Thendral Wed Sept 1st written update-T&T married (Page 2)

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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
Thank you for the updatesClapClapStar..

Hi friends,

I am new to this thendral thread.. Its just recently i started watching the serial.. Ennayum unga kooda sethupeengala? Embarrassed

As all said, even though i loved the chemistry btwn TT i felt bad seeing Charu's stateOuch..

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This was a...unusual episode, even by Thendral standards.Ermm Like I mentioned beforehand, my sympathies towards Charu has grown a thousand fold. And I sincerely hope it is not a dream, so that this serial can resume it's fast pace.

It's one thing to be betrayed. It's another thing to be totally blind sided and stabbed in the back by a person you placed a lot of hope in. She looked devastated and quite frankly, she had every right to do what TA's mommy had done (to Thuls in the college) to TA. She could have humiliated TA in front of everyone and made a scene. But she didn't. And that is what is really bothering me, the kindness of her character. The fact that she was able to accept this BIG blow, and still walk away with tears, was nearly bringing me to tears.Cry

I have never been a fan of Charu. I have always thought of her to be too innocent and too trustful. However, after today's episode, I have a brand new respect for her.Clap If she wants to turn into a villi, then by all means go ahead. TA and by extension his whole family and Thuls, all ganged up and literally ruined her life. She fasted for TA, she got him bail and she always supported him. Hell, she nearly threw away her adopted family for him!Angry

But TA isn't the only one to blame, his mother also shares that responsibility. She was the one who encouraged Charu to grow her budding feelings for TA. TA's mommy (against the advice of her elder son, Puvi) insisted that the marriage be moved up. She is now the reason why Charu has no groom with the marriage deadline fast approaching. The invitations are printed, menu is chosen and pariharam is done. Everyone knows she was engaged to TA. Now Charu's family (not TA's) has to explain why the marriage is getting called off.  Thumbs Down They have every right to curse TA. All they wanted was for their only daughter to be happy. They forgave all of TA's faults for their daughter's happiness. In turn, TA has only caused them pain and has left their daughter with something even worse, a broken heart.Broken Heart

I admit, I am a T&T fan. Always have been, and probably always will. But that doesn't mean I am immune to their faults. As many of you have said, Thuls and TA rushed into this marriage. It was more of a "we have to do it" situation, rather than a "we want to do it". I don't agree with Thuls's choice. I have never been fond of rash decisions that Thuls makes and stubbornly clings onto. But what is done is done, and there is no way TA is going to untie the thali just because his mom says so.Pinch But a little part of me still believes that Thuls will not set foot inside TA's house, yet. His mommy will chase her out.

I can not wait to see the looks on Puvi and Sudha's faces, especially the latter. She was the one who (despite her differences with TA's mommy) clearly advised her MIL, that TA had more to him then he let on. Sudha repeatedly warned TA's mom, and was spurned (and subtly insulted) each and every time. No wonder Sudha does not get along with her mother-in-law. Lavanya would be less then pleased to see T&T. After all, Thuls promised to leave TA alone. But it all really comes down to the moment where TA, Thuls or anyone else breaks the truth to her; it was her mom that was literally the root cause of T&T's marriage.

I hope Vel comes back soon. I miss him.LOL

On a totally separate observation; Chandru is Mr.Awesome.Thumbs Up He's level headed, cool and isn't afraid to speak his mind. In fact, he has all the qualities that I had previously admired in TA. Chandru is loyal, fair and acts as a true leader. If he has to protect his fellow students, so be it. If he has to confront a raging mad lady sprouting vile nonsense, so be it. If it means helping two people marry, so be it. He is a great character and I really wish that his character will continue to show up more and more in this serial. I also wish that his character doesn't face the annihilation that TA's character went through.

Personally, I think Nitish is still going to marry Lavanya. Then he is going to torture her, and get revenge for the shame caused by TA. This will cause TA more pain and cause more guilt for Thuls. And then they'll drag the serial for a few episodes.Sleepy I hope they don't follow this track (as all other mega serials) and start a new trend. Like T&T's wedding, no one expected it but it happened anyway. Even if I didn't like how the marriage happened; it was still somewhat out of the norm (female's family supporting, male's family against) and unique. I hope the director thinks of new twists and turns. I also hope he spends less time dragging.

