqt daante rehte hai Kabhi bhi' and she moves to sit on the sofa' kabhi bhi aap ne mujhse pyaar se baat nahi ki hai, jaise ke Geet aaj tum aaram kar sak ti ho ya phir mujhse aisi ghusse wali nazron se jaise' dekha!!' She says pointedly  'ap abhi dekh rahe hai kabhi apne pyaar bhari nazron se to dekhiye''  she comes close to Maan who is also sitting on the sofa.. kabhi bhi' ahwwoooooo'. She cries

Maan is annoyed wondering where this came from

Geet- 'Kabhi bhi apne mujhse ek ladki ki tarha baat nahi ki' hamesha mera haath'. Haaaayyeee mera haaathhh ahwooooo'!!!'

Maan- To himself 'yeh kya bol rahi hai..'

Geet takes a sip of the juice lying next to the sofa on the stool.

Maan- isne pee rakhi hai kya?  He takes the drink and sniffs it. ' OMG yeh ladki!!!!

Geet- still babbling mera haath' mera haath abhi tak dukh raha hai' pata nahi jab mein raat ko soti hoon to rota hoga mujhe kuch batata bhi nahi' ahwoooooo.. aur aap' aap ko to kuch pari bhi nahi hai' musukurate bhi nahi ho aap' phir bhi jabhi aap mere kareeb hote ho to'

Maan- maan freezes listening to this he wants to know more, he did not realize he had been yearning to hear this ever since the dargah.. he remains silent

Geet- continuing .. 'to ek ajeeb sa ehsaas hota hai jaise .. jaise se' and she stands up and starts singing and dancing:

Mera tujhse hai pehle ka naata koi

Yuhi nahi dil lubhaata koi

Jaane tu yaa jaane na

Maane tu yaa maane na..


Maan stares at her and starts smiling eventually an amazing toothy smile erupts as he watches geet flinging her arms from side to side' playing with her dupatta and swirling like an angel singing the song' smiling happy all the way ' he approaches her..

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Entry #7 - Just do as I say.



Movie: Veer         Scene: Veer enters Yashodhara's palace to spy


I've based the scene on when veer has entered his lady love princess yashodhara's palace. he has come to spy on the plans of the british army who is being supported by the princess's father. at the same time though, he wants the princess to confront her father about their relationship.

Her eyes widened as she sensed a familiar tune being played in the grand hall. Without thinking, she gripped onto the heavy skirt of her gown and flew out of her room across the palace corridors, rushing towards the hope of seeing him there. Her heart rising and falling to the rhythm of the piano, her excitement mounting as the sound grew louder, she knew she was getting closer. Breathless, she finally reached the balcony above the hall, rested her anxious hands and body against the barrier for support and focused her eyes on the figure playing the tune. She felt foolish as she saw her friend Pari seated at the piano, playing the last note of the melody. As if her heart had played an unfair joke on her, she looked away defeated. She closed her eyes to take a breath and whispered "Maan".

