Thendral Wed Sept 1st written update-T&T married

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Hi guys. I got home early from work and was all curious to see today's epi. I know all viewers must be anticipating, so giving a small update. I have some errands to complete, need to run now will come back and give detailed update.
-Tamil's frnd get thali, garland etc.
-Thools frnds dress her up
-Tamil ties thali and marraige successful
-charu sees all this and is shocked
-charu's parents come to know that there is going to be T's wedding from their frnds daughter who studies in the same college.
-all family members shocked and charu uncle says no decision will be made till we know the truth, charu father all ready to explode. they decide not to tell charu anything till they know the truth
-after marraige all frnds decide to go with tamil and charu to his house and force his mom to bless the couple
-tamil all scared on how mom is going to react
-charu comes home all shocked
Fantastic, what didnt happen in 3 months all that excitement happened in last 3 days. its been gripping episodes and making viewers anxious for more ClapClap But I hope the firecracker called tamil's mom explodes tomorrow, cannot wait to see her reactionBig smile
Big smile

Epi starts from yesterday  charu discovering her mobile lost and goes back to the temple. kangu and joseph come with malai et al. patti says thanks for everything. kanagu says tamil asked me to buy everything. tamil gives thali to MM and he is TongueTongue patti asks them to dress thoolsi, her frnds take her and dress her up OuchOuch

Here charu's car is fast approaching kovil OuchOuch and there thools is being dressed by deepa. (Sorry maybe I missed something but how did kalyani land there)

In Kovil mandapam, priest asks to get the ponnu, BGM plays and enter thools with her frnds. Tamil is all WinkSmileTongue seeing her. thools is EmbarrassedEmbarrassed priest gives them malai and Tamil garlands her and she garlands him. (Tamil looks all happyOuchOuch thools looks all confusedOuchOuch)

Finally charu car reaches kovil and she gets out. she is ShockedShocked to see so much crowd. she asks the poo lady outside why so much cars? she says some college pasanga are doing a kalyanam. Charu is super Big smileBig smile lady continues polumbifying how will these pasanagas improve? during studying days they are getting married how come they will prosperThumbs Up charu says dont say like that, u are making poo for lord, if people who love each other are getting married then its a good thing and we should be happy( pavam, I felt very bad for her ConfusedConfused) Scene shifts to the marraige place, tamil getting ready to the big moment with the thali in his hand. poo lady says u go and bless them enna allau mudiyadhuLOLLOL charu goes in all Big smile here tamil ties the thaliParty Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadhikeII rayanbake Gauri Narayani NamostuteII everyone is happy and blesses them. charu sees them blessing and slowly she can see through the crowd and she sees tamil tying the knot ShockedShocked she is shocked ShockedShockedShocked she sees tamil and she sees thulsi and is ConfusedConfused speechless. she runs out (D'ohI thought she will say dei drohi or something dramatic to that effect), but she just ran to the car and asks the driver to go home, driver is amma mobile? she is like go home Ermm

Here thools is so happy she hugs tamil and cries HugTamil is all Approve marriage rituals are done and everyone is happy and blesses the couple. MM blesses them and apologizes tamil for being rude. tamil says enna saar neenga. thanks for not beating me LOLLOL patti says what ur saying saar and more call him mama. tamil says okay periya mamiyar we will seek ur blessingsLOLLOL she blesses them long life, deepa says what about having 16 kids and a long life. patti says u keep the 16 for them only 2 is enoughLOLLOL

Frnds ask now what? eat in hotel? the leader (didnt catch his name) says no we have to go to his mom's house and take her blessing(good luck with that LOLLOL) one boy says kalyanam over now what galatta aa? LOLLOL I am scared of that women, leader makes him understand that just by doing wedding our duties is not over we have to also help his mother accept them. tamil asks kangu and joseph if its okay to talk to mother now? they say u have a gumbal with u, what ur scared of? LOLLOL so the entire crowd leave to tamil's house(I am excitedly waiting for the big showdown Dancing)

