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MaanEet FF: Once Upon A Time... Chapter14-Page125

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Hi MaanEetians!Big smile
This is my first time writing on Maan and Geet. It's going to be Short Story of about 4-6 parts. Or a 10-15 part FF. I hope you guys like it! It's mostly about how Geet and Maan fell in love even after being poles apart!
Once Upon A Time...
Hey I-F! I'm Geet Shergill. I recently came to Dehli, after completing my studies in Canada, and this is my first day of work at Khurana Constructions as the secretary of the owner, Maan Singh Khurana.


Hi I-F, I'm Maan Singh Khurana, now don't bother me. I have lots of work to do and I don't like wasting my time.


My New FF:

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Once Upon A Time...
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Once Upon A Time...
Chapter 1

I woke up. Remember me, Geet Shergill! I changed from my 'Winnie the Pooh' pyjamas to a blue skirt up till my knees, a light pink t-shirt, and a half-zipped navy blue top. My hair is brown and is always in bouncy curls. I left it open, and straightened only my side bangs at the front. I wore my high-heeled pink sandals and painted my toe-nails pink too. I grabbed my small-sized light purple purse and headed out to catch a taxi. Oh! You guys must be thinking 'What's up with all the colours' Well, I just always mix and match with colours. My favourite colours are, white, red, green, blue, pink, purple, light blue, dark pink, dark green, and black! That's all. I knew my attire was not-at-all business type, but I couldn't care less. You can't expect me to wear those formal business dresses! Eww! There either too tacky, or too short and stuff! I reached the building. My cabin was huge! It was connected to Maan Singh Khurana's cabin by a glass wall. I find that creepy! Just then I heard some noise in the hall and rushed out of my cabin thinking it was fire alarm. Turns out, it meant Maan Singh Khurana has entered the building. I ran and bumped right into a muscular chest. I almost fell , but the man held my wrist and steadied me. I stood up and looked up at the intimidating figure in front of me. I stared at the 'hottie' wide eyed. I was chewing gum which I think might not be allowed, and looking at this man I half-conciously blew a bubble with my gum. It went to a huge size before it popped.



I, Maan Singh Khurana had just entered my office building and some 'pagal ladki' bumped into me and almost lost her balance but I steadied her by her wrist and now this 'jungli' won't stop ogling me. WoahWoahWoah! She's chewing gum which I hate! And over that she just blew a bubble. I looked at the girl, I was just referring to as 'pagal' and 'jungli' and noticed she was actually gorgeous. "And hot!" added my conscience, I've always hated. "Shut Up" I yelled to my conscience. The girl had long hair in beautiful natural curls as if she had went to the salon to get her hair beautifully curled. She was wearing extremely unformal clothes and was chewing GUM which as mentioned I hate! She looked like some 'jungli billi'. Well, actually to be truthful, I found her really cute! I yelled and myself for thinking about a girl. I had no time for girls in my life! I stopped staring at the girl and my eyes searched for Sasha. i looked at her angrily and asked her "Yeh kya hain!" referring to the girl. Normally I would have said "Yeh kaun hain" but the girl was just so different from everyone. Her clothes, her way of walking her way of staring and everything about her was too different and 'kya' slipped out of his mouth instead of 'kaun'.



Geet instantly stopped staring when the man spoke up, and after hearing him refer to her as some thing and look at her as if she's some wild animal got angry. "Woh...iss pagal ladki ko Adi ne hire kiya hain" Sasha said and smirked. Geet gasped. "Main pagal! Tumhe main pagal lagti hoon?" she yelled at Sasha annoyed. Maan looked at her angrily. How dare she yell in his office. She was too busy calling Sasha names like 'Gadhi' and 'Adhi Nangi (Half-Naked)' to notice Maan's angry expression. "Iss jungli ko tumne hire kiya!?" Maan asked Adi. "W-w-woh... S-s-sssir" he began. Geet gasped when she heard the man call her 'jungli' "Oye!" she yelled on her tippie-toes flashing her hand in front of Maan's face. "Hello?! Main yahan hoon! Idhar dekh kar kaho, jo tumne abhi abhi kaha! Tum hote kaun ho mujhe, Geet Shergill ko jungli kehne wale!" she threatened him angrily. Everyone was shocked at the girls guts. Adi who was replying to Maan suddenly stopped and looked at Geet, trying to tell her that he is Maan Singh Khurana. Maan was fuming in anger. "Maan Singh Khurana!" he yelled arrogantly. Sasha but in and added "MK! I can't believe ke Adi ne isse aap ki secretary ki job ke liye rakha hain"


Geet couldn't believe it! "Shit!" she thought in her head. "Aap Maan Singh Khurana ho?" she squeaked. Maan who hated wasting time said "Maine tumhe maaf kar diya, kyunki tumhe pata nahin tha ke main tumhara boss hoon, lekin agli baar galti ki toh tum iss naukri se bahar, samjhi!" he said angrily. "Jee sir" she squeaked. Maan proceeded to his cabin saying "Jaldi mere cabin mein aao" In the way Sasha interrupted, "But MK, yeh ladki" "Shut up Sasha, hume uske kaam se matlab hona chahiye" Maan cut her off.