Her tender murmur may not have been heard by the few people present, but it had surely reached him. This was enough for Maan to know that she was missing him as terribly as he had missed her. With the intention to relieve her pain, he leaned forward, revealing himself near the piano and responded
"dabi dabi saanson me suna ta maine... bole bina mera naam aaya".
Her heart flickered as his voice tickled her senses. She turned her head in the direction of the sound to find that he was really there. Her eyes filled with tears of joy and love as they met his equally loving gaze. They both lived a thousand moments in that one alone, their eyes expressing how happy they were to have found each other again. His presence caused an increasing havoc in her entire body. She needed to get down that staircase and see him closer, whilst he stood there refusing to shift his gaze from her for even a second. He wanted to drink every detail of her form that day, slowly and fully. As she fluttered down the final step, she was greeted by Dev, Maan's younger sweet brother whom she felt warm to see at the palace as well. She quickly glanced behind him and saw the brother who had captured her heart moving towards her with Pari holding him by the arm. Maan released Pari's hold on him and walked closer to Geet. He lifted her hand to kiss it, looking into her eyes the whole time. Geet could feel the warmth of his lips pressing through her satin glove making her blush and lower her eyes. Maan adored this charming sight of Geet, raised her arm a little higher pulling her forward to begin a dance. He began
"Dabi dabi saanson mein suna tha maine, bole bina mera naam aaya..."
Maan twirled Geet around making her truly feel like a princess for the first time in her life. As Geet spun out, Pari spun into Maan's arms. His eyes still fixed on a shy, smiling Geet as he continued
"Palkein jhuki aur uthne lagi toh, haule se uska salaam aaya".
Overwhelmed by the magic in the room, Geet sang back "Jab bole woh, jab bole..."
Charged up by his lady love, Maan twirled Pari into Dev's arms and pulled Geet nearer to himself again, keeping their faces close he sang "Uski aankh mein rab bole".
They were quickly reminded that they were not alone as Pari and Geet's other friend Naintara joined them in their dance of love, joining hands with them and forcing the couple to stand at a distant, opposite each other. With her eyes falling to Maan's lips, Geet sang again "Jab bole woh, jab bole"
to which Maan answered with a smile forming on his lips "Uski aankh mein rab bole".
Geet glided two steps forward close to Maan singing "Paas paas hi rehna tum, aankh aankh mein kehna tum". She was about to take two steps back again when Maan held onto her hand to stop her. He tilted his face as if about to kiss her, and answered her "Dekha tumhe to aaram aaya".
In this way, Maan and Geet danced until the evening ball began where they were both accompanied by different partners for the rest of the time. Although delighted with Maan's sudden appearance at the palace, Geet could not help but feel anxious for what this could mean. If her father found out that this was Maan, the same man who her father held responsible for her brother's death, Maan's life would be in danger. The thought of it passed a chilling fear through her body. Geet knew she would somehow have to convince Maan to leave Madhavgarh.

That same night, Geet felt ridiculously restless and could not stop tossing and turning in bed. She knew that Maan was staying at her palace for the next few days as her father hired him to work for them, oblivious to Maan's real identity. She felt desperate to see him but at the same time knew that she must make him realise that he should not stay. With every passing second, Geet felt more impatient. It was a risky task for her to meet Maan at that hour, but she knew it was impossible for her to rest without speaking to him.  She pushed the covers off her body, exposing her bare arms and a body wrapped in a long, plain, navy blue, satin, strapped night gown. Geet thought it was best to leave the room without anything else on as her heavy robe would create noise and attract unnecessary attention. She hurried out of her bedroom and quietly crept along the long corridors of her home and luckily did not have too far to move as Maan's room was on the same floor as her own.

As Geet entered the room, her eyes met the most delectable sight she had ever encountered. Moving steadily up and down on the floor with nothing but black bottoms on, she saw Maan exercising. Geet was slightly taken aback. It wasn't that she hadn't noticed Maan's muscular form earlier, for it was evident from the shirts he wore that he was a well toned man, but she had never imagined a body as well crafted as that. She stood at an advantaged position where she could see him perfectly without him noticing as the side of his body was facing the door from which she had entered. Her eyes danced across his broad tanned shoulders and back to his rippling biceps and strong hands. She slowly moved her gaze over to his tough handsome face. She didn't realise how long she was standing there staring at him like that, until she leaned her head back against the open door causing it to shut abruptly and break her trance. Maan turned his head up in a sharp movement towards the door. It was his turn to be taken aback by the heavenly image displayed before him. She sensed his sharp gaze on her and felt unnerved as if he were mentally touching her. He was still in his push-ups position, just not moving. His eyes were relishing every intricate detail Geet possessed. He traced her beautiful feminine structure with hungry eyes. He admired the way her hair sat loosely over her left shoulder falling just below her breasts. His eyes continued to run over her bare long neck, her silky arms and his favourite part, the satin dress which clung onto her body, accentuating her delicate curves and heightening his desire. Once his eyes made their way back to hers, he reluctantly looked away knowing that if he stared any longer he would not be able to control his actions. Geet heaved a sigh of relief as she watched him turn away and continue his push ups.

