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Well, here's a fanfics on VD, which i read recently and i liked it very much, so thought of sharing it wid u all...

This takes place moments after the finale scene where Elena heads to the kitchen. Who makes it out and how will relationships survive.

Elena paused at the bottom of the stairs as she heard what sounded like a plate crash in the kitchen. What's Jenna doing in there? She thought as she walked toward the door. She heard heavy breathing as if someone was in pain and as she opened the door, she felt a sharp slap across her face that sent her sprawling. She would have regained her balance if she hadn't slipped on something wet.
"Hello, Elena." The voice was a female's that for some reason sounded familiar to her, but in a weird way.
Shaking her head and standing up, she was able to take in the scene she hadn't gotten a chance to on the floor; blood trailing from the kitchen counter, to the wall, then down to the floor where her uncle john lay apparently dead and missing the fingers from one of his hands. She was about to let out a scream, but before she could even open her mouth, a hand clamped firmly over hers while another hand slammed her to the far wall. Elena stopped her scream and was finally able to see the attacker.
"Katherine?" Elena said as she looked her over in disbelief. She knew what to expect to see from looking at the picture Stefan had, but it was a whole other story to see her in person. She could have been Elena's twin sister for how eerily similar they were.
"Why are you doing this?" Elena cried out. Katherine still had her pinned, but she had realized her grip on her mouth when she saw that she wasn't going to scream. "Not just my uncle, but everything. Why?"
Katherine gave her the once over, smiling and practically beaming. "Man, these Salvatore brothers missed me so much that they fell for a practical body double. You must feel special, Elena." She giggled and pounded Elena against the wall again.
"You humans are all alike," she finally began, still looking at Elena for similarities, imperfections, anything. "You ask so many meaningless questions that are a waste of time, and I can't be bothered to really care to answer them for you. Long story short, I do what I want, when I want, to who I want to. But," and now she looked angry, "you and your father made it personal," she said with a nod to John on the floor.
Elena tried struggling out of her grip, but it was no use. Thinking hard, Elena decided fighting was better than nothing and attempted to head butt her. A crack rang out in the kitchen, but Elena was the one left with stars spinning around her head. Katherine, with barely a hair out of place, looked her over and with a calculated look, sped to the counter, grabbed a knife, and resumed the same position; as if she hadn't even moved.
"Now are you listening? I will rip your heart out and drink from it faster than you can blink if you try something like that again."
Elena nodded. At the same time, she was hoping that neither Jenna nor Jeremy would come in. She didn't know what Katherine would do if they did.
"How did John make it personal?" Elena knew she should stall for time, hoping beyond hope that maybe Stefan would perhaps come looking for her at home when she didn't arrive at the hospital.
"Well, I asked John here to do one simple thing. Get the device and start it to get rid of those god awful vampires from the tomb" she said, placing down, but keeping the knife poised on her chest. "They didn't like me very much. The only one I cared about down there was Pearl. And she's gone because your bitch of a father decided to kill her." Elena could swear that she almost looked sad at that fact. "But that's not the kicker. You see, I told him to make it so my Salvatore's were safe from harm. But no. They almost died tonight too."
"You were there? You saw it all?" Elena said, trying to think of if she saw anyone like her at the parade.
"Of course I was there. Obviously not where I could be found. It was worth those moments of pain to see everyone fall one by one and know that everything had gone according to plan. But then I see John dragging Damon off and, " she trailed off, practically radiating anger. "Lucky for me, Stefan stepped in and saved him. How could John live after that?"
Elena didn't know what to say. Katherine was like a powder keg. If she made the wrong comment, the next thing to blow might be Elena.
"Oh but that Damon, he is looking fine these days. Too bad he's getting a little soft after all this time. You should have seen him on the porch, spilling his guts like some lowly human. At least he's still a good kisser." She said smiling and thinking of the kiss.
Elena was taken aback. "Damon knows your back!"
"Well, not yet, technically. Poor fool thought I was you," she said wickedly. "He'll know soon enough that I'm back though. I want what's mine."
"And what's that?" Elena asked, knowing the answer.
"My boys, of course, but I'm afraid there's a problem." Katherine was now looking at Elena with red eyes.
Before Elena could react, Katherine plunged the knife through Elena's shoulder, close to the heart, pinning her like some insect to the wall.
Elena screamed out while Katherine stood there enjoying her pain.
"Katherine. Stop."
She turned her head in the direction of the voice, smiling, already knowing who it was.
"Damon. I wondered if you would really forget my kiss. What my lips taste like. I was almost hurt you thought I was Elena," she said, not moving away from Elena.
Damon was looking from Katherine to Elena, who was slowly in danger of bleeding out pretty badly.
"Of course I couldn't forget you, Katherine," Damon was saying, moving slowly closer to the girls. "Hell, it's been, what, 145 years that I spent trying to find you. You think I'd forget?" He sounded both wistful and angry to Elena.
"I'd say I'm sorry for making you believe I was in the tomb the whole time, but I guess I'm not," she said, moving away from Elena and drifting toward Damon. "Well, maybe I am now that I've seen all the fun I've missed." At this, she got up to Damon's chest, stroking a finger down his chest.