Oh, and did anyone notice that both Chandru and Deepa were wearing blue? Is this some sort of clue for the future or just a coincidence? What do you guys think? (Personally, I'm hoping he does stuff the traditional way, and DOES NOT repeat what T&T have done.) 

This is all from me(Geek), good night guys or good morning (depending on what time it is)!

P.S Can't wait to see the reactions of Padma and Anand!LOL


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While TA is to be blamed for the dilly-dallying and not telling Charu, his mother and Charu and her family took him for granted. Yes, he was engaged but did they even bother to consult him on preponing the marriage date. Also, Charu even printing cards on behalf of both without consulting is too much.
However, the fact that Charu left without uttering a word was super and more impactful as one could see her pain. Hope she is not going to take some extreme step and that is the reason why all the men were shown as running.
As for Thuls, she was so hurt by TA's mother but what is she planning to do. It would be against the nature of that character to take revenge. It is surprising that she did not think of Charu even for a minute. More crucially TA did not think of Charu.

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Thanks Gudgal for the update! Smile 
Like all of you said, my heart goes out to Charu! CryCry Its extremely painful and I completely empathise with her..Unhappy As much as I badly wanted the T&T marriage to happen, I didn't expect it all of a sudden, soo quickly, incurring the wrath of Charu, her family and also the viewers. The way she left the temple heartbroken without creating a mess or a scene, hats off to you Charu ma! My respect for you has increased a ten-fold. StarClap How I wish Charu wasn't there when the marriage was happening.. the pain would have been a little lesser if she hadn't seen.. Cry I expected their marriage to happen slowly and steadily, with everyone's blessings, truly wishing well for them from the bottom of their hearts.. Looks like the director is either draggy or hasty. Sigh! Ouch Now TA and his mum are answerable to Charu and her family... I just hope Charu doesn't turn into a Padayappa Neelambari.. that would totally spoil her character..! Shocked 
Coming back to highlight of yest's episode - the marriage itself.. Congrats Mr. and Mrs Thamizharasu ClapSmile Just a quick mention of the things I really enjoyed... Deepak's and Shruthi's expressions and the way they emoted - aweesomeeeee!!!! Clap I've never enjoyed a reel marriage, be it in serials or movies, cos something keeps reminding me that its fake (maybe the camera movements and the way they emote - just makes it look fake).. But this one just made me go GAH!! It was soooooo real, chooo chweeeeeet, genuine and I could really feel the vibes, I swear!! Wink The way she fell into his arms..wowwww!!! Big smile I've not felt like this even for a real marriage.. ennoda marriage ku kooda ivlo excited a irupena nu therila LOLLOL Hats off to Deepak and Shruti for the wonderful, awesome and amazing expressions!! ClapClapClapClap I hope you stay as loving, affectionate and supportive forever, just like you promised in the hotel scene once Big smile Tongue Another person, worthy of a mention, is Chandru.. The way he stepped in to make sure everything went on well and was all ready to face trouble (TA's mum thaan.. when he said avanga aasirvaadham vaanganum.. grabbing the shirt of the guy who was nazhuvifying was hilarious..ROFL Chandru, unakkaa love failure aachu?? namba mudiyale!!! LOL)
Thuls, now that you've gotten what you wanted, the onus is on you to study really hard, of course with TA's support, and graduate with flying colors, living up to the expectations of your daddy, Thamizh and also the viewers. I hope the focus will be wholly on education now that the TTC problem is somewhat resolved. Also, I sincerely hope Charu gets a bigger, brighter and a better life with a gentleman who's more loving, faithful and understanding! You will surely, darling, for the gem of a person that you are!!! SmileWink
And now my two cents on the Love VS Education issue.. I personally believe both are an indispensable part of life! Life would really suck without either of them. I agree that education is a MUST in this fast changing world.. In my case, just like Ranu, I have understanding and caring parents who trust me fully and know that I have the maturity to decide what I want carefully.. They've given me freedom to choose what I wanna do with the confidence that I won't misuse it.. and I wont.. If you can manage and strike a balance between education and love, then why not?!?! In Thulasi's case, with a hubby who's more than willing to support her in her studies, I think its perfectly fine that she's married and it doesn't mean she's gonna ditch her studies cos of that! Big smile She's v lucky to have gotten a hubby who supports her whole- heartedly in all her aspirations cos many families dun support DILs or wives, who wanna study after marriage! Smile
All that said, I'm eagerly awaiting today's episode to see everyone's reactions, esp Sudha and TA's mum as you all pointed out! LOL

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Thanks Gudgal for the lovely update, Thumbs Up as all of you said me too didn't expect the wedding to happen this fast. Shocked. Eventhough I'm a fan of T&T, but all my sympathy goes to Charu, poor girl. Cry.
Can't wait for tomorrow's episode,Big smile I'm sure Sudha will be very much happy with this new turn of event. Tomorrow, tsunami, earthquake and all the disasters will come in the name of TA's mom. LOL.