As Maan resumed his exercise, Geet took the opportunity to speak. "Maan" she said softly walking up to him, "we need to talk." Maan ignored her, sensing what she intended to discuss. "Maan?" Geet repeated. She realised it wouldn't be easy to convince him. She moved close enough and sat on his back as he pushed up and down against the floor, faster. He felt something faint tingle his back as Geet stroked her fingers across his skin and stated "Maan, it isn't safe for you to be here. I've missed you a lot, but you shouldn't have come". Maan remained silent as Geet's fingers caressed his shoulders, her touch forcing him to move harder. Geet was aware of his unhappiness with what she was saying but knew that she had to make him understand. Her hair floated onto the back of his neck as she bent lower towards the side of his face. Maan closed his eyes for a moment as he could smell her intoxicating soft scent. Geet could feel the heat his body was releasing as she brought her lips near his ear to whisper "Please Maan, you will have to go from here". Maan threw one hand behind himself to grab Geet by her hair and pulled her down at his side. Geet fell in surprise but without pain as Maan gripped her by the waist with his other hand to ease her fall. He quickly disentangled his fingers from her hair and swiftly climbed on top of her to continue his push ups.

"Now look me in the eye and tell me again that you want me to leave". Maan moved up and down each time moving his face and body closer to hers. "Maan choriye mujhe, koi aa gaya to?" Their proximity made Geet feel nervous and desperate for an excuse to escape from beneath him and his cutting stare. "Rajkumari Geet" he bit in frustration, "You didn't care about anyone seeing us when you decided to come here, so why do you worry now?" He could feel the rapid rise and fall of her chest against his own, it was weakening his control. She found it difficult to look at him as his hot breath fell on her face making her want to submit. Maan blew the lock of hair that rested on her neck and asked "You don't want me to be here?" He had stopped moving and gently rubbed his thumb over her trembling lower lip.  "I don.." was all she managed to reply in a hoarse voice as he dug his face into the curve of her neck and lightly kissed it. He planted soft kisses across her neckline down to the bare entrance of her breasts. Geet gasped in pleasure as Maan pinched the flesh with wet lips. He lifted his lips slightly off her skin to ask "Geet, you still want me to leave?" then lowered his lips to bite the place he had just tempted. He then teased his way back up her smooth skin, smiling between kisses as he reached her neck again. His lips made their way along her shoulder and stopped when they met the thin strap of her dress. Geet knew that there were plenty reasons for her to push him away and make him leave. She had forgotten them all however, deciding that she could remember them later. He ran his tongue around the slight bit of material, enjoying the taste of her warm flesh before closing his mouth over the strap to pull it off with his teeth. Geet shuddered and whispered "Maan" in pleasure, willing for him to continue. All she wanted was for him to persist. She brought her arms out from under him and dug her fingers into his thick hair for stability, as they both indulged in new pleasures. He could feel her hands wanting to move his face back up to hers. She was as hungry for his lips as much as he was for hers. A sudden urgency made him crush his mouth on to hers, groaning in pleasure as the sweet taste of her mouth enhanced his yearning. They began sucking, biting, discovering, and savouring every flavour of their uniting.

A fluttering sound forced Maan to pull his lips off of Geet's. Maan grudgingly tore away from a panting Geet to check what had disturbed them. Geet laid on the floor breathless by the sudden ride of passion, her lips still stinging from the thrill they received moments ago. As Maan walked away, she straightened herself off the floor, pulling the tattered strap back onto her shoulder. "It was just Dev outside" Maan assured her as he made his way back to her. Their eyes met at that instant revealing their untamed yearning for each other. Maan stepped closer to Geet as she was about to leave the room. "You were here to tell me something, weren't you Geet?" he asked scanning her face with his eyes. She looked up at him trying to recollect why she had actually gone to see him. "Maan... woh... I just..."
"You just what Geet?" He asked moving his head closer to hers. She shook herself away turned her back to him and continued "Maan. You don't understand. You can't just decide to stay here like this. If my father finds out then..."
"Then what?" he persisted closer, "Then what?" "Huh Geet?" he hissed, moving his hands around her waist and tummy from behind. Geet clutched onto her dress for support, knowing that she couldn't fall weak again. "Maan please, for my sake, please leave." He gently turned her around still holding her by the waist and placed one hand on her cheek. "No Geet. If I've come here it's for my bride. It's for you and I don't intend to leave without you". She shrugged his hands off of her self and moved away "Maan you know it's not possible. My father would rather I die than give my hand in marriage to the enemy. I suggest you forget about your insane idea and leave this place" she answered, hurrying towards the door.
"Without you Geet? Never." he snapped back. Maan Singh Khurana had never learnt how to back down from anything or anyone. Come what may, he would make Geet accept his proposal.  