Damon's gaze flickered from Katherine, who was distracted by the contours of his chest under his shirt, to Elena who was silently struggling to break free from the wall and turning paler by the minute. Making up his mind Damon looked down at Katherine, placing his fingers on her chin and tipping her face towards his.
"I seem to remember a little more passion and fire in you, Damon," she said, closing the distance between their lips.
"And I seem to remember," he said inching closer to her lips, "A time when you weren't such a bitch," he said, grabbing Katherine by the neck and gripping it tight.
Her eyes bulged an angry red and she struck out at Damon, harder and faster than he could respond.
"I thought you wanted me, Damon," Katherine said, snarling and taking on a predatorial stance.
"I did. Believe me; I was doing everything to get you out of the tomb. But the moment I found out you've been free this whole time, something changed," he said, glancing at Elena. "I realized how stupid I was for wasting my time on such a selfish bitch."
With that, Katherine pounced on a ready Damon and the claws started coming out.
Elena could hardly believe her eyes. She had given up on trying to remove the knife. It had hurt too much and with what little sense she had left, she knew that sometimes removing an object could cause more damage and bleeding. So she was resigned to watch the blurs that were Damon and Katherine until they slowed and Damon came out looking worse for the wear.
"I'm older and stronger than you, Damon," Katherine said panting and fixing her shirt. "I made you, and I can break you just as easily."
"What do you really want, Katherine? I don't want you here. Not anymore. Not ever. You had to know I wouldn't want you back after all this time," Damon said wiping blood on his sleeve.
Katherine smiled, looking at Damon as if he didn't just tell her she could basically go to hell, and closed her eyes.
"What I do know, Damon, is that you've always wanted me, and always will. I can see even that much in the way you look at her," she said glancing at Elena. "I know you better than you know you, and I came for you and your brother."
"Go to hell Katherine."
"Only if you drive the bus," she said winking and heading for the back door. "I'll find you again soon. And Stefan for that matter. He's mine too," she said pointedly to Elena as she swept out of the house.
As soon as Katherine was out the door, Damon was at Elena's side, taking in the damage.
"No. Damon, please go check on Jenna and Jeremy. I need to know they are ok." Damon ignored her plea, deciding how he wanted to take the knife off.
"I mean it Damon. I'll be fine," she said, "but I need to know my family is ok. Really. Please. Or I will rip this knife out and go look myself."
"You better be here when I get back." He wasn't convinced she would actually do it, but he didn't want her to do anything stupid.
"Like I can go anywhere," she said trying not to moan as the pain throbbed through her.
Hating having to leave her, Damon gave her one last glance and headed toward the living room. Jenna was lying on the couch, apparently sleeping. But a quick look at her head showed a small bead of blood on the forehead.
"Crap," Damon thought as he rushed over and felt her pulse. Releasing a sigh when the pulse beat back firm, if not a bit slow, he left her and headed for the stairs.
Jeremy was a different story. Before he even turned the knob to the room, he could tell something was wrong by the erratic sound of a heart beating on the other side. He opened the door to find a pale Jeremy, passed out on his bed covered in sweat. He didn't see any blood that gave away Katherine having hit him like she had Jenna, but as Damon approached Jeremy to feel for a pulse, his nose picked up the familiar scent of blood.
Looking into the bathroom, he saw an empty vial with some blood caked on the side lying next to what looked like an empty pill bottle.
"Really, Jeremy? Really?" Damon yelled at him as he shook Jeremy and put two and two together. The conversation. Anna. Blood and pills.
Jeremy's eyes fluttered open and quickly turned to confusion as he saw Damon shaking him. "Leave me alone," he muttered weakly as he started to close his eyes again.
Damon looked Jeremy over and ripped the bracelet Elena had given Jeremy off of his wrist and slapped Jeremy in the face, waking him back up.
"You listen to me, and you listen to be hard, " Damon started, his eyes dilating to a deep, black pitch, "You are not dying tonight. You will go in the bathroom and throw up like your life depended on it. "Hell it does, he thought. "And then you will drink whatever is in the cup on the counter. Do you understand?"
Though Jeremy looked close to passing out, his pupils dilated in response. "I understand," he replied, trudging to the toilet, proceeding to throw up.
Quickly, Damon grabbed a pair of scissors from Jeremy desk, rushed to the bathroom, and slit his wrist over the glass cup that was sitting on the counter. Content when it was full, he reiterated to Jeremy about drinking what was in the cup, getting a yes and the sound of vomit splashing in the toilet.
"That should at least heal some of the damage he's done to himself," he thought vaguely as he headed down the stairs. He heard his name being called lightly from the kitchen and doubled his pace.
Elena was breathing hard now and her eyes were barely open. She was still muttering Damon's name when he rushed to her.
"Elena. I'm here. You promised you wouldn't leave. Now stay with me," he said grabbing her face in his hands.
Her eyes fluttered open as she looked at Damon. "Are they ok?"
"Your Aunt has a concussion, probably, and um, Jeremy's fine. Stomach flu or something though," he trailed off. He didn't need Elena panicking. Not now.
"Thank you," she sighed as she passed out.
Damon grabbed her before she would hurt herself anymore, and gently grabbed her by the shoulders, giving a light tug as he unpinned her from the wall. Holding her as still as he good, he made the quick decision to remove the knife.