Here charu is CryCry in car and in her house nitesh mother is what r u saying? it cannot be himShocked she is like wedding in one week now what to do?OuchOuch she calls charu's mom and says tamil is marrying someone else, now what to do? as usual both ladies start CryCry the men folk come asking what wrong and charu aunt says tamil is getting married. uncle asks kanavu kandaya?LOLLOL she says no our frnds daughter called and said, the college children are marryinf him to some thulsi,they have an affair of many yearsShockedShocked they are asking how we did not inquire that . charu dad as usual explodes and starts getting hyper. uncle asks him to cool down. father says frnd said that he was in the coll, should have suspected then. charu moms says my daughter life is spoilt CryCry nitesh is ShockedShocked uncle asks father to relax , father says how can I relax, he married someone and is happy what answer do I give my daughter? unlce asks where charu is? nits says kovil. mom says she kept vratham for him and see what he did to her, she gives lot of shabam to tamil and says he spoilt my daughter's life Cry Crythey hear car approaching.  unlce says it must be charu, he says she will be sad if she hears they decide to hide this and charu enters all Broken Heart epi ends

My comments:
- first of all this all 100% tamil's mistake, if he had the courage to love thools after engagement he should have had the courage to tell charu the truth. one or other day he was to get married to thulsi, whether it is thirutu kalyanam or no he should have told charu

- I am super excited to see everybody's reaction, they should have like a one hour maha episode on saturday like hindi serials haveDay Dreaming

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Don't know what to say. I feel more sad for Charu, then happiness for TA & Thuls.

Will comment more later, after I "digest" the episode.Confused

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Thanks da Sweta for the highlights and for the upcoming detailed updateStar

I donno why but I was hoping Charu or anyone else would have stopped this wedding. Why did they show the lead pairs wedding like this with no blessing from the elders and that too a rushed one without no proper thinking?Confused

I think I am gonna get rotten tomatoes from TnT fansLOL but I cant stop myself from being konjam harsh today ( hey..dont forget i am also big fan of TnTEmbarrassedLOL)

My heart just went out for Charu todayOuch..poor girl wasBroken Heart She is gonna be broken now...her dreams and all went downBroken Heart...they showed TAs mother as a cruel character and that hungama she created that day at the college to rush Tn Ts wedding and justify their act?Geek It was like looking at some two immature ppl getting married..TAs was orey vazhufies seeing Thuls, Thuls was shy etc etc...not for once did any of them having any guilty feeling?Ermm

Thuls, I understand you were victim of a brainless ladys verbal abusive and you wanted to clear your name pure but does it justify you crushing and snatching away another girls life and heart? Nope..i dont think so...director has pawed the way for us to feel more toward Charu than Thuls now..and me who dislike Charu a lot, felt for her today. But on the other side, Charu now maybe regret scolding her dad that day infront TAs mother and emotional blackmail her mother the other the end of the day, her decsion was wrong and her parents was indeed right. She can find a better groom than TATongue

I got a feeling Nitesh may get Lavs to run away with him and get married only to take revenge on her for what her brother did toward Charu. He cares a lot for his sister and wont see her been total crushed into pieces..he may love or like Lavs but i think his love for his sister is deeper than his crush. I dont see any other way for why his character was introduced except lock up TA into emotional sister blackmail factorErmm

BELIEVE it or NOT...but me...looking forward for tomorrows episodeCool Its gonna be DISHUM-DISHUM between TAs mother vs bunch of gangs (God knows how manyROFL) vs Charus familyWink My theory on why those classmates of Thuls also went along with the new wedded couple was cause Charu's family will also be there...TA cant manpower them all so he need helpROFLHow are they gonna handle that TAs mother..they need so many kilos of glue to zip up her big mouthie and moreover...its gonna be clash from all sides...lets see whether the new baked groom has gut to face his mummy darlingLOLLOL and the girl he ditchedConfused

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Yes me too Aahaana, as much a T&T fan that I am, I could only enjoy half heartedly. Charu's face when seeing the marriage was too sad. I would have fully enjoyed it if it had been Anandh standing and watching rather than Charu, poor girl doesn't deserve this. Cry
I think the aim of the director is to show how two idiots in love get stupidly married and slowly evolve into actual adults and face the consquences of their actions. Kind of like Boys, the tamil movie, but in a mega serial manner. LOL 
Anywho, I can't wait till tomorrow's episode to see TA's mom jump to the sky but to see Sudha's victory dance. LOLLOLLOL Sema supera irukum!