The next day Geet flew around the palace halls searching for Maan, hoping and praying he had agreed to do what she wished. Although there was no sign of him, something told her that he had not left. It was Maan after all, had he really given up without a fight? She questioned one of her guards whether he had seen Maan that afternoon. The guard bowed in assertion "Yes Rajkumari ji, he is spending the entire day with Miss Pari. He has been with her since this morning". Displeased and irritated with the news, Geet asked a final question "Where will I find them?"

Geet pushed open the large doors to the Royal Gardens of the palace. Her eyes skipped across the grounds and saw Dev talking to Naintara and a group of other girls. Her eyes pranced around until they found Maan and Pari standing alone and rather close for her liking. She quickened her steps towards them and could see Maan positioned behind Pari as if holding her in an embrace. He seemed to be teaching her how to play the Violin, moving her arms back and fourth on the instrument with his own. Pari blushed and beamed with delight as he told her that she was doing a wonderful job. "Yes, the tune sounds beautiful. You are learning fast, and are playing really well" he let her know. Infuriated by the sight, Geet interrupted them. "Pari dear, I just thought you should be made aware that the gardens are not the place to practice music, or whatever it is you are practicing" Geet spat, indicating the latter part at Maan, holding his gaze with a piercing stare. "I'm quite sure we hadn't bothered anyone here up til now, Rajkumari Geet" Maan retorted. "This beautiful season seems to welcome this shower of affection out here in the gardens". Irked with Maan's behaviour Geet retreated to the palace, turning her head around to notice an unaffected Maan, continuing his lesson with Pari.

Before Geet could head back up the stairs to her room, a strong pair of arms pulled her back and pinned her against a wall. "I thought you wanted me to stay away from you Geet. What made you change your mind?" Maan had both arms locked at her sides. He wasn't going to let her go so easily, she needed to accept what she actually wanted. Maan brushed a strand of hair off her face making her shoot her eyes up at him. She stared at him in anger which was quickly dissolving at his touch. "What happened Geet, you didn't like me assisting Pari out there?" He whispered, leaning his lips closer to hers. "I have a feeling you'd much appreciate me teaching you a few things instead" he smirked, moving his arms down hers. He rested his hands tightly around her waist and pulled her body higher, closer. Geet pushed her fists hard against his chest and struggled to shove him off. He kept leaning closer, making it harder for her to move. "You don't really want me to leave you, do you Geet?"he asked rotating his lips around hers, teasing them and not quite touching them. His masculine smell made him even more irresistible, Geet closed her eyes and inhaled, parting her lips just slightly as she allowed herself to enjoy his firm hold on her. Maan lifted his head back slightly to see his Geet waiting for him to sweep her away in another moment of sheer ecstasy. He looked at her without blinking. Her soft skin, her fluttery eyes, her cute nose, her lovely cheeks and her mesmerising, rosy lips... he could stare at her like that forever. "Maan..." Geet's voice trembled in urgency, "Maan" she said again, rising to her toes. He knew what she wanted and hovered his lips over hers before lightly brushing his stubbled chin against her cheek. She moved her head towards him, trying to nibble a small part of him and clenched onto his shirt when she got nothing. Although highly stimulated by her gestures, Maan slowly released his hold on her waist and placed a soft kiss on her nose and moved back a little. He was still mesmerised by her beauty and her longing for him. He looked down at his shirt in attempt to resist the temptation of pulling her back into a tight embrace and make her feel what he really wanted to.

Geet slowly opened her eyes to see Maan fixing his collar. Her cheeks flushed, as she caught Maan looking back at her smiling in victory. "I told you. You didn't really want me to leave". She blinked a few times trying to regain some sense of her surrounding and their situation. "Geet, the sooner you accept this, the sooner you will stop fearing what your father might say". His words instantly made her remember everything she needed to. "I do not want to talk to you about this again. This is the last time I shall be in seeing you Maan, whether you like it or not". "Whether I like it or not?" Maan spat back angrily, clasping her wrist. She pulled her wrist free with her loose hand and walked past Maan, not facing him and stated assertively "Before tomorrow's sunrise Maan, you must leave Madhavgarh". With that said, she headed for the stairs, stopping as he declared clearly "Geet. I came here with reason. Mark my words Rajukumari Geet," he continued with a scary certainty "tomorrow itself, before the sun sets, you will declare before your father, before the whole of Madhavgarh, that I am Maan. Your Maan. Maan, the man you are in love with". 

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