"Stay with me Elena, ok," he said, stroking her cheek and pulling the knife out in a swift motion. Immediately, a slow flow of blood started trickling out of the whole. Elena shifted in Damon's arm at the sudden release in pressure and opened her eyes, looking at Damon unfocused, before she shut them again.
Gently placing her down on the floor, Damon removed his coat, ripping the leather with ease until he made some kind of tourniquet and placed it around Elena, trying to stop the flow of blood.
Her heart rate was rapidly worrying Damon. "It's the only way," he told Elena, rolling up his sleeve. For the second time in an hour, Damon opened his wrist, using the very knife Elena was pinned with. Cradling Elena in his arm, he opened her lips and began trickling the blood in her mouth.
A few seconds into it, Elena's eyes opened and she tried closing her mouth, struggling feebly. "No," she moaned, but Damon held her firm.
"You're not going to die Elena, I promise. It's just a quick fix. A liquid band aid or something, if it makes you feel better," he smirked at her, trying to keep her awake. She stopped struggling, but she still gave Damon a scared look.
Thinking it was enough to at least keep her alive till she got some real help, Damon stood up and bent down to pick her up. Happy to see some color back in her cheeks, Damon turned to quickly rush her to the hospital, when he felt Elena tug at his arm.
"We can't just leave, Damon," Elena told him, guessing what he was up to. "Jenna and Jeremy," she said, trying to get out of his arms.
"Relax. They're fine," he said, but she didn't look convinced. "Oh, I guess this is the part where you want me to call 911, right?" Sighing, he placed a scowling Elena down again and took his cell phone out. "At least she's fine enough to give me the scowly face," he thought to himself as the line rang.
"We've got a dead man, an unconscious woman, and," Damon continued, pausing to look at Elena before entering the other room, "and a boy whose OD'd. I've got an injured girl, but I'm bringing her now." Telling them the address, Damon shut the phone and returned to Elena, bringing her outside to his car and driving as fast as his car could physically go.
At the hospital, Stefan was slowly becoming more worried. He had been standing in the waiting room with Matt and Tyler, waiting for Elena for almost an hour now, and he hadn't heard a word from her. It wasn't like her not to call to tell Stefan how behind she was. The fact that she now wasn't answering her phone had Stefan worried even more.