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I see many of u r not happy with Deepak and Tulasi's marriage...oh come only there will more spice to the serial. If deepak had married charu then there wudnt hav been anything...chappunnu poirrukkum.LOLLOLLOL Now only the serial has heated upLOL. Charu has also seen their wedding. A big earthquake is waitring for Deepak and Tulasi. Suspense in this serial is how they r going to overcome their problemsClap. Deepak and Tulasi's wedding was the best twist in this serialClap. hats off to the director.ClapClap

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Sue Nair IF-Rockerz
Sue Nair
Sue Nair

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Originally posted by Aahaana

Thuls, I understand you were victim of a brainless ladys verbal abusive and you wanted to clear your name pure but does it justify you crushing and snatching away another girls life and heart? Nope..i dont think so...director has pawed the way for us to feel more toward Charu than Thuls now..and me who dislike Charu a lot, felt for her today. But on the other side, Charu now maybe regret scolding her dad that day infront TAs mother and emotional blackmail her mother the other the end of the day, her decsion was wrong and her parents was indeed right. She can find a better groom than TATongue
Though I do feel sorry for Charu but I am glad T & T got married at last - it has been a long awaited wedding all Thendral fans have been looking forward to for months ...sorry lost count of the days.Big smile
Charu's love for Tamil is one sided but both Tamil and Thuls oda love is divine - they met long before Charu came into the picture.  They are hoplessly in love but forced to face so many ups and downs before finally getting united.Clap
Even if Tamil were to marry Charu...the marriage will definitely go on rocks. He might even end up having affairs with others out of frustration - this will definitely inflict pain for both parties esp. Charu when its a total loveless marriage. If Thuls is forced to marry another....her life would also be shattered and there are alot of possible chances for more problems to arise. 
Many ppl would have been hurt and disappointed if Charu/TA marries. Charu has got nothing to lose - TA has had only normal conversations with her - he did not whisper sweet nothings into her ears or personally promised marriage - he was just following like a blind bat (it was foolish of him) adhering to his mums selfish demands (her mouth shd be stitched for bringing out such foul words at Thuls..!!)Angry
If Thulasi didn't demand for a marriage or threatened suicide indhe TA would have never plucked courage to marry Thuls....he will go on buying time till dooms day....ippo TA is shivering in his pants to see the reaction of his sakadai mother..!! Clap
Ammma...TA's mum are you going to commit suicide now that your son has become Mr. Thulasi??LOLLOL Your DIL has won the bat.....!!ClapClap

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Thank you for the detailed update gudgal Smile

Ithenna kodumai Kumaraa...?! You could have taken few weeks times to convice Charu and then to let T&T marry. Charukku naamamaa...kadavule..she was very pitiful. To see the marriage of her fiance, i can imagine how painful this would have been for that poor innocent girl Cry. I think Kumaran, you know very well which effect this Charu character would have on viewers. I don't think you can rebuild the lost image of TT as selfless people. As TT supporter i could not enjoy the marriage even a single moment.Thulasi took a decision in a very emotional situation. Emotional decisions always go wrong.Now she has to suffer for it along with her hubby Ouch
One thing i did not like about Charu's family and still not able to understand is, how they went on with fixing the marriage date and printing the wedding invitations without the groom's approval, seems to very illogical like the marriage by students Confused.

Mr.Chandru,this guy is junior TA LOL. I can imagine through him how TA would have been in his college days. But this guy has more guts than TA. I liked one if his sentences in tuesday's episode, when your daughter comes to college then we collegemates are her father, mother, brother,sister etc. But this marriage conducted by the students proved to be a wrong one. How would they decide if they knew about his engagement with another girl.

A million dollar question to TA, where are you going to stay with your Thulasi if your dearest mother does not let you in the house and Padma as well?????

Welcome to the Thendral forum and to our discussions Big smile

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