"Bach gayi! Thank you BabaJi!" squealed Geet. Sasha was approaching Geet, obviously to insult her or something, but Geet just stuck her tongue out to Sasha and went to Maan's cabin, leaving Sasha fuming in anger. She was about to enter the cabin, but then knocked incase. "Come in" he said. She went in and almost knocked the vase down. "Sorry" she said and stood there. "Sit Down!" he said angrily. She jerked and quickly sat down, knocking his pens. She looked at him embarassed and picked them up. "I'm Sorry!" she said. Maan closed his eyes and sighed. "This is going to be hard" he said to himself. He looked around on his desk as if searching for something. "Yeh Sharma's waali file kaha gayi" he murmured to himself. Geet spotted it and gave it to him. He looked at her and took it from her hand, more like snatched it from her hand. "Khadoos!" Geet muttered under her breath. "Kuch kaha tumne?" asked Maan looking at her suspiciously. "Nahi, kuch nahi" she said. She sat there waiting for him to say something while he just sat skimming through the file. "Agar isse yahan beth kar file padni thi toh mujhe kyun bulaya?!" she thought irritated. Right then Maan interrupted her thoughts saying "Iss file ki 5 copies banao aur mere paas leke aao" Geet replied "Okay" and slowly walked to the door looking in the file. "Jaldi!" said Maan angrily, startling Geet. She walked faster and bumped her head with the door. "Oww!" said Geet holding her forehead. Maan rushed towards her with genuine concern. "Tum teekh ho!?" he asked her. "Yes" she said innocently like a little kid. "Dekh kar nahin chal sakti! Darwaaza kholne ke liye hota hain!" he scolded her. "Sorry" she said. "Sorry! Aur kitni baar sorry kaho gi! Subah se sorry hi keh rahi ho! Tum din mein kitni mistakes karti ho! Abh jao aur copies banao!" he yelled at her. She went from there angry at her stupid boss.



I went to the PhotoCopier Machine. God! This Maan Singh Khurana is making me really mad right now. What the hell does he mean by 'Din mein kitni mistakes karti ho' Apne aap ko bhagwaan samajhte hain! These Stupid, Arrogant, rich people are so annoying! I started making copies. Har baat par gussa karte hain! You know what, abh main bina reason se baat hi nahin karoongi! Aur sorry toh bilkul nahin kahoongi! I picked up the copies angrily and went in the lift to the 5th floor where our cabins were. I knocked and he said his usual "Come in" I walked in and without a word gave him all the papers. He looked at me confused as to why I was so quiet. He told me to sit like before I sat down. I could tell he was annoyed by me being so quiet by the way he was looking at me. Toh aur kya karoon! Aapki non-stop daant khaoo? Bolu toh problem, aur na bolu toh bhi problem.


Iss pagal ladki ki problem kya hain! Hall mein toh bahut bol rahi thi! Abh kya hua. Mujhe! Maan Singh Khurana ko silent treatment de rahi hain! Abhi bolegi! "Who told you to sit! Jao apne cabin mein aur yeh type karo" I said angrily handing her a file, knowing she will speak to clarify that I told her to sit.


What the hell does he mean by 'Who told you to sit!' He's the one who said 'Sit Down' Chal Geet, thodi si daant tolerate kar lo. I snatched the file from his stupid hand and angrily walked out of his cabin to mine muttering curses under my breath. 


Huh?! Yeh kaise ho sakta hain! Yeh chup chaap chali gayi? Maan! Tu usse itni importance kyun de raha hain? Woh bas ek secretary hain, uske baare mein mat soch!


I was finally done typing the file. Just then, the phone rang. I peeked through the end of the blinds and saw it was that Maan Singh Khurana. Should I pick up the phone or not! I'm supposed to pick it up, but he's probably just going to yell at me again. Whatever! If he gets mad I'll say I wasn't in the cabin when the phone rang. Ya! I'll say that! Just then I noticed him looking at me very angrily through the blinds. Oh Shit! Tu toh gayi! Then I saw him rush out of his cabin angrily, and then… *BANG* There goes my door! Bechara darwaaza! Abh main kya kahoon? 'Sir, Itna gussa health ke liye acha nahin hota' I mocked myself. He walked in, and I accidentally blew a big bubble from my gum. How the hell did I end up blowing that stupid bubble! I inwardly slapped myself. Just then he broke my thoughts, "Geet!" he yelled. I gasped and squeaked "Umm...Sir...I...Uh" I started. "Shut Up Geet!" he yelled again. "Tum mujhe, Maan Singh Khurana ko ignore karogi!?" Okay! He is way too arrogant. Gosh, but he is really hot, I have to admit. Shut up Geet! Tum aise waqt par yeh sab soch rahi ho!? Yeh Raavan tumhe maar daalega! Apologize! I looked at his angry face and, I have no idea how but a image of Maan with ten heads like Raavan appeared in front of my eyes. And then, I spoke. I don't know where I got the guts, but I very confidentially said, "I'm really sorry for not answering the phone, but you don't have to be so angry for everything. To be honest, you look like a 'dus sar waala Raavan'! I'm serious just now I imagined you like that." Okay... Maybe I went too far!



Okay Guys!

That's all!

Please Please Please Comment

I'm only going to PM people from my PM List

so tell me if you want to be added!


Love You Guys!


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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Veryyyyyy interestingggggg ss.
Plzzz continue soon.
Can u plzz add me in ur pm list?

kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
i totally loved it
just super cool n amazing
n soooooooooooooo rocking
plz do add me to the pm list

-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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I jus love this Geet
In the end wen she said all that to Maan i cant stop laughing yetLOLLOLLOLLOL
She was fab here n the way in strt also she said mein idar hoon tum mujhe pagal bol rahe ho n all it was mind blowing
So many colours are her fav n she says bas itne hiLOLLOL
The way she shows her tongue to Sasha was so childishLOLLOL
Maan was too awesum here
He actually chevked her out n was getting affected on 1st day onlyLOLLOL
It was hell funny n fan
Jus loved it to the core
Update soon n im in ur pm list

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