"Hey man, where's Elena? I thought she would have been here by now," Matt said to Stefan as he was leaving yet another message for Elena.
"I don't know, Matt. I've been wondering the same thing…" he trailed off thinking of the night's events. "Maybe Damon's seen her…."
Dialing his number, Stefan waited for an answer, but like Elena's, it went toe voicemail. "Damn it," he growled, causing furtive glances from Matt and Tyler.
Composing himself, Stefan began leaving the hospital to go look for Elena, when a rush of movement came from the double doors. A group of people in white coats were bringing in a gurney with a pale girl with brown hair and blood covering her chest. Stefan didn't need to see her face to know it was Elena. He could sense her; smell her. If he had a heart, it would have been beating out of his chest.
Behind the group of doctors, Damon followed closely, his eyes rarely leaving Elena's. Stefan took note of his bloody clothes and his emotions went from worried to angry to questioning in seconds.
"Oh my god, is that Elena? Matt asked, noticing Elena's face as she was rushed to an open emergency room. Looking at Damon in the same way as Stefan had, Matt approached, stopping the brothers from following Elena. "What happened? What the hell is going on?"
"Relax jock boy. It's getting taken care of," Damon said, pushing his way past Matt.
"Damon. Really. What happened?" Stefan asked, putting a firm hand on Damon's shoulder. "Give me a reason not to rip you apart right now."
Matt wasn't in the mood to argue with craziness of Stefan's statement, but merely stared at Damon, waiting for a response.
"So serious, Stefan. Well, long story short, I went to Elena's to talk to Jeremy about his friend Anna," he said with a knowing look to Stefan, "and then I left. I remembered something at the last minute, though." At this, he thought over the meeting with Katherine on the stairs and shook his head in anger and stupidity he felt at not knowing who she was.
"Ok, and," Matt said, stopping Damon's revelry.
"I saw the door was ajar, went inside and heard a racket from the kitchen. I go in and John's on the floor, dead, and Elena's pinned to the wall with a knife through her chest. So I brought her here. That's all I know," he said, giving a final nod to Stefan and walking to see the progress in the emergency room.
Matt looked like he had more questions, but he stood in shock thinking of what Elena was going through.
"What are you not telling me, Damon," Stefan whispered as they stood watching through the glass as the doctors worked to stitch Elena up.
"I'm not in the mood to talk right now little brother, Damon said, turning from Stefan.
Grabbing the back of the Damon's shirt, Stefan spun him around. "Damn it Damon, just tell me. What is it that happened that you feel like you can't tell me about? IF you did this to her so help me…" Stefan continued, turning almost as angry as Damon had seen him while he was locked up.
"It's Katherine," Damon told him. "She's back."
Stefan released his hold and stared at him. "What? Why would she come back now. After all this time. She already had John doing her dirty work…"
"You know Katherine. You piss her off one too many times, and boom. Your fingers get chopped off and you're left for dead."
"Where is she now?" Stefan looked around as if Katherine would be around somewhere.
"Don't know, and don't care right now. But when I do know, she's gone," Damon said, anger lighting his eyes.
Stefan looked him over, surprised at his sudden change of heart. He had spent over 100 years trying to find Katherine, and now he was ready to kill her himself. "It's Elena," Stefan thought.
"We'll deal with her when the time comes, but for now, all that matters is that Elena is safe and alive. I can at least thank you that much, Damon," Stefan said, putting an arm on his shoulder.
"Whatever," he said shrugging off Stefan's arm. "There's more though. Jenna and Jeremy should be in here any minute too."
When he told Stefan about what had happened with Jeremy, Stefan was speechless. "How could he do that to Elena. What was he thinking!"
"He wanted to tune everything out I guess. Stupid prick."
"Does Elena know what he tried to do?" Stefan asked, adding more worry about Elena on top of everything else.
"I told her it was the stomach flu, so know, she's Helen Keller." Damon said, smirking. "She's in the dark," he explained to Stefan's furrowed brows.
"Let's keep it that way till she's awake then," Stefan said.
At that moment, the double doors opened again, revealing a now conscious Jenna, walking despite the interns' insistence of her being in a wheelchair, and a sickly looking Jeremy on a gurney.
"Where's Elena? What happened? Jenna asked pointedly at Damon as she ignored the doctors at her arm.
"She's in surgery, but she's gonna be fine," Stefan answered for her. "Go get yourself checked out and stay with Jeremy. We'll be right here."
Giving Damon an angry, questioning look, Jenna went in the direction of Jeremy.
"What did you do to make her so angry with her?" Stefan asked as she turned the corner.
"Oh, I don't know. It's probably because she saw me kissing Elena on the porch," Damon said, pausing before he was going to tell Stefan it was Katherine. But he didn't get a chance to finish before Stefan was on him, punching him to the ground.

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WOW! That was such an amazing FF! Thanks for sharing hun!

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Wow awesome FF :P I can totally see all that happening :P

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