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Yes too is very excited to see the super duper FACE OFF between all of the evils and devils tommorowEvil SmileI wonder who is gonna come out as the winner..ROFLROFL I will glue fast in front my tv or lappy with pop corn and coke to enjoy all the funApprove Who want to give me company?Cool

Like you said, Sudha is the real winner...TAs mother is gonna get it on her face after the aadatha attamellam avanga pottanga, esp toward Sudha just to irk her, thats the only good thing about this wedding.

TnTs life is gonna be hard and difficult..bery bery soon the devil may wake up and give them taste of the realityEvil Smile So the story will be about how they will able to samalichufies all of this, she achieve her dream of study, will TA gets out of the case? He just got janim bail cause of Charus dad, so now they may cancel it na after what he didErmm He has no job, but will the manager melt her heart or get bad impression after his marriage fiasco?? If he goes to jail, where will Thuls stay? Def not with her father and not the temporary place and its no entry at TAs houseErmm Oh boy..only one wedding but the side effect of it is like 1000 Qs on my mindROFLROFL

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Thank you for the update gudgal.

Like you Aahaana and neither could not help myself not to feel for Charu more than for the couple...even when we are big T&T fans. I think every viewer with some heart and sense won't hesitate to feel bad for Charu....i really hoped that the marriage would be stopped....and should be happened with atleast Charu's approval...but think the director has no more creative thoughts to unit them...this Charu chapter is totally spoiling the good mood of the was not needed....maybe the need of it was in gaining three more months to drag the serial and raise our BP if this pair would unit or not....

I cant think of any reasonable answers TA and his family could give to Charu's family...poor girl did not deserve this pain and i really want her to slap TA (i know i know that is not enough for him) and get on with her life instead of turning into a villi by spoiling her life as well. Well now both T&T have to pay for well as TA's mother....i think Lavanya's mrge getting cancelled is that what she gets back for her behaviour to a girl in the public...and on the top of that her second DIL, whom she has to face everyday....

Me too is waiting for tomorrow with another explosive episode. I think Sudha would be the only one who would enjoy this wedding without single guilty feelings. And i am pretty sure she would not want to move out from that house anymore. Avangalukku enime jollythaan. Hope Thulasi does not dance to her tunes with some intention of revenge. Hope she succeeds in changing her mil into a nice lady like she has done with Thilaka. Ithukkellam Thulasikku nerayya patience irukku....namakku irukkuma therila.

Yayyyyy....this sudden marriage is surely to bring back namma beloved "terror" Velayudham into the story again. Now i am looking forward to Thulasi's mother's flashback and the fight between daughter and mother till they understand and accept each other and surely i want them to highlight the EDUCATION theme again!!!

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i liked the episode but charu's presence made me feel sad for herCry. instead anadh shd have been present ......... thn entire episode wud have been better........ and also i cudnt believe the sudden chg in thulasi that made her to order ta to marry her.....LOLnow im waitting to see anadh's reaction... Angrydo u ppl remember all this happened  because of anadh only....he only askd some lady to give blank call to ta's momLOL he is madLOLLOL.
 this story  clearly has link from scene to scene and its quite naturally done......Smile
this serial is the best one among all othersSmile.............. great work.....Smile

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So is this how all the anticipation of viewers is met?  Come on idukku kalyaname kaatiruka vendham - I am a fan of T&T but this is no way that they should have shown as getting married.  Leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.  Understandable Thulsi was wronged by gutter woman but - all this while she has been saying that she did not want to ruin another girl's life but ultimately she has done the same!  Now, my heart goes out to Charu don't blame her and her family if they want to wreak vengeance on T&T - I always thought that TA was immature - today Thuls has proven that she matches him perfectly - she seems to be as immature as him , they deserve each